Saturday, 26 July 2008

Expedition 08D: Phase 2 Alpha Teams Blog 8

Playa Naranjo - possibly the best beach in the world...

Hi it's Dennis again, after 19 days in the Santa Rosa National Park living with spiders and snakes the Phase 1 Alpha 4 team and I made it back to Field base. The Alpha 4 team completed their Ranger renovation project in time to trek to Naranjo beach, a small matter of a 30km day round trip but Venturers and surfers agreed, it is the best beach in the world!

Below a tarantula takes an evening stroll amidst the tents of Alpha 4...

With barely time for the Phase 1 teams to finish cleaning their equipment the new teams for Phase 2 team were announced. Once again fieldbase is a crazy cocktail of excitement and expectation as the new teams begin packing for their new projects.

Here are the new Alpha teams together with one or two pictures I managed to grab.

Alpha 1: Guanacaste Trek - A huge variety of different ecosystems await our adventurers as they begin in cloud forest above 3000 metres and head down to one of the last dry tropical forests left in the Americas.
Katie Baxter, Helen Buss, Alasdair Conn, Juan Pablo Cruz, Goerge Finlay, Lewis Laing, Shakii Pearman, Asley Phillips, Gabriela Sanchez and Mark Taylor with Alex "Coops" and Sarah.
Alpha 2: Coast to Coast Trek - Starting on the shores of the Caribbean Sea this group will walk across a continent in 19 days to the Pacific Ocean.
Left; Che Augustus, Iesha Dill, Colm Doris, Madeleine Gardner, Emma Houston, Shohaib Hussain, Jorge Marin, Meriel Mulhall, Yasmin Vora, Tom Williams with Laura, James and Andy.
Alpha 3: Bosque del Nino - One of the largest remaining areas of forest in the Central Valle. The team will renovate some of the visitor facilities including the main reception and trails.

Team; Vivian Aguilar, Zakina Allen, Ben Haigh, Matthew Hoghton, Rachael Kelly, Jason Reading, Anna Reay, Daniel Rooke, Hugo Ross, Zeko Rubaine with Karen and Ben.
Alpha 4: Playa Junquillal - For the first time Raleigh International will work in this protected area to build visitor trails and look out points (miradors) for the many thousands who visit this beautiful national park.
Left; Jonathan Cox, Edward Davies, Joy Hardyman, Alshauntae Harvey-Hollis, Ben Masterman, Kandrea Romaine, Roberto Ulloa, Daniel Wigmore-Shepherd, Laura Wilkins and Laura Wyglendacz with Aleks and Ali. With Ashanti's birthday on Sunday the team wasted no time in shopping for the beach party on the Pacific Ocean !

Alpha 5: Achuapa - Monte Frio 2 - The team will be pushing hard to turn on the first of a series of small projects to bring clean and safe drinking water to 80 families in the community of Monte Frio.

Team; Santos Yessenia Blando Picado, Susannah Compton, Annabel Gray, Stephen Hosking, Miles Kaye, Sarah Long, Kasia Lukaniec, Sam Newman, William Vasquez and Ashun Wolffe with Carolyn and Manny.

Alpha 6: Miraflor - El Cebollal Abajo - The Miraflor reserve is 206sqkm of beautiful mountainous terrain with tropical savannahs and both dry tropical and mountain cloud forests. Within the reserve there are of communities living through subsistence farming and gaining income from coffee growing. The team will be building two preschools/community centres in the communities of El Coyolito and El Cebollal Abajo where currently there are no facilities for young children to learn.

Team; Rudo Chimbghandah, Makeda DeShield, Wendelle Lightbourne, Joanne Lockey, Rosamund Luther, Jasper Mackisack, Felicity Shapland, Tom Smart, Darwin Solis, Matthew Theakston with Therese and Miranda.

Alpha 7: Miraflor - El Coyolito
Left; Natalie Ali, Hannah Allen, Jamie Beacall, Rebecca Butland, Esteban Castillo, William Hatton, James Lee, Teliqua Mallory, Marie-Claire Streets and Ricai Williams with Amanda and "Jungle" Mike.

Thats all for now but I'll be catching up with the Delta groups today so will post their new Zulu teams later.

Mucho gusto, Dennis ( With special thanks to Katie Baxter, below centre )

Monday, 21 July 2008

Blog Update

Sorry for the delay, but you can now view plenty of photos of the Alpha and Delta groups from around Costa Rica. Added over the last two days we have photos from Alphas 1,2,4, and Deltas 1,2,3,4 & 5. Unfortunately we won't have photos for Alphas 3,5,6,& 7 until Friday - as soon as we do, they will be posted. Also added is the weekly roundup from every group. There are now so many blogs that you will need to use the index on the right hand side of the page to view previous blogs, including this week's roundup. Photos for Induction and Phase 1 deployment have also been added - again, use the index on the right to view them.

It's great to have your comments, so keep them coming.
Hasta viernes

Expedition 08D&E: Photos from Delta 5

Expedition 08D&E: Photos from Delta 1

Expedition 08D&E: Photos from Alpha 4

Expedition 08D&E: Photos from Alpha 1

Expedition 08D&E: Photos from Delta 4

Here are the photos of Delta 4 to go with last week's blog.