Wednesday, 23 February 2011

A3 are rocking out on the beach

Alpha 3 have been hard at work building a bridge and clearing a mooring so that rangers can more easily access and protect this incredible Absolute Reserve. Early mornings are all worth it for the epic sun rises. Mornings are spent in the sea clearing rocks and working together as a team. A3 have also been womballing away clearing lots of rubbish and have seen an array of fascinating wildlife, including coral snakes, slugs, snails, puffer fish, white face capuchin monkeys, howley monekys, igutis and pizotes to name but a few - in fact PM Asia calls in every day to give us a daily wildlife update. In the evenings they play games on the beach, enoy glorious sunsets and campfires.

3-legged race winners

Team Alpha 3!

Leaving fieldbase for the big adventure

The grand opening of the path

The secret beach

Adding a Raleigh touch

Hard at work

Working on the beach


  1. Herma van der Wal23 February 2011 at 15:47

    to Harm van der Wal, alpha3
    Lieve Harm,
    Eindelijk een blog van jouw groep! We keken er al naar uit! Ziet er wel uit als erg hard werken! Heb je het naar je zin? Het is trouwens wel even zoeken op de foto's om je te herkennen met je kale koppie!En heb je al wilde dieren van de Erik serie gezien?
    Nog veel plezier, liefs, Mama

  2. For Camilla O'C Alpha 6.

    Cam, your mother says I cannot speak about football and so I can't tell you that ManU drew 0-0 with Marseilles nor about my recent article on the CSG site. Mummy writing now...we are missing you loads but we are sure you are enjoying yourself. Enjoy the lovely people and the scenery. Hope the heat isn't getting to you.
    Judging by the photos, Vicki is settling in well. I hope you both get the chance to see each other soon. Que te diviertas! Cuida te y muchos besos, Mummy and

  3. Ha Anne!
    Eindelijk wat foto's. Interessante bezigheden. Wat doen jullie daar nou toch precies? Wij zijn nog in C. en hebben het goed. N&H zijn nu uit, niet zo spannend als ze wel zouden willen, maar toch leuk. We missen je hier wel, je ski's staan al dagen werkeloos klaar om mee naar NL te gaan. Nu ja,wij moeten volgende week weer werken en naar school en jij gaat nog even verder met genieten van je vrijheid. Heel veel xxxx. R

  4. Alexandra Hawkins23 February 2011 at 20:12


    Hello Jenni!

    Just a quick message (I'm think this system may not appreciate me writing one of my normal lengthiness). I've really enjoyed keeping up with what you're doing on the blog - sounds like you're having an amazing and exhilirating time (tiring, I'm sure) and I sure am jealous of all those amazing views you've apparently been seeing and of the bathing in hot springs (the pictures particulalry make me smile!). I hope you're photographing those sunsets like crazy. Anyway, you look happy in the photos so I only hope you're enjoying it! I miss you lots ; I felt really scared the first morning I realised you were there but seeing what you're up to definitely makes it better.

    In other news from your homeland: It's horrible and rainy here. My mum has bought a new house. My Nan says 'hallo'. I'm off to Berlin in 3 weeks and of course I will think of all our times there - we must go back again soon when you're back from your adventures and fully recovered! I am drowning in essays. This must sound very dull in comparison to what you are up to! I hope comfortingly so... Oh, and in case you didn't know, Myra got into Cambridge! I thought you'd like to know considering our love of Myra and all. So you can visit us both in one go for German re-unions ;)

    Anyway, I must go as tomorrow I have four lectures and some posh History Society Dinner with too much food and port. But keep safe please, keep having fun and working hard and I already can't wait to see you when you return. Byeeee.

    Lots of Love,
    (I don't even care if someone else sees that and it's embarrassing, I'm cringe enough already)

  5. Hellooooooo Jaxxy!

    I see from these pictures that you're are carrying out some turtle 'business' LOL I miss you so much and I can't believe we haven't talked in so long. I have so much to tell you & vice versa I'm sure. I sent you a letter like 2 weeks ago but Cambodia's post is no royal mail lol I hope somehow you have your phone on tomorrow for the big day!

    Love you,


  6. To Gilles Bouman, delta 6

    Ik mis je zo erg!!! Wil heeeeeel graag iets van je horen!
    Maandag heb ik je een brief gestuurd maar die zal je denk ik pas over een tijdje krijgen... Daarin staat ook dat jij even moet bevestigen of het goed is dat ik op zaterdag 23 april aankom in Panama City en dan dinsdag 10 mei weer vertrek. Voordat ik ga boeken moet jij echt even laten weten of die data goed is en je 100% zeker weet dat je wil dat ik kom dus hopelijk hoor ik snel van je voordat de tickets nog duurder worden. Heb je nooit is een keer ergens bereik? Ook al is het bij mij midden in de nacht maakt niks uit, ik wil je zo graag even spreken liefje!
    Hou van je xxxxxxx

  7. Dear Yuri A3

    Saw your photographs on the blog. Looks like you are having a great time. Scenery looks very beautiful. We are all well. Dad got safely back from Ethiopia

    Love from Mum and dad

  8. para delta 6/yendry castro.
    de sus padres.
    hola princesa, te amamos muchísimo!!! estamos contentos por los otros grupos y darnos cuentra q todo está bien ,pero edgar y yo queremos saber sobre ustedes ya que todavía no hay nada en el blog sobre los delta 6 y 5.
    Su papi dice que la extraña mucho y que ya quiere oirla, cuando pueda llame, ...mientras que llega ese momento, dice edgar que espera esté disfrutando montones y que cuando venga vamos a tener muchas cosas para contarnos.
    te amamos muchisimo♥♥♥♥
    saludos a sus compañero/as y asu familia de hospedaje!!

  9. Message for Claudia Mendzil - Delta 2

    Mum visited Nan & Grandad today and they have sent you a message:

    Hi Claudia. We are looking through the papers dad sent to us. You look a happy lot. Hope you are enjoying the experience. The photos are good and the maps are giving us an idea what you are doing.

    Keep Safe. Love you lots.

    Nana & Grandad

  10. Shade Akinmolayan24 February 2011 at 18:43

    For Jakhya Rahman,


    I hope you take time out and just relax and imagine me there...sipping on juice and watching the sunset. I wanted to send a package - but thoguth better of it so i hope my mini package reaches their safely! I have sent u a lovely fb message...and will keep updating it - sorry in advance :-) But remember that i love and miss you dearly!!

    P.S. saw ur pic....SAVED! also bring stuff bk for a scrap book! Will write again before your bday is over!



  11. Adam Chalkley - alpha 3
    Hi, it's lovely to be able to see a bit of what you are up to (and no I'm not really jealous!!) the sea looks lovely especially on a cold Feb day here. Half term is nearly over not done too much off to watch Mark ref Norwich and Arsenal under 16s tomorrow and will pop into Norwich first to do some shopping. Not going to say too much as I've sent you a letter (though not sure how long it will take to get to you). I'm going to look up some of the creatures you've seen on Wikipedia now. do take care and have fun missing you loads.

    Love Mum

  12. To Jakhya (Alpha 3),
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! We’ll be thinking of you non-stop today!
    We’ve been following the blog intently and glad to hear about your progress and see some pics of you too.
    Hope all continues well.
    Lots and lots of love from,
    your Family XxX
    PS have fun celebrating and we'll make up the lost time when you return.

  13. Hey JAX!!

    You look so cute in the photos haha!! Just wanted to wish you a Happy 'belated!' Birthday!! I sent a letter but don't know when it will arrive so wanted to wish you a happy birthday here just incase it doesn't!! Love you and miss you lots...hope you're having an amazing experience!!

    Naf xxxxxx

  14. ALex Backhouse
    Alex!!! I hope this gets through to you caue im not sure the others have! I hope your having fun!! You look so different in the photos its scary and we didn't recognise you!! Half term has just ended so back at school with so much work! Missing you so much, hope we can talk soon catch up! Love you Ellie xxx



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