Thursday, 24 February 2011

A4= Jungle chic!

Hola Venturers, jungle gal here! Word in the forest is team Alpha 4 have been working hard and playing hard! Camp has been set up with some finishing touches to the toilets and showers. Tres jungle chic!

Work begins at 7am and finishes at 1pm. The group sweat it out whilst the Costa Rican rangers show them up with the their digging skills. Don Boliver is the head honcho, treating the guys and gals with some cake on Valentine's Day. What a sweetie!

After working on the trail the scallywags can be found in their private leisure area (I hear Cheryl is even on the waiting list!) It's not all swimming and sunbathing though, they recently celebrated Charlie's birthday hiking 3km for an authentic Costa Rican meal, dinner, dancing and amazing views. Rumour has it project manager Phil is also showing his skills in the kitchen! Only the best for Alpha 4!

Adios muchuchas!
Cat Ewins, Alpha 4 xoxo

The girls showing the boys how it's done

Team Alpha 4!

Designer jungle toilet

Bridge to jungle camp

Fancy a refreshing jungle shower?

The boys at work-working on those guns no doubt!

Entrance to the Alpha 4 jungle camp


  1. Por Jessy boon cowler delta 2
    Hi there!!! Just a quick one as it's late. Just wanted to say that can't wait for more news of what you've been up to and hopefully more photos!! You must be knackered but I hope you're still grinning, and I don't want any nonsense 'scuses bout your fringe!! Thinking of you always..with all my love, your alex xxxxxxx

  2. For Jessica Bridge-Dunk Delta 6
    Hi Jessica Emily,
    Just a quick Message to say "Hello" and to let you know everyone asking about you and wanting to know what you are up to !
    Love Mum x x x x x x

  3. Hannah Leach Alpha 5
    Roo - just spent the day chilling - guess you are hard at it - can't be many more days until the next stage of your adventure. I am off to the colder climes of London on Sunday for the week then back to UAE. Thomas passed his last exam and is waiting for his overall results now - he off to find a job we hope, via Amsterdam next week for a few days.
    Libya is a mess and looks like Gaddafi has only a short time to run. Egypt seems to be stabilising so I'm sure your trip will be back on the cards by next year. Hope the camera is still working!
    Love Dad

  4. For: Mel and Phil

    Hi guys! Looks like you're having lots of fun in the jungle! Looking forward to hearing all about it. Say hello to Don Bolívar and Don Guido for me. Take care!

  5. para: yendry castro /11c-delta 6

    hola mi princesa!!aqui estamos aun en espera de noticias sobre su grupo, esperamos todo este en orden y verla en las fotos.
    Saludos de parte de su papá, cuando regrese nos vamos de paseo. ok??
    te amo!!!!de mama♥

  6. To Caroline Murray, Alpha 5.

    Murray dog, iv finally had a day off, has been good went into Plymouth with whaley and got a top for holiday, but managed to hold back and not spend anymore money haha. I popped in and seen your mum, all is well, except it was really busy people kept coming in so i picked the wrong time but was good. Also Judith informed me your suppose to be writing a blog so its you i can blame for not hearing about Alpha 5 haha , come on get on it shrew. Only 5 days until i speak to you so il let u off for now, cannot wait seriously excited. Has gone quicker then I thought and only a month and a half until your return, good times- probably not for you tho, you must be loving it over there now you've settled in. Keep it going, your doing amazing. Love you lots and il send a message soon. xxxxxxxxxxx

  7. For Jessy Boon Cowler - Delta 2

    Hello little trekker!!

    Hope you are well. Just writing to tell you some news that last night I went to the cinema with my Mum to watch Kings Speech. It was really great!! Anyway thats not the news - on the way out I noticed in the cinema (Camden Odeon) they had a new 'Winnie The Pooh Inside a costume' that I have never seen before. Maybe you've seen it and this will be old news but it was great. It was a big giraffe then Pooh's head is just on top of the neck bit if you get what I mean??? What I really loved about it was a the proportion and I wish you could have been there to share the experience. My Mum didn't really get it. She also didn't get the thing about taking all those free postcards at the foyer!!!!!! I can't think of a funner thing to do.

    Hope there will be some updates from you soon Big J!! I really want to call you so much!! My phone is so pointless right now.

    Hope you're having a great, great time. Lots and lots of love,
    Lil J

  8. To Cat Ewins Alpha 4
    Hi minxy. Saw the photos today. Wow love the loo...especially the pic of the loo paper. I always said you can't go abroad without your supply of loo paper. See, mum knows best after all. Rotund arm will also be even more rotund by the looks of the heavy pick axe you were weilding. Hopefully the mossies haven't been biting too much but I couldn't see bite marks in the photo anyway. Tomorrow is stew day...ah nice stew..which I'm sure you are missing (or maybe that's why you went so you wouldn't have to put up with my stew anymore). Post you again soon. Love as always
    Mum & Peter

  9. For Duaa, Alpha 4

    Yo Tony, finally some news about your project and I got to see you!!! YAY! The toilet doesn't look too bad I guess...rather posh for a jungle loo I'd say, but it doesn't look very private? There's no door! You were right about the bridge lol, very 'I'm a celebrity'...have you fainted on it yet? lol

    You looked hard at work digging, the tool is bigger than you!! I never thought I'd miss someone so petit but I guess I do...very much in fact! Aww its so good to finally see you Du, you look lovely as always, also very jungle chic...I'm so stealing your style! I hope you're having says that you start at 7am and finish at 1pm, it must be so tiring but do you get to relax after? Also read that you got cake on valantoons day!

    Nothing much is happening here, just regular stuff, all is good though. Yesterday I was driving back home quite late and Kiss were playing an amazing mix of old skool tuuunes from back in the day (literally) were truely missed on that occasion :(

    I was supposed to start my healthy diet today...but that went out of the window as soon as I woke up! I won't bore you with the details of what I ate as I know you're deprived of that stuff in the jungle...but I can reveal that there were a few waffles involved!...I guess I'll start tomorrow!How is the food at your end? Loads of fried beans and rice?

    Always thinking of you and I really hope you're having a wonderful time, it must be such a great experience. The Alutskys are so so proud of you, it must be very tough out there but I know that you're such a supa troopa!

    Mama sends her love, she always checks out the blog and I'm trying to get her to leave you a may take a while though as we are dealing with mama and technology lol

    I love you loads and can't wait to speak to you xx BIG SQUEEEZY ON MA NEEZY HUG xx

    Gabriella (aka ShuShu)

  10. Jessy BC Delta 2
    Morning Jess! Hope you are feeling fit and fine, just a quick one to say I found my towel!!! I'd put it in a safe place... sorry for making you search high and low. This news is probably a bit too exciting for you, what with boring pools to swim in and jungles to walk in. So - take care, love you, Mum xxx

  11. MAGS Chilaev Delta 5

    261125z FEB: time for another quick update, Eagle has flown, I repeat Eagle has flown. over.
    it's another dull and rainy day in the homeland, no dramatic shifts in circumstances: a disappointingly strong line of continuity currently underpinning both domestic and external conditions.

  12. To Cat Ewins Alpha 4
    Hi my dear Aunty Anna here.
    Mum is showing me how to send u a message.
    Hope you are enjoying yourself. I know of somework you can do here when you get back looking at the pics of you digging.
    Take care
    Love Aunty Anna and Uncle Keith

  13. There you are!!!! I thought you'd gone awol. I don't believe for a second that you use that toilet, come on show us the real pictures of your 5 * hotel. You'll be pleased to know that you are not missing anything back home. Your flat is safe and you have a load of junk mail waiting for you (including a number of takeaway menus which I’m sure you'll make good use off). Hope you are having a great time. Lots of love x x x

  14. To Duaa,

    Heeeeeey!!!! Im looking at the pics u look like ur having a wicked time! Missing you sooo much my lil buddy hehe Our song played the other day and I just wanted to come to Costa and give you the biggest hug! I bet your having an amazing time! The weather here is horrible...hope u get to see the turtles :) Love Dana xxx

  15. Ignacio Camacho - Delta 5

    Luuuuv! Fiiinally! Sorry it's been so long... you're always on my mind and in my heart, I LOVE YOU!..I hope things are going good with your project. May it be a wonderful experience filled with unforgettable moments. You look great in the pix with the biggest, most beautiful smile. Without a doubt you are having a great time. All the best to you and the rest of the group....
    Expect more from us...we all miss you!! Take care... Love <3
    Ana V

  16. Ignacio Camacho - Delta 5

    Flaco! Te manda papa a decir que te extraña mucho, que la casa está vacía sin vos...La Ti pregunta también y te manda saludos junto a Toto. Ojalá pase el tiempo rápido y volvás, acá nada es igual sin vos... <3 <3 <3

  17. Laura Devonshire2 March 2011 at 04:12

    For Phil,

    Hey gorgeous :-) Ahhh so wicked seeing the piccies of where you are, it looks amazing, wicked skills on jungle camp baby, clever rabbit :-) Bloody hell those trenches do look REALLY hard work, fair play to everyone, you're all doing amazingly. Get back to base camp safely, love you eternally xxxxx



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