Saturday, 26 February 2011

Adios Nicaragua from Bravo 1!

It was with a heavy heart that the Bravo 1 landrover crew (left to right: Bob, Laura, and Tom from logistics as well as Gerry, your blogger) left Nicaragua a couple of days ago.
Planning a route outside our co-operative partner's building, Achuapa
Team Bravo 1: Bob, Laura, Gerry and Tom
Bob and Tom to the rescue! One giant log loaded on one small trailer
Big smiles and waves have greeted us from hot, dusty roadsides as we drove by looking for the remote communities where our projects are based.

If the locals think you're lost, they're the first to offer help. We've heard tales from the Delta 2 Momotombo trek of villagers insisting on giving them precious water even though the locals will have to hike miles to replace it.

The straw-brown dusty fields, herds of dozy cows, and often flimsy wooden, corrugated iron and thatched huts (with barbed wire for washing lines!) are frequently embraced by looming volcanoes like sleepy giants watching over the vibrant landscape. 
I've seen a (small!) tornado in a field, a snake catching prey, and stars amongst the brightest I've ever seen. Nicaragua is a very special place. Made even more special because we've been lucky enough to catch up with our fellow volunteer managers on our fleeting visits:

Bravo 1 visiting Delta 5 in Potosi
With Alpha 5 after a sweltering day trip to a river in Achuapa
Of course, Nicaragua is also a place with little money, resources or investment. The difference in living standards as soon as we crossed the Nicaraguan border into Costa Rica is huge.

I hope this is 'luega' ('see you later') from me to Nicaragua rather than 'adios' forever.


  1. To Jojo Huddie Delta 1,
    Hello Chicken, I hope you are having and amazing time, and the early starts aren't getting to you too much. I enjoyed the update from the other day, I only read it today because I've been in Revelstoke for the last 4 days. It sounds like you've been doing some serious hiking!
    Have a great final week and make the most of the beach at the end.
    I love you and I'm looking forward to heading all about it when you get back to base. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Timma

  2. message for Ian ter Haar, 11c, alpha 5

    Grote zoon, wat leuk om het verhaal van alpfa 5 te lezen en de foto's te zien. Je staat er sterk op met pikhouweel en al. Zwaar werk, moeilijke omstandigheden, maar wat een mooie tijd. Volg het blog dagelijks. Maak alsjeblieft veel foto's als illustratie voor je verhalen later. Zou fijn zijn je stem even te horen als je weer bereik hebt op weg naar je volgende avontuur. Hier alles okay. Veel liefs van broeder Derek en Inkie. Omhelsd, Pap

    P.S. Zal je scooter laten maken.

  3. to Alette Jansen Alpha 5

    Hee Ali, Wat leuk dat ik hier gewoon kan zien hoe jij in de jungle met een schepje aan het klooien bent! Vind het echt heel gaaf dat je dit gewoon doet en hoop dat je het heel leuk vindt! Ik ben in ieder geval zeer jaloers op het weer daar, het is hier namelijk uiterst zuur. Maar als het goed is is het lekker weer vanaf dat jij weer terug komt dus dat heb je weer goed voor mekaar =D Lieverd, geniet ervan, heel veel plezier en succes daar! Dikke zoen van Linde

  4. For Rosanna Lorrison, Delta 6
    Hiiiiiiiiiiii!! Just seen the pictures of you rebuilding some houses, looks like hard work! Me and Kirk were saying that its a bit strange to see pictures of you with people we've never met but you look like a proper team all with matching t shirts and everything.
    Kayke, Kirk and I all miss you but we've got loads of updates for you on facebook when you get the chance to get on the internet.
    Hope its as much fun as it looks :)
    Besos! Alice xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. For Abigail Tyer Delta 3
    Hi Abi
    Hope all going well. Just home and had good 3 days skiing - sent you 2 letters so hope they arrive! G and G coming to supper tonight - all feeling bit exhausted but thought they would like see Em before she goes back. Looking forward to hearing from you next week end hopefully Love Mum xxxx

  6. Message for Adam Chalkley Alpha 3
    Brother hope all is well in costa rica and you are having fun playing in the sea (seems pretty easy to me). Time for a quick sport update firstly Xisco managed to injure himself in training and hasn't played since. Newcastle got a point at home to Bolton we had ryan taylor sent off for a 2 footed lunge on Elmander. Your football team have just lost to birmingham in the carling cup final your goalkeeper and defender left the ball and martins tapped in the winner with 2 mins left. I refereed your under 16 v norwich and they won 2-1 so at least arsenal won once this weekend. England beat the french at rugby yesterday which was a excellent result and finally India and England drew today in the cricket world cup we managed to chase down 338 with shahzad hitting a 6 in the last over and strauss scoring 158.
    We went to the quiz last night and came second by only 2 points, but we did get full marks in the anagrams round.
    Have fun and maybe try doing some actual work.

  7. Rebecca Eno, 11C, Delta 3

    So I got back from Sinai with no lips and a massive insect bite on my face. Also one of my hands is now falling off. And our plane got diverted to Rome. Hope you're having a good time but also kind of hope you get taken just ill enough to come home as Nero time is needed badly. Just as a quick update, we no longer like people called Olga. All shall be revealed shortly. Much loveage and missage, Imo xxxxxx

  8. Eso Andrés, afloje. Dios te bendiga.

  9. Alette Jansen, Alpha 5

    Hee lieve zus!

    Hoe is het daar? Je zal wel geen antwoord geven maar alsnog.. Ik was op vakantie met Jacob en heb de vakantie van mijn leven gehad. Het was echt geweldig! Hou je taai en tot over 7 weken.

    Heel veel liefs van je broertje! xxxxx

  10. For Rose Ashbourn, Delta 4
    HI. Hope all going well. I am staying with Jenny in Cheltenham tonight and just been showing her your pictures on the blog. Jenny sends her love. I presume you will be making your way down the mountain soon to finsih this project and start another. I wonder what you will be doing. I presume you will be able to pick up mail when you get down the mountain and hope my letters have arrived OK. XX Mum

  11. This is for Sophie Abdy,

    Hey Soph, Just to let you know i am missing you and thinking of you, i passed all my exams, its a miracle i tell you. Wish i could share this experience with you but have an AMAZING time all the same. If ever you can tell me how you are please do, i write to you on our e-mail frequantly from now. Love you so much, love from your bestie, Jennie xxx

  12. Jessy Boon Cowler, Delta 2.
    Hi Jessa, I hope that you are well and that your feet are surviving the trek. It's very cold indeed here, like winter. Bonnie came round last night and sent her love, she's back in the Stones office again... I hope that you can send a little message when you've done your trek and are back at camp. We all want to know how you are Bee! Love you loads, Mum xxx

  13. Haaa die Ian, haha kom ik hier even leuk achter! Een clubgenootje van mij is ook via raleigh weg dus vandaar kwam ik achter deze blog en ging ik natuurlijk even kijken hoe het met jou staat in Costa Rica :) Maar ziet er pittig uit jongen! leuke foto's en verhalen van wat jullie allemaal doen. Maak er nog een mooie tijd van.
    Groetjes Annabel

  14. message for Ian ter Haar, 11c, alpha 5

    Haa die Ian! haha kom ik even leuk op deze blog terecht via een clubgenoot van mij, die is ook met raleigh weg dus toen ik van deze blog hoorde van raleigh was ik wel benieuwd hoe jij het natuurlijk hebt! Ziet er pittig uit jongen. Wel leuke verhalen en foto's. Goed om te zien!

    Groetjes Annabel



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