Sunday, 27 February 2011

Alpha 2 are walking on through

The final stop-off on our Bravo 1 road trip was a very pleasant couple of days spent with trekkers Alpha 2 along the Guanacaste trek in Costa Rica. They've been walking roughly 18-21 km, sometimes more, through jungle, over hills, and up volcanoes occasionally stopping off for mud pack facials on the way.

Pictures: Jimmy Donger 

A wet bridge too far
Jimmy, King of the jungle!
Ellie from London HQ joins in the hot springs fun
PM Jonny goes Geisha for one day only! 
Bravo 1 climbed Volcan Rincon de la Vieja in the Guanacaste world heritage site with Alpha 2. Although we couldn't quite reach the top of the volcano because of clouds, we still enjoyed the climb through amazing forest.
Volcan Rincon shrouded in mist
The boys scrambling down a big green hill
Alpha 2 have seen all sorts of wildlife during their trek including a rare tapir, snakes, spiders, birds and friendly monkeys.
Are you talkin' to me?

Is it a bird?....well, yes!
A spot of monkeying around
The group's first week of wet jungle days followed by hard road in soggy boots had taken its toll on some of Alpha 2's poor tootsies though. I've been given a photo of a foot too grotesque to publish (but then my aversion to feet might have something to do with that!).

But everyone is ploughing on as the beautiful beach of Playa Junquillal on the Pacific coast is within reach. Well, 30 km within reach actually. Yes, it's Alpha 2's final push tomorrow when they'll walk 30 km to flop on the beach for a day and a half - they certainly deserve it! So they're getting up at, gulp, 2.30am to set off at 4am in the morning! Go Alpha 2 - you're nearly there!


  1. For Jessy boon cowler delta 2

    This is torture! Hate not being able to communicate! I really hope there is a delta 2 update as I'm dying to see you. I'm on project room this week, hopefully won't mess things up! I'd better go as I'm bout to jump off the 29 into cold miserable rain and get a coffee. Can'twait to see or hear from you. Love you lots, your alex xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hi Ben - how fantastic - nearly there - just read the blog. You must be exhausted but hope you enjoyed it too!We have Harry here at the moment who sends his love.Well done, darling!
    Much love from us all - Mumxxxx

  3. Well done Wellard and everyone in Alpha 2. A great achievement in such horrendous weather conditions !! Enjoy your time at the beach. It's clearly well deserved and no doubt your feet will think it well overdue. Continue to enjoy !! Pura vida and lots of love from Mum and Dad. xxx


  5. For Camilla O'C Alpha 6

    Miserably cold and wet here. Went out for a ride yesterday in the sun. Got as far as Ascot when the rain started. Had to ride the 45 miles home very wet and very cold. At least hypothermia is not a worry for you! Chelsea v ManU tomorrow. Arsenal lost the Carling Cup Final in a last minute goalkeeper error. West Ham beat Liverpool. Keep working hard. Three weeks down, four to go. Love you xxxx

  6. Gemma Hall - Alpha 1

    Well you missed out on a fantastic roast club last night! Well I thought I would provide you with some gossip... Dinner at your parents was awesome, Conor's got a dog and Alice and George are going swimmingly. Not much else to really report on! I hope my letter will eventually reach you but who knows with snail trail.
    Always thinking of you, lots of love!
    Tom xxxxxx

  7. Freddy Soames, Delta 5:

    Hey Freddy,
    Hope your having a great time in Nicaragua, it looks amazing, I'm really jealous! I'm trying to work hard but you know how it is everythig seems so much more interesting when your revising, I've started to take interest in the wall opposite which isn't good news :L you'll be pleased to know that England have won against Italy and France and we are set for the grand slam (I hope)! Just got back from half term and I guess te work properly starts now. Oh yeh ad guess what, dad had his laser eye and apparently his vision is getting better by the second which is good, Really missing you and I can't wait to hear from you next! The whole family say hello :)
    Lots of love, Charlie xxxx

  8. For Ben Stamp, 11C, Alpha 2
    Hey Ben, missing you lots back here but by the looks of things you're having a great time! Congratulations on finishing the trek! Looking forward to hearing about what you do for your project. Lots of love, Izzie xxxxx

    Hi, like Izzie, I am really missing you. I have been looking at the raleigh website nearly every day to cathch up on all the latest news! Well done for finishing the trek. That is a real achievement! Just so you know, in my mini enterprise competition I had the role of manager and Longwick came second. Guess who came first. It was the only school that I wanted to beat, Stokenchurch! I am looking forward to hearing all about your next task and also about all the adventures you have been through. It will be great to see you again; not long now!
    GOOD LUCK!!!
    LOts and lots of love, your dearest sister Elliexxxxxx

  9. para yendry castro /delta 6
    hola!!! por aqui nuevamente!!! q tal el fin de semana???Ayer su papá y yo fuimos a atenas y luego a un río ,bastante bonito, cuando regrese podemos ir juntos!!! ;).
    Su abuelita rosa le envía saludos, laura, zaida y todos preguntan por usted.
    En la comuni también., Conra y viky, oti, don carlos y familia, así como don gus y glenda se mantienen al pendiente.Desde aquí vamos a su lado cada día.
    te amo mi princesa♥♥ má y pá♥♥

  10. para: ignacio camacho piedra /delta 5
    de: Xinia-mamá de yendry.
    hola ignacio!!! hace unos dias te mande un mensaje pero no se si le llegó, es que se me olvidoo ponerle q era para un delta 5!!sorry!!.
    El mensaje era el siguiente:
    espero se encuentren bien , desde aqui los seguimos mediante el blog.
    He estado conversando con su papá y le envía saludos y fuertes abarazos; dice que le extraña y que espera poder verlo pronto.
    Así que como es de suponerse nos estamos apoyando mutuamente y esperando pacientemente que regresen. Todo por aqui está en orden; siga adelante!!!!! y cuidese!!!♥

  11. for Abigail Tyer - Delta 3

    Miss YOU!
    Imogen is so annoying!! How did you manage last term?!
    Looking forward to hearing your news!!

  12. Ben Stamp alpha 2
    Great to have an update today. As I write this you should be relaxing at Playa Junquillal - I bet that feels good! Hope your feet aren't counted amongst those 'too grotesque to publish'! Look forward to hearing from you soon - well done and enjoy the break. Much love - Dad
    PS England beat France Saturday so that's 3 from 3

  13. Ignacio Camacho - Delta 5
    que primo todo bn...!!! espero que la este pasando bien! cuidece, y que disfrute al maximo! espero verlo pronto... un abrazo y bendiciones!
    Pura vida!!!

  14. Alice Chaloner2 March 2011 at 13:55

    Clemmie Anderson- Alpha 2

    Clembooooo hellloooo i found you yay!! been searching this site for ages wasn't sure which group you were in and then casually you popped up just chilling in a pond HA! Looks amazing... so jealous, I hear you have had to do a lot of hardcore trekking from Sophie! Keep going Gal!!!!!Thanks for your birthday card..looking forward to your return and hearing more stories!
    Lots and lots of love Al xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  15. For Clemmie Anderson
    Alpha 2 I think!
    Hi Clemmie, have read the blog and looked through your amazing photos!
    Its sounds intense, hard work but a fantastic experience...keep the news coming when you can, although Sos and Mark good at passing our news onto me in NZ! I don't envy you the blisters or worry about your little toe nails fall off and I thought I had it bad with mosi bites!
    Lots and lots of love, Emma Xxxx

  16. TIM & TRACY EDWARDS7 March 2011 at 14:50

    For Holly Edwards Alpha 2 11C

    Hi Hol We hope you have survived the treck - Wow what a challange. looking forward to hearing about the next phase. Keep smiling and having fun. All well here - just been to the Anchor for Curry Night with gramnny & Grandad - lovely food and Kim and PAul say hullo

    Loads of love - miss you lots but keep having fun



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