Monday, 28 February 2011

Alpha 6 in the mix

With all the travelling around Nicaragua your blogger hasn't had a chance to write about her favourite group in ages!

I'm allowed to be biased as I spent six days with Alpha 6 up in the small community of La Colmena in Miraflor, helping them settle into their new homes, and empathising with the collective tummy grumbles at having beans for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Groan! Since I left I hear the diet has improved dramatically - to the point of being offered cow's intestines as a special treat. Gulp!

It was a wrench bidding them adios so I can't wait to hear all about their exploits when they're back on Wednesday (all our Alpha groups return to fieldbase then so we're starting to get things ready for their return - exciting!).

In the meantime, here are a few pictures from Alpha 6's first week:

Ed and Dunia get stuck in
Not to be outdone - so do Kesiah and Robbie
While Louise gets cracking with clearing the field where La Colmena's community centre is being built:

Believe me, the locals were well impressed!
And Rosie and Chema gave a helping hand too:

Rosie to the rescue!
Chema chops the flowers

Alpha VI - let the digging commence!

Emma, Louise and Rosie making metal wall supports
Tim and a community member mix materials
It's raining but the digging goes on...
It wasn't all work, work, work though. The group found time to learn Spanish every day, courtesy of host country volunteers Dunia and Chema:

Hola! Me llamo....

Even the biggest pig in the village wanted in on the action and came to keep us company:

Un cerdo! = a pig!
And here are PMs Dr Ben and Vicky in their kitchen, dreaming up their next venturer challenge:

Let me tell you a story Victoria...

Alpha 6 have been hard at work on their community centre build. We've heard they've made amazing progress and are about to paint their first mural on one of the walls. Well done guys. I'm so proud! The community centre is much needed as La Colmena can be quite windy and rainy at times because it's at altitude. So the locals will be able to keep warm inside when they hold meetings, adult learning and pre-school classes, and recreational activities.

Tune in soon for an update from Alpha 6 when they return, and find out what happened on a day trip to learn all about Nicaraguan coffee.


  1. Canim benim Jessy Boon Cowler delta 2 -

    A combination of this blog and my phone made me lose the nice message i tried to write on the bus this morning, and almost resulted in my phone being launched up towards holloway road!

    Will try to recap here: am keeping okay, it keeps threatening to spring before lapsing back into being cold, miserable and dreary for a fortnight - you really are missing out!! just recovering after weekend in Bristol - went for Gaele's birthday and was really nice seeing her and verity & respective boyfriends, although wish I hadn’t spent quite so much money, really get carried away by the fact that all drinks and food are at least £1 cheaper there and end up spending 3 times as much as I would have normally.

    Booked flight to Berlin yesterday! Paul and I are going for 5 nights on 23rd March. Jamie cant make it any more as has booked too many holidays and is moving flat so just the two of us and Matthias. Will scout out lots of exciting places for us to go and get a feel for the place so can whisk you around whenever we manage to get there. Paul and I are staying in a 6 person capacity flat for £19 a night so I’m sure we’ll be able to sort out a b-palace when we go. I cant wait to take you on city breaks again and spoil you rotten!

    House is good – room not quite to your standards but keeping on top of things, relatively anyway :) Alex has moved in and so far so good, no drama and everyone getting along just fine. At the moment trying to figure out if landline is connected so can get internet sorted (boy oh boy, once that happens no one else is going to have any room to make comments!)

    But yes, no news at all apart from all that. Really hope you are having fun and waiting with baited breath for more updates on what you have been up to! Thinking of you always and counting the days until you are back.

    All my love

    Alex xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. For Louise Simpson, Alpha 6.

    Hiya Louise,

    Sorry its taken me so long to speak to you through the blog, I have to admit I completely forgot it could be used for communication purposes! I have been sending you letters, but I doubt you would have got them yet, lol. But when you do, I hope you like them.

    Anyways, I'm really pleased to see you're having an amazing time, and improving your ground clearing skills too! You know that bit down the bottom of my garden? Well I can see you having a job to do when you get back! :P

    I miss you so very much, and I can't go a few minutes, let alone a day, without thinking of you. I love you masses! Things are fine at home, I'm just keeping busy at the moment getting ready for Vietnam. I cant believe I'm going in only 2 days! I'm very excited, but also very very scared lol! But I'm sure I'll be fine and have a really great time too, just like yourself, once I get stuck in. And of course, I'll always be thinking of you babe!

    Also thanks for the birthday gift and the card, it was so lovely! I have to admit it did nearly make me cry (sorry I'm so pathetic lol!), and I'm gonna take it with me on my travels so I can read it if I'm ever feeling lonely :)

    Miss you lots and love you even more,

    Tom. xxxxxx.

  3. tim niehe, alpha 6

    joehoe lieve tim,
    wat super om jou zo te zien!!!
    en ook nog spaanse les!jullie morgen weer naar basiskamp en dan door naar volgende project?
    wij terug uit de sneeuw. heb helaas mijn (rechter, pfff) pols gebroken, best knap als je niet skiet!
    kwam door een dansje met big john(vd ent)....
    we blijven iedere dag de blogs met veel bewondering bekijken! big hug, love you,

  4. To Gilles Bouman, delta 6

    Lieverd ik mis je!!! Vorige week ging het wel prima want toen had ik het heel druk maar de afgelopen dagen mis ik je echt heel erg. Je gaat volgens mij bijna terug naar de field base, dus hopelijk kan je me dan even bellen. Je gaat er maar voor zorgen dat je ergens bereik vind want ik neem geen genoegen met een mailtje hoor! xxxxxxxx

  5. Familia Chavarría On2 March 2011 at 01:28

    Hola Chema, por lo que veo en las fotos, la estás pasando súper, de eso se trata no?, sigue adelante con tolerancia y paciencia pero sobre todo perseverancia. Me alegro que tengas esta experiencia que te enriquecerá y te hará crecer mucho. Aquí todos te extrañamos.
    Un fuerte abrazo,
    Ari, Yaha y Luis.

  6. To Claudia Alpha 6
    Hi Clauds, hope that all is well! We have been following your progress and your new skill set will be put to good use! looks like you return to base camp today so enjoy :))
    Love you lots xx

  7. Para Chema
    Espero estés bien. Por acá todo bien. Yo en nuevo trabajo, Ari en su segundo grado, Luis trabajando. Papi, mami, Arge, Tito y Tita te mandan muchos abrazos y todos nuestros deseos de que estés bien.
    Te cuento que vendí el carro azul, así que te vas a dejar el gris, espero que el trato se cierre este fin de semana.
    Cuídate mucho y ánimo!!! Viste que rápido que pasan los días...Pronto estarás de regreso para que nos cuentes todas tus aventuras.
    Un abrazo,

  8. To Louise. Alpha 6

    Got this site from your mum and seen you hard at work on the pics. We are all thinking of you up here in sunny Lancashire. Glad you have got over your homesickness and are settling in. Cant wait to hear all about it later in the year and see your photos.
    Love you lots.
    Keep happy and keep safe.
    Ray, Glenys, Helen and Phil. XXXX

    wat super om je gesproken te hebben!!! We waren erg onder de indruk van al je verhalen en ervaringen. Heb je genoten van de bbq, zeker goddelijk na die bonen. En de dia's van alle groepen.....Geniet van de volgende fase!
    We blijven je volgen, love you! K,I,A,A,B,B

  10. Hola andres cambronero :)
    Lo quiero muchotototototototote..por las fotos veo que todo esta espectacular..
    su pelo :O cada vez mas largooo..cuidece mucho..muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

  11. Argerie On Cubillo7 March 2011 at 16:41

    Para Josè Mario Mondragòn
    Alpha Romeo 2
    De tu mamà
    Hola Chemita espero estes muy bien, gozando de esta linda experiencia. Aqui todos muy bien gracias a Dios. Extrañandote montones. Tus abuelitos,rus tìosYaha y Luis junto a Ari te mandan muchos saludos. Soy nos acompaña Tìa Emilia, te manda muchos saludos tambien. Yo porsupuesto q tambien,deseando estes lleno de alegrìa y con mucho entusismo. Pido a Dios te llene de muchas bendiciones y goces de buena salud. Gracias Chemita por hacerme tan feliz y sobretodo por ser un buen hijo y q mas puedp decirte eres el amor de mi vida porque gracias a ti he disfrutado la dicha de ser madre y ver tus logros y triunfos. Cuidate mucho. Todos te enviamos toda la buena vibra y muchos besos y abrazos. Te amo mucho. Con amor tu mamà.

  12. Tim Niehe

    Hey Geroen!
    Alles goed daar in costa rica?
    Ik moet even melden dat ajax waarschijnlijk het kampioenschap heeft vergooid. 3-2 verloren uit bij Ado terwijl we een stuk beter waren(3 kut goals)! Bovendien zijn we ook uit de europa league geknikkerd door Spartak :-(
    Maar laat het de pret niet drukken! Hoe bevalt het nieuwe project?
    Hier in canada alles prima, ga voor mijn level 2 eind deze week en ik ben ook geslaagd voor mijn racecoach.
    Nog 1 ding, reizen zonder jou is niet hetzelfde!
    Tot snel spreeks en zoek contact wanneer je weer internet hebt!
    Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeers Hein

  13. to cat ewin alpha-yankee4
    Hi cath you seem to be moving groups fairly rapidly glad to have caught up with you and hope all is well.Looking forward to seeing some of your photographs when you get back.Do you have afarewell party with all the group? Must be a big bonanza.All,s well here and see you soon Lots of love.Nan & Gdad

  14. andrew brown alpha 6
    hija son iv just read that u will all b back at base camp on wednesday whoooooop !!!! cant wait to c u nan all excited as well bless her cotton socks lol , love and miss u soo much . ope u well hun all is well at home just all excited to c u , all the boys been asking about u ill c u soon at the coach station long journey home for u love u son soooo much xxxxxx love mum xxxx

  15. Para Maricruz de Alpha 6!
    Mariii ojala q todo este super bien y que este disfrutando bastante!! la extrañamos mucho aqui hace bastante faltaa mi amooor!!! Demasiado chiva esta experiencia aprovechela asi al maximo y la estamos esperando aqui!! la quiero mucho nena!! Se me cuida nos vemos ;)

  16. hola marii espero que este bien. Disfrute todo lo que haga "aprovechelo". la extraño dema cuidese aqui la espero para que me cuente todo jaja y para ir a ver la peli :P -LA AMO- muuua att:ana graciela cc: anita jaja suerte

  17. Mi estimada Martinaaa....he visto 2 fotos suyass !!! que emoción cuando las vi jeje se ve toda contenta que dicha que la está pasando bien. Por aquí le informo que desde que se fue las chicas no han querido ni salir de fiesta jajaja enserio estan muyy calmadaas ud era la mala influencia jajaja bueno mari luego le escribo ya que estoy muy ocupadilla con ll au pero obvio saqué un ratito para ud !! cuidese bastante !

    JImeee .... =)

  18. Para Maricruz Esquivel-Alpha 6
    Marriii Soy Marii Jajaja (Maria Fe) Mi Chiquita Espero Q Este Super Bienn, Yo No Se Si Estare Haciendo Esto Bien, Espero Q Le Llegue El Mensaje Jejeje Esq Solo Vi En Su Perfil Q Las Chicas Explicaban COmo Hacerlo :P Muchos Exitos! Ojala Aproveche Al Maximo Esta Oportunidad Y Saq Una Buena Experiencia DE Todo Esto! Se Le Quiere Tontilla Y Nos Vemos Pronto. Muchas Bendiciones, Besos Y Abrazos!! Chauuu



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