Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Delta 1 are storming ahead!

Well, what a week. After seven days of trekking we are beginning to get used to the 3.30am starts, dirt and refried beans for lunch (well some of us anyway). It's been a week of ups and downs, both emotional and physical. After being left at the side of the road we spent our first night in tents in a bat-infested house.

We have since walked some more and spent three nights in the jungle trying and failing to stay on our feet in knee depth mud. We've conquered some pretty epic hills, stayed with the indigenous Cabecar people and had our much anticipated and carefully prepared energy bombs eaten by their dog.

Out of the jungle we have been met by some pretty amazing views, encountered a rarely seen coral snake and learnt that lentils don't flush and mashed potato doesn't go in tea. But ultimately the beach cannot come soon enough.

Written by the lovely Harriet, D1

Almost there!
We love trekking!
One final bit of uphill before reaching camp for the night


Here come the girls

Team Turrimacho!

Delta 1 just can't get enough salami!

Playing football with the locals


  1. Message for JoJo Huddie, Delta 1
    Hey Jo, we've seen the photos! Paul said to tell you there's no need to pack your rucksack with foam to make it look like you're carrying a heavy load !

    Seriously, the views look fabulous and I'm glad to hear you are all doing OK.

    Will be going up to Derbyshire on thursday (24th) to say goodbye to Granny. Will send her your love.

    Think of you oh so much and send you loads of big hugs and very much love, Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. For Martha Gray, Alpha 1

    Hi Martha,

    We've lost two of the Wii controllers. If you can think where they might be please let us know as we can't practise without them :(

  3. For Alette Jansen of Alfa 5:
    Hi Alette I am Cristina your cousin. I was so happy to be in Holand but I miss you very much.
    I would like to know if you like Costa Rica and Nicaragua.
    I love you so much!!! *Cristina Sofia van Praag

  4. For Camilla O'C Alpha 6.

    Yo Cam! Good news. 2-0 away to Copenhagen. Both scored by Anelka. Gronks did an appalling dive but didn't get a penalty. Home leg next month. No game this weekend. ManU at home next Tuesday. Spurs 3-0 down to Blackpool which is good. Other than that, work training and looking after your mother. Hope all is going well. Love you xxxx

  5. To Sabina Bridge,
    Hope you're having a good time Bina! Miss you but can smell you from here. Look forward to seeing you and hearing about your escapades. Go Go Bean!
    love from Morvah

  6. To caroline murray, alpha 5.

    hey just a quick message, as its late and im working early doors tomorrow ha. Its only a week until i get 2 speak to you woop cannot wait. Im gonna hopefully have that day off aswell so can have a good chat. hopefully the 2nd is when your due back to base.i get paid not long after so more money to the corfu fund, which i seriously cannot wait for, its my lads holiday all rolled into one. Good times got this friday and sunday off, so its gonna fly bye. Had the AA inspector in tonight so was well hectic think we did alright, will find out tomorrow. Other then that not alot is different my side, i wanna know how things are on your project haha. When do u get to save the turtles. So many questions. Im still loving my card by the way!! just read it again. Il write something else again soon, tell your leader to upload more photos haha. love you lots Sam xxxxxx

  7. From: Bruce Solano Muñoz
    To: Karla Arroyo Chavez -Delta 1

    Hola Karla, soy Bruce del mini campamento en Turri! se acuerda de mi?? jaja
    Espero que le este llendo chivisima! fijo si!! disfrute mucho y si les dan un dia libre en Turri me manda un mensaje pa ir a verlos!!!

  8. Alpha 3.
    Lieve Anne, zit nu in de zon op het balkon met Papa. De rest is ah skien. We ontmóeten ze straks bij ons favorite lunch tentje. Papa heeft gisteren, weliswaar door e stom kuiltje e enorme klap op zijn ribben kast gemaakt. Vandaag dus rustig aan. Gisteravond uit eten geweest bij de Vieux Four. Daarna zijn ze met z'n vieren uit geweest. Wij moesten even mee naar binnen bij l avalanche want anders kwamen ze qua leeftijd er niet in. Nou ja dus hebben wij dar ook even ad bar gehangen. Verder is het heel gezellig e wordt er behoorlijk geskied. M e J kunnen ook heel goed skien. N gaat er zelfs nog harder van. Hoop dat het verder goed met je gaat. Heb al vele foto 's van de andere teams gezien maar niet v Alpha 3......
    Bobby e Bente staan er ook erg leuk op. AR heb sinds verjaardag foto 's niet meer gezien, maar is wel terug v haar 1e projekt. Ga nu weer even verder zonnen. Hoop als je de kans krijgt dat je me even kan bellen. XxxxM

  9. Annelotte Jens delta 1

    Hoi lieve Annelotte,

    WOW dat ziet er serieus uit van de foto's. lijkt erop dat een douche en
    een bad nog ver weg is. Ik dacht dat je blauwe schoenen had, heb je ze geverfd? Heb je nog gescoord tegen de locale boys met het voetballen?
    Zeg maar dat Ruiz bij FC Twente het heel goed doet!!!Hij komt uit
    Costa Rica.Lottie, we zijn allemaal heeeel trots op je !!!!!en hebben genoten van de foto's en jouw lachende snoetje!!!!! We missen je
    allemaal !!! roosje is haar nieuwe kamer aan het inrichten en morgen komt het bed van IKEA(nee, niet hetzelfde als de jouwe) Zaterdag komt er een nieuwe kast voor haar en ook op de overloop boven komt een nieuwe schuifkast(een hele grote). Voor de rest gaat alles goed hier en Pieter heeft al zijn tentamens gehaald!!!! Ongelooflijk maar echt waar, en hij is nu geselecteerd voor het Excellence klasje.
    Geniet van deze ervaringen(tot je knieen in de modder) en veel plezier!!! liefs,
    papa, mama ,pieter en roos

  10. Message for Jessy Boon Cowler - Delta 2

    Dear Jessy,
    Last night after work I went to a pub in TCR and wished that you could pop down from your local pad and not be one million miles away!!

    Hope that you are having a lovely time and that everyone there is really nice. I want to see some more piccies!!

    There is no real new news here. Ludo is becoming a real cat and escaping all the time. When he gets out of the house, the more you call him the more he runs for the hills.

    Nasar is arranging another 7D meet up!! Haha.

    These are my only two pieces of news. Hope you're having an amazing time!!!! Lots of love,
    Jess xxxxxx

  11. for jessy boon cowler, delta 2:

    hi there!!! i'm sitting in this horrible office looking out at the grey sky and wishing I was running around in the sunshine with you!

    I've been putting much thought into all the pampering that is going to happen in a few months time, you're in for a treat.

    Really hope you're having a good time and aren't too shattered, at least you're getting the trek out of the way first.

    Oh and good news! Luke got the all-clear and is a very happy boy. He told me a secret...he really didn't want cancer! going to meet up soon and celebrate.

    Thinking of you always, counting down the days until can see you again.

    Love you more than anything

    Alex xxxxxxxxxx

  12. Famila On Cubillo23 February 2011 at 13:00

    Para Chema Mondragon On, Alfa 6.
    Esperamos q la este pasando bien y disfrutando cada momento, esperamos no se asutara ayer con el temblor y saludos de sus abuelos.

  13. Nicola Milner Alpha 1


    noon,looking fit babes;) i like the colour top your wearing for trekking, nice choice :)

    I've just been home for 2 days M&D have got back from skiing now and martha had her 4th birthday party- so cute! A.rose and U. Nick were asking after you.. "hows nicola?" "dunno" "where is she?" "somewhere in Costa rica" ha :) i thought u would have gone to the internet before you went trekking but im guessing u didnt have enough time and had to get packed. Hope your having a good time.

    Im trying to think of news but dnt really have any... hmmm... apart from sonya is squids mum but know one knows. Donna is going to New york and lyn skullys house burnt down (by summer putting the xmas lights up)!!

    Love you and missing you lots XXX C XXX

  14. Mags Chilaev Delta 5

    guten tag!
    I watch Human Planet on BBC iPlayer on a regular basis because the jungle series reminds me you in costa rica!! (it is also an essential part of my procrastination efforts re: history and russian reading) REMEMBER THIS TIME LAST YEAR? how the tables have turned...
    miss you dude xxxxxxxx

  15. Hi Delta 1, this one is for Jo Huddie.
    Hello lovely!! I've read the blog and the emails (I was in the snow - sorry I didn't write) and seen the photos. It looks utterly incredible - views, volcanoes, beaches etc etc. I bet you're lovin it and you're even more hard core and impressive than you were before. Back here London is mourning for you ... but time is flying by so enjoy every moment of it. Can't wait to hear more of the stories... stay safe and well and smiley. Love you lots, (blonde) Zoe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  16. To Annelotte Jens
    From: Danny Hoogeveen
    Delta 1

    Hey Lotje,

    ik dacht eerst dat dit hier op deze blog helemaal niet werkte maar zag laatst ineens me berichtje terug hehe. je eerste week zal wel zwaar zijn geweest, ik vind je in ieder geval een die hard dat je dit doet. wel een super mooie omgeving en een zieke ervaring die je nooit meer van je leven gaat vergeten!. geniet er maar lekker van lottie:P ik hoop dat het echt super mooi is. ik mis je wel. voorderest gaat alles hier goed ik heb deze vakantie heel veel gewerkt en ga zondag of vrijdag gezellig bij jou huis eten:P. nou veel plezier daar my love, ik blijf de blog volgen hehe. IK HOU VAN JOU!!!!!! KUS * 1000;)

  17. Dunia González Alpha 6
    Gorda!!! Vieras que aquí todo bien!! Bog la extraña, Jonás se quiere ir a China a una beca con Eka, los dos están aplicando, A mami la pusieron a dieta porque tenía la presion alta.. tons todos estamos a dieta... A pa lo llamo Anne pa que exponga en Bulgaria, entonces está todo creidillo y todo sigue normalon... Ojala la esté pasando bien... la queremos jarcor magnifico... hable con los mopsitos y aprenda inglich jajajaja...=0) y llamame pa hablar...

  18. Nicola Milner Alhpa1
    Hi Noon and Gnome, Good to see that Pixie has kept you updated on the really important news. Neighbours. Never mind that the world is in turmoil and these are the most interseting times we've seen since the wall came down. Still priorities. Mum is writing and I'm doing this. We had a great ski with A Kath and U Ed. George got yellow carded for the 1st time, for fighting. Ask the boys, they'll know what I mean. I hope the walk continues to go well and you develop some upper body strength. You could do with it.
    Love Dad.

  19. MAGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hope you're having an amazing time. have you had the chance to surf yet? i saw doremy the other day she said to say hi and it felt so good to say that i got into phs and about you amazing news too. there is no longer any need of her graveny talk :P

  20. To Briony Wood Delta 1

    Hope you are having a fantastic time - I am sure you will be - it looks like your kind of thing ! I assume you will be getting some relaxation soon so take advantage !!! The gusy at work who have been to Costa Rica rave about it and are envious that you are there for 3 months. ENJOY. Dad

  21. Charlotte Whiteley28 February 2011 at 16:50

    Harriet Marsh - Delta 1

    Hey Harriet!

    The pictures look amazing and all that you are doing sounds fantastic. Hope it is all going well and you are having a good time - stay away from those snakes though. Missing you and our dinner trips to Port Solent a lot! Hope the next few weeks continue to be as exciting and cant wait to see more pictures go up on here!! And go you on writing the blog at the top - top marks for creative writing it paints a very pretty picture :) Enjoy the beach when you get there - you definately deserve it! Lots of love xxxxxxx

  22. To Saskia Donat, Delta 1

    Hey Saskia I hope you are well and have a fantastic time! Ich vermisse dich und freue mich schon so darauf mit dir weiterzureisen :) nächste Woche bekomme ich den Bescheid von den Unis, mal schauen was dann passiert. Die Fotos sehen echt Klasse aus, ich wäre jetzt auch gerne bei dir in Costa Rica. Mein Brief müsste bald eintrudeln, ich hoffe dass es nicht ganz so lange dauert ;)
    Xxx Ich liebe dich xxxx and i miss you xxxx


    Darling Kitty great to speak to you up high in the mountains. Just to let you know you got offered a place at Bristol! Well done!! We look forward to talking to you tomorrow - we hope - when you are back in base camp. Lydia had her penultimate Maths GCSE today and it went ok she says so that is good. I took her to the Salusbury to celebrate that and a v good report/results prediction. Our great excitement is that Matilda has got into Camden with a music place....brilliant isn't it!? Missing you very much and thinking of you. Where are those Ray Bans!!?? Love from us all Mum

  24. Lorna - Team Leader Delta 1
    Hey Lorna!
    How come you're lugging a great big pack, but in the team photo - most of the others aren't!!!??? What is this? Sherpa week? You've got a lovely smile on your face, I know you're having a great time - just get the team doctor to take a look at those alarming knobbles on your thighs!! (Is that a mosquito net in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?)
    Just to keep you in the weather loop - it's raining back in Blighty too!
    Lots of Love,

  25. Lorna!!!
    Great pics on the blog - so exciting just to see your smiling face again. Keep smiling - we all miss you heaps - it looks awesome.....Your Bestie xxxx

  26. Jen and George22 July 2011 at 03:29

    Lydia Woodward, Alpha 6
    Hey Lydia, hope you're fine and enjoying your building project. Was great to finally get an Alpha 6 update from the Comms Officer, with some cool pics. I see you have some gorgeous little local helpers, you must be having so much fun. Sending you lots of love and hugs (and some love bites from Frankie) and looking forward to the next instalment. George and I managed a quick trip to Switzerland for our anniversary, lots of big hills with snow on and some good walking, but I got chased by a psycho cow with a bell round its neck and an evil glint in its eye. Can't wait to see the school taking shape. Take good care. Love Jen (&G&F) xxxxxxxxxx



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