Saturday, 26 February 2011

Delta 5's high fives

Find out what our Delta 5 team in Potosi (a beachside community in South Nicaragua), have been up to. 

Words and pictures: Mags Chilaev

Delta 5 arrived in Potosi on the 14th after a phantasamorgic bus ride courtesy of the Reggae Express.
This two day journey took us through the dry landscape of Nicaragua and we passed volancoes aplenty to the sound of Bob Marley and the Wailers.

We were quickly assigned our 'new parents', the villagers designated with the responsibility of looking after us in groups of twos and threes.

Though we were eager to start our project - the task of digging and building water facilities - the first week was spent collecting rubbish and plastic bottles.

In the afternoons we have organised English lessons and football matches, which have been especially popular with the local children and very rewarding for us.

Heads, shoulders, knees and toes in the local school

We expect to start our new reforestation project in partnership with the Pueblo Nueva community in the coming days. These 'foreigners' will succeed!
Crater lake of Volcan Cosiguina which D5 climbed
Moonlight at our beach - one minute away!

We will succeed!


  1. Alhpa 3. Lieve Anne, Inmiddels zijn we weer thuis. Na nog een ochtend heerlijk skiën en lunchen in de zon, zijn we vertrokken. De reis viel redelijk mee en we waren rond half 1 thuis. Je skies en schoenen zijn weer hier. Ben zo benieuwd hoe het met je gaat? Je zult nu wel poep bruin zijn. Inmiddels heb ik op het blog van AR gezien dat zij nu aan het tracken is. Morgen komen Oma en Vos eten, die is even in het land. Eerst nog even de skie kilo's eraf spinnen. Pippel is geknipt, ziet er weer jonger uit dan ze is..
    Nou ja, en de echte belangrijke nieuwtjes doen we wel weer een keertje over de telefoon. xxxM

  2. For Jessica Bridge-Dunk Delta 6

    hi little JB - how's it going ? it looks really hard work but you had a lovely big smile so I hope that is good news and you are enjoying yourself. Had a really nice weekend with Mum - didn't do much. This afternoon, watched West Ham beat Liverpool 3-1 - yes, it is true ! Demba Ba - wooooh - what a player. Hitz is back. And Scotty immense as usual. We'll still probably go down though !

    Back to work tomorrow - in Childrens Centres tomorrow and then new job is Tues- Thurs - enjoyable but challenging shall we say ! Taking Abdull and Rauda out ice skating tomorrow night which should be fun !

    Love you lots Dad xxx

  3. Mags Chilaev:

    so proud of you, sweetie, welled up with tears reading your raleigh report!
    yours, always, faithfully,

  4. Mags dude awesome pics, uncle G is yachting around s america with his fam at the moment, stopping off in el salvador and then chinandega on pacific coast, so keep a sharp look out haha! miss you bro

  5. Mags Delta Five[r]

    blue striped top + red chequered shirt oh DEAR, what a complete colour clash, I just hope you weren't wearing socks with those sandals, Megaman.

  6. For Elizabeth Hedges Delta 2.

    Dear Lizzie. Thinking of you and hope you are having an amazing time. All the pictures I see look stunning. We are just fixing up with Clare and Sandy to spend a week with them in Spain at the start of April. We need the sun as we have not seen it for about 2 weeks now! Yesterday we moved the sheep to the Collice. Colarado did a need pirouette in the mud and rain with the horse box on the back, but with time and patience we moved them over the way. Venables happy with their new neighbours (the sheep). About to go on cold bike to work! Look after yourself. Lots of love. Dad

  7. For Jessica Bridge-Dunk Delta 6
    Hi Bunny,
    Hoping that you are having some fun along with all that hard work . Bet you are.
    Will you say, "Hello" to the family that you are staying with it is so nice of them to take you in.
    Really looking forward to hearing about everything...
    Going to meet Auntie J this evening. It was her birthday yesterday.
    Love and kisses Mummykins x

  8. Hannah Leach Alpha 5
    Roo - saw the second photo from Alpha 5 - all looking good by the river. I am in London in the Petrofac office at 5 deg and raining. Hope the gloves are holdng out looks like you need them. Barnaby temporarily injured himself on the Hockey pitch yesterday - one of those painful but non permanent things. Strange to be back in the "big smoke" but good. Hope the water works project is comnig along well - it certainly sounds like it will make a difference.
    Besos Papi

  9. This is for Ignacio Camacho Piedra I believe he is in Delta 5 team.

    Hola Cuñis!!! Como vas? breteando mucho? Vieras que nos costo un poco llegar hasta esta pagina para mandarte los mensajes (un poco de tel chocho)... por eso no te habiamos escrito antes.
    Por aca te mandamos un abrazote muy grande de parte de Ruben, Emma y yo. Te queremos mucho, cuidate y te esperamos :)

  10. for sarah lamming delta 5
    hi sarah
    It's great to finally read about what you have been up to!! what wonderful photos too. i hope you are well and having some amazing experiences! i'm sending you a huge hug and lots of love from mum x x x pickles says hi

  11. Mags DELTA 5,

    Maggita, Miike Snow and I and a Heinlein are sending our love from London on a Friday night - no, Heinlein is not my new hot date (but he is a distinguished historian!)
    life has been so hectic: Howie D has resigned after links with the Gaddafi regime in Libya and they say LSE has been funding Libya's dictators, so we're in the middle of a huge international scandal. Roberto Cavalli has been suspended from Dior after making anti-Semitic remarks. also a Tennyson poem has been chosen to inspire athletes in the olympics: 'To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield' (from Ulysses, thought you might like it!) and michelle obama have had a new baby girl!
    hurry up and write to me

  12. tash wilkinson5 March 2011 at 17:10

    SARAH LAMMING!we love you, hi! very jealous of you right now,it looks beautiful.rave.hope the chaffing is at a minimum.did you take enough deodorant?enjoy a massive burger at changeover.we want to see lots of photos,stock up with the cheap ciggies.wish we were there,WEAR SUNSCREEN.lots of love tash and pheebs

  13. Charlotte Stephen Delta 5

    Hello Lil' Sis!

    So jealous, pictures look amazing, just a bit more exciting than here. Hong Kong was so much fun, would love to live there, not enjoying being back at work. Sporting a few bruises this week from a roller disco birthday... not sure I'll be returning to that dance floor for a while! Organising things for Gina's hen is keeping me busy, something new to look forward too.

    Missing you in London, will see you when you return. Keep up the good work. Loads of love Trins xxxx

  14. Mags!!!!! Little bro, hope you're well!!! So proud of what you're doing; making a difference in people's lives... I know you'd make my day just being in your delightful presence!!!
    Take care and hopefully I'll be seeing you soon!!!
    Much love and kisses from Canada, your big sis, Rachies xoxox

  15. For Lauren Mortimer, Hey you loved seeing the photos. I hope you have had some mail by now, if not it's on its way. You are looking fab apart from the bites!!! Not long now can't wait to see you. Lots of love hugs and kisses Auntie Sharon xx



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