Friday, 25 February 2011

Delta 6 fly like a D6!

Delta 6 were working in searing heat when we visited them on our Nicaraguan roadtrip. They are helping rebuild five houses in the new community of El Rodeo, Miraflor which was badly damaged by a hurricane a few months ago. Building the houses is a slow process as they have to dig up clay, earth and rocks.

Here is Delta 6's Iena Dua to explain more about the project:

Space in the houses in which we stay is equally divided up by man, chicken, dog and pig, who reside together in a dysfunctional but surprisingly harmonious way.

Spirits are high nevertheless and we Delta 6 are determined to use every ounce of strength to help construct sustainable buildings using only rocks, mud, water and grass. Work commences at 7am sharp and continues until 3pm each weekday.

The group is separated into pairs and go back each night to their host families, with whom they live, eat and sleep. Although the families' hospitality is endless, so too are the continuous plates of rice, beans, and tortillas which are given to us for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our trips through the jungle towards a wooden shack with a hole, also known as a long drop toilet, remains our biggest and smelliest challenges to date.

However Delta 6 digs deep to find humour in such times of stress. We laugh at the prospect of this project being similar to the experience of celebrity blondes Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie who go from their celeb lifestyles to harsh rural conditions in reality TV series 'The Simple Life'.

Delta 6 strive each day to move those muscles and work together as a team to help those less fortunate. In return all we ask is to go home 'toned and tanned'or as the group prefer 'fly like a D6'.


  1. Aisling Bury - Delta 6!

    Hi Aisling Darling! Love the photos of you, looking like you are having an excellent time.
    Im heading back to Bath this week for reading week - not sure how much i will get done!
    I am going to book my flights soon for the summer.
    No gossip at the moment! Im sure I will have some soon!
    Keep going!
    Also, your hair is looking great! haha..
    Missing you lots
    Lots of Love


  2. para yendry castro/delta 6 y pura vida!!!!!!
    de papi y mami♥
    eh, eh!!!!!!hasta que por fin sabemos algo de ustedes!!! su papá y yo hemos estado esperando con ansias ver las fotos y leer los comentarios de su grupo.
    Saludos a todos por alla, espero que esten construyendo lazos fuertes de amistad.
    Yen te amamos mucho, cuidese bastante, no se le olvide el bloqueador, use gorra y lentes, etc, etc, etc.jajaa!!
    espero le hayan llegado mis otros mensajes, pues no los veo en el blog :( . Bueno no se preocupe, basicamente dicen que todos te queremos (jijiji) y que esperamos poder vernos pronto para que nos cuente esas experiencias.
    muchos besos y abrazos de SU MAMITA que cada noche piensa en usted y sabe que pronto estaremos juntas para irnos de fiesta!!!!!♥♥♥
    Má le manda muchos besos tambien y dice que se cuide. Su tia vicky se mantiene orando por usted y de fijo reprendiendo, cortando y quebrantando (jijijiji!!!)
    Edgar dice lo siguiente "yen, me hace mucha falta y espero poder oirla pronto. Espero que este bien, cuidese mucho"

  3. For Hugh MacDonald 11c Delta 6

    Hi Hugh

    It's good to see some pictures of you. I hope you're putting your back into it but having a good time as well.

    The "long drop" sounds challenging!


    Mum and Dad

  4. For Jessica Bridge-Dunk Delta 6
    Hi Bunny,
    Just seen the first news and pics of your project. It looks hot!
    The toilet sounds a challenge and hopefully something that you get used to....
    Really happy to see you at last.I tried to check you over for injuries but could not spot anything major. Hope that is still the case.
    Dad texting everyone to tell them you are on the blog at last.
    Love you very much.Mum.x x x x x x

  5. Jessica H, Delta 6
    Good to see D6 appear at last - thought you had all snuck off for a quiet siesta somewhere! Searing heat does not sound good for you - hope you're coping. all the beans should remind you of Cynlas days.. you trained age 6 for just this eventuality! Looking forward to being able to chat again phone/fb. in meantime, keep up the good work! loveyouXXma

  6. hi mags there is no luck again it is annnoying, We cant seem to be able to get your updates. Hopefully tomorrow is Delta 5s turn. I wonder how you are getting along. Missing you lots.
    Mum xxx

  7. For Mags Chilaev
    hey mags,
    I hope you are alright. I didnt get a scolarship for emanuel but I did get a full fees place and Mum and Dad say that if I want I we can go.
    Be careful of those volcanoes big bro.:D
    Lots of love from Cynthia xxx

  8. Laurie and Alvie O'Brien26 February 2011 at 06:12

    For jessica Bridge Dunk from her cousin Laurie. Hope you are having a nice time. Did you take a cuddly with you? Hope so. We got a letter from your mum today with a recipe for energy bombs that she says you will be eating. Oh best go as dad has shouted me because I have left my muddy shoes on doormat and he can't get in. We have got two more days off school ( teacher training days) so are meeting grandma on Tuesday. Grandma wants you to know that despite being very interested in you she hasn't got internet access at the moment so cant blog!! She sends her love though. Alvie would leave you a message but mummy wont let him tyoe as he is filthy after playing football in the garden! Lots of love Laurie and Alvie x x x

  9. To Gilles Bouman, delta 6

    Eindelijk een blog over jouw groepje, echt elk groepje was al geweest en over jouw groepje kwam maar niks! Ziet eruit alsof je hard aan het werk bent. In die hitte de hele dag graven lijkt me behoorlijk zwaar! Is het wel leuk om te doen allemaal? Of afzien? En hoe is het bij zo'n gastgezin? Ik hoor het hopelijk allemaal over een weekje! Je haar is nog niet echt bijgegroeid trouwens, ziet er nog steeds veelste kaal uit. En wat is er met je vinger aan de hand? zie dat er tape omheen zit.
    Hou van je xxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. para:YENRY CASTRO/DELTA 6.
    de: su mamá :)
    hola mi princesa, espero todo este bien por allá, confío en q el Eterno les esté dando las fuerzas que necesitan y la tolerancia para llevar a cabo su misión.
    Enamorese de la vida y disfrute cada momento.
    Espero hayas podidido leer algo de los tehilim y no olvide proclamar sobre ese hermoso pais lo que el Eterno ponga en su corazón.
    Es un tiempo perfecto para sembrar semillas de amor y fraternidad, para ser también firme y verás en nuestra confianza y posición en nuestro Dios.

  11. para: ignacio camacho piedra
    de: Xinia-mamá de yendry.
    hola!!! espero se encuentren bien , desde aqui los seguimos mediante el blog.
    He estado conversando con su papá y le envía saludos y fuertes abarazos; dice que le extraña y que espera poder verlo pronto.
    Así que como es de suponerse nos estamos apoyando mutuamente y esperando pacientemente que regresen. Todo por aqui está en orden; siga adelante!!!!! y cuidese!!!♥

  12. for Gilles Delta 6
    ha lieverd, wat fijn om iets te horen over jullie project in Miraflor. Ben je gewond aan je vinger of gewoon blaren...? ziet er uit als zwaar werk. En de groep ziet eruit als een aardige groep, dat lijkt me wel belangrijk als je zo lang moet samenwerken. Je haar groeit nog niet erg hard.... Komende week bellen vanuit het basiskamp? Hier druk met project slaapkamer, valt niet mee wordt wel mooi.... Roos druk met lustrum, Mar enthousiast geworden over haar studie en Kien is going strong. Hoop je snel te spreken, dag schat xxxx
    mama en pap

  13. To: Alpha 2 out on trek:

    Hey guys, you must be at the end of the trek now and have really buff bodies relaxing on the beach! I am v. jealous. Things are good my end so I will be rejoining you and coming back to base camp Wednesday 2nd March. I sent you a message a few days ago before I left San Jose but not sure if it got through, see u soon anyways :)

    Sabina x

  14. for jade delta 6 happy now i have seen you photo and proud of you keep up the good work sharing a bed with a pig ha ha ha only joking all well here more rain hows your tan coming along love your loo but dont what it delta 6 looks happy and jolly team see you soon love you and miss you love mum xxxx

  15. For Camilla O'C Alpha 6

    Hello Camilla. Hope everything is going well and that you are not too exhausted. Spent the day spring cleaning at the velodrome ready for the season which starts next week. Aching all over and can understand how you must feel every night. Herne Hill was cold and wet though! Everyone asked if you were going to be riding this year. Your mother sends her love. Take care xxxx

  16. fiona illingworth26 February 2011 at 15:00

    For Megan Illingworth Alpha 4

    Hi Megs
    The Photos on the blog look brilliant, it was lovely to see your smiling face and to catch up with what you are doing on facebook. We could do with some of that sunshine here please !!!

    The plant you gave me before you left has now flowered and the scent has been fabulous and of course it reminds me of you

    We can't wait to see what your doing next, the Raleigh blog has become addictive ( I know I'm sad )

    Remember we love you loads, lots of love Mum Dad and Lucy xxxx

  17. Right I think ive got the hang of how to use this, i may have posted this a couple times i dont know what im doing...

    Naomi Jane Morrice - Costa Rica 11c.

    Hello mim! Hope your getting on well. Great to see the pictures, looks like really hard work. What have you done so far and how is it? Is it difficult in the heat? are you wearing enough sun screen? I often think of you when im at the hospital (got punched for the first time the other day) and get a bit jel. But ive really mastered injections now which is a bonus, havent had anyone scream for a while.

    Been home this weekend first time since christmas which is nice. Missing you loads though and cant wait to hear from you. Did send you a text because im thick and forgot you left your phone at home. Hope the walkling boots are keeping your feet comfy and nice and tall. Also i have grown so we can compare heights again when you come back at easter.

    Love you loads and miss you!
    Get back to me when you can xx

    Lily Deans x

  18. Hi Jess - lovely to see you up there at last! I must say that it all sounds very challenging (the drop toilets - shades of Slumdog Millionaire) and very hot. I am sure you will return toned and tanned. Not much chance of that here at the moment! But send you lots of love - Grandma xxx

  19. Hey Jade, delta 6
    Hope you are enjoying your self, missing you. Cant beleive your missing my birthday, cant wait till your home.
    Your little sis janine xxxx

  20. Hola Mau (Delta 6): me emocioné tanto al verte!!! Por supuesto que me puse a llorar. Te extrañamos en paleta. Principalmente el domingo, en la casa de Tito. ¡¡¡Ay Mau... cuánto te extraño!!!. Sáquese más fotos, para verlo y saber que estás bien. Te amo mucho y le pido a Dios que te cuide mucho.
    ¿¿estás comiendo avena de desayuno????
    Mucha suerte en todo lo que se propongan y que tengan fuerzas físicas y mentales para lograr el objetivo.
    El sábado cumple David... y su mamá está viendo cómo se lo celebra.
    Y su cumpleaños es dentro de 11 días. Sepa que está pendiente su regalo.
    Lo amo, Coroco.

  21. to Aisling Bury - Delta 6

    Shalom Aisling!
    I finally figured out how to send you messages using this website!
    It looks like you're having a lot of fun!
    Things here have changed a lot. I have driving or theory lessons every day and I should have it by Easter (at the latest). My instructor is very amusing he looks and talks exactly like the Führer in The Downfall which at times is highly amusing. Fortunately his temper is not as bad.
    I cook pretty much every evening now. From carpaccios to ducks and I made my own bavarian cheese (not the smoked one, the weird one)
    The food in the jungle probably isn't that great so I'll spare you the details.

    I sent your mum an e-mail about India. She agreed to book the flights for you but unfortunately I can't access my savings, I'm sure you can imagine why. Convincing my dad will also be very difficult. Could he contact your parents to assure him that what were doing is kosher? I might go up to Bremen for 2 extremely intense weeks (i could ask the classic car garage to pay me).
    My Dad and I are visiting Linda on the 7th of may. Your mum said i could come afterwards until the 19th. I will take the train from Cambridge like last time.
    I'm not sure if I will be able to come to Bath before that as I at the moment have no money but I will, of course, try.
    Check your facebook, too I sent you a couple of messages there.

    I miss you, please be careful


  22. For Hollie Camilleri Denis Delta 6!

    Hollie Bob darling! Fly like a D6 - Did you think of that? sounded like somethign you would say! lol Colin told me you are up here so i thought id check it out! So nice seeing you up there all smiles and doign your thang! Looks amazing, you must be having such an experinence!

    So not sure you know but Karina ur lil baby nephew 3 days after you left - so cute!

    Everythings cool here - time is passing whilst doign work etc - missing you loads though - its horrible not being oable to chat with you but i know the time will whizz past from now to then.

    Getting my pup tomo so happy days and been busying about!

    Hope to hear from you sometime soon - give me an update - any jungle fun! lol (refer to my note i hope this made you laugh!)

    Love you loads and loads x x x

  23. Aisling Bury - Delta 6

    Just want you to know I booked my flights for croatia! So excited!
    You will be all prepared with all your wilderness knowledge, and ill be crying in the fishermans boat!
    I cannot wait - also i have no idea when you are back, but im home end of May. It better be then because Bath will be lonely!
    Hope your still having lots of fun

  24. For Naomi Morrice in delta 6 11 c

    Hallor babycakes! its katy :)

    How are you?! I hope everything is going well and it's not too hard in the heat. Pictures look great! Very jealous sitting here in my little room doing lots of boring work.

    I haven't been doing much really, just the uni usual, my course is really getting hard now, 8 hours on a thursday is way too much but i remind the girls i have 8 hours a little too often apparently haha!
    Haven't been swimming much as Ive had a cold and cough but hopefully will start again next week.
    My mum nan and sis are coming down to bath today just for a night which will be nice and Im off home soonish just for a few days.

    Cannot wait till easter when you me and the deano are reunited for mental times.

    Please take care,
    Miss and love you lots meem,

    Katy <3 xx

    Oh and ps - hope the eyebrows are still in beautiful shape!

  25. Dear my sister Hollie!!!!!


    It's so great to see the pictures of you getting down and dirty in the mud... creating a better place for people to live.

    I miss you and love you soooooooo much but just carry on being the inspiration you are and I'll see you when you get back home!

    Hope your photocard has come to some sought of use lol!

    Love you always... God bless.... Kyla xxxxxx

  26. For Hollie Camilleri Denis Delta 6.


    Hello Tinker,

    YOU, ma' little love, have just made my day!!

    You have no idea how long it has taken me to try and send this message...this blogging lark will never catch on...oh wait!

    Although you have made me very, very jealous it sounds like you’re having an amazing time…but if its food you’re missing then I promise to take you somewhere very special for dinner upon your return...I might even let you have a happy meal (I'm keeping the toy tho).

    I’ve just seen your pics…can’t believe you still look hot digging in the dirt…there is probably some smutty joke I could real off but obviously I'm way too much of a gent for all that!! Who am I kidding!?!

    Seeing those pics has made me remember how infectious your smile is and I look forward to seeing it for real when you're home.

    I hope you've been telling all your new pals about me...haha!!

    Can't wait till you're home and look forward to seeing more updates. hope you're getting into lots of trouble...I'm sure you are ;)

    Keep safe Tinker.

    L is for LOVE (I'm such a goon, haha)

    Ralphy xxxxxxx

  27. Para Mauricio Otarola, Delta 6

    "Por que entre el lunes y el martes me sobra tiempo para necesitarte..." Quedó bien verdad??? jajaja ... Mau siga aventurandose!! Y disfrutando cada segundo!!! Un bso!! Lo extraño!

    Andre Chaves

  28. For Hollie
    Hello lovely, woweeee hols it looks amazing and exactly like the Raleigh book at yours that we would read over and over and look at the characters hahaha.
    I can see you have styled and profiled the t-shirt nicely! Babe member when we would say 'you can make that run' to the most random things?!

    Looks like you are doing lots of hard work and your working boots are treating your feet well. I'm sure you are having lots of fun and at times its tough but hang in there, its some real charcter builing life experience for ya!

    So proud. Miss you more than you could know. Have so much to tell you and cant wait for your stories.
    Keep up the hard work and keep living life the way you do you sunshine lady.

    Lots of love always.
    Francesca xx

  29. Mauricio Otarola! Delta 6
    Maeee feliz cumplee varooon! Le hicimos un miniregalito por su cumple porque hoy nos reunimos! mae espero q la este pasando excelente macho alfaa!
    Atte: Fer...

  30. Yendry Castro Delta 6

    Yen!!! ya!!!

  31. Pare Yendry Castro Delta 6

    Yen. Espero que todo este de los mas bien y que este disfrutando y ayudando muchisimo.

    Como necesito oir de usted.

    Un abrazo.

  32. Para Yendry Castro Delta 6

    Espero que todo este de lo mas bien y que ya este encontrando ese camino de iluminacion personal...

    Fue tan bueno!!!

  33. Para Yendry Castro Delta 6

    Mannana es 05/04/2011

    Espero que reciba el mensajito a tiempo.

    Como estan estos dias tan soleados en ese ride tan bueno. Espero que este disfrutando a montononones

    Yo estoy cambiando de brete y las ideas vuelan...por alla ando buscandome a ver adonde me encuentro.

    Un abrazote!



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