Saturday, 5 March 2011

Announcing our phase 2 Alpha Romeo groups....

Finally! A few minutes to let you know where our ace Alphas are for their next projects! I think the fieldbase team are in agreement when I say we've never been as tired in our lives. We waved goodbye to the Alphas at 7am yesterday then had two hours to get everything prepared for the Deltas so we could do 'changeover' all over again. We've never run two groups concurrently in the same expedition before (double the number of venturers) so it really is a mammoth effort from all our volunteer managers to pull this off. But the 18 hour days are worth it because of the wicked buzz of having so many amazing venturers back with us in fieldbase, sharing their stories, their energy, and their excitement.

Alpha Romeo 1 - Corcovado trek, Costa Rica 
Starting in the stunning montane La Amistad National Park, the largest national park in Costa Rica and a UNESCO World Heritage site, the trek gets the chance to walk through beautiful mountain scenery and towering cloud forest. After passing by waterfalls and hot springs the group will cross the Coto Brus valley to the Fila Costena – a chain of mountains that run parallel to the sea. Once they are out of the mountains the group will finish the trek by crossing the famous Corcovado National Park that straddles the Osa Peninsula, walking through the best preserved tropical rainforest in Central America. The group will have a chance to see monkeys and Tapirs before the walk along the beaches of the Pacific Ocean for three days at the end.

Alpha Romeo 1
 Andrés Cambronero Rodríguez,  Andy Brown, Phil Wood (PM), Mo Ahmed (medic PM), Daniel Saborío Romano, Michael Buie, Emma Stiling, Alice Wadsworth, Anne Havenga, Christine M'Baye (PM), Madi Owen, Duaa Al-uzairy, Camilla O'Connell, Alette Jansen, Anita Boyd,
unavailable for picture: Christian Hibberd

Alpha Romeo 2 - Guanacaste Trek, Costa Rica
The setting for this trek covers a huge variety of different ecosystems from cloud forest above 3000 metres down to one of the last remaining stands of primary dry tropical forest left in the Americas. The group will start close to the Arenal volcano and see its lava run down the sides at night before circumnavigating Volcan Tenorio via the Caribbean slopes visiting Turquoise waterfalls and moist rainforest. After passing by Volcan Miravalles the group will head to Rincon de la Vieja national park to climb one of the volcanoes and to witness steaming mud pots, geysers, and hot sulphur springs. After several days of walking through the forest they'll arrive at the foot of Cerro Cacao in Guanacaste National park where they'll steady themselves for a climb up the volcano. The trek will finish at Playa Junquillal to relax by the beautiful calm waters of the Pacific Ocean. 
Alpha Romeo 2
Jakhya Rahman, Roberto Ulloa (PM), Sylvie Myers, Sophie Abdy, Mel Richards (PM), Jose Mario Mondragon, Yuri Nishikawa, Hannah Leach, Mari Jones, Alexia de l'Espee, Byran Bryan, Harm van der Wal, Charles Chichester, Stijn Teves, Cat Ewins. 

Alpha Romeo 3 - Braulio Carillo National Park, Costa Rica
This will be the first time that Raleigh has worked in Braulio Carillo National park - a stunning area of primary rainforest situated in the heart of the Caribbean slope of Costa Rica. It abounds with animals, birds, insects and plants. The reserve acts as a biological corridor between many neighbouring protected areas. The plans for this reserve including building trails in the forest that will be used by tourists and school groups to learn more about this impressive area and the wildlife it contains. 

 Alpha Romeo 3
Sabrina Napthine (PM), Ian Haggerty, Rosie Webb, Wellard (PM), Max Chalong, Ian ter Haar, Tim Niehe, Sarah Ward, Helena Parker, Katharine Drake, Fabienne Ouwehand, Amy Wilson (PM), Lucia Salazar Sanchez, Carol Maria Herrera, Kesiah Moss, Louise Simpson.

Alpha Romeo 4 - La Cangreja environmental project, Costa Rica
La Cangreja is Costa Rica’s newest National Park which owes its name to the striking 1,305 metre peak Cerro Cangreja. The park has a mixture of Tropical Humid forest and Pre-Montane forest with a number of species of plant found nowhere else in the world which makes the area important for research purposes and for conservation. The park is also blessed with amazing waterfalls only to be found through exploring the forest. At present the government is developing the facilities in the park so this group will continue the trail building work started in phase 1, enabling better access.

 Alpha Romeo 4
Jonny McCathy (PM), Ed Smart, Robbie Coates, Tom Fear, Ellie Spicer, Laura Zaccagnini (PM), Harry Fellows, Antonio Jimenez Alvardo (PM), Caroline Murray, Teri Daly, Amy Ratcliff, Claudia de Wolfe, Emily van de Bunt, Eliana Maria León Vargas, Dunia González Calero, unavailable for picture: Daan v Apeldoorn.

Alpha Romeo 5 - San Marquena, (Achuapa), Nicaragua
Close to the town of Achuapa, in one of the poorest most remote areas of Nicaragua, Raleigh is working on a gravity-feed water project to bring clean and safe drinking water to families in the community of San Marquena. The group will continue to work with the locals to dam small streams, build tanks to collect the water from where it can run through pipes to all the local houses.

 Alpha Romeo 5
Adam Chalkley, Ben Stamp, Rolando Talavera Perez, Freya Lemon, Richard Cronheim, Gemma Hall, Hannah Tonneman, Sid Hegde, Chris Blessley (PM), Jennifer McGowan, Megan Illingworth, Lesbia Vásquez, Jo Blackwood, Asia Heczko (PM), unavailable for picture: Angie Bevan.

Alpha Romeo 6 - La Colmena (Miraflor), Nicaragua
The Miraflor reserve is 206sqkm of beautiful mountainous terrain with various different ecosystems such as tropical savannah, dry tropical forest and mountain cloud forest. On this project the participants will continue to build a community centre in the community of La Colmena which will be used for community meetings, cooperative meetings, adult education, pre-school education and recreational activities. 

Alpha Romeo 6
Emma Fellows (medic PM), Chloe Webster, Holly Edwards, Sander ten Haven, Vicky Easton (PM), Charlie Hockless, Jimmy Donger, Alex Backhouse, James Lee, Sabina Bridge, Anabella Karelia Alonso Torrez, Martha Gray, Hazel Foley, Josseling Zeledón Bravo, Clemmie Anderson.


  1. Alpha Romeo 1. Lieve Anne, wat zie je er goed uit, en wat lijkt het een grote vrolijke bende daar bij jullie. Heb je ook mee gedaan aan de optredens en body painting voor het feest? Hier alles ok. Heel leuk om je donderdag even gesproken te hebben. Wat een enthousiaste verhalen en bijzondere ervaringen. Ga je je leven niet meer vergeten. Het is nu laat en ging toch nog even kijken op het blog en ja daar waren de nieuwe groepen. Inmiddels ben je al weer een paar dagen verder en zal je best wel moe zijn..
    Net terug van de film met Papa en Tineke. Paul doet morgen de Vasaloppet. We zijn naar the King's speech geweest. Fantastisch goeie film, ook al heb alles er al over gelezen en/of gezien. Vandaag verder een heerlijk leesdagje thuis bij de haard. Noortje is natuurlijk weer de hort op naar Hilversum en Huib had Flint over de vloer.
    Nou dit was het weer even voor nu. Houdt je taai, we zijn super trots op je!! xxxm

  2. To Lucy Hill Delta 1
    Happy birthday Trouble,
    I'm so pround of how well your doing you sound like your having a whale of a time! I can't believe how well your doing. Working with all of them kids must have been amazing and all that good food sounds like heaven out there haha. I'm missing you like crazy but everything is good this end so you just crack on having the time of your life and just know were all here knowing you can do it.
    hike thing like i always say "Don worry about it" your going to walk it easy. Your like a super hiker, your going to do amazing and walk it like it was an easy walk to beckenham nando's :D! So glad your doing well with the frogs and stuff if your doing that good out there i suppose i can stop hiding the frog book when you get back. Were all thinking of you and no matter how big the mountain is your going up just think you get an easy down hill part on the way back. Your like the best hiker I know (which of course your the only one) :).
    Hope your doing super though and that your birthday was absolutely amazing sounded like you had a great time, you'll get your present when you come back even though i know it will be late. Were all thinking of you and if you ever feel down just look at your wrist and know where all here routing for you!
    Miss you millions it just isn't the same without my little smiler around.
    Blane xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. For Hannah Tonneman- Alpha 5, Phase 2

    Darling Hannah,
    How lovely to see your happy smiling face in the group photo ! We are following the Raleigh blog with great interest (and have told everyone we know about it, so hopefully you'll get lots of messages !) Is it completely surreal to be in Nicaragua, waking up to rural village life ? Probably more surreal to be getting this message from your old mum in the middle of nowhere- yikes, she's found me ! =D All's well on our side of the world, still very cold, but not a lot of snow. Your hat arrived two days after you left, Cato is very pleased with it ! Enjoy the next three weeks, darling- we love you and are thinking of you. Mum xxxxxx

  4. Herma van der Wal6 March 2011 at 01:37

    To Harm van der Wal.Alpha 2, Phase 2
    Darling Harm,
    I will write this reaction in my best English speak, because I think that contact with your group will be only possible by radio. I don't think that the staff has allready an excellent pronouncing of the dutch words.It was so nice to have contact with you on MSN and skype, sadly however without your voice.
    We hope to have a little contact on your return from this trek. I looked up the places of this trek in the books we have of Costa Rica. It looks amazing. Enjoy every minute of it! Save all the images that you see on your retina.
    Stay save and have a very good trek. We love you and are thinking of you and your adventures a lot.
    Lots of kisses, Mama

  5. For Jessica Bridge-Dunk Delta 6/ maybe different one now.....
    Hi Bunny,
    It was so lovely to see you "live".It must have been a strange and entertaining few minutes for the other folks in Cafe Nero as Dad and I shouted,laughed and cried our way through the conversation.
    I hope that this next bit is going to be really interesting and that it is not too dangerous!
    Am looking forward to reading the previous groups blog to give me a bit of an idea of what is in store for you...
    Today we hope to get our bikes out and go for a ride to the farm cafe.It will be 10 miles there and back with a hill on the approach to Pollington so at least you know we are facing great physical challenges too.
    I hope that you are not travel sick next time you are on a bus and that you have asked for some antiseptic wipes or whatever is necessary to keep your ear heling well. Ask first but the spray in your first aid kit may be ok.
    Love you so much. Your Mummykins x

  6. To Caroline Murray now Alpha Romeo 4

    Hi Caro

    Just seen your blog from your first phase! Brilliantly written! Lovely too to see photos of you. You look fine to us and I'm sure the strength will come back soon. Keep up the liquids and the calories! Can't wait for the next update. We are still smiling having had 2 phone calls from you. Probably won't be smiling when we get the bill! It was just great catching up with you. We have had a lovely week of sunchsine here. V frosty but Spring is on its way. The daffs are out which is always a good sign. Can't believe you will be home next month its going so quickly. Treasure every moment and write it in your diary. It is lovely to look back years later. We all miss you loads but pleased you have settled in and making the most of it. V proud of you old girl!! Lots of love mum and dad (Mont snoring beside me) and Oscat and Mills too xxxxx

  7. Jessy BC Delta 2 Turtle Bay!
    Hi Beegirl, I know I said I wouldn't bombard you with messages anymore (2 a week ok?) but I have to tell you how chuffed I am that you sound so happy, it's wonderful. I'm off to the country to see Paul today so I'll be walking in woods too, but it will be Surrey Hills not Nicaraguan volcanoes... Terry sends his love. Just tried ringing grandma but she must be out having sunday lunch somewhere, will call her when I'm home if it's not too late. Love you wonderbee! Your v. proud mum xxxxxxx

  8. For Alpha Romeo 2 Hi Sophie Abdy good to see your photo & read your comments,you all seem to be achieving a great deal.Hope the trek goes well;it sounds hard!We have an andelusian mare pretty colours! Much love gran& gdad.

  9. Sophie Abdy Alpha Romeo 2. Hi Sophie The trek looks amazing and makes our routes along the coastal path look like a walk in the park. We are thinking about you loads.. Hope the weather is better for you guys than the first group and your boots just keep on walking Go for it... YOU CAN DO IT!! Loads and loads of love Missing yo Mum & Dad, Woody & Digby

  10. Nelly Smeets ouwehand6 March 2011 at 07:04

    For Fabienne ouwehand, (Alpha Romeo 3)

    Fabje, wat heerlijk weer je op de foto te zien. Je ziet er goed en ontspannen uit. Wat ga je naar een prachtig gebied! We hebben gegoogled om te zien waar je zit en kregen zeer mooie foto's te zien. Echt fantastisch! Hier gaat alles goed. Gisteravond zijn Feike en Xandra geweest en gistermiddag nog met papa naar oma geweest. O ja, Fab mijn reis met de meiden is weer eens geannuleerd. Niet te geloven toch? Moeten nu iets anders verzinnen hoe we daar komen en met welke maatschappij. Meisje, ik hoop dat deze weken net zo fantastisch zijn als de vorige. Ik heb in ieder geval gezien dat Katharine ook in deze groep zit en dat helpt misschien dat "familiegevoel" van de Alpha's 1een beetje te behouden. Lief, ik hoop snel iets van jullie werk te kunnen zien op het blog. Ik hou van je en ben ontzettend trots op je!

  11. Fiona illingworth6 March 2011 at 09:06

    For Meg Illingworth Alpha Romeo 5
    Hi Meg
    Its great to see your new group on the blog and to find out what you are up to you to next. It sounds like an amazing project,helping to supply water to the village and transforming their lives,something that we take for granted here in the UK every time we turn the tap on !!
    We've loved looking at the photos you've posted on Facebook the views look incredible and we didn't realise how good you are with a shovel !!
    Its been really cold and damp here, so trust me you are not missing a thing. Dad played 36 at Hollinwell yesterday and got soaked so you can imagine what mood he was in when he came home !!!! a little ray of sunshine. Lu and I went to see Leicester Tigers play Saracens yesterday tense game that Tigers lost 14-15 .
    Looking forward to the next installments on the blog !!
    Love you loads
    Mum Dad and Lucy xxx

  12. For Alette Jansen, Alpha Romeo 1

    Lieve Alette,
    Dank voor je sms-je voor onze gouden bruiloft!
    Wij hadden een prachtig feest met familie en de beste vrienden. Mooie speeches, heerlijk eten en live jazz. Meer vertellen wij later.
    Wat een supertocht lijkt ons de Corcovado trek;
    zo te zien met een heel enthousiaste groep.
    Wij volgen je op de blog!
    Veel liefs, xxx Trudy en Dick.

  13. To Caroline Murray Alpha 4,

    Hope your starting to feel a lot better now, was a really nice phone call and even better unexpected message on facebook, happy you could find some way of contacting me, cannot wait for the 22nd and to hear about what you have been doing. Just you focus on getting better and enjoying the second phase, seen the pictures that have been uploaded your looking amazing, so don't worry about the weight loss it doesn't show ha. Your rubbish laptop wouldn't let me zoom in on one of the pictures, so a bit annoyed with that. Im also not liking this dangerous snake talk, be careful over there your only small ha. Had this weekend off again not sure if i said to you when you phoned, has been really good, managed to get quite a few weekends off so been with the guys all the time, taking my mind off things and time is flying so your return will be shortly. Went Plymouth last night with daymo, mel sophie cleave, mike and a few others, it was a good night, iv stolen your friends, but they also send there love. Im feeling rough still and it's 4o'clock, not good i need you here to help the suffering. Iv decided im not drinking this month now, so saving will be flying, got tomorrow off so changing the money into euro's, so I wont be tempted to head out. Also Im thinking of what il russel up for you when your back, you could be in for a treat, Il make you try quail it's really good you'll love it, no more rice for you haha. We can go away for a weekend at some point, been working there for nearly 6 months, so it will be really cheap in one of the hotels. sorry if some of this doesn't make sense to you, i'm feeling tender and cannot concentrate, read the last message i sent on a sunday, it was tragic haha. But do not worry il be sure to write something tomorrow or tuesday and keep you updated on things. missing you lots, love you Sam xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. Message for Ellie Spicer Alpha Romeo 4

    Darling Ellie

    So lovely to get your email and to see the pics of you safely back at Field Base. It seems that you have had an amazing experience. The photos on the blog are wonderful and you look so well, albeit a bit lighter - keep eating the porridge and beans. We are still hard at it decorating however progress has slowed some what. Every one sends their love. We are looking forward to the next blog of you in your new group.
    Much Love

    Mum and Dad xxxxxx

  15. For Rebecca Eno, 11C Delta 3

    Well what a lovely surprise to get a message from you! Firstly mahoosive congratuwelldonesies on Dure 'em (quelle college?), sure I will be joining you as I don't think I've done any work all week so A*s = not happening. Genuinely, my facebook addiction is damaging my health and I still can't kick the habit. Also can't actually update you any further as I feel this is a bit too public a forum...but I CAN tell you that I did in fact have a dream about a certain head of calendar contracting terminal cancer, of course I was the only one in the school who knew the secret. Oh you must despair in me sometimes, I see all these lovely heartfelt messages about family pets and how proud everyone is and what a wonderful thing this is you're doing and all I'm talking about is my rather over-active subconcious. One last thing - is Upper 6 always this awful? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  16. Adam Chalkley - Alpha 5
    Hi Adam it was lovely to see a picture of you with your new group. Dad has looked up roughly where you are - place itself a bit small for google earth!! we have also looked up the weather looks as if it will be hot enough even for you!! Here its still chilly but we did see the sun today (what a treat!) Do take care I'm sure the experience will be truly amazing with memories that you will cherish for ever. Mark will be contacting you soon with another sports update!! Can't wait to hear all your news loads of love Mum & Dad

  17. Familia On Cubillo6 March 2011 at 13:02

    para chema mondragon alfa romeo 2 esperamdo que la gripe halla pasado y que la nueva travesia la disfrutes cuidese mucho y no abuse del mar muchas bendiciones al grupo le cuemto que el carro azul se vendio y a usted le quedo el vitara plateado que suerte verdad

  18. Alex Backhouse
    Heyy Al
    You look well in the photos, love the hair nice and GINGER!!! Missing you so much and ive heard you are quite a good cook? But you smell!! Isnt Chloe webster the girl from Marlborough? I never knew she was joining your group! that must be nice! Hope your having fun! Love you so much Ellie xxxxx

  19. For Alette Jansen, Alpha 1

    Ha die lieve kanjer!,
    Wat een heerlijke opgewekte strijdvaardige foto van het begin van de Corcovado trek van jullie Alpha 1 groep. We hopen dat je een beetje bijgekomen bent van al je werk in Nigaragua waar het water nu vrijelijk kan stromen.
    Mam en ik hebben een heerlijk feest gehad bij Opi en Omi voor hun 50 jarig huwelijk. Mam heeft nog gespeeched en het geweldig gedaan. Vandaag was het pachtig weer, ietwat koud maar strak blauw. We hebben heerlijk met Beike in het bos gewandeld. Gil en ik komen net van Ajax terug en dus zal ik je toch ook maar een voetbaluitslag geven: 4-0 ook al hou je niet van voetbal haha, wij zijn er erg blij mee! Gil heeft zich een beetje op het zonnetje verkeken, dus het was flink koukleumen voor hem in het stadion. Lieve schat, we denken aan je en zien je al in onze fantasie lopen door een van de mooiste natuurparken van de wereld. Hou vol en dan 's avonds, hoor ik van mam, heb je een heerlijk (luxe!)matje waarop het goed uitrusten is. We blijven je grote avontuur op de blog volgen!
    Dikke kus van ons en Gilles en een poot van Beike,

    Hou van je,


  20. Hola Ticos of AR 2!

    and in particular Sophie -

    Only 270 KM to walk ??? Easy life! When I was in CR we had to walk twice that far just to get to an off licence.

    Whatever you do don't stop at the many casinos lining the route or compete in the "Eat an entire cow in one sitting' competitions. The taxi drivers are not to be trusted, don't mention Che and if someone shouts "Matabuey!" get up a tree - fast.

    Apart from that Enjoy your walk in the woods - like I said before, these are the very best of times........

    Your affectionate Uncle,

  21. For Camilla O'C Alpha Romeo 1

    Hello Cam. It was good to speak to you the other day. Glad everything is sorted. Enjoyed your piece on your first escapade. Hope you enjoy the others as much. Went to see your Grandmother today and went with her to buy a laptop. Before long she'll be on facebook. She seemed well. She is having computer classes and paid extra to have them come to her to set everything up and so hopefully she will be sending you messages before too long! Chelsea play Blackpool away tomorrow evening. Arsenal drew at home to Sunderland and ManU lost at Liverpool. I rode Herne Hill yesterday. Exhausting and very fast. Everyone seems younger than ever. Estelle was there having ridden in her first pro race in Belgium! No wonder I struggle to keep pace. Love you. Work hard and enjoy xxxx

  22. To Duaa, Alpha Romeo 1

    Hey Du!

    So you've set off onto yet another adventure and I'm sure it will be just as amazing as the last if not more! I read about where you'll be going and it sounds beautiful, enjoy every minute, take lots of pics and make sure you top up that tan!!

    There's a pic on the blog of you and Don Boliver with a cake, looks so cute. I forgot to ask you, was it an emotional goodbye leaving the jungle? Speaking of cakes I made my infamous carrot cake yesterday...dont worry I saved u a slice! I was hoping it would be mybreakfast for the next week but there's actually none left!! Btw ur Disco looked really fun...I hope you didnt do ur robotic dance moves?!

    Nothing new here, still cold :( But F leaves for Boston on the 16th for a few days so guess who's moving back home? Wish you were here it would have been giggles galore :(

    Miss you lots, I went westies very quickly this morning and saw loads of cute stuff...oh where are you when I need you most!!

    I look forwrad to hearing from you...xxxxxxx

    ShuShu xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  23. for Robbie Coates Alpha 4
    Lovely to get your email and to hear that phase 1 was such a brilliant experience, hope the next is as good. You probably didn't get your letter before you left fieldbase as your arrival and departure was a bit sooner than I was anticipating and I dont suppose airmail to C R. is that speedy. anyway it'll be there for your next return, hopefully with another. I bought a (new) car at the weekend, with great help from Uncle Julian, and take delivery next weekend! I finally return to work this week,and now feel properly ready for it. Brilliant result in cricket against South Africa and Man U have lost 3-1 today. Kitty fine. Hope you haven't lost anything yet! Enjoy it all. Love mum xxx

  24. For Jessica Bridge-Dunk (Delta 3 I think now ?)

    Hi little one

    Was so nice chatting - and seeing you - on FaceTime yesterday. You should have seen some of our fellow customers in Nero as Mum and I were shouting and looking into a mobile phone ! We were saying yesterday Mum did not have a phone in her house just over 30 years ago and here we are, communicating and seeing each other across the world and for free ! That's technology for you !

    Had a chilled day - well, not entirely chilled - we went for a 12 mile bike ride to the cafe which was good. Weather was nice, if a bit cool. But crisp and sunny. Saw some swans where a flood has developed by the road and lots of pigs and piglings (oh no its piglets isnt it !) on our way home.

    Then watched Boardwalk Empire and Mum watched Wild at Heart. But think she prefers it when you watch it with her - think something serious happened at Leopard's Den with Duplessy tonight but couldnt tell you what !

    Hope the next phase is really good fun. Love you lots and lots Dad xxx

  25. To:Eliana Leon (Alpha Romeo 4)
    Nanaaaaa ojala ya este bn de su periodo extraño q no entiendo todavia como a sucedidoo pero diay! ya vi a tuti esta toda fitneeess!! fijo ud viene asi toda Nana Blade dijo Andre jajaja pero ojala este dsfrutando su otro proyecto!
    Cuando llegue le tengo q contar del programa de intercambio q descubri bno en realidad yo no lo descubri fue tefy pero es geniaaal!!! me encanta! :)
    Siga feliiz me alegra q eso la ponga feliz :) la extraño un montooooon!!

  26. para yendry castro delta 6

    de má y pá...

    Que bueno fue poderla escuchar....siga adelante ydisfrute esta 2° etapa. por aquí todos felices en la comuni de saber q está bien.
    Abuelita ceci y doña rosa le mandan saludos.
    de parte de su papá y yo te ammmmmaaaaaaaammmmoooossssss♥♥♥♥♥

  27. Laura Devonshire7 March 2011 at 04:45

    For: Phil 'Grogeous' Wood - Alpha Romeo 1

    Hello there my gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous fiance!
    How are you doing baby? Hope the trek's going amazing well and you're loving every second of it :-) Ohhhh have you seen any monkey's yet - don't forget to bring one home with you please ;-)

    Ahhhh wicked seeing some more piccies of you on the website, hahahaha you look great with hooters baby ;-) Ohhhh finally managed to download your piccies when I got home last night - definitely stocking up the bank baby ;-)

    Had a wicked weekend in Wales, didn't stop laughing the whole time - it was just Zoe, Jane, Matt and me in the end, we're already planning our next session - London bound karaoke session for Kate's 40th (Jane's Kate). Jane and me are going to go and see Kit and Kiera later this month, just need to sort a date out, so that'll be lovely to spend some time with them both too. Ahhhh bumped into Chooper in the pub - he's back for a few weeks before heading off again so was wicked to meet him.

    Am now going into social semi-retirement, really need to get my head dans le books, so going to be pretty boring for the forseeable future :-)

    Ohhhhhh also have been sent some details of an amazing wedding venue in France, my mate went to a wedding there and said it was amazing, going to give them a call to see if it has an amazing price to it too ;-) Will keep you posted baby!

    Take care of your gorgeous gorgeous self baby, keep those boots on, chin up and you know the rest ;-) Missing you like crazy, it's more and more every day, ohhh and loving you more and more every day too - 132 sleeps to go, all my love, forever yours, Laura xxxx

  28. Mae Chester-Jones7 March 2011 at 06:24

    For Hannah Leach in Alpha Romeo 2

    Oi OI han han, hope you are still having an aMAEzing time out in Costa Rica. Got back on friday and it's taken me 3 days to understand how this blog thing works and when I did finally figure it out realised I was on the Borneo expedition- I realised after writing a lovely comment to you(classic classic mae mae). So weird not waking up next to cockrels and turkeys at 5am and carol asking me if I want juice. Your group looks awesome although pretty sure I didn't speak to half of them meaning that half of them aren't worth talking to.
    Had the most perfect double cheeseburger in san jose airport but my stomach has been rejecting normal food for the past 3 days so still haven't got to enjoy the delights of being at home--San Marquena's final attack on me.
    Hope the skit went alright, I've been checking the blog way too often-still convinced I'm a part of it all. Saw a rather dashing photo of you covered in luminous paint--I feel the yellow just completes the hannah look.
    Also, reading through some of the spanish vocab you gave me, unfortunately I never got to use most of them-'Ay, que grande es!' but hopefully you can---barley was it?
    I'm sure you're missing my thunderbird eyes and constant ' Hey, hey hannah-where you going? Hey hannah wait up' as much as I'm missing the ray-bans and shovelling antics.
    Did someone say bath?

    ANywho, will write again soon. Mae Chester-Jones xxx

  29. Mae Chester-Jones7 March 2011 at 06:31

    For Caroline Murray in Alpha Romeo Four

    As much as it will pain everyone around you when they see you have yet another stack of comments, I couldn't resist writing to you.
    Having been back for three days I am slowly adjusting to life without turkeys, cockrels and carol asking me if I want juice.
    Watched Goldmember again and heard every sentence in your voice.
    The long flight from san jose was not the same without your little ginger head next to me reading Sky Mall. Hope you are enjoying jungle camp and have stopped being a complete cas-a-vac.
    Jokes group as well- alpha 5 elite members.
    Missing you way too much!! xxx Mae Chester-Jones

  30. Mae Chester-Jones7 March 2011 at 06:42

    For Michael Buie

    Hope you are having a good time on trek although the alhpa five in me resents that you have moved on to a new group (the same goes for Mo, Alette and Andres). My stomach is completely rejecting british food so still haven't had that first piece of gammon, apparantly San Marquena is having one final joke on me. My mum is worried about the extreme amount of complexes I have returned with--just so you know I have perfect knees.

    From classic classic mae mae

  31. Mae Chester-Jones7 March 2011 at 06:48

    For Alette Jansen in Aplha Romeo 1

    I hope you are having an amaezing time on trek, Some classic Alpha 5 members in it so I'm sure you're enjoying it. Just think of April 30th whenever the hill seems too high. Missing you my husband and hope you're enjoying my mosquito net/still coming out with some hilarious-alette-quotes. xxx Mae

  32. For Ellie Spicer, Alpha Romeo 4 - Phase 2

    Darling Ellie

    Do hope that you are comfortably in your new abode. Not much enthusiasm for the snakes this end. Watch out for them! Everyone here thrilled to hear news of you, and edited highlights have been passed on. John, Sarah and Tony, Tricia and Granny and Grandad all send their love and have looked up your photos on the Blog. We have nearly finished painting and hope that you will approve the new look. Number one is happy!
    Just now waiting for the next instalement of you in the jungle. Do hope that you get to see some interesting wildlife. Keep eating and keep safe!
    All our love Mum and Dadxxxxxx

  33. Alpha Romeo 4 Emily vd Bunt
    He schatje wat leuk al die foto's die ik steeds te zien krijg ook nog van je vorige trip, ziet er heel specta uit helemaal die spin....niet in je slaapzak hoop ik. Met het werken dat je nu doet zal je nog wel meer spieren ontwikkelen.Hier alles toppie, zaterdag 5 jr.Zink gevierd was een goeie dag!verder nu lekker zonnetje en het weekend weer een paar daagjes skien met Stork en Egeler en de boys naar Omi.
    Schatje hou je taai! kussssssssssssss

  34. Mags Chilaev (former Delta 5, now serving the turtle species somewhere in Camaronal, latitude: unknown...)

    Maggita, your brief email met my 3 week-long expectations about as well as Mao's cultural revolution met his, after the failure of the great leap forward (I got the highest 1st for my essay!!)...not to diverge from my original message: in non-historical terms, this means that it was fairly disappointing... why oh why have you not acquired a Costa Rican sim card, we have no idea how your life is unfolding, checking for raleigh updates is the most tormenting thing in the world!
    Donaldina (still, faithfully, though just a TINY bit apprehensive, perturbed and trepidatious...) xxx

  35. Message for Ian ter Haar, Alpha Romeo 3

    Grote zoon,

    Wat was het fijn je stem te horen tijdens je overstap naar je 2de project. Of je een prachtig feest hebt gehad hoef ik niet te vragen, je staat groots op de blog foto. Zoon, ik ben ape trots op je dat je op deze manier je tussenjaar invult. Ga je niet lastig vallen met wat hier gebeurt, je hebt het druk genoeg. Alles wel. Broeder Derek doet z'n best, maar de motivatie die jij opgebracht hebt om 5 en 6 VWO in 1 jaar te doen, is nog even verder weg. Hij heeft het goed en geniet van z'n puberteit. Inkie stuurt haar omhelzing. Veel en mooie momenten in je 2de avontuur, ik volg je dagelijks.

    Omhelsd, Pap

  36. Manrique Cordoba7 March 2011 at 10:32

    Para Lucia Salazar

    Hola guapa, que chiva se oye el lugar en que estas. Que cute estuvo el mensajito del otro dia Nena. Vieras que hable con Memo hasta hoy, lunes, porque el viernes me salia solo la contestadora. Me dijo que si, que claro con la rotacion. Pero para que me la valieran, que la solicitara en el CENDEISSS. Ahora voy a hacer eso y a hacer reclamos del examen. Me haces muchisisisisisisma falta. Te amo montones mi amor. Un besote, F and A!!!!

  37. Para Lucia Salazar,

    ^HOLA MANRIQUE! jaja

    Luci baby ya ha pasado dm tiempo!! Ayer hable con todos y me hiciste falta, estaban almorazando con los Titos en la casa. Como va todo?? Su pelo esta mega red en la foto!! Pero siempre linda. Te amo sis espero que estes pasandola muy bien, conociendo gente linda y trabajando duro!!!

    Un besote

  38. margaret milner7 March 2011 at 14:27

    hi nicola,
    just to let you now dad went off skiing with the whole group, mic weston had a bad infection in his arm and was taken to hospital for a few days, if he needed an opp he would miss skiing but all went ok and so off he went.
    bad car crash next to the trinity post office 3 cars and 9 people 4 in southampton.i will try and write another letter. can't find out much on web sight so don't now what your up to!

  39. For Camilla O'C Alpha Romeo 1

    Chelsea beat Blackpool away 3-1. Terry and two from Lampard. Blackpool scored five minutes from time. Not a great performance but three points. Mummy has been at her Spanish class and sends her love. Keep on trekking! xxxx

  40. Abigail Tyer - Delat 2 romeo - i think now?!

    Hi Abi..hope the bus journey was fun getting to of my friends here says nicaragua is amazing and you will love it there, very different from Costa rica!

    I wish I had videoed mum receiving you call last sunday! was hilarious she was running around saying oooo its abi calling and i was like well pick up then! so good to speak to you! so glad you are having a good time.

    back in exeter, got horrible 2 weeks revising for exams! but then off to madrid weekend after next so very excited for that! i presume will speak to you in 3 weeks again so will have been and be back by then!

    take care and hope the feet survive!

    Emily xxxxxx

  41. Deborah Cooper7 March 2011 at 17:35

    For Rose Ashbourn was Delta 4
    Just thought I would remind you it is pancake day tomorrow! Not sure if you will get to have any or have anything you can toss them in, but hope you get to have some at some point! Looking forward to seeing the blog and pictures of the new group you are in.

    I am in Southport tonight. It has been a beautiful sunny day. Was lovely yesterday when Dad and I did a short bike ride before going down for a late lunch with Sarah and the boys for her birthday at the pub. I will try to put a picture in my next letter!

    HOpe you are still having fun. XXX Mum

  42. For Jessica-Bridge-Dunk.Was Delta 6, now Alpha 2 or 3...
    Hi Bunny,
    Have had Dad working from home so this is the first chance I have had to write a message.
    hope you are settling in to your latest project and that you are well and happy!
    Have made two Fitness loaves today.We have nearly eaten the first one with lots of lovely lentil soup.
    I was hoping to see some pics of your group and what you had been up to today but can imagine that the people who do it have had a lot going on getting you all away to your various destinations.
    Rebecka did her talk on Steiner education today for the third year students and it sounded like it went well which is good. They even gave her some flowers.
    I am going to take my hot water bottle to bed with me as it may be -6 here during the night; probably colder in our house....
    Good job you are not here as the library is being completely renovated and today I thought they were coming through the wall, the drilling was so noisy.
    Tomorrow is Shrove Tuesday so I will be making pancakes.Really miss you and Rebecka watching with your knife and fork at the ready eating them faster than I could make them! Am sure Daddy will manage a few though.
    Well it is late and I am at work in the morning so I better get my hot water bottle and go to bed.
    Lots of love and even more kisses. Keep that wound clean. Your Mummy x

  43. Yendry Castro Delta 6...
    hola amorcitouuu.. como le jaguaryendo? I hope things are going great with you. I just got back from Panama yesterday and had a great time in the San Blas Islands. miss you tons thou. can't wait to see you... are you gonna ever check your facebook? envieme senales de humo aunque sea voj... enigueys, I hope things are going as you expected and that you are having the time of your life... aunque la extrano mucho (rude)... mae, vieras el cuadro que me compre pa la choza en panama, demaciado chiva, le va a encantar y le traje una mola voj de loj indios Kunas... bueno amorcitouu cuidese y no haga nada que yo no haria... mas, mejor no haga nada que yo haria... bueno, como sea, haga lo que le da la gana...
    mregghhh, miss you and lvoe you.


  44. Familia Fernandez Herrera7 March 2011 at 18:54

    carol fernandez herrera alfa romeo 3. carito espero que te encuentres bien realmente no sabemos donde esta si en turrialba o en el braulio carrillo. pero esperamos que estes bien . Carito hoy comenzaron la clases en la universidad. y radio u tiene planificados muchos conciertos pero el mas grane es el aniversario de exa 12 años. los de volando alto estuvieros transmitiendo des el pretil en directo estuvieron muy comicos.
    bueno carito esperamos noticias de alfa romeo 3.

  45. FOR Jonny MAC, i see you have had a bit of trouble with what a doctor would call, BROOKEFOOT!I believe that the only cure is to wear shoes that are 10 sizes to big, and tie them really tight!!SAFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE . Mackem Luke

  46. Hannah Leach Alpha Romeo 2
    Roo - Expect you are well underway from one side of Costa Rica to the other on foot - sounds like hard but awesome work. Everyone loved the blog update last week and it has gone viral amongst family and friends. Can't imagine how good shoers and electricity felt after three weeks without them - they will never be taken for granted again!
    Back in the UAE as of last night with Mum for a few weeks. Thomas is back from Amsterdam apparently without being arrested which is a plus.
    Enjoy the views - Pura Vida chicita.
    Beseos grandissimas - Papi

  47. For Hannah Leach
    Alpha Romeo 2

    Hi Darling

    Very excited to hear about the next stage of your adventure. Can't believe what a long way you are walking. You'll be super-fit by the time you return.

    Dad and I just back from freezing weekend in London. Shopped in fancy boutiques in St James's, played tourist and partied - you'd have been proud!
    Did some celeb spotting in Emirates lounge - lots of writers and broadcasters on their way to Dubai for literary festival - acting like they were on a school trip!

    Back to work for Dad and golf for me - 3 pars today - YES!

    Thomas just back from w/e in Amsterdam.

    Looking forward to seeing more photos of you and your new gang.
    Hugs and kisses

  48. Edward Smart Alpha 4
    Great to have your email to know you are OK, although we thought you looked fine on the blog pictures. Hope the letter arrived. In case the next one doesn't reach you in time have a memeorable 19th birthday on March 15th.HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thinking of you lots. love Mummy xx

  49. For Roberto Ulloa (PM Alpha Romeo 2): Cariño... I hope this reaches you in time. Have been rather busy this past week with events that we're helping to organise. We launched a movie trailer today which was a great success but so exhausted at the moment.
    I hope your feet are doing well. You must be super fit by now. Two treks back-to-back?? Incredible!
    So I called Hostal SUE, Bogota and made a booking. I didn't have to make any advance payment but I have to contact them 15 days before I arrive.
    No me cuentas cuando vas a volver a fieldbase. Cuando regresaras yo estare en Singapur. voy estar alli desde Marzo 21 hasta Marzo 23. No se si podemos hablar por Skype?? You know what? I didn't go for mi clase Espanol last week. I got lazy. The teacher is not very effective because he's going too fast and only one or two students are talking. I guess I'm just too slow :( but I reckon I'll be able to pick up when I'm in South America.
    Anyway, this is becoming too long a message. Missing you (as I know you are too ;)) and counting the days... xxx M

  50. Jody Wiltshire8 March 2011 at 08:27

    Hazel Foley - Alpha Romeo 6

    Hey baby,
    I hope your having a great time still! You'll have to show off your DIY skills...just don't put up their shelves haha! Remember I love you and I miss you so much.
    It's pancake day today :) we're guna have a house 3 course pancake feast! You'll have to make pancakes outa all them beans you have to eat!
    I love you.
    Love Jody xxxxx

  51. For jessica Bridge Dunk. Forgot to say that I hope your ear is ok. Shall I send grandma? She would love to put a few stitches in for you! Seriously, hope you are ok and it's not too sore. Just found your photo and you look fantastic. ( As always). Better go as meant to be cleaning up after tea not blogging! Loads of love, Aunt J x x Laurie has come down wanting another pancake before bed. Will offer him one of your mums leek ones! A J x x x x x

  52. Caroline Stephen8 March 2011 at 14:41

    Great to see photos, you with red eyes and head lamp! Love the photo of the flying boys on broomsticks. Can see you will be expecting gardening projects upon yr return. Hope all well on the trek and not too many creepy crawlies. On On Delta 5. tons of love Mx

  53. Laura Devonshire8 March 2011 at 15:28

    For Phil 'Scrumptious' Wood - Alpha Romeo 1

    Hey baby

    How are you doing gorgeous? I hope you and the crew are all keeping really well and having an amazing time. How are your little dancing feet doing? Hope they're all good with all the trekking and no one's suffering with blisters.

    It's Shrove Tuesday today baby, and that can only mean one thing - PANCAKES!!! I guessed you wouldn't be able to make them in the jungle so I made one for you, I also ate it for you too ;-) I went for a straight forward, no messing sugar and lemon bad boy, had the bin the first one as it turns out my flipping skills aren't up to much and it pretty much got demolished! That will have to be your job next year baby ;-)

    Thinking of you AAALLLLLLL the time and always trying to picture where you are, can always see your gorgeous smiling face :-)

    I love you so so much baby, missing you like crazy, can't wait to be in yours arms again, take care gorgeous.

    Forever yours xxxxxx


    Holaaaaaaa Alette,

    Yesterday I tried to send you a message through this system but must have done something wrong as I don´t see it anywhere. ¿Como estás? Great picture. Amazing experience Alette so enjoy to the most. Hope to hear all about it when you come to Ibiza in the summer. José and Yaiza send you lots of love and me too. Un abrazo fuerte, Borah xxxxx

  55. Lara Frankel - Delta 5 (old)

    Hi Lala - I hope you are settling in well to your new project. I read a little about the previous team in El Rodeo - it´s sounds like an amazing project to be a part of. I have the same Spanish teacher from week 1 and she is really good, so I am happy. My secret project is also going well, in as much as I have nearly completed the review and have drafted my report. I am going to head to Isla Ometepe next weekend, then back to San Jose and home! Back to the real!! Thinking of you. Lots of love. Jx

  56. For Tom Fear Alpha Romeo 4
    HI Tom
    It was great to get your e.mail letting us know that you'd arrived and were enjoying and I hope that is still the case.
    Sid's leg is getting better....Amy Greenbank's boyfriend who's a vet says it's a pulled tendon. He said Sid needs to rest...that's not easy as there is always a pesky bird or chuck to chase and Sid isn't prone to sitting around and doing nothing.
    Kev and dad have been working on the yurt deck all's coming on well now, but kev did look exhausted when he left tonight. Dad is a hard taskmaster!
    Gran has been in charge of keeping the workers fed and watered but by the time she's walked the length of the field with two cups of tea there's precious little left to drink! So thirsty workers.
    Had a great meal tonight with Mary and Kev....although expect your food has been really good too!
    Oh the way did I mention we'd rented out your room?
    Just kidding but it is a good idea!
    We're looking forward to hearing about your jungle experience.
    Anna has been looking at the blog and commented on your happy face in the group photo!!! SMILE....if only for us!
    Lots love....mum and dad and gran xxx

  57. to Annelotte Jens!

    Yo low, hows my homedawg doing out there in the cost of the rica?
    We be chilling it up in the aula at the moment studying for my exams.... yeah.... exams. Anyway just incase your don't know who we be, this be Big and and Mini G. We be missin' you laike crazey. I think the IB is taking a toll on me! Totally stressed out but still happy be to be alive. Luna misses you as well she was like " woof where my dog at?". You know how she be.
    Anyway still miss you, but hope your having an AMAZING time and can't wait to hear all your stories! Now that I know how your blog works (your sister was like oh i know how it works but she didn't) I'll send you a bunch of messages.


    Me and little G

  58. Jenny Chalkley9 March 2011 at 03:03

    Adam Chalkley
    MARCH 11th
    I do hope this gets to you somehow for Friday (have sent cards but who knows when you'll get them). Have a wonderful Birthday how ever you spend it doing things that you will probably never do on your Birhday again. Mark's making your cake today so it will be waiting for you (duly covered in icing!!) Missing you loads and will find Friday very strange, will drink a toast to you in the evening (any excuse!). Have a great time and can't wait to see and hear how the project is going. All my love Mum

  59. To: Andrés Chavarría
    Delta Romeo 6
    From: Má y Pá
    Hola flaco!! Esperamos que esta vez no se laven en la lavadora los papelitos de los mensajes.
    Gracias a Dios que ya está bien del ojo y que ya está con toda la pata para darlo todo en la construcción de esa escuelita que tanto necesita la gente de Alto Coen. Que maravillosa experiencia. Primero se conoció a sí mismo y ahora que está lleno de alegría y ganas de vivir, ya puede darlo todo por ayudar a otros, a los que más necesitan, los pueblos indígenas son los verdaderos cuidadanos y dueños en cada país. Tratelos bien y haga su mejor esfuerzo por ellos.

    Fue muy alentador y gratificante poder verlo y sobre todo abrazarlo y sentirlo, saber que estaba tan feliz nos alegró el corazón.

    Te amamos mucho hijo, que Dios te bendiga y te cuide cada día en esta aventura. No olvides en las noches, en las mañanas, en cada momento, agradecer a Dios sus bendiciones, el estar en esta expedición es una de ellas.

    Besos y abrazos!!!!!

  60. To Cat Ewins - Alpha Romero 2
    Hi Baby Girl, mummy here (now who's embarrassed!)
    It has been quite interesting speculating on how you are coping on your trek but I'm sure you are doing well as you always do.
    Not much to report from home, I managed to start your car the other day and at first thought the battery was flat but it was fine. As usual you left it practically empty so I can't really start it up too often now can I (Ha!)
    Peter and I are stil getting to the gym 3 times a week and hopefully you will see the results of our efforts when you come home. Woober has now decided that she isn't gonna let Jasper clubba her around anymore and actually fought back a couple of times which was quite funny to see. The good news is that the eye hospital have now discharged me from the care as the tests showed nothing major wrong which is a relief at least. Please can you post blogs a bit more frequently if possible as it would be nice to hear more about what it happening with your group. There isn;t much else to report for now so I'll sign off. It's funny, although a month has gone by, it seems a lot longer since you were here. Love you
    Mum and Peter

  61. tony and sue wadsworth10 March 2011 at 03:47

    For Alice Wadsworth Phase 2 Alpha Romeo 1

    Dear Alice,
    It was great to see the picture of you and your team on the website - actually there in Costa Rica ! Hope the trek has got into its stride and that you are enjoying yourself.
    We are missing you terribly back in London but for the first few days we had a lovely reminder from your blackberry's alarm at 645 every morning. Bless. Amazingly, sue was the one who worked out how to switch it off. I was about to eat it.
    Spring is struggling to get through here with a few blue skies after the greyest winter on record - and today we are off to burwash for a couple of weeks or so. All looking great there especially your curtains which sue put up yesterday. Been listening to new elbow , Noah and forthcoming Patrick wolf albums. All very good in different ways. Hope you have everything you need - look after yourself because we love you and don't forget to hang up that sleeping bag !!
    Drop us a line when you can.
    Love mum and dad xxxx
    "I sometimes look at the stars and think : how significant I am " Arnold Brown.

  62. TIM& TRACY EDWARDS10 March 2011 at 06:10

    For Holly Edwards Alpha Romeo 6

    Hi Hols - wathching the blog closely - well done you all on Phase one - you must be feeling very pleased with yourselves!
    Community Centre build here you come - wow - you will be able to build Ted and Dots a mansion when you get back
    Go Go Go - very proud of you
    All OK here just missing you loads. Ella is coming for the weekend and Liz, richard, Charlie and Sam are coming round on Sat for Mums Birthday - she loved her card!
    Keep on having fun my darling

    All our love . Mum Dad Granny Grandad, Cleo Marbs Ted and Dotster

  63. Steve and Diane10 March 2011 at 07:03

    Hi Wellard ! Glad to see you successfully completed the Guancaste Trek on Phase 1. We never doubted it ! Have a great time (slightly less strenuous?) with Alpha Romeo 3 in the B.C. National Park. Again, keep taking the 'photos. You are doing superbly well and we are so very proud of you. We can't wait to see and hear from you again. Our birthdays came and went- another year gone - and we are now starting to plan our own epic adventures. Will tell you all when we see you. Continue to have a great time. It is immensely challenging but very rewarding and can be nothing but good for you and your future aspirations. Take care. We look forward to hearing for you soon. Lots of love from Mum and Dad. xxxxxxx


    Hola Luci! Espero que estés disfrutando mucho el friito del Volcan Turrialba. Qué precioso lugar el que te tocó! te cuento que hoy salió en el periódico la noticia de la muerte del Abuelito materno de Milena Rossi. Y yo pensando que ella se casaba en estos días...pobre...qué enrredo!Por acá tod super bien...ya empezando a planear el viaje familiar de recogida de Milena. Qué emocion!!!Un gran beso y que la sigás pasando super bien. Mami

  65. For Adam Chalkley, Aplha Romeo 5

    Hi Adam

    Happy Birthday. Hope you have/had a lovely day. It will be strange not seeing you on your birthday. Checking blogs daily to see what you are doing in Nicaragua and hope to hear shortly.

    Not much happening here that you have not heard already. I'm sat in my office with Wolfie pestering me to throw his ball.

    Will write again soon


  66. TIM NIEHE, alpha romeo 3:

    Liefste apenzoon,

    coca cola mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....
    onze vriend heeft een hersenbloeding gehad en kan niet meer optreden.
    Dit belangrijke bericht wilde ik je niet onthouden dat begrijp je!!!
    Volgens mij zitten jullie nu in de jungle...
    wat een mega indrukken zal je hebben.
    Hopelijk wat beter met de buik.
    Hier alles prima. Volgende week ga ik met mijn familie naar Opio, te leuk. Opa,oma,Moniek, Reinier, Feiko en ik, als vanouds met z'n 6jes. Sinds mijn 15e niet meer gedaan. Verheug me erop.
    Geniet en sla op!!!! Love you, big hug, K,I,A,A,B,B

  67. Manrique Cordoba10 March 2011 at 11:58

    Para: Lucía Salazar

    Hola Muñeca como estas???? Como te ha ido en el Turrialba y en el Braulio (si ya te fuiste ahi jeje)??? Vieras o orgulloso que me siento de vos que seas tan capaz y tan cool de poder hacer este proyecto tan sheeve Nena. A todo el mundo le ando rajando de la novia tan exito y cool que tengo. Vieras que un dia de estos fui a hablar paja con tu mama, antes de irme al curso de electro el martes.
    Ojala que estes disfrutando al maximo esta super experiencia guapa. Te amo muchisisisisisisisimo y me haces demasiada falta. Te mando un besote, te amo F and A!!!!!

  68. To Olivia Christie: Delta Romeo 3
    Hello Darling,
    Just back from work but Dad called to tell me your brilliant results so that was fantastic news and I am so proud of you and pleased for you. Thank goodness that chapter is over! All now just excitements to look forward to. I hope the excitements on the trek are good ones, not scary ones! and that you're surviving. I can't believe how far you have to go: OMG how fit you'll be. I could never do it. Counting the days until we speak to you again and looking out for more photos on the blog. Dad is quite keen to get you all doing a padi course in the summer in Aus.... will you have already done one? Miss you loads. lytmd Mumxxx

  69. Para Duni Gonzalez (Alpha ROmeo 4)

    Hello!! Como esta la princesa de Costa Rica?! Hm? Espero que genial, tengo el presentimiento de que la estas pasando mejor en esta etapa que en la primera. Yo te he enviado mensajes y te he llamado pero esta muerto. Ya llevamos una semana sin hablar y como 1 mes y algo de no vernos, y claro, dormir un poco mal a vuelto..
    Esta semana entramos a clases, he ido solo a tres, y tengo buenos profes se supone. Ya termine el último trabajo del que te hablé. Hasta hoy voy a ver a K para que me de tus notas :) ya quiero leerlas para sentirte más cerca, me haces mucha falta tonti..
    He estado haciendo bastante ejercicio desde hace como 2 semanas. Volví a jugar futbol, 3 partidos después de tanto tiempo de no darle, el primero aceptable, el segundo lo jugué ridiculamente mal, pero ayer estuve mejor jojo. Caliento bien y me hecho dem cofal jajaja.
    Tengo pereza de ir a la u y toparme a todo el mundo. SOLO TE QUIERO VER A TI! VUELVE YA POR FAVOOR! Cuidate mucho. Te amo duni

  70. Para Duni Gonzalez (Alpha Romeo 4)

    You're just too good to be true.
    Can't take my eyes off you.
    You'd be like heaven to touch.
    I wanna hold you so much.
    At long last love has arrived.
    And I thank God I'm alive.
    You're just too good to be true.
    Can't take my eyes off you.

    I love you baby, and if it's quite all right,
    I need you baby to warm a lonely night.
    I love you baby.
    Trust in me when I say:
    Oh pretty baby, don't bring me down I pray.
    Oh pretty baby, now that I found you, stay.
    And let me love you, oh baby let me love you,...


  71. Pénélope Raimbert10 March 2011 at 15:15

    to : Alexia De L'espee
    Alpha Roméo 2
    from: Piggy d'amour

    Heyyy ma blonde préférée!!!
    Je sais je sais, pourquoi jai pas envoyé de messages plus tot... pour couper le cordon sunshine, et pour que tu soit encore encore encore plus contente d'en recevoir un!!!!! Alors!? j'imagine que tu peux pas me répondre anyway, mais jai vu une petite photo, et t'es tres mignonne, tres 1 rue de la planche, et tres peu avec tes chaussures aux pieds coquine... mais heuresement t'a une classe folle avec tes lunettes de secretaire!!
    2videment, tu imagine bien a quel point tu me manque, hein, j'ere rue de la planche tt les jour jusqu'a ce que francis me fasse un bouillon de poule, mais evidemment il ne se montre jamais, a croire que tu l'as emporté ds tes bagages rendre une petite visites a ses congénères (a peu de chose pres quoi) non mais sérieux fais lui un bisoux de ma part, et dit aux orga de le prendre en photo lui aussi un peu!

    ha jai rencontré la niece d'assad et elle est super sympa, je lui ai raconté pleins de truc trop hard, mais elle m'a plutot dit que ce que je lui disait la rassurait! bref jamais j'aurais pensé qu'elle aurait cette tete la! dailleur tu ne m'a pas dit ce qu'avait donné ton petit détour a londres, si tu avais revu des monument déja visités ou pas... (cest le moment de pas faire ta blonde)
    bref bref jai hate que tu revienne quand, meme ca manque d'un pilier ici! mais on, si c'est pour les tortues...
    allez je te fais pleins pleins d'énormes bisouxxxx et a bientot pour de nouvelles aventures

    je t'aimeeeeee

    Pénélope (piggy)

  72. Andy Brown c11 alpha 1
    Hi andy dont no if you have left on your trek yet , your going to love it son, it will be well worth it when your on that beach , great photos of u and your fellow venturers , all well at home , sterio fixed got it back yesterday , so proud of u son , try remember my shell lol love u mum xxx

  73. Hola precioso my love que bueno que ya este en perfecto estado para que de lo mejor de ute! De lo mej0r que tiene mamoi te amo bello eres el amor de mi vida sin duda alguna. Queeee chiva baby siempre siempre lo voy apoyar en todas las decisiones que tome.exitos te amo te voy a extrañar muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucho :*<3 BESOS Muuuuah cuidese mucho mamoi

  74. For Hazel Foley (Alpha Romeo 6)
    Hiya sweetie, this is the second time i've wrote this because i clicked something wrong oops. This is your mudda i have learnt/learning how to use your blog. Been catching up enjoying seeing your photos and have been checking Ellen's Facebook. Hope your enjoying the sunshine unlike the rain and cold that we've been getting as usual. News...Ellen came home with good news last night, she got an A in her psychology exam :) Dads been on his courses again in leeds, he'll be as intellectual as you by the time you get back. Me and your Dad have been wall stripping ready for dan to plaster, but will leave some for you to do now that your a professional builder!!!!!!! Grandma and Grandad send their love and keep asking how your doing. Mitch will be sending you messages soon because he's learnt how to spell his name on a computer, just one step behind me haha. Been texting jody just to keep in touch. Hope your eating something but will get some cheese strings in for when you come home :) Look forward to hearing from you soon, keep enjoying, miss you lots, love you lots from Mudda xxxxxxxxxx

  75. Emily van de bunt!
    Meisjee ik zoek echt alleen maar fotos van je! op die gropes fotot zie je er lekker uit hoor!! Hopelijk is uitendelijk de groep net zo leuk als je eerste!! En je werk enzo ook leuk!
    ik heb volgende week toetsen (best wel leuk lekker alles in het engels schrijven) 10 10 10 10 wat anders.... en daarna ga ik waarschijnlijk naar rome want heb dan weekie vakantie!! leipos he ! is hier nog steeds suppper lekker weer wordt het nu ook dus zit lekker op terrasjes! meisje succes en veel plezier met alles onze oudjes gaan nu lekker skienen alsof het niks is ... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  76. Laura Devonshire11 March 2011 at 07:46

    Phil 'Scrumdidlyumptious' Wood - Alpha Romeo 1


    Ohhhhh gorgeous, am not liking this, am not liking this at all :-( Had spent last night when I got in from college looking at wedding venues, getting very very VERY excited, then got woken up this morning with a text from Zoe saying about the tsnumai alert!! I hadn't even realised anything had happened and turned the news on.

    I spoke to a very lovely lady at Raleigh (Sophie) who was very reassuring and said about all the procedures that are in place and asked which project you are on and said you're fine and are high up - I asked very nicely if they could keep you high up please! I hope everyone's OK baby, am keeping my eyes firmed set on the bbc news and am trying not to freak out.

    Hope you're having an incredible time and are seeing amazing amazing sights and having a wicked giggle too, ohhhhh what I wouldn't give to hear your voice now!

    Am going to keep looking at wedding venues tonight - Rupe's about to pop with excitement too - thought I'd go through it with Rupe and narrow it down then send you a smaller list to have a look at when you've finished your projects, ohhhhh they look ace baby! Ohhh also have been reading up and you only have to live there for 6 weeks before hand to actually get married there, aparently it's really common for peeps have a registry wedding in the UK then have a blessing and do your vows in France and use that as your main event, reception etc... I'll fill you in when you're back at base camp all safe and snug.

    I love you so so much baby, missing you insanely! Stay safe baby.

    All my love, forever yours

    Your future Mrs Wood xxxxxxxx

  77. Nelly Smeets ouwehand11 March 2011 at 10:58

    For Fabienne ouwehand (Alpha Romeo 3)

    Fabbbb, wat balen. Sta ik midden in de ah, krijg ik dan eindelijk jou aan de telefoon en val je weg! Ben maar meteen naar huis gegaan in de hoop dat je nog een keer zou bellen. Gelukkig had papa je aan de telefoon gehad en kon me vertellen dat alles goed met je gaat. Wij hadden niet verwacht dat je al weer na een week op het basiskamp zou zijn. Fijn om weer iets van je te horen. Papa heeft je mail nagekeken (197 mails) en Vinea gebeld. In het weekend van 17 juni heb je een training in Friesland. Ook heeft hij je aangemeld op Facebook Fab we hopen snel weer wat foto's van dit project op het blog te zien. We volgen jullie iedere dag.
    Lieverd, een hele dikke knuffel! Xxxxxxxxxxx

  78. TIM NIEHE alpha romeo 3
    Liefste Timmie,

    zo fijn je even te hebben gesproken!
    Je bent nu aangekomen in de jungle.
    Las op de blog, dat er toch een groep voor de zekerheid is geevacueerd...
    Bij Gijs ook alles onder controle, hadden voor de zekerheid de brug en gebied van de stranden afgezet, maar viel reuze mee gelukkig!
    Papa kreeg het opeens even heel benauwd toen het nieuws kwam dat de tsunami en naar Costa Rica ging en naar Californie......
    Begrijpelijk, maar ik had jullie net allebei gesproken...'hoog en droog'
    Geniet van je toch alweer 3e locatie!
    big hug, love you, K,I,A,A,B,B

  79. Hi byran alpha Romeo 2
    I hope the trek is not too tiring,i' sure you have experienced lots of awesome things. I can't believe some of the heights that u will have to go too, I bet the views are amazing. Tia is putting the weight again it's all ur fault as she is eating ur share of the meals.we are still decorating the hallway is now finished, dad has nearly finished the lobby. Spurs are doing well their last game ac milan they won on agr.The weather is strange at present, snowing up north and mild in the south,were not complaining.look after yourself and we can't wait to have home again.
    Lots of love mum,dad & Leila xxxxxxxxxx

  80. hello mags! its khava delta romeo 4
    i haven't written to u in a long time, sorry about that!DID U LIKE MY SONG?DID U! I AM FORCING U TO SAY YES! i am here in london and it is 11:30
    here and we have just had an extremaly tiring day!
    Peter munk and his wife Diana came for dinner as well as Elexa (maya's friend) came for dinner. i made some apple crumble with the help of cynthia! and maya made some icecream to go with it!xxxxxxx

  81. Eliana León ALpha ROmeo 6
    NAAAANAAA!! espero que estes biensisimoo! fijo la estas pasando exc! heyy vieras primeroo, no he probado la nutella...:( sorry no he logrado hacerlo porque di ya con la u y las varas esta fuerte aqui todo! despues ya me meti a bailarsh! jaa! ya recibi mi primera clase y me pusieron de una vez en el nivel 8, jajaja son varas no no estoy empezando y ya inyectadisimo!! la extraño muppet! Tutz ya subio algunas fotos y te vi ahi con guitarrilla y todo (fijooo, bueno no se si tocas la verdad pero su puso q noo) jajaja,Espero oirla pronto de nuevo! cuidate muchisisimo que sueñes bonito diria alguien!
    atte: feeEER!

  82. For Richard Alpha Romeo 5

    Hey Rich I hope this one works (I tried to send messages to you earlier but guess that did not work). All is fine here, Anet spending time on Umber and project management and the dance house etc etc, Maurits just chilling so we send him to an exam course again, Tommy happy as ever and runnung around, and I am of course fine as well, working and so on. Your grandparents are ok as well, that is good news (they like to send you a letter but I have no address - if you do and can let me know, pls do). Take care, keep enjoying yourself and keep up the good works.

  83. Sophie Abdy- Alpha Romeo 2

    Hi bestie, its your bestie from the other side of the world here. Basics just to say hi! I am sure you are doing a great job and doing yourself proud, stay focus, happy and generally your lovely self, because i know you can defo do this. I am missing you millions, its been too ling, it sucks, but august is only around the corner, wow i am being selfish, but still. Hope you are having the time of your life, wish i was there to experience it with you. Soph, i think of you lots, love you lots and miss you more! Keep walking stay safe and be amazing, i am so so super proud of you. Love you. xxxxxxxxxx oh its jen by the way

  84. For Teri Daly ( Alpha Romeo 4)

    Hey Huni.
    Hope All Is Well Were You Are.
    Hope You Are Taking Loads Of Pics, Lappin Up The Sunshine & Enjoyin Every Minute While Your Their :)
    How Is The Jungle?
    Couldn't Do It Myself Hen :( Not With Those Creapy Crawlies lol
    Hope The Rest Of Your Time Their Is Great & That Its Not Too Hard Going For You But I Know It Won't Be Cos Your A Wee Tough Cookie :) lol
    Take Care Huni :)
    Love Your Wee Pal Catherine Jackson xxx

  85. Para Duni Gonzalez(Alpha Romeo 4)
    Hola dulzura! Por fin hoy puede leer tus cartas!! Ei te amo te amo te amo, claro que me caso contigo cuando quieras! Solo eso quiero! Pasar mi vida entera contigo! Gracias, estaban exageradamente tiernas, te amo 43 veces más ahora, muuuuac!La foto esta genial, te ves lindisima (claro, como siempre :) Te extraño demasiado ah.
    Estuvo raro vernos después de tanto tiempo verdad? jajaj. Estabas extraña, seguro yo también.. pero te veías super guapa eso sí :O)
    Ya faltan pocos días para que vuelvas, espero que todo sea como me escribiste.
    Te mandé un mensaje cuando iba de regreso a San José pero no contestaste, entonces te voy a contar de nuevo(talvez no te llego): un niño de 6 años, Andrei, se sentó a la par mía en el bus y lo primero que hizo fue pedirle permiso a la mamá para ofrecerme un chicle, yo le dí uno también, nos hicimos amigos de inmediato, lo segundo que me dijo fue que me parecía a alguien de una peli, me explicó quién era, era el bandido de Enrredados! jajaja me dió dem risa, y pensé que tú, yali, diego, eka y jonas tenían que haber estado presentes. Luego no paramos de hablar hasta que llegamos a San José.
    Ei me alegré dem cuando te vi, aunque tenía miedo mezclado con inseguridad, pero fue un momento que nunca olvidaré. Lo reproduzco en mi cabeza mil veces al día. Te amo mi vida, solo tu me haces sentir todo lo que necesito.
    Quisiera poder compensarte los malos ratos cuando vuelvas.Tengo que llevarte a comer rico, quiero darte mil besos y no soltarte, quiero llevarte a la playa, quiero dormir con el amor de mi vida en la playa todo rico.
    Besos principessa! Te pup muac muac!

  86. For Ben Stamp 11C Alpha Romeo5
    My bestest bro Ben, (I checked with Matthew that I can write that but If it includes you I think I could write anything.)
    I forgot to tell you on my last blog and I am not sure that you know but I have started singing lessons and my teacher is great! I am learning some grade 3 pieces at the moment and it is sooooooo fun! Me and Matthew have started a dodgeball club and it is soooo tiring but me and Sasha thrashed them all (even the teachers) and both recieved star of the day.(half each!) I hope you have and are having a great time! I hope that your group is as good as last time! Looking forward to hear from you and see you when you get back! I love you loadsxxxxxxxxxxx
    Your dearest 11 year old sister Elliexxxxxxx******XXXXXX
    p.s I had a dream that I jumped out of a window and that you were there. I gave you a great, big hug!****XXXXX!!!!

  87. Ed Smart Alpha Romeo 4

    Ed! Happy Birthday dude! Hope you're celebrating in style out there in the jungle whipping up some of your tuna melts a la trangia :) Enjoy, Nicky

  88. Teri Daly Alpha Romeo 4

    Teri! Hope you're still enjoying life in the jungle despite a lack of Irn Bru?! Saw in the skit photo that you managed to dye your hair - looking good matey! I had an awesome few days by the coast, soaking up the sun and visiting a national park - good times. Enjoy! Nicky,xx

  89. Amy Ratcliff Alpha Romeo 4

    Amy! Looks like you landed yourself on a cool project for the 2nd phase, very jealous. Everything is mega surreal being back home, it's almost as if it was all a dream - spent this weekend writing up all my notes so finally got San Marquena down on paper to every last detail. Really hope you're enjoying life in the jungle - can't wait to hear all about it when you get back to fieldbase :) Take care, Nicky,xxx

  90. To:Andrés Chavarría Navarro
    Delta Romeo 6
    From: Anny
    Hola flaco!! No han vuelto a subir nada de ustedes. Se que están bien, pero hace bueno ver fotos para ver como están.
    Lo quiero mucho Andreww y me hace mucha falta. Se que está haciendo un buen trabajo en Talamanca y esos niños se merecen su mejor esfuerzo.
    Dios te cuida y proteje cada día y nuestro amor y nuestras oraciones te caompañan siempre.
    Ánimo hijo, estamos contigo!!!!

  91. Dilany Chavarria Navarro15 March 2011 at 22:00

    to:Andres Chavarria N. Delta romeo 6
    hola andrew soy Di,su hermana.......:D espero q no este sufriendo mucho jaja q la ste pasando bien y este aprendiendo muchas c le olvide q yo lo amo con toda mi alma y todas las fuerzas q tengo,aunq no lo crea me hac mucha falta,la ksa sta muy tranquila y callada sin ud,espero q el tiempo pac rapido para q ud venga,tengo muchas cosas q contarle,lo quiero mucho Andres,venga rapido xq ya no quiero ser hija unica!.....q Dios lo bendiga y lo acompañe 100pre y q le de muchas fuerzas...cuidec mucho....chauuu!

  92. herre van der Wal16 March 2011 at 01:43

    Hey Harm van der Wal,
    Hope you have a great time, i'm a little concerned about the Nuke-powerplant in Japan. You're "a little closer" to the disaster that us.

    Take care
    See you in Newark

    XXX, Liefde

  93. Kesiah Moss, Alpha Romeo 3

    Hi Kesiah...hope all is well in the jungle! A bit like a real version of the Eden Project - hot and humid I guess, not so good for your lie ins. We are all looking forward to your return...I got your postcard today, that didn't take long - just the month. You were enjoying yourself when you wrote it so hope you still are. Stephen hoovered his room on sunday - voluntarily - and tidied it up - voluntarily; all very odd! Perhaps he's missing you!! Having a party for Bill at Blue Ball on 27th - you should be here for that. Love from us all mum, dad, watch out for the creepy crawlies!!!stephenxxx

  94. To Cat Ewins - Alpha Romeo 2
    Hi Minx - a note from your Dad
    Te amo con todo mi corazon.
    Quando el ir consigue resistente el resistente. (Junglechr) Consique que va
    Love Dad and Aileen.
    Hopefully I have typed this correctly but sorry if any is mispelt but I have copied his note.
    He's been having problems posting you any comments so asked if I would do it for him. Grandad is also having problems which is why he hasn't been able to post a comment to you either. Love as always Mum
    P.S. Received the postcard - view looks terrific. Nice to hear that the frizz is alive and kicking...see you in just over a month.XXX

  95. For Teri Daly Alpha Romeo4

    Hi there cuz, i can see by the pictures still no sun tan!!! Lol, looks like you're enjoying yourself though. What's with the plasters? You getting eating alive Ha! Had to get your dad up to show me how to get onto your blog, how thick am i? So i hear your on a diet of rice & Beans! Promise i'll take you out for a good curry when you get home, fatten you up a bit lol. Miss you & love you loads Lynsey xxxxx

  96. TO Alexia De L'Espee Alpha Romeo 2

    PFFF, une vraie galère pour comprendre un site complètement en anglais!
    Ici tout va bien, semestre validé la semaine dernière et j'ai passé le permis (normalement c'est bon ! Ah enfin). Vivement que tu reviennes pour raconter toutes tes aventures ! Profites comme une dingue !
    Je t'embrasse, comme tout le monde !
    Miss you my dear!

  97. para andres chavarria delta romeo 6

    hola my love ya publicaron lo que escribiste baby estoy demasiado orgullosa de ti no pude contener las ganas de llorar cuando lo vi mamoi que chiva me encanta las fotos tooodo mamoi todo esta hermoso!!! baby espero que estes muuuuuy bien amorcito corazon de melon jeje Mamoi adivine me meti a clases de acrobacia en telas vieras que chiva voy los sabados de 2 a 4y30pm iiiiiii mamoi te amo y te pienso siempre y te extrañamos un monton mi flaco cuidese muuucho mi tesorito besitos

  98. sandra cubillo de on18 March 2011 at 19:41

    18 marzo 2o11 CHEMA MONDRAGOM Alfa Romeo 2 aunque no he encontrado un solo informe sobre tu grupo se que el ejercito de Dios està contigo y tus conpañeros.Recibe un besote y un abrazote y un te amo con todo mi corazón. Por aquí todos bien,a-nhelando tu regreso.Con mi cariño infinitoooooo.tu mami Sandra. Besos besos besos LOVE YOU .

  99. andres chavalazo delta romeo 6
    hola hola mamoi hoy sabado 19 marzo empiezo clases de acrobacia en telas espero y que todo me salga bien...estoy muy emocionada!!!Ayer viernes nos quedamos como hasta las 2am creo viendo pelis solo que me dormi en la primera jeje ya luego noooo que milagro bueno ahi taba que ya me dormia pero el ruido me despertaba jaja.mAMOI espero que todo este muy bien por alla y que esten dando tu mayor esfuerzo yo se que si xq eres un luchador y un valiente!!!Duro como una roca jejejeje.Te mandan muchos saludos en mis casa baby!!! Mi patas vueltas tan lindo Te amo mi amor Que diosito lo cuide y le de muchas fuerzas baby!!!
    Nota:Cachi...muuuuuah i love you <3

  100. For Camilla O'Connell Alpha Romeo 1

    Dear Camilla, I am sure you are having so much fun on the trek...the scenery looks out of this world, and your group, good fun. Hope you have got used to sleeping in hammocks, but then I am sure you sleep well at night after all that walking. You will have legs of iron after this expedition!
    Bet you are still on cloud 9 after hearing about your English result. I am so pleased for you. Julia was too, when I told her.
    Louisa is in Dublin staying with Clare jOy this weekend. No doubt, she has sampled the Guiness and the night life!
    Start thinking about what you would like me to bring to Managua. Do I need to order more contact lenses for you?
    Have fun on the beach when you get there. Lucky you! Que te divertas! Cuida te.
    Muchos besos Mummy and Daddy.

  101. To:Annelotte Jens delta 5

    Hi lieve dochter van me!!!
    Wat een ervaring om je zo zien te bouwen,pas op je nageltjes!!!!!
    Leuke fotos , ik kan niet wachten om te horen hoe het allemaal was, hoe het is om naast de biggetjes, vogels en andere beesten te slapen.Lijkt
    me erg gezellig!! Maar alles wendt zoals je moeder zegt, zelfs een vent!!!!
    Mamma is naar de TEFAF in maastricht gegaan , samen met Felice voor het week-end , (ik hoop dat ze niet alles koopt!!!!!) Dat is een antiek/
    schilderijen beurs.
    Pieters en roosjes kamer zijn nu helemaal af en Maxx doet het prima.
    Voor de rest alles normaal hier.
    Meisje,Heel,heel veel plezier daar en ik verheug me er erg op om
    je stem weer te horen aankomend week-end.
    we houden allemaal heel heel veel van je en houd je taai daar!!!!!

    je vadertje

  102. Delta romeo 6
    Andrés Chavarria

    HOLA mi tesorito espero que todo este muy bien por allá!!! Mi amor vieras ayer fui a la primera clase de telas sus papis me fueron a dejar y tenia muchos nervios, pero mis compañeras y la profe son excelentes me cayeron muy bien,y vieras el dolor tan grande de brazos, piernas y estomago que tengo, jaja necesito recuperar la condición física que tenia hace mucho porque hay que tener mucha fuerza en el estomago y en los brazos.Y los estiramientos me morí hay que abrir las piernas lo mas que se pueda con la ayuda de otra compañera yo sentía que se me iba a desgarrar todo!!!jaja pero di es cuestión de tiempo ya dentro de unos meses va ver voy a ser muy flexible:) Estoy muy emocionada esto es super chiva mamoi y ya lo ponen de una vez en la primera clase a subir hasta arriba me costo obvio, pero lo logre :)y ya me averigüe donde venden la tela y todo para practicar aquí en la casa jeje!! Mamoi vieras que ganas que estés aquí para que me des tu apoyo y me digas cosas bonitas y alentadoras yo se que si desde largo me estas deseando lo mejor entonces nada mas tendré un poquito mas de paciencia! Me haces muchisisisima falta. Te amo montones mi amor. Un besote. bye

  103. delta romeo 6
    Andres Chavarria

    Mamoi mamoi mamoi adivine chanchito viajero yo no lo tenia estaba en su cuarto!! un dia de estos lo vi ahi estaba en el mueble de bamboo estaba muy triste pobrecito a todos los viajes a ido y no lo llevaste estaba muy triste y ya no tiraba agua por la boca:( tenemos que llevarlo a montezuma para que se le olvide esto xq si no se va morir de tristeza!!! bueno guapisimo novio miooooo le mando millones de Besos y abrazos

  104. Max Chalong - Alpha Romeo 3

    Hi Maxi Darling,
    Don't know if you're receiving our messages, maybe we're doing it wrong! Fingers crossed this one will get through.
    Missing you like crazy. Assume you're in the jungle now, hope you're having a fabulous time and keeping well. Gran's laptop is still in it's box, hopefully it will make an appearance soon.
    W.H. drew with Tot. and are out of the zone, but only just! Mai-Ling went to Liverpool and stayed with Ally for 2 nights which seemed to go well.
    That's all for now, hope you receive this message. Keep safe.
    Sending you big hugs and so much love,
    Mum, Dad, Ally and Gran

  105. Harriet Marsh Delta Romeo 5
    Rugby !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    England marmalised by a worthy Irish Team - but still won Championship. They forgot the basic rules of play once on the pitch.
    Hope you are working hard and enjoying yourself.
    Love from Dad

  106. Christian Hibberd Alpha Romeo 1
    Just keeping up with technology! All sounds amazing from the website. Off to visit Imogen in Reading with Lauren. Hope to see J & A on Sat as well. All quiet at home. Will be good to hear about all your adventures in May....
    much love M & D xx

    HOE IS IE?




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