Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Alpha 5 feelin' fine

Hello Zero, hello Zero! This is Alpha 5 radio-ing in a blog report:

Our bodies are finally growing accustomed to the food and lifestyle of the village. After a few days of rest and relaxation Alpha 5 are back on their feet and continuing with the water supply.

The biggest accomplishment was connecting the pipes to go into the trenches and seeing water flow through for the first time, with a few minor hiccups and very soaked venturers.

Sunday was a traditional day of rest, spent relaxing at the local river. Only a steep two hour trek! It was a great day and gave everyone the chance to even-out their embarrassing tan lines, and rest muscles we never knew we had [the Bravo 1 road trip was lucky enough to be with Alpha 5 on that day - I can confirm it was about 35 degrees! Thankfully the water cooled us down although the hike back up the mountain didn't].

As the phase comes to an end we look forward to a long shower. Before then we have more trenches to dig, lessons to teach and a final party with our families and the local villagers.


  1. Derek ter Haar1 March 2011 at 12:53

    hee broer,
    ik zie dat je hard aan het werk bent!
    je staat zeker lekker te zweten in 35 graden:)
    ik zie op de foto's dat je eindelijk een beetje gespierd word ;P ik hoop dat alles goed met je gaat! hier gaat alles prima, iedereen is hier verder oke.. ik heb net vakantie gehad en mag nu weer aan de bak:( je hoort binnekort nog wel een keer van me ps. ik draag lekker al je kleren;P

    lief je broer

    Hola gorgeous! How is the adventuring and the trench digging? I just wanted to send you lots of love from Los Angeles. You were in my dream last night--we were running around New York together!
    All is well here, I'm just doing the regular LA stuff - Romeo is going to be on a reality TV show where they make a life-sized chocolate version of him. Yeah! SO MUCH LOVE HUNBUN!
    C xxx

  3. For Chris Reynolds (Delta 3)

    Hi Chris,
    Kev is not happy that you've decided to skip pre-season nets this year. Hope you're enjoying the work and the locals (bugs, spiders, snakes etc)! I tried to send this before but it didn't seem to work. If it did and you're hearing the same stuff again SORRY!


  4. Yvonne Reynolds1 March 2011 at 15:00

    To Chris Reynolds Delta 3
    Hi Chris hope all is going well... haven't heard anything of Delta 3 for a while but think you must be coming to the end of your first project..looking forward to seeing some photos of your exploits and to finding out where you'll be off to next..thanks for the birthday card...Debs is off to Mauritius any day now and the rest of the family had a great time in Gran Canaria... look after yourself and speak to you again soon lots of love Mum xxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Message for Jessy Boon Cowler - Delta 2

    Dear Jessy,

    I miss you so much that I thought I saw you swimming in a pool... but then I realised I was just mopping the floor!! AHAHHA. Hope you like this joke as much as I do.

    Oh guess what another spooky thing. When I was writing you a message the other day on this blog, you go through to this verification bit where you have to type a random word in funny lettering... well the other day the word was SAMRAT!! SPooky.

    Hope you're having a great time m8 and seeing loads and loads of amazing things. Miss you!!! Wish you could write messages back!!! Lots of love,
    Lil J xx

  6. For Camilla O'C - Alpha 6.

    2-1. Rooney scored in the first half with ManU's only shot on goal. Luiz and then a Lampard penalty in the second. Vidic sent off and two desperate saves off the line by ManU. Well deserved win. So much for ManU's unbeaten season. Lost two away games on the trot. Just seen pictures of you standing around smiling and watching others work. You are looking thin. Eat! Love you xxx

  7. Familia Fernandez Herrera1 March 2011 at 18:55

    para carol fernandez herrera alfa 5, esperando que te encuentres bien y es el deseo de un buen viaje de regreso a Costa Rica. me despido de la gente de Achuapa que les brindo todo su cariño. y un hasta luego saludes papa

  8. message for Ian ter Haar 11C Alpha5

    Hi lieve Ian,
    Even een berichtje om je te laten weten dat ik vanuit ons koude landje aan je denk.Het is natuurlijk wel een beetje saai zonder jou! Wat een leuke fotos op de blog.Zo kunnen wij je volgen in je avontuur. Het is zo te zien hard werken, maar ook veel plezier.Geniet ervan en veel succes met je volgende project. Ben benieuwd waar je dan terecht komt.
    veel liefs en een omhelzing van Inkie

  9. For Hannah Leach - Alpha 5

    Hi Darling

    I'm very impressed with all the pictures of trenches and water works, and glad to see you looking happy.

    All well here. Dad is busy working in London and I've been working on my golf. Got a bit sunburned out there today.

    Joining Dad in London on Friday and helping Loraine celebrate a big birthday on Saturday.

    Hoping to hear from you when you get back to base camp.
    Missing you heaps.

    Hugs and kisses

  10. Rebecca Eno, Delta 3
    Hello darling, hope that it has all been going well. I've missed you even more this week, someone started calling me Strangie! But I only have a week and a half left before the end of term thank goodness. We even have the sun today, I'd forgotten that Oxford could look so lovely. Send me an email when you can - not long now! Much love from Strang.

  11. Becca Shepherd2 March 2011 at 12:05

    for Mae Chester-Jones Alpha 5

    been following all your work on the blog -GOOD JOB MAE MAE!! Not sure what time you're leaving tomorrow but know you arrive back on friday morning so will wish you a safe trip back now so i know it gets to you!! hope you've enjoyed yourself, you should be proud of the work you've done, photos looked like it was hard work. Enjoy the last few days, decided to let you recover on friday instead of going on a mad one but be ready for saturday babyyyy!! can't wait to have you home. missing you lots. loads of love xxxxx

  12. Hannah Leach Alpha 5
    Roo - saw the great photos which show serious progress on the waterworks, you'll have to expain how it all works to me one day. How's your local dialect now - no longer pure castillian I take it!
    Of to Aberdeen tomorrow - hope my visa is still valid as I have forgotten how to speak scottish.
    Love you Dad

  13. Message for Helena Parker arriving tonight.
    Have a ball!
    loads of love from home.

  14. Harry Fellows, 11C New arrival, 03/03/11
    Hi Baz,
    Hope the journey went well and you've caught up on your sleep.
    We all send our love and judging by the pictures on the blog you're going to be really busy.
    I look forward to hearing all about it when you get chance.
    It's freezing cold and grey today in Wiltshire- does that make you smile?
    Love from us all, especially Tu.
    Mum xxxxx

  15. To Kesiah Alpha 6

    Enjoyed seeing the photos of your trip, what a handsome pig! Hope all is well and that you are pleased to be back at base camp - semi civilisation?
    We set off on our holidays tomorrow, leaving Heathrow late evening for Singapore, then the cruise back to UK. No doubt we will get your news through Mum. Keep enjoying the experience

    Love Gran & Grandpa XX

  16. Para Amy Wilson, Alpha 5.
    Hola Amy!
    Espero que tu español vaya mejorando!!
    He visto las fotos y he leido el blog.
    Buen trabajo!
    Disfruta de la experiencia.
    Te envio en beso,

  17. For Anita Boyd
    hiiiiiii. Really great to hear from u. Glad everything is ok. Glad your having fun and doing such great things out there. Its an amazing experience and I'm sure urn glad urn a part of it. Everyone is fine here oh. Nothing exciting goin on here. Just d usual. Ill make sure to forward your message to everyone. You take very good care of yourself. And I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say we miss you loads answer are very proud of u. Well done. Lots of hugs and kisses. Xoxoxoxo

  18. Manrique Cordoba4 March 2011 at 18:27

    Para Lucia Salazar

    Hola guapa, ojala que te vaya en todas en el proyecto ambiental. Vieras que hoy nos dieron las notas provisionales del examen. Hay un monton monton de cincuentas, un 80, pocos setentas. Para no cansarte con el cuento, me saque un 67!!!! Di en realidad esta en todas, porque el corte casi siempre queda en 56 o por ahi. Ademas di obvio que tengo que hacer reclamos. Despues te sigo haciendo updates de la vara. Te amo muchisimo, un besote. I miss u. F and A!!!!!

  19. For Hannah Leach- Alpha 5

    Its getting weird with all the gap year people traveling... makes uni life seem very dull and unchallenging but I am very glad you are safe and by the pictures look like you are having a fabulous time.
    I have seen all the other Kavos crew over the last few weeks, Lucy came to stay when I got home for my reading week, then I went to stay with Cam in Durham and visited Marina on the way past. they are all extremely well too. Stay well and miss you

    Thought you'd enjoy an extra message, muchos love mi amigo, Honor

  20. I,ve got ur text letting me know that ur off trekiking for 3wks. U must be very proud of yourself, i was worried that u might have lost weight, but in the group photo u look well. I'm glad everything is ok, enjoy the trekking. Everything is the same here,the weather has got very cold again.we have started to decorate the hallway, we are nearing the back room, all that rubbish that we will have to clear out,thanks. Hope to see more photos.
    Missing u mum,dad & Leila.xxxxxxx

  21. Hi byran alpha 5
    I' ve just sent u a message and guess what I did't enter ur name.trust me! Got ur text. I hope u enjoy ur 3 wk trekking. U must be very proud of ur self in completing the project. I was worried that u might have lost weight but u look well in the last photo that was taken. We have started to decorate the hallway,will be starting on the back room next, there will be loads of rubbish to clear, did i just call ur possessions rubbish, how could I,have lots of fun.
    Love mum,dad& Leila XXXXXXX

  22. For Richard Cronheim Alpha 5

    Hey man, real Alpha male, no shaving cream again? Still nice pictures! Seems you had a good time on the 270 k trek, nice. We were with Alex today, his house is really nice (mum cleaned up the mess), and took him and his friends to the big market square to provide them with food, vitamins and lots of coffee. Alex had a great time cross country trekkng in Austria, I think [and hope] he is hooked. He also passed some exams, and generally is going ok. Mau is doing fine, had a good time with Daan at the schoolkids party at his uni, and his recovering today after some RW party he was organizing. Hope he will study properlyfor his exams, that is always the question. He is probably going to do a couple of weeks pre-college program in the US this summer (after we (all of us?!?) spend some time in Switzerland), probably at Boston Uni or Brown. Mum is working hard at her projects, and I try not to work too hard and to take some steps getting in shape again. Today was a beautiful sunny day (finally) - took Tommy for a run, he loved it. Hope you continue to enjoy yourself, try not to get the cramps, and take care

  23. Christopher Parrot7 March 2011 at 06:09

    Hiiiiii Cazz,
    havent heard anything from the laundrette so i can only assume i dont have the job! Also i've had some really bad luck on nights out recently like being started on by a man and being accidently head butted! Clearly i just have that "hit me" look about me! Oh i saw some of the photos, i hope you saw those turtles as well because at least then when people ask what you're doing over there i'll be right with my response of "looking at some turtles" hahaha! Was really good to hear from you, good to know you are still alive....only just by the sounds of it! Hope you're feeling much better now! Looking forward to you getting your skinny bum back in the country, not tooo long now! loveeee Dais xxxxx

  24. Para -Andres "Carraco" Chavarria Navarro- y para -Ignacio "Nacho" Camacho Piedra-
    Hacen falta maes hasta el che lo ha dicho, Mariana, Dilany, Doña Any y Don Fran, fer glori don Ruben me ha preguntado y anda como todo lampareado jaja, a Naty la entretenemos con trivias de trillizas sin sentido jajaja mamoi se concentra en pensar que ud anda disfrutando lo extraña mucho igual que a nacho, sus ausencias en el equipo se sienten tuvimos que contratar de interinos a dos maes.
    Nacho, manifiestese que todos ellos preguntan y nadie sabe.
    Las cosas enel barrio han cambiando ando en pandillera, perdi un ojo y ando parche y me hice cazador de descuentos. Despues de un extraño virus que hace que bueno...lo que era una especie...ahora somos dos
    jajaja el ultimo parrafo es broma, muchas gracias y yo el suyo

  25. For Chris Blessley...... Alpha 5,

    Looking good my boy!!!! Can't wait to hear the details upon your return. All's well state side. The arm is healing nicely (for an old guy). Should be bench pressing 350lbs. in no time. Write if you get the chance. You're all a fine looking bunch of young people. Proud of you !!!



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