Saturday, 12 March 2011

Alpha Romeo 1 are roamin, roamin, roamin

The Alpha Romeo 1 Corcovado trekkers traverse through a UNESCO World Heritage site, beautiful mountain scenery and towering cloud forest. Here's their first update from Duaa 'Fairy' Al-Uzairy:

We began our first day of trekking from La Union last Saturday. The road was a border between Panama and Costa Rica. It was an incredible experience to stand on Panameno soil! We have been sleeping in different places every night from community centres to rangers’ stations and a even a Bull Ring! After a hard day of trekking on day 4, we spent a couple of hours at the hot springs of Aguas Termales.

Soaking up the sun, relaxing and enjoying the crystal clear water. Trekking has been pretty intense; steep hills (going down hill is tough on the old knees) as well as walking through the forest where we spotted a monkey! Yesterday we came across a very cool sugar cane processing plant and saw how traditional Costa Rican dolce is made. Of course we sampled the dolce and it was a much needed super sweet treat to get us through a 3.5km crazy hill. Our current quote of the day is ‘are mosquito’s invisible?’


  1. For Alette Jansen, Alpha Romeo 1

    Lieve Alette, weet jij misschien wat voor een ras die aap is. Wat een tocht zal het zijn, maar wel erg mooi. Wil je nog wel met me skaten in het Vondelpark als je terug komt (hihihi :-) ). Vannacht heb ik gedroomd dat je thuis kwam, maar toen werd ik wakker in mijn kamer en was ik helemaal niet op Schiphol!

    -xxxxxxxxxx- I love Alette, liefs Christopher

  2. Abigail Tyer Delta Romeo 2

    Abi! hope the trek is going well and your not 2 like a tomato yet from the sun!
    seems like you have been away for ages now!
    got horrible week of exams starting in 2 liturally have no life at the moment!
    missing you! xxx

  3. For Hannah Leach - Alpha Romeo 2

    Hi Darling

    I am so excited to have just seen loads of photos of you posted on Facebook by Mae. They are great and make up for not having seen much about Alpha Romeo 2 on the blog lately. Lots of pictures of you with cute kids, looking like a real trecker or just posing (nothing new there). Also some rather disturbing ones of dolls in a tree??!!
    Makes me look forward to seeing your own photos even more, and hearing all about it first hand.

    Missing you loads.
    Hugs and kisses

  4. Familia Fernandez Herrera13 March 2011 at 07:11

    alfa romeo 3 carol fernandez herrera. saludes y que te encuentres mejor de salud para que puedas disfrutar de toda la belleza de la montaña del zurqui. le cuento que franco realizo rabietas en el encuentro que andaba, y tomo las maletas y se salio a medio dia, del sabado se vino en bus. porque no estaba a gusto. bueno carito hoy es domingo son las 7 de la mañana voy a ir a la feria y a leer el periodico. que disfrutes este lindo dia. papa

  5. Message for Ellie Spicer, Alpha Romeo 4

    Heya Elza belza. We are all in France at the mo, sadly very wet and rainy. Seen Hats's school which is very interesting! Hope you've settled into your new jungle abode, blog pics are looking good! Can't wait to hear your next installment. Miss you lots, loads of love Hats, Mum, Dad and mortza sends his love from Arklow...not a happy boy! xxxx

  6. Caroline Murray, Alpha Romeo 4.

    Murray dog!! finally my day off has come, so thought i would give you an update not that a lot has happened. I didn't end up going out last night went around tubes and soph's and had a few beers, you'll be pleased to know you didn't miss out on a lot, walked through town after, as i was gonna go for a pint but looked tragic. Apparently chams are charging to get in on a friday and saturday after a certain time, so think the ordulf it is haha. Cant wait to have a good night out when you return, which il arrange shortly and get people involved might be after holiday mind, but we'll get on it in corfu!!! I really wanted to phone you today, as was thinking of inviting tubes and soph on holiday. Daymo and mel are keen and sure you are but wanted to check. Will be quality tho cannot wait, need to see if they will have the money. I wanna know what you have been up to this weekend so get your bum on facebook. Today iv played golf, which iv done every weekend iv been back ha, might as well get a membership again and this eve i went to watch the indoor cricket and now chilling out, was suppose to be going out for staff drinks but not feeling up for it and cant be bothered. Guess what only 10 days now, im getting slightly excited and like you said three weeks after that. Role on April hey. Its 2 o'clock your time now, so bet your sunning it up and swimming, which i am extremely jealous about my days almost come to an end and working tomorrow haha, so make sure your having fun and making the most of it. Saying that you cant out tan me, Corfu will say all, i loved you comment on that topic you sounded so depressed because you couldn't tan that much. Mum and dad say hi and have been asking how you are, i said you haven't even gone to Costa Rica your hiding out in yelverton haha. You are missed tho, even joe was saying he loves it when your around when there away because you wash his clothes and that, we had a free house last week when he said it ha, so by the end of the week all he had left to wear was an odd sock. Not a good look really. Il keep looking at the blog and leave you a message soon, knowing me that means tomorrow or tuesday ha, missing you lots and love you Sam xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. To Alette Jansen.

    Dear Alette,
    What a great experience for you! You are a big example for Nynke, Maarten and Sarah. We hope you keep your motivation high. It must be hard but we know you can do it! Keep on smiling. It will be an experience you will never forget. We love you and many hughs from all of us. Albert, Femke & kids.

  8. For Camilla O'C Alpha Romeo 1

    Hi Cam. So Man City beat Reading and now face Man U in the semis and Stoke beat West Ham and face Bolton. Loved the photos of you trekking. Hope all is going well. Impressed that you still smiling! During the next change over we need to sort out everything for October so allow a little time to speak and deal with the internet. Just got back from Edinburgh. Lou was well.Weather was foul but sun started to glimmer just as we left. Long train journey home. Love you xxxx

  9. Simon Keirle Delta Romeo 5
    Hi Simon, up to date scores for you. England beat Scotland 22-16 in horrible tight Calcutta game at Twickenham. Alex won his 4th cap. Ireland in Dublin next week for the Grand Slam but will have to play much better to win there. Italy beat France 22-21!!! Wales beat Ireland but only with the help of an illegal try. Spurs drew 0-0 against AC Milan, having won 1-0 away to go through to Quarter finals of CL. CFC and Man U playing this week. Stoke v Bolton and Man U v Man City in FA Cup semi finals. Old Tiffs lost 14-13 to Old Haleighburians. Matt missed 7 kicks in very windy conditions, so score line didn't do justice to game. 2 games left and they need 1 win to be promoted top. Hope the house building is going well. Any news from RVC yet? Lots of love Dad XX

  10. Hannah Leach Alpha Romeo 2
    Roo - no idea whether you are seeing any of these blogs - i have posted them every other day and seen about one or two get through.
    Mum is mended and about to go out and play golf again. England beat Scotland in the six nations rugby yesterday - good resuilt for me but not so for the boys - not sure which team you support nowadays. Getting ready for Mum's secret destination week away next weekend - lots of discussion about ski boots and thermals!
    Besos grandes Papi

  11. for Duaa, Alpha Romeo 4

    Ola chica... we miss you very much and have been so worried about you. I am so sorry didnt get a chance to write but have been following everyday as usual! missing you very much...who is Duaa Fairy is there another du with you on the trip? or is this you who gave the update? missing you very much u little cutie! I can see you so little in the pic with your big bag lol....everyone is asking about you and is missing you like crazy. Mummy is really looking forward to hear your news and updates when you go back to fieldbase! I miss you ssssssssssooooo muh really proud of you. News from home is dull as usual...nothing much going on we are just counting the days until you get home. aw and Victoria bekham is having a baby grl! i am sure u really wanted to know this" Please stay safe and look after yourself and everyone and I will be bloggin again a little later...Love you muchos Marwa

  12. Jessy Boon Cowler - Delta Romeo 4

    You will be pleased to know that hayfever season has officially started. My eyes have been blurring up and painful and I am sneezing non-stop.

    Hope that you got a sneak peak at some baby turtles before you got moved on! I am going to France later this week which is very exciting - I won't be able to send you any messages since I won't have internet there.

    Ludo went missing for like 8 hours the other day. It was horrible. I went through such a strange mixture of emotions and when he finally returned (11pm!) I was so happy and mad at the same time. Right now he is sitting next to me hugging an iPod cable.

    I need to get my skates on and go to work but I hope you're a having a swell time trekker!!!
    Lots of love,
    Louise (of the band MayaLouise)

  13. For Duaa Al-Uzairy, Alpha Romeo 1

    Hi Duaa Fairy!

    Haha just read your blog, really good to hear that you're having a great time! It all sounds amazing, god you're really doing the Alutskys proud! Who would have thought that YOU would b out there roughing it in reainforests and mountains! Keep up the good work...and please try to have some fun in between...sigh!

    I can't believe that its mid March already! Its almost April and time for the Royal Wedding! You're gonna miss it Du!...Don't worry I'm sure those Loose Women will cover it on one of their shows that I will be recording for you!

    Really miss you monkey...if I wasn't allergic to peanuts I would have probably been there trekking with

    The 'Piovt' episode came on the other day hahaha remembered you x

    I love you loads bff xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Shazzy B xxxxxx

  14. Duaa!!

    Great to read up on your exciting travels, they sound awesome!! cant wait to see the pics of all the beautiful places you've been too, its making me itch to want to travel abroad more than ever! Got some good news on my side, managed to get into SGUL, but a deferred entry mind you. Still, im really chuffed :) went up to nottingham over the weekend for my last interview. was really nice up there, hardly felt like i was up north :p if i get in im really considering going there! All this thanks to you so major thank you!! Hope you aren't getting too many ants in your pants :p

    Keep on trekkin and spk soon!! Taps xxxx

  15. Jess, Delta Romeo 4
    Hallo darling, distractedly sent last message c/o Delta 6, so I don't suppose you saw it! Wondering what you are doing now: back to turtles and the beach, or on another project? Perhaps we'll see/hear on the blog soon! Enjoy if you are warm: here we've just had the wildest weekend of gales and blizzards. It's Spring! longing to see more photos, and hear your news. lots of love Ma XXX

  16. Alex Backhouse
    Heyy Al
    Guess what,THERE ARE SLIM ORANGE BIC FOURS!!!! Seeing a you were so obsessed with them I thought I should pass on the word of the latest edition!
    I did write a massive message to you, but there was an error and sorry, couldnt really be bothered to write it again!! I have adopted your ipod and now listen to Send me on my way, love it! Miss you so much you GINGER!!! Haha, loads of people at school have died there hair and Phoebe (George's sister, just incase its been to long away from home!!) is now pretty ginger! Hope your having an amazing time, weve found this amazing Greek hotel thing where you book a villa it is GORGEOUS Im in love with it!! Have fun!!! Love you so much Ellie xxxx

  17. Jasmine Henry Delta 3

    Hi Jazzy,

    I've just got home, decided to come back for the night to collect some work for revision and have a little break before I begin that. Handed in my thesis on Friday woooooo felt so good and this time I wasn't as last minute. Good to see the doggies but Ted misses you, apparently Alex's room is his new fave hangout. Not a surprise that the house is full of workmen, apparently its the fire places this time. Is strange being here and you're not though!
    Hope you are enjoying your new project, hello brown legs!! Very jealous.
    Miss you, can't wait to hear what you've been up to. Love Rosie xxxxxxx

  18. Alpha Romeo 1
    Lieve Anne, Inmiddels weer terug in NL. Wat zien die rugzakken op een rij er stoer uit. Ben benieuwd hoe het met je voeten gaat. Zelfs in NL zijn er lichte aardbevinkjes geweest.. De beelden uit Japan zijn vreselijk. Alles is verwoest. Hier thuis alles ok. Noor in de stress voor schoolwerk en Huib maakt zich natuurlijk nergens druk over. Papa zijn ribben gaan langzaam vooruit.. Morgen met de dames tennis naar Antwerpen. Wordt wel gezellig.
    Weekend in Frankrijk was leuk maar emotioneel. Jammer dat jullie geen berichtjes kunnen sturen aan ons..
    Ok, wij gaan nu naar bed en jij bent nu vast nog aan het lopen.

  19. Yvonne Reynolds14 March 2011 at 15:01

    To Chris Reynolds Delta Romeo 6

    Hi Chris

    Hope you're having a great time on your second project.Dad and Alan played golf yesterday with Marcus and Dan. Dan played the best, so Dad obviously needs some practice with his new clubs!
    I went to Winnats Pass and Mam Tor to take some photos as it was a really sunny day. Hope you're managing to take a load of looking forward to seeing them.Don't know if you've been in touch with Gaz at all on Facebook but Doug has been up to stay and they went playing football at that indoor stadium near the trafford centre - don't know how it went though, as haven't seem them since. We're out next Saturday for Janette's birthday - going to a pub in Bradwell - not been before, but should be good. We'll have to go out for a meal when you get back - you'll probably be ready for it after 10 weeks of beans!!
    Got to go now but will speak again soon.
    Lots of love Mum Dad and Alan xxx

  20. To Caroline Murray, Alpha Romeo 4.

    That was a long day haha, had four hours sleep not a good idea. I said i wasn't going out for staff drinks but felt really bad, one of the chefs said he was going, so had to really, drove to Launston but they all decided to go plymouth so ended up heading in as well and had a free night. Cant complain and wasn't that bad either, but i was so tired all day. You being away is not a good idea im getting so bored heading out is the only option, you keep me in order usually. bad times, but soon to back to very good. hurry up please ha. Under 10 days now!!!! :) Just finished work and guess what im having fish, times have changed and bet your shocked and a little jealous with your rice- sorry had to be done. Il be cooking you up a treat when you get back so that entitles me to annoy you a little. Hope your gaining some weight after you weeks illness, Mcdonalds will do the job if not on route home. Im loving your pictures on facebook still, looking amazing, so you really have nothing to worry about. Your hands!!!!! I love you, il write to you in the next few day. keep at it and have fun xxxxxxxxxxxx Sam xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  21. abigail tyer delta 2
    Abi, dying to have a blog from you with what you are up to, havent had one since you left on your next phase.....
    hope your getting on ok and early starts and heat arent becoming to much of a pain!
    missing you, start exams tomorrow cannot wait till they are over!
    Emily xxxxx

  22. For Ben Stamp 11C Alpha Romeo 5 Ben darling - we are all waiting eagerly to hear news on the blog from your new venture. I expect it is extremely challenging... You will have so much to tell us about on your return.All is well here. Everyone is busy and we have had lots of musical things going on. Its beginning to feel like Spring - hooray! Izzie and I are going to chose a wedding present for Pete's wedding.Thinking of you very much. We all miss you. Won't be long before Dad is heading off..!Very much love to you - Mum, Dad, I, E and Mxxxxxxxxx

  23. Lucy Pearson Delta Romeo 6
    Hi Lucybone :-)
    It is nearly the end of term, which is good. I have to take an exam on Friday for the course my supervisor teaches, but then I will be able to some 'research' again. When do you get back? I wanted to be here so that you could come straight from the airport to see meeee. But I asked my supervisor if I could work from CA over easter and basically there is this workshop at Berkeley which is exactly about the stuff he does (gravitational lensing of the CMB) and that if I'm there anyway I should go :-) which is exciting for meeee, because it means I get to go to Berkeley for a real reason. But sad for meee, because I have to stay longer and don't get back til Tue 26th April. I am vez sorry if you get back earlier and you wanted me to be there. If you go back to Manchester will you come back to B'ton and visit me very soon when I'm back? Maybe you could be here for the charity hoopathon I am organising :-). Also if you get back a few days before me and want to stay in my room in B;ton I can leave my house keys with someone for you. So just let me know if you can. It's the physics ball on Thursday so I will be wearing my fancy frock. I got your letter! Nice for meeeee. Me and beak are going to have a sleep now. Titus xxxx xxxx

  24. For Jessica Bridge-Dunk Delta Romeo 3

    Hi little JB

    Hope jungle life is suiting you well and there are not too many leaches.

    Just been out tonight for a meal - Hansa meets Sicily in Headingley. Do you remember Hansa's - it is the Gudjurati Vegetarian restaurant in Leeds. Well she was doing a chat on her latest book as part of Headingley Lit Fest at Salvo's which is a pretty neat Sicilian restaurant. Anyway, very nice and interesting different tasty food.

    Weekend was a bit too eventful and probably this blog is not the best place to describe it .. anyway, am still in one piece although car is not quite in such good nic. Was nice having Becks and Dan over for weekend though .. she had an interview down in Suffolk today.

    Busy old week to go but hope you are ready to rival your parents in the degree stakes next year .. now Mum has been accepted to do English ! Was saying at weekend you can compare notes and discuss texts together - well actually when I think about it, you already do ! How hip is that to say to your friends - my Mum is doing an English degree too. Not very I suppose !

    Best go to bed .. getting late .. but miss you little one, take care. Love you more than you love me .. just remembered how you used to get bored when I said that and go "ok" !! well anyway, enjoy yourself. Love you loads Dad xxx

  25. For Abigail Tyer Delta romeo 2
    Hi Abi
    Hope you are ok and the treck is going well. How is the sun burn and the feet/legs ...
    All well here - off to the Hospice today and then hope to catch Immy at Herts County tournament - playing at Abbots this pm. She says dont come and watch....but I am sure load of people will so feel I should and I would like to. She is nervous in case they dont win against AH!! Off to find dogs who are all in garden with David weeding....or rather digging. Have posted you a letter. Will blog message again soon but need to go now. Lots of love Mum xxxxxx

  26. To Duaa Al-Auzairy Alpha Romeo One,

    Ola Chica! I love the update! and the use of a song reference very travel writer of you! How are you and how is your team hope all of you are well. its sunny in London Town today, which feels strange, lately I feel like im in one long twilight movie! i keep expecting the vampires to pop wait im in ealing...there are other types of monsters! I miss you so much and miss you loads! cant wait to speak to you and see you. I hope you all are safe and having fun! keep us posted with the bloggs I love reading them! mother misses you so muc,,, I am starting to feel like i am not enough! hahaha I love you popo x From MARWA

  27. To Jess Delta Romeo 4,
    Hi lovely I hope your ok I saw that your group got moved because of the Tsunami warning. Things here are really boring without you!I miss you millions, cant wait for you to get back, although I cant believe how quick time has gone! Im off to New York next week for the big 3 0 very scary!!
    Love you billions Kell xxx

  28. Rebecca Eno, Delta Romeo 5
    I'm so sorry for my rubbishness at writing! Really hectic last week of various mad activities but now I am home and missing it already! I can't believe I'm two thirds of the way through my first year, and that it was a whole year ago that we were struggling through painful ancient history lessons. We'll be having our first reunion in a few months.
    I'm glad you're having such a fantastic time it sounds really wonderful. And DURHAM!!!! such a clever girl. As i always knew. I will of course come and visit you.
    I've been dragged into rowing next term which i'm a bit apprehensive about but i think i only have to do it once a week so I may live. And on that note I'm going to watch the University boat race in a couple of weeks - i wish you could come too but that can be next year's excitement.
    I nearly made it through a whole term of no injuries but in the last week managed to break my knuckles... by accidentally punching my bed... Such a fool that i am!
    Much love from Strang xxx

  29. For jessy boon cowler delta romeo 4

    It was such a relief to finally hear that you were moved to high ground – I was freaking out all day!! Hope you were in the group that got bussed out and didn’t have to walk!

    So how are mr cheeky’s rellies then? Hope you are having an amazing time and that looking after turtle eggs is everything you hoped it would be! Cant wait to speak to you again and hear more about all your adventures.

    Here, luke came down for the weekend for a surprise visit and had a really really good weekend although suffering quite a bit now, plus have a massive tidying job to do when get back – but got paid today so its hoover time!

    Off to Berlin a week tomorrow, really cant wait – although need to try and rest before then as too old for this partying lark :)

    Other than that no real news – apart from the fact that everyone was very happy to hear you are okay. Oh and also – DFA gig is on 4th May so if you still thinking of staying after for a bit maybe try to get back before then? I’ve got the 2nd off for a Bank Holiday so maybe think about coming then as will have had days to prepare and get everything ready and wont have to take a day off work either – plus some of your bezzies might be free to pop round or something. It doesn’t really matter as long as you get home safe!!

    Anyway, have an amazing time (but not too amazing, I don’t want any ‘finding yourself’ going on and I don’t want you not coming home either! Otherwise I’ll have no excuse for having a girly room :) ) and stay safe and say hi to all the baby turtles and to anyone you’ve made friends with. Cant wait to hear your voice again, love you more than anything!

    All my love,

    Your alex xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  30. For Jessica Bridge-Dunk Delta Romeo 3

    Hi Bunny,
    Its me again. Just read Dads message and it sounds quite mysterious... He is fine strangely cool about lots of bits dropping off the car and it not having the new look it had before !
    I came home from work today as was feeling a bit peeky. There is a bug going around and it makes you feel really washed out. Have been asleep in the living room all afternoon. Am going to make a cup of tea when I have finished this and watch a bit of TV.
    This weekend I am meeting Alison for lunch on Saturday and then enjoy Sunday at home with Dad. Maybe make Sunday lunch together.
    Did he tell you that I taught him to make Chocolate Crispy buns and Pizza ? By the time you get home who knows what he will rustle you up!
    Grandma has got a chest infection but has got medication so hopefully she will soon feel better.
    We are all marching against the cuts next week in London. Dan and Rebecka got us booked on the train so listen out for news of it.Sounds like there will be huge amounts of people going.Lets hope it makes a difference.Hope none of us get arrested. Wonder if they would let me send you messages from my cell?
    Well had better go now.
    Hope you are a happy bunny.Love you so much your Mummy x x x

  31. For Samantha Tate Delta 2
    Hi Sam, Hope you're not finding the trek too grueling. Well you are certainly doing something tougher than me or Dad has ever done, even though he might think his solo motor biking from Sydney to Perth was harder but that's a conversation for another day. Weather eventually starting to warm up, although Dad keeps asking when the weather's going to be good enough to start gardening again, you would never believe he's lived over here for nearly 20 years and still doesn't understand the seasons! Two women from a certain religious sect came knocking on the door the other day, they seemed to think there was someone who lived here that was sympathetic to their path - could this be you? What did you say to them? Any conversation more "no thank you" can be dangerous. Olivia has now settled nicely into your room - what a difference it no longer looks like the epitome of "teenage grunge" - long may it last. Well the gang are all coming over tomorrow for Sarah's birthday I am giving her the purse from you that you bought her when we were in London. Take care, lots of love Mum

  32. Para Jose Mario Mondragon On Alfa Romeo 2 Hace dias no tenemos noticias de tu grupo,y estamos preocupados . Salen noticias de todos los grupos y de ustedes absolutamente nada de nada Esperamos que todo este bien y que estes disfrutando de la caminata por la cordillera de guanacaste saludos a todos tus compañeros Te queremos muccho. Tus abuelitos

  33. For Mike Buie - Alpha Romeo 1.

    Hi Mike, Hoping those feet are holding out & looking forward to hearing about it all.
    All good here - although a little quiet!

    Love M & D

  34. To Olivia Christie ...Delta Romeo 1.

    Hey you...How are you doing? Your right...really couldn’t wait the 2 weeks! Doing better now though...impressed? Glad to hear your having such and amazing time! What have you been up to for the last few weeks? Anything crazy happened?

    Anyway...I hope that this has made you happy, that is my only aim! Nothing naughty either...! haha. Yeah I had a great time up north, thanks...not too much fun though! I don’t really know if your going to get this or not, so im going to stop. Look forward to having a message on facebook when you get back! I expect a reply! Hope you can guess who this is from..?

    Our chats are still missed...Xxxxx

  35. For Hannah Leach - Alpha Romeo 2

    Hey Big Sis!

    Seen some of the pictures that were put up on Facebook of you!!! Looks amazing and I'm sure that you're having an awesome time. Got exam results the other day, happy with some and just missed off the A's with two others! But otherwise great! Scotland lost the rugby to England :( I'm sure that dad was well happy about it!!! Can't wait to hear more about your trip!!

    Love Boo
    X x x x x

  36. Laura Devonshire19 March 2011 at 10:13

    For Phil 'Delish!" Wood - Alpha Romeo 1.

    Hey Gorgeous :-)

    How are you doing scrumptious? Ohhhh baby, my email I posted a few days ago isn't on here :-( Not sure what's happened to it, it's weird as I actually posted it twice because the first time I hadn't said who it was for on the top and neither have been published. I hope you still get it sent to you baby.

    Am at mum and dads this weekend, had to get the train over as 'the beast' isn't very well at the moment, bless her! It's been so cold here and I hadn't driven her for a couple of weeks and the battery's gone flat, which normally a jump start would be fine but it's reset the immobiliser so need to get the key working so it recognises the key first - since when did car's get so clever!?! Will get her all sorted out this week :-)

    Ahhh it's such a beautiful day here today, bright blue skies everywhere - beeeaaauuuutiful :-) It's lambing season so have been to a farm with mum, dad, Helen, Shaun and Harrison to look at lots of ickle lambs and calves and piglets, so cute :-) Harrison was so sweet bless him, he got very excited about going on the tractor and driving (pretend driving!) a combine harvester - mucho fun :-)

    Gonna tackle some homework in a mo, today is the digestive system, wish me luck ;-)

    Popping into town tomorrow with Dad to get some bits and bobs sorted for our 3 week South America Extravaganza Bonanza in July - thought I'd get a few bits each month - gonna start with the walking boots do I can get the bad boys broken in - so excited baby whooop whoooop!!!

    Can't wait to see all your piccies and hear about everything you've been upto, ahhhh the springs must have been wicked, especially with tired legs and feet - hahahaha can't wait to hear more about the handing-over of the outfit :-)

    Ohhhh dad's in his element today - it's the final day of the 6 nations, doesn't look like dad's going to be moving very far - I'll keep you posted on how Wales get on baby.

    Right then scrumdidlyumptious, I'm gonna get cracking on the digestive system - keep on trekkin baby POOOOOP POOOOOOOP :-)

    Take care gorgeous, can't wait to speak in a few days when you're back :-)

    Love you so so much baby, forever and ever yours xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  37. Ian & Liz MacKenzie19 March 2011 at 12:06

    For Hannah MacKenzie ......Delta Romeo 1.
    Hi Hannah,
    Hope this finds you well and happy on the 2nd phase of the trip and that you are enjoying trekking.....and that you haven't got too many blisters on your feet!! Have fun, take good care of yourself,take plenty photos....we're looking forward to hearing all about your adventures!
    Lotsa love,
    Uncle Ian & Aunt Liz.xx

  38. hi lauren its mum how are you im missing you so much grandad and nannie send their love and their missing you loads to i cant wait untill you come as its quiet without you auntie carol sends her love aswell jade and natalie miss you loads too dionne said to say hi too you i hope too hear from you soon love you loads mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  39. to Alice Wadsworth, Hi darling, missing you loads. I hope your feet are not too blistered from all the trekking you seem to be doing, and that you are having a good time. Do try and get someone to take photo's of you and put them on facebook so that Ben can maybe show us or send them to us. Did you take a camera? I have started the portrait of you as Queen Elizabeth 1, although I do need a good photo of you before I can do the face. I think Queen Elizabeth 1 will look quite amusing with a pierced nose. We haven't had any news of you for ten days now, as you have probably been in some pretty remote areas, do try and get in touch when you reach civilisation, we;d love to hear from you. Lots and lots of love from Mum xxx.

  40. little fairy fairy duaa al-auzairy.......missing you very much sweetheart...reading the blog again cos its says ur name cos i miss u so much! so proud of you i love ur fb pics and the whole adventure i hope u are happy and enjoying the last one i love you is dull without u!!!


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