Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Alpha Romeo 3 - living the dream

Words: Helena Parker

It was almost a relief to leave the rangers station at Volcan Turrialba last week as we were feeling guilty about the semi-luxury of it all. We arrived safe and sound at Park Nacional Braulio Carillo, a rainforest park for the next part of our phase, to be met by the head ranger Don Rodolpho.

Among a plethora of wildlife, he showed us a flower called labios de muje also known as woman’s lips, trees whose roots look more like legs above ground, and which literally walk from where they grow to find the best spot. We also saw the deadliest snake in Costa Rica (in the bathroom) and the best part, a waterhole complete with waterfall! Living the dream? We think so.

We should admit it’s not all fun and games though work here consists of walking up one heck of a hill, carrying bags of rocks in our backpacks to lay on the trail. We think we are doing about 15 kilometres per day but we’re hardcore so we get it done by lunch. Good training for the trek (feel the burn!). So after working hard all morning and collapsing in near exhaustion at lunch we get to leg it down to the river to wash off all the dirt and stay there all afternoon. It’s a tough life!


  1. For Fabienne, Alhpa Romeo 3
    Hallo Fabbie,
    helaas in het laatste bericht uit de jungle geen foto waarop jij te zien bent; de beschrijving geeft een wisselend beeld van hard werken en genieten van de natuur (behalve slangen?)! wat ziet het er daar prachtig uit.
    Hier hebben we een paar dagen lenteweer. ben met mama wezen shoppen in maasmechelen. Deze week moet jij beslissen over al dan niet verder reizen na afloop van raleigh. ik zal alvast info inwinnen bij continental airlines wat je kunt doen met je ticket. Nog heel veel plezier met je community project. ben benieuwd naar de foto's en de ervaringen. Have Fun, take care, veel liefs. pap XX

  2. Steve and Diane23 March 2011 at 03:02

    Hola Wellard! What a fabulous life - apart from the snake in the bathroom of course! The pictures on the blog look superb. Hard work you are used to but then being rewarded by time near the waterfall? That's something else ! There are lots of email messages waiting for you. No doubt you'll collect them from the local town when you return to fieldbase. Everything is fine here. No engagements, weddings, births etc to report -although now we've said that there will probably be a jinx somewhere along the road. Let us know where you intend to go to after phase 3. BST will soon be here so the UK will then be an additional hour ahead of where you are. Continue to enjoy the company of whoever you are with and all that you are doing and seeing. Remember Plan B and take good care of yourself. Speak to you soon. Lots of love from Mum and Dad. xxxxxxx

  3. Rosie Webb, Alpha 6

    Hi Rozza Roo,
    Seems like its too late to send any more letters, so ill say hello with a little comment on here Firstly scrap that pic of the Bridesmaid dress,if you recieved it that is, they sent us the wrong sizes, so theyve gone back, but they were the last ones in that colour! boo!

    How is the Jungle? We are still Missing you!
    The real inspiration for me writing today was i saw a Picture of a tasty pieminister, and you are my orig pie pal and the suns shining today too!

    I think we are going to the pub tomorrow to welcome your brother back, which will be cool.

    Everything else is same as usual. Although on a good note, ive lost a whole stone so far!

    Hope your well and still enjoying it, and not too runny (if you know what i mean)

    Cant wait to seeeee yooouuuuu and hear your trekking tales! Much Love Tansy xxxxxxxxx

  4. Helena Parker Alpha Romeo 3
    So good to see your second report. We have been checking the website and passing it on to anyone who is interested. Penny wondered why you were in an Italian car! All sounds fun (except for the snake!) We keep posting on here and hope you are getting the messages. Puppy training variable. Lunched in the garden today it must've been at least 18C - ie quite chilly for you!
    lots of love M

  5. TIM NIEHE alpha romeo 3
    joehoe liefste apenzoon, hoop zo dat we elkaar nog even kunnen spreken voordat je met rugzak gaat afzien!Heb skype 24/7 aan, dus moet lukken...Big hug, K,I,A,A,B,B

  6. For Jessy boon cowler - delta Romeo 4

    Hola mi amore! Sorry haven't written in a while, had a whirlwind (relatively, nothing compared to yours I'm sure!) few weeks which have beer tiring but really fun! Just sat in gatwick in that place we had breakfast once..I just can't wait until we go on holiday together again..let's do it soon!! Paul has a girlfriend now! Would u beelieve it? His infectious s permanent-smile ismakinf me nautious! Well when u get back I'll outdo him for smiles because I will be happiest person in the world. Better go now as food is here, will write soon! Hope u are having an amazing time and are staying safe! I love you more than anything and I miss u sooo much it makes me sick. All my love, your alex xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Just seen 2 beautiful photos on blog of wonderful scenery......scared by news of deadly snake in bath!
    Hope we will be able to skype/email soon. The afternoons at the waterhole sound wonderful. We all send you tons of love.
    Mum xx

  8. Hi Loubdy Lou Simpson
    Wow how proud are we of you. What an experience and how much we cant wait to hear all about it. We are missing you loads but please come home cause Freddy needs to see Lou Lou cant really comment on Lilly May as she just says URE URE could be suprised cause she actually says alittle more.
    Love yoy loads
    Linny & Arth xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. Hi Sophie congrats on completing the trek sounds fantastic .whatever you do now will be easy!Hope the eye is OK. Grans new hip is going well!she can walk unaided.I am going to france next week to launch the boat[only for 3 days] .Well we hope you continue to enjoy the rest of your stay and have made good friends.We are looking forward to hearing all your adventures .Gran and I both send our love. xxx

  10. TIM NIEHE:
    Joehoe liefste apenzoon! Wat een super bericht, zie je gewoon 'afdwingen' heet dat, als je iets heel graag wilt!
    Wat zal jij een super 3 weken krijgen. Eigenlijk heb je een geweldige opbouw gehad en het zwaarste, maar misschien wel leukste stuk op het laatst. Geniet!!!! Love you, big hug, K,I,A,A,B,B

    Hope all is going well with the project and the blisters from the building work are not too big.
    Enjoy your celebration and I look forward to seeing you in April.
    Lots of love DAD

  12. Mari Huws Jones Alpha Romeo 2

    Haia Mar! Byddi bron a chyrraedd y mor erbyn hyn. Rydym wedi cael chydig o dy hanes - a dau lun! -edrych fel petae ti yn ei chanol hi! - ar y blog. Gobeithio fod y daith wedi bod yn un dda, a dy fod wedi gweld a chlywed rhyfeddodau.

    Cefaist lythyr gan Brifysgol Caerdydd heddiw am lety. Rhaid trefnu ar y we - ffoniais i ofyn, a thrio trefnu ar y ffon/trwy lythyr. Byddi di'n cael blaenoriaeth beth bynnag am dy fod eisoes wedi derbyn a sicrhau lle yno, ond wedyn mae'n gyntaf i'r felin. Mae nhw'n gyrry cyfrinair i ti i dy ebost - felly naill ai rwyt ti angen defnyddio hwnnw os cei di afael ar gyfrifiadur,a mynd i wefan Caerdydd (www.caerdydd.ac.uk/residences) neu mi wyt ti angen rhoi dy gyfrinair 'gwgws' i fi, er mwyn i mi fynd i chwilio amdano yn dy ebyst - os ti'n fodlon, gallet wneud hyn ar y ffon pan cei gyfle.

    Pawb yn iawn yma. Mae'n gwneud tywydd hynod o braf, fel Mehefin am dippyn heddiw. Bues yn cerdded o'r Garn i Foel Hebog - roeddem ar streic yn y coleg oherwydd bygythiad i bensiynau - diwrnod i'r brenin. Catrin yn dod adra dros y Sul.

    Cariad mawr atat - mae'n rhyfedd yma hebddot!
    Mam xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  13. Hi Charlotte Stephen Delta Romeo 2! D in Nashend sends Spring greetings. Hope you've had fab trek- you'll be fit by now! Posted 3 letters to you.Eng v Sri Lanka today in World Cup cricket semi- bet you're on edge.Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures.Love D X

  14. to:Andrés Chavalazo
    Delta romeo 6 (now, I do not knok what is the last group name)
    From: Má
    hola mi flaco. Espero que mamá le hay a dado el abrazo que le mandé. Lo estraño mucho!!! ya se siente mucho el vacío por la casa, pero se que pronto la llenarás de risas, de abrazos, de historias que estamos deseosos de escuchar.
    Te amo con todo mi corazón y espero ansiosa tu regreso. Fue duro no verte, pero se que esto te ayudará a valoirar más el tesoro de la familia.
    Que Dios te cuide y te bendiga!!

  15. To: Nacho (Ignacio Camacho
    Alfa Romeo 3?????
    bendiciones, abrazos y besos.
    Te queremos mucho hijo. Ya caso nos volvemos a ver Nachito, ya casi. Aprovechen al máximo esta aventura que esta en su recta final.
    Que Dios te cuide mucho.

  16. for Fabienne Ouwehand alpha romeo 3 from Julie, the netherlands.

    Hee Fabbeeerd!!
    Hoe gaat het met je? Super leuk je berichtje op facebook!
    Goed om te horen dat je het zo naar je zin hebt daar, volgens mij doe je ook elke dag zulke toffe dingen. Niet iets wat je dagelijks meemaakt in ieder geval!! Hoe was het feest met je prinsessenjurk? Wat ben je nu precies aan het doen qua activiteit? Is het zwaar wat je moet doen? haha ik lees je vaders berichtje hierboven, met iets over slangen???
    Slaap je trouwens nog elke dag in de jungle of slaap je nu in het dorpje waar je bezig bent?

    Bij mij gaat alles goed verder, school gaat ook weer de goede kant op, heb uiteindelijk nog een her gehaald dus ik was helemaal blij! Helaas heb ik aanstaande maandag weer tentamens dus deze hele week weer leren maar daarna lekker twee weekjes vrij! Jeeej!
    Ja verjaardag was heel gezellig, ik ben ook al begonnen met rijlessen en heb nu al 6 lessen gehad, vanavond weer. Ik had gister m'n theorie en daar ben ik dus voor gezakt, haha echt supererg en best wel heel erg dom indd, maar ik had 2 fouten teveel. Dus die moet ik nu weer opnieuw maken:( en dit keer ook zelf betalen helaas.

    Oh superleuk trouwens dat je nog gaat doorreizen, weet je al met wie en hoe en waar naar toe? Fab, nog heel heeel heel veel plezier daar, geniet ervan en ik ga het blog in de gaten houden op reactie terug!
    Xxxxxx dikke kus!!

  17. To Sabrina Napthine,

    Hey sis! Missing you big time now, londons just not the same without your pikey self around! The pics from the trips look amazing, can you get me a free trip over to join :-)

    What's been your most favourite bit so far? Give me some juicy stories!

    Miss you muchos
    Ash x x x



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