Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Alpha Romeo 4 turtle power!

Alpha Romeo 4 finished their trail building project at La Cangreja after a week into phase 2. So imagine their surprise when they found out that their bonus 10 day project was to build trails and dig trenches to save turtles at Playa Hermosa. Aaaaah! Here's Charlie 'Chich' Chichester to explain more.

La Playa Hermosa: a seafront paradise, green palms, bright blue sea, and a small house right on the beach. We wake up in such a beautiful place with the sound of waves crashing, however it's always accompanied by the sweet sound of venturers' snores.

We've been digging trenches and clearing sand in the morning for Costa Rican turtles and clearing out of control jungle paths in the afternoon, next to a crocodile-infested river. As we are more ferocious than the crocs no one seems to be worried, not even our hobble-legged PM Jonny who returned to us after breaking his foot on trek. Jonny isn't quite up to joining the few of our venturers who go for a 5am run along the sand but he is making progress.

Sadly it is the wrong season to see the turtles. Some of us planned to ride them off into the blue horizon of the sea [blogger: good job they hid then!] but a lot of the eggs are at least now secure.

So instead, while working in the baking hot sun, many of us are beginning to look like freshly cooked lobsters. It will all be worth it  though as we'll have helped a new generation of turtles blossom!


  1. For Caroline Murray Alpha romeo 4 from Mum and Dad

    Hi Munchkin! Just spoken to you on the phone. How lovely to hear your voice and all your tales. We have now seen the new pics on the web and it looks great! What an experience. Just spoke to Will and he is really pleased for you and can't wait to see you at Easter. he will be home till the end of April. You will have so much raleigh talk to share! Can't wait to see more pics of volcanoes or whatever next you will be involved with. We will keep blogging next week onwards but to tell the truth compared with you very little has been happening here! Will speak again soon.

    much love as always and counting the days till you are back. xxxx mum and dad xxxx

  2. Hans, Ellen en Alexa Kielstra23 March 2011 at 16:25

    To: Emilie Kielstra , Delta Romeo 3

    Lieve Emilie,

    Nog een klein uurtje slapen en je bent jarig! Alvast HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Het is een vreemd idee dat je we je morgen niet zingend kunnen wakker maken met cadeautjes op bed, je een lekker ontbijtje kunnen geven zittend op jouw versierde stoel in de keuken met slingers aan het plafond! We hopen echt dat je door jouw team goed verwend wordt morgen, de 24e!

    Als je weer op field base ben hopen we ook dat je genoeg tijd hebt om ons te bellen/skypen, maar lees eerst alvast je mails, waarin al van alles staat. Wij hopen je stem snel te horen! En volgens mij moeten al onze brieven nu ondertussen wel gearriveerd zijn (Oma schreef je er ook een).
    Vanaf nu adviseert Raleigh jullie niets meer per post te sturen en alles via de blog te schrijven.

    Verder is ondertussen Alexa officieel geïnstalleerd als gemeenteraadslid van Madurodam (was erg leuk en ze zit nu blijkbaar in een belangrijke commissie daar!), heb ik ruim 3 dagen fantastisch weer gehad in Portugal met elke dag fanatiek golfen en daarna met m'n team gezellig hangen in het zwembad onder de brandende zon. Heerlijk gehad, maar wel een beetje spierpijn! Pap heeft ondertussen hard gewerkt en voor het eerst dit jaar afgelopen weekend weer eens gegolfd met Alexa. Eigenlijk gaat hier verder alles z'n gangetje.

    Lieve schat, geniet morgen van deze vast heel speciale verjaardag waar je dan ook bent (volgens mij in de bus terug van Piedras Blancas naar Turrialba?). Maak er een onvergetelijk feestje van! Wij zullen een toast op je nieuwe levensjaar uitbrengen en de hele dag aan je denken!!

    Veel liefs van ons allen, en ook een verjaarspoot van Ginger,
    xxx mam

  3. Harry Fellows- Alpha Romeo 4

    Oh Baz, Tes here!
    Here you've told mum for us to contact you through this blog instead so hopefully i have the right one and you're getting this message on one of your many travels.
    Seems the latest one i've heard was something to do with turtles? sounds amazing!! just dont do a bvi moment where you're in the water for 20 minutes just trying to find one! haha.
    whats occurin next? still burning or is a tidy tan coming along?
    starting to feel like summer over here is well with the lush weather so donners is coming over friday for a barbie with the remaining fells and meeting dad.. i no!! weird!! haha
    how's the bald head doing? seen a picture of you and a blue cap? is it really that bad? you muppet!!
    learnt much spanish? whilst i've been learning welsh for kiss my ass, haha, you've been learning spanish i hope?!
    Home is soo boring!! the dog and you are mentioned more than anyone else. your passport photo is mums bookmark! haha.
    sooo excited for new york in two weeks time!! Got my exam time table and finished by the beginning of june.. kind of a relief but very nerve racking. being a kiss ass and joining loads of stuff in school so mum and dad think i sound a bit nerdy now joining these weird groups haha.
    asked dad if he wanted to go out for a spin in the clio the other day.. maybe a bit too soon for that pressure on dad just yet. haha. still yet to convince him to get in the car with me haha.
    ummm yeah.. nothing much really else to catch up on bazzy. just in general everything seems tidy.
    keep me informed on your travels and if you can, put some pictures up sometime soon!!
    hope you're not burning too much, missing you lots! keep safe, keep enjoying and yeah, keep up the impressive work cause by the sounds of things your group is finishing their tasks in half the time! haha. get stuck in there and just be brave you scally.
    lots of love dog xxxx

  4. Adam Chalkley Alpha Romeo 5
    Brother how are you? i guess you are now back at your field base, it would appear that you dont need to go to uni and can instead just be a plumber im sure Brian will give u some leaks to practice on when your home.

    I have started volunteering at the school, i help out at play times and help in lesson so far i have helped make bowler hats and gone baking with class 1.

    Not much has really happened in the world of sport England scraped through to the quarter finals of world cup (even though we lost to ireland and Bangladesh) thanks to a massive west Indies collapse we beat them when it looked like they were going to knock us out. We now have to wait to play Sri Lanka on saturday. Me and Dad went and watched norwich the other monday night Henri Lansbury came on and scored in the last minute before getting a assist in stoppage time as norwich won 3-1 against bristol city to move up to 2nd in the championship. The premiership has taken a break this week as its an international weekend we play wales. Tottenham have been drawn against real Madrid in the champions league next round whilst chelsea play man u. We won the 6 nation but did not get the grand slam as ireland beat us rather badly last weekend. We have spent tonight deciding on what event we want to go and see at the olympics looks like we are going to be in for a busy few days next summer with events including canoeing, volleyball, gymnastics (dads choice) and dressage.

    Have fun back at your field base and have fun on your final group i believe its a trek that you have left that will be hard work.


  5. For Martha Gray: Alpha Romeo 6

    Hi Mart, Welcome back to fieldbase! Guess what, your letter arrived today YIPEE!!
    Lot's of great news, trek sounded fantastic but blooming hard. I am scanning it now and will post to Joonnifer as she will be gagging for the gossip!

    Kirstie goes to stay with Sally & Duncan at the end of next week (for a week) as Hil & Pet are off to she has to see there is no monkey business! She will sort out Sal as regards comments on the blog. Hope you got my last letter re your results...If not, all was good so no need to worry and Mr Bonfante is geared up to do the ISA as soon as you return, so that is something to look forward to!!

    Hoping we will get some pictures soon of your return to fieldbase....get in front of the camera so Fran can focus her 1/4 eye on you. She managed to make you out with the pick over your shoulder so that was good. I have been printing off your bits of the blog so she can keep up with what you are up to.

    Have a good couple of days, and enjoy the last 3 weeks. No more letters, sorry (been a bit slack with writing this time) but will do some more posts.
    Love from us all, M xxxx

  6. Cazz, first of all thanks so much for the letter was lovely to hear from you sweet :) secondly just a few things for when your home...So, Sarah asked my today if i could go on the singing week in Derby at easter (its the 19th of April) so i assume you'll have either just got back or will be off on holiday but i told her i'd do it all same as i could really do with the money! But if you want to the offer is deffo there for you to join me haha! As well as this, some VERY exciting news (that i'd rather tell you in voice but as your the other side of the world its a bit tricky!) which is that I've been offered a job in Germany for 2 months from the start of May until June so I'll be back just in time for GLASTONBURY!! If you can call me at any point it'd be lovely to talk about it all some more (not monday or tuesday night if you do though)! If not no worries lovely we'll have a mega catch up when you're back! Not long now love love xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Yendry Castro Delta Romero 4
    hola amorcitou,
    como esta? yo estoy "asi asi"... hoy me operaron la cordal y estoy como se me hubiera agarrado a pichazos jajaja... vieras que intensa fue la cirugia, pero bueno por dicha la ejtaicy me acompano xk andaba mas nervioso... como ella tiene la experiencia de los dientes me dio muchos consejos...
    anyways, aqui estoy guardado en mi casa, super aburrido y lo peor es k esta la expo UCR y esta buenisima y no puedo salir... ughhh.. k colera...
    tengo como 3 horas de estar viendo tv, k aburrido... voy a ver si manana leo... bueno, ya me voy.. espero que todo este bien...
    pura vida

  8. Esmie Warne 11c
    Hi Ez
    I have managed to change your flight! You now leave San Jose on Thursday 21 April via Houston not NY getting back on Good Friday. I have emailed you the flight details and texted them. Try and call so we can confirm.Hope your stomach is better and the trek is good. Love you. M

  9. MAGS Chilaev (Former Delta 4)

    Just read your facebook message! Helped myself to Mum's yahoo inbox too, this feels like such a massive communication overindulgence.
    can't believe you don't have ma digitz!! ноль - семь - семь - семь - один - шесть - один - семь - четыре - два - четыре. so down with that MI6 shizzle.
    have to admit though, hearing your voice did make me a bit sad. miss you a lot. obv. and excited about this evening's shave!! ever since our first journey to st petroc's with Dr W and his magnificent bald patch, you know it was secretly my dream to one day be able to carry around a little piece of polishing cloth in case of the need for that emergency shine xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. Andy Brown alpha 6
    HI andy hope all is ok !! all ok at home son going to nans sunday till monday night with pip of course~~ loving photos of u all there great as usual iv tagged u on facebook!! enjoy last phase love cant wait to give u a big big squeeeeze lol. love u lots of love mum xxxxxxx

  11. To: Eliana Leon

    Chancletaaaaa regrese!!! jajaja hey q lindo ayudar tortugas... solo x eso la dejo que se quede mas!! que tan bonito en serio!!! fijo ya esta toda peluda iugg jajaja la quiero maaa y la extraño mucho!!! recuerde q aqui siempre pensamos en ud!!!!




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