Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Alpha Romeo 5... job done!

Our Alpha Romeos are all on their way back to the fieldbase fold as I type. It'll soon be (organised) chaos again during their two 'changeover' days, as we hear all about their stories, work and the fun we missed out on.

Meanwhile here's a short blog from Alpha Romeo 5, Achuapa to give you an idea of what they've been up to. No doubt many of them will tell you themselves when they get in touch when they're here!

Words: Jo Blackwood and Gemma Hall

After a fun-filled daytrip to the baseball we started work on Monday feeling fresh and determined to finish the job! The week had been filled with digging the last two trenches, gluing all the tubes together and installing the taps at our families houses. The final taps are now in place and we are ecstatic to say that there are no leaks, no problems, and the system is complete with every tap working beautifully. All we have left to do is fill our lovingly dug trenches leaving no trace but our handprints in cement!

Our last two days will be spent enjoying San Marqueña with a visit to the beautiful Rio Grande and returning in the afternoon for a fiesta with the locals kindly organized by the co-operative. There will be speeches, dancing and no doubt tears (from the boys).

Monday is our final day in which we will be spending time with our families. Hopefully we can beat the locals at baseball again (2-0 to Raleigh!). Tuesday morning brings the final goodbye and the beginning of our two day journey back to fieldbase. Bring on the Disco Bus! 

For now, all’s that’s left to say is…job done!

Love from Alpha Romeo Fiver.

PS Watch out fieldbase, Alphalfa and her five Romeos are coming to town…!
PPS Shout out to all our loved ones, we miss you all very much!!!


  1. Yvonne Reynolds23 March 2011 at 13:32

    Hi Chris Reynolds Delta Romeo 6

    Guess you are coming to the end of your Phase 2 project. Hope youve enjoyed it - your muscles should be huge after 6 weeks of building work! We haven't heard anything of your group during this phase other than to let us know everyone was safe after the Japan earthquake and tsunami, so looking forward to hearing from you hopefully when you return to field base at the end of the week and cant wait to hear where you are going next. Alans birthday today - not that he's celebrating as he has to revise for an exam on Friday! no way to spend your birthday is it? Anyway he and Derek are going to the rugby on Friday -sale sharks v leeds and then he and dad are going to Donington for the weekend to the World Superbikes, so Ill have the place to myself - heaven!! Keep safe and happy and hopefully speak to you at the weekend if youre able to make contact. Lots of love Mum, Dad & Alan xxxx

  2. For Ben Stamp 11C alpha Romeo Five
    Hi Darling, we feel so proud of you. Hear you are on your way back to fieldbase and hope all is OK.Have put requested numbers on your hotmail. Dad is staying at the Casa Roland hotel in S.J. on 3rd April and is greatly looking forward to seeing you on the 4th in Palmar Norte.The crew can't wait to see you and nor can I!! All our love Mum and Dadxxxx

  3. for gemma hall alpha romeo 5

    GEMMAAA, just got your letter, i am not going to lie about the situation i am currently in, the tears just streamed out i had no control!! the card was fantastic, and honestly the sketch will be making its way to the tate very shortly! it sounds so so so amazing i am super jealous, particularly of the tan!! i am not sure how long it takes for these messagaes to get to you so i will return the birthday cheer to you and there will be one massive cake of your choice when you return! i would also like to use this message to congratulate you on Newcastle so happy for you :) big love and hugs, enjoy the rest of your trip and see you soon, yaaaayyyy!!!! xxxxxxxxxx alice

  4. Jessica Henderson delta Romeo 4
    Woohoo Jess, I just caught up on the post about your turtle work, sounds amazing and I cannot wait to see your photos. I am sat at home alone watching bring it on 3: all or nothing (sha boo yah....) but heading back to Warminster tomorrow. Was in Port last night so it's been a travelling week, but we are hoping for lovely weather tomorrow so me Chris and Diz can go to Swanage for a picnic. Not sure when you're back at base, but I will be at chris' til Wednesday, then at a b&b on thurs cos we're going on holiday on a 6am flight on Friday morning...just to Portugal but it will be 5 days of chilling and the wine is cheap! Anyhow, I hope I get to speak to you before I go, but if I don't o hope you like all your blog posts/emails/fb messages I have sent you...happy reading!! Miss you millions x Love you Skangy xxx
    ps forget all I said about dresses being sorted- they're the wrong colour so it's back to the drawing board now, dammit x



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