Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Alpha Romeo 6 find themselves in a hole!

Alpha Romeo 6 has rocked into the little village of La Colmena in Nicaragua in style, bearing gifts of pineapples and watermelons for our soon-to-be families. 

We were welcomed with open arms and our new favourite meal has quickly become rice beans and tortillas! We have all thrown ourselves into Nicaraguan life; grinding maize, picking beans and milking cows. 

Meanwhile the work on the community centre is underway, including our expansion project which consists of a flower garden and a very deep long drop! We have even begun a side project of clearing land in preparation of building a house for a local family and have found two new recruits in the form of baby rabbits which the family named 'Hazel' and 'Josseling.' 
El maestro de obra keeps a watchful eye over Clemmie's handy work.

The children are learning more English everyday as we have been teaching them some essential vocabulary such as greetings and how to say rice, beans and chicken! 

Alpha Romeo 6 - Sharing their experiences with the local school children.

But it’s not all hard work here in this mountain village as we have still found time to party with the locals for Holly and Chloe's 'madres' birthday. This project is going to be something the village truly can be proud of and we can't wait for the celebrations when all is complete!

Almost there!


  1. To Chris Reynolds - Delta Romeo 6

    Great to see you are having such a great time, we are planning to landscape the garden but think we will wait for your return and abuse your expertise. Enjoy the warm weather as Spring seems to be taking a while to arrive here. Take care & enjoy every moment Love from Viv & Avi xxxx

  2. Hazel Foley Alpha Romeo 6

    Hey there Miss Builder! It's Jody here :)
    I've been away for Hannah's birthday, more crazy times in Ormskirk haha! I see you're getting on great, I'm kinda jealous of the rice, beans and tortillas! I've told everyone to send you messages so I'll have to repost the link to remind them I reckon! I'm so happy to see smiling :D
    I miss you loads and can't wait to hear from you!
    I love you, love Jody xxxxxxx

  3. Hannah Leach - Alpha Romeo 2
    Roo - Just a few days now until I whisk Mum away on her mystery birthday trip - have so far managed not to spill the beans although I have come close - she is trying to guess where it could be within in 8 hours flying time of Dubai which is a good chunk of the world.
    We have also been invited to the Dubai World Cup - the richest horse race in the world day we come back - soooo decadent - deressed up and drinling champagne in the sun.
    Hope the boots and the feet are holding out.
    Missing you - querida - Love Papi

  4. Martha Gray: Alpha Romeo 6

    Great to get the latest update on the Blog. Now that I know you can get yourself into a toilet perhaps I won’t be the only one who seems to be able to clean them at home !!

    Community centre looks like it is making good progress, I hope you will be able to do some of the painting. No sign of your letter yet, I am beginning to think that Kirstie may have hidden it just to tease me......she will be in big trouble if that is the case.

    Looking forward to home ground Tortillas when you get home.....wouldn’t mind some of those coffee beans smuggled out either!

    Love Mum xx

  5. To Chloë Webster, Alpha Romeo 6
    My Darling Chlo, I can hardly believe it - very impressive action with the pickaxe! SO exciting to see some pictures on the blog (which as you can imagine I have been checking rather too regularly!)and there's those purple gloves in action too! Will they withstand all that hard work I wonder.
    If you are reading this then I have succeeded, as my last attempts seem to disappear. We are thinking of you so much and wondering what is happening, so this last news on the blog is great. We will be thinking extra hard on Friday for your birthday and sending you a huge and very HAPPY HAPPY day.
    How is the spanish coming on?
    There should be post for you soon and we will keep checking the blog. Well done darls and we send so many hugs and all our love.

  6. Message for Jimmy Donger Alpha Romeo 6

    Oh Jimmy seeing your smiling face in a hole and up against a wall in La Colmena makes us miss you even more! It sounds like your group is doing some great work there and a huge contrast to your weeks' trekking. All good here. WD and I off to Jordan on Sunday to see Miss Liz and otherwise we're well settled in sunny Oxford. Al beavering away and G just G. Thinking of you so much. Love the fam. xxxxx

  7. Message for James Lee Alpha Romeo 6. Just seen your new photos, what an ideal village La Colmena
    is to be involved with the community project. I have been taking the information off the Internet. Just visited Leo with the usual cheesecake, but I am not you. Mum is getting ready to go to America all my friends are deserting me. Birthday meal on Friday. Love Nan
    I know you will be home soon. Love Nan

  8. for Tom Fear Alpha Romeo 4
    Hi Tom
    hope all is well with you. WE missed your help putting up the yurts....got them all mixed up but they're up now and we're not about to go faffing about with them any more. Its the big clean up now to get ready for next week when we open. Wether has been really great the last few days and so we've been working outside a lot.....expect you have too?
    How's the re-fried beans? have you give3n up and started eating them yet....you will I'm sure. We'll get them in ready for your homecoming!!!!
    Looking forward to hearing what you have been up two.....can't believe you've been gone two weeks today. Don't forget your rRabies injection on 24th...hope you managed to store it somewhere safe until then.
    Hopefully speak to you on Skype when you're back at base camp.
    Lots love Mum and dad xxx
    PS the new lodger is working out fine...even paying rent!

  9. Sophie Anderson16 March 2011 at 13:41

    For Clemmie Anderson - Alpha Romeo 6 phase 2
    Hi darling, loved the photographs in the latest blog update - being a bricky is an unsupected talent, perhaps you and Will should become a team. No news from UCAS yet but had message from Bristol saying they're extending interviews to mid April due to so many applications... We miss you but all is well here. How are the rice and beans and any spiders worth mentioning? All our love - M,D and Florence XXXXX

  10. Dear Martha,
    Jane has sent me the link to your project.The photos look great. I do hope you are enjoying yourself - it looks as if you are all doing something very worthwhile.
    Good luck for the rest of your stay.
    Gwyneth (Jan's sister, and Jan sends love too!)

  11. Tim & Tracy Edwards17 March 2011 at 04:09

    For Holly Edwards Alpha Romeo 6

    Hi Hols - Still following the Blog with great interest = looks like a great project and some good fun too!
    All well here - Cleos new saddle is excellent (apparently!)Ella came for the weekend and was very impressed with your NOW very tidy room ho ho - she sends her love and said she really liked the sound of going off to do good somewhere around the world - maybe your next project together ?!
    Miss you loads and hope you get chance to drop us an e mail before too long

    All our love Dad Mum, Cleo Marbs (v pregnant) Ted and Dotster XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  12. Hello Chloe! I don't think our last comment reached you but then maybe I didn't choose the right 'profile'! We just all want to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY and we're thinking of you today - I hope you've been able to celebrate; along with all your hard work - we like the impressive 'axing' action in the photo! Looking forward to seeing the progress in the next bit of news.WEll Done. Lots of love Auntie Jacks xx

  13. Hazel Foley Alpha Romeo 6

    Hazel, i miss your face. That is all ;) Hope you're having a great time, don't forget nat's turtle. Love you mate, phin xxxx

  14. for sabina bridge, alpha romeo 6

    Hi Binko, great to see you are still smiling!
    Very impressive with what you are doing.
    Keep up the good work.
    Miss you lots,
    daddio & mamio xxx

  15. Martha Gray: Alpha Romeo 6

    Hi Mar,

    Hope you are well, it's lovely to see you photos and to see that you are still standing on the sidelines letting the others do the work ( slacker! :) ). I have finally sent you something so you should get it soon. Hope your not to sun burnt and that you are actually getting a tan. Facilities look chapel standard so I know you will be having a rave. Not long now so enjoy it and we will see you soon

    Lots of love Wave and Mary xxxxxxx

  16. Hazel Foley Alpha Romeo 6,

    Hi there again :) I thought I'd try and get a final message to you before you head back to base camp. I have a new phone cos my old one died completely! Its a new contract one so I'll message you with my new number for when you get onto facebook again. I miss you like crazy. I hope you're having a great time still! Love your Jody xxxxx

  17. For Holly Edwards Alpha Romeo 6

    Hi Hols
    Probably my last blog for a little while - I deploy on Thursday (24th Mar)looking forward to getting stuck in to it now. keep up the good work and dont forget to get e mailing me when you get back to the real world.
    I love you lots and am very proud of you
    Make sure you look after Mummy while I am away

    keep up the good work
    Loads of love and hugs

  18. coucou Sander!!alpha romeo 6

    wat een prachtervaring:een verrijking:ongelooflijk wat je doet!!zo zie je dat jonge mensen ook echt iets voor elkaar over hebben:prachtig gewoon...
    je moeder is hier nu bij ons en vertelt over je missies...ze is heel fier en mag dat ook echt zijn!!
    Wij gaan morgen samen naar parijs en maken er een leuke en gezellige dag van!!

    veel groetjes en veel moed

    Mieke(mama van Hendrik en Liesbet)

  19. Lieve Sander,
    Je tweede gedeelte zit erop, hoorde ik van Miron!
    Hij had je op Facebook gezien. Wat een leuke fotos van jouw groep bij jullie nieuw gebouwde huis. Ik hoop dat je het nog steeds zo naar je zin hebt en dat je ons dit weekend weer probeert te bellen. Ik ben nu een weekje in Parijs en logeer nu bij Mieke. Ik heb Linda en Fred dit weekend gezien samen met je vader. Hij zondagavond weer terug gegaan met de TGV want hij moest maandag weer werken. Je broertjes hebben ondertussen een groot feest gegeven ter ere van onze afwezigheid. Gelukkig hielden de moeders van Bernard en Thibaut een oogje in het zeil. Alles verder goed hier! Verheug me er erg op om je weer te zien over een maand. Alsi k je niet meer spreek een hele gezellige verjaardag op je trektocht door de jungle Bisous maman

  20. For James Lee Alpha Romeo 6
    Hi James
    Hope you are ok.Thanks for my birthday card,It imade me laugh!! I love the picture of you standing in the hole, you look so happy:) I arrived in Rochester 2 days ago and am only just getting used to the time difference. The weather forcast for tomorrow is for 4inches of snow so I'm pleased I bought my new boots with me! Make the most of your last few days of your trip, I am really looking forward to seeing the photo's and hearing all about it. I will give you a call on Monday. I hope you have a good journey home.
    Love you loads
    x x xx x xx

  21. Alpha Jankee 1 Sander wat is er met je haar gebeurd? Is het zo warm in Costa Rica? Ik hoorde van je vader dat je 2e groep ook weer een groot succes was. Hopelijk is je laatste groep ook leuk.Het lijkt me in ieder geval een prachtige wandeltocht die je aan het maken bent. Vandaag met Duco naar Delft geweest waar hij volgend jaar technische natuurkunde gaat studeren. Papa heeft jou opgegeven voor Wageningen en medicijnen in Utrecht. Vergeet niet na te denken wat je nu echt wil gaan doen volgend jaar! Ik ga nu een weekje naar Mazamet met Els en nog 3 andere vriendinnen. Ik verheug me erop je weer te zien; nog 21 dagen.... Veel plezier met je verjaardag en blijf niet in de hoofdstad als je de laatste 4 dagen alleen bent erg gevaarlijk!!
    Big bisous maman.

  22. For Chloe Webster (a.k.a Julie)
    Alpha Romeo 6

    Me Jules,
    Hope you are having the most amazing time, just wrote you a long message that you can look at when you next get the internet!!! so get excited! anyway hope the trek is going well and your back is not yet broken! KEEP GOING!!!
    X X X X X



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