Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Alpha Romeo Fiver - A storm in a teacup!

Alpha Romeo Fiver have taken San Marquena by storm!! We have made great progress so far with Don Diego and the cooperative being very impressed with our work ethic and lightning speed!

Don Diego and Raleigh venturers side by side.
So far, trenches for water pipes have been dug to seven houses going through the heart of the community with a few more to go!
Richard, his trusty 'gators' and Ben on their way into village with the water pipes. Makes a change for Ben who is normally more accustomed to blocking the pipes!

We've also started cementing the dam and done some serious rock collecting! Our families have been incredibly welcoming making us feel so accepted here. During the evenings there has been singing and dancing with even a special Nicaraguan birthday song for Adam on Friday (Happy Birthday Adam!) The day also included large doses of 'ordenado' cake made from maize, butter and sugar.

Everyone has made huge efforts to learn Spanish to speak with their families and in turn English lessons put on by us in the local school have been very popular and fun!

Alpha Romeo 5 enjoying a rare break - PMs Chris (second left) and Asia (far right)

We treated ourselves to go and watch a couple of cheeky games of baseball on our day off in support of our local Achuapa team (top of the national league!) But now back to the hard work come Monday!
Love Alpha Romeo Fiver.
(Words - Gemma Hall and Jo Blackwood)


  1. Message for Jennifer McGowan, Alpha Romeo 5.
    Hi Jen, great to see your happy smiling face on the blog! It seems to have been a while, but you are still not standing close enough to the camera for Gran! Sounds like you are making great progress with the water supply. Hope you enjoyed the baseball. Watford seem to be safe this season. I guess your letter is still on its way? lots of love Mum and Dad

  2. For Camilla O'C Alpha Romeo 1

    Hi Cam. So ManU beat Marseille 2-1 and in so doing barely scraped through to the quarter finals. It was a pity,. Marseille came so close to scoring in the last few minutes and only needed one more away goal to qualify. Chelsea v Copenhagen tomorrow.

    Other than that, nothing very exciting. Your grandmother had her second computer class. Your mother is worried about the plaster on your shoulder in the photos. Looking forward to speaking to you in a couple of weeks.

    Love you xxxx

  3. Richard & Jenny Chalkley16 March 2011 at 04:25

    Adam Chalkley - Alpha 5
    Hi Adam, lovely to hear and see what you're up to in Nicaragua. It looks as if you are getting on really well with the water pipes which will be wonderful for the villagers. Glad to hear you celebrated your Birthday in a real Nicaraguan way (look forward to hearing more when you get back to base). Not a lot of news from this end Dad and Mark went to a stone show in London yesterday (bet your jealous!!) and tonight M is refereeing we're supposed to be going to the gym but not sure whether will power will hold out!! M is really fed up to day as home is without electricity all day (changing some poles I think) so no TV, radio or laptop I think it will be a long day!! He is starting to come into school tomorrow David has lots of things lined up for him beginnig with Art!! Had better stop now and get on with some work!!
    Do take care and keep enjoying your time out there, missing you loads.
    Love Mum & Dad

  4. Niiicccceee work!!
    Sounds like its all going well!
    I guessed you wrote the blog (as it was your style) before I saw you had wrote it!
    All is well here, not really much to report, except I don't think I am going away on training camp so will see you sooner!
    Miss you loads and can't wait too see you!
    Tom xxxxx

  5. Lucy Illingworth16 March 2011 at 07:41

    Meg Illingworth - Alpha Romeo 5
    Hey Megs!!

    Pictures look great!! Glad to hear your working hard and can't wait to hear all the Spanish you've learnt when you get back! hehe!! I've got loads of uni work on at the moment so leading a very boring life, mostly in the library!! Purdy and I have our first event on Friday and I can't wait and Elmo has been coming on so well that we have entered him for a little ODE in April!! Last night I went with Becky and Davi to see The Script and they were really good!! Alan Carr is coming to Nottingham on tour in October - we should totally go!!! Hope you're not getting too tanned, we had about 2 days of nice weather and now its really miserable again! Bring on the summer and inter-railing i say!!

    Keep having fun!!

    Lots of loveeeeee
    Lucy xxxxxxxxxx

  6. For Ben Stamp 11c alpha romeo 5
    Hi Ben looks as if you are having a super time you always seem to be next to a blond girl!

  7. Paul and Maurits16 March 2011 at 14:10

    Looks cool Richard - "huge efforts to learn Spanish" ? - good luck, impress us! Maurits will go to Boston University for a coup[le of weeks this sumer, I just spend a couple of dys abroad with Chinese clients - very interesting! CU soon!

  8. for gemma hall alpha romeo 5
    gem it sounds and looks so awesome, i hope you are well and loving every minute, cannot wait to hear about it all when you get back. every time one of our coupe songs comes on i cannot help but sing as loud as possible and yes that does include whole again!!! love you like a jaffa cake loves orange marmalade!!! xxxxx alice

  9. For Joanne Blackwood Alpha Romeo 5

    Hey Jo-Bean!

    I know Im rubbish at technology and it has taken me ages to find what group you are in on this website but you look great!!! Luckily I could tell that you had written this! I miss you loads but you look like you are having the best time! I will post you another letter and your birthday card this week so it should get to you in time!!

    I am watching Mumma Mia it makes me miss you more!!

    Thinking of you always!!

    Love you millions


  10. for Freya - alpha romeo 5
    Wow, it all looks amazing - certainly no chillaxing poolside holiday but sounds like you're enjoying yourself!
    Mum's home tonight so I'll be back to my heavenly dog-free home as of tomorrow - HOORAH. It's certainly been an experience.....!!
    Not much else to report, all seems very dull compared to your adventure.
    Missing you heaps, as is Jakey pup (he sends a big sloppy kiss), can't wait to hear all about it in a few weeks.
    Love you lots, Holly x x x

  11. For Ben Stamp - alpha romeo 5

    Looks like you having a great time, i can't believe how quick its gone! I saw a rare treat a few weeks ago, (you may want to sit down for this)not just a derby goal, but a Derby WIN!!!

    Looking forward to seeing you and Mike, I have England v France recorded and some beers on ice in preparation for your return, ENJOY!

    Yours truly,

  12. for Freya - Alpha Romeo 5

    Hi Freya, I'm back from my amazing travels - at least we were on the same continent for a while! Sounds as if you're having some fantastic and rewarding experiences. Keep up the good work - I'm so proud of you and all the team. Looking forward to seeing you next month, and best of luck for the final project.

    Heaps of love, Mum xxx

  13. For Dawn Tennant, Delta 6
    Hi Dawn,
    still nothing on blog about what your group is up to, but will keep looking!
    Finding very difficult going shopping for the outfit for the wedding and chosing one on my own! I wish you were here... Harry is now all of 6lbs 8oz!!! And like daniel said the other day when he saw harry on skype: 'he now looks like a proper little person'.....excuse me???!!! what was he before??? Hope you are still having a fab time. Nothing much to report from here. Cannot wait to hear from you when you get back to campbase. Miss you loads. Love. M. xxx



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