Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Delta 2: The Night Before Raleigh

The Delta 2 Momotombo trekkers are an artistic bunch. We've had a poem from Lucy Pearson and I've recently been handed this one from an earlier road trip visit. Part two is to follow after all the Delta groups have returned to fieldbase on Friday.

By Simon Keirle

T'was the night before Raleigh and all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse
Their clothes were packed in drybags with care
In the hope that the venturers soon would be there.

So Delta 2 had formed, the viagra posse
They walked in the heat and through mock river crossings
The whole first day passed without any such glitch
And all soon rejoiced for they had found the football pitch.

They sat in a circle and reviewed the day clapping
and then fell asleep to the rain's gentle tapping
Delta 2 were nestled, all snug in their tents
As thoughts of pork and beans danced in their heads.

While out on the field there arose such a clatter
Delta 2 sprung from their sleeping bags to see what was the matter
Away to the tent door they flew like a flash,
Ripped open the zip and threw open the sash.

Anchored by pegs at 45 degree angled skews
The tents shone brightly in the fresh fallen dew
When what to their wondering eyes should appear
But a glorious figure of a man, clad in fresh hiking gear.

The tall slender silhouette, so quick and so lively
They knew in a moment - it must be St Ivy
He cried "the valentines tip of the day is to stay single!"
This was certainly no Santa Claus, St Nick or Chris Cringle.

More rapid than eagles, St Ivy he came
And called all Delta 2 ladies by name:
Vamos Claudia! Vamos Lucy!
Vamos to Jessy! And Vamos Tooty!
Hurry up Vicky! Get ready Chrissy!
The same applies to Sem, Sarah and Lizzie!

He sprung with his spade, through his rucksack clip gave a whistle
And away they all flew, like the down of a thistle
With luminous tape holding together Will's boots
They still found no shop selling fresh veg or fruits.

Their backpacks were full, littered with carabina clips
And filled to the brim with Ivan's top tips
For all through the day, they walked with profound glee
And dreamt up strange creatures - a hairy dolphin and a shaven monkey.

They sailed over mountains with great ease and flair
But nothing was so inspiring as Kaz's "OH YEAH!"
When darkness fell and the group was hard of sight
Andres led the way, for his nose was so bright.

The blurry old  map told of the good progress they had made
So they took a quick nap in the cool breezy shade
They walked all day long, off the beaten track
Until what should they find, but a haunted radio shack.

And as St Ivy stayed to make the evening phone call
The rest pattered down to the crisp waterfall
After four ghosts in the kitchen made Vicky scream
Ivy gently whispered "Goodnight to all, living the dream".


    dE. DE MAMITA. :)
    Su papá y yo estamos muy felicies de saber que pronto vamos a poder hablar con ud, llame a la casa y si no estoy llame a su papa al celular.
    Te amamos muchisimo mi preciosa delta 6,corazón de león.♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ mil besos!!!!!!

  2. para ignacio camacho piedra /delta 5.
    De : xinia, mamá de yen.
    un fuerte abrazo para todo el grupo..q alegria saber q pronto llegan a turrialba.espero oir de uds.

  3. Para yendry 6
    De: mamita♥♥♥
    Stacy tiene apartamento.
    Wainner está en panamá.
    Llamé a carolina, hablé con Marcos y todo en orden, tal como acordaron.
    Y lo mejor de todo, Edgar compró algo... es una sorpresa jajajajaajaaaa!!!!:)
    Mi princesa cuando nos volvamos a ver lo primero que vamos a hacer es ir a desayunar juntas y la voy a invitar a un delicioso gallo pinto con tortilla y natillita a la tica!!!!!(jijiji).
    Te amo!!!!!

  4. Martha Gray: Alpha 1
    We are hoping for an update today as we haven't had a flash of you since the 21st and I believe from the other posts that all the Alphas were back at Base from yesterday. You must all be fighting fit and toned after your 3 weeks of major workout (I am jealous). I bet you are enjoying your couple of days of "Herbal Essences" moments before launching into the next challenge.....make the most of it. All fine here although Bustle has gone a bit weird...taken to eating Kirstie's socks & knickers....must be some sort of doggy fetish! I'd better get some more chews.
    Lots of love and good luck for the next stage, Mum xxx


  6. Kirsty, Dad and boys3 March 2011 at 07:49

    Delta 2 - Jessy-B,

    Howdee traveller. Hope all is well, looking forward to some more pics(though poems are good!).
    I'm at work with no hope of a break soon, sunny or warm weather for the foreseeable so hope you getting a good amount! Are the feet holding up?
    James had a half-term project to write, make or draw etc something to do with fairy-tales... he built a model of Hansel and Gretel's gingerbread house with bit of help from mum - it was fab! Has stuck on jewels, well decorated with jelly tots and smarties all pressed into a marzipan roof......You'd be proud (hope there's something left of the roof by the time you get back)

    All love for now, i've gotta get back to what I'm paid to do!! K xxxx

  7. Sarah, Alpha 1
    Hi Love, you may get three messages from me (I'm in a strange hotel in Milan with flaky internet connection). It was lovely to hear from you and it sounds absolutely brilliant - the pictures look amazing! We do miss you, but its fantastic that you have such nice friends around you. Thomas asks after you and has written you a message this morning (its on your desk...not actually sure what it says!). Can't wait to hear all about it. Continue to have an amazing time. Much love, Anne xxx

  8. For Amy C Ratcliff, Alpha 5
    Hi Amy - just received your email update and have managed to find my way to this blog (sent a card recently to the snail-mail address so you probably won't have got it yet). WOW! That's all I can say (love the photos - you look like you're having a great time). What an experience! Good luck with the next phase.
    Loads of love Dad xxxx

  9. This message is for Holly Elizabeth Edwards, who is in the expedition 11c Nicaragua-Costa Rica.
    Holly how are you doing! I haven't known of you since you left so I just wanted to check you were alive! Hahaha I talked to you dad and he told me about this page. So how's everything going? enjoying? working hard? Bet you are, both of them! I hope you are having a wonderful time and taking advantage of everything! I really miss you and look forward to seeing you again!
    Lots of love from Spain

  10. This is a message for Jenni McGowan, Alpha 1. Hi, havent seen any update from you since your pictures swimming in the hot springs. Hope you got our letter and postcards. Bitterly cold here, minus one or less. Hoping for a good result against Millwall tomorrow. Managed to get you a Sufjan Stevens ticket for May. Tell Louise we liked the pictures of her and the Melons! Love you lots and hope to see you on the blog soon. Mum and Dad.

  11. jasmindaaa!!! (jasmine henry) hope your ok and well! sounds like your having an amazing time! the trek sounds pretty hard work...but with all that training you did before im sure your fine! Glad you got there ok and enjoying yourself! I hope your wearing your sexy sandals and using your water pipe! i can not wait to see photos of this!!life in england is dull and usual! missing you lots!! but get to see you in...august!! ha sooo far away but hey we'll have some stories!! thinking of you always! lots of love elly xxx

  12. To Rose Ashbourn - Greetings from London! Hi Rose, this is your ancient aunt and unc (Anne & Wigs to say hi and congrats on all the work you've been doing. YOu must be REALLY FIT and ready for the next stage. Good luck with it - we miss you but can imagine how much fun and interest you're getting on this adventure! LOLxx

  13. Mandy and Simon Gampick5 March 2011 at 03:39

    Hi, gorgeous. We're in the Lake District so not sure what chance of skyping or anything there will be. Hope this phase has gone well and you have a great party. Can't wait to hear more about it. All my love Dad xxxxIt is misty here, nice walk yesterday, I didnt want to go up the hill Dad had in mind and chose I nice valley walk and then found myself ascending steeply up Dads chosen hill!!! - I dont stand a chance against his devious and superb path finding ability. Have a wonderful break, stock up on loads of food/goodies and we look forward to then next bulletin from the mighty delta 4. Loads love Mum xxxx

  14. Christopher and Alison5 March 2011 at 05:36

    For Kaz Laird Delta 2

    Hi Kaz,
    Looking forward to the next leg? Hope all is well with you. I'm in Grenada, mum's in carnival, as you can imagine. your grans are in Miami with Martina
    love you

  15. Aishwarya Hegde5 March 2011 at 05:48


    hope ur having a great time though and make sure you take lots of pics!
    also hope u had a great convo with the family ur staying with 'hola.. te amo ;)' lmao

    LOVE YOU!!!!

  16. To: Sem veeger Delta 2
    From: Kiki & Pim
    Hey Lief, heerlijk om je vanacht aan de telefoon te hebben. Ongelooflijke ervaringen (+en-) en je bent pas 4 weken op pad. Op afstand genieten we enorm met je mee. Kiki is bezig met eindexamencursus scheikunde op de universiteit, Pap is flink in de tuin bezig geweest. Er staat geen boom meer :-), opa en oma zijn in Egypte en Beer die ligt weer lekker met mij op de bank. ik heb voor het eerst in tijden eens helemaal niets dit weekend. Heerlijk! Dag mooi mens, we houden van je!!! mam

  17. Rosanna Lorrison
    Hi Zannie. Have just spoken to you on the phone. Great to hear your voice again. Sorry you didnt get the previous messages I sent. Have sent letters through the post so they should be there when you get back from your trek. Hope you find your purse and money! intenta mejorar tu espanol cuando puedas.
    Te quiero un monton. tu madre. Saskia James y tu padre dicen hola tambien.

  18. Lucy Pearson - Delta 2
    Hi Lucybone, I am in your flat with your nice friends. I just got back from hoooooping and got your nice message on the bus back. The hoop place is really easy to get to from yours,velly nice velly good. I have got my new cool skinny computer now :-) I will probably go and see Dad and Gram next weekend and take my old one for Gram. Last night there was a gathering in the flat and I thought about dressing up in your clothes and going out with your friends! but then I just had a hang platz with Cutie and Humph. I was hula hooping with an LED hoop earlier, which is one that has lights in and lights up. I will be learning how to fire hoop soon! My hoop teacher in B'ton is going to teach me, nice for meeeeeee :-). I am gathering raffle prizes for a raffle for Africa, it is very hard though, you are lots better at fundraising than me. I have only got 4 prizes so far, and 2 of them are duff so only 2 really. I am doing lots of problem sheets, but only 2 more left now and only 2 more weeks of term! I am going to the physics ball next week! That's all my news really. Oh there is more news about something space related (not the really big thing, something new) but I wrote you a letter and it's in there, so I'll save it til you read that. It's not as big as I've made out here, so don't get excited.
    I hope you are having a jolly time in the jungle, favouritebone :-)
    Ruth xxxx xxxx

  19. Deborah Cooper5 March 2011 at 18:06

    For Rose Ashbourn, Delta group
    HI. It has been so lovely to get your emails. Really great. So glad you are enjoying yourself. I got your last email re exams and will send a message as soon as I have info.
    I emailed Liz and got a reply to say: ABSOLUTELY! Isabel and I just read your message and we are both excited about the possibility of welcoming Rose for a visit!! Newark Airport is fifteen minutes away by car. We are on break the week before Easter and I have off the Mon/Tues after as well. That's probably earlier than Rose's return but worth mentioning since we would be freed up as tour guides.

    When you have a better idea of dates and confirmation with airlines, we will work it out. She will need very little money, no worries there!

    Meanwhile, I have good friends in Costa Rica, Deaf and hearing. Let me know if Rose has time off in San Jose. I'm sure two hearing women, Soledad and Sheila, would enjoy hosting a friend for a meal or a night if desired. They have visited us in Queens and NJ!'

    Sounds great. I did not say how long you might want to stay! Will send more messages soon. Enjoy start of new group etc. Will look forward to hearing more via blog.
    XXX Mum

  20. Phase 2- Alpha Romeo 3
    Max Chalong

    Hi Maxi,
    Loved your blog, and considering everything you all went through during your trek it was great to see the pictures of you looking so well and happy. Can't wait for your hair to grow!!!
    Your next project sounds really interesting. Would love to hear from you personally but don't know when or if that's possible. Ally said he's going to message you on Facebook in the hope that you'll be able to get access to a computer/internet at some stage. Now the news you'e been waiting for, West Ham 3 - Stoke 0. Then they're off to play Stoke away in the cup on the 13th March.
    Keep enjoying your adventure, we're all so proud of you and miss you very much.
    Love you tons,
    Mum, Dad, Ally and Gran

  21. Ian and Kathleen Henry6 March 2011 at 10:20

    For Jasmine Henry Delta 1

    Great to hear from you yesterday and glad you are having a good time. Enjoy your next project and speak to you again in 3 weeks.

    Love mum and dad

  22. for Kaz Delta 2

    Thanks for the update.
    Kaz seems to be getting into group cohesion.
    team player, that is.
    the turtle project sounds fantastic.
    living on the beach is another experience, at that age.
    Must say we all have done that, probably with more home comforts than he has.
    Did think about him on his birthday,was with Martina and Alexander for a few drinks after hospital appointments.
    I guess you lot are all into carnival now.
    When you get a chance, pass on my greetings to him.
    A fantastic way to get to know South America., some places.
    Please give him my love.
    Enjoy the bacchanal.
    I shall have pancakes on Tuesday, so there is my involvement with flour, the nearest to sailor powder.
    Lots of love
    ps.Hope Kai is recovering, Luke told me about the MRI.
    love to him.

  23. To Kitty Drake Alpha Romeo 3
    It is a great relief to have learnt from the Blog that the reason we could not get you on Rosie's phone was that you set off at 7am on Saturday 5 for your next adventure with your new group. So hope that it goes well and that you had enough time to stock up in the shops. We were thinking about you all weekend in Buntingford and were very frustrated that we did not manage to speak. I did try you on Rosie's phone (the number you texted from) just after 12.00 and then again at about 1.00 on Friday 4, but no answer. Dad has hopefully got your phone working now, but if it is not working we need to speak to you when you are next back with your phone by another phone so Virgin can sort out the prob. I wonder if you got the letter I sent you? I hope so. Sent some photos too. Will post 2nd one this week with Grandaddy's Funeral order of service and poems. Have spoken to Hannah and texted her Mum and think will talk soon to her mum about you meeting up in you asked me to. Keep well and hope you are enjoying yourself. It must be amazing. Love from us all and especially me! Bxx

  24. Alexia de l'Espée - Delta 2

    Meuf, tu es sublime sur cette petite photo!
    J'espère que tout se passe bien en tout cas!
    J'ai pris les billets shanghai-tokyo et réservé l'hôtel, ça va être de la folie!!

  25. Mari Jones Alpha Romeo 2

    Haia Mar! IE,IE, IE ,IE IE DROS GYMRU.... 63% IA, 37% NA - da te!! Gwynedd yn 76% ie!! a llefydd fel Abertawe, Merthyr a Blaenau Gwent yn uchel - gwych. Newydd fod yn darllen am y trec. mae'n swnio'n ddiddorol iawn efo'r holl ecosystemau gwahanol - da chi siwr o weld lot o fywyd gwyllt amrywiol - a thirwedd. Dipyn o ddringo hefyd, a'r dwr poeth yn codi o'r ddaear - a chael gorffen wrth y mor - wow!! Mwynha; bydd yn gryf - mi fydd yr holl fynydda na ti 'di neud yn siwr o fod yn help i ti! Pawb yn iawn yma ac yn cofio atat. Cariad mawr, Mam xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxzzzzzzz

  26. JoJo Huddie - turtle conservation:

    Hi JoJo,

    Great to hear from you. Sounds like a lot of fun in a pleasure/pain kinda way. I loved the story about finding yourselves upstairs in a crumbling house with a collapsing staircase...could totally see myself getting into that kinda situation.

    Nice one landing the turtle conservation gig. Sounds as if you’ll be up all hours, but will be hugely rewarding for years to come as turtles are very cool, and there’s not enough of them left. When I used to work in Antigua, the old locals told stories about their grandfathers catching turtles for food. The stories go that they used to be so big that you could tell where and when they’d come to shore by the clouds above...

    Have an awesome time, and keep the stories coming.

  27. For ex DELTA 2: Elizabeth Hedges, Jessy Boon, Andres Chavarria, Si Keirle, Claudia Mendzil, Lucy Pearson, Chrissy Florman, Sem Vegger, Kaz Laird, Will Jackson, Vicky Pot.

    My dear exdelta 2 friends!! i am missing you every moment, would love to be with you guys, everything last hours remembered me all the amazing moments we passed together!! can hear andres screaming vickyyyy, last night i dreamed we were at the lake again!!! and cant wait to go back to see you and to hear all your histories!! please enjoy every single sec instead of me!!!! hope you have got an exc new team, of course as good as delta 2 never!!
    loving u, missing u!!! enjoyyy the real meals!!!!!

    keep going, keep humedos!!! a lot of UEJEPAS for you!!!!

    and theeen, his mom said good luck guysss!!!

    love tuti

    pd. you cant imagine how great is to go to the toilet at home

  28. For ticos DELTA: Yendry Castro, Mauricio Otarola, Ignacio Camacho, Karla Ugalde, Kelly Reyes, Andres Chavarria.

    GORDOSSS no puedo creer que ya esten en la siguiente fase, y yo revisando el blog cada hora para ver si suben algo nuevo, debe ser por la tiesura! ay que loco que loco que ganas de travonearlos a todos juntos, despues de volver todo es mas sabrososos, ya van a ver y uno parece que esta todo cortaito de la cabeza, talvez es xq uno deja unos cuantos tornillos botados x ahi pero es lo mejor!!!
    ayyyyyy papitoos! los extra;o a otro nivel!!! aprovechen la jugada como si todos los dias fueran el ultimo y el primero. Los voy a estar siguiendo x el blog y espero ver chismes, maemae no nos dejen mal porfavorrrrsh! saquen la caritica por el equipo!!
    Mucha fuerza en el corazon ticos delta queridososos!! s2 s2


    un abrazasoseso para cada uno!

  29. Hannah Alapha 5
    Hey Hannah
    Honestly you're being beaten by 7 year olds!!! Man up!! You're probably getting fat on beans and rice with an extra side of bice (beans/rice) whilst im staying on the healthy side with double chocolate cake with chocolate chips and chocolate icing ummmmm yummy :)love you poo xx Olivia
    Amazing blog and photos. You must feel a fantastic sense of achievement.... and you can always get a job as a navvy if the economy doesn't pick up after uni. Lots of love. John

  30. To Claudia Mendal - hiya from all of us at the gym - the weather was sunny for the day it made 5 degrees - we are all envious you must tell us what you are up to - it looks lovely anyway. Love from Wendy, Nikki, Jo and all the gang
    Your Mum found me but I think she thought I was going to be a bit

  31. For Simon Keirle Delta Romeo 5
    Great to speak with you on Saturday. Sounds like you are having a truly wonderful time. OTRFC won 28-14 and are top by 3 points with 3 games to go. Second lost so looking good. Matt playing next weekend. Good weekend for CFC. Liverpool beat Man Utd 3-0 at Anfield. Arsenal drew 0-0 against Sunderland at the Emirates. Man City beat Wigan 1-0, Spurs drew 3-3 at Wolves in great game for the neutral. CFC beat Blackpool away 3-1. Torres played well but no goals yet. Any body's championship now! Have a great few weeks. Looking forward to speaking with you soon. Lots of love Dad

  32. For Elizabeth Hedges (formerly Delta 2)

    Hope to get news of you soon. We keep checking the blog!
    WeI have booked to go to Mauritius to see Loz on May 18th to 1st June. You can come with us if you want as the trip falls between your appointments.
    Hope your feet are ok and that you are having a great time. Chris and John are dodging ice bergs on their way to the Falkland Isles.
    Lots of love
    Mum and Dad xxxxxx

  33. Hannah Leach - Alpha 5
    Hows it going bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!??
    I really hope you're having the time of your life over in Asia at the moment! Enjoy Nicaragua, all I know about that place is by watching survivor, and the jungle looks wicked! haha Try and sneak into some waterfalls while you're there! Your photos look epic keep uploading I'm keen to see all of them! Ahh I miss talking and laughing with you man, Looking forward to Bali so much brus, Gonna book my flights and set it all up for July 9th Its gonna be soooo good. I wonder if your trip is dirtier than creamfields!? i can imagine creamfields would be nothing like this!
    Nothing is happening much in the great southern land at the moment, heading to a music festival tomorrow - pendulum, mgmt, mark ronson and co should be pretty fun. Id love to hear from u soon! i can imagine it would be hard but if not enjoy the rest of nicaragua. miss u shitload babe, CANT WAIT FOR BALI WOOOOO
    spence xxxxx

  34. Claudia Mendzil delta 2

    was so good to hear from u the other week.... unfortunately my replies were fairly crummy as i was completely panini'd and then started crying when i saw ud emailed me.... what a mess lol!
    it sounds like ur havind such an amazing time huni im so glad ur loving it!!! its been ages with u on the wagon... will be a fun night for me when i take u out when ur back ;)
    "does bruce want a ballball?"
    "i think i just text my nan a picture of me in a sexy santa outfit.."
    i miss you and your drunkern self!!
    im going to france with bruce this april as im not allowed to be in the house now that maddie is back... and i have my uni exams and other coursework in may :(
    its slightly sunny here... and i went to the beach for the first time in pompey :D... although there was no beach... just water...
    love you so much huni!! miss you!

  35. catherine pawsey22 March 2011 at 13:58

    for Claudia Medzil Deta 2
    Hi Claudia. I hope you're having a whale of a time...update on Hannah's post, Maddie's decided not to live at home after all so Hannah can have her room back!!!!!!kids eh? I'm looking forward to having H in France though this Easter and I shall be making Bruce go up on the extension roof to slate it. When are you back dear girl? have you decided where you're going when you go off on your own? Be careful though ok? I don't want to deal with Hannah if anything happens to you so STAY SAFE!!! Enjoy xxxxx



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