Saturday, 19 March 2011

Delta 4 - Turtle Patrol in Camaronal!

Words: Mags Chilaev

Delta Romeo Four, a group of extraordinary people on an extraordinary mission- saviour of Camaronal turtles and constructors of the world's best jungle camp. With the weight of this mammoth task on our bronzed shoulders we set out to the shores of Costa Rica, with an air that’s been suppressed by intellectual powerhouse Chris Florren: ‘toned, tanned and turtles.’

The sea gods, smiled upon us on our very first night as we were roused at the late hour of 9.28pm to witness the nest of a leatherback. The vivid image of the shy creature pushing eggs out of her rear will stay with us for some time. This hearty introduction to Camaronal was spoilt the next morning when the half the group suddenly observed Richard undress in the limited privacy of his basher bed, signalling the need for a changing room.

Our duties have been in two parts: construction of a new hatchery to house turtle eggs and collection of the eggs, day and night patrols.

The last week has been an exciting one for Camaronal turtle guardians that have ranged from evacuating our camp to digging up palm trees. Our first adventure began on the morning of the 11th march as our worried PM’s relayed to us the horrifying details of the Japanese Earthquake. Though initially concerned we calmly evacuated several kilometres inland to the mountains where we spent the night and watched the minimal impact of the ‘tsunami.’

The next few days saw us returning to normality as we continued our work on the beach hatches, under the relentless sun; patrols on the beach at night in search of turtle eggs- there are worse work sites! In the evenings we play beach football with other volunteers and park rangers though Raleigh United have been slipping in the premiership. On 15th March we entertained ourselves by hosting a tribal themed party as the divas of the camp dressed in palm leaves, whilst the men wore grassy appendages. We all feel particularly privileged to be on this phase together and anticipate future adventures together.


  1. For Richard Mandell - Delta Romeo 4
    Hi Rich - Well Delta Romeo 4 eventually surfaced on the blog. We have been looking out for it daily and finally its arrived. It sounds like you are having an amazing time and hope you are taking loads of photos. Dad and Neil are going to Madrid for the day to see Spurs v Real Madrid in a couple of weeks and I'm staying at home!!! Have fun. Love Mum xx (my bit of poetry :)


    Mags your raleigh update is littered with words and phrases which, even though it doesn't appear to have your name in it, makes me imagine your head popping out of the text at various points and delivering the news personally in your typically sarcastic and overly eloquent tone. never have I read anything that is more an embodiment of you. maybe that's just because I am getting delirious, imagining you everywhere these days, the month May is no longer synonymous with a celebration of my birth, the 18th is the new golden date

    re your update though: especially feeling sorry for the 'shy creature', which must have felt pretty awkward trying to deliver the next batch of eggs with your keen eyes set upon it for some literary inspiration. otherwise, project sounds awesome. 'awesome' feels so inadequate trying to describe your project right now...

    in london: it's 2pm, I am sitting in my messy room eating strawberry muller yoghurt with muesli and cold grapes,trying to work on my essay. I switched my LSE course to history and IR yesterday! more politics. also went to maddox, sketch and box yesterday. casual. won't elaborate for obvious reasons
    love you bro miss you blah blah...please write me something xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. alpha 1
    Lieve Anne, Heb zin om weer eens wat van je te horen. Ben benieuwd, je tracking zit er bijna op. Op dit moment hebben wij in NL heerlijk weer.
    Vandaag de hele dag in de tuin gezeten. Gisteravond Ter Haaren te eten gehad. Heel gezellig en ouderwets. Oude vakantiefilmpjes van vroeger bekeken. Ga a.s. woe. bij moeder Bente met Winny koffie drinken. Even de raleigh verhalen uitwisselen. Zij zijn zowel in Borneo als ik India alweer ruim met hun laatste blok begonnen. Moet wel zeggen dat zij het wel winnen met de Bloginfo. Hebben van jou nog maar 1 reportagetje gezien. Nou ja,geen nieuws goed nieuws. Hockeytoernooi Noor gaat door met Pasen. Huib druk met inhaal PO. Oma vandaag weer voor het eerst naar de golf, ben benieuwd...Ok, dit was het weer even in het kort. Deze week spreken wij elkaar vast! xxxm

  4. Brookbek, Donaldina20 March 2011 at 10:32

    Mags Chilaev Delta 4

    Mags dude I know you're having an awesome time and it's cool to be out of touch with civilisation, and kind of hippie and phat and groovy to be so oblivious to the colossal historical events unfolding around the globe, while you swing in your hammock, sipping on coconut juice

    but mate, when you come back mum is going to seal your fate in one deadly swing of a rolling pin if you don't get in touch soon. the subtlety of your 'message' really is too...subtle (I literally just spent 20 minutes on the phone deciphering the raleigh update for her as the only word that stuck in her head was 'horrifying' and 'tsunami')
    she wakes up at 5.30am for the usual strict morning ritual of raleigh update check followed by prayer... answer the prayers, turtle man.

  5. Chrissy Florman, Delta 4
    Hi chris,
    I just saw your group's post about the turtles, it sounds so cool! I can't believe you've seen one, it must have been amazing, and the whole phase sounds like so much fun. I've just finished term and have come back for a week or so before I start revising.. Otherwise all's well here. Missing you loads though,
    Lots of love,
    Katia xxxxxxxx

    DE: MÁ.
    Princesa de mi corazón!!!! q tal este fin de semana? En la comuni varios preguntan por ud: vicky, glenda, jeanette, yorli, annia, don carlitos y familia y algunos jovenes de la comuni. Todos te envían sus mejores deseos...Ah y por supuesto abuelita ceci todos los dias esta pendiente de ud!!!!

    Por nuestra parte, todo en orden x aquí. Tenemos pendiente lo q nos solicitó x correo, tranqui...en esta semana vamos a buscarlo y nos ponemos de acuerdo como hacerlo llegar.

    POR AQUI YA DESEOSOS DE TENER MAS INFO Y FOTOS DE UDS!!! apenas pusieron dos, pero x supuesto rapidito la identifiqué...yo dije- es esa la q es igualititica a la mamá!!!! ♥♥♥♥

    P.S Se acuerda q mañana es el cumple de Edgar????

    Te amamos montones y sabemos q ud también.
    nos vemos prontitico!!!:)

  7. For Sem Veeger, Delta 4
    Hé liefie! Wat een lekker enthousiaste foto in jullie beach camp. Niet verkeerd meid! Ruilen? Hier is vandaag de lente eindelijk van start gegaan. Lijkt wel alsof er een lenteknop is aangeklikt...ineens 15 graden vandaag. Ietsje minder dan bij jullie maar toch wel errrug lekker. Wat een fijn werk doen jullie daar. Doet me heel goed. We hebben Kiek's verjaardag gevierd twee weken geleden. Koken voor 14 meiden is een vak apart. Zometeen even bedrijfshockeyen. Jouw team draait lekker bovenin mee. Je moet van veel mensen veel groeten hebben en dikke pakkerds van Ineke Michiels van K. Ze mist je. Nou meissie, geniet enorm van alles. Dikke zoen en bearhug! Ciao ciao,pap

  8. for Jessica H, Delta Romeo 4
    Hallo darling, Good to hear at last about what you are doing: hope you are getting lots of photos. Did you manage one of a beautiful full moon shimmering over Pacific? Reminds me of your Australia trip! Can't compete with turtles but had fun watching frisky frogs today in the pond at school with the children. In the sunshine - it's spring! love Ma

  9. Message for Benny - Delta 4

    Hi Benny!
    It looks like you're having an amazing time. I can't wait to here all the stories.
    How was your trek? Did you come across any strange animals? How bad were the spiders??!

    From the pictures it looks beautiful out there.
    You're not missing out here in grey old England.

    Hope you're well and happy and having the best time.
    Speak to you soon!!

    Amy xxx

  10. Aisling Bury - Delta Romeo 4


    Your mum and I booked the flights to India last night. We're going from the 21st of May until the 1st of July. Unfortunately we're not on the same flight as I'm flying from Munich and you're from Heathrow via Zürich with enough time to touch sacred swiss soil (please note the alliteration). Oh and we're flying to Delhi so we do Delhi first and then head east.
    I hope these news will cheer you up and make you feel better!

    Ellie Goulding really wants you to come back, too and made some really good covers especially for you!

    I miss you


  11. Hello again Jessy Maya, hope you are still having a wonderful time – I’m glad to see from the photos it looks as though you are. I also see that some fortunate peeps are getting (e)mail! Nice for them! *Cough* Am also hoping we’ll get a call from you in about a weeks time when you’ve done your duty on Planet Turtle. Have you decided on when/if you’re going to stay on? I’ll be letting you have your birthday present in the form of more dosh so that you can afford to get the coconuts you’ve promised my friends.  A stone, shell or seed will do me. We are ok, no decorating has started as yet but slowly the room is being emptied of the last few bits that will get in the way, it may even be ready for the first coat of paint on your return! I see that we aren’t supposed to send any more mail but I’ve just sent some Percy Pigs again… Lots and lots of love, Mum xxx

  12. To Jojo Huddie Delta Romeo 4

    Wow, good to get an update. it sounds like you are having an absolutely amazing time! You are going to be so tanned when I see you.
    Whistler has been a lot of fun over the last couple of weeks. I've been riding loads and partying pretty hard as well. Last Sunday we built a kicker in the backcountry and hit that all day, and then in the evening went clubbing to see Netsky. Such an awesome day. I was trying 720s for the first time. I managed to get the rotation but didn't manage to put any down clean. Next time!
    Then on Monday night we went cross country skiing, and went to the pub afterwards and got smashed. 2 big nights in a row. Off to the climbing wall tonight, so a bit of a change of pace, but hopefully seeing Electric Six tomorrow so a bit more drinking then!
    Can't wait to speak to you when you get back to base camp.
    Love you, Timma xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  13. Aisling Bury Delta 4

    Hi Bash, so very pleased to hear that you are feeling much better and now looking forward to your final trek! Tom is now in Dubai and has done some flying. Mum's lambing season is about to start and we now have a caravan in the field. Steve thinks he has competition on both fronts! I am in Geneva this week with trips to Qatar and the US coming up before you come back. We cant wait to have you home and to hear all about your adventures.Dom Perignon is on ice and waiting for your return! Your menu order has been placed - 1991 Vega Sicilia sound okay? Be well Bash and have great fun on your trek. Loads of love from Mum and Dad.

    PS Dont know why you have not received any messages. I have seen some of them on the blog including one from Julia.

  14. Mags Chilaev: DELTA 4. Camoranal

    I would never ordinarily suggest this for fear of unleashing an unstoppable force but PLEASE, release your inner vanity, Maggita, strike a pose for that camera, work that jungle style baby (obviously I'm expecting a measured response to these requests) but it would be REALLY GOOD to see you in the raleigh photos (preferably without the aid of a microscope or a 10 x zoom)

    it's really sunny at home today, I had lunch in lincoln's inn fields, a lovely park nearby which is flooded by yellow daffodils. it brought back memories of our 18th birthday picnic in Horsham with smoked salmon baguettes and melting chocolate ice cream and carefree spring laughter. now back in the library preparing for my mock
    I have a list of things we must do when you're back xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  15. Mags Chilaev:
    I´m at base camp. See you tomorrow! You´re kinda of a big deal. three messages now turns into four. oh I do declare Mr Beauregard! MONEY

  16. MAGS Chilaev Delta 4
    Holy mother! I saw the most criminal mullet darting across Trafalgar square yesterday, couldn't take a photo though xxxx

  17. Andres Chavarria Delta Romeo 6
    Hola mi amor mi vida te amo hermoso como estas!!! mamoi estoy super feliz de haber hablado contigo eso me cargo las baterias al 1oo% en serio me haces demasiado feliz mi baby eres la mejor desicion por siempre amorcito estar contigo es lo mejor que me ha pasado en la vida sin duda alguna eres el amor de mi vida y estoy sumamente feliz llenaste un vacio muy grande que habia en mi:*te amo te amo MI AMOR POR SIMEPRE!!!<3 Ya falta poco baby pongale muchas ganas a la recta final eres el mejor!!! Montezuma nos espera acuerdese muuuuuuah bye cuidese mi tesorito

  18. ola benny
    looks fantastic where you are - looks like you're doing/seeing such amazing things, we're missing you and look forward to seeing/hearing from you - all is well here - whilst you're busy helping to create things where you are,- pip is busy destroying things's a fine balance that ecosystem!!
    we love and miss you benny...
    gillie and family xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  19. Andres CHavarria Delta Yankee 4
    Hola mi tesorito,mi vida, mi principe ya estas preparado para la ultima etapa que bueno mamoi como resistio tanto tiempo no se fijo a ute se le hizo todo cortito xq pasabas super distraido, pero si fue bastante,Mamoi es la recta final ya ahora si si estas cansado nada nada animos y baterias full para terminar esta fase super bien como todas las anteriores.Esta experiencia sin duda te va cambiar la vida mamoi es algo que va quedar marcado por siempre en ud y se que esto lo va hacer una persona mas excelente de la que ya era!!!Estoy sumamente orgullosa de ti Te amo mi cosita, amigo de mi alma, mi mejor amigo por siempre.Cambiaste mi vida mi amor!!!Cuidese que aqui lo estamos esperando mucha gente que lo ama y lo valora mucho.Le mando muchos BEsos Usted es mi todo Andres y el motor que mueve mi corazon Te amoooooooooo



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