Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Delta Romeo 5 - Rebuilding for the next generation.

Words: Maria Bedford

Delta Romeo 5 arrived in Miraflor on Monday the 9th March, ready to finish rebuilding houses that had been destroyed in hurricanes previously.
Does that look straight to you?

We were immediately paired into Spanish speaking / non Spanish speaking pairs and introduced to our new families. We all have beds (some even get one each) and a veritable menagerie of animals in every house; dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, chickens, geese, ducks, goats cow, parrots and pigs wearing head dresses of bamboo!

A few homes have electricity and by night Nicaraguan families watch steaming Mexican soap operas and cheesy American films. All are in agreement that the food is delicious – rice, beans, tortilla, pasta, cheese and Nicaragua’s famous sweet coffee.

All we need now is the roof!

Work has begun on two sites; creating foundations out of rocks and mud, and mud bricks on others. Mud has many uses in Miraflor! The best things so far are the children, who are unbelievably cute and want to play games well into the night time!

 Vivé Miraflor!


  1. To Gilles Bouman, delta romeo 3

    Ik mis je heel erg de afgelopen dagen. Moet van mezelf leren want volgende week vrijdag heb ik mijn hertentamen en die week daarna nog 2 tentamens. Maar het leren wil niet echt lukken, ga alleen maar aan jou zitten denken en je heel erg missen. Daarvoor ging het wel prima met het missen omdat ik het druk had en leuke dingen deed en daardoor niet zo heel veel aan je dacht. Maar nu ik de hele tijd moet leren... ik hoop maar dat het leren volgende week wel goed gaat want ik wil heel graag al mijn tentamens halen.
    Aanstaand weekend heb ik dat familieweekend in Lapland, heb er wel zin in. Alleen begint het hier eindelijk een beetje lente te worden en dan ga ik naar het koudste plekje van europa waar het -15 is. Achterlijk echt, maar oke het is maar 2 nachtjes. Kan ik hebben. Had wel graag jou gehad om me warm te houden snachts.
    Er is helaas nog geen blog gekomen over jou groepje, maar zal vast binnenkort wel komen. Ben heeeeeeel benieuwd hoe je het hebt! Mis je mij nog een beetje?
    Ik stuur je na het weekend wel even een mailtje hoe het was in Lapland en roddels uit het koude Nederland. Nja koud, het is de afgelopen dagen wel iets van 10 graden en een zonnetje. Heb zelfs vorige week met een wijntje in het zonnetje op het terras gezeten! Oeh ik heb echt zo'n zin in de zomer.
    We zitten al bijna op de helft voordat we elkaar weer zien:) hou van je lieverd xxxxx

  2. Freddy Soames, Delta 5:

    Happy birthday!!!! I hope you have an amazing day, sent you a letter through the post which you will hopefully get soon, I hope you are having an amazing time and the walk is going well and you don't have to many blisters, everyone says hello and I look forward to giving you your present when you get back. I have my GCSE drama performance tonight so hopefully that will go well, speak soon.

    Lots of love,
    Charlie xxxxx

  3. Mags Chilaev

    My dear boy,
    I have peeled the blue tac off the photos from my wall, given them one last longing look, put them into an envelope and they are currently en route to Catie
    receive them warmly
    Говорят отправки посылок не допускается но я включала некоторые сахарные припасы....meh meh meeehhhh
    oh ma dayz, Russian mock exam tomorrow, you jealous mandem or WOT, all ze bruvas sending BIG LOVE
    D. Brookbek

  4. Message for Maria Bedford Delta Romeo 5
    Hello - how's the bricklaying in Nicaragua going? How's your Spanish now? All okay at home, but have you heard the news of the awful recent events in Japan (after Friday 11th's huge earthquake and tsunami - thousands dead, coastal towns destroyed, fires, nuclear power station explosions, radiation leaks, people within 10 miles being evacuated, homelessness, electricity, petrol and food shortages etc.)? Terrible - glad we're both safe. The tsunami did travel across the Pacific and reach the Americas, but it was very much smaller by than and much less dangerous (just boats breaking loose and sinking). Don't think any radiation will reach you where you are either. Wasn't going to bother you with any 'news' but it seems to me that this is a major event that's happening, that you would want to know about it. Or if you did know about it already, it might be worrying you? I'm stunned by it all. As I said before all is fine with me and both the cats. Hope all okay with you too? I'll do a normal, mundane, blog post next time. Take care - love you lots - Mum xxx

  5. Caroline Murray, Alpha Romeo 4.

    Yes, iv just received your letter and card, it has put me in such a good mood, the words means a lot to me and you know i completely agree, i wont get all soppy on here with everyone reading it, so il save it until my phone call, which il add is in under a weeks time. Also you will soon read my card, so you'll hear it all then haha. Only one more day of work and im off for a few days, so that has also put me in a good mood, on breakfast tomorrow mind. I Wont rant on, as im guessing you'll be up earlier after a bad night in your 7 foot high bed haha. would love to see you clambering up with your little hands and trotters. Your feet are muddy and hurt ( reference to the letter), im feeling bad for you but i now know on your new project you have a river, so get scrubbing else you wont be aloud in my car- joking i dont care if your covered head to toe in mud your coming home :). Think thats only a month away, so this week is every good indeed a lot to celebrate, cant believe its been a year, we will defo make up for it when you come back, go out somewhere for a meal, this time we will actually go rather then wait in the car park haha. what a mess we were. Also im in need of a walk around burritor, not the same on my own really, bit tragic, so we'll get plans going, maybe not on the first few days as you'll probably feel dead to the world. missing you lots still, you wouldn't believe but so happy your enjoying life out there keep at it and have fun. Il write to you friday on my day off, im not doing a lot this weekend, saving so this message could be a boring but long update on life haha. I love you so much take care xxxxx sam xxxxxxx

  6. harriet marsh dr5 ,turning into bob the builder now see you soon in apri,having loads of fun with stones mrs muscles yet. swampy

  7. For Rose Ashbourn, Delta Romeo 1
    Hi there. Hope you are having a great time and climbing enough mountains. I thought you would like to know that it is Red Nose Day tomorrow. Sarah and the boys are coming for the weekend so expect we will sit and watch the TV and think of you in Costa Rica.

    Dad phoned to say that your letter arrived (hooray!) so I will look forward to reading it tonight when I get home.

    Looking forward to seeing another blog post with photos of you soon!

    XX Mum

  8. For Dawn Tennant, Delta Romero 6

    Hi lovely dawn,
    We have just come back from the island from seeing G and G and had a letter from you waiting for us, from the 18th feb. What a lovely surprise!. Although it is old news, it is lovely to see your handwriting. G and G are fine and settled now. Grany looks fine but grandpa looks exhausted, so hopefully he will get a rest there. Mol and Ray also came for the day. Ana, james and harry came yesterday for the day and then decided to stay the night which was brilliant. Nice to have baby things around the house again. Flags were up to conmemorate the occasion! Have not seen any news or fotos about your group on the blog. So I hope they put some soon, i cannot wait to see what you are up to. We all miss you and daniel loads.
    Daniel went to see the school where he is going to do his placement starting next monday. He liked it, although it is supposed to be very 'rough'. So far he is enjoying the course, the new friends and the life there, although still a bit too hot for him. Spring has finally arrived here. Officially! All dafs are out, birds are going mad in the mornings and days are longer. The extension is nearly finished too. Have started running again, but miss my 'partner'! It is certainly harder without you. Keeping to the coastal path. Best place in the world to run. Keep enjoying your adventure. Lots of love. Mama xxxx

  9. To: Vanessa Paulina
    Enrique Lira, Larry Castillo
    From: Bruce Solano

    Hola chicos!! espero q esta vez si se acuerden de mi! jaja veo que le esta yendo de a cachimba y me alegro bastante! Sigan disfrutando!!! bye

  10. For Ben D - Delta Romeo 5
    Hi Ben. We really were so sorry to miss your calls - but we were in South Africa! No excuse I know.
    It is so good to see the blog and be able to see just a part of all the good work you are all doing in C R & N..
    We think of you so much and miss you.. I don't think you would miss the miserable weather here. We dropped 30C when we arrived back at the weekend!
    Matt is coming next week for a couple of days. Ted is still fine but slow and we potter on!
    Lots of love from us both xxxx (still batty!)

  11. To Alexandra Lingwood, Delta Romeo 5

    Hey baby
    How are things going in Nicaragua? The building looks like it is proceding well and quite quickly. Though making the bricks out of mud I guess it is some what a messy job.
    Not much has happened back here. I think I'm coming down with a cold :( not fun when there's no one to cover for me. Mind you I tend to work though colds anyway, just a little more tired at the end of the shift that's all.
    I'm miss you and I love you loads.
    Rob xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. TO: Annelotte Jens
    delta romeo 5
    From Danny Hoogeveen

    Hey liefje,
    het is vandaag de 18de en dus is het nog 1 maand voordat je terugkomt. ik kan echt waar niet wachten tot je terug bent , word heerlijk. ik zie dat je lekker aan het kleien ben geweest haha. en dat de kinderen je wel mogen. wel relax dat je nu iig gewoon een bed hebt en een huis. ik hoop dat je het nogsteeds naar je zin heb daar in costa rica. ik ga morgen me spullen inpakken voor spanje en dan zondag naar valenciaaa. ik mis je lot! nog even kleien en dan zie ik je weer hehe love you lotsss

  13. Hi Siddhanth 11C Alpha Romeo 5
    I hope this message reaches you! We've been struggling to get one across. How are you doing? We were really excited to see your group picture and were hoping to hear and see more about you and your project. Its less than a week before you reach fieldbase and I hope the first thing you do when you get back is call home! We are missing you a lot! Riddhi is making good progress with her driving. Dodda also wanted a contact number. Prabha aunty called to invite us for Tina's wedding. Meanwhile Pappa is all set to attend the world cup finals. I'll give you the cricket updates when you call. We are waiting to hear about your experience so far so please speak to us asap. By for now and have fun!
    Mum, Pappa and Riddhi

  14. Benny Gamsu Delta Romeo 2

    Just sent you a longer email version of this message but hope this'll do for now.

    Hey Benny!

    I'm sorry not to have written to you again sooner. It sounds amazing! Very envious of you - now sitting in the library reading, imagining you trekking (that's what you're doing next right?) and seeing amazing places.

    It made me laugh reading about how your nickname - are you constantly doing/in need of mid-air refuelling too? ;) Thanks for your message on facebook, I had a really good birthday. Went for a very tasty fish curry and then came back to mine for a house party. I was up in Sheffield the weekend after (last weekend) with Beth. We went to that pub on the other side of Stannington (where we went with Gilli and Deborah last summer) and mum did her typical meal time complaining - although the food wasn't great it has to be said (says my inner Gamsu ;).
    I saw granny yesterday too. She just got back from South Africa with Gilli. They went up the Atlantic coast somewhere and rented a house with David, Judy and Vardi. Sounds like everyone is well there, Joel and Jeremy too. I saw Amy a couple of weeks ago too at my birthday party, she's doing well. Working a more interesting job in schools and waiting for a more long term and better paid one to start in July (something to do with getting people back in to work I think). Not sure if you were there to hear about that or not.

    That's all the news I can think of off the top of my head. I don't have too much work on at the moment, I'm trying to get an essay done before the end of term, but that's basically it. I've had a pretty laid back 3-4 weeks work-wise. Nice to enjoy being at uni without massive activism/work pressures. Next week is my last week of teaching and promises to be pretty lively - the lecturers are going on strike about pensions on tuesday and thursday and then there is the big national demo against the cuts on Saturday. Should all be exciting.

    I'll post a shorter version of this on the blog so you can get it there too. I hope you manage to read this during the changeover - is that the final one? Do you do three or four stints of three weeks? I hope this last project was just as good as the first and the people were just as nice. The swimming sounds fantastic, must have been really awesome, let me know if you get any other amazing swimming opportunities. It's really great that you felt you could be yourself straight away, that's worth alot.

    Looking forward to your news.



  15. Abigail Tyer Delta romeo 2

    Hi Abi, hope all is well.

    Was meant to be going to Madrid this weekend but unfortunately turned ill on thursday evening, luckily at the end of exams, and had a trip from the ambulance men in the evening, lost so much fluid that became really dehydrated and passed out on the bathroom floor and went into respiratory alkalosis, was all very embarrassing, especially the first thing the ambulance crew asked me was what do you study!?

    mum came and picked me up yesturday and slowly starting to eat again,lost over half a stone in 24 hours, good and quick way to lose weight! i hope you havent lost that much on the trek otherwise we will be virturally able to see through you!

    immy had a drama exam today and think that went well....currently watching the six nations enlgand vs ireland - absolutely shocking match, disgrace to england. we most defiantly will win the six nations on points tho unless wales pull something spectacular tonight against france to get loads of points! dad went to watch enlgand vs italy last weekend at twickenham. its the final day today.

    we are just about to buy olympic tickets for next summer, they came out a few days ago and your lucky i realized as they are only open for a month and i know you would shoot us for not getting them! think we will go for athletics, on a day when mens 100m final are or something, actually what would you particularly like to see, if you call next weekend i could tell you what is grouped together on each day. the opening ceremony is a fortune.. cheapest is £20 but then jumps up to £160, 600, 960, 1600 and then £2100 or something per ticket!! will apply for £20, it just goes into a ballot, it isn't first come first serve so we can wait to here from you on the weekend.

    mum and i were thinking of going to do that cookery course with the token she got from her bday this week, but not sure if we can find a suitable day...will have a trip to ikea instead.

    imogen is going to see billy elliot this week and she thinks there is a spare ticket so i am hopefully going to go too with old stede! trip back to school!

    anyway this is such a long blog message, i don't think i have seen one this long on here before so better go before people think that i am a weirdo!!

    hope your survivng! missing you at home

    Emily xxxxx

  16. Simon Keirle Delta Romeo 5
    Hi Simon,
    About to go skiing with Freddie and co, so last blog for a week or so. CFC, THFC and Man Utd into last 8 of champions league. CFC will play Man Utd in quarter finals and then plan Inter or Shalke in the Semi. THFC to play Real Madrid, with Barcelona or Shatka in Semi. Tough draw all round. England went to Dublin seeking the Grand Slam, but blew it and were well beaten 24-8 by a superb Irish performance. Alex C played in all 5 tests and all 80 mins in last 3. No game for OTRFC today, 1 point from last 2 games will see them promoted. CFC play Man City tomorrow. Man Utd beat Bolton 1-0, THFC thrashed West Ham 0-0, Arsenal drew 2-2 at West Bromley.

    Not sure when you are next at base but I will send you a longer email whilst I am away. All good at home, some new good projects at work but still difficult for next 3 months or so. Everybody well.

    Lots of love Dad XXXX

    Looks like you are having a great time building the houses. Not sure when

  17. Hannah MacKenzie Delta Romeo1
    Hi Hannah
    No messages from your trek, we check each day, so hope it is going well and no blisters or sore feet. It was a lovely surprise to get your letter dated 18th Feb.
    Ian & Liz, Katie & Shuggie send their love and hope to leave you a message on the blog.
    Sarah studying hard for exams!!!!!! she has a great sense of distraction. She goes to Germany in a couple of weeks.
    Look forward to hearing how the trek going.
    Love mum, dad & Sarahxxx

  18. Mags Chilaev Delta 4 CAMARONAL

    Haha! Here I am being sneaky, posting in a different section of the raleigh website, away from prying eyes
    I was so excited about your update, totally forgot to mention my initial message: maddox is this cool place off conduit street, guess who i bumped into, callan! insane. can't wait to take you to these new places when you're back xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  19. For Rose Ashbourn, Delta Romeo 1
    Hi, hope all going well. I am thinking that by this time next week you will have got back to base camp and may be on your way to third mission! If I am lucky I might even have had an email from you, and maybe we will see some blog news soon too!

    Sarah and the boys came this weekend and then we took them home this monring and went to Mike and Lara's for a surprise lunch as it was Mike's birthday. All good stuff.

    Take care, XX Mum

  20. Charlotte Whiteley26 March 2011 at 06:25

    For Harriet Marsh - delta 5!

    Happy Birthday sweetie! Hope you have a fantastic day -the latest project looks amazing and I like the pictures :) Hope you're enjoying it all and cant wait to hear all about it. Happy happy birthday - we shall celebrate in style when you return. Lots of love Charlotte xxxx

  21. Jo & Niel lingwood5 April 2011 at 13:35

    Hi Alex Finally we are back in cyber space and able to see your blog and photo's etc. Nice to see you working hard there's a new shed waiting for your expertise. Knowing you I think you will have had a great time with the children and it was probably you keeping them up into the late hours. Thank you very much for our anniversary gift absolutely beautiful and mum says thanks for the chocolates although I doubt you will be back in time to taste them. We can tell you are having a great time continue to enjoy yourself and savour every moment Grannie Grandma and Gramps all send their love. Jenny got into all the unis and is going to St Andrews. We are very much looking forwrd to seeing you soon but not before you've fiished you exciting time. Borthwen is great and Norwood unrecognisable. It's all happening see you soon lots and lots of love Mum & Dad.xxxxx



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