Friday, 25 March 2011

The Delta Romeo 6 show

Welcome back everyone to the Delta Romeo 6 show, where it is now time for part two!

Thanks again to Agapita for her fabulous lesson in rice and beans. Here at Delta Romeo 6 we will definitely be enjoying that meal three times a day everyday for the next three weeks.

Now we are moving onto the main part of the entertainment. Yes that's right folks it's time for Grand Designs. The wood has been collected and the holes have been dug, Delta Romeo 6 can finally start building this school.

But first let's quickly go back to the football world, where there has been a complete turn of events. Basically Team Tayni has now signed five of Delta 6's best players - Tom, Chris, Dave, Will and Andrés who are going to try and help Tayni beat their biggest rivals Bajo Bley.

It has been such a close tournament, with Tayni starting off a bit slow, the score being 2-0 to Bajo Bley. But they quickly warmed up and brought the game back winning the second game 3-0. They all played fantastically, so well done to them.

Wow what a nailbiter that was! Now we return to the construction site where I must say things are really starting to come along. After twelve days of strenuous work it is looking great. But I'm no expert. Why don't we ask our Maestro Gusto, Don Gabriel who you will probably know as Donny G what exactly has been going on.

Donny G: 'Well, I must admit as a group these guys have really come along. To begin with, the pace was slow, but now they are flying through the work. In only twelve days they have completely finished the foundations which is the hardest part of any building project. Now in comparision everything should seem a lot easier. We are on schedule and if everything goes to plan we should hopefully have the roof on by the end of D6's phase.

Well that is brilliant news, can't wait to see the structure of it all set up. Now just before we finish we have a quick bit of celebrity gossip. We have heard that on Thursday there is going to be a huge party going down. It is Tayni's star football player, and recently signed Will Jackson's 23rd birthday. There are rumours that the group will be pulling out all the stops for this special event. There are going to be games, songs, a disco/salsa evening and even an energy bomb birthday cake. So a very happy birthday to Will and we hope he has a fantastic day!

 Well I'm afraid that's all we have time for today. Tune in next time for the last part of our show. We will have tonnes of exciting entertainment, with the highlight being the final of Raleigh's version of Costa Rica's next top model, with fashion... jungle stylee.


  1. To Elizabeth Hedges Deota Romeo 3
    It was brilliant to hear your voice yesterday. I have texted Sam Kate and Laurie to get them to post messages to oyu and Kate has already siad she will. Dad was really pleased that you rang for his birthday and enjoyed listening to your message. Sunny day again today and I am going to pilates in a bit. I will also ring the JR.

    Loads of love

    Mum xxxx

  2. For Dawn Tennant, Delta 6
    Hi lovely,
    at last news from your group and a pic of you! Hurray!!! Great to see you are still smilling and enjoying it. Brill. Good work you are doing there. Be proud of yourself. Going to S'ton this morning to look for more outfits and return some... No news from here. Keep having fun. Load of love. M. Bss. xxxx

  3. Dawn!

    I'm hoping that you demonstrated the football skills you developed whilst playing for Harpenden U9s girls team back in 1997. 1 game, 1 goal, a prolific strike rate even if it did go in off your knee!

    Excellent work with the school contruction, when it's done can you see if they've got any jobs going? Dan will be qualified soon and looking for work!

    All good here, Harry's getting fatter, Ana & James are knackered, Mum's painted a volcano (actually very good!), Dad's 'pottering in the garden', Dan's given up rugby for bowls, Sue's getting mentally excited about marrying me and I'm basically being a chilled out entertainer.
    Get in touch when you can.

    Miss you loads, love you lots.

    Joe & Sue Xx

  4. Julie Litchfield25 March 2011 at 05:09

    Message for the gorgeous, wonderful, amazing amd and inspring AMY WILSON - Alpha Romeo 3 I think -and leading the trek for the next 20 days.

    Have a fantastic trek Amy, look after your blisters and sun-burn (and your trek-ees!), enjoy and have fun. Reservations already made for cocktails somewhere swanky on your return. Huge love, hugs and kisses from your SFAM. xxxxxxxxxxx <3 you lots

  5. para: yendry castro/delta romeo 4.
    de : mamita.
    princesa te amo!!! se q pronto llegan a turri, desearía estar ahí para recibirla pero bueno ni modo..esperaré 3 semasa más para abrazarla ;)
    vamos a mandar las cosas con keiner, esperamos le sirvan.
    te amamos muchisisisisiiiiisimo!!!!!♥♥♥♥
    Cada noche voy a estar pensando en ud, confiando en q el Eterno les acompañará todo el recorrido.No olvide elevar su corazón a El y reconocerlo en todos sus caminos, debe ser maravilloso contemplar el cielo despejado y saber q Elohim tien al mundo en sus manos.
    te amo, disfrute esta ultima fase y continue su camino de crecimiento.Estamos deseosos de escuchar todas sus historias.
    Saludos a sus compañeros/as de equipo y digales q les felicito por el empeño q han puesto por alcanzar sus sueños.
    p.s: ah y me saluda a romeo, pero dónde está q no lo veo???
    jajaj/ chao..... te aaaaaamooooo!!!!! má!!

  6. For Rebecca Eno 11C Delta Romeo 5
    Hi Parky,
    Missing you loads! Maddy is not quite so huggable...! My super dooper upstairs lounge is coming along nicely, Dont worry just joking. We are all over the moon about the good news and hope you are too! Hope you are having a rave- it sounds like so much fun.
    Not much is happening around here, got an email invite to James wedding (yes he even used the internet for his wedding!), Maddys off at some physics thing in CERN and I'm feeling very lonely on the top floor but looking after the B family :) (if those symbols didn't show up its meant to be a smiley face!)
    Have fun! Miss you so so so much,
    Lots and lots and lots (you would not believe how much) and lots of love from Tululah/Tilly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. hi ez. just seen your picture on the blog! looks a cool place. not sure how long you have left there, hopefully we can speak to you soon and hear all about it! just had supper with P,A and E who are here for the weekend. P's been looking at you pix on the blog too. not sure she can believe where you are! We are all fine. Moll off to Moscow in a week. B and M missing u big time. loads of love.Mum

  8. For Rebecca Eno 11c Delta Romeo 5,
    Hi Becky,
    Missing you loads and loads! Marmsy has told me about St A and it sounds absolutely fantastic- they are obviously a big rowing college so I'm sure that will be great.
    I cannot believe you're living in a house with chickens and sharing a single bed! weird! I hope the long drop is not too bad, when Mummy told me what it was i thought poor parky! Glad you have taken a liking to eggs so when you get back maybe you will try my yummy scramble!
    Good luck on the next trek, it sounds like you are being one tough cookie!! Sounds like a massive adventure and really happy to hear that you are having fun!
    Loads and loads of love,
    Tilly xxxxxxxx

  9. Louise Simpson AR3
    Hello sausage. Well done. Love the sunburn look and curly hair.
    Keep plodding on.
    Love you
    George, Linda, Miles and Alexander

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  11. For Camilla O'C - Alpha Romeo 1

    Hi Cam. It was good to hear from you the other day. Your sister was due home today but her train had to turn back at Newcastle due to signal failures and so hopefully she will be home tomorrow.

    John Terry, back as captain, led England to an emphatic victory over Wales in the Euro qualifiers with Lamps scoring the first in a 2-0 game. Hoy and Pendleton have both missed out in the World Championships with only the women's pursuit team winning gold. Contador looks set to win the Tour of Catalonia for Saxobank. Cav rides tomorrow in Belgium and has a chance of an early season win.

    Mummy sends her love.

    Love you xxxx

  12. Marjolein Bouman26 March 2011 at 16:10

    To: Gilles Bouman, Delta Romeo 3
    Allerliefste gillie, zo hoor je nooit iets van me en zo opeens twee keer in een week! Wat ontzettend fijn om je te lezen. Als ik dan zo lees hoe gelukkig je klinkt ondanks het mega zware werk en dat je zo heerlijke verjaardag hebt gehad, zit ik hier een beetje te snikken achter mijn computertje, omdat ik dan merk dat ik hier alleen in het hoge noorden mijn lieve grote/kleine broer(tje) mis! Een verjaardag zonder 'wederhelft', maar gelukkig heb je vervanging gevonden... Ik weet niet of je dit ooit nog krijgt of leest, aangezien je nu alweer aan de laatste fase (!!!) gaat beginnen, maar anders lees je het maar over drie weken! Hopelijk kunnen we dan ook bellen of skypen (yeheesss!) en kan ik je kale (al iets minder zag ik op de foto's!) koppie bewonderen,
    hele dikke verlate verjaagdagszoen,
    xxxx mar

  13. Dawnie!!!

    Good to hear from you Dawn, I can not believe how quickly the time is flying by - love hearing about what you have been up to. Oh and we got to read the letter you sent when we went down to the Ghillies a couple of wks ago.
    Your dresses have been dispatched so Im eagerly awaiting their arrival...!!! Its actually 5 weeks til the big day!! Arrhhhh.
    No news on the flat :( We are just working and stuff no earth shattering news to tell you Im afraid. God, my message is so boring compared to Joe the chilled out entertainer!!
    Lots of love, Sue (& Joe) xxx



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