Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Drumroll....for our phase 2 Delta groups

Wondering where our Delta venturers are and what they're up to? Then wonder no more! Without further ado, here are our phase 2 project groups:

Delta Romeo 1, Turrimacho Trek, Costa Rica
This trek has an incredible start climbing between two active volcanoes – Irazu and Turrialba to over 3000 metres. On a good day from the top you can see the Caribbean Sea. From the top you pass by the Guayabo National Monument – the ruins of an ancient settlement in the jungle before passing close to fieldbase and then on to the Tapanti National Park. After climbing up to nearly 3,000 metres the group will then follow the ridges of the Fila de Bustamante towards Cerro Dragon, before heading down to the Pacific ocean at Playa Palo Seco.

Delta Romeo 1 are: Bernardo Rodriguez (PM), Sheila Loughman (PM), Hannah MacKenzie, Hollie Camilleri- Denis, Hugh MacDonald, Jay Lancaster, Kelly Yaxiry Reyes Cruz, Lauren Mortimer, Lucy Hill, Mauricio Otarola Mora, Olivia S Christie, Rosanna Lorrison, Rose Ashbourn, Stephan Moehrke.

Delta Romeo 2, Momotombo Trek, Nicaragua
In the far north of Nicaragua, close to the border with Honduras, this Raleigh group will walk along a mountain ridge through the pine forests above Esteli. From here you will head along a ridge that passes by the Estanzuela waterfall and protected area going through remote communities. This route has never been attempted before on a Raleigh expedition. The trek heads towards the Momotombo Volcano from which the trek takes its name before climbing up Volcan El Hoyo with fabulous views over Lake Managua. The trek finishes at the crater lake of Asososca – a beautiful crystal clear lake that was once a volcanic crater.

Delta Romeo 2 are: Ivan Phillips (PM), Andy Noble (PM), Abigail Tyer, Alan Gwilt, Benny Gamsu, Charlie Stephen, Faruk Patel, Fatima Tercero Morales, Freddy Soames, Gyneska Velazquez Ramírez, Julian Krantz, Sam Tate, Sarah Lamming.

Delta Romeo 3, Piedras Blancas environmental, Costa Rica
Piedras Blancas is a relatively new national park in the south of Costa Rica where important primary forests on the north coast of Golfo Dulce act as vital biological corridors between Corcovado National Park and the mountains. The El Bonito ranger station is currently only accessible by driving up the river but this means that during the rainy season access is very dangerous for the rangers. Volunteers will continue to rehabilitate an old road that runs through the rainforest that used to connect to some old farms that were once in the park.  This area is important for the development of tourism, to prevent poaching and also for scientists who are studying the biodiversity that the park has to offer. The volunteers will build a jungle camp in the forest and learn about conservation in this beautiful national park

Delta Romeo 3 are: Lorna Fossick (PM), Mark Sandringham (PM), Alex Kretowicz, Briony Wood, Elizabeth Hedges, Emilie Kielstra, Gilles Bouman, Ignacio David Camacho Piedra, Jade Pearson, Jasmine Henry,Jessica Bridge-Dunk, Mary McCann, Scott Baxter.

Delta Romeo 4, Camaronal enviromental, Costa Rica 
Camaraonl is a stunning protected area famous for its nesting turtles that lay eggs on the beach all through the year. In 2008 they reported over 5,000 turtle nests during the period of June to November on this 3km long beach found in the Nicoya Peninsula. Raleigh volunteers will patrol the beach every night, build a hatchery, and rebuild a mirador (look out point). Living on this stunning beach and interacting with these rare creatures will be a once in a lifetime experience.

Delta Romeo 4 are: Jess Henderson (PM), Jo Jo Huddie (PM), Aisling Bury, Christiana Florman, David Eames, Jessy Boon Cowler, Karla Elena Arroyo Chaves, Kazakao Laird, Mags Chilaev, Nicola Milner, Nicole Boardman, Richard Mandell, Sem Veeger, Yendry Castro Loría.

Delta Romeo 5, El Rodeo, Miraflor, Nicaragua
The Miraflor reserve is 206sqkm of beautiful mountainous terrain with various different ecosystems such as tropical savannah, dry tropical forest and mountain cloud forest. Within the reserve there are a number of communities living through subsistence farming and gaining income from coffee growing, cattle farming and some small tourism initiatives. However the people have few resources and lack access to basic services such as health and education. The area was also badly affected by hurricanes last year. On this project, participants will continue to either rebuild or build six new homes in the small community of El Rodeo.

Delta Romeo 5 are: Lara Frankel (PM), Ben Davies (PM), Alexander Shaw, Alexandra Lingwood, Annelotte Jens, Harriet Marsh, Justino Enrique Lira, Larry Castillo, Maria Bedford, Rebecca Eno, Simon Keirle, Vanessa Paulina.

Delta Romeo 6, Tayni community, Alto Coen, Costa Rica
Situated at the centre of a Cabecar indigenous reserve in the Matama region of Costa Rica, a Raleigh group will be helping the local people build a secondary school in the remote community of Alto Coen. This project is extremely important for the reserve as it will equip future generations with the skills they need for the challenges of globalisation and change in the 21st century. The Raleigh volunteers will be learning about the culture of these indigenous people while working alongside them.

Delta Romeo 6 are: Sarah Malcomson (PM), Tom Hiscutt (PM), Karla Ugalade (PM), Andrés Chavarría Navarro, Chris Reynolds, Claudia Mendzil, David Ford, Dawn Tennant, Esmie Warne, Lucy Pearson, Maryam Almaghrabi, Saskia Donat, Victorine Pot, William Jackson.


  1. Stephan Moehrke, Delta Romeo 1,
    hello daar,
    uiteindelik is die foto's vd nuwe groepe gepos. Sien jy en Rose weer saam. Was ook baie lekker om die ander fotos te sien toe julle in base camp was. Lyk of julle groot sports het. Nice een v jou en ??? Manhug???
    Als goed hier by ons. Pap bietjie Hamburg toe vir 2 dae. Claudia het toe vir Usher gaan kyk Maandagaand - sy kan maar self vertel. Sy en een v haar klasmaats ook bietjie CAS gedoen by die skool.
    Verder chill ons lekker want dis mos vakansie. Sterkte met die trekking. Sien die vorige groep het dit nie altyd so maklik gevind nie.
    praat gou weer
    baie liefde

  2. to annelotte jens delta romeo 5
    Ha die Annelotte, we zien op de foto dat je weer een nieuw groepje hebt, deze keer zijn de jongens beter vertegenwoordigd geloof ik. Kun je ook goed gebruiken die mankracht met het bouwen van maar liefst 6 huizen. Vergeet niet er ook een voor ons te bouwen want ik zie dat de bevolking ook aan toerisme doet ! Ben benieuwd hoe je het ervaart en of je kunt zien wat voor impact een aardbeving kan hebben. Geniet van de natuur en de mensen daar, want beide zijn heel erg de moeite waard ! Liefs van ons allen, mam

  3. For Alan Gwilt Delta Romeo 2
    Go Alan Enjoy the trek Hope the boots and your feet hold out. Look forward to hearing all about it. Lots of love AKJ

  4. for jade delta3 hi jade see u in delta 3 now you look well jungle live will be amazing dont touch the snakes all well here just for the book its rain again see u tan coming along take care love you miss you love mum xxxxxxx

  5. To Gilles Bouman, Delta Romeo 3

    Hee liefje, zie nu een foto van je met je nieuwe groepje. Wat zie je der lekker bruin en gelukkig al wat minder kaal uit, je haar is wel heel blond zeg! Maar kan ik hebben hoor. Ze kiezen op die blog wel echt de hele tijd foto's uit waar jij een beetje raar (of lelijk) op staat.
    Hopelijk heb je het naar je zin daar in Piedras Blancas en is je nieuwe groep een beetje gezellig! Je bent vandaag alweer 4 weken weg, lang hoor. Tijd is wel snel gegaan, hopelijk blijft het snel gaan want ik kan niet wachten om je te zien.
    Ik heb gister weer een brief gepost, hopelijk heb je hem dan als je weer op field base bent. O ja en ik had ook al gemaild dat ik mijn ticket heb geboekt!!! Jeeeeeej nu is het helemaal zeker dat ik naar je toe kom! Ik kom toch wel die zaterdag 23 april, we zien nog wel even of je dat gaat halen en anders ga ik wel gewoon 2 dagen bijbruinen en op je wachten:)

  6. for maryam almaghrabi.
    from eddie.
    hello my darling your looking gorgeous in the photos babe! i know how you love the sun and it looks as if you have it in abundance no wonder you look so happy.i spoke to your mum and she sends lots of love shes missing you as does every1. im booking my ticket 2moro into rio and out of buenos aires exciting hehe! i cant wait now lots of good things on the way inshallah. remember to drink lots of water! i`l send you a letter when i recieve the one you sent so i dont get confused lol. miss u loads love u 4much xxxxx

  7. Jessica Henderson - Delta Romeo 4

    Hola Skangalang!! Finally getting around to sending you the missing emails...get ready for some reading my lovely xxxxx miss you millions Skangy xx

  8. Abi Tyer delta romeo 2

    Heyyy! Just seen a picture of you in your new group! hope the first few days of trek have been goood!
    took a pot of food out of the freezer for dinner tonight and thought it was chicken curry and turned out to be a portion of chicken that i did for your leaving doo! that seems SO long ago now! it was nice to have for dinned though!
    went and did a spinning class tonight - deathly but a good work out!
    revision is such a pain at the moment i have NO lift so very jealous of you!
    hope your having lots of fun - take care Emily xxxxxxxx

  9. Message for Maria Bedford - Delta Romeo 5
    Hello again - off to NW Nicaragua eh? Hope the journey was okay. And building homes - you might learn something that could help me with all Christine's works which aren't yet over! DR5 - all new people! Thanks for the Facebook message - I wasn't expecting it so a lovely surprise - not sure you saw my rather late reply on Sunday night? Glad you saw a Quetzal - in Miroflor (Paradise in the clouds) look out for orchids (often in trees! sometmes on rocks!) - one of the purple ones is the national flower of Costa Rica (not Nicaragua). And enjoy the coffee! Hope you get/got your rucksack and headlight fixed. All good here. Went to a lecture on prisons this evening. Louise has moved to Poole. Bully Cat still visiting - Mr W chased him out of the cat flap and biffed him on the bum, whilst Mr B ran away and hid behind the curtains! Have to fill in our Census form before the end of March - for your health should I put 'Good'? (or Very good? or Fair?) for your religion should I put 'No religion'? (or Christian? or Other? what?) Also have to put your last job title and a brief description, how many hours a week you usually worked & how you usually travelled there (Bus? On foot?). Try and let me know your answers otherwise I'll have to do my best to guess! Threats of proposed airport strikes in Spain in today's news - 22 days from Easter to the end of summer - will let you know if they're going to happen. Glad you get and like my blog post - I read what you and Dave wrote about your last project - hardcore! Lots & lots of love from Mum xxx

  10. For Camilla O'C Alpha Romeo 1

    Cam, well you are probably wondering what happened to Tottenham against AC Milan. They were 1-0 up after the first leg away and played at home this evening. Very sadly they managed a 0-0 draw and so go through. Not a good night for football. I had to go out for a dinner in an Indian Restaurant where they were showing the game. Unpleasant. We are off to Scotland on Friday. Obviously very excited about that. Mummy sends her love and wants to be sure that you are taking your malaria tablets and eating plenty of vitamin C. No football this weekend. Love you xxx

  11. Deborah Cooper9 March 2011 at 16:56

    To Rose Ashbourn, Delta Romeo 1
    HI, lovely to see another photo of you on the blog in your new group before you set off. I see you have another mountain to climb as a start. Well, you must be fit enough and know what that will feel like now! It sounds like a great hike with a lovely end at the seaside. Wish I was there!

    All good here. Am in Stoke tonight, home again tomorrow. Hotel with little indoor pool and TV beside me to catch the news. Bit different to your sleeping arrangements I guess! If the weather is OK and I am feeling fit enough next weekend I am due to do a 60 mile bike ride.

  12. Message for Adam Chalkley Alpha Romeo 5

    FOR 11th of MARCH

    Happy birthday brother hope you have a good day and manage to celebrate your birthday.

    Now thats out he way i can send you your update on the world of sport its been a busy few days really brother. Having managed to lose to ireland at cricket we played south africa at the weekend they bowled us out for 171 and some how we managed to defend that score and won by 6 runs however both kp and broad got injured and have had to go home we have replaced them with morgan and tremlett. In football arsenal have gon crashing out of the champions league after barca won 3-1 at home it was a bit controversial when RVP was sent off for time wasting with 35 mins to go at 1-1 he got his second yellow card cause he was offside and 1 second (sky timed it) after the ref blow his whistle he shot and the ref decided it was time waisting and he was off wenger was not happy. Tottenham managed to scrape through tonight by holding ac Milan 0-0 at the lane.

    At home ive been appointed to a cup final and its after your due to come home so if you do, you can come and watch it. Me and Dad are going to watch Norwich v Bristol City on monday which should be fun. We had pancakes last night they were really gd ! did you get any?

    Hope you having a good time and have a gd birthday.


  13. Hi Alex Lingwood! (Lexi) (Delta Romeo 5)
    Baaaaaaaah you look like you're having such a fun time! loved all the blog posts, i've pinned it to my homepage, so i'm constantly up to date with your adventures! so jealous of your ecosystem times on a tropical savannah! would love to see that in real life! ham ham, buckbuck and mr newbold would be proud!!
    make sure you take lots of photos cause i wanna see them when you're back!! (when are you back?)
    missing you lots and lots!
    stay safe, love you
    from Millie xxxxxxxxx

  14. To Andy... HIIII!!! How is everything going in Nicaragua??? I wish I could be with you now in the middle of the trek to Momotombo... It looked amazing. However being back in uni is nice in its own (and totally different) way. I was starting to make the album of the project for facebook and I have no doubt I was really lucky being your co-PM in it... Definitely awesome times for those three weeks. Take care and have lots of fun. Hope you are missing me haha. Kises, Jonsey ;)

  15. Andy, Jay, Chris, Maryam, Sam, Olivia, Julian, Larry, Vane, Abi, Lexi, Rebecca, Rinu (from Delta 3): Love and kisses from San José!!! Miss you a lot guys. I hope you are having an awesome time in your new projects and with your new groups, I wish I could be with all of you in this moment (uni is quiet boring after surviving the jungle, the coloradillas, camping on the beach and sailing surrounded by dolphins :P). I will keep stalking you in the blog haha and hopefully I'll make it to the change over, I'm looking forward to meet you again... Take care and have lots and lots of fun! Huge hug. Adri (Jonsey) <3 :)

  16. Yvonne Reynolds10 March 2011 at 02:06

    For Chris Reynolds Delta Romeo 6
    Hi Chris. Just seen the new groups for phase 2 - lokks like another amazing project - hope you really enjoy it.We all went to the Beehive on Tuesday with Jill who was up for a couple of days, and guess what - we won the quiz!! John and Sheila were asking how you were getting on so filled them in - Dad had the supper club round on Monday for a meal so Alan & I went to the Ram at Disley for our tea, then Alan went to cricket nets - hope you're managing to get a bit of practice in ready for the new season - Kevs expecting great things of you!! Goin to see Nan today so will show her the blog so she can get up to speed with what you're doing. Have fun and take care Love Mum, Dad & Alan xxx

  17. for Abigail Tyer Delta Romeo
    Hi Abi.
    How is it going - hope the feet are surviving, not too many blisters, and the legs still working..... Lovely to talk to you at the wk end, and see photos on the blog. All ok here, went to the Art Fair last night, Immy came as well and enjoyed it - bought a few things - surprise surprise! . Had Sarah to lunch yesterday and Louise today which will be nice to catch up on news. Immy still wants to go to Westfield so maybe this wk end if I feel strong - perhaps we can persuade Dad to drive us. Will start a letter with more news. Hope you are surviving the sun - take lots of care love Mum xxxx

  18. Delta Romeo 2 BENNY GAMSU
    Hey Bens, nice to see the sun is shining at fieldbase, you are luckier than I was! The trek you are doing sounds amazing, I wonder if you got to see any of Esteli? I did that horse trek there so I can imagine the scenery of your trek...hope it isn't too hot though.
    Mum and dad came to see me in Liverpool which was really nice. We went to crosby beach and then mum managed to persuade dad to get his feet bitten by the fish in those fish tanks as there is a placein L'pool, it felt sooo wierd but did leave them feeling soft.
    I'm going to that festival this weekend so am working hard to get my work done so I can enjoy it!
    Thanks for your email, mum forwarded it. Hope you are enjoying the energy bombs and condensed milk. Love you Belle xxx

  19. Stephan Moehrke, Delta Romeo 1,
    hey steeeeevie! :)))
    dis sooo boring hier by die huiss!! en dis niiiieeeeeee fun saam met gaylord en mama .. hulle vra die hele tijd wat will jy eendag gaan doen, wat intreseer jou... !!! so irriterend!! ons het nou ons IB choices in gegee soos om die blokke te maak.. en ek het higher bio, higher chem higher dutch B en higher geo... dan standard math en standard english LL (dis n niewe ding, waar jy nie so baie hoef te lees nie ) anyway my examen is klaar dit het goed gegaan ek hoop anyway :) ons kry eers die results na die vakansie :) en vrydag het almal noxx toe gegaan ma mam het gese ek mag nie want jy wou my vir die eerste keer vat.. so jy beter vinnig terugkom :) hahah ma ons was loft toe en dit was okay.. nie so fun soos laaskeer... maar hulle het renovations by die loft gedoen en dit is n bietjie groter , dis oranje mure... nie sooo erg nie en hulle het smoke ventilators gekry so dit stink nie soooooo erg meer nie :) ek gaan more (maandag) na usher concert!!! met Krina en nog n paar mense :) kani wag nie my hokkie span se dit was amazing, want hulle het vroeer in die week vir hom gaan kyk.. na die vakansie is NECIS.. en ek is nie seker hoe ons span sal doen nie... want ons is nie sleg nie dit is net niemand is committed nie, ons het gewoonlyk net 5 of 6 mense by games en oefening.. maar celine is die enigste senior wat tyd maak vir bball :))))) so dis coool :) ek het nog steeeds nie vir vampire diaries gekyk nie!!!! ek is nou eers weer besig om met 90210 te update :) ohhh en.. raai wat.. MR.O gaan weg.. hy gaan naar oeganda.. -.- .. randommmm!! ma jaa hy het vir ons so 2 weke gese... wat nogal suck!
    Van jou beste este suster :) claudia :D xx

  20. Jessy Boon Cowler - Delta Romeo 4

    Dear Jessy, I hope you will be thinkin of Mr Lewis when you are hanging out with the turtles.
    Lots of love. Jess xxx

  21. To: Emilie Kielstra, Delta Romero 3

    Lieve Emilie,
    Zo fijn om je even aan de Skype en telefoon gehad te hebben! En te horen dat je het zo'n gave ervaring vindt! Je nieuwe groepje ziet er op de foto heel vrolijk uit. Hopelijk blijft dat zo, want je hebt ondertussen wel kilometers lang met een zware rugzak gesjouwd de jungle in. Hoe is het om in het oerwoud te leven? Kun je wel slapen met al die nachtelijke geluiden om je heen? Wel een totaal ander project, maar de beschrijving er van is veelbelovend! Ondertussen al veel van die bijzondere beesten gezien, waar je het over had? Schieten jullie een beetje op met het maken van die weg naar het rangerstation? Wat kunnen jullie daar doen in je vrije tijd (als je die überhaupt hebt)?
    Hier gaat alles zijn normale gangetje nu school weer is begonnen. Alexa heeft tot nu toe echt goede cijfers teruggekregen! Gisteren en vandaag is Jurrien bezig om ons geheel en al op Ziggo over te zetten: nieuwe telefooncentrale met nieuwe handsets, snellere internetverbinding en veel meer zenders op de tv. Dan te denken dat dit alles voor jou nu geheel en al onbereikbaar is en eigenlijk ook maar onbelangrijke materiële zaken. We hebben net ons Hapimag-reisje naar Noord-Spanje geboekt voor begin mei en we nemen voor A. Roosmarijn R. mee; we gaan daar golfen is de bedoeling. Verder is zaterdag het AB-feest op KZ en A's team komt hier eten en er blijven er ook een paar slapen! Kortom, never a dull moment hier in huis. Geniet van alles om je heen, zet 'm op en tot de volgende blog! Dikke zoen, xxx mam

  22. Familia Fernandez Herrera10 March 2011 at 07:30

    alfa romeo 3 carol fernandez herrera saludes espero que se encuentre bien aqui en coronado esta muy caliente el sol sale a las 6 am pero las noches son muy frias en las caminadas de la mañana se siente un frio pero siempre las realizamos franco todavia no arranca a caminar esperamos tener noticias pues hace una semana no sabemos nada del grupo ni adonde estan

  23. Para yendry castro / delta romeo 4.
    dE : PA Y MA

    hola mi romeita, aqui julietita esperando q regreses pronto. y q tal por allá???? mucho tránsito??? jajaj. Pero espero los semáforos sirvan.....jjijijiji.
    te amo con todo el ♥.
    aqui la estamos viendo en una fotos, bronceadita verdad??ajajjaa te ves feliz y preciosa!!!!!
    excelente decisión esta aventura!!!!!!! siga viviendo cada instante al máximo.
    te amamos : de pá y má♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  24. Kirsty, Dad and boys10 March 2011 at 07:49

    For Jessy B, delta romeo 4....
    Hope this project isn't as arduous as the trek.... and hope you get to see lots of turtles (makes me wonder what happened to the little one your Dad and I found and took back to the sea in Fuengirola....)
    Nowt much happening here... spent ages with the frying pan cooking savoury and sweet pancakes on Tuesday for hungry boys and dads alike.
    Actually have Tracy babysitting this Friday so Steve and i can go out for a meal at Limoncello (yum!....sorry, that might have been a bit unfair, don't know what constitutes a meal down your way...) and we have a party to go to on Sat night in Finsbury Park so i'm not complaining, makes a nice change to actually do something at the weekend other than shopping or bloomin' footie down the park!
    Kwik ciggie for me before the lunchour is over,

    Lotsa love from all of us in SW16


  25. Esmie Warne Delta Romeo 6
    Hiya, your new project sounds fun! Hope you are enjoying it. Everyone looking at the blog to see if they can see you in the pictures and Dad studying the map to find the location! Nothing changes, we miss you!Keep smiling. Mum

  26. Para Lucía Salazar Sánchez

    Espero que te este llendo super en esta experiencia tan linda! Te mando un gran abrazo y mis mejores deseos amiga! Lov u!
    Atte. Xime Lacayo

  27. Stephan Moehrke, Delta Romeo 1

    Hey Nefie!
    Lyk of julle nogal bietjie hard werk, huh? Toemaar, dis goed vir jou. En ek is seker julle het BAIE fun. Wanneer sien ons jou nou bietjie in SA?

    Gedra jou (of nie) met al die meisies...

    Johan, Izette, Jo & Max

  28. For Rose Ashbourn Delta 1 :D
    Your trek sounds amazing and its look so sunny in all you pictures! its not sunny here... I hope you're still having a good time. Fiona went to New Zealand today so i'm sure it'll be good for her too.
    And that's about it really..... oh mum has to have another hip replacement which will be fun.... but yeah...
    I hope you have fun on your trek and see lots of cool stuff and don't get too many blisters :D
    see you soon

  29. Lucy Pearson (delta romeo 6)

    Hey y'all!! Hope you had an amazing birthday raving in the jungle :) You will be happy to know i'm in the library :P Looks like everyone is really nice in the pic! ...would be amazing if there were more though! Everyone I talk to seems to already know what ur doing so you've got alot of stalkers!! Have mega fun x x

  30. Esmie Warne Deltabravo 6

    Hope you are having the most amazing time ever!I am sure you are having a great time!! I am missing you lots and lots :) You look like you are doing some awesome things obvs not as exciting as Charlton but there you go :)Looking forward to seeing you soon
    Love you lots and Lots
    Molly xxxxxxxxxxxx

  31. Hi darling, hope you are having a fantastic time on your trek. Can't wait to hear all about it when you are back in Turrialba. A snowy Edinburgh awaits us tomorrow... can you believe that!! Will be good to see Lulu. Muchos besos.
    Mummy and Daddy

    Message for Camilla O'C - Alpha Romeo 1

  32. for maryam almaghrabi,

    salams maryam, its your big sister here j! ;) lol. Hope your doing well, alhamdulillah we are all fine, im asking about you every time im at fladgate. not sure how to use this website to read about you, my brain activity doesnt seem to go beyond lego and chuggington! im sure your having an adventurous time, knowing you, you will be feeling emotional quite alot, just dont get stressed i know how you do. we are always thinking about you and we all love you and are missing you... we cant wait to here from you.

  33. Ignacio Camacho (Delta Romeo 5)

    <3 Hola mi amoooor! Acá estoy con papá en el aparta porque me vinieron a revisar la instalación eléctrica (finally) y pensábamos en cómo habrás iniciado este nuevo proyecto. Esperamos que todo bien y con las ganas y amor de siempre.

    Algunos updates (uplates ja):

    El baby de Jose ya nació (Kai) y es un peke lindísimo. Yo aún no lo conozco, pero las fotos son bellas.

    Rubén tiene el nudillo del dedo índice fisurado (jugando fut) y está en la casa estos días.

    Dice pa que Patricia también se jodió el dedo pero sí se lo quebró (le cayó una pesa).

    Mamá está bien, trabajando con unos voluntarios en un sitio que se llama Sandbox :) y buehhh que por allá todo bien.

    Vi al gordo en el bus y me contó que te había mandado mensajito...hay otras noticias pero que mejor él te cuente ;)

    A la gorda le quitaron los frenillos y se ve toda linda :)

    La Ti se va el 1 de abril así que será antes de que hayás regresado :( Seguro que desde NY te manda un mensajito. Ella siempre pregunta por vos y te extraña muchísimo.

    Y la más esperada >> el carro está casi listo. Lo vi pintado (aún sin pulir) y estáaaa lindísimo el azul y bueno ahora sin marcas. Tons falta el pulido y la tapa de la gasolina. También que codifiquen la alarma nuevamente y el resto que ya le dije a papá del tuneup y blah blah...

    Bueno flaco! Mucha suerte en la lindísima zona Sur. Éxitos!

    <3 Te amamos y nos hacés mil falta (a Toto tambieeén).

    Cuidate! <3

  34. Yendry (Delta Romeo 4)

    Un saludo del papá de Ignacio.

    Espero que estés muy bien. Yo siempre en comunicación con tu mamá y pendientes de vos y de Ignacio. Te mando un abrazo. Cuidate mucho y suerte en tu proyecto.

    Rubén Camacho

  35. Hello Stephan Moehrke,Delta Romeo 1!
    Thrilled to see and read all about your adventures. Saam met jou ouers "manhug"! Hope to see you in person.

  36. For Camilla O'C Alpha Romeo 1

    Congratulations!!! Here's hoping that Leeds get promoted so that I can come and visit you next year. Lots of proud love xxxx

  37. Richard Mandell - Delta Romeo 4
    Hi Rich. Well you did it - you got the third A. Well Done :) Let us know what you want to do. Neil also did very well, getting As in both subjects. Its been a good day. Just been to see The Wizard of Oz at the Palladium. OK - not wow - dog was good!!! How are the turtles - send them our love. Enjoy yourself. Love Mum xx

  38. To Caroline Murray, Alpha Romeo 4.

    Hey hope your loving your second project, im guessing your feeling alot better now and can enjoy things and get involved more, just make sure your making up for when you were ill by eating lots of rice haha. Really cant wait to hear from you in 12 days time. Thats not sounding at all bad wont be long now. In the mean time il keep sending you loads of blogs, i managed to resist sending you a message yesterday but did leave you a cheeky facebook one for when you can go online. Also you will be pleased to know there is a card waiting for you when you get back to base was trying to keep it as a surprise but not that exciting, so never mind. It's nearly been a year, really looking forward for yours to come in the post, shame we wont see each other but we shall make up for it when you get back and ccccoooorrrrfffffuuu. Works been quite quiet really, but so busy tomorrow night, bit random but we've got a south american theme on as well, so cooking up some Costa Rica classics no doubt, will have to cook it for you when you get back, even though your probably sick of the food by now, il force feed you it anyway. Other then that not a lot has been going on, got sunday off so sure il be doing something then, maybe golf and write a long message to you again ha. Will pop in and see Judith next week hopefully. Missing you and love you lots your Sam-buca xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  39. To: Mauricio Otarola
    Que barbilla mop!! ese es EL porte de todo un rambo! ;) se le extraña papilloooo! =)


  40. Alexandra Hawkins10 March 2011 at 19:16


    Hello Jenni!

    1) I miss you.

    2) I hope you're enjoying your new project - sounds so different to your trek, but equally challenging I imagine. Hope you've got lots of friends in your group too and that you can have jokes and chats together (although obvs not as good as Ten jokes and chats)

    3) It was so great to get your message the other week (time passes me by like nobody's business). I can imagine the trek would just send you through all those crazy emotions and tirednesses but it must have felt so good to have done it at the end. How's the bubble then? I guess you had a quick release in your short spurt of internet access... but probably pretty bubbled again now. Ok, well there are all number of crazy things going on in the wider world, mainly with rebels in Libya and all sorts of semi-revolutionary action. And do you want to know something crazy? Someone told me today that they're thinking of synching GMT with the majority of Western Europe, so we'd have the same time zone as Germany/France etc. To help tourism or something?! I think it's an outrageous suggestion personally - can our whole sunrise-time of day routine really be changed by some sort of decree? Crazy... Ok, sorry for the rant. And sorry also for the fact that the 'news' I attempted to give you to let you see out of the bubble probably isn't top of the breaking news list. Were I back home I'd be able to do a better job, Cambridge is it's own kind of bubble. So right now it's a bit like the uninformed trying to inform the even more uninformed.

    4) Going to Berlin on the 20th March - can't wait to be back there. Will think of you doubly when I'm there, particularly if we make it up to the roof of the Reichstag! We are actually spending 2 days in Potsdam (yes, we are tourists exploring the Umgebung!) which should be fun to explore :) Also, my college is doing a college holiday over the summer to guess where... BERLIN. I mean, I'm bare not going as it's the 5th - 9th September which means 1) Wasps 2) MY BIRTHDAY but I had to make a poster for it tonight and had fun copying and pasting Ampelmann images! Hmm and I shall have some Haribo strawberries waiting for you when you get back!

    5) Cambridge is looking very pretty now that we occasionally get sunshine... you MUST come up (if you've still energy and time after this!) in Easter Term to visit me :)

    6) You were looking very 'fringey' in the last picture I saw of you! Oh Fringeyface :) Bet you shall be looking yet fringier when you return.

    7) Is it hot ALL the time out there? I know sometimes the weather isn't always consistent. Imagine it gets cold at night...

    8) Sorry this is in a weird numbered form - for some reason my thoughts felt best gathered this way tonight.

    8.5) I'm still as cringe as the way you left me!

    9) I should go now.

    10) Point number 3 was really long!

    I shall message more now as term comes to a close (and I miss you more!)
    Love you lots and lots!
    Alex xxxx

  41. Alexandra Hawkins10 March 2011 at 19:17


    Hello Louise!

    How is Costa Rica? I have been meaning to message you for a long, long, LONG time now - been on that old to-do list which is normally buried in ) work. Anyway, finally finally I am messaging you. The whole time I have been keeping track of what you've been up to though... it's great to know what you've been doing! Your community centre work looked hard work but fun too (particularly enjoyed a photo of you looking very perplexed at how to clear a field.. no, I wouldn't have known where to start either!).

    Ok so now it sounds like you're in very exciting surroundings with potentially some interesting animals to be seen! Hope you're taking lots of piccies on your fit new red normal-battery camera and that your kit has all been useful (and is all still with you... although really not sure why it wouldn't be hmmm). I shall be SO looking forward to hearing your all your tales on your return :)

    For now, however, I must love you and leave you
    Umm... Pura Vida!

    Lots of Love, Alex xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  42. ANDY!!!!! FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!!!! Love and kises and hugs... I hope you had an awesome day. I'll celebrate it with you when I get to see you again and maybe I'll take some "Tres leches" or "Torta chilena" with me for the occasion <3<3<3 X)

  43. For Rosanna Lorrison Delta Romeo 1, Turrimacho Trek
    Hey Zan, The pictures of you on here are amazing! You look like your having such an amazing time! But, please can you just like stop getting so toned and tanned! Think i might have to go and get fit and have a few fake tans before you come home!!
    It was so nice to hear from you the other day, it had been the longest 3 weeks ever waiting to hear how you were getting on!
    I hope you enjoy your trek around the volcanoes, and take lots of pictures for us!
    I still think of things every day that i want to tell you, so be prepared for the message on Facebook to be like war and peace very soon!
    I miss you loads and loads.
    Take care. Much love now.
    KY xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  44. To: annelotte jens

    Heeeyy AJ! I am sitting in french class at the moment, dyingg slowly, thinking about you and your adventures! How you are, what you been upto and your amazing storiesss to be told soon! Anyway just wanted to say I miss you and love you and be safe! And don't forget:
    Go get 'em tiger, raawwwwwr!

  45. Message for JoJo Huddie, Delta Romeo 4 - with the turtles

    Hi Darling, by the time you read this you will know about the tsunami now approaching your beach... I know that Raleigh will look after you and keep you safe, but wanted to say I do hope that it won't put an end to your turtles project. I expect there will be a load of clearing up to do at best. Poor turtles! Will be thinking of you. All is well here. Paul is busy rendering the house walls. He used some old cement by mistake earlier this week which means it took many hours to start to set, so he had to stay up all night to finish it off! A lesson learned, I think. I'm playing an children's concert tomorrow with Martin Clunes again. The weather is slowly getting warmer but snowing at present in N England and Scotland. So glad we live in the south!
    Love you megatons. Lots of big, big hugs. Hang on in there. Mum xxxx

  46. For Duaa Al-Uzairy, Alpha Romeo 1

    Hey Du!

    How is the trek going? I'm sure its tiring but hope your having an amazing time. I can't wait to see the next installment of pics!

    I have my presentation next week eeeshk! Its meant to be a group project yet there is nothing groupy about it, been left to do all the work myself :( Kinda made me realise that I may be a bit of a control freak, I decided to take charge when I realised the others were unreliable!

    Everyone is doing well back here, we all miss you and can't wait to see you. Baba is ok,there's been a few developments but don't worry things are fine.
    I'm in desperate need of sun!! But I shall soldier on, there will be light at the end of the tunnel...I hope! lol

    I bet you're upset about all those Loose Women episodes you're missing! Don't worry I've been recording them for you, we'll watch them back 2 back together when get back lol.

    Yalla hurry back, tara tawalteeha!! xxxxx just kidding, enjoy every minute xxx

    OOh Loose Women is coming on, better go and hit the record button ;)

    Love you xxx ShuShu xxxx

  47. To: Mauricio Otarola(Delta Romeo 1)
    Mauuuu ojala la este pasando buenisiiimooo y se acuerde de la fechaaa FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOOOS! fijo ya igual q tuti ya dii envejecio tres años mas solo estando ahi! pero tranquilo mau aun asi quiero q sea mi cuñado!
    Siga poniendolee! aguante aguante mauu!! yo se q fijo esta feliiiz xq asi esta nana y uds son iguales(awwwwwwww s2s2s2) jajajajaja pero desde la ciudad de las flores le mando saludooos y muchas bendiciones Mau! ojala no lo hayan matado mucho hoy!
    Lo quierooo cuñadooo! y se le extraña mucho aqui en la casa
    xoxoxo... no vaaaaras jajaja

  48. Stephan Moehrke Delta Romeo 1
    Hello daar,
    als goed hier by ons. Pap veilig terug v Hamburg. Hierdie keer tot by Duisburg met die kar en v daar die vinnige trein tot in Hamburg. Se net hy sukkel nog met die wireless konneksie. Bevestiging v jou laptop het toe uiteindelik deurgekom - weet jy sal baie bly wees daaroor. Sal later kyk of ek n afspraak kan reel vir net na jy terug is.
    Ek en Clauds was gister bietjie in Wijnegem - verkyk ad mense en dinge en so bietjie geshop. Hulle is besig om die paaie daar te verander en daar is heelwat nuwe geboue id omgewing. Ons was nogal verbaas - eintlik lanklaas daar.
    Gaan more by die Vanbrouwershavens brunch - oom Anton verjaar. Het jou info vir Mieke gestuur dat sy ook vir jou kan probeer blog.
    Clauds bly baie lekker in jou kamer en maak elke naweek mooi kamer skoon :) Haar kamer nog steeds nie heeltemal netjies nie - klere op die bed en lessenaar - sal seker nou een of ander tyd uitgesorteer raak.
    Maandag begin die skool weer en dan is dit net NECIS. Ek is gelukkig glad nie gestres hierdie jaar nie en glo ons het alles onder beheer. Jammer dat mr O weggaan, want nou moet ons weer die opvolger leer v al die dinge.
    Ons praat weer binnekort - mooi bly
    baie liefde

  49. Hi Nicola
    we have now had an update I see you hit the jack pot, turtles! dod't fall in love and try to bring one back in your suitcase.
    You will be on the beach if or when the tsunami hits run!!! How you now why you did all that training

  50. Yendry Castro Delta Romero 4
    Hola amorcitoouu como le esta yendo? me dijo su ama que esta en camaronal? No se si usted conocio a Nelson, el guardaparques de ahi, el mae es compa y super tuanis...
    yenn, pedazo de mensa, I heard your voicemails on my cell, I was still in Panama when you called (rude) I have been super busy at work thou. yen, I need you to send me an application online for the summer job asap. most importantly, you should give me a call.. I miss you...
    mae regrese a la u y vieras que chiva.. so many hot girls... hahahaa. anyways, I gotta run.. love you amorcitou and miss you


  51. Para yendry castro / delta romeo 4.
    dE : PA Y MA

    hola mi romeita, aqui julietita esperando q regreses pronto. y q tal por allá???? mucho tránsito??? jajaj. Pero espero los semáforos sirvan.....jjijijiji.
    te amo con todo el ♥.
    aqui la estamos viendo en una fotos, bronceadita verdad??ajajjaa te ves feliz y preciosa!!!!!
    excelente decisión esta aventura!!!!!!! siga viviendo cada instante al máximo.
    te amamos : de pá y má♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  52. For Jennifer McGowan Alpha romeo 5

    Sup Jenni

    Hope you're still having an amazing time out there and enjoying your new project. All the peeps in your group look nice so im sure youre having a great time. Oh yeah that end of phase post you did on the blog was really good by the way. i really liked the imagery :P (thats the extent of my english knowledge).
    This last week at uni has been really busy, but fun. my brother came up on friday and saturday which was cool and just been busy doing ents stuff, chemisty (loads of chemistry) and organising some music stuff with people at uni. quite a lot of other stuff has gone on (including a girl in labs getting acid on her face :O) but ill send a more comprhensive letter for you to look forward to :). but yeah generally all good apart from stupid cold yorkshire weather. Hope you're having an amazing time saving orhpans and stuff :P. Still missing you bare tings. love you lots.

    love from Matt xxxx

    Iam aBIT anxcious because of xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  54. Delt Romeo4- for Mags: Мохьмад, я послал тебе три сообщения, но ты, видимо, их не читал! На фото ты выглядишь неплохо! Как проходит твое путешествие? Может, что-нибудь тебе прислать отсюда?
    Сабила вернулась из госпиталя, она сейчас с нами. Майя приходит по выходным, я недавно был у нее университете.
    Пиши. Дала аятто бойла. Дад

  55. My dearest MAGS
    I HOPE you are having a great time in Costa Rica. i am very proud of you that you are doing such a wonderful job over there.however, i have heard that you and your group had to move to a different part of Costa Rica because of the earthquake in Japan.I am very worried about you((( i hope to hear from you VERY SOON)))and I hope you stay safe!!!love from Amina

  56. To: Mauricio Otarola

    Cosi yo de nuevo... para desearle un muy FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOOOOOS!!!!!!!!!!!! en serio!!!! va a ser el cumpleaños q ud mas llegue a recordar fijo... aqui todos le deseamos lo mejor... vuelvan prontoo =)!!! te quiero rambo!!

  57. Hannah Leach Alpha Romeo 2
    Roo - guess you are still heading up hill - remember what goes up must come down and it gets easier when you come down again.
    Need a hug....!
    Love Paps

  58. Briony Wood Delta Romeo 3

    hello Briony, i hope your still having an amazing time and this part of the project is a bit easier than the last. hope you are taking loads of pictures so you can show me what you been doing all this time.
    have loads of fun and be safe.
    cant wait to see you again, love you millions. Daniel xxxx

  59. to sarah lamming delta romeo 2

    hi sarah,

    great picture of you covered in mud looking worn out. i see that you have now started trecking. have a brilliant time and enjoy the scenery. here at home both pickles and my laptops are broken so we've resorted to using the very slow computer in the hall again. work has been manic this week with an assembly for parents that went very well considering it wasn't great the day before. i have been walking to work a couple of days a week. it takes me half an hour so it is good exercise. i'll write again soon. hope you are having a fantastic time and the stripey tan is coming on well. i couldn;t tell from the photo as you were covered in mud!!
    sending a huge hug and lots of love from mum xxxxx

  60. For Nicola Milner, Delta Romeo 4.

    HEY Nik!!! it literally took my about an hour to find how to do this, but i've eventually got here!! your email made me laugh it was an abosolute essay so il go through it now and reply to everything haha.. what the hell were the weird bumps on your collar bones? probably not normal and shouldnt have appeared! Also im embarassed for you to be known as the hoover, how are you surviving without your pecans? or regular chocolate bars? or frazzles? i wish i could send you some!!! I'm going to thailand at easter (i think you know this) and im going into the jungle too so il tell you what it is like and we can compare experiences :) Im glad you've found someone to go travelling with but make sure your still careful pleasee, i dont want anything happening to you!! We're all fine over here, think im gonna go up to see Beth in a couple of weeks (btw do you know shes going out with Marcus now lollllll). I'm not too sure when you'll get to read this but i hope its soon!! I'm glad your having fun and have made some good friends, make sure there nice to you just like we are!! Stay safe and dont do anything i wouldnt! Miss you and Love you lots and lots xxxx

  61. Para: Andres Chavalazo Delta romeo 6

    holaaa baby se que estas feliz y con todas tus vibras positivas para estas semanas que quedan Desde aqui lo apoyo y le deseo lo mejor del mundo!!! Vive esta experiencia al maximo.Te mando un abrazo y un beso gigante.It`s always better when we`re together! mamoi Te amo con todo mi corazon♥

  62. Stephan Moehrke Delta Romeo 1
    Heerlik by die Vanbrouwershavens gekuier vandag. Gebrunch - beter as n 5ster hotel. Gebraaide wors, bacon, aartappel fritters, baked beans, gebakte eiers, mushrooms, tamaties, muffins, vrugteslaai (het ek gemaak en dis ons aandete). Alex Hill en haar ouers was ook daar. Later bietjie 6 nations rugby gekyk. Italie id laaste 5 minute vir Frankryk gewen - lekker. Daarna die krieket gekyk - SA het vir Indie gewys hoe dit gedoen word - agtergeloop met 130 balle en ons moes so-iets soos 179 lopies kry. Nie gedink ons sal dit maak nie. Wel, toe die einde met 3 wickets gewen. Eat your heart out!!! Wens jy kon dit sien. Ek, Clauds en pap sit nou vir Glee en kyk. Chuck weer lekker 'spannend' - jy't mos laaskeer geskype toe dit aan was. Lekker dag gewees vandag en ons het buite gesit en eet. Hulle voorspel dat dit Dinsdag 18 gaan wees! Sal maar sien of dit so warm gaan raak. Teen die tyd wat jy terugkom is ons weer hopelik al warmer as nou.
    By julle is die weeksdae seker dieselfde as naweke, want as julle nie werk nie, moet julle stap. Hoop dat als goed werk sover. Skoene hou, rugsak nie te swaar nie en dat jy fun het.
    Praat weer
    baie liefde

  63. Yendry Castro Romeo Delta 4

    Hola amorcito.. la mensa de sjtaciy no sabe como escribrir un post aqui entonces me llamo para que le escribiera jajaja... we miss you so much thou,.. eniguays, aqui le paso la ejctaicy:
    "hey yen... ummm... I hope you are doing great, and everything is going well. sorry I havent been in contact... miss you like crazy.. ummmm... Iiiii I hope and dad are doing fine (just tell her that her mom and dad missing her a lot) I am trying to keep my promise. so far so good. I cant wait for you to come home... and remember that when you come you have to build my house" "something like that, well take care and be in good healt and I love you"
    love you Stacy...
    ahora si amorcito sigo youuu... jajaja, di no, ya pa que, la ejtaicy dijo todo y me corto la expiracion... YENNNnnnnnnnnnnnnn.. en serio, ya nos hace muchisima falta a todos, cuidece mucho y cuidado con los sumanis, ahhh senior y usted ni nadar sabe, vez por no venir a nadar con migo a la u a mis classes intensivas de natacione (rude)...
    bueno ahora si, chao amorcitouuu..
    pura vida


  64. Ignacio Camacho Delta Romeo 3
    mae Nacho, como jaguaryendo? mae, sorry que no le escrito pero andaba de gira en panama y super ocupado en el trabajo... mae espero que todo les este saliendo bien a ud y yendrina... los extrano mucho y siga disfrutando mop... cuidece y despues nos vemos para que nos cuente como le fue todo...
    un abrazo,


  65. Yendry Castro Delta Romeo 4

    Yendrinaaaaaaaaaaa... mae, que maigre con usted tantos dias sin verla... ya hasta falta me hace jajaja.. obviously, mae le conte que tengo compu nueva, vieras que linda ah y me compre unos cuadros chivisimas en panama... que mas, sigo en fitness mood... como esta ud? me dijo su mama que esta en eating/engordis mood... jajajaja, osea normal... mae, andrea se va el otro mes para suezia, espero que ud ya este aqui... seguro cuando ud regrese ya tendre carro bueno y tenemos que ir a ver a Nicko... mae, la u es un exito... le traje una mola de las islas san blas (secretly) es una sorpresa... yennnnnnnnn, cuando regrese tenemos que hacer una reunion en mi casa con sus nuevas amigas de raleigh :) jejeje.. jk jk... me saludo a nacho del pirucho de los santos de los ultimos dias si lo ve...
    chao amorcitouuu miss you tons...
    be safe, make friends and play fair... love ya

  66. Stephan Moehrke Delta Romeo 1
    Hey Stephan
    Hope you are have enough water and clean socks and having a great experience trekking through CR.
    We do not have too many farms except pineapple where you are walking towards the west coast.Today we watched the 1st hockey teams play, both won, yesterday we celebrated Antons birthday with a lekker brunch,sausages,eggs and bacon fresh fruit salad and some happy drinks.
    Take care and and enyoy special world with new freinds
    lots of love Ax

  67. Rose Asbourn, Delta Romeo 1
    Hi Rose, Hope you are having fun on your hike. I cycled 60 miles today. The annual Evans bike ride. Dad did it too and it rained half way round so I felt quite pleased to be able to drive home afterwards and have a bath (and I even gave Dad a lift home too.)Got home to find the cat had been sick (yuck, and I had to clear it up). Otherwise she is fine. Now I have got to do the ironing as you are not here to do it!

    Hope you got the email with exam details. Good results! Well done.

    Will keep sending the messages. Another letter on the way. Assume you will get them when back at base so all the news will be old, but hey!

    Lots of love, Mum XXX

  68. Max Chalong - Alpha Romeo 3

    Hi Maxi Darling,

    Lovely to see the pictures of you. The rangers station where you're staying looks fab so I hope you can make the most of it for your brief stay before you go off to the jungle.
    Heard today the Heidi's mum and family are okay in Yokohama after the earthquake and tsunami so we're all very relieved but, like everyone else, we're saddened by the tragedy.
    Met Jane earlier in the week and she's arriving with Mickey in Costa Rica on the 7th April and staying until the 22nd so hopefully you'll be able to meet up after you've finished your projects. I will send you the details of where they'll be staying nearer the time.
    W.H lost today 2-1 so will not progress any further which is such a shame, it was all a bit controversial but that's the game.
    You look so brown in the pictures, wish you could send us some sun!! Hope you're using lots of suntan lotion!!!
    We're all still missing you madly. Keep safe, happy and enjoy every minute!
    Love you loads,
    Mum, Dad, Ally and Gran

  69. Christiana Florman / DELTA ROMEO 4

    Hi darling form all of us in wet and boring England ; we watched Tali play netball today in a tournament - she was great but Jenks didnt play her enough . Last week we saw katia here for a bit , she is working hard and having her final lacrosse matches . Mummy and I are fine - wedding anniversary tomorrow ( March 14th - 24 years - I think ? better check my maths but that seems right )?. Yiayia was really sweet as she came over with a bunch of flowers ! 8 Miles is drifting on , and tomorrow the new job starts which is very exciting . Mummy and I are going out to a romantic dinner tomorrow night too . All is well here , house a bit empty , but we love following your pictures - but we need many more pictures from your tream please on the blogs - we hardly get any ! But we saw you heading off to the turtles - seems like an amazing project , hope it is going really well. Hope my letter arrived at base camp at last . lots and lots of love darling from us all / Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  70. For Rosanna Lorrison, Delta Romeo 1, Turrimacho Trek

    Roossannnaa! I keep checking on here to see picture of you on the trek! I hope it's going well and you aren't too injured/sunburned/bitten/exhausted and i hope that you are super tanned and toned. I miss you and our little house and whispered chats!
    I am seeing the specialist this week so hopefully i'll be on the mend soon. Also i got a place at St Andrews!

    OH and I typed Justin Bieber into google news (didn't know how to spell his name but got there in the end) and item numero uno was 'Justin Bieber has a wardrobe malfunction' in Liverpool as he forgot to zip up his pants. And also rumour has it that Penelope Cruz named her baby Leo. And England is very cold and rainy.

    Say hello to Holly and Hugh from me - hope you are all well and I miss you all and can't wait to see you when you get back.

    Naomi xxxxxx

  71. MAGS!!!!!!!!!!!
    i see youre lookin' good;)
    i haven't seen any updates recently so was wandering how you are? have you recieved my letter yet?
    im home for gooooodddddddd now so enjoying the freedom :) (after going back to collect my things i couldn't believe how i stayed there. its such a prison!)i have a few exams coming up and to catch up on so been revising a fair bit. we also had peter and his wife, and alexa over for dinner yesterday. was very lovely.
    muchhhhhh muchhhhhhhhhh muchhhhhhhh love
    sabzie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  72. Message for Hannah Delta Romeo1
    Hi Bars
    Nice to see more pics of you. You all looked like you had a good time in Cirripo and well done for the climb. Hope you are managing on your trek, you will be well fit after this expedition.
    Things here fine. Went to the Indian in Skye last night and it snowed all the way there and back, quite trecherous in parts but it was well worth a visit.
    Clayton been in touch with Sarah and he is looking forward to seeing you in April.
    Keep well
    All our love mum, dad & Sarahxxx

  73. For Saskia Donat, Delta Romeo 6

    Hey Saskia,
    ich hoffe dir geht es gut und das du sicher bist! ich weiss nicht ob du die grosse Katastrophe in Japan mitbekommen hast, es gab ein riesiges Erdbeben und einen Tsunami der auch Südamerika erreicht hat, bis jetzt wurden in Japan 10000 Menschen getötet und 3 Atomkraftwerke wurden schwer beschädigt und werden nicht mehr gekühlt! In 2 AKW's kam es moeglicherweise zur kernschmelze und Radioaktivitaet ist ausgetreten! Das Land ist verwüstet und steht vor einem Atomünglück!
    Wir machen uns hier echt Sorgen!

    ps. Ich hab dir noch einen Brief geschickt =)
    und nicht vergessen, Ich liebe dich xxx
    I miss you xxxx

  74. For Simon Keirle Delta Romeo 5
    Hi Simon, Hope you are getting on well with your new phase. I have looked up the area you're in and it looks very interesting. By the time you read this you will be halfway through already.
    Matt played on Saturday and I went to watch but it was a disappointing game - Old Tiffs were leading but lost in the last 5 mins by 1 point. Not sure whether they're still top as the website hasn't been updated. Chelsea are still fourth in the table, 2 points behind Man City but with a game in hand and 3 points above Spurs. Both still in the Champions League (it was nervewracking watching Spurs play AC Milan but a draw was enough).
    All this must seem so mundane compared to all the new places and experiences you are having. I am very envious and can't wait to see your photos. Lots of love, Mum

  75. From: Danny Hoogeveen
    TO: Annelotte jens Delta Romeo 5

    Hey liefste!!!!

    Het is alweer dik een week geleden dat ik je heb gesproken. ik mis je nogsteeds heel erg en denk echt elke dag aan je. er zijn nu dikke tsunami's en aardbevingen in japan lijkt echt op die film 2012. de wereld vergaat!! haha. anyways ik hoop dat het je een beetje goed afgaat dat bouwen van huizen. misschien komt het later nog van pas:). ik heb me toetsenweek achter de rug en ga volgende week naar espana!!. we zijn al over de helft. ik hoop dat je het heel leuk daar hebt popje!!.. ik hou van je en denk elke dag aan je kus kus kus love youuuu

  76. To Rose Ashbourn Delta Romeo 1

    Hi Rose

    This looks awesome.
    Hope you have no blisters, lots of water and I can see you are surrounded by friends.

    Lots of love

    Cecile and Peter in West Australia

  77. For Rose Ashbourn, Delta Romeo 1
    HI, me again. Hope your hike is going well, no blisters and plenty of waterfalls to cool off in! I am off to Stoke again today.

    I have just talked to the travel agent (Trailfinders) who spoke to Continental Airlines, and sadly they will not let you stop in New York on your way home even if you pay more. You can leave Costa Rica at a different date but can't stop in NY. Thougth you would want to know. Sorry about that. Have emailed Liz.

    All OK here, sun shining, flowers beginning to show and spring on its way.

    XX Mum

  78. Stephan Moehrke Delta Romeo1
    Hi seun, wag in spanning om iets v julle te sien. Hoop als gaan goed met die stappery - geen blase en beserings nie.
    Gister en vandag lekker warm by ons - gister 15 en vandag gaan ons dalk nog 18 haal. Die voeltjies het vanoggend ook al baie vroeg begin sing id bome - vreemde geluide wat ons nie voorheen gehoor het nie. Die bome reg vir lente en heelwat vd krokusblommetjies uit. Die eendjies terug op die water en hopelik is daar hierdie jaar weer n slag kuikens.
    Ons muisvriendjies is alweer terug en pap moes weer inspring. A.g.vd muise is die gaaie ook nou weer terug om te aas vir ietsie om te eet.
    Kry ook nog hier en daar id huis 'spore' v hulle.
    Oom Pinky het gereel dat iemand die bome rondom die huis kom trim een of ander tyd. Sal baie nice wees - dalk meer son sien op ons nog steeds blaarbedekte 'grasperk'. Gemeente het nog steeds nie die herfsblare v verlede kom insamel nie.
    Ouma Anke stuur groete en se als is goed daar by hulle - sy sal vir jou email - weet nie v blog nie. Oupa het nou n 'carer' Cecilia wat hom help en vir ouma bietjie n blaaskansie gee.
    Ons druk besig met al die finale voorbereidings vir NECIS en hoop als sal regwerk die naweek.
    Die Japan aardebewing het baie gevolge, behalwe die tsunami. Die kernreaktors het ook opgepak en baie mense is bekommerde oor die moontlike uitstraling wat dit kan veroorsaak. Selfs in Belgie is mense angstig en drink nou pille teen moontlike uitstraling. Die kenners meen dit sal nie so wyd versprei nie, maar baie mense is onnodig paniekerig.
    Ons is op die oomblik besig om aansoek te doen vir Londen Olimpiese Spele kaartjies. Hoop ons kry die wat ons graag wil he.
    Sien uit daarna om gou weer v jou te hoor.
    baie liefde

  79. For Dawn Tennant, Delta Romeo 6

    Hi lovely,
    no news about your group lately. Checking every day but nothing. Spring has finally arrived!
    G and G in the island since sunday. Going to see them on thurs. And, harry is coming to the ghillies tomorrow for the first time!!! Will have to put the flags (both of them) up!!
    Daniel doing well and settled in oz. The lectures have started now so he is into a routine and happy. Ana just about coping with sleepless nights and joe and sue have started the count down: 7 and half weeks now. Got three outfits but cannot decide which one to keep...I wish you were here to help me. Going to spain for edu's wedding on 7th april for 4 days.
    Hope you are enjoying yourself very much. You are doing a good job. Miss you and love you loads. Mum xxxxx

  80. Stephan Moehrke Delta Romeo 1

    Stephan!! How's the trek going dude?! Looks amazing. Nicaragua all seems so surreal being back at home - had a really cool time on my community project and then spent 3 nights on the Pacific coast beaches and national parks before flying home - good times :) I have to admit though, the flight home just wasn't the same without you! Enjoy, Nicky


    Hello darling, we are longing to hear some more news and are hoping that you don't have blisters... I still can't believe how far you are trekking. Its Dads birthday today... we've both been busy at home , in and out all day but are now on the way to London to have a nice dinner. The boys were home briefly at the weekend after cultural evening so we caught up with them and Grandpa Tom was staying too.
    Catharine told me that Louisa and Sophie both passed their skiing and they are due back next week I think.
    James has only got three weeks before he starts his Haute route... but he looked pretty muscly!
    Longing to hear some news. Miss you loads lytmd Mumxxxxxx

  82. TO Olivia Christie: Delta Romeo 1
    Please amend last message addressed to delta romeo three... should have been delta romeo 1.

  83. Richard and Anne Jackson15 March 2011 at 13:45

    To Will Jackson, Delta Romeo 6

    Hey, Will, Happy Birthday for 17th, love from everyone one here and in Jersey. The blogs are great, looking forward to the next update. Mum really enjoyed the call, and I saw I had a missed call too! Have seen the WIB movie three times so far, getting better!!! Enjoy your day with new friends, champagne when you get back. Tons of love, Mum and Dad

  84. Aisling Bury - Delta 4

    Hi! thank you for your call the other day! It was very nice to hear your voice.

    I just got back from my trialshift at the restaurant and I've got the job. bloddy hard work but the people are so nice. most of them are my age and gap year students. a very nice iraqi showed me around today and he even knew my sister (who had worked there about a year ago). there is also a girl who spent 2 months in burma at the border taking pictures of things in burma and it sounded absolutely incredible!
    about half the people there are italian and so unbelievably.. well italian! bayern münchen played against inter milan tonight you can imagine the tension at the workplace! the pay is lousy (8.5€/hour) but its great fun and im learning a lot of stuff. it also means that you can cook whenever you want to because i will probably be so fed up with it i wont want to!

    oh ellie goulding released an album.. most of the songs we already know but there are some really good ones!

    i hope youre well and please bring back a turtle i really want to try one now!


  85. Richard and Anne Jackson16 March 2011 at 12:52

    To Will Jackson, Delta Romeo 6

    Hey Will, got your first two letters both today(!), scanning them for Adam and Mookie. Lots of love for your B'day tomorrow.

    Mum and Dad

  86. To Freddy Soames - Delta Romeo 2


    Mon Amour, Bon anniversaire!!!

    I hope this finds you well.

    What an exciting way to spend your birthday, how I wish I could be out there trekking with you! I hope it's a beauty of a day for you on your stroll along the Nicaraguan ridges. I also hope the whole experience is a perfect pain-pleasure paradox :P : that you are well and enjoying all the challenges that come your way.

    I am well, but I miss you probably even more than Penelope ever missed Odysseus :), like Nicaragua probably misses its rainy season right now. The term has just finished and I am going home on Saturday. I know that, once back at home and out of this busy bubble, I'll miss you even more, but the thought that you are having a really good time cheers me up. Your call at 3am was the best and most incredible surprise I have ever received, and hearing your voice made me the happiest I've been since you left.

    The term has gone by so quickly, a lot of very exciting things have happened and work has been genuinely so stimulating, rewarding and even enjoyable at times. I've played and worked hard, I promise. Spring is slowly approaching, it's getting steadily warmer, sunnier, lighter day by day and rowing outings are starting earlier and earlier every time :)

    My preliminaries are at the end of April, so looks like Easter is once again going to be a revision vacation, but I am hoping it won't give me much time to miss you, although you are always on my mind.

    Keep enjoying your adventures and you better be a Milonga and Spanish virtuoso when you come back because we shall dance and talk and recover all those days and nights spent apart! Hope your voyages take you to the most wonderful of places and your birthday and every day are full of joy, that your projects are worthwhile and rewarding and the people around you are kind, fun and interesting. Friends send you all their best wishes and love and I remain,

    In the hope to meet
    Shortly again, and make our absence sweet

    ta petite (kroshka),


    Boucoup de Bisous


  87. Stephan Moehrke Delta Romeo 1
    Hello daar, als nog ok hoop ek. Hier is dit nou NECIS fever. Die high school het ook spirit days gehad - gister was pj's en vandag sportdrag. Was heel snaaks om die klomp in hulle pj broeke te sien fietsry skooltoe :) Die onnies het gister teen vd seniors gespeel - Kaivan, Lloyd, Parth, Rouan, Sarah, Anne-fleur, clauds, margot en Esha. Mr Brecht was maar erg rooi id gesig en het id laaste minute hard met moeder aarde kennis gemaak (Lloyd se ma was daar ingeval hy hulp nodig gehad het) - mr underwood 1e keer in sy lewe bb gespeel en baie goed gevaar. mr miller, onsia, vanbovenkamp en tom het die span volgemaak. O ja die elementary onnie mr coppin het hulle gewys hoe dit gedoen word. meeste vd baskets geskiet. die onnies het ver gewen en die kids het dit vreeslik geniet. mr howard was die ref - nie altyd baie fair nie.
    Hoop die klomp bb spelers is hierdie naweek meer gemotiveer. was nie n lekker jaar met al die mock eksamens en dinge nie.
    Pap het toe al n paar muise gevang, maar een v hulle het met die valletjie verdwyn. Hy het die hele tuin deursoek, maar die valletjie is weg. Moes n GROTE gewees het.
    Wag in spanning om foto's v julle te sien en te hoor hoe dit met die trekking gaan.
    praat weer
    baie liefde

  88. Teri Daly, Delta Romeo 4
    Hey cuz, away and have a wash...I can smell you from here!!! Hope your having a ball babe...looks like the Mosquitos have been on your legs!!! I'm loving the plasters, lol! It's St Patricks day today, so just for you I will go out and have a wee drink or ten! Spoke to your dad a couple of times since you've been away, think he is a little bit lost without no one to shout and moan at now. Keep up the hard work babe, phase 2 will soon be over which means your closer to getting home!! Stay safe, work hard and enjoy yourself chick!!
    Lots of love, Sharon. Xxx

  89. To Hollie,delta romeo 1.....Hey Hollie, how are you my darling daughter, miss you so much,would'nt be to bad if I could just hear your voice...anyway I do hope your trek is going well,and you are enjoying the experience,not much to report from the home front.....everyone is well,the weather still not great,i'm in desperate need of some sun so really hope we get a good summer as I don't think i will be going on holiday this year...well my love il say adios for mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  90. To Rose Ashbourn, Delta Romeo 1
    Just fed your mother with sausage and mash as she was looking pathetic and hungry after a long drive. No more veggie sausage till you come back. Are you STILL vegetarian? Our news ..... Now have 2 grandsons with front teeth missing. It must be something in our genes (not really if you remember Callum and Ryan at the same age). Hope you've still got yours! Love looking at the photos. Jen & Ian

  91. Caroline Stephen18 March 2011 at 04:28

    Charlie Stephen Delta Romeo 2
    Brilliant to get your letter, to know that your sense of humour prevails and that you've even enjoyed some of the food! I'm sure you'll be equally elated after your trek. Can't wait for the next call. Lots of love from us all M x

  92. jade delta 3 hi jade its been over a week you be in jungle are you having a good time seen any wild life missing you allways on the pc looking 2 see you or about delta 3 love you mum xxxx

  93. Dear Caroham
    I got very drunk last night and felt awful this morning! Tooooo much drinking :( Did have a grand old time in the shop with grandma this morning though, we had a riot! Oh and you can tell spring is in the air here because my feet have decided to dissolve every time i wear shoes leaving me in blister city! boooo that! So me and Greg had a 'connect 4' championship the other day, out of about 12 games, he is undefeated and i am the worlds worst at connect 4. Passed some time though! We also played guess who, good old guess who, I love a good game of guess who! (I think that sentence makes it very clear i was out last night) Sam says he has a letter for me, i'm sooooo excited to read it! Missing you my little hamita! Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxx

  94. Lorna Fossick - PM Delta Romeo 3
    Hey Lorna,
    new challenge - this one sounds like fun ... I think! Now that book on trees will come in useful! I'll think of you as I drive down the M11.
    ps - 10MM is on the home straight, frankly, I'm relieved!!!

  95. To: Sem Veeger Delta Romeao 4
    From: Pim

    Foutje vorig bericht. Patrick is de mol! Wist ik veel. Ik dacht dat de mol ook de winnaar was. even door Kiek gecorrigeerd. Big Hug!!! mam

  96. Maryam Delta Romeo 6

    Holla chica,

    Hope you are ok and that you are having a good time. It look lovely in the pic bet the weather is great. We can wait for you to get back and show us all the pics (I know you have take loads)and all your stories. Not much has been happening here same old same. Lots of love have a safe rest of the trip Danielle

    Maryam, i am so happy that you are safe. i was so worried about the tsunami possibly reaching costa rica. i had everyone at work looking at the weather charts lol. i cant wait to see you when you return, you will be a bronzed goddess, i better get my st.tropez out. love you lots carly xxxx

  97. For Rosanna Lorrison Delta 1
    Hola chica
    Hope you are getting some letters through now. We have been writing regularly - one a week. James has been writing too apparently! Hopefully you will be able to call again when you get back to base camp after your long trek. I need to talk to you about applying for finance! Managed to do the accommodation. Don't forget I'm off to Spain on 25th for 10 days, so if you call after that you'll miss me (and I'll miss you!). Love you loads and missing you terribly. Hope you're having fun. Any decision about staying on?! t quiero mucho. Mxxxx

  98. For Jay Lancaster-Delta Romeo1

    Hi Jay,

    You will probably be on the last bit of your long trek now(or finished), Hope everything is good with you and look forward to another update from you (it was so brilliant to hear from you a couple of weeks ago!).
    Its Sunday here and I have just got in from an all day rehearsal. Yesterday me and Heath bought another camper van!! and Heath is outside washing it down. Its older than the one we already have but bigger inside so can sleep 6. So we now have 4 campers on the drive!! Got to start selling soon!! Still waiting for the tigra convertible but should have it before you get back. Havent seen Siobhan for nearly 2 weeks but shes still waiting and has 3 weeks to go now! They have sold their house and got to find one to move to ( dont think thats going to happen before she gives birth!!!)
    Not heard from Aidan but Kaitys just text me if I know of any jobs going at the Bank- that doesnt sound too good so will have to give her a call!!!
    Hope you are still enjoying your time there and if you want to change your mind and come straight home on the 18th, I would love to see you!!!! Miss you loads!!! Mum xxxxxxxxxxxx

  99. Stephan Moehrke Delta Romeo 1
    So het NECIS gekom en gegaan. Ai man, wens jy was hier om dit saam met ons te geniet. Heelwat v jou pelle was hier - Harsh, Ishaan, Kesheena, Niels en nog vele meer. Die Varsity Boys het id final @ Dusseldorf verloor met 3 baskets! Baie sad, maar hulle het baie mooi gespeel. Rishaad was die MVP. Die Varsity meisies het 3e geeindig en ons het dit glad nie verwag nie, want dit was nie n goeie jaar vir die bb spanne nie. Die IGCSE en IB mocks en baie ander dinge het heelwat trainings en wedstryde omvergegooi. Weet nie wat vlg jaar gaan gebeur nie. Amsterdam het vir Lux id finaal net-net geklop. Die JV meisies het ook 3e geeindig en dit was regtig fantasties, want ook dit het ons nie verwag nie. Die Seuns was 4e.
    Met die middle school weet ek nie al die uitslae nie, maar maysoon se ma was daar en hulle was maar baie teleurgesteld met die coach. Vd ouers het probeer help, maar die span het eintlik net vir jou gemis. Jammer daaroor, maar dis maar hoe dit partykeer gaan.
    Ons was ontsettend besig en het baie goed gedoen met die boosters. Moes gaan koeldrank bykoop, want die kids het ons 'omtrent uit die huis geeet'. Die Japanse gemeenskap was ook Sat daar met rice balls om geld in te samel vir die Japan aardbewing/tsunami slagoffers. Die boosters het ook almal gevra om orige tokens te skenk en ons gaan dit in geld ad Japanese gem uitbetaal as deel v ons skool se insameling.
    Sad om te dink dis Bert se laaste NECIS en ongelukkig het alles nie so smooth geloop met die oorhandiging vd trofees nie - Lukas Wedjelek was sy assistent, maar nie so op die bol soos Coco nie. Effe deurmekaar, maar darem toe als reggekry.
    Clauds was die MVP vir haar span en het dit absoluut dubbeld en dwars verdien, want ek dink sy het ook die meeste punte aangeteken vir haar span gedurende NECIS.
    Pap het vry afgevat om te kom kyk en te help. Ons is amper deur 3 bokse piesangs. Hy het ook Sondag id concession stand uitgehelp saam met Maren se pa en Floris se pa. Was baie snaaks. As die kids Aquarius vra, vra die pa's watter kleur :) Ons kla nie, want baie vd ma's wou graag die finaal kyk. Was weereens ongelooflik baie mense.
    Ons wag in spanning om te lees v jou ervaringe en om foto's te sien. Sien hulle werk eers deur die Alfa groepe.
    Dink julle sal seker rondom die naweek klaarmaak met julle stappery. Enjoy en praat gou weer.
    baie liefde

  100. Philip Ashbourn21 March 2011 at 11:09

    To Rose Ashbourn, Delta Romeo 1

    Lovely sunny day today so did a bike ride to make up for not getting out at the weekend.
    Posted two letters today. Mike's surprise birthday party was great - Lara did a good job. Only the cat for company for the next ten days. She is now very friendly with Sarah and the boys!

    Lots of love Dad xxx


    Holá Lú!!
    Me imagino que ya casi estarás de vuelta en Turrialba. Bravo! Segunda etapa concluída. Qué experiencia!!!

    Por acá todo bien: ayer celebramos el Día de San José con un almuerzo familiar y picaña; estuvieron todos los primos y gozamos bastante.

    Hoy tuvimos otro almuerzo muy bonito e inesperado. Había invitado yo a los Titos a almorzar; en eso apareció tu papá y se nos unió y cuando estábamos almorzando llamó Manrique para ver si podía llegar. Así que sin pensarlo el grupo se nos hizo grando y la pasamos muy ameno.

    Un gran beso y esperamos tener noticias tuyas pronto.

    Te queremos mucho!!

  102. For Rose Ashbourn, Delta Romeo 1 (last group)
    Just in case you do not see my emails re flights, I have now managed to get you a flight on 28th with Rosanna! Very kind woman at Continental. What a relief. Have a great week, and a wonderful next phase of Raleigh knowing all fixed for afterwards. So pleased this is now arranged. You arrive back on royal wedding day at 6.45 am! And Dad is really pleased you want him to go and get your DoE cert (he says he just missed seeing the DoE in the 60s on his travels!!)

    XX Mum

  103. Queen of the jungle and Adventurer Hollie Delt Romeo 1


    Hope your well honey and that your enjoying every minute of this wonderful experience. It looks amazing! wish I could be there, but I can't wait to hear about all the amazing things you got up to. Theo is saying hello Hollie to the computer hahaha
    Looking forward to seeing you, miss you millions dude take care for now.

    Liza xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :)



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