Saturday, 26 March 2011

Final Delta Groups...

The Deltas will be setting off from fieldbase tomorrow but here are the groups...

Delta Yankee 1- Turrimacho Trek, Costa Rica
This trek has an incredible start climbing between two active volcanoes – Irazu and Turrialba to over 3000 metres. On a good day from the top you can see the Caribbean Sea. From the top you pass by the Guayabo National Monument – the ruins of an ancient settlement in the jungle before passing close to fieldbase and then on to the Tapanti National Park. After climbing up to nearly 3,000 metres the group will then follow the ridges of the Fila de Bustamante towards Cerro Dragon, before heading down to the Pacific ocean at Playa Palo Seco.
Peter Swallow (PM), Ben Davies (PM), Aisling R Bury, Lexxie Lingwood,Emilie Kielstra,Gilles Bouman, Jade Pearson, Larry Castillo, Magomed Chilaev, Mary Mc Cann, Max Siteman, Nicole D Boardman, Vanessa Paulina

Delta Yankee 2- Momotombo Trek, Nicaragua
In the far north of Nicaragua, close to the border with Honduras, this Raleigh group will walk along a mountain ridge through the pine forests above Esteli. From here you will head along a ridge that passes by the Estanzuela waterfall and protected area going through remote communities. This route has never been attempted before on a Raleigh expedition. The trek heads towards the Momotombo Volcano from which the trek takes its name before climbing up Volcan El Hoyo with fabulous views over Lake Managua. The trek finishes at the crater lake of Asososca – a beautiful crystal clear lake that was once a volcanic crater.
Ivan Phillips (PM), Lorna Fossick (PM), Alex Kretowicz, Christopher Reynolds, David Ford, Dawn Tennant, Esmie Warne, Ignacio David Camacho Piedra, Jessica Bridge-Dunk, Maria Bedford, Maryam Almaghrabi, Rebecca Eno, Yendry Castro Loría

Delta Yankee 3- Piedras Blancas, Costa Rica
Piedras Blancas is a relatively new national park in the south of Costa Rica where important primary forests on the north coast of Golfo Dulce act as vital biological corridors between Corcovado National Park and the mountains. The El Bonito ranger station is currently only accessible by driving up the river but this means that during the rainy season access is very dangerous for the rangers. Volunteers will continue to rehabilitate an old road that runs through the rainforest that used to connect to some old farms that were once in the park.  This area is important for the development of tourism, to prevent poaching and also for scientists who are studying the biodiversity that the park has to offer. The volunteers will build a jungle camp in the forest and learn about conservation in this beautiful national park
Bernardo Rodriguez (PM), Catherine Crowther (PM), Annelotte Jens, Charlotte Stephen, Faruk Patel, Frederick Soames, Hugh MacDonald, Justino Enrique Lira, Kelly Yaxiry Reyes Cruz, Sarah Lamming, Victorine Pot, William Jackson

Delta Yankee 4- Las Pailas, Rincon de la Vieja National Park, Costa Rica
The group will be repairing trails and creating signs for Rincon de la Vieja National Park, part of the Guanacaste Conservation World Heritage Site. This national park is full of volcanic activity including boiling water pits, vapour geysers, waterfalls and freshwater lakes, so at the end of the day the group are able to relax in hot springs or cool off in one of the many swimming holes. The group will also get to climb Volcan Rincon to see its epic crater lake, with breathtaking views out to the Pacific Ocean on their day off.
Sarah Malcomson (PM),  Mark (Boris) Sandringham (PM), Mo Ahmed (PM), Adri Chavarria Flores (PM), Alexander Shaw, Andrés Chavarría Navarro, Claudia Mendzil, Harriet Marsh, Hollie Camilleri- Denis, Lauren Mortimer, Lucy Hill, Lucy Pearson, Mauricio Otarola Mora, Rosanna H Lorrison, Simon Keirle

Delta Yankee 5- La Guaruma, (Achuapa), Nicaragua
Close to the town of Achuapa, in one of the poorest most remote areas of Nicaragua, Raleigh is working on a gravity-feed water project to bring clean and safe drinking water to families in the community of La Guaruma. The group will continue to work with the locals to dam small streams, build tanks to collect the water from where it can run through pipes to all the local houses.
Karla Ulgalde Watson (PM), Jo Jo Huddie (PM), Andy Noble (PM), Briony Wood, David A Eames, Hannah MacKenzie, Jasmine Henry, Jay Lancaster, Karla Elena Arroyo Chaves, Nicola L Milner, Olivia Christie, Richard Mandell, Rose Ashbourn, Saskia Donat, Scott Baxter, Stephan Moehrke

Delta Yankee 6- Talamanca Indigenous Reserve, Costa Rica
Talamanca Indigenous reserve is situated on the Caribbean side of the country in the foothills of the Talamanca mountain range close to the Panamanian border. The reserve is split between an area for Cabecar indigenous people and an area for Bribri indigenous people. The area is divided by a number of rivers – with transport mostly being by dugout canoes. There are about 10,000 Bribi indigenous people who live here spread out along the mountains. The group will complete a secondary school started on a previous Raleigh Expedition.
Sheila Lougman (PM),  Jess Henderson (PM), Lara Frankel (PM), Abigail A Tyer, Alan K Gwilt, Benny Gamsu, Christiana Florman, Elizabeth S Hedges, Fatima Tercero Morales, Gyneska Velazquez Ramírez, Jessy Boon Cowler, Julian Krantz, Kazakao Laird, Samantha J Tate, Sem F Veeger 


  1. For Dawn Tennant, Delta 2

    Hi Dawn,
    it was great to hear from you.
    Now enjoy your last phase of your adventure.
    GO DAWN GO!!!!!
    Much love. M. xxxxx

  2. Delta Yankee 6 Benjamina Gamsu

    Sounds like the projects you have been doing are really good! have you had a raleigh haircut? shame we missed you again this change over!!
    Glad you enjoyed Nicaragua, it is amazing and yeh the people there are so friendly!
    I have just been working and studying, trying to make plans for summer...lead singer of the zeutons came into work the other day, claim to fame!? he looked like a mega scruff.
    Have you been buying clothes from the ropa americana's? i hope so, send me back any cool stuff they have.
    We have finally had some sun so been sitting in the park a lot which has been very nice!

    Can't wait to see you on skype! keep enjoying baby bro love you loads xoxox

  3. to sarah lamming delta yankee 3

    hi sarah,

    it was great to be told by your sisters to check facebook for a message from you. it was a fantastic surprise, thank you! it was good to read that you have recieved my letters and 'blogs'. i have sent another letter that i hope you will get before you come home. after i posted it i read on the web site that the last posting day had gone. i can't remember if i posted it before that!! nothing changes. i've just been reading about your next adventure. it sounds very exciting but also hard work. have a brilliant time and i look forward to hearing all about it.

    sending a huge hug and lots of love, mum xxxxxx

  4. Hallo Julian,
    wie wunderschön von dir zu hören! Wir waren schon so neugierig, wie es dir auf der Trekking-Tour ergangen ist. Wir sind sehr erleichtert, dass du gesund und munter bist und freuen uns mit dir über die tollen Offers!
    Nun seid ihr zu eurem neuen Projekt aufgebrochen und wir warten gespannt auf weitere Berichte.
    Wir können es kaum erwarten, dich wieder in die Arme schließen können!

  5. Stephan Moehrke Delta Yankee 5
    Hi daar,
    was so lekker om Vrydagaand met jou te kon gesels en gisteraand weer. Wonderlik dat jy so bevoorreg is om al hierdie dinge te kan ervaar. Iets wat niemand ooit v jou kan wegneem nie. Bly dat jy n lekker groep vir die laaste projek het. Maak die beste daarvan en geniet elke oomblik. Kyk mooi na jouself asb.
    Clauds se span het ongelukkig toe gister die belangrike wedstryd met 3-1 verloor. Die ander span is doodeenvoudig beter georganiseerd as ons s'n. Stokwerk, taktiek en passing baie beter - hulle panick ook nie, maar daar is altyd iemand wat oopstaan om die bal te ontvang.
    Het gistraand heerlik by Catherine se ouers geeet saam met t' Kiki en o' Steven. Onsself natuurlik oor n mik geeet. Vandag sal ons dit maar rustig vat. Clauds moet vir my help om die bedankingsbrief vir die Bridges te doen - foto's by te sit en so aan.
    Dis more parent'teacher conf; so daar is nie skool nie. ons vat hierdie keer af en gaan ook niemand sien nie, want haar punte is fine en buitendien skryf die onnies mos die ekstra dinge waaraan jy moet aandag gee.
    Ons praat weer later id week. mooi bly en enjoy
    baie liefde

  6. for jade delta yankee 1 good luck on you trek it was great hearing from you see you photo today you look great janine had a great time last night but they did sleep wee shits charleene and hannah says hi its got cold here luck you in the heat ha ha proud of you love you missing you lots of love mum and dad xxxxxx

  7. To Rose Ashbourn, Delta Yankee 5
    HI. I am so glad to see you are off to Nicaragua. I know how much you wanted to go. I have told Mike George as I am sure he will be interested too. What a great venture to finish off your three activities. Am sure it will be tough but really excellent. I will be keeping my eye on the blog for updates, and thinking of you when I go home to sleep in my comfortable bed with a hot shower and a shopping centre just down the road! XXX Mum

  8. For Rebecca Eno 11C Delta Yankee 2,
    Hi becca Boo,
    Good luck on the big trek! I don't think maddy or I could cope with that...! it sounds like a great adventure so enjoy it. We went to see the boat race yesterday- were supporting Cambridge for you but unfortunately Oxford won :( And Daddy and I were not so happy as Mummy told us it started at 3.45. so of course we got there before 3 o'clock to get a good space and it turned out that the race only started at 5! so we sat in the cold and wind (quite an opposite from where you are!)for two hours... oh well :P
    Missing you loads, but it was great to hear your voice finally the other day! Good luck,
    Lots of love,
    Tilly xxxxxxxxx

  9. for HOLLIE (DELTA 4) Yo Princess, glad u swung your way thru the jungle, sounds like you're having an Amazing time. what an adventure, wish i was there! you are inspiring everyone back home, especially me, im so proud of you, seeing ur facebook msg was the highlight of my week lol. anyway, stay safe and determined and enjoy the rest of this experience, im sure u must be bringing your sunshine personality to the rest of your group, they are a lucky bunch. message me when u can, love ya, Darren XX

  10. Stephan Moehrke Delta yankee 5
    Fantastiese weer hier by ons. Kan vir n slag buite id son sit en opvang met al die verlore vit D:) Hierdie klomp maar baie lui vandag. Jou pa bietjie id tuin rondgeploeter agter - kwansuis blare hark en vra my toe om hom te help. Op die ou end hark ek al die blare en hy snoei al die boompies dat daar niks v oor is nie. Ai tog, maar nou lyk dit te pragtig mara! Hy't bietjie gaan draf. Goedjies uitgehaal vir braai, maar ai, toe nie meer kole nie....
    Veilige trip en praat weer
    baie liefde

  11. For Jessica Bridge-Dunk. Delta Yankee 2

    Hi Bunny,
    Just seen the pics of you eating something strange. What was it?
    Hope all goes well for you all on the trek. Cannot help wishing that you had got a better sleeping mat.Hope that it is not too awful and that you get some sleep.Am sure that you will be so tired that you will be asleep on your feet.
    Cold even worse today and am feeling very sorry for myself.Am so hot that I have got the door open. Eyes streaming, Horrid.
    Was really hoping to go out somewhere today as it is lovely outside.
    Your Aveda birthday thing has come.I will get your perfume as you have to get it within 3 months now.It will be a lovely treat for when you get back.
    Hope that you get used to walking so far with a huge weight on your back and that you do not get any blisters.
    Love you heaps and heaps, your Mummy x x x x

  12. Jessy BC, Delta Yankee 6
    Hi Jessa, it was so lovely talking to you last night, it's made me feel quite chipper, and I'll be looking out for your letters. So glad those few things I sent arrived ok. It's great to see the photos of you all looking so well on the latest blogs, the last few weeks will be wonderful for you. I'll let you know about the flight changes asap. Ing and Chris returned safely from the march last night, but Chris said the police had closed so much of London off it took him hours to get home and he only had two pints because everything was shut! Terry has gone to Wales to take pictures, it will look lovely now the blossom is out. It's been another sunny day in London, the clocks went forward and it's officially summer time. So had a pimms in the garden... Enjoy the PP's, all my love, Mum xxx

  13. Philip Ashbourn27 March 2011 at 13:53

    To Rose Ashbourn, Delta Yankee 5

    Delighted that you have fixed the flight - mum is very persuasive - and you are going to or are now in Nicaragua.

    Half a million on the demo yesterday.

    Heidi still pining.

    Love Dad xxx

  14. to annelotte jens
    Delta Yankee 3

    From danny hoogeveen:

    Hey lotje,

    Ik vind het raar en moeilijk om hier veel op te schrijven omdat ik natuurlijk totaal niet weet wat jij doet en jij ook niet kan antwoorden. maarja ik mis je dus stuur toch maar even wat:D. het is hier nu echt goed lente aan het worden met een heerlijk zonnetje. ik heb superveel zin in de aankomende zomer. het tennisseizoen is weer begonnen dus ik ga vanavond even lekker oefenen met me vader hehe. ik zal proberen om elke dag wat te sturen hehe..

    LOVE YOU Lotje.


  15. Alex Backhouse
    Hey Al!!! Hope your having an amazing time on your last trek!!! I will try and persuade parents to comment to!I cant see what group your in though, Ill look again soon and see if a picture of you is there! Sorry this is so short but have a maths test and am tired not long before end of term!! Is there anyway you can send us just a line? Love you so much xxx Oh yeah its ellie :) x

  16. For Jessica Bridge-Dunk Delta Yankee 2
    Hi Bunny,
    It is 9.30 here and am hoping that you are still asleep. Maybe just thinking about getting up and having a simple but tasty breakfast!
    Hoping that somehow you are having some fruit and vegetables.I have just had two Kiwi fruits and wished that you were here to join me.
    Am going to get Dad to sprout some organic sprouting mix this evening so we can add them to our salads and sandwiches.Maybe that would have been a good idea for you. Not on the long march but the other projects.
    I hope that your load gets lighter as you go along as food gets eaten etc.
    Sending you lots of love and kisses to sweep you along your way. Hope that makes you gallop along nicely!
    Your Mummykins x x x x x

  17. For Simon Keirle Delta Yankee 4
    Hi Simon
    So good to talk to you last Saturday. It all sounds amazing and I hope you enjoy this last phase as much as the previous ones. I'm sure you're sad that it will be ending soon but you have plenty more to look forward to afterwards. You didn't email the details for me to check your application online so I won't be able to do it for you but maybe you'll get a chance to do it yourself as you are not in such a remote place this time. I looked up the location you're in and I imagine it's a beautiful area.
    Have fun, lots of love, Mum xx

  18. Aisling Bury Delta Yankee 1 (I'm loving the name)

    Hey! I hope you're well!

    I just wanted to tell you that everything is alright here.. I went out with all my old friends last night (monday).. It was so good because I managed to really connect with all of them and it's like it used to be. We went to this club called Milchbar (milk bar) like the bar in clockwork orange and it was insane. they had this 80s night and they played all the classics even the baywatch theme tune. It reminded me of when we spent that entire evening in front of the fireplace listening to the greatest 80s songs.. but it really made me think: clubbing in the 80s must have been so insane that music with enough neon lights, pastel coloured clothes, and of course sunglasses.. so I have come up with a solution: I will build a machine, preferably a hot tub, and travel back in time. Of course you are very welcome to join me on this journey..
    "I write stargate fanfiction so I think I know what im talking about"
    you mentioned that you don't remember what a hangover feels like: lucky you.. they dont have tables at this club so you are forced to dance which makes the atmosphere so great and i just got a bottle of tequila and we did shots all evening.. the oc in tijuana style..
    I go running pretty much every morning now with my sister which was extremely "interesting" this morning..
    I am also currently evaluating if the pain of a hangover is worth it. lots of my friends were driving last night and didn't drink and they had a great time! of course you get the ismad syndrome and get very tired but im sure enough red bull can help..
    another great thing which i have missed: last night we met at 11 o clock at cosmo grill and then went out until half 4ish . its so great when youre not forced to leave at 2 when you get going.

    og btw: awesome fact. Mr thompson (my dad) was in munich when i was at prior and he was at the milchbar aswell and we were talking about how awesome it was. great guy a legend in 2009 talk

    this is where i am going to end the least informative blog post i have ever written and tell you that i miss you very much and hope you survive that epic treck

  19. For Scott Baxter, Delta Yankee 5 -
    Hi again - Hope all is well in Nicaragua and that you get this message in due time. Have notified Kaplan of your acceptance so that's all sorted.
    STA travel have replied and say there are no flights available according to what you requested. They wrote, 'We have checked within the range of dates you've given - and several dates either side - but unfortunately there is no availability onto which you can be rebooked.'
    Sorry about that, so we can't do anything about changing your return flight.
    Hope you're in good shape and enjoying yourself.
    Lots of love - Mom & Dad

  20. To Victorine- Delta Yankee 3

    Lieve tijgerin, veel plezier in de Piedras Blancas en zorg dat de krokodillen je niet te pakken krijgen...moustafa zit naast mij en kan je niet komen redden! love you en take care, your mam

  21. Delta yankee 6
    FOR: Lizzy, Jessy, Kaz, Sem, Chrissy

    guyyyyys you look beautiful!!!! really miss you babes!!! enjoy a lot!! smile everyday, you are amazing!!! hope you are having a nice phase, it's sounds like!! i'm waiting for you again, please hurry up!!

    love love love tuti

  22. Delta yankee 5
    FOR: Scott

    heyyy how are u??? i bought a lot of gummy bears to kill them haha
    Have a good good timee!! Nicaragua is a very nice place so enjoy it!! pura vidaaa!!


  23. Delta yankee 5
    Karla Ugalde

    Karlilaaaa!!!! se ve lindisima!!! diviertase mucho su proyecto suena chivisimaa!! que envidia!! disfrutelo disfrutelo!! mae coma demasiadas tortillas nicaraguenses y vuelvase gordis!! y ya tengo planes en la fiesta de despedida le caemos demasiado al guapillo, asi ultima oportunidad, prepareseee!! jajaj

    abrazotes desde aqui, los extraño demasiadisimo!! vuelvan rapidito porfa ya los quiero ver!!


  24. Delta yankee 1
    Gilles and Mags

    hello guyyyys!! hope all goes very nice for you on the last phase!! you're such a good trekkers!! enjoy every single day, every night, every place, every toilet, every can of pork and beans, every meal!! am sure you're gonna make it!

    hugsss Tuti

  25. Manrique Cordoba30 March 2011 at 09:29

    Para: Lucía Salazar

    Hola mi amor!!! Como vas por alla, poniéndole a la contrucción de la escuela?!?!?! Que bien guapa! Vieras que aquí todo tranquilo como siempre. Vieras que éxito, Casco ganó el concurso, y va a tocar el sábado en el Estadio. Ahí lo voy a ver con tu familia. Todavía no sé si abrirá el puesto en el Calderón, apenas sepa te aviso. Te amo montones e infinitamente infinito!!! Ahorita nos vemos, te amo F and A!!!

  26. Dearest Maryam! Delta yankee 2!

    My Darling!

    I hope you're well! i just got the scanned letter from eddie about your jungle experience! It sounds amazing :) your flights have been changed and you will get your extra week in costa rica as planned although the price went up somewhat :S.

    Eddie told me you did the school more recently... sounds amazing :)

    I think about you all the time!

    Mum sends all her love too.

    Missing you and hope you really enjoy your last 3 weeks!

    much love xxxx hawwa

  27. Message for Sam Tate Yankee Delta 6.
    Hi Sam, How great it was to actually chat.Good to know everything going well. Weather gone back to cold and rain after last week's sunshine. Helen back home on Friday so all going to the Kearns' on Tuesday for her birthday. By the way have you seen the Helen look-a-like on Raleigh? Dad says he misses you loads and can't wait for you to hear his heavy metal blues electric guitar music piece he's working on!(he needs serious help!). Good idea about trying to do the PADI course. Will send another message soon. Lots of love Mum.

  28. For Rose Ashbourn, Delta Yankee 5
    Hi. I guess you must have arrived at your destination in Nicaragua now and started your work there. I am sitting in a hotel in Stoke tonight and have just eaten a nice meal(but all on my own), wondering where you are staying and what you are eating. More beans? I wonder how much of the world news you get to hear about. There is a lot on with big political changes in North Africa, demo against cuts in UK (Dad went) and of course the earthquakes in Japan and NZ. Closer to home, we are all OK, and weather is getting warmer, clocks have gone forward for summer, and I still have not got used to doing the cleaning and ironing!! XXX Mum

  29. For Rosanna Lorrison
    ¡Hola desde España! Estoy en el Bohio y esta tarde voy a ver a Inma y Dori en el espacio mediterraneo. Glad you got the return etc sorted and hope you enjoy April! Love as ever. M.

  30. Stephan Moehrke Delta Yankee 5
    Hello daar,
    ons het toe uiteindelik so 2 dae v effense reen. Kla nie, want dit het mos meer as 2 weke laas gereen. Die naweek gaan dit glo by 24 draai - wil dit eers sien. Klink soos n 'beach' dag - ongelooflik. Die bome bot en die blomme het die mooiste kleure. Ongelukkig sal jy dit seker mis, maar daarvoor sien jy soveel ander mooi goed daar anderkant.
    Indie en Sri-Lanka speel id krieket die 2e April die finale. Sal seker nie n Indier wees wat nie voor die tv vasgenael gaan sit nie. En om te dink ons het Indie gewen en sit nou weer terug in SA. Was sooooo pateties. Eergister het Indie vir Pakistan gewen en dit was n groot ding - premiere v albei lande teenwoordig en die mense baie opgewonde. Bekende indiese model het onderneem om te strip as indie wen (om die manne aan te spoor na groter hoogtes:) Sal maar sien of sy by haar woord hou.
    Ek het vandag saam met n klomp vd ma's geeet by Margot se huis, t Mimi, Di, Kiki, Karin, Patricia Roels, Annick wijsman, Cathrine se ma. Jong en was dit nou vir jou lekker. Het vd oorskiet vir pap en clauds gebring, so ek hoef nie vanaand te kook nie. Nudels met pesto en lensies. Clauds sal nie laasgenoemde eet nie, maar pap mos nie vol dinge nie.
    Hoop julle het nog n lekker tyd daar ander kant so tussen die harde werk deur. Jou Spaans kom nou seker goed te pas. Wag in spanning vir die vlg foto's.
    praat weer
    baie liefde

  31. To Harriet Marsh - Delta Yankee 4
    Flight updates. STA confirmed flight change on your e mail on 31/3/2011 and has your e ticket there on document.
    You fly on 28/4 at 12.45 from San Jose, getting to Heathrow on 29/4 at 09.35 via Houston.
    Enjoy your last project

  32. Stephan Moehrke Delta Yankee 5
    Hi Stephan,
    I've just received your mom's lovely monthly email. Great to hear how you all are doing - so proud of you. This last stretch sounds worthwhile. Enjoy your stay in the community and be open to good lessons and experiences. I am always awestruck and humbled by people who have so little and yet end up by teaching me so much.
    It is a cold, gray rainy day here in DC. Hope the weather clears and warms up by the time you arrive.
    Talking about arriving in DC, my turn to brag :) Do you know if you will be coming into Reagan National Airport? If you do, look out for two of my sculptures on exhibition in the hallway connecting to Terminal A. They are there through June 25.
    Looking forward to seeing you and hearing details about your amazing adventure.
    Much love,

  33. To Elizabeth Hedges - Delta Yankee 6

    Hey Liz,

    Looking amazing out there I am turning green with envy. I have a horrid cold and have just got home late from school after a parent/teacher evening... living the dream...!

    Was just wondering whether you'd like to/be able to come to my hen do - on Saturday June 4th-5th June? It's at my parents house in the new forest, going to Go Ape during the day, then drinks, food and games at home in the eve.

    I do have to book it so might have to book the group in before hearing from you - but if you do decide you'd like to come I'm sure I could ring up and book another one in! It's £40 to cover Go Ape and food/drinks in the evening. Plenty of room to stay the night of course.

    When you get a moment, could you let me know if you'd like to come?
    Thanks hun! Kate is definitely coming, would be lovely to see you too.

    Lots of love and hugs, Sophie xxxxx

  34. Delta Yankee 6
    Julian Krantz

    Hey there, that last project of yours seems really cool! I got your email and sent you an email back but I guess you had already left :( I'm not gonna repeat what I said in the email so that when you can check them again you'll have a surprise and it wont be boring to read it! But CONGRATULATIONS for the unis, I told you you would get them and you even have the choice which is really cool. I told a couple of your friends that are really happy for you (julia, sab, laure and maelle) I saw Julia a couple of times over my break so far and she is teaching me guitar and I'm not that bad believe it or not :p And we are going to record songs next weekend. Today I had lunch with Laure and Maelle who say hi and they miss you!
    Are you going to come to France when you come back, to see Rafi, James, Will and I? Because I'm not sure about being able to go to Germany, I'll explain in an email (family stuff)
    Btw Ive been doing sooo much sport lately, you would be proud!
    I hope everything is going great for you with your new group and new project. I'll send you another post next week normally!
    Miss you

  35. Delta Yankee 1: Mags CHILAEV

    Khava: 'I got 8 out of 20 in my test today...but there are other people who did worse. This one boy in our class is sooooo D-O-M-B! he got 3 out of 20.'
    haha I think she was trying to spell 'dumb'

    Khava also tried to explain her theory about how we could improve the toothless lollypop lady's life - by each donating a penny to her on our way to school so she could afford to get her teeth fixed
    wish I could laugh about small things like this, Mags, miss you so much.

  36. Gilles Bouman - Delta Yankee 1

    Hee Gillie!
    Leuk om wat foto's te zien van je, ziet eruit alsof je maanden in de sportschool hebt geleefd in plaats van in de jungle!
    Ik ben nu snel even een nachtje thuis geweest om skispullen op te halen, we gaan vanmiddag in de bus naar Les Deux Alpes met 100 man! Heb er super veel zin in, en ga in jouw skibroek (maatje 176, oh yeah) en skibril lekker shinen op de piste!
    Er logeren nu twee spaanse MUN-meisjes op de WHP, hele lieve kids en het was erg jammer dat je er niet was om de spaanse conversatie te voeren haha dus alles in het engels! Een van die meiden wilde graag in maastricht gaan studeren (university college) of misschien wel hetzelfde doen als ik dus het was leuk om hun te vertellen over mijn ervaringen. Ze waren ook erg onder de indruk van onze wilde gapyears dus je houdt de traditie goed in stand, nu uk nog!
    Nou gillie, ik ga gauw weer terug naar amsterdam voor ik de bus mis. Hoop dat alles nog goed met je gaat en dat je geniet van die prachtige trek.
    Heel veel liefs en een dikke zoen!

  37. For Rose Ashbourn, Delta Yankee 5
    Hello :D
    Your project sounds awesome! Again! I hope you've managed to recover from your trek, the pictures I saw looked amazing but it must have been really hard work...
    Nothing that exciting is happening here. I have concerts this weekend so John is here (sitting next to me correcting my grammar and spelling) and Mum and Dad are coming up tomorrow. Then it's home on Sunday :)
    I go back to uni at the start of May, i need to check with your mum when you'll be back. But it 'd be great to see you if you are.
    Hope you're having a great time,
    can't wait to see you when you get back

  38. Camilla O'Connell Alpha Yankee 6

    Hi Cami, I am sure you are having a great time in the must be fascinating living and working with the Indians. Hope the Spanish is coming on well. I passed my intermediate Spanish exam, so I am impoving tambien!
    I had a coffee with Maria Gregori yesterday..she said Elisa and Artur still miss you so much. None of the replacement nannies can compare with you!
    Saw Grandpa for brunch today, and I showed him the Raleigh website. He is going to try to send you a message, as he wanted to wish you a lovely birthday.
    I hope you have a wonderful day on 5th, and I am sure it will be. We will be thinking of you of course and wishing we were with you. Not long until I see you in Nica. Muchos besos, Mummy

  39. Max, Delta Yankee 1..

    Hey, thought it was about time I checked in and tell you that absolutely nothing of note has happened here since you left.
    Hope you're still having a great time, you obviously are. I'm very jealous, I don't think I've left my room yet today...Sorry to be so boring.
    All the fam say hi!

    Lots of love Totie x

  40. Caroline Stephen1 April 2011 at 11:12

    For Charlie Stephen Delta Yankee 3
    So good to speak to you last weekend and to know that you survived and even enjoyed the trek. Now wondering how you are coping with the bugs in the jungle. So proud of what you are doing and that way that you do it all with such enthusiasm. Daddy caught us all out with pinch punch this am! And a letter in the DT about porridge! Plus ca change...
    huge love Mx

  41. Dearest Mags,
    How are you? I hope you health and well being is in good condition. Inshallah. I am trying to write in a VERY calm tone but I think I am now going to give up.
    MAGS!!!!!!! I heard that you shaved your head!!! hahahaha I cant wait to see a picture!! we were all waiting for this day, for a very long time. each time mum told us that there was news from you we allways were most eager to know about your hair!!I hope that you are enjoying the trek despite all the difficulties that come with it. I LOVE YOOOHHH SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!

  42. For Hannah Delta Yankee 5
    Hi Hannah
    Hope you survived the bus journey to Nicaragua and enjoying being with a family. Make the most of your hot weather it is force 10 wind here today and rain.
    We all fine, Sarah off to Germany on Sunday morning for 5 nights. We are meeting Eilidh Inverness on the 19th April for the day. Placing orders for her trip to meet you.
    Dougie passed his driving test today - he sent Sarah a text.
    Everyone asking for you and sending their love. Look forward to hearing how you are getting on.
    Lots of love
    Dad, Mum & Sarahxxx

    Mau y Andres

    mauuuuuuuuuuuu feliz cumple atrasadooooo x aqui cosiii!!

    hermanillos!! suena chivisima su proyecto! que triste no estar ahi con uds!! vieras el coleron de tener q estar en la u pensando en raleigh, asi que uds disfrutenlo mucho muchooo!! que bueno rincon de la vieja, que loquera!! pero ya quiero que vuelvan demasiado!! igual aqui se pasa rapidismo un mes entonces en un pestañear de pestañas ya van a estar aqui, jajajaja acabo de escuchar la voz de Andres diciendo: "cuentamelo todo, cuentame mas, cuantos hijos tienes" ya porfavor dejeme en paz!
    Les cuento que mañana tengo examen pero afortunamenete tengo el desafortuno de estar en modo raligh todavia entonces no estudie nada y no me estresa, tambien les cuento que me cambie el color de ojos a celestes y me teñi macha, o sea que seguro el proximo cambio de fase no me van a reconocer,
    ayyy papillos los extraño a todos mucho mucho mucho,apurense a volver xfiss!! safen y se vienen un dia a visitarme a mi casa y les prometo que les cocino bien bueno, pero sin travonear verdad, cuidadito!
    bueno cositos:( eso es todo x el momento cambio.
    mucha fuerza en el corazon!! les mando vibras positivas!! y abrazos! que esten bien rastillas s2

    ah y tambien recuerden tomar muchas fotos con la mente!!

  44. Stephan Moehrke Delta Yankee 5
    Hello seun,

    hier als goed by ons. Darem toe so 2 daggies se effense reen gehad - plante het dit nodig gehad. Vandag weer erg warm gewees - 24 grade. Erg somers. Claudia se hokkiespan ongelukkig vanoggend weer verloor en glo nie hulle kan nou nog die play-offs vir die laaste4 spanne haal nie. jammer vir hulle, want hulle kan eintlik as hulle net bietjie meer met hulle koppe wil speel.
    Track en Field het vandag hulle eerste meet by STJ gehad, maar sy het besluit om dit te mis en liewer hokkie te speel. Daar is darem nog 2 meets oor - een in brussel en een hier by ons wat sy kan bywoon. Hulle het ook intussen hulle eksamenroosters gekry en hulle begin al die 9e mei met finale eksamen tot die week voor die skool sluit. Belaglik, mors so baie tyd met hierdie stupid IGCSE's. Die graad 10's kan dus nie aan enige NECIS deelneem nie, want dit val id middel vd eksamen. Jammer vir hulle.
    Pap gaan vir ons vanaand prawns braai - jammer jy mis dit, maar hy gaan bietjie eksperimenteer. Hopelik sal dit dan werk volg keer as jy hier is.
    Sien hulle begin nou-al verslae en foto's op die blog plaas vd laaste groepe se projekte. Wag in spanning om te sien wat julle doen. Hoop dit is lekker.
    praat weer
    baie liefde

  45. for maryam almaghrabi delta yankee 2.

    hello my lovely! it was really good to hear your voice even though it was quick. im really starting to miss you now i know its cheese but its true lol.
    i had a really good time in germany with raff we have to go visit there you would love it.
    i had a nice day today work was busy but not too mental, its funny cos your probably walking up a mountian right now and im typing this lol thats sounds dumb haha oh well. i went to see your mum and dad before i went back to dorset it was really nice to be with them. assiya dad and the kids send there love and salaams same as every1. everybody that i know asks after you. anyways keep smiling and stay safe love you from head to toe xxxxxxxxx bu

  46. For Lorna Fossick, Delta Yankee
    Dearest darling Bestie
    I can't believe I missed your call!! I was at the supermarket, yes very glamorous Sainsbury's on Ladbroke Grove picking out sausages when there you were ringing for me and your voice literally sounded like you were down the road. But no such luck for me. Missing you heaps but your latest email was so brilliant. I've finally given in and bought an i-phone! Hooray! And now can happily sit on the tube reading your emails over properly so that I can really try and visualise what you're up to and where you are! Sounds awesome and like you are having the time of your life - unforgettable and amazing. Here things are simply rocking along. We're just about to start the second week of Fern and it's been crazy but I'm loving it. Katy H and I were having a delightful chat the other day - she can't get over how much my mannerisms and the way I speak and e'thing is so like you! What a compliment! I love my job Lorna!! Other news - Spurs are playing Real Madrid in the next round of the CL and I am working that night!!! But the following week we play them at home and I'm going!But we drew today against Wigan which was rubbish. Alex is so so well and very happy. We are going out for dinner to the Salusbury tonight. He sends a huge hug. We're going to see Anna and Hopey soon as Alex has been talking to Nick about AV etc and we do like them a lot thanks to you! Katie Kotting is pregnant and having a baby in July! My cousin James and Eve are having their second in Nov! My Mum sends you loads of love. So does everyone from Cactus! It's just starting to get springlike here - much warmer, blossom everywhere. I've been playing loads of tennis. Anna and Barry and the kids are all marvellously well. My Dad has managed to procure me a proper half of a season ticket to share with someone at White Hart Lane for next season - hooray! And I think that's it for now....miss you and LOVE YOU LOADS,Katie xxxx

  47. Stephan Moehrke Delta Yankee 5
    Indie het vir Sri Lanka gewys hoe mens krieket speel en die wereldbeker gewen. Nog nie foto's gesien vd model wat gaan strip nie, maar ons wag in spanning. Jou buddies glo ek is almal baie opgewonde hieroor.
    Die Stormers het die Sharks gewen id Super 14 en sover onoorwonne id series. Ouma Kenny baie bly daaroor.
    Hoop als gaan goed daar.
    baie liefde

  48. Delta yankee 6
    Jessy Boon, Lizzy Hedges

    hiya!!! darlings how are you, yesterday i remembered u because i got a mango verde!
    it's been a lovely shinny night, hope all goes 'allrightmate' for you there, i'm so happy you're happy, coz i'm sure you do, but can't wait to have you here, and to go the beach!!
    Enjoy everyday! miss you!

    Sending a lot of hugs!! tuti

  49. Delta yankee 6
    Jessy Boon, Lizzy Hedges

    hiya!!! darlings how are you, yesterday i remembered u because i got a mango verde!
    it's been a lovely shinny night, hope all goes 'allrightmate' for you there, i'm so happy you're happy, coz i'm sure you do, but can't wait to have you here, and to go the beach!!
    Enjoy everyday! miss you!

    Sending a lot of hugs!! tuti

  50. Delta yankee 4
    Mauricio, Andres

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! me hicieron feliz el dia, que confusion salir del examen y escuchar eso de la nada jajaja me explote de risa demasiado jajajaja lo puse como 25 veces jajaja, que bueno que buenoo gracias babies!! en el examen me fue como tortilla de queso amasada con martillo, que rajado es de esas veces que uno no sabe con q cara salir y uno queda con la mente trabada 1 hora despues de la masacre pero bueno.
    Que dicha que la estan gozando mucho, que chuzoo cataratas con turrones! o turrones con papel higienico, o papel higienico con traboneadas, o traboneadas con embarazos!
    mañana los paso a visitar asi que bien chainiaditos y decentes verda!

    bueno compas cambio y fuera, sigan pasandola lindisimo y tomboleando!!
    abrazos de osos! los quiero tuti

  51. For Olivia Christie Delta Yankee 5

    Hi Oli.

    Hope all is well with you. mum and I are home alone. James is half way through the haute route. and ed has gone grass skiing in Austria ( apparently its 20 deg and very little snow).

    your project looks very interesting - you know how much i bang on about sand filters and now you are going to be the expert. Have you got to like beans and rice yet!??

    lots of Love

    Dad xxx

  52. Dbeorah Cooper3 April 2011 at 02:33

    For Rose Ashbourn, Delta Yankee 5
    It's Mother's Day and I was all ready to blog you and say I was thinking of you but realised you would not be able to be in touch with me, when Dad arrived and gave me the present and card you had left me for me. I was overwhelmed. It is so lovely, and I was really, really touched by how kind and thoughtful you have been. I love the card too. I can't tell you how lovely it made me fee. Thank you, thank you. I phoned granny and it made her happy to hear about it too! Dad brought me a nice flowering plant as well as he said he thought you would have got me some so that was kind as well.

    Now I am going out for a bike ride with Dad to Salcey Forest. It's sort of sunny and warmish but might rain later. We are going to meet up with Claire (cycling friend). She is pregnant which is exciting.

    I had to fill the census in last week and send it back(was in Dartmouth on the actual night it refers to) and so had to fill in for you too, and decide how to describe what you are doing etc. That was slightly bizarre!

    XXX Mum

  53. Delta Yankee 5
    David Eames
    Hi, so sorry I missed your call last week. Sounds as thought the latest project will be really worthwhile. I manage to keep up to date with the updates but apologies for not writing more often.
    Everything here is going fine. Dad is back from Malta and Rachel is fit and well and back to work.
    School is hectic with moderation et al and we had our sixth Form Tutors' Christmas meal on Thursday! Better late than never! Nan says she's written a letter so hope it arrives. Did our post card from Austia get through?
    Rachel took me out to lunch for you yesterday and we had a fish massage. Taking Dad away for his Bday next week end, so wont be around until 11th April.
    Enjoy your last project. This is one experience you wont forget. Hope you have loads of pickies!
    Speak to soon much love, Mum xxx(ON mother's day!)
    Rachel says: all right mate, how's it goin? Have put your name on Mum's card.
    Love rach

  54. For Charlotte Stephen Delta Yankee 3.Ballooning debut again postponed-too windy (weather that is)Lazy Mother's Day weekend watching India win World Cup cricket,drinks with neighbours and (one match) bonfire.To London tmrw to see GW back from snow and dinner with K on Thurs.On Sat to Cordoba, Seville, Granada instead of Iran.Have saved you News of World -headline: 'Kate:My Bullying Hell' with pic of DH.Also in Mail online under Royal Wedding.Great to see your message! Love D :-) X

  55. Jane Hedges, Elizabeth's Mum3 April 2011 at 14:39

    To Elizabeth Hedges, Delta Yankee 6
    We have just said goodbye to Kate and Alex, after a lovely spring day in the garden and walking to the lynch. Kate and I ordered her wedding dress yesterday, so the next task is to choose bridesmaid dresses! Perhaps you can give us your ideas.
    Dad and I are going to stay with Clare and Sandy in their house in Spain next Friday for 1 week and get home in time for lambing due on 16th April.Dad says I have to try golf as the house is on a golf course. There is an open air pool to and apparently it will be about 27degrees Then just 2 weeks till you are home! Dad and I are going to a couple of Oxford literary festival talks this week, Seebag Monteiore, talking about his book Jerusalem and David Nicholls who wrote One Day.

    Loads of love, Mum and Dad xxxxx

  56. To: Andrés Chavarría Navarro
    Delta Yankee 4
    From: Má
    Hola mi flaco, te amo mucho. Que dichoso, le tocó en Rincón de la Vieja. Dicen que esa zona es hermosísima.
    Ya estamos contando los días para verte de nuevo, poder abrazarte y decirte lo mucho que te queremos. Espero que cada día crezcan tus espectativas sobre la vida, que esta aventura te haya abierto nuevos horizontes y n uevos sueños. Para crecer y soñar, el cielo es el límite. Estas hecho para grandes cosas, nunca lo dudes, se que lograrás todos tus sueños, tienen todos los ingredientes para el éxito. capacidad, fortaleza, apoyo de tus padres, Dios te ha dado todos los dones; así que aproveche al máximo.

    Te amo con todo mi corazón y te espero con mucha alegría. Que Dios te bendiga y te cuide siempre.

  57. To: Ignacio Camacho Piedra
    Delta Yankee 3
    From: Anny

    Hola Nacho, espero que estás disfrutando a más no poder. ya pronto estaremos juntos. Nosotros acá estamos ya en la cuenta regresiva , contando los días para el reencuentro. Será muy lindo volverlos a tener en casa, abrazarlos y escuchar todas esas maravillosas historias de vida que tienen para contar.
    Acá los esperamos con el corazón abierto. Nacho, que Dios te guarde siempre, eres un gran muchacho, que te vaya muy bien en todo y que Dios te cuide.

    Un abrazote hijo, te queremos mucho!!!

  58. For Hannah MacKenzie Delta Yankee 5
    Hi Hannah
    Thank you for the lovely mothers day gift, I shall use it often. Sarah off to Germany and arrived safe and well. When they got to Manchester on route to Hanover Gemma had already lost her purse, got a text from Sarah to say someone handed it in at Inverness Airport - miracle.
    Eilidh is fine and looking forward to meeting you in 4 weeks. Dad and I off tomorrow so going to Kyle and the Skye for an Indian!!!!
    Hope you are ok and look forward to hearing about your time in Nicaragua.
    Lots of love
    Mum & Dadxxx

  59. Devon Brewster4 April 2011 at 09:34

    Hugh Macdonald, Delta Yankee 3

    Hope your doing well, im sure your having a great time. Thanks so much for the facebook message the other day, I have now got lisa to change my password so I can avoid all distractions. Studying so far has been relatively unsuccessful, it just taking soo long to get anything done and it so depressing that I have like nearly two months until it is all over. But on the plus point, I am able to watch a ridiculous amount of csi while your not here as there is no one to try make me watch documentaries. Nothing much has changed really, except lisa got into camp America, so shes going away for like three and half a months all summer. Was thinking about France and when we go, but is suppose we can just work all that out when your home, I cant believe its so soon now..
    Devon xx

    Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY for next week! (I don’t know when you will get this) xxx

  60. Delta Yankee 2- MARYAM ALMAGHRABI

    Salams Habibti Alhamdulillah the card and letter arrived this morning, to say the truth I had lost hope to receive it! and its been a fantastic surprise for everyone!
    We have read it a number of times; personally and aloud, and it has put a smile on everyone's faces!
    Its nice to have a better insight of the daily chores and the experience and benefit you derive from this experience!
    I pray all is well with you and that your expedition gives you more of what you need and want.
    A big HUG!
    I love you Mama. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  61. Malikah Almaghrabi5 April 2011 at 17:17

    Delta Yankee 2- Maryam Almaghrabi

    To my darling sweetheart Maryamtu!!
    Firstly I have to apologise that I haven't gotten on here earlier to write you a message... to be honest I find this whole blog business really mind boggling!! But better late than never!
    Wow your letter was so beautiful... before I read it I said to lala "will it make me laugh" and she looked at me and said... "its from Maryam." No more needed to be said!
    I laughed and I could hear you saying it as I read it.. It reminded me of the time that we read your diary from the trip to Syria and I swear I almost peed my pants.. okay thats a lie .. I DID PEE MY PANTS!
    But not only did it make me laugh, it made me cry as well.. not tears of sadness, but tears of pride. Pride for you my big sister who despite everything is living her dream and doing something that has only been words for so long. You are an inspiration to me in ways I cant explain! I think of you always and know this my love, we are ALL thinking of you.. and we all miss you a massive amount, you are like no other person I know and I value you more than I can say!
    I am so happy that you are there but to be honest I cant wait to have you back! When you come back I will make you as much tea as you want and when you tell me to shut up or something along those lines I will listen lol! (please dont hold me to these things but hand on heart I will try my best!... I think the tea part is definitely doable!)
    Everyone here is well... every time I see Saf, Hayati, Ruhi, and Mo they send all their love and kisses!! Saf felt especially special that she got a message from you and hasn't stopped talking about it since! She really felt sad that she didnt get to see you before you went, but there will be plenty of time for that when you get back... We will have a sisters weekend somewhere with all of us.. You, Hawwa, Hayati, Leelah, Habibah, Saf, and me of course... and Anna to if we can get her over from Berlin.. and rossie to because shes always been like our sister since we saw her ballet feet that time we went to South End!
    Alhamdulillah I'm back at uni now, its going well so far .. and I'm going to try and let my bad habits die and actually do well this time!
    Im really loving work to... today in work all I had to do was assist on a carnival head dress making workshop... basically I just got to make an amazing hat out of feathers and get paid for it!!! ANDDD more importantly.. I told someone off properly for the first time today.. like a proper teacher.. and she was all rude and was chatting back.. but I showed her whose boss!!! lol I loved it!!! felt like a right proper little teacher!
    lol I also booked an appointment with a Hypnotist to finally try and conquer my lateness... but I was late for it so she rescheduled it for tomorrow morning at 8 lol.. bit ironic.. but I thought you would definitely appreciate that lol.

    Right I wont tell you everything because then when you come back I will have nothing to tell you loool!!

    I love you and miss you and really really want to kiss you!!

    Lala says that she's really happy that you looks so gorgeous and healthy and tanned (and skinny) and strong in your most recent picture!!
    Baba always sends his love and salams and is always asking after you, he is really happy to know that you are doing well and that you are happy.. and most of all I know that he is extremely proud of you in so many ways!!

    Everyone loves you with all of our hearts conjoined then times by a trillion multiplied by infinity and beyond!!!

    but I especially love you and always will!
    Well done sweetheart, I cant wait to see you and I cant wait to give you THEE PHATTEST hug ever ... Im talking brain popping here!
    Your little... but not so little sister Malikah Magikah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  62. Lucy , Rosanna , Hollie , Harriet , claudia , Lucy , Si , Alex , Boris , andries , mauu!

    Hello guys! its lauren how are yous i miss yous alot i wonder if you will get this when am back or not ? :L haha! just saying a qiuck hiya am going to bed now night night love yous xxxxx

  63. Stephan Moehrke Delta Yankee 5
    Hello daar,
    wag nog steeds in spanning om iets oor julle projek te sien - nog steeds niks nie.
    Hier gaan als ok. Pap was Maandag gou weer met die trein Bremen toe en het baie laat teruggekom - my kans gegee om vir Dexter te kyk! Hy moet more gou weer Brussels toe vir een of ander vergadering. Gister besoekers uit Hamburg gehad wat hy moes rondwys.
    Clauds het gister haar finale French oral gedoen en sy se dit was ok. Vandag is dit Dutch vir Gommie! Hulle het gisteraand n hokkie getogether gehad om bietjie hulle spangees en dinge te bespreek - ok maar eers 10 uur by die huis gekom. Hulle het nog 4 wedstryde oor en hopelik kan hulle dit wen. Op die oomblik is hulle 5e en dus moet hulle wen om id play-offs te wees.
    Sy het Sondagaand saam met Rose en Ana vir Iglesias in Hasselt gaan kyk. Was glo baie nice. Mooi t-shirt en poster gekoop.
    Ons klomp booster dames gaan vandag by die Indiese restaurant Bollywood id stad eet. Ek was al 2 keer daar en dis baie lekker.
    Hoop dit gaan goed. Praat weer
    baie liefde

  64. To Saskia Donat, Delta Yankee 5

    Hey Saskia,
    ich habe immernoch nichts von den Unis gehört, muss aber noch bis zum 15/04/11 warten um das entgültige Ergebnis zu bekommen. Es gibt zur Zeit Anregungen von der Politik mehr Humanmedizinstudenten zuzulasssen, da es einen Ärztemangel gibt. Also haben wir im September eine gute Chance auf einen Platz. Man kann sich ab dem !!! 19/04/11 !!! für das Wintersemester 2011 bewerben.
    Ich war heute nochmal bei STA Travel und es sollte kein problem geben den Flug und Camper in 2 Wochen zu buchen ich brauche aber dringent nochmal die Daten von deinen Flügen (ich frage Robert morgen). Ich besorge grade alle Sachen für die Reise und brauche noch ein paar Impfungen (nächste Woche). Letzten Monat habe ich so viel gearbeitet das ich diesen Monat nur 5 Stunden arbeiten darf xD
    Ich hoffe du hast immernoch spaß an dem Projekt und dass es dir gut geht und dass wir bald nochmal quatschen können =)
    I miss you und Ich liebe dich!


  66. Para Mauricio Otarola (Pato Lopez) Delta Yankee 4...QUe me dice varooon!! wilmer espero que la este asi pasando en tooooaaas!! espero verlo pronto varon y que cuente cuantas chichis habian la calidad y como es ser un macho alpha en medio de extranjeros jajaja mae mop cuidese ahi montones disfrute a lo grandee y dale fuerte pa dale fuerte!!
    Atte: el machito fernando...

  67. Esmie Warne 11 C - Delta Yankee 2 - Happy birthday for tomorrow! Hope you are spending it somewhere lovely! One to remember I imagine. We will be thinking of you and celebrating for you. Love you tonnes. Big kisses from us all.M,D,B & M xxxxx

  68. Esmie Warne 11C Delta Yankee 2 - Hi Ez, fantastic to see the early pictures from the trek, pretty impressive hill in the background. Very much looking forward to seeing you. Dad x



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