Sunday, 27 March 2011

Final Words from Delta Romeo Groups

Delta Romeo 1- Turrimacho Trek by Olivia Christie
After 227km, a total ascent of 7200m (that’s only 1640m short of Everest!),  sun, rain, fog and a couple of misread maps, on the 23rd March 2011, the 14 intrepid explorers of Delta Romeo 1 arrived at Punta Judas beach on the Pacific coast to be greeted by crashing waves framing a glorious scarlet sunset. The whole group took relish in the fact we were throwing our bags to the ground and squeezing our swollen feet out of out trusty and well-worn boots for the very last time.
Splashing around in the sea it felt as if the last 18 days had flown by, and the aches and pains slowly started to fade as we realised that despite the stress and challenge involved, we’d all accomplished something incredible that will surely trump any other gap year story back home, how many people can truly say they’ve walked from coast to coast of one of the most beautiful countries in the world? Not many!

Delta Romeo 2- Momotombo Trek by Charlie Stephen
With a combined total of 42 blisters, an array of ant bites and bruised bones, Delta 2 arrived at the rim of Lake Asososca volcano crater and peered down on our final destination feeling elated. From steep climbs and rocky descents to meandering around mountain ridges and through rural communities the 225km of terrain we’ve covered has been incredibly varied. Even carrying our heavy rucksacks along endless flat, dusty roads provided us with a mental and physical challenge, especially in the often unbearable midday heat.
Despite containing a few creative cooks in Delta 2, the group did struggle with the monotony of refried beans and peanuts...however we were saved by the constant kindness and generosity of the local Nicaraguan locals – they accommodated us in their villages, offered home-cooked food and even joined in with our morning fitness routines (or Freddy’s famous yoga sessions).
We kept ourselves entertained with energy bomb eating competitions, our dodgy tan lines and dressing up in bin bags as well as Faruk’s Prime ministerial speeches and Benny’s enthusiastic chanting. All in all a great trek! 

Delta Romeo 3- Piedras Blancas by Scott Baxter
We finished! And boy did we dig a lot. We built 2592m of path in total (accurately paced out) and it really feels like an achievement. We built bridges, crossed rivers, erected barriers and all mastered the machete. We swam in crystal clear waterfalls, tracked pumas (and still never had a sighting!), had an outrageous fancy dress party and celebrated Dutch birthdays in style. So what have we learned from our arduous task I hear you asking?
Lorna – “The pickaxe is mightier than the spade.”
Jade – “Ants, flies and all other insects are ‘wee’ bastards.”
Briony – “Women are better at pickaxing than men.” [This author disagrees]
Nacho – “The walk to lunch always overshadows the walk to work.” [An old Costa Rican proverb]
Boris – “A walk filled with song and enjoyment feels like half the walk of silence.”
Alex – “If no one is around to build a path, does it build itself?”
Mary – “A beautiful, isolated jungle has a lot to offer.”
Gilles – “Cannae be bothered bugs and buoyant basha beds, but can be bothered by a good day’s pickaxing and an awesome team.”
Emilie – “A long walk to work through a beautiful jungle can be a wonderful experience.”
Liz – “There is never silence in the jungle.”
Jess – “The jungle is hot, rainy and sweaty...but I still managed to get a suntan!”
Jasmine – “Women can have guns too!”
Scott – “No matter where you are and what you’re doing, if you have good company then everything will be fine.”

 Delta Romeo 4- Playa Camaronal by Mags Chileav
Well, it’s been eventful. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve dug and we’ve sieved. The end result is a beautiful homage to Delta Romeo 4’s hard work – a construction unrivalled in its splendiferous beauty and awe that stands tall and proud on Playa Camaronal. In spite of the obstacles thrown at us, be it our Costa Rican ‘architect’s’ indecisiveness or the Japanese tsunami, we succeeded in finishing the hatchery that will serve as a ‘maternity ward’ for future generations of turtles. During the course of our night shifts, we have braved poachers and the scattered driftwood to save 970 eggs, being lucky enough to observe their hatching on two occasions. Though its guardians have left, Turtle City can sleep safe tonight – this is Delta Romeo 4 and for now it’s good evening and good night. When they find themselves once more in need of heroes, we shall return.

 Delta Romeo 5- El Rodeo by Maria Bedford
Delta Romeo 5 has departed from the village of El Rodeo in Miraflor, Nicaragua, leaving the village with a lot less mud and nearly five more houses than were there when we arrived. Managing to finish the houses gave us an enormous sense of satisfaction and a lot more people in El Rodeo have houses. We will always remember our families, the coffee, pan dulce and the sun setting over the mountainous Nicaraguan landscape. Vive El Rodeo and Delta Romeo 5!

Delta Romeo 6- Tayni, Alto Coen by Claudia Mendzil
Buenas dias everyone, I hope that you are ready for the final part of the Delta six show. We thought that as it is our last programme  we would shake things up a little bit. So today there is going to be an unusual twist. So far we have been looking at how athletic and construction savvy our participants are, but now we are going to see what they get up to when they have free time. Welcome to Tayni Brother!
It’s 10:00 a.m. in the Tayni brother village and Dawn, Maryam and Will are teaching English in the local primary school. Tom, Chris, Andres, Claudia and Saskia are at the swimming hole. The rest of the group are in the communal hut, where there is a heated debate going on. The soap has gone missing and the group has spent the past five minutes trying to figure out who the last person to use the soap was. It is now 14:00 p.m. in the village and the group are all together in the communal area after just having had their lunch of rice and beans. The soap has not reappeared, so in the meantime they have decided that they are going to have a game of football with the locals. After an intense forty minutes, delta six has lost again with the final score being 6-4 to the locals.
However during the match Andres found out some shocking news. One of the locals saw a pig eating the soap, so somewhere in the village there is a pig with a very bubbly mouth. It is now 20:00 p.m. in the Tayni brother village and the group is relaxing around the camp fire. This is the time where they all chill out, have chats, sing songs and play games together, the perfect end to the day.
As interesting as it is observing delta six during their free time, we should probably take one last look at the construction site, to celebrate the end of the show. Where there was nothing but shrubs and dirt, there now stands part of a secondary school. Delta six after carrying wood, digging holes, sawing and hammering wood, have created the foundations and the framework for the walls and roof to the secondary school. They are all incredibly proud of their work and there was quite a few emotions flying around when the last nail was hammered in. We would just like to wish the group who have now taken over from us good luck; we can’t wait to see the project completed.
As a nice way to end the show before delta six returns to field base, we have a quick instalment of the O.C. Yes that’s the Ocean Caribbean! Even though this show is just 30 minutes long, only allowing the group time to quickly run into the water and do some world class body surfing, it was certainly, a brilliant way to celebrate the end of a magnificent project.

That's all from Delta Romeo's they have now deployed as Delta Yankee's updates coming soon!!


  1. Hey jb,

    Good luck on your final phase! Hope you have an amazing time. You've got an amazing tan, Dan says your watch is doing its job!!

    I've got an interview on Friday for a job in Pateley Bridge (near Harrogate) - really pleased cos even if I don't get it, it'll be good experience. One more thing on the to do list though as got to plan a lesson to teach. And then the interview itself lasts all day!

    The march yesterday was good although we didn't have that much time in London and then we got stuck on the train as it was delayed for a couple of hours on the way home. Went to Sainsbury's to get a pizza, watched a couple of episodes of Gavin and Stacey and then bed! Got up quite late this morning as was pretty tired - didn't even march that far yesterday (and certainly weren't going fast!).

    Clocks have gone forward so it's still light at half 7 which is nice.

    I'm gonna investigate whether you can do FaceTime on the mac as well as iphone/itouch cos then could maybe chat to you when you get back off your next phase. Don't see why you shouldn't be able to.

    Love you loads and loads and loads x x x x x x x

  2. For Hannah Leach - Alpha Yankee 3

    Hi darling

    I was so thrilled to read your e-mail and to hear first hand what an amazing time you are having. Thanks for taking time to write and for your birthday wishes.

    Glad to know we are keeping the Raleigh communications people busy, but judging by the website, we aren't the only ones. Not that we are competitive about these things, you understand.

    We are happy too to hear about your final project on the volcano. Hopefully, there won't be any eruptions any time soon. You are going to come back so fit - your brothers had better watch out!!

    Back in Dubai now, and went to Dubai Racing World Cup yesterday - such a glamorous life we lead! Saw lots of amazing hats and outfits - you'd have loved it. Back on the golf course again today too.
    Dad has re-packed his bag and is on his way to London again - he's becoming such a globetrotter.

    Missing you and counting down the days till we see you.
    Hugs and kisses

  3. For Jessica Bridge-Dunk Delta Yankee 2

    Hi little one

    Will try to make up for my lack of blogging (is that what this is called ?) this time whilst you are on your trek. Trek sounds wicked. And it did say it was the first time ever trekked on a Raleigh expedition, whatever you say !!

    Was really nice doing FaceTime with your ipod touch again. You seemed in much better spirits last night - sorted all other stuff out today btw, just need to post it off.

    The March was really excellent yesterday - about half a million did it, from every walk of life. Sadly the media picked up on some anarchists who caused damage in Oxford Street but nothing to do with half a million people marching peacefully making their point peacefully but very strongly and forcefully.

    Mum not well at all but glad I woke her to talk to you last night - she would have been pretty unchuffed if I told her this morning that she had missed you ! In fact, worse than unchuffed.

    Miss your fluctuating moods about the house ! Although you can be pretty stroppy, you more than make up for it when you have your cheerful days. Its just difficult to know which will be which. Ha ha !

    I did an omelette the other day - well, Mum came back and I had put 3 tablespoons of olive oil in when apparently it should have been 3 teaspoons. Fortunately she noticed just in time. You would have thought I put too much cheese in but was pretty yummy tbh.

    Leeds looks pretty good - could go there just for the gym on its own ! Philosophy is leading from Politics .. but still time for a change of heart.

    Well back to work tomorrow. Love you loads and loads little one. Enjoy your trek and eat and drink plenty - you need your energy.

    Lots and Lots of Love Dadxx

  4. Linde Langefeld28 March 2011 at 01:57

    to alette jansen alpha 5

    Hee ali!! je foto's zien er echt top uit! heel leuk! Met name erg onder de indruk van die ene waar je tot aan je knieen in een of ander snelstromende bergbeek staat. Ziet er zeer sportief uit! En die met dat kleine kindje is echt heel cute. Zag ook op facebook dat je trektocht er op zat.. Echt knap! hoop dat al ons joggen geholpen heeft ;)Hoop dat je nu even beetje mag chillen op het strand, heb je wel verdiend! Hier gaat alles goed.. lekker rustig op school en het weer wordt steeds beter =D Mis je alleen heel erg!! Maar over iets van 2 weken kom je terug toch? heel veel zin om je weer te zien en om al je verhalen te horen!! love you! xxxxxxx

  5. For Camilla O'Connell - Alpha Yankee 6

    So Cam, not much of a weekend for football. England beat Wales 2-0 with Lampard scoring and Terry captaining. Brazil beat Scotland 2-0 at The Emirates. Islington was awash with men in skirts as was King's Cross when I went to pick up Louisa from the train.

    Cycling was far more exciting this weekend with Cancellera, Boonen, Frank Schleck and Contador all winning different races and some spectacular stuff on the track for the World championships. Pendleton lost the sprint title for the first time in five years. Hoy was also beaten.

    Enjoy your building. Your mother is getting very excited about seeing you in Managua. Love you xxxx


    Lulú....GANAMOS!!!! CASCO tocará en el Estadio Nacional el sábado 2 de Abril junto a músicos como GANDHI y EDITUS!!!! Què te parece? Es un gran orgullo para todos y Federico está super feliz! Un abrazo y nos vemos pronto. Espero que esté muy bien por Talamanca. Suerte!

  7. To: Emilie Kielstra, Delta Yankee 1

    Lieve Emilie,
    Heb je een paar dagen geleden een bericht gestuurd, maar het is niet op het blog verschenen, althans ik kan het niet meer terugvinden...
    Hoe is je trek begonnen? Echt aan de oostkust of zag je die alleen maar uit de verte toen jullie een van de vulkanen op moesten klimmen? Is het allemaal een beetje te doen? Het lijkt me erg zwaar met die volle rugzakken. Maar wat een belevenis! Heerlijk om al die positieve verhalen van jou dit weekend te horen over de telefoon: erg fijn dat we zo lang konden praten en heel leuk om je te lezen. Geeft een heel goede indruk! Zondag had ik een reünie met mannen met mijn Utrechtse Commissie bij Mick thuis. Heel gezellig en we hadden stralend weer, zodat we zelfs buiten hebben geluncht. Vandaag, maandag, gebeurde er iets heel geks. Ben sinds een tijdje op Linkedin om o.a. buitenlandse studievrienden van vroeger weer op te sporen. Kreeg ik een bericht uit Managua, Nicaragua van iemand met wie ik in Zwitserland op school zat! Ze heeft mij gemaild dat zij jou heel Nicaragua had willen laten zien als ze eerder had geweten dat je er was. Nou ja, het had toch niet gekund vanwege de andere projecten, maar het is wel erg toevallig! Haar zusje met wie ik destijds een kamer deelde, woont in Mexico City! Heb haar adres nu weer gekregen. Ga deze week veel golfen, want volgende week speel ik mijn eerste competitiewedstrijd. Woensdagavond help ik een benefietavond voor SOS Kinderdorpen organiseren in Museum Beelden aan Zee; ben ik nu nog steeds mensen voor aan het lubben. De rest van de week is ook vol gepland met van alles: HCKZ, concert, etc. Ik zal ook je gewenste vliegtickets boeken. Alexa krijgt a.s. zaterdag voor een week een uitwisselingsstudente uit Duitsland op bezoek, die dus de hele volgende week bij ons logeert. Ben benieuwd hoe het dit keer uitpakt. Er is al een vol programma bedacht, incl. Amsterdam, Madurodam en Pasar Malam buiten het schoolprogramma om.
    Lieve Emilie, geniet van je laatste "phase" en zet 'm op. Heel veel liefs en dikke zoen,
    xxxxx mam

    P.S. Als er weer foto's gemaakt worden voor het Raleigh-blog kijk dan niet de lucht in (wat zag je daar in Piedras Blancas??), maar recht voor je uit! Vinden wij natuurlijk leuker.....

  8. For Jessica Bridge-Dunk Delta Yankee 2
    Hi Bunny ,
    Hope you are enjoying your trip!
    Am feeling really vile so will not write much but wanted to send you some love.Disinfect this message before you read it as would hate to pass on my bugs...
    Have spent today mainly in bed so not got much to report.
    Saw the message Dad sent you and it was true he was about to deep fry! So funny.
    Am fed up as was going out tomorrow evening with Auntie J and Grandma but am not up to it so will have to wait a week or so.
    Really miss you and wish you were here to make me a tasty lunch in my hour of need.
    Lots and lots of love and kisses your Mummy x

  9. MAGS Chilaev: former Delta Romeo 4

    Mags, great story. Compelling, and rich.
    I keep trying to imagine the video you made for me, about the carrot sticks and ketchup soy sauce. Don't mock the food, man, and do not mock SJ.

    I know that one day he and I are gonna to get married on top of a mountain, and there's going to be flutes playing and trombones and flowers and garlands of fresh herbs. And we will dance till the sun rises. And then our children will form a family band. And we will tour the countryside and you won't be invited.

  10. Andres Chavarria Delta Yankee 4
    Mamoi somos novios!!!Yupi aaaaaaaaayayayayyyy!Me lleno de gozo y regocijo!Ydoy un grito de jubilo en señal de felicidad pura! ooooh papapa! saltalavaranda!usamangacorta!Ayayay
    Para que sepas el 3 de abril cumplimos 1 año y 8 meses que alegria y mi amor por ti sigue y sigue creciendo aun mas y mas Te amo Andres eres el hombre de mi vida muuuuuuuuah

  11. For Kitty Drake, 11c now Alpha Yankee 6
    Very much looking forward to hearing about the community in which you are living. It must be very very interesting. Great you are with such lovely people. Loved your photo of you all together in your group. Sent the smaller items you asked for. Jeans and dress still to be posted to your friend.
    Hannah is coming,which is exciting. You will have a great time. She is keen to get all v organised or her parents wont let her....but they have agreed! Thinking of you and sending tons and tons of love
    Your Bxx

  12. Message for Maria Bedford Delta Yankee 2
    Hello Mrs - More lovely blog posts and photos - I liked your 'builder's look' of headscarf and sunglassess - v. glam! How's the trek? Sounds beautiful and unspoilt. No active volcanos I hope? Your money's in your bank - happy travelling! Still not much going on here - I pulled a muscle in my back a couple of weeks ago but its fine now (only one day off work). Did get a bit down for a while, but okay now. This Sunday is both Mothers Day and my birthday (thanks for the message - somehow you always seem to contact me when I'm not expecting it - maybe the time difference?). Amelia and Alice's birthdays coming up too. The Woodles are fine - still battling with bully cat (even Mr B) but only scratches to show for it at the moment. Still trying to get Christine's heating stuff sorted. Completed our Census return (I thought you ought to be counted). Clock just gone forward. Radiation, war and riots still in the news (we're all doomed!) - another anti-cuts demo in London last Saturday. Economic and employment gloom still pervades - so go travelling and enjoy yourself I reckon (stay safe). Not sure when you'll get this - hopefully in time to make travel plans. Look after yourself - lots of love etc. from Mum xxxxx (48 soon! Well over the hill)

  13. Message for Amy Wilson, Alpha Yankee One

    Hope the trek is going well. Looking forward to the next blog. Family all send their love and best wishes - GPW has been showing everyone the photos that I printed and sent him and I passed on your 'Happy 80th birthday' message to him and told him a letter was on its way, slowly!, from CR.

    Take care and have fun

    Lots of love from Mum and me xxx

  14. To Rosie Webb (Alpha 6)

    Hi love!! I only got your letter yesterday!! I hope you got mine a while ago now! I was waiting to see what you said before I sent my second letter but now it's too late :(
    So proud of what you've done and loved seeing your name in credits for your team's photos! Disappointed not to see you though! Hope you're still enjoying yourself and you make the most of your last few weeks. Looking forward to actually talking to you when you get to NY.
    Love you lots!! xxxxx

  15. Message for Ellie Spicer - Alpha Yankee 5

    Hi Darling

    So lovely to get your email. I think it is definitely better to hear of your adventures when you are safely back at Field Base. Do not liked the sound of the scorpion! You will love Nicaragua, the next phase sounds wonderful.

    St Martins are back on the 26th April which I think you wanted to know.

    We have been busy. We went to the Donmar Warehouse theatre on Friday to see a musical about a Spelling Bee. Really good and very Glee like, you would have liked it. Sunday was spent at Twickenham watching league sides from South Africa and NZ. Really free flowing rugby and much more exciting than the England games have been. Victoria and Philip are returning this week and also Vic to stay for a week. So without you and Hats we will have her as our surrogate daughter.

    Looking forward to seeing you soon. Granny and Grandad send their love but I am afraid that Granny is not happy about the white water rafting!

    Thinking of you lots. All our love

    Mum and Dad xxxxxx

  16. Delat ROmeo 4: YENDRY CASTRO

    Hola amorcitooo... YEN, I need you to call me ASAP and let me know when you coming back and if you are working with us this summer or not..? I need dates asap please as I am working on schedules and hiring... please let your mom know and tell her to call me back or just give me a quick call and let me know the dates you will be working with us... miss you
    take care,


  17. para: yendry castro/ delta yankee 2.
    de: má.
    princesa de mi corazón , te amo montones!!!
    Q super experiencia, aun no puedo ni creer q estés viviendo esta aventura!!!! aquí te esperamos con palomitas de maíz para q nos contés ese largo metraje- ...y por supuesto refresco , o nos atragantamos,jajaja!!!!
    Deseo con todo mi corazón q te sirvas la vida con cuchara grande y q disfrutés a máximo esta oportunidad q el Eterno te permite vivir.
    Adelante con todo , y apoyarse mutuamente..sabemos q lo van a lograr y a CONQUISTAR AL TAL MOMOTOMBO!!!!
    Chao mi princesa, corazón de león!!!!!
    De mamita:♥♥♥

  18. Yvonne Reynolds29 March 2011 at 14:03

    To Chris Reynolds Delta Yankee 2
    Hi Chris
    Just thought we'd send a message to say hope the trek will be great. Try not to get too many blisters!! Hope you,re over your headaches now - probably a bit too much sun! The trek sounds pretty spectacular - should be lots of photo opportunities! Alan's working in Sunderland this week - not quite as exotic as your location - he and Dad went to the world superbikes this weekend - enjoyed it but it was really cold on Saturday - they were frozen by the time they left! Just watching the football - England v Ghana - we're leading 1-0, but it's only a friendly game. Had an email from Deb recently - sent her a birthday card but not sure when she'll get it - think they've got snail mail as well, and she's gone to a conference in Lisbon this week, so not sure when she'll get back. It's Lyndsey's birthday next, at least her card only has to make it to Leeds - hopefully a bit quicker.
    Anyway, got to go, so take care and have fun.
    Loads of love and can't wait to see you in 3 weeks, and hear all about your adventures Mum and Dad xxxxxxxxxxx

  19. Mari Huws Jones Alpha Yankee 5

    Haia Mar! Wedi mwynhau dy ebost - ti'n swnio ar ben y byd - gwych!! (ond sut yn y byd wyt ti'n mynd i fyw yn dy groen adra......!!!) Mae'n swnio'm brofiad hollol arbennig - da ni mor falch ohonot, ac yn edrych ymlaen i gael yr hanes i gyd yn iawn.
    Jest rhywbeth ymarferol rwan. Dwi di gallu mynd ar safle we Caerdydd - ond mae angen ail ddewis o hostel. Wyt ti isio i mi ddewis ail un sydd ddim yn un Gymraeg ond sydd yn ganolog ac yn agos i Senghennydd, neu wyt ti isio i mi ddewis y neuadd Gymraeg arall sydd tua 1.5. milltir o'r canol? Rho wybod, os medri.
    Hefyd, pryd wyt ti'n meddwl dod adra? Wyt ti dal am aros ymlaen?

    Cariad mawr


  20. For Jessica Bridge-Dunk, Delta Yankee 2

    Hey Jess,

    Did you get my last message? I just realised I didn't put your group or use your name (apart from 'Hey Jb'), so if you did get it it would be pretty impressive. Maybe if someone at fieldbase reads this they can know to forward you the 'Hey jb' message too?

    It's all too much for me trying to work out what delta yankee you are!!!!

    I've found out that you can do facetime from the mac - apparently I've got to use your email address to ring you though so let me know which one you use on your itouch and when I can ring you and that will be nice.

    Not much going on in Northallerton. Did a big assessed presentation yesterday about 'our bodies' so nice that that's out the way. Think we passed as they said they'd tell us by the end of the day if we hadn't! I had to make some small intestines for a display with sausage casing.

    Still trying to work out what to do for my interview lesson on Friday. I had a bit of an idea about using gnomes and those bamboo boats (the ones you get from El Piano) and telling a story about some gnomes going on a fishing trip and getting the kids to share out their equipment. Told my friends at uni about it though and they seemed quite unimpressed. Anna said, 'Yeah but wouldn't it be too easy cos each boat would need the same thing?' - I didn't really get her point cos it'd be good if each boat needed the same thing as the objective would be to share EQUALLY between! Really need to decide today what I'm gonna do.

    Went to look round a school near Thirsk last night that has a job advertised. There were about 25 other people looking round! And it's still about a month till the deadline for that job. So pretty competitive. Trying not to worry too much though. Hopefully something will sort itself out in the end - and Dan's had his contract renewed for 6 months so that should take the pressure off a bit (but it doesn't really feel like that!).

    Sorry all my posts are about jobhunting and teaching but that's literally all that I'm doing at the moment. Well, I tell a lie, I had a lovely night off last night. Got home and Dan made me chickpea cutlets from the vegan recipe book (delish but not the type of thing you'd make when people came round as maybe a little 'tough'!) then watched neighbours on 5 on demand, then had a bath with a Lush bubble bar, then watched another neighbours. Neighbours is good at the moment! Haha! Bet you didn't get chance to watch it before you went away cos you were working so much at Hitachi.

    Anyway, better go and get a shower and get on with my work. Hope the trekking is going well!!! I really enjoyed it, apart from the lunch which consisted of dry crackers for me (I wouldn't eat the pilchards!). Mum and Dad were a bit worried you weren't eating enough. I'm sure you'll survive!

    Love you loads,

    Bex x x x x x x x x x x

    p.s. Mum's really poorly at the moment with flu (thought I'd better tell you cos she didn't mention it in her posts, she's so self-effacing).

    p.p.s. am I the best (eg most prolific) blogger?

    p.p.p.s. Pura Vida!

  21. For Rebecca Eno, Delta Yankee 2:

    Hey, this will be unexpected. I went on Raleigh this time last year and I was looking at the blog when I saw you :) Though I didn't really know you, I recognised you from G+L. Just wanted to say good luck, enjoy it as you'll miss it when its over (maybe not the pork and beans..) and well done! If you get this on trek, keep going!!! Also, have to mention Energy bombs :D So good for a pick-me-up! You will survive :P
    Annabelle Acton-Bond

  22. For Jessy Boon Cowler - Delta Yankee 6

    Hi there Hi there!

    Was sooo lovely speaking to you last weekend - really saved my big night out in Berlin as hearing your voice cheered me up no end! I just cant wait til can actually speak every day as this is getting annoying!!

    I really hope you got the message that your mum left with Raleigh about your flight. Continental are being a typical company and want to charge through the roof for a whole new ticket as they wont change your booking. I'm trying my hardest to find an affordable solution as I know how much you want to stay out for a while - got all my fingers and toes crossed that will be able to find something, and will ring up Continental later to see if any other alternatives.

    Other than that no real news - Muldoon stayed over last night before heading off on his big trip (starting to get very jealous of all you lot gallivanting across the globe) and set off for Heathrow early this morning. I'm still trying and failing to learn how to mix, but no matter how bad I am I will have something thrown together for you when you get back, mark my words! Going to slowly try sort all bits of the flat out that dont require money so that when payday comes can splash out on lots of glitz for your return.

    Really looking forward to hearing more about this last stage you are on, I hope you are enjoying yourself and feeling happy and fullfilled.

    Love you more than anything, cant wait to have you back (although hopefully not too soon as I want you to enjoy San Jose!). Will keep you updated as best I can.

    Your Alex xxxxxxxxxx

  23. Message for JoJo Huddie (Delta yankee 5)
    Hi Honey,
    Hope you are enjoying your Nicaraguan hotel and staying with some lovely people - and that you are finding plenty of hand-less work to do. Was yummy to have such a long chat with you at the weekend, thank you! Snail mail is on its way to you. No real news here - am still agonising over which interview to attend next week but I think Yeovil is winning - 4 days a week has an attraction not beaten by more money.. Am trying to prepare a presentation, ugh! Sorry, I mean, I love presentations, I love presentations, I love presentations... Have just ordered 15 litres of sealant to cover fresh rendering on house walls and 45 litres of masonry paint to make the walls a nice colour. My arm is aching just thinking about applying it all. Tell your team they don't know how easy they have it over there! Will be celebrating official end of relationship with DCC tomorrow with a BIG G&T. Will think of you as I drink it (remember the hats in the garden in Brighton?)
    Lots of love and big hugs to you, have the best time ever. Mum xxxxxxxxxxx

  24. Adam Chalkley - Alpha 1

    Hi Adam
    Can't believe that you are well into your final phase. I hope the trecking is going well, you should have warn the boots in well by now anyway!! Don't forget to eat and drink (you look as if you,ve lost weight in the last blog picture!!) Not much happening here at the moment apart from counting down to the end of term 7 1/2 days and counting!! We are still trying to sort out the drive so if it has'nt been done by the time you get home I'm not sure if the big car will even get up it!!!! Talking of coming home I don't think we're going to be able to get out to US to meet you so if you change your mind and decide to go/stay a bit longer please let us know asap. Mark will be blogging later in the week to keep you up to date with the important issues - sport so I will sign off now and get on with some work (or perhaps not!) Anyway do take care, can't wait to see you.
    Missing you loads
    Love Mum

  25. For Rebecca Eno 11C Delta Yankee 2
    Hi Becky!
    Good luck on your final trek! We are in Torquay now (apart from Daddy who is doing some kind of work to the house, as he has now replaced the fence between us and next door and is extremely proud!). Will say hi to Jess and Milla from you, i'm sure they'll miss you lots too!!!
    The volcano sounds really cool and I hope the trek isn't too tricky. Apologies for not sending many blogs in the second phase, I hope i'm making up for it now! Have a rave and enjoy it Parksy :) Let me know how you get on and if there's any news.
    Lots of love,
    Tilly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  26. For Jessica Bridge-Dunk Delta Yankee 2

    Hi Bunny,
    Hope that you are blister free and enjoying yourself. Hope that you can chat to someone as you walk to make you forget the weight of your bag and the long road ahead!
    Just been talking to Rebecka who is trying to work out what to do for her lesson plan for the interview on Friday. Think she has gone for a Pirate theme.
    It sounds so difficult as it has to be safe,suitable for all ages and interests etc. Am worn out just thinking about it!
    Think I shall make myself a cup of tea and have another two flu caps.....
    Love you zillions and trillions of heaps, Mummykins x

  27. Holly Edwards 11C Delta Yankee 6

    Hey Hol How are you - i'm back on the blog Hurrah!! I have dusted off your computer and it works so the issue must have been with my old cronky machine. Its great to be back in comms with you, dad is going to try too. He has got there okay but is really busy, he too is sleeping in makeshift accommodation, sharing a tent with lots of others on little bunkbeds - i think you are probably a lot better off than he is!!!

    I can't wait for you to come home, Nan is coming down on the 10th to stay with me for a week and then she will come with me to pick you up - when we get your flight times!?! When i asked you to put your flight on the calendar i meant the flight number not just ' Holly flys home'! ha ha.

    I'm just about to cut Grannys hair - wish me luck! Dotty has grown a mane while she is moulting, i'm thinking of having her stripped but may wait for you to take her when you get back. i've started attacking Cleo's winter coat and mane, 2 bottles of shampoo later and her tail almost looks grey. As i can't do much else around the place both mares are being groomed daily - you'll have a lot to do when you get back they are getting used to the salon service!
    will blog again tomorrow all being well, love you loads darling, take care and keep having fun.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  28. Rebecca Eno, Delta yankee 2.
    Your messages made me laugh! Silly girl, I am very excited about seeing you. I am in Oxford at the moment having a "holiday". I went for a scull yesterday, in a coxless double - remind you of something? Anyway it was weird to be back on the water after so long but it went very well until I was standing on the pontoon thing and Will thought it would be funny to push me in...Slightly damp walk back to college. Saying goodbye to William Ford on Friday - it will be so sad, I will attempt not to cry. I hope you are being good and not being too abusive of your asthma medication... I had blood taken today, and was so brave I got a sticker and apple juice. Clearly she understood where my mental age lay. I have many things to tell you when I see you. Big big hugs and I will write again in a couple of days. lots of love from Strang.

  29. To annelotte jens

    delta yankee 4

    from : danny hoogeveen

    Hey lieve snoetiejjj.,

    ik heb deze week echt een sick drukke week weer, maarja daardoor gaat het wel heel snel. moet 30 uur werken en gewoon 5 dagen naar school en dan nog vrienden en alles aaaaaah..dus jij boft maar daar een beetje een pad bouwen en chillen in de zon. haha nee hoor je zal het nogsteeds wel zwaar hebben. ik heb gister echt een uur met je moeder gepraat over van alles en nog wat. je vader was op golf reis, roos is in atl en jij bent daar, aaaaah..maarjah ik mis je nogsteeds elke dag en ik hou van jou liefiejjj kussss

  30. Jessy Boon Cowler - Delta Yankee 6

    Dear Jessy!!!
    I have just got back from France and got Ludo back a few hours ago which was a lovely treat.

    I'm not sure what happenned about the phones and whether you tried to call or not but either way I hope you'll be able to call some other time. I had been using an old Nokia in France (so I didn't have to pay iphone data charge) and so when I got your text I thought it was some sort of old message from my Nokia that was coming through again...but when I got the second one it was very exciting!!!

    France was really lovely. No internet or computers for 10 days was so good. It was prob one of the first holidays I've had where I felt really detached from London... I suppose because of the length of time. It really made me think about how you must be feeling having been gone so long now.

    Oh also, I sent you a letter in the post just before I left and when I got back I read that you couldn't send post anymore... well I really hope that it gets to you in time!!

    I am just starting a project with Friends of the Earth this week which should be good I hope...

    Well, I'm sorry I have not been able to send any messages whilst I've been away but now I will be back on track!! Hope you are still having a lovely time and bell me or email me or write me or BBM me if you can!!! LOTS OF LOVE XXXXXX

  31. Delta yankee 4....Hiya Hollie,if you can do that trek you can do anything,life is going to seem so boring when you get back,what with all that adventure behind you.....thats if you're coming back! you are coming back are'nt you? well I hope you are but if your not please let me know what your plans are. Hope you enjoy your last praise,sounds wonderful.....well the hot springs and swimming holes do...not sure about the Volcan Rincon climb! Went for an interview for a new job today but unfortunately the agency got it all wrong as I thought it was a permanant position and it was maternity cover,so back to more job searching,tut.
    Miss you so much,lots of love Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  32. For Camilla O'C Alpha Yankee 6

    Cam. Last night England played Ghana at Wembley. Capello fielded a "B" team without the likes of Lampard, Terry or Cole. Ghana were magnificent and took 22,000 supporters. They should have won against a poor England side but the ghastly Carroll scored a dubious goal after fouling his marker just before half time. Ghana should have had a penalty but scored in the 90th minute to equalise.

    Bradley Wiggins should have been in a good position to win the Three Days of De Panne in Belgium. He was with the bunch on the first day and was expected to win through the final day time trial tomorrow but sadly missed the split today and finished too far down to hold any hopes. He is coming into form, however and showing great desire to win.

    Other than that, we are coming to terms with having your sister home. She goes on Friday. Your mother gets more excited daily about seeing you and I carry on working.

    Love you xxxx

  33. For Victorine Pot- Delta Romeo 6

    My little shmooooofy poooofy!
    After hearing u've been ill ive started to become worried about u my little braaby! are u not taking ur medicines?
    I'm sorry i haven't left u any messages lately.. i do not like not being able to speak to u and more importantly not being able to see ur byooootiful' face :'). but ye i guess skype isnt an option atm... hahaaha
    There isn't much news i have to tell u. Here the weather has been raatha lovely the last few days and the days are longer which means its almost summer. oh yeahhhhhh!
    I loved hearing ur lil' voice on saturday... i just wish i could snuggggle with uuuu. and then we could be lil' eskimos together. ur bed is so empty...sometimes i crawl into it because it smells nice jus' like u.
    on a more important note: hope u've made more buddies and that ure having fun!
    i am so proud of u. u were always my stardoll but now u are also my lil'
    star explorer. hahaha
    i wrote u a card yesterday. i know u might only get it when i see u in a few weeks but at least im sending some form of lovinnnnnn' ure way.
    im so excited to see u in a few weeks! we are going to get married do u know that? and we're going to live happily ever after..
    im ending this lil' messsage on this note: good luck my little braby! take good care of urself ok?
    i love u
    X's x million :')
    (plus a few more for the eskimos)

    HI andy hope u hav'n a great time all is well at home ,keeping up with the blog but this internet so slow and keeps crashing!! have try;d 2 send blog for the last 2 days hope this gets through x i raised £100 for raleigh down at the farm ! gave it to jo she was made up, love and miss u so so so much cant wait till your home!! but sadly that will mean leaving some very good close freinds ! love u son lots of love mumra lol xxxx

  35. To Chloë Webster, Alpha Yankee 1
    Hello to the treker. Darling Chloë, It was so exciting to get your lovely long email and some of the news from Nicaragua. Ironically I was expecting some sort of contact- (mothers' intuition)but then left my mobile behind when I went to London, got back very late and didn't check the emails until the morning! Anyway it must have been a good day's break for you to get sorted. Now I imagine you well into the trek and have no idea when you will get this. Needless to say we are thinking of you every step and hope not too many blisters! I showed your news to Granny S who stayed this weekend and Granny J. Bumped into Rosie Rydon at Parham P to P who loved her trip to CR and said it is all very beautiful, and she wanted to know what you were up to. Had a lovely morning yesterday for my birthday, with the girls. We walked up to the Ring and Jane produced a flask of coffee and Nikki a cake from her rucksack, with candles! Nothing as challenging as yours, though we were with you in spirit. My challenge is that we have discovered moth chewing all the carpets, and we have had to uproot everything and spray. The house should be well and truly blitzed by the time you come home!
    I pick Sam up on Friday 1st and Henry too, so I need to stock up on food.
    I am so glad you have made so many good friends and am sure you will keep your spirits up through the tough bits. Those boots are made for walking! Well done you. We all send you so much love and huge hugs. Masses of love from Mumma

  36. For Rebecca Eno.11C, Delta Yankee 2.
    Hi Parks.So good to talk to you on Saturday, but now I have a million more questions I want to ask. They will have to wait until you are home. Hope the sleeping bag dilemma was resolved, and that you are managing both the searing heat and the chilly night. All we have to complain about is whether or not it rains! Now down in Devon(arrived 1am). M had an amazing time in Geneva, and managed not to press any buttons at Cern. Poor M-munch managed to knock out two of her front teeth on Friday, banging into a wall or cupboard at school. Mad and Til went to visit Jessy's classroom today, which she found very exciting.Daddy at home supervising while the stairs are stripped and repaired, so it may be rather less of a splinter risk zone when you get back. Staying down here until Sunday- hoping to see J and Em-mid wedding planning-then back home for Mad lacrosse.Lots of love from all here esp R and J, and big hugs from me. x

  37. Jessy boon cowler delta Yankee 6

    Argh just lost a message and too tired to phone doesn't like this blog very much. Can't wait too speak to you, had a brainwave and wish I could discuss with you. Anyway need some sleep, will keep u posted love u so much alex xxxxxxx

  38. Caroline Murray, alpha bravo 3.

    Murray dog mc making ....... ...... ... ......... sorry about that little in joke right there. just a quick message, as iv Just finished work but finally have two days off, so so tired its untrue, think il be having a lie in haha, the head chef has been working for two days now, we stayed till half 11 cleaning and worked all day today because it's been busy, but its all good things are looking a bit better out there. So all is good do not worry. will see tho, il wait until your back for my future plans ha. On a less depressing note your missed very much but am really looking forward to two and a half weeks time, think its two weeks monday. Im hoping that's right otherwise i could be waiting a while at terminal 4 ha. role on that day im so excited :). Im also going into judith's shop to have a catch up and chat, so looking forward to that, talk about you, im missing chilling around yours, I have to feed myself at silly o'clock. Il speak tomorrow when im a bit more with it and write a big message. Hope your enjoying your last project and everything is ok your end. love you lots take care xxxxxxx sam xxxxxxx

  39. Abigail Tyer - Delta 6

    Hey Abi! Hope you got to the island safely and you are having an amazing experience.

    got my amk results yesturday got 32.3 so went up, but not as much as i hoped for spending 8 hours in the library each day but o well!

    going to Dartmouth tomorrow (fri) which will be so nice to see how things are progressing, will upload some photos and put them on our group!

    i wont be able to speak when you finish next face as will be in south africa but will defo text you. booking olympic stuff this weekend so will let you know what we booked, wont get confirmation for a while tho so will have to let you know what we managed to get when we know.

    cant wait to be able to speak to you more in a couple of weeks, defo have a skype session!

    hope you are having fun, take care

    lots of love emily xxxxx

  40. For Dawn Tennant, Delta 4
    Hi dawn,
    good luck in the final weeks of the trip. This phase sounds different to the other two, but I am sure it will be even more fun! Spending two days and the eadys and trying to calm ana and harry down! Harry has got a timetable that ana is not very keen on!!
    Spring has officially finished here...heading towards another winter... A week today, next thurs dad and I are off to valencia for eduardos's wedding. Will be back on monday 11th but will write here before then. I am sending you emails but they are being returned. It must be that your inbox must be sooooo full...You are going to have some fun when you get back reading them all!
    Have a lovely time. Love you lots.
    Mum. Besos. xxxx

  41. To Gilles Bouman, Delta Yankee 1

    Heeeee lieverd,
    Hopelijk gaat je trek goed!! Je bent alweer 5 dagen onderweg, vast al behoorlijk wat kilomters afgelegd! Heavy hoor elke dag in die hitte zo ver lopen, weet niet of ik het aan zou kunnen. Maare als je dus zo dat hele land doorloopt kom je vast op een gegeven moment wel op een plek waar je bereik hebt?! Volgens mij heb jij gewoon al 7 weken je telefoon niet meer aangehad, had je ook nog een smsje gestuurd op je verjaardag. Nja in ieder geval kijk af en toe is of je bereik hebt, ik zou echt heeeeel blij zijn met een smsje!

    Ik heb mijn vliegticket naar Bocas del Toro, het was nog een hele klus want die hele site is in het spaans maar met wat hulp van Esther is het me gelukt. Ik ben er zondag ochtend om 9.55, BE THERE! Ik heb gister Naomi gesproken en ze zei dat het wel chill was om in Bocas te beginnen en dan inderdaad via Boquete en David weer terug naar Panama City. En dat we dan vanaf Panama City naar de San Blas eilanden moeten gaan. Had ik al eerder over gelezen, schijnt echt een paradijs te zijn. Naomi ging me nog wat hostelnamen opsturen dus dat is ook wel handig. Ga maar geen Lonely Planet kopen hoor, we komen er wel uit zo. Ik heb er echt zo'n zin in, dat wil je niet weten!!! Maare als ik dan aankom in Bocas moet jij niet daar al 5 dagen zitten en eigenlijk wel zin hebben om weer door te reizen omdat je alle leuke dingen daar al hebt gedaan. Wel op mij wachten met die catamaran tocht enzo oke???

    Mijn statistiek tentamen maandag ging best wel slecht... Morgen nog laatste tentamen en dan ben ik er gelukkig weer van af. Moet dit hele weekend werken, schijnt echt 20 graden te worden dit weekend. Wel kut dat ik na die tentamens nog een heel weekend moet werken maarja ik moet toch echt geld verdienen. En ik begin zaterdag pas om 1u dus ik kan wel uit morgenavond, heb ik wel verdient na al die tentamens.
    Mis je xxxxxxxxxxxx

  42. For Rebecca Eno 11C Delta Yankee 2,
    Hi Becky Boo!
    Unfortunately the first few blogs i wrote this week and last week haven't come up yet so i don't know if they didn't work or something but i hope you eventually get them.
    Missing you like usual, still in Torquay and just had a tennis lesson with Maddy but the weather was not great this morning so we played in the massive bubble! Helped out at Jessie's tennis lesson yesterday- softly chucking balls at clueless toddlers...!!
    Yesterday on shuffle, my iPod went onto Automatic High and I thought of you loads! I miss my HSM appreciative sister! :) Guess what?! I have officially grown the MOST ever :P On Aunt Rosie's wall I am MILES up!! hee hee...!
    Anyway, have fun and keep yourself hydrated and eat lots (Mummy of course is worried you're going to wither away into nothing!).
    Loads and loads of love,
    Tilly xxxxxxxxxx :)

  43. For Jessica Bridge-Dunk Delta Yankee 2

    Hi Bunny,
    I wonder where you are and what you are up to?
    Just had lunch and as have still got the flu am making my way back to bed. Thought I would pop in here and send you a message first as I was thinking of you......
    Am looking at the pics of us in Korcula and I just had a horrible vision of that chap sunbathing on the rock close to us on the little island. Can you remember? Now am remembering the curly tops !
    Am smiling away to myself now like a mad woman!
    Sending you lots of love and kisses your Mad Mummy x x x x x x

  44. To Jessica Henderson Delta Yankee 6
    Jess I missed you I was in New York for the big 30! It was amazing and Richard proposed!! It was so romantic in central park, I cried for about an hour afterwards!! and of course I said yes! Now I have a question for you....will you be my bridesmaid??
    Cant wait for you to come home I need your organisational skills!!!
    Im off to Leeds next week for a course and a catch up with everyone, will be so sad that you arent there. Miss you millions! p.s the CA is leaving the end of June and it might be FT post!!!

    lots of love Kellie xxxxxx

    De: MAMITA.
    Esto es para todos los delta yankee 2: Ivan , Lorna , Alex, Christopher, David, Dawn, Esmie, Ignacio , Jessica, Maria, Maryam, Rebecca, Yendry.♥

    Vamos muchachos y muchachas, adelante q en la vida no hay casualidades y si “EL DESTINO” los puso en el mismo camino por algo será. Que emocionante las sorpresas de la vida, sobre todo cuando estas están acompañadas de hermandad, amor y lealtad.
    Un abrazo desde aquí y los mejores deseos de éxito, que así como están frente al reto de introducirse en esa montaña, de igual manera puedan adentrarse en sus temores, dudas, vacíos y conquistarse así mismos; y para esto les aseguro q cuentan con la ayuda de aquel q creo los cielos y la tierra y los mantiene a cada uno en su lugar.

    ♥¡Las personas cambian cuando se dan cuenta del potencial q tiene para cambiar las cosas!!!!
    - Paulo Coelho.

    ♥♥No temas que yo estoy contigo, no desmayes porque yo soy tu Elohim que te esfuerzo, siempre te ayudaré y te sustentaré..!!!
    -Dios. / Is 41:10

    P.S: manden fotos!!!!! Muchas fotos!!!!!

  46. Herma van der Wal31 March 2011 at 11:18

    To Harm van der Wal, alpha yankee 4
    Lieve Harm,
    Hoe is het, diep in Nicaragua ?Kan je het goed vinden met je gastgezin voor deze weken?
    Hier hebben we wat ziekte van Oma om voor te zorgen. Ze heeft een longontsteking en dat vraagt de nodige aandacht. Ids heeft nog een paar dagen buikgriep gehad, maar is met ingang van vandaag weer naar school. Voor het eerst in vele dagen regende het vandaag weer en zo is hij terug naat huis dus nat geregend! Niet fijn. Het voorjaarsweer en het voorjaar met zijn bloemen en zo is nu echt los gebarsten . Heerlijke temperaturen en geen sneeuw en ijs meer. Jij kan je dat vast niet eens meer voorstellen:sneeuw en ijs en koude.verder gaat het leven hier zijn gangetje en zal ik een wat uitgebreide brief in je hotmail zetten. Dan kan je die in New York later nalezen.
    Werkze in Miraflor en tot gauw! Heel veel liefs, Mama

  47. For Adam Chalkley Alpha Yankee 1
    Hello brother
    I bare exciting breaking news for you Primark opened in Kings Lynn today but unfortunately i had school so couldn't attend and with any luck i will never have to visit the store. Anyway i hope you are well brother and your hand hurts less now.

    I had my driving last weekend it was amazing, i got a extra lap when i drove the Ferrari which was really good and the good news is that you get to watch it as i have a dvd of my driving. I also did my 4x4 driving unfortunately i dont get a dvd of that one but it was still amazing and i drove across a river and up some really steep hill etc. I shall tell you about it when you get home now there is something to look forward to.

    In sport we crashed out of the cricket world cup in the 1/4 finals as Sri Lanka beat us by 10 wickets. The final is between India and Sri Lanka i think India will win if they can handle the pressure. In football England beat wales in cardiff 2-0 we scored twice in the first 15 mins. However we then drew 1-1 with Ghana in a friendly which had a amazing atmosphere.

    This is a bad week first i have to get a mothers day card and then mother also has the inconvenience of having her birthday on thursday looks like i have plenty of shopping to do but i have to go to lynn for the antisocial hour of 9 oclock in the morning to have my hair cut tomorrrow which means i can do my shopping, mainly in bookshops.

    Anyway i hope the trek is going well and you are enjoying it sounds really easy to me so you better not be struggling.


  48. For Abigail Tyer delta yankee 6
    Hi Abigail
    Hope this last project is going well and you are learning some great building skills!
    All well here - off to Devon tomorrow which I am really looking forward to,James and Sarah haven't been for years so it will be nice. Will go to the pub on Sat night. Immy has house lacrosse so cant come. Will take lots of pics. Its not going to be ready for Easter which is a real pain.
    Immy's watching Waterloo road (!) usual night here.....
    Lots of school stuff this week - glad when term is over.
    Will send another blog soon. Lots of love Mum xxxx

  49. Jessy Boon Cowler, Delta Romeo 6
    Hi Jessa, hope all is well and that you enjoyed the dugout trip. I thought you were travelling by raft at first! Alex has been a star doing the Travel Agency thing and we're trying to sort out a way to help you stay on, but please don't hold your breath. Hoping you may be able to make some contact via the Raleigh offices to sort out flights, if any changes are possible, as your plan A won't be happening. Either way, hope you are having the best time and enjoying every moment. Looking forward to seeing you, April, May, either would do. Love you, Mum xxx

  50. Martha Gray: Alpha Yankee 6
    All well. Flights changed and you have an extra 10 days. I spoke with Mr G and he felt that was as late as he could leave it. Flight back 8am Wed 27th April. I shall email your flight details & insurance for you to pick up on your next field base visit. I also emailed York, so they have now updated UCAS so it is all ready for you to put your choices in. You can let me know if you want me to do that.
    Over at H&P’s last night as they go off today. Sally was upset that her letter had not arrived but we did learn that she put a first class stamp on it, so it is probably travelling by sea and will arrive in 6 months, if at all!! So funny.
    Tom back home on Sunday....Fun Times!
    Hope all is going well. Everyone has been enjoying Jimmy D’s photos, he is a star, thank him from us.
    Love Mum xxx

  51. For Jennifer McGowan - Alpha Yankee 4


    I am now bascially packed for spain and everything is organised so i think i am now good to go :) which is all very exciting. i dunno if i said but have to go and do a skydiving refresh course up in scunthorpe before i go so i have a nice 4 hour megabus journey to look forward to tomorrow :(. but oh well i will soon be in sunny spain jumping out of planes. I'm actually well excited about it now and then when i get back its only a week till you get back :D:D:D.

    The last couple of weeks back home have actually gone so quickly. Its probably helped that ive been working so much and then every other day been doing music with joe. I really didint realise how much i missed doing music. but we are now back on track to becoming the greatest band in the world :P.

    This will probably make you happy, i am actually in love with vampire weekend at the moment. i really dont know how i hadn't realised how awesome they were before. However i'm falling out with the national but likeing yeasayer more. I'm also constructing a playlist/method to get you to like more metal music :) then we can go to metal gigs together :P.

    Oh yeah funny thing happened today, i was round my grandparents and i was talking about all the restriction stuff that goes on in china for some reason and then my nan was like "yeah it was terrible what happened in cinnamon square". It was amazing haha.

    Hope you are still having an amazing time out there and are enjoying your new project and everything :). Cant believe you're gonna be back in less than 3 weeks now, literally cannot wait. And then we'll have our week in york to look forward to :D. i was also thinking that in the summer when i have to go back to york to do my exams we could stay in our house for like a week afterwards or something. Anyway i need to do the last little bits of my packing. i love you. Hope you have a great next two weeks. Missing your face.

    Loads o' luv


  52. From Florine Boer and Daphne Koolen
    To Daan van Apeldoorn
    Lieve Daan, Hoe is het daar in Costa Rica? Wy zitten gezellig samen in India we zyn nu beazig met de trek. Best zwaar maak super leuk! Nai, heel veel pleaver nog en we spreken je hopelyk snel weer. Doe Maar de groetjes aan Rochard, veel liefs Flo en Daph

  53. To Chrissy Florman From Sophie Lethier
    Hello my love, thought I would write you a littie Raleigh message. All is well in India, weather is hot but we've had 3 days of rain. People here are amazing, having a fantastic time, although am missing the blueberry pancakes and baion from the brasserie. After doing community I've decided to do the full ten weeks (yay( so looking forward to environment Hoe you're having an equally amazing time. Love you lots and miss you! Letty x x x x

  54. For Rebecca Eno 11C, Delta Yankee 2. From grey wild and windy Devon. Hope those feet are bearing up and not a rotting away or a mass of blisters. I just can't imagine how hot and how hard it must be. We are all missing you lots, T in particular as M is working hard. Mad has only these few days off between Cern DofE and lax and the engineering thingy. Took Jess and Milla awimming yesterday, but in a pool not in the sea. Even you would probably not want to swim in the sea at the moment. Have been to Rosie's butcher to order the meat for your return, and will freeze it in london. Think of that while you are munching through your beans. Can't wait to hear how its going. Looking forward to seeing lots of photos and possibly even one where you are not hiding at the back.Lots and lots of love, M

  55. To Caroline Murray, Alpha Yankee 4.

    Hello, ow dear my last message was sent to Alpha Delta haha, so im hoping it reaches you, sure it will. Ill just blame it on the day of work and the time i sent it. Sorry i didn't write to you in the end yesterday, went over whaley's to watch a film and ended up in chams with joe and went back to one of his chefs houses for a beer, slightly regretting it now, didn't really drink just feeling really tired. Never mind you'll be back soon to keep me occupied, which is getting close. Im so excited. Went to see judith yesterday, had a good catch up and you'll be pleased to know she is also very much looking forward to your return. So get your gig on, i really hope it's all going good on the volcano, I cant wait to have an update and see what you've been doing, should hopefully be soon. Iv just received post and a superbreaks letter came through and there's some good deals on euro trips for the summer so we will have to look online when your back and sort something out for a few days break. Saying that Trem has had to pull out of magaluff because of his recent predicament haha, so they have asked me to go on that, as he doesn't
    need the money straight away, so might be a plan but unsure still, will wait until your back and discuss it then, i'm just seriously looking forward to corfu, so im not thinking of much else at the moment so the verdict can wait a while. If your planning on going away in the summer it might be the same time as the holiday, so will see. If im honest saving i on the mind. enough of that anyway, pointless conversation when your unable to write back haha. There's so many questions i want to ask, your in for a bombardment on the way home :). You'll be pleased to know on tuesday we will have all the money we need for corfu. Game on! Think i might be going endsleigh for lunch today, there still doing that deal, slightly depressing you cant come, as it was our plan, but when you get back we will go nuts on the meals out and make up for it. I spoke to the head chef and im definitely aloud the monday and tuesday off, so il be waiting for you at terminal 4. Keep positive and enjoy your time there. Missing you lots and i will write to you again over the weekend, Will warn you it's really busy at work, so it might not be the most exciting letter you get haha. love you lots xxxxxxxxxxxx sam xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  56. For Simon Keirle Delta Yankee 4
    Hi Simon
    Just got to say well done on getting in. I'm so pleased for you and you are obviously very happy. I have let dad know the news.
    The resale of tickets for Glastonbury go on sale on 17th April so, hopefully,I will speak to you on the Saturday you get back to base camp, which is the 16th, and you can let me know whether you want me to try for a ticket or not.
    Will stop now as I am at work and got to get back to class. Have fun!
    love from mum x

  57. For Rebecca Eno 11C Delta Yankee 2,
    Hi again!
    Well as you may or may not have remebered its April Fools today! I wonder if you have all been playing pranks on each other- i hope nothing too annoying or gross :P
    Anyway I got Maddy and Mummy, only a little thing at Mummy- i stuck paper underneath her computer mouse so she was frantically trying to get it to work by connecting it and plugging it in when all she had to do was get rid of the paper blocking the sensor...! I also got Maddy with a bit of over-night preparation!! Basically, i got her toothpaste and put it in a box of water and put it in the freezer. This morning, the water had frozen so her toothpaste tube was stuck in a block of ice. I then very ninjaishly replaced it and she got a shock when she went upstairs to brush her teeth as the tube was in a block of ice...!!! very fun and amusing :P I can show you the pictures i took when you get back.
    Tonight Ab-Dab has some business-type launch (not really sure to be perfectly honest!!) thing at her house so Maddy and I will be looking after Jess and Milla.
    Been a little bit obsessed with Glee recently, and when you get back i am definitely going to have to explain it all to you and you will LOVE it :) especially the new character Sam...!
    Anyway, sorry i'm blabbing on about my life, sounds like you're having an AMAZING time so keep enjoying the last phase and can't wait to see you when you're home!!!!! We're going to have to arrange something so that i can go to the field and "co-incedentally" bump into you on the way there...!
    Love you loads and loads Parks,
    Tilly xxxxxx

  58. For Hannah Leach - Alpha Yankee 3

    Hi Darling

    So are you acclimatised to being on top of the world yet? You'll feel so energetic when you get back down - you'll be running rings round us all!

    Only just over two weeks left now. I'm so excited at the thought of talking to you soon.

    Not much to report from here. Dad's still away, but returning to UK from Romania today (by private jet!!!!!) and spending the weekend with Thomas - who, by the way, has found himself a job - hooray.
    Barnaby is off to the Cairngorms today. He tried to April Fool me by pretending the trip was cancelled due to Mr B being injured, but I was ready for him - hah!
    Having supper with Niall and Caroline tonight.

    Otherwise, I just wanted to say - I miss you and hurry home.

    Hugs and kisses

  59. Yendry Castro DELTA YANKEE 2
    Yendrinaaaaaaaa... hey, yen Lauren necesita saber si puede contar con usted todo el verano.. yo le dije que si... la vamos a poner en el horario empezando el 30 de mayo hasta el 17 de agosto.. ayer hable con su mama y me dijo que ud le dijo que pensaba trabajar conmigo el verano y como ud me dijo lo mismo... espero que no me cambie los planes xk yo le voy a confirmar las fechas a Lauren...
    cualquier cosa me llama urgente porfa...


  60. Hola Mau (Delta 1)??? Espero que estés muy bien. Tómese fotos para enseñarla a todos. Aquí estamos extrañándolo muchísimo. No sé si es que soy demasiado maricona, pero de verdad, me hacés muchísima falta!!! Te amo y te extraño... Coroco

  61. Message for Amy Wilson, Alpha Yankee One, a.k.a. 'indulged one'. Glasto ticket purchase completed as per instructions :-)

    Hope all is going well. Good gardening weather here - everything is growing like mad, especially the weeds.

    Lots of love Mum & Dad xxxxx

  62. For Rebecca Eno 11c Delta Yankee 2
    Well lets hope my computer skills are up to this. I have definitely posted a couple of blogs but cant find them.I see your sisters are doing their best to keep you up to date.Tilly very pleased to have been officially recorded at 5ft 6 and still on target for 6ft.Maddy claims to have overtaken you. Im afraid I wasnt there to verify.Spring has sprung and the lawn now a carpet of magnolia leaves after a windy one yesterday.m m and t returning tomorrow.May not be pleased to find their rooms jammed as the workmen work on staircase.Im in for some ear bashing. Miss you mucho. MM

  63. Yendry Castro DELTA YANKEE 2

    Hola amorcitouuuu... como le jaguaryendo? su ama me dijo que anda caminando por ahi por un volcancillo (jajaja) no mentiras, me dijo que esta haciendo una escalado salvaje... espero que le este yendo bien... mae, vieras k dolor con mi muela cordal, vieras el hueco y el dolor.. pero tranquila, todo esta saliendo bien.. mae, ya tengo carro otra vez, finally... yenn, k bueno que esta con nacho rufino del pirucho de los santos de los ultimos dias... ahi me lo saluda... yen, necesito que responda el otro email asap.. lauren me pregunto que si hibas a estar disponible todo el verano y yo le dije que si, asi que ahora salada.. no se puede ir para europa hasta finales de agosto jeeje...
    mae, k maigre que se va a perder la despedida de la nonis :( rude.. vieras k tuanis los compas de suecia que conoci, talves los puedas conocer... anyways, voy a ver que hago, deberia estar escribiendo mi paper pero bueno... estamos hablando.. no noj llame ve-a, lojotroj la llamamoj...
    chao amorcitouuu


  64. Yendry Castro E Ignacio Camacho DELTA YANKEE 2

    Hola chic@s como les esta yendo? espero que muy bien... ya los extrano, bueno desde hace rato. mae, que maigre el sabado es la fiesta de la nonis y es de rojo (no, no hay que traer un rojo, hay que venir de rojo_) esta semana he estado visitando escuelas en costa y promosionando RP y me ha estado yendo bien. yennn y nachhhhhhh cuando se vienen de regreso patras? mae, le tengo un tequilita esperando (mentiras Xinia y dn Edgar, Yendry no toma ni lo volvera hacer en mi casa jajaja)mae, deje de tomar cerveza y estoy bajando la panza birrera vieras k dicha! ya tengo la operacion super bien, casi no me duele, lo malo es que ahorita sigue la otra muela (ayy senior)... vieras el huecote k me quedo... bueno amorcitosss no noj llame, lojotroj lo llamamoj...
    cuidense y un abrazo a ambos.
    Pura vida,


  65. yendry castro delta yankee 2.

    Hola amorcitooooo... que cuenta? ya subio el machupichu? ah no ese no era verdad? jaja... mae, I miss you so much, when are you coming back? Mae, remember a year from today? It's ACI's international fair and la nonis is presenting and stuff. se acuerda que chiva que estuvo y este ano es como mreghhh... also, we are having Andrea's go away party tonight and la ejtaicy viede - desde southAfrica jajaja...
    vamos a ver, que mas... la u esta muy bien, el trabajo tambien and btw you are hired with RP and you start working on May 30th til Mid August. so, you better don't leave the country before late Aug.
    anyways, ya me voy a preparar la casa para la fiesta.
    love you amorcirto..
    pura vida

  66. Yendry Castro DELTA YANKEE 2

    Hola amorcitoouuu, como le jaguaryendo?? mae, we missed you sooo much last weekend, rajado.. they had the international fair thing at ACI, remember last year that we went with Melanie, And, wil? y medio San Pedro? hahaha anyways, it was so cool this year, andan unos amigos de suecia miyos aca y me los lleve conmigo y andrea estaba exponiendo en el stand de suecia, solo falto ud (bueno, ud y wil, y cint, y un pichazo de gente, pero bueno ud tambien jajaja). mae, lo otros superhipermega emosionante que me paso es..... ta ta ta tannnn... adivine a quien le fui a ver el waca waca???? jajaja.. mae, andaba en el concierto de Shakira... y despues nos fuimos por unas birras and now we are bffs, but that's not a big deal.. lol.. mae, estuvo demaciado bueno el concierto, rajado en estadio nacional, fui con Ricardo y otra gente pero chivisima.. la otra buena noticia es que ya tengo carro otra vez, finally.. ah mae saludame a NACHO porfa.. como les esta yendo? cuando vuelve? porque en tanto? y donde esta? y porque tan largo?
    bueno ya me voy a trabajar, nos vemoj pronto amorcitouuu...
    cuidese mucho y no loj llame lojotroj loj llamamoj.

    love ya,
    pura vida,

  67. Para DAwn Tennant, Delta 2
    Hi lovely,
    One more blog from your group, but you are not in the photo??!!! Did they lose you up on the trek?? Unless you are the one with the head down...
    With Ana at mo. Harry giving them grief....
    Not long now! I imagine you will be nearly back at camp base and looking forward to the big party. Try to write when you get there with your plans for the rest of your trip, where are you planning to go and so on. And make sure you keep in touch! Take care. Looking forward to your return. Lots and lots of love. Mama. Besos. xxxx



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