Tuesday, 8 March 2011

In pictures: Deltas' visit to fieldbase

The Deltas have been and gone and fieldbase is quiet once more. Before we reveal the details about their new projects here are some photos of the (organised) chaos that was our first 'changeover' when the Deltas spent two days at fieldbase washing clothes, eating good food, and recharging their batteries.

A major highlight were the skits performed by each team which summed up their project, rewarded by our very own Raleigh Oscars:

Delta 5 perform their skit
Delta 6 rap to the max

Delta 1 show how they were macho on the Turrimacho trek
Delta 1 still dancing
Delta 4 threw some shapes
Delta 2 gave it some spoken word
Andrés of Delta 2 acts the clown
Delta 3 decided to 'project' their skit
While allocations raised the loudest cheers ever:

But of course it was the packing up and saying goodbye to new friends which was the most difficult:

A Delta venturer prepares to leave their 'hotel' at fieldbase
I'll have that, thank you very much
On the road again (almost)
Here you go...
Alex and PM Boris roll those barrels
One of many human chains
Heave lads!
Why do buses always turn up at once?
Our host country volunteers
Stephan gives a man hug - ah!
Not much time to be sad though, because our phase 2 projects are already underway!

Next post: find out where our divine Deltas are working


  1. For Rosanna Lorrison, Delta 6.
    Hi Zan,
    Can you stop beeing so brown!
    That is all
    Love you!
    Alice xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. For Camilla O'C - Alpha Romeo 1

    So Arsenal lost 3-1 to Barcelona and their referee. It was really funny. Arsenal's only shot was when Barcelona headed an own goal. Then they had van Persie sent off for nothing. Chelsea play next week at home to Copenhagen. Beautifully sunny but cold here but it will be snowing and colder when we go to Edinburgh for the weekend. Mummy says we are not going to a Hibs game. Louisa says she is ill, has exams and a party to go to. Should be a fun weekend. Only two months until you get home. Enjoy every minute. Hope you have all the kit you need and that the boots are comfortable. Love you xxxx

  3. To Elizabeth Hedges, formerly Delta 2
    I thought you would like to know that Kaos is giving £1000 to Malawi Dream. Although the Xmas concert was cancelled, most ticket holders did not want refunds so that the charities still benefitted!
    Sunny today, cycling to work in a minute. You look very happy in all the pics.
    Lots of love Mum xxxxxxxx

  4. Message for Jessy Boon Cowler - Delta 2

    Hi City Gal,
    I miss you!!!! But it looks like you are having lots of fun which is good. Hope that your muscles are supersize by now!!

    This week I met up with Katy which was really nice and we both spoke about how much we missed chattin wit ya!! Yyesterday was pancake day and I made some scrumptious pancakes and it was also International Women's Day so I went to a womens design exhibition opening which was really good.

    Oh, I feel like I should really take advantage of the fact that me and you are basically having a conversation where only I can talk. AHAHA. I have waited so long for this day to come. Now I can say really bugging things like 'Oh you will never guess what happenned yesterday....!!!' and you will never say 'What' so I will never tell you the hypothetical news!! Hahaha this is great.

    'Chat' to you soon!!!! Lots of love!!!!!
    Lil J xx

  5. To Julian Krantz
    Delta 3

    Hallo Julian,
    endlich wieder ein Bericht von euch! Wir freuen uns sehr, dass du auf dem Gruppenfoto einen gesunden und zufriedenen Eindruck machst. Ich muss allerdings zugeben, dass ich dich gar nicht so schnell erkannt habe vor lauter Bart! Jetzt seid ihr auf Trekking-Tour in Nicaragua und wir warten gespannt auf neue Nachrichten und neue Bilder. Wir denken stets an dich und wünschen dir von Herzen, dass alles so aufregend und interessant wird, wie du dir das vorgestellt hast - und nicht so gefährlich, wie deine Mami das befürchtet... Pass auf dich auf, bleib gesund und fühle dich feste gedrückt von Mami, Papi und Bruderherz
    P.S. Grüße und Dank von deinem Nachhilfeschüler: er hat sich von 11 auf über 13 verbessert!

  6. To: Andres Chavarría Navarro e Ignacio Camacho
    From: Camilo Goelzer

    Fuerza maes sigan dándolo duro y fuerte.

  7. For Rebecca Eno 11C, Delta Romeo 5. Hi Parks. We have just seen the photos of your base camp stop and have spotted you lurking at the back. Surprised to see it cold enough for a hoody. What a treat to hear your voice at the weekend and fantastic to get a tiny idea of what you have been up to. Sorry that you have had such problems with the flora. We hadn’t thought of that. Hopefully no such difficultiess in Miraflor. You can put your chicken handling skills to the test, so long as they don’t shut down your lungs. Your sisters were thrilled to speak to you but sad to have such a short chat. They managed to eat at least 20 extra pancakes yesterday on your behalf, without rice or beans. M has gone to Yorkshire to see G and G and sends lots of love. T has been at Lords playing in a cricket tournament and was beaten by your school you’ll be pleased to hear. Pimp has just about thawed out from her two day tournament at the weekend which is where you spoke to us. Jess and Milla came to stay last weekend, you will see them at Easter, they are all expecting us. Cant wait to read about your building exploits. Let us have some more detail from your group please. Hope you are having an exciting time in Nica. Have you taught the village children to play rounders yet. We all miss you lots, even more after speaking to you again. Lots of love M and M

  8. Jessy Boon Cowler Delta 2?
    Hi Jessa, great to see your updates. It's been Frosty here... but other than that all's well. Aunty Maria sends lots of love and said to tell you that she hopes you are ok and that the blisters go soon. I'm going to the affordable Art Fair in the park this week hunting for bargains and seeing Dorothy too - she sends you her love, as does Bonny. Give my love to the turtles! Love you Sweeb, Mum xxx

  9. Hannah Leach Alpha Romeo 2
    Roo - not sure whether these are getting through to you, but will keep trying every couple of days. Barnaby got his results today - 100% in Maths and a borderline B/A in Physics and Chemistry - so not too bad and all to play for in the summer. Weather is starting to warm up nicely before it turns into a hell hole in a few months' time, you should just beat it with luck in May. Mum has been sick as a parrot with flu for the last two days only just got out of bed but now on the mend for the weekend.
    Getting ready for her mystery birthday treat the weekend after next - almost blurted out the destination on the phone but stopped myself in the nick of time.
    Plenty of miles ahead for you I guess, but you must have got some good ones behind you by now. Enjoy it all!
    Besos massivos Papi

  10. Samantha Tate Delta 2
    Hi Sam, Fab to get the email from you it was almost like talking but not quite. I emailed back to you again but I don't think you would have got it. Seemed to wait ages for up to date pictures but great to see you having a good time. Saw my first bumble bee for the year yesterday, unfortunately so did the dog - need I say more, it wasn't good. Sarah's 16th next week having all the family around, minus the biggies of course. I think we're doing a lamb and chicken curry, sorry to make you hungry. Well good luck with this trek, I'm sure after the Beaulieu summer stroll this should be a "stroll in the park" ha ha. Seriously I know this trek will be very challenging but you're made of strong stuff so "just go for it". Lots of love Mum (PS missing your cake baking)

  11. To Benny boy Gamsu Delta 2..
    Hi Benny its your cuzzy here. Hope you are enjoying your latin adventure and you continue to fulfill your dreams and aspirations in the wild. Looking forward to having a pale rider and hearing your stories. We all miss you back home. Lots of love from Pip, Laura and Alex xxxxxx


  13. Message for Samantha Tate, Delta 2
    hey Sam
    For world book day we came in Men in black.Also the swimarathon was on and dad has painted your room. Oh i made 2 cheesecakes last sunday then dad tryed some and now he's fat again
    Love(not) from

  14. To Lauren (Delta Romeo 1)

    Hope you're fab time, missing u lots. Looking forward to hearing all about your trip.

    Auntie Lisa and Uncle Matthew xxxxx

  15. Carolyn Boringdon13 March 2011 at 14:05

    Helena Parker Alpha Romeo 3
    Hi Helena, glad to know you were 3000m high when a tsunami was forecast. Takes the edge off worrying about you working on a volcano. I expect the sulphur fumes have cleared the remains of your cold! Glad to see you using your writing skills - it just sounds amazing.
    Lots of love M&D

  16. To Karla Arroyo
    Delta 4
    Hola! MAmi esta preguntando por ustd, aqui las cosas estan tratando de volver a la normalidad, todos un poco tristes pero estamos pidiendole mucho a Dios!
    Hola mi amor, la extrañamos mucho, igualmente queriendo volver todo a la normalidad, en el trabajo, en la casa.

  17. Ignacio Camacho - Delta 5

    Uff tremendo susto y vos tan lejos.. Espero que en medio de esta tragedia mundial tu grupo siga positivo y dándole con ganas al proyecto. Mucha suerte mi flaco. Me hacés mucha falta.
    <3 Besos y abrazos <3

  18. Lorna Fossick - Team Leader Delta 1

    Hola Lorena! Otro día, otra sombra de color marrón - Pensé que le dijo que permanecer fuera del sol! Todo el mundo parece que están teniendo un tiempo fabuloso - debe estar en forma super ahora. Todo el proyecto parece estar tomando forma ahora, estoy seguro que todos estarán muy impresionados con los resultados. La espera de su siguiente correo electrónico ahora, para mantenernos al día!
    Mucho amor,

  19. To: Sem veeger Delta Romeo 4
    From: Pim Mol

    hey Semmie!!!! Hoest nou???? Ben erg benieuwd naar je verhalen nu over de schildpadden. Gaaf om je op de foto te zien staan. You are changing :-)). Even wat nieuwtjes; Kieks verjaardag was supper. Heerlijk dat sms-je van je!! Mob is onderweg. Patrick heeft gewonnen. Vrijdag de 25e komt Nicolaas eten. Oma is maandag 84 geworden en ben even een nachtje blijven slapen. Opa was zoals altijd bere gezellig. Bij kiek komt de spanning er weer een beetje in nu de schoolex wk 1 april weer begint. Ze heeft 5 examentrainingen op de uni. Dat moet gaan lukken. Lilian is ma geopereerd en gaat goed. Beer (met dat lekkere koppie) gaat natuurlijk ook goed. We hebben jouw binnenkomst tactiek nog niet kunnen overnemen. Worden af en toe gek van het blije gejankt :-)). Mijn agenda wordt weer leger en beter. he he. Ik denk vaak en je en voel dat het je goed gaat. Heel veel dikke zoenen, mam



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