Friday, 11 March 2011

Japan Earthquake and tsunami warning

Following the recent earthquake in Japan a tsunami warning has been issued for the entire Pacific basin including Costa Rica and Nicaragua. 

We would like to reassure you that ALL of our project groups are safe. 

We have moved one of our project groups - Delta Romeo 4 in Camaronal on the Pacific coast - to higher ground. This is standard procedure when tsunami warnings are issued.

Please be assured that we are continually monitoring the situation and are in touch with the National Commission of Emergencies.

If you have any concerns please check the official tsunami warning website, or call us on (0044) 207 183 1270. 


  1. To LOUISE SIMPSON Alpha 3
    Hi Lou!
    Hope you're still hanging on down there & having a GREAT time! Still following your activities on the blog daily (our first job when we awake!!- sad or wot?!)Luv the pics - Mum says you look underfed - but that's wot Mums always say! You look full of beans (get it- - ?!) to us! Fed up with cold weather here (Jim & Sheena have deep snow) - bet its better wiv you. Appreciated the very prompt reassurance on the blog that you're all safe after the awful tsunami - anyhow you can swim so - - ! Tim can't wait to show you his new car. How's the wildlife? - - can't say I'm too fond of snakes, scorpions etc - but LUV frogs!!
    Mucho lovo - - Pura vida

  2. For Camilla O'Connell Alpha Romeo 1:

    Hi Cami,
    Mummy and Daddy are in edinburgh right now which is very nice. we are celebrating your results in your absence which is good. glad to hear you will be going to university next year. leeds is very fun as i discovered last weekend. glad you're safe and away from the tsunami.
    mummy says the weather is horrible here. it has been snowy and rainy and then sunny. the weather in london has been wonderful. arsenal are not in the champions league anymore. tottenham are. chelsea play on wednesday, mummy is going with daddy.
    i hope this goes through as none of my others have. we are going to have a drink in the balmoral for you.
    lots of love
    louisa xxx

  3. para yendry castro - delta romeo 4
    in Camaronal on the Pacific coast!!!!
    Q bueno saber q todo está en orden por allá y q decidieron movilizarlos ante la alerta verde.
    De mi parte super agradecida con Raleigh por mostrar preocupacíón y pronta definición en una situación como esta. Aunque no esperamos tener un alto impacto aqui en costa rica, pero para nosotros es de total alivio saber q se actúa con prontitud.
    A mi me llamó Keinner para que estubieramos tranquilos y comunicarnos q los estaban movilizando a otra zona. Lindo , verdad???
    te amamos y estamos felices de esta etapa de crecimiento para todos!!!!
    pá ♥ má!!;)

  4. Message for Dawn Tennant, Delta 6

    Hi Dawn,
    Hope your group will keep save after the earquake and the tsunami in japan. Will keep checking this website for news of your group and all the others. Have fun!!
    Miss you. Lots of love. Mum xxxx

  5. For JoJo Huddie, Delta 4
    Hi Honey,
    Glad to see from the web site that you are safe and on high ground. Hope the work you have been doing is not too disrupted, and that all the local people who have been so friendly and welcoming to you are OK. I suppose you will be without the shower tonight? What a shame!! Let's hope this is just a brief blip and that you will be back to normal soon. Trust all the group are OK - say 'Hi' to them from me.

    Love you! Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. For Hannah Leach - Alpha Romeo 2

    Hi darling

    Hope you have been getting our messages, because they haven't been appearing on the website with all the others.

    Can't wait to hear progress of your trek and happy to know you are on high ground away from the threat of the Tsunami. You won't have seen any pictures from Japan, but they are truly dreadful and dramatic, sweeping cars and buildings, some on fire, like they are matchwood.

    All is well here. Barnaby got good results in his January exams - an amazing 100% in his maths!!!
    Thomas is starting his job hunt and getting settled in his new flat.
    I'm recovering from a nasty bout of flu - still haven't really eaten for 3 days, but starting to feel a bit more human.
    Dad's fine and has been doing a great job of looking after me.

    Will write again soon.
    Miss you all the time.
    Hugs and kisses

  7. PARA . yendry castro / delta romeo 4
    DE: Abuelita Ceci.
    yendriita, cómo está??? está comiendo fruta??? cuidese el pelo. No se olvide de usar el protector solar, por q el sol está muy fuerte.
    La amo mucho, oye.

  8. Andrew Brown c11 alpha 1
    Hi andy hope u alright!!! have just been on the blog and it states that Tsunami warning has been given for Cost Rica, I have every faith in raleigh and i no if u were in any danger u would all be evacuated son, i will b keeping a close eye on the blog , love u son hope to hear from u soon xxxxx

  9. David Eames Delta 4
    Hi Dave, received call from Raleigh re your status and relieved to know you're in safe hands. It seems things have calmed a little and the sting has gone out of the tail, so you should be fine. Dad is busy as usual and Rachel is furiously looking for jobs now she has her HBC status. Lots of people have asked after you at school and they're glad you're enjoying yourself. This is my first attempt on the blogg so hope it gets through. Seen some of the photos but hardly recognise you! How's the beans diet going?! Sounds like you're having a fab trip. Nanny came for tea and she said hi. Miss you loads and looking forward to your pics on the e mail. Speak soon, love you. Mum,Dad & Rachel xxxx

  10. Kesiah Moss, Alpha Romeo 3

    Hi Kesiah

    Hope you are getting on OK. Wonder if you are still at the volcano or if you have moved on. Hope its going well whatever. Really looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks. Won't be long now. I am sure you will be looking forward to some pampering - I am booking the week off the week you are back so we can go on some 'local' shopping trips which will be fun. Stephen got 2As in Chemistry and Maths which has confirmed for him that he is brilliant!!! I have been in London today - glad to be home.

    Missing you lots and looking forward to seeing you very soon!

    Take good care

    Much love Mum, Dad and Stephenxxx

  11. To Alex Lingwood, Delta Romeo 5

    Hey Alex, Having fun in Nicaraua are you? The Miraflor reserve looks like a very beautiful place with lots more wildlife for you to see.

    I am glad that you are up in the mountains and away fro the ocean wha twith all these tsunami warnings for the Pacific. You should see the images coming out of Japan at the moment. It's terrifying what has happened. Ships have been swept inland and into each and half of Sengei airport is now underwater. However early reports are showing that the tsunami is unlikely to do any other major damage to other contries fortunately.

    Everything is good back here. Missing you loads and hoping that you're alright and having fun. Love you loads baby. Rob

  12. To Sophie Abdy Alpha Romeo 2
    Hi Munchkin just read the blog and glad to see you are all on high ground away from the Pacific coast. The Tsunami has created havoc in Japan. I hope you are all having a great time and keeping the blisters at bay. Woody had trip to vet(not park) very sorry for himself had blackthorn in paw all fixed now and bounding around as usual. Granny home from hospital today with a new hip. We will get her up and about in no time. Miss you loads. Bigs Hugs Mum & Dad, Sloppy kisses Woody & Digby

  13. For Hannah Tonneman Alpha 5, Phase 2

    Dearest Hannah,

    I'm not sure if you will have heard about the massive earthquake to hit Japan, and the subsequent tsunami, but if you have, and are now worrying about us- we're all fine. We didn't feel the earthquake or any of the aftershocks, and there was no tsunami either, here in Sakhalin. We think of you often, and hope your project is going well. You'll be pleased to hear that Clemens followed your example and cooked waffles with the nursery class last week- Cato was very cross that it wasn't you ! Benno is in Miri next week, and will be working very hard obviously =D Oscar has Roland for a sleepover this weekend, so is very excited. And oh yes we have new neighbours, an English/Dutch family with two children, 3 and 6, both parents work, they seem extremely nice. That's all our news, am looking forward to the next update from Raleigh on your project. Lots of love, and take care ! Mum xxxx

  14. To Caroline Murray, Alpha Romeo 4.

    wow that was a long tiring day ha, only had time for a quick shower and food and its quarter to 12 already. Went well tho they all loved the south american food, will tell you what we did when you next phone. will be quick i also have breakfast tomorrow, so depressing ha, but will leave you a long message sunday as im offfffffff. Enough of the drip tune now, I think im going out in tavy tomorrow evening with tubes not sure, but will be sure to speak to dais, so il pass on the love from you. Hope everything is ok out your way, it said about the tsunami warning in the pacific, but sure its just procedures and it will all be dandy. just enjoy the time you have left out there nearly half way through now, good news for me not sure you'll want to head back after a few weeks in the rain forest bet it's quality on this second project. Was so nice hearing from you on facebook yesterday loved it, put a big smile on my face after work, shame i didn't have that day off, would have been able to chat. I passed on that message to Judith for you. Only 12 more days until i can speak to you properly now, missing you so much, but hanging in there! Il write to you again sunday my dear love you lots Sam xxxxxx

  15. For Duaa, Alpha Romeo 1

    Hey Du,

    I hope you're ok and safe, I heard about the tsunami in Japan this morning! Raleigh have been great in letting us know everyone is safe...Marwa and I kinda freaked out...well actually you know what we're like! Wow some people have such powers, I really shouldn't mess with them...I mean a tsunami!..3een el hasood feeha dood xx

    Stay safe! I love you xxxxx


  16. To Jojo Huddie, Delta Romeo 4
    Wow scary! A tsunami headed your way. I'm glad you are safe and sound on high ground. I hope the beach camp survives intact, and you can get back to living the high life on the Pacific Coast!

    It doesn't stop snowing here in Whistler. 60cms+ is forcast for Saturday and Sunday. Had a huge day today; knee deep snow all day. March is turning out to be epic!

    I hope the rest of your month is amazing. I love you, Timma xxxxx

  17. To: Ignacio Camacho(Nacho)
    From: Anny
    Hola Nacho. Espero que estés muy bien, que todo esté en orden y que estés disfrutando mucho esta aventura en su segunda fase. Acá te queremos mucho y te extrañamos.
    Por favor cuidate mucho y disfruta al máximo. Fue lindo verte y abrazarte.
    Gracias por todo ese cariño que tienes por nuestra familia, nosotros también te apreciamos y te queremos mucho!!!


  18. To: Andrés Chavarría
    Delta Romeo 6
    From: Má y Pá
    Hola Andrew!!!
    Flaco, esperamos que ya, por fin estés en Talamanca, trabajando duro para hacer la escuelita en Alto Coen. Esperamos que esté muy feliz y con la pilas al tope.
    Ya sabemos de tu decisión de no vernos en el cambio de fase y estamos de acuerdo con la idea de que se cumplan sus objetivos de autoconocimiento y crecimiento personal, de involucrarte de lleno en la expedición.

    te amamos con todo el corazón y deseamos lo mejor para tí. Estamos contigo en todo. Que Dios te cuide y te proteja cada día.
    PD: no hemos visto lo que escribiste en el blog

  19. Niki and Clara Jones12 March 2011 at 02:10

    Maddie Owen Alpha 1

    I miss maddie lots and lots i hope you will have lots of friends. love clara jones xxxxxxxx

    Hey Maddie. Hope your having the time of your life...enjoy every minute, which im sure you are.
    Been looking at the photos of you on the website - Clara can not get over the toilet!!!!!! Everyday she asks about you & is missing you loads - like we all are.
    Take care of you. Love you loads. Niki. xx :)

  20. For Jay Lancaster-Delta Romeo 1

    Hi Jay, it was so good to hear from you last week. Couldnt wait to tell everyone all your news!!
    Havent had chance to write on here this week- been out every night, rehearsing or stopping with auntie siobhan(Jason is away in Spain on a school trip). She has only got 4 weeks to go!!!!
    Heath is in a show this week and went to see it last night (me & my girl). He was very funny and didnt forget any lines!!!Jared and Holly are up this weekend and I saw them at the show last night. Both asked how you were getting on.
    I might be getting a tigra convertible next week-one of heaths car deals!!!!!
    Hows the new group?? and the blisters?? youre going to be so fit when you get back! Keep seeing lots of photos of you- like the beard! it suits you!! bet youve shaved it off by now but i suppose it will grow back again!!
    Cant wait to hear from you again-Love you and miss you!! Mum xxxx

  21. For Kaz laird Delta 4

    So you thought you had the quiet phase! Well take Tsunami in you...
    Love you, Mum's birthday today, Lunch at Chaud, cake and icec ream tomorrow (Sunday) evening at home with the grandkids and parents.

  22. Delta 4, Mags Chilaev

    Mags I genuinely hope you are not planning to surf the tsunami wave without me. Don't do it, it's too dangerous and it's not worth it: you could have a traumatising injury and never walk again. Stay away from the sea.
    We went to Whisky on Thursday and for dinner beforehand: I had wood fired smoked vegetables, tofu macadamia nuts and mu shu pancakes. you hungry? go in the sea and you will never sample these wonders again. I am having a massive guilt panic attack having tempted you out there please be safe!!

    Donaldina Champan

  23. to sarah lamming delta romeo 2

    it's great to hear that the tsunami should'nt affect you and that everyone is safe!! thinking of you loads. love mun xxxx

  24. Para: Yendry Castro- Delta Romeo 4

    Hey compita, espero verla porontititico por aquí en SJ, según yo juré q me ibas a responder al face para irnos al CENAC este finde a TRANSITARTE- está buenisimo, pero bueno para el arte, política, etc.. charlas siempre tendremos nuestro tiempo! Me hace falta muchacha y que linda ud como siempre en acciones tan humanitarias, hablando mucho de su personalidad tan única, inspiradora de muchas motivaciones en fin Yendrita espero que todo le salga excelente en este proyecto de tan noble causa..

    Saludos de Rali to Rali COSTA RICA jaja

    Atte: Catalina Madrigal

  25. Alison Kretowicz12 March 2011 at 13:24

    For Alex Kretowicz - Delta Romeo 3
    Hi Alex, So sorry I missed your call last week - I was on my way back from visiting Granny in hospital and couldn't get through when I called back. Good news is that Granny will be coming home soon. Emily is now in Australia, having been bungee jumping and skydiving in New Zealand - it sounds very adventurous for her. Hope all goes well in the jungle - it certainly looks a beautiful place if rather wet! Sophie and I send you loads of love and are looking forward to hearing all about the next phase.Take care! Mum xxx

  26. Para Yendry Castro - Delta Romeo 4
    De: Karolina Madrigal - La Julieta que no tiene a Romeo...hihi

    Hey Golondrina!
    Me siento muy feliz por ud viviendo experiencias motivadoras. Amiga la extraño mucho.Juepucha toda la vida para q vuelva.
    Vio que triste con Japón uy Yen impresionante las estructuras de las casas que casi no se movían, ahí nadie gritaba jaja q cultura q nivel.LOL
    Vino Martica de la Vega pero no la he podido ver ayer se suponía q la tenía q ver y nada no lo logre tenía clases y bueno espero verla antes q se vaya...ufi

    Cuidese,me hace saber cuando ya toque tierra firme! besos
    ps:tomorrow vamos a ir sin ud al CENAC Buhhh

  27. Jessica Bridge-Dunk Delta Romeo 3
    Hi Bunny,
    Hope you are having fun and are safe and sound.
    Things here are as usual on a Saturday evening apart from we have got Rebecka and Dan and Daddy had a bit of a bump in his car I have just been to casualty to get him checked out.He has got a bit of whiplash and that gives you a stiff neck but apart from that seems ok. It was only a little bump and the air bag did not get activated so dont worry about him !
    Went to meet auntie J and had my best lunch for ages.We went to Mango in Wetherby it is vegetarian Indian.Each dish is freshly cooked in front of you. Lovely......
    Laurie and Alvie were still swimming when I first arrived so I went to watch them. They were really good and can now swim without arm bands.Also got the tip off from auntie J to keep an eye open for one of the instructors !Think he must inspire the Mums to get the kids there whether they like it or not.
    How is your ear doing ? Everyone is really concerned about it and keen for you to keep it from becoming infected and riddled with maggots.
    Rebecka and Dan are watching Crufts, well they have been married nearly a year!
    Wonder what you are doing right now ? Dad is now asleep and snoring gently not a big fan of Crufts.It is so funny. Lots of elderly women trying to trot along beside their pets.Well it is entertaining us...
    Not got a lot of news so will just send you lots of love and kisses.
    Miss you much, your Mummy. x x x x x

  28. For JoJo Huddie, Delta Romeo 4

    Hi Darling, Hope all is back to normal for you now. Have written you a long letter about recent world events - by the time you receive it, it will be ancient news :-) All is well here. Hope those turtles are laying plenty of eggs despite the turbulent waters they have been experiencing. Lucy is at my feet as I write and Tess sends you a lick. They will be so excited when they eventually see you again. Trevor and Jan due back from Florida in a couple of days. Apparently they have had such a good time that they want to go there again next winter. Graham and Lorna unwell as ever, with colds, injuries (where G fell down the stairs months ago) and so on. Nan remarkably well and is coming here to stay in a week's time.

    Take care, always thinking of you and sending you shed-loads of love.
    Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  29. MAGS CHILAEV: Delta 4

    Magz hit me up with some letterz bro. dial thoze digitz mandem. pop dat sim in ze 19th century fone and let us know you saafe bruva.
    mizzin ya mucho Megaman. reppin souf west weazy dun no

  30. Para: Karla Arroyo
    Hi hermosa dama, solo te escribo para saludarte y espero que estés pasando un gran momento (bueno estas en Raleigh, fijo si lo estas pasando).
    Cuidate y ahí te estaré escribiendo para saludarte de vez en cuando :)

    Att: Randall :)

  31. To Lucy Pearson Delta Romeo 6. Hi Lucy! Congrats on completing the trek and best of luck for your project helping to build the school. It's good to see you looking well and happy in the photos. Glad to hear all the groups are safely away from areas which could be affected by the awful Tsunami. Been leading a walk myself today in the Cotswolds - very tame
    compared to your long haul!Have you seen a toucan yet? lots of love Sandy xx

  32. Netherlands from Julie Alderding to Fabienne Ouwehand.

    Haaaai Fabbie!!
    Jeetje, ik heb je echt al zo lang niet gesproken! Allereerst echt superlief je kaartje! Dankjewel nog, jij ook nog gefeliciteerd he! Ik wist niet hoe ik je kon bereiken, want facebook en hyves lees je natuulijk niet, smsjes zijn denk ik ook niet aangekomen, maar goed nu probeer ik het op deze manier!
    Het klinkt echt zo gaaf wat je allemaal aan het doen bent! superleuk zeg!
    Zijn de mensen in je groep ook een beetje aardig? Kan je het goed vinden met ze? Hoe was de bonte avond met de bbq?

    Hier gaat alles verder goed hoor, morgen vier ik m'n verjaardag voor vriendinnen, zonder jou:(..
    Vandaag en gister nog tentamens, ik heb er straks nog eentje om half 1, die ik waarschijnlijk flink ga verpesten maar het is nog maar even afwachten hahaha.
    Voor de rest is hier niet zo veel boeiends aan de hand, haha ik denk dat jij spannender en leukere dingen meemaakt! (jungletrekkingen, in de rivier zwemmen, etc etc klinkt echt onwijs gaaaf!!!)
    Nog leuke verhalen? Mis je je ouders enzo al?
    Weet je al wat je hierna gaat doen? Doortrekken of naar welk land??
    Fabbiee, nog heeeeeel heeeel veel plezier, en ik spreek je snel!!
    Ik ga het blog in de gaten houden!!

  33. For Robbie Coates, Alpha Romeo 4

    Dear Robbie,
    Thanks for the email from after your first project. Hope the second is well underway. Big day for England in the cricket tomorrow - must beat Windies - keep your fingers crossed (when you are not working). HHCC is nearly 50% to the target fund raising. We are off to Tom's In Wales soon for his birthday - know you miss Dylan Thomas' house and the dog. Grandma is OK and sends love. We send our love too. Dad & Charlie xx

  34. hi you checking with how you are and glad nothing affected there unlike japan.See you r still smiling on the photos so you still must be enjoying yourself how r your blisters with all that hard work.Hope you r playing with the rabbits and not eyeing them up for the pot haha.We r all well here dad did his helmsmans course on saturday and did really well think we may have to have a holiday on a boat now.Going to races next week so wish us luck will have a drink and a bet for you missing you loads speak soon love you mudda,micky ellen and the clan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  35. For Kaz Laird, Delta 4

    Haven't had news of your group since the Tsunami warning. Can't wait to hear your side of things.
    University of Toronto accepted, congrats. Still waiting on US schools.
    All well here, kai still struggling to get back walking. Doing physio and will probably come home for a week or so second week of May for doctors here to assess him.
    Mums birthday went with lunch at Chaud with Colin & jeanette, cake and ice cream on the Sunday with grandchildren.
    Better enjoy the present phase if your next phase is community work the other groups are doing real hard work as you will no doubt hear when you return to base.Should be great experience though.
    Dad and mum



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