Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Please Mr. Postman....

...no more letters for 11C!

Yes, the time has come where we regretfully have to request that you no longer send any letters out to us here at fieldbase.

Post takes roughly three weeks to reach us from other countries so we cannot guarantee that your letters will reach your loved ones before our 11C expedition ends.

There's only one solution - leave a message on the blog!


  1. For Gilles Bouman, delta romeo 3

    Hej Kerel,
    Nog twee nachtjes slapen en als je dit leest/hoort, waarschijnlijk al weer voorbij, dan ben je jarig: (nog) van harte gefeliciteerd! Een bewogen jaar achter de rug en nu op naar een nieuwe levensfase. Heb je al enig gevoel daarover?
    Begrijp dat jullie in ZW CR zitten. Lijkt me mooi en nuttig werk. Krijg je iets van het wereldnieuws door of is dat wel erg ver van je bed? Er gebeurt heel veel. Zo is Japan getroffen door een allesvernietigende tsunami na een zware aardbeving. Gevolg oa lekkende kerncentrales, waardoor mensen mogelijk bloot staan aan radioactieve straling. En is de democratiseringsgolf in Noord-Afrika en het Midden-Oosten geëscaleerd nadat Kadhafi zijn eigen bevolking ging bombarderen. In reactie bombarderen de geallieerden nu luchtbases en andere militaire doelen van Kadhafi in Libië. Gelukkig hebben Katja&JW het land tijdig (maar overhaast) kunnen verlaten.
    Hier begint de lente zich aan te kondigen. Maarten S. belde al wanneer hij weer in je wiel kon hangen. Zelf lichte blessure aan de knie; zondag eerste rondje met mam gefietst (en dan ook nog verzuurde benen krijgen).
    Ik hoop dat je je schoenen inmiddels goed hebt ingelopen. Begrijp uit de verslagen van de trekkers dat er veel blaren zijn. Probeer je wel voordat je gaat ons nog te bellen ('collect call')? Wij vonden het heel fijn je stem bij de vorige wissel even te horen. Veel plezier nog en liefs, pap
    PS Ajax inmiddels kansloos voor de titel na 2e verlies van en tegen ADO.

  2. For Ellie Spicer - Alpha Romeo 4

    Hi Darling

    With no more mail getting to you we will have to Blog more. Do hope the letters have got to you. We loved looking at your latest blog with Victoria and Phil - the sunglasses are a hit! Your working site looks wonderful particularly the lookout deck. Do hope that you are seeing lots of wildlife but not too many snakes. We are back on our own again, missing you and your sister hugely. She is doing a fleeting trip over to London at the Weekend and we are also in town so will try and meet up. She says that there are lots of comments on Facebook for you so you will have to look when you are back at Fieldbase. Everyone sends their love.

    All our love


  3. Message for Sam Tate.
    Hi Sam, Oh dear just read post that said no more mail - whoops just about to post your b'day card. Sorry about that but didn't realise that post took more than 3 weeks. The last Delta 2 blog was all in Spanish and it really didn't translate too well but I am assuming that you are still having a great time, sore feet and all. Can't wait to hear from you. All well here weather really warm today so able to hang out loads of washing - heaven. It looks like your Uni options are Brighton or Sydney so you need to let me know what you want to do, will need to start arranging accommodation etc. It looks like Tim is still looking at Bio Med at Sussex and then convert, so you could be neighbours. Off to London on 15 April with Sarah, who is planning to "shop" big time - I'm just observing ha ha. Helen should be back soon for study leave so no doubt lots of the others will be doing the same, hasn't the year gone quick. Enjoy the rest of the trek, really looking forward to hearing from you soon, dying to know how you have survived. Lots of love Mum

  4. To Alexandra Lingwood, Delta Romeo 5

    Hey Alex
    How are things going? Hope the building work is going well. Are you picking up the spanish well? Si o no? (That's about it for me, even had to look up the word for or).

    Just to let you know I sent a couple of letters today, only to find that when I got back there's a post on the blog saying don't send any more post. Hopefully it'll reach you in time. I ment to send them earlier but unfortunately I ran out of stamps and had no time to go and pick up more.

    In other news it looks like work has started on your old house. I went past it today and there's the metal building site panals all around the front of it and there are some large containers in the back garden of the nursing home. It must have started today as I haven't noticed it before.

    Also my mum has unfortunately broken her right arm ice skating (it was 10 minutes into her second lesson) but it means that the parents have finally put me on the car insurance so I am finally able to drive again. I have really missed it, though nowhere near to how much I am missing you.

    I hope you are continuing to have an amazing time and enjoying yourself loads. I love you so much.

    Rob xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. For Duaa Al-Uzairy, Alpha Romeo 1

    Hey Du,
    Haven't heard from you for a while I hope you're ok and still having an amazing time! I don't know how you'll be able to adjust back to normality once you're home. Firstly because everyday has been an adventure for u on this expedition...it won't be the same back home...on second thoughts...lol

    Secondly, I think you have gotten too accustomed to life in the 'wild', so I have suggested that mama puts up a hammock in the garden for you to sleep in and a bucket shower. Tesco have brought out a new range of 'jungle delicacies' in time for summer including refried beans, an assortment of tinned meat curries (all with bone of course for extra flavour)and a selection of nibbley snacks icluding peanuts. I think its part of an initiative to promote outdoor activities and encourage people to take camping trips around the country! Speaking of camping...fancy doing that when you're back? you have half of the equipment we'll need! I'll be in charge of cups!

    You'll also be glad to know that your boots are very 'on trend' as worn by the likes of Jessica Alba & other celebrities...lol

    The weather has been lovely here, you can almost smell spring (unless you're in the library sitting next 2 Mr Smelly feet!)Still not warm enough for shorts & flip flops...I did see a few people with blue toes!

    Nothing new here, I'm mega stressed and have loads of work to keep me busy although I'm dying for a break :( Easter is around the corner then exams to follow, its so scary how this year has flown by!

    Staying at mama's was nice, she kept feeding me...I was having breakfast, lunch AND dinner with snacks in between! haha, though that didn't do much good to the waist line!

    I guess your trek will finish end of this week? If so, I shall look forward to speaking to you hopefully xx

    Mama misses you and sends her love xx

    P.S. I dont know what happend but I read that sadeeqtich til3at min el project? Hope everything is ok xxx

    I love you xxx Big squeezy on ma neezy hugs xxxx

    your number one bff,
    ShuShu xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. For Jessica Bridge-Dunk Delta Romeo 3
    Hi Bunny,
    Just been told on the blog that we are not allowed to send any more letters. funnily enough I posted one yesterday so I hope it reaches you.
    Have had a busy day at work today but lovely because the children I was seeing are such good fun.They really cheered me up.
    It has been warm enough to wear a short sleeved top especially in the office. When I got home this evening I could take my coat off even though the stove was off!
    Rebecka made me feel a bit melancholy putting the Moomin song on the blog. It made me think of happy times watching them over and over again.It also made me think of coming to tuck you in and finding you had nearly cut of your circulation by tying wool around your ankle because you were Snork Maiden....
    Am going to put my feet up and relax in a minute, maybe even with a glass of wine.(Just for a change).
    Dad gone to see Joseph at the theatre with A.I think he must have seen it a million times by now.
    Hope that you are well and happy .
    Everyone sends their love and asks about you.
    Think I will burst if there is no mention of your group tomorrow. Ideally would like a close up photo of your ear.
    Love you heaps and heaps your Mummy x x x x x x

  7. For Camilla O'C - Alpha Romeo 1

    Cam, hope all is going well. You will be back at fieldbase very soon. When you are, please be in touch as we need to deal with a few things for October and HK. Did you get my e-mail with the flight details? I will send again just in case. All well here. Work and sleep and not much else at present. No news of your sister.

    Love you and speak very soon xxxx

  8. For Jessica Bridge-Dunk Delta Romeo 3 (aka 24 Day 9)

    Hi little one

    Yes I know, I have been absolutely rubbish with my blogs over the last fortnight or so. Sorry. I did send you an inane text or two but obviously no idea if you can get them or not !

    And my letter writing has certainly not been up to my usual frequency and now, despite there still being no blog on your group, there is a blog about not sending any more post. Well I could say there was a letter I was about to post tomorrow morning but not entirely true.

    So Rebecka has gone from the best to the funniest to the most embarassing sister .. actually, those jokes did make me smile and even laugh out loud especially the one about why did the chicken cross the road ? (answer : to get to Costa Rica) that was one of your favourites when you were 5 and you inserted whatever answer you thought and then laughed hysterically at your answer ! And by the time I saw the Moomins theme tune, a lump was in the back of my throat .. and a tear rolling down my cheek. Lovely memories of you two at that age !

    News - not much - went to London for work yesterday. Got to be up at 6 in the morning to be at work for 7 as going to Joint Honours day at Leeds in afternoon - wooo !! Still no news from York tho .. or Warwick for that matter.

    Saturday - we are off down to London on the March. Dan has us on a train that leaves at 8am from York. Look out for the placards - I might even do one that says "Hi to little JB" !! Mum keeps joking (or perhaps not !) she might zip off to Libertys but I think she understands that is not really in keeping with the spirit of the event !! I know you are not a political animal but they have no regard for the impact of the cuts on the poorest and most vulnerable in society.

    Went to theatre tonight with A to see Joseph - think he really enjoyed the razmatazz of it all. Elvis even came on to do a few songs. The scenery and costumes were very impressive !

    Right little one, need my sleep, so night night and maybe FaceTime at weekend .. ?

    Love you loads Dad xxx

  9. Richard & Jenny Chalkley23 March 2011 at 01:43

    Adam Chalkley

    Hi Adam, hope all is going well as you come towards the end of phase 2 can't wait to hear more about it. Could you get in touch when you get back to field base as we've heard from Sussex and just want to check that you want us to go ahead with accommodation - I'll even put my phone on!!!
    Not much happening here apart from Spring has finally arrived the weather has been lovely for the last few days (English lovely!) had a great walk 10.5 miles at w/end a mere doddle campared to what you will be doing shortly but you have to start somewhere!! I'm not going to mention sport as I'm sure Mark will be filling you in shortly.
    Look forward to hearing from you soon and keep working hard and enjoying yourself. Thinking of and missing you loads.
    Love Mum & Dad

  10. Gilles Bouman (Delta Romeo 3)

    He gillie!
    Gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag! Ik hoop dat je daar tussen het harde werken door ook tijd hebt om een klein feestje te houden. Zal wel een heel bijzondere verjaardag zijn daar, geniet er van! We kijken uit naar een berichtje over jullie groep, vrijwel alle andere groepen hebben inmiddels een verslag op de site staan maar jullie dus nog niet, spannend!
    Hier is de studie-tijd weer aangebroken, hard studeren terwijl buiten een heerlijk zonnetje schijnt. Gelukkig is de hockey ook weer bezig dus kan ik lekker 3 keer in de week het veld op!
    Heel veel plezier daar en hopelijk krijgen we weer een kleine update van je voor je aan de grote trek begint.
    Liefs en een dikke kus,

  11. For JAMES DONGER Alpha Yankee 3

    Dearest Jimmy Jimacko Jimbo
    Picked up your email while we were in the desert (Jordan was fantastic and great to see Lizzie) and it made us so happy to read your news. Don't worry about the ipod nor the other loss - can replace both when you get home and have spoken to Lars who can fix any probs. Have sent the old ones which were in a yellow box amongst your stuff - don't know if they fit or if they will reach you in time but fingers crossed and look out for a small packet on return to base at the end of your 3rd phase. All is well here. Al breaks up for the Easter hols on Friday and G will be here in Oxford for Easter too. We will miss you and Lizzie. Georgie showed me some of your photos. It all looks incredible. Hope you are keeping well. We think about you so much. Tons of love, your mother xxxx

  12. Delta Yankee 4
    Hollie Sponge-BOB-Squre-Pants-Denis
    Yo Whats going on i hope everything is ok and you doing well me and cayden are well. im just in the process of applying to join the fire service so fingers crossed it takes ages do but iv gota be patient. cayden's funny as ever he was going thru the alpabet with mum and sayin a word for each letter when he got to F mum was like F for and he FEDS (EYEBROW RISE) LAAAAAAAAUUUUUUGGGGH OUT LOUD (MUM) LOOOL shes so dumb. anyway see u soon miss you be safe
    love from carl



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