Saturday, 2 April 2011

Alpha Yankee 1- It's a Hard Trek Life!

Day One- Fieldbase to La Union
We arrived at La Union late afternoon on our first day and set up our tents on a football field. Aside from a bleach leak and shampoo explosion, it was a good day getting to bond as a group and preparing for our first day of walking.

Day Two- La Union to El Progresso
We woke up at 3am in the morning, definitely a shock to most of us. Carrying our bags and getting used to the weight proved challenging. We had an interesting but gentle first day, walking along the border to Panama and seeing our first picturesque sunrise. Another highlight was the pulperia with a friendly lady who had a picture of the last Raleigh trek group who have passed through. That evening we stayed in a community centre and washed by the river.

Day Three- El Progresso to Alturas
We had two guides for the first part of our day. It was a challenging start as we began with a steep climb which seemed to never end. We had our first experience of river crossings, the first was deeper, none of us wanted to fall as we gingerly crossed over Sid was the only one to topple but recovered well. When we reached our destination we were overwhelmed by the beautiful surroundings of the nature reserve and the generosity of the land owner. WE stayed in barn like building which had showers- a luxury we took full advantage of. Some of the group got to see and hold a four day old deer, named Bambi, who's parents had been killed.

Day Four- Alturas to The Bull Ring (Aguas Caliente)
We were reluctant to leave in the morning but were encouraged by the hot springs that awaited us later hat day. Agua Caliente did not disappoint, we all changed and got into the pools of crystal clear warm water. It did however, make the last part of the day tougher to get going again after relaxing for a few hours. We slept in a community centre next to the bull ring which was smaller than we expected.

Day Five- Agua Caliente to Pittier
We made really good time today, though the last kilometre of hill was tough but we picked up the pace and arrived at the ranger station well before midday. Arriving in a National Park to a friendly ranger and beds was what we needed to prepare us for the next day, supposedly one of the toughest days.

Day Six- Pittier to Altamira
We had a later start today, the ranger guided us through the varying terrain. The most difficult part was a very steep muddy incline where we had to use our hands to pull ourselves up. Alex and Tom were brilliant at getting those of us who were struggling to the top. In the end, the day wasn't as bad as expected and tonight we are sleeping in tents over-looking a magnificent view.


  1. Alpha yankee 2
    Dunia Gonzales, Carol Fernandez

    chicas! que hermosura trek de ultimo, que dichosas, disfruten cada momento, pasenlo lindisimo, duni que dicha que no se devolvio, mae es la mejor decision de su vida mae que bieeeen, pegue porte demasiado, ya falta poquisimo para que se acabe esta locura, asi que sean bien campeonas y sigan adelante con fuercita, y guarden muchos recuerdos buenisimos en la mente!

    abrazos abrazos tuti

  2. Sophie Abdy Alpha Yankee 2.
    Hi Sophie, hope you are getting on well in Nicaragua. Grandad off to France today to launch the boat. Granny getting better slowly but surely. She's aiming to get on the boat this year!! Went to WH Ball last night, good fun but lousy band. Everyone asked how you were getting on. Met several people with offspring at Newcastle. Digby has caught 2 mice and several rabbits very pleased with himself. Took 'Donna' for a spin and washed her! Still not found 4 legs. Thinking of you loads and hope you are having a good time. Lots of love ... Miss you Mum

  3. Sophie Abdy Alpha Yankee2
    Hi Sophie, G & GD said go white water-rafting £ !. April sent text she has booked the greyhound,is feeling much better and really excited about the trip.

  4. For Rebecca Eno 11C Delta Yankee 2,
    Aaaaargh they keep not posting some of my blogs and I cannot find this one anywhere so sorry if you get it twice!!
    Hi again!
    Well as you may or may not have remebered its April Fools today! I wonder if you have all been playing pranks on each other- i hope nothing too annoying or gross :P
    Anyway I got Maddy and Mummy, only a little thing at Mummy- i stuck paper underneath her computer mouse so she was frantically trying to get it to work by connecting it and plugging it in when all she had to do was get rid of the paper blocking the sensor...! I also got Maddy with a bit of over-night preparation!! Basically, i got her toothpaste and put it in a box of water and put it in the freezer. This morning, the water had frozen so her toothpaste tube was stuck in a block of ice. I then very ninjaishly replaced it and she got a shock when she went upstairs to brush her teeth as the tube was in a block of ice...!!! very fun and amusing :P I can show you the pictures i took when you get back.
    I thought best not to April Fools you today as you might not then get a following blog explaining the april fools and we would have one distresssed Parks and another worried Toorah!!! So don't worry you won't be tricked :)
    Tonight Ab-Dab has some business-type launch (not really sure to be perfectly honest!!) thing at her house so Maddy and I will be looking after Jess and Milla.
    Been a little bit obsessed with Glee recently, and when you get back i am definitely going to have to explain it all to you and you will LOVE it :) especially the new character Sam...!
    Anyway, sorry i'm blabbing on about my life, sounds like you're having an AMAZING time so keep enjoying the last phase and can't wait to see you when you're home!!!!! We're going to have to arrange something so that i can go to the field and "co-incedentally" bump into you on the way there...!
    Love you loads and loads Parks,
    Tilly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. teri - alpha yankee 2!!!
    awrite love??!! looks awesome out there, but cant wait for you to be back!! need some wise words for VIP lol. lloking forward to seeing you again lovely!!
    see you soon - bring fotos and try not to wash your tan off :P
    love ya hun,
    yvette xx

  6. For Tom Fear Alpha Yankee1
    Hi Tom
    Great to see some photos of your trek and also to hear what you ahve been up to. Sounds amazing!! maybe dad and I will go to Costa Rica next winter instead of Chile. You'll be able to give us some good tips.
    Well we're quite busy as you can imagine. All booked up in the yurts and the studio so lots of people on site. Bit of a shock after the quiet of the last few months. We had a big group of twenty somethings in this w'end and they have been partying hard all week-end... They all looked a bit shattered this morning.
    My brother is here satying for a few days. I took him to Looe to play tennis this morning...raining in Liskeard ...sunny in Looe.
    hOpe the rest of the trek goes well. I think we're resigned to buying you another ticket to come home....don't seem to be able to persuade Dial a Flight that we asked for a transferable ticket. It would be good if you could get a message to us to let us know how long you want to stay.....
    In the meantime enjoy the rest of your stay. It does sound really great. WE're missing you, Reg doesn't quite know what happened to his daytime bedfellow....he keeps wandering about pathetically meowing and just standing in your room looking round.
    Lots love from all of us
    Mum and dad

  7. Tim Niehe
    Liefste apenzoon,wat te gek om die foto's te zien!!!!
    En die Bambi, te lief!!!
    Heb je het zwaar zo vroeg op, haha ze komen je wel tegen dan vrees ik.........
    Geniet, hopelijk volgende week weer foto's op de blog.
    Ps Ajax 3-0 gewonnen van Heracles....
    Opa's 80e was top!
    Big hug, love you, K,I,A,A,B,B

  8. Ellen Kielstra3 April 2011 at 10:35

    To: Emilie Kielstra - Delta Yankee 1

    Lieve Emilie,
    Wat stoer staan jullie met je groep op de foto op een brug. Jullie trek lijkt me behoorlijk zwaar, maar indrukwekkend! Al die vuurvliegjes, maar ook die giftige padden slangen! Pas maar goed op! Nog ruim 2 weken en dan zit het er al weer op; geniet er van zo lang het kan!
    Gisteren je een ander bericht gestuurd; ik hoop dat je die ontvangen hebt!
    Ondertussen is de Duitse uitwisselingsscholier, Lea, gearriveerd. Aardig meisje. Alexa heeft allerlei leuke plannen voor haar in petto. Gisteren op het strand gegeten (was n.l. prachtig weer!) met Venla en Floor en hun Duitse meisjes. Vandaag met hetzelfde groepje, aangevuld tot 10 (w.o. ook Thommy en Quinten en hun gasten) met de trein naar Amsterdam. Het is vast heel leuk geweest daar, maar de verhalen moet ik nog horen. Haal ze zo op, n.l. De komende week doen ze allerlei projecten rondom het thema architectuur en gaan daar o.a. ook voor naar Rotterdam, Delft, Katwijk, Oestgeest en Leiden (de laatste 3 steden op de fiets!). 's Avonds gaan ze in groepjes pannenkoeken eten ergens, wij nemen er een aantal mee naar de Pasar Malam, etc. Geen gewone klassen overdag dus, maar ze moeten nog wel een en ander uitwerken en foto's maken voor dit project.
    Zoals ik je al meldde heb ik op 27 april voor je een vlucht naar Buenos Aires geboekt (details op de mail) via tussenstop in Lima. Je terugvlucht naar NL boek ik als je in Argentinië bent en met je groep een reisschema hebt vastgelegd; lijkt me beter en dan kunnen we daar nog even over Skypen.
    Verder ben ik ook bezig om onze zomervakantie verder uit te werken. Heb daar nu al zin in!
    Julie van Lanschot logeerde afgelopen donderdag een nachtje bij ons en vindt het erg leuk dat je naar Groningen gaat en bij Meta komt te logeren.
    Gisteren heeft Pap met Oma De Hanekam weer geopend voor de komende zomer; alles aangesloten en in het tuintje gewerkt. Snoeien en zo.
    Vandaag zijn Pap en ik naar een benefietvoorstelling met lunch geweest in De Appel, dat georganiseerd werd door de Lions Club van Maddy. Was erg leuk. Het was de week van de benefietvoorstellingen; die van ons voor SOS Kinderdorpen afgelopen woensdag was ook zeer geslaagd.
    Overmorgen speel ik mijn 1e competitiewedstrijd in Vlaardingen (27 holes!); zie er best een beetje tegen op.
    Daarna zal ik je wel weer een berichtje sturen om verslag te doen hoe het hier allemaal gaat. Moet nu snel naar Den Haag Centraal om je zusje etc. op te halen!
    Veel liefs,ook namens Pap en Alexa,
    xxx mam

    hello niñas, que bien que la esten pasando super tuani y que se esten apoyando una a la otra, estoy muy contento por la valentia y las fuerza que han teniado, yo por el mometo estoy en feel base, estoy algo fregado de la rodilla pero no es nada malo, ya regreso a proyecto el lunes, la vanesa envia muchos saludes a todos ella esta en el trek turrimacho, esa maje es la fuerte de este grupo, ella esta de traductora en el trek, me imagino que ustedes tambien le estan haciendo el animo con el ingles, saludes a todos y nos miramos ya dentro d pocos dias, en nic o aqui, esperamos que se puedan quedar en algun lado para que nos esperen y nos podamos ir juntos a nic.

    les felicito por todo, sigan luchando que la expedicion 11c pasara a las historia y ustedes estaran en ella okis....

    att: laary castillo(pierds)

  10. Gemma Hall - Alpha Yankee 6

    Yo... Hope your well? The trek looks awesome, so jealous! Good too see your getting a nice tan!
    Can't wait too see you, not long now!
    Lots of love
    Tom xxx

  11. Yvonne Reynolds3 April 2011 at 13:55

    To Chris Reynolds Delta Yankee 2

    Hi Chris
    Just thought I'd write again, although not sure if the latest messages will get to you before you return to fieldbase - here's hoping anyway. Bit tired today as we had all Dad's cousins round last night. It was great to see them all but didn't get to bed till late - well, late for me - you know me, ..usually tucked up by 10pm. Everyone was asking about you and wanting to know how you were doing! Hope all is going well with the trek and that you haven't got too many blisters. Alan should've been having a golf lesson with Jonny this afternoon, but just at the appointed time the heavens opened, and what had been a lovely sunny morning with blue skies became a torrential downpour and hail storm! They decided to put it off til next Sunday!! Jonny can't wait till you're back so he doesnt have to do Sundays anymore - it was really busy today - think it was the first Sunday of comps. the car park was heaving. Going to Dorothy's funeral on Tuesday ans Jill's getting the train up to go as well - should be a good turn out from the Lane - just got to make sure we go to the right service - from what I remember at the Crem in Macclesfield you all go in at the front and out at the back - the congregation that is, not the deceased! theirs is a one way journey! It can get very busy and it's quite easy to get caught up in the funeral before the one you'e meant to be at!! That happened to Janette and Av once - they had to go out the back door and leg it back to the front for the correct service - the Vicar gave them very strange looks - must have thought they were professional mourners!!
    Anyway, got to go as am about to watch an episode of Big Gypsy Weddings - I'm hooked... sad I know, but there we are....look after yourself and speak to you soon Lots of love from Mum, Dad & Alan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. Jessy Boon Cowler - Delta Yankee 6

    Dearest Jessy, I am so ill and working so much at ant. It's horrible. This is just a quick mess to say I just had a little sneak pic at some thumbnails of the stock pics we did and its so jokes!!!!!!!!!!! It makes me feel so strange like we are in some alternate universe where everything is cleaner. I really wish I had made a stronger case for not wearing that blue top.... I feel like it was a breach of our friendship that you didn't tell me I looked like such a jerk!!!

    Anyways I need to rush to bed before I die. Gonna take some night nurse. Hope you can call some time!! That would be just A-star, top notch, great!!!!!!!! WOOP XX MISSS YOU XXXXXXX LIL J

  13. Caroline Murray, Alpha Yankee 3.

    cazzzzzzzzz, am i glade this weekend is over, well busy, but wasn't too bad really. quite quiet this week tho, so makes up for it. More importantly only two weeks until i get to see you in an hours time, 8 hours for you, slightly more depressing but all is good. Spoke to daymo today about the holiday, im getting so excited it's untrue feels ages ago when we booked it and it's finally come about woop. We were wondering about how we were getting there and back, we might drive but unsure as of yet. I said il speak to you when your back, no hurry tho. So annoying i phoned about today and everyone's away on my days off so looks like i wont be doing alot haha, might actually give me chance to stay in and catch up on sleep and save some money for a few bevies at the airport. Just been on facebook and imo left you a long message, saying she seen the pictures on the blog and cant wait to hear from you. I wont ruin the rest of the message haha, but thought you might want to know. Guessing your well into you second project on the last phase, so hope your finding it as fun as the previous one and your still able to have a bit of sleep in those tents. Glade your knee is fine, so keep at it your doing amazing. I cant stop looking at the pictures, my little shrew haha. I shall speak during the week. love you lots. xxxxxxxxx sam xxxxxxxxxx

  14. Sabina Bride, Alpha Yankee 6

    This is my 3rd attempt to send you a message, there was a super awesome one here, but it wouldn't post so now you are left with this second rate one, apologies! I have been reading the blog today, sounds like you're having an amazing time. I hope that you are participating in the football matches, apparently it is good for your foot because it utilizes all of the muscles, but i imagine that you would rather be shade-bathing!

    Life here is hectic at the moment, trying to sort out life before going on holiday, including all of the stuff that I have to do before holiday, so that when you come back it is all sorted. Add on top of that being your PA, life is crazy! I'm not sure I can do it for much longer...

    Everyone here is very proud of you for being out there and doing so well, we all miss you lots (most people are slightly jealous that you are having an amazing experience in the sunshine whilst we all trundle to work, but this conversation died when we found out jez's new gf is 17! - I'll tell you about it at a later date, remind me)

    Hope all is going well building the school, keep moving those planks and get it built. It sounds like this should be better than the other phases - "never been so clean on Raleigh" is a quote that springs to mind, and also because you have your own master chef! unless her specialty is bean paste!

    Love and miss you lots, xxx

  15. TO: DUNIA Gonzalez alpha yankee 2
    Gorda comoliaido????? ya le retire todos los cursos de la u!!! ud queria que se los retirara verdad????? un abrazo.. fijo es rudo pero superdivertido... disfruteloooooo.. aqui en la casa todos estamos super.. Joni ya se fue a vivir a san ramon y ma esta trabajando en la night... pa y yo todo igual... Bog estaba triston porque la extrañaba el viernes... mandele la buena vibra.
    un abrazo gorda

  16. To Jojo Huddie Delta Yankee 5

    Hello Chicken! I hope your first week in Nicaragua has been fun and rewarding. I look forward to reading about it when your
    group next posts an update. I only got your letter from the 21st February a couple of days ago. It's always ace to read what you've been up to, I really enjoyed reading it. It's too late to send you another letter now.

    I've only got 11 days left here in Canada. Boo Hoo! Spring has definitely sprung here and the snow is melting super fast down in the village. The snow banks are nearly all gone now. It still doesn't stop snowing though, there's going to be another 10cms up top tonight, which makes over 14 metres of snow this season. I'm going to finish work on the 6th, so I can have a week of riding time. I want to try and get as much park time in as possible before I leave.

    How are your hands? I've been in touch with Duncan from Hot Rocks and he suggested that we can plan our own activities along the route, and we should check out Lonely Planet, to get some ideas. He said it's quite common for people to leave the bus for a few days before re-joining the trip. I'm waiting to hear back from the insurance company. Fingers crossed.
    Loads of love, Timma

  17. Jessy Boon Cowler, Delta Yankee 6
    Hi Jess, by now you probably know we couldn't get the changes you wanted, I hope you aren't too sad about it. Alex has been slaving over a hot phone and computer on your behalf but no luck I'm afraid. I've bought a bottle of instant Mojito for your return though, just add ice and mint, though I appreciate Balham is a far cry from where you wanted to be. It will be lovely to see you - I've taken three days off work between the Bank Holidays so will have loads of time to get on with decorating, and perhaps a weekend out of London to avoid the fuss - Clapham common is going to be a big camping base for paying Royal Wedding Tourists! People are concerned about it, saying it will be like Woodstock - as if. Raine sends her love to you. Must go, have a boiled egg to attend to. All my love Mum xxx

  18. Hay Ash,
    looks like your having a great walk! Am off now for 2 weeks, so have been busy sorting out Boris, new carpet, curtins and paint! Have some people round wed to have a look so should'nt be too long and he should be @ a new home :( Off surfing next week to wooly for a few days, staying @ morthoe. Not been for ages... Calling in to see Ange Bell this week @ abbey wood, and gonna do circuits with Alex also! Any way hope your having fun, keep working hard. Dont steel Bambi...
    Thom xxx

  19. Jessy Boon Cowler - Delta Yankee 6


    I'm so sorry couldnt manage to sort flights out...spent best part of a week as amateur travel agent and thought i'd cracked it but continental foiled all my plans. I'll make it up to you, at some point we will fly back out there for a super birthday weekend bonanza.

    Speaking of birthday bonanzas, I'd better get on it eh?!?!?!

    Nothing new at this end, just about recovered from berlin although still feeling a bit sorry for myself :) i just cant wait to see you and have you around again, and the weather seems to be improving just in time for us to strut our stuff round bloomsbury, soho and fitzrovia like the hot young things we are ;)

    all action stations now though, going to make our birthday weekend the best i possibly can - costa whata? nicaragwhoua? pfft!

    cant wait to hear about all your adventures, everyone at this end misses you dearly and cant wait to see you. saw your dad & kirsty and the boys yesterday, went down to tooting bec for a kickabout. don't think the significance of mothers day meant much when kirsty kicked a really hard football right into little al's face. he was not a happy bunny and a full five minutes of james and al screaming 'kick mum!' 'stupid!' 'mothers day is the worst day in the world!'. i had to walk off i was laughing so much.

    Anyway i'll stop boring the raleigh community & extended family/friend bases with the mundanity of everyday life. just have an amazing time and hurry up and get back here.

    love you more than anything

    alex xxxxxxxxxx

  20. jessy boon cowler delta yankee 6

    by the way, when you get back we need to look at this blog entry again, you will love the 4 day old baby deer

    alex xxx

  21. For Rosanna Lorrison - Delta Yankee 4
    Darling! It really has been too long! Hope youre well. Havent seen any pictures of you in a little while but hopefully youre still alive and enjoying yourself :)
    As for me, Im all aloney on my owney, on my laz, my tod, a loner and Im blaming you that I have no one to play with because you're half way across the planet, Kirk has only just got home and im not seeing her til tomorrow and Kayke is, as usual in Brizle. Oh and my mums at school. So as a distraction from my aloneness im trying to write a 3000 word essay on cell evolution. A subject which, although i find it deeply thrilling, frankly makes me want to slit my wrists here and now.
    Im not really depressed i just want to make it clear that you are getting a tan and eating cheesy crisps and im writing an essay.
    So all in all, can you hurry up and come home now? Please and thanks.
    Guess who! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  22. Jessica Bridge-Dunk Delta yankee 3

    Hi Bunny,
    Are you really there?
    Hope they have not lost your group and dare not say.
    Am just having a break from my search for a cotttage in Italy.You can imagine where I am looking.
    Dad going to see A in Leeds this evening so shall have a nice peaceful one all alone.
    Am going to get myself an apple and glass of orange so will love you and leave you in a minute.
    Birds going mad outside, singing their heads off.Got our two ....wits nesting as usual in the passage.
    Hope very much that you are safe and not got any awful blisters bugs etc.
    Love you so much,
    your Mummy x

  23. For Camilla O'C - Alpha Yankee 6.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I did try and leave a news-filled and interesting message earlier but managed to do something wrong and it was lost into the ether. I will try and replicate it but that might mean that you get the same message told twice, once in a witty and gripping manner and once in a rather dull and prosaic way.

    So first to important issues. The Tour of Flanders was won by Nick Nuyens of Saxobank in a close finish over Sylvain Chavanel. Boonen came in fourth two seconds down and, very positively, Geraint Thomas of Sky was only ten seconds down in tenth place. Paris Roubaix this Sunday.

    I rode about 90k each day of the weekend. Yesterday evening we went to the Spring Weekend of the London Spanish Film Festival and spent five hours watching two films and listening to the director of the first giving a Q&A session. His film, 18 Meals, was masterful. Set in Santiago de Compostella, it used improvisation rather than scripts. Well worth watching. The second film was, curiously, in English. The new Martin Sheen film made by his son (not Charlie but the other one) and called "The Way" about an American who undertakes the Camino de Santiago de Compostella.

    Your mother was almost inspired to don her hiking boots and set off. The sleeping accommodation may, however, have put her off. With your newfound fitness and treking experience, if you have 40 days to spare, you could have a truly spiritual experience.

    Anyway, enjoy your birthday and you last couple of weeks. Looking forward to seeing you in a month's time.

    Love you lots, xxxxxx

  24. Para: yendry castro delta yankee 2
    De: ma y pa.
    Holaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! La extrañamos montones, cada noche pensamos en ud, y nos aferramos a la convicción de que El Eterno está a su lado y que la sustenta con su paternidad perfecta.
    Por aquí todo en orden, don Gus y Glenda se casan el próximo domingo, (x cierto, ud estaba invitada) asi q ya la oigo decir - “mami, y ud con que va a ir…no deje lo de la ropa para el final!!!” .. Pero bueno sería más divertido y fácil si estuvieras aquí, para ayudarme a elegir los trapos jajajaja.
    Sabe q wainer está como loco, x q necesitaba saber si ud iba a participar con él en la próxima temporada- …o sea sigue la paseadera!!!jajaja. Q bueno.!!!!!!
    Por aquí el calor tremendo, no quiero ni pensar como estará allá; espero haya podido mantenerse hidratada y q las ampollas no hayan sido un problema.
    Hace una semana volvimos a guapiles, pero regresamos el mismo día, es q Edgar estaba terminando un trabajillo ahí , x dicha ya concluyo; entonces fuimos a otro río, buuuuueno, me quedo con la piscina!.
    Te amo, mi valiente bb.jijijiji 

  25. Fiona Illingworth4 April 2011 at 10:51

    For Megan Illingworth Alpha yankee 2
    Hi Meg
    We had a good day at Belton. Lucy and Purdy flew round the x country course, which was the biggest track I've seen at Novice level. We didn't get placed but it was a good result.
    Dad and I played in a mixed comp at Belton Park at the weekend. The couple we played with came 1st and I'm pretty sure we came ......... last !!! The only good bit about our game was that we didn't have an argument !!!!
    Ju, Liz , Phoebe and Darcie are back at Fulbeck for a couple of weeks. They had not been back 24 hours when Darcie trapped her finger in the door of the Fox and Hounds and ended up at A and E on a Saturday night for over 3 hours with a broken finger !! Ouch
    Lu has spent the weekend in London with Charlie and her Mum and Dad they saw a show and if I know Lucy at all, found some time to do some shopping .
    Well, here's hoping you don't have too many blisters!!!
    Lots of love
    Mum, Dad and Lu xxx

  26. Robbie Coates Alpha Yankee 2
    Hi, hope your trek is going well, nothing posted about it yet so still looking forward to seeing something. Cricket world cup over, won by India over Sri Lanka by ?6 wickets, captains innings by MS Dhoni. The sub continent has been basking in amazing cricket, especially semis between India and Pakistan when billions were reported to be watching it. it seems to have been a great success overall. Sorry you'll have to catch up on facts and figures on the internet. David came home yesterday, brought back by Dad,no change so far but he has gone for a club net in sunbury organised by Tom Rose. James Robottom is going to play for Molesey this season. David might help in getting the portacabins ready for the new season over the next couple of week. Uncle Stephen arrives tonight for up to 2 weeks, sleeping in the computer room! all well otherwise and Kitty fine, spending most of her time outside now or sleeping on the shed shelf.
    lots of love
    mum xx

  27. Sander ten Haven Alpha yankee 1. Vandaag een foto gezien met een hele knappe knul. Hij had weinig haar en leek wel een beetje op jou.Ken jij hem? Zo te lezen maken jullie wel een hele interessante en mooie tocht. Het zal af en toe ook wel erg vermoeiend zijn. Je moet het later allemaal maar uitgebreid vertellen. Hopelijk heb je veel foto.s gemaakt. Ravenna heeft zich ook al opgegeven bij Raleigh.Wij waren zaterdag in Laren. Met ons gaat alles goed voor zover mogelijk. We wensen je nog een mooie voortzetting van de tocht. Veel liefs van Epi en Opa Jan.

  28. For Adam Chalkley, Alpha Yankee 1

    Hi Adam

    Been reading about your trek. It sound lovely and seems you have been quite lucky with accomodation.

    Last week of term for Mum and Mark before they have two weeks at home. As Mark is refereeing both days at the weekend we are going to leave him on his own with Jenny and are going up to the Peak District until Monday. Have found a nice hotel near Amhurst. I have got to work the rest of the week (not back until Monday) but as Mum's family have a big get together the following weekend we may go there as well.

    Have got a stand at the Chelsea Flower Show again this year, so panic should set in towards the end of the month. Don't suppose you will want to go! Have some nice granite shoes and hat to take!

    I managed to get a nail stuck in one of your car tyres over the weekend so you have a nice new tyre now. I never seem to get a puncture that is repairable, it's always a new tyre!

    Not much else happening here since last blog from one of us. Hope the rest of your trek goes well and that you are making full use of the camera. Looking forward to seeing you in 2 weeks time.

    Love Dad

  29. For Rosanna Lorrison
    Delta 4
    Hola hija. Somos tus padres. Acabamos de recibir tu carta. Qué ilusión! Muchas gracias.
    We are so looking forward to seeing you. Lots of love M&D

  30. To Rosanna Lorrison
    Delta Yankee 4
    Hello darling daughter, just got your letter, but we know you survived! :) House seems empty without you, can't wait to see your cheery face at LHR when you get back. We will bring some damp tea bags to sort out your tan.
    Lots of luv 'n' hugs

  31. Tim Niehe

    Hey Timme!!
    Hoe is de trek(=p) tot nu toe? Ben je er al weer bijna aan toe om weer naar huis te zijn en net een dag te lat te zijn voor mijn verjaardag?? Ik weet dat vragen stellen eigenlijk geen zin heeft maar toch doe ik het om geïnteresseerd te klinken ;-)
    Verder zijn mijn ouders nu hier en ga ik dus ook bijna weer op weg naar nederland, aan alles komt een eind...
    Gelukkig kan jij me wel weer opvrolijken, dat komt er dus op neer dat we weer uit moeten gaan.
    Tot snel!! JOEEE

  32. For Mo Ahmed - FB medic: hi sweetheart, thanks for your msg, super busy writing reports and cleaning and off tmrw to a resort for our staff party then heading into the sunset and out of the Raleigh rules!!! check your facebook for a better, longer message, love you sweetheart, have a wicked final phase x x x

  33. Hi gorgeous Ez. Hope the trek is good and you are not too exhausted - you are made of sturdy stuff so I imagine you are loving it. We cant wait to see you - it's getting closer! No news about the trek on the blog yet but we have all your other pictures stuck on the fridge! Moll is loving Moscow and Dad and I had a great time. Only Bootz working away, she seems fine tho. Bet you are looking forward to some R & R. Hope everything is ok - love you. xxxxx

  34. Max Chalong - Alpha Yankee 6

    Hi Maxi Darling,
    Hope you're okay and still having a fantastic time. Read the blog and saw some pictures, sadly none of you this time. Sounds like you're all still slogging away but also having some time for fun! How is your bad toe? Hope it hasn't stopped you joining in and playing the football you love so much. Hope the footballs you took with have lasted!! West Ham didn't do so well at the weekend and lost 4-2 against Man Utd.
    We all miss you so much and I even bought a pineapple today because it came from Cost Rica and that made me think of you, bet that makes you laugh!!! Anyway can't wait to hear from you soon.
    Big hugs and loads of love from
    Mum, Dad, Ally and Gran

  35. TIM NIEHE alpha yankee 1

    Liefste apenzoon,

    coca cola, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,
    daar startte ons eerste berichtje mee en daar sluiten we nu mee af, wat is het toch snel gegaan.
    Jij zit in je laatste week van de trek met blaren op je voeten, maar hopelijk een gigantisch voldaan gevoel.
    Over ruim een week lig je weer in je eigen kamer, en is er een volle ijskast. Niets aan waarschijnlijk!!!!
    Gijs is door voor de honorclass, echt knap van hem. Hij komt over 6 weken alweer richting Europa, dus zijn we even reunited.
    Ik zit nu in Utrecht (cursus), alles verder helemaal prima, ook met papa en Anne!
    Geniet van je laatste 'stappen' in dat zo bijzondere land!
    Big hug, love you, K,I,A,A,B,B

  36. Message for Tom Fear Alpha Yankee 1
    Hi Tom
    Got your message re the ticket home. We won't do anything till we talk to you when you get back to base. Glad to hear that all your fitness training is paying off!!! Maybe you should patent the training schedule when you get dad will be challenging you to a run up Caradon Hill so watch out!
    All going well here. Gran is coming tomorrow for a week or so....and Anna, Joe and the kids are all coming to stay in the yurts on Thursday. Charlie is bringing some of his schoolfriends to stay too.
    Bet you're ready for a cold beer after all that walking? Although I'm sure the abstenence has done you good. Maybe I'll try it if you recommend it!
    Speak to you soon....Lots Love Mum and Dad xxx

  37. Alpha Yankee 1 Sander ten Haven
    Ha die lieve Sander!! Wat een ervaringen doe je op daar aan de andere kant van de wereld! Vanmiddag weer jullie laatste belevenissen gelezen en ik denk dat het straks moeilijk voor je wordt om weer gewoon thuis te zijn!
    Ik schrijf je ook om je een hele gezellige verjaardag toe te wensen: de eerste keer zonder je echte familie maar nu met je nieuwe familie uit Costa Rica. Als ik zo die feestjes zie die ze hebben georganiseerd voor iedereen die jarig was tijdens jullie verblijf aldaar dan zal het wel een mooi feest worden. Bel je snel als je weer terug bent op het basiskamp? Ik zou graag weten wat je plannen zijn totdat we elkaar weer zien de 21e april. Geniet ze nog en alvast van harte gefeliciteerd met je 20e verjaardag!!!
    20 grosses bises, maman

  38. Hoi Sander,
    Wat een ervaring, dit neem je je hele leven mee!
    Ben best wel een beetje jalours. We hebben van je moeder al wel iets gehoord van al je verhalen toen we in Mazamet zaten, was trouwens erg gezellig met alle vriendinnenen, dus ook niet verkeerd!
    Geniet ervan en hoop alle verhalen eens te horen.
    Johan Tilly Bram en Fleur uit Breda

  39. To Yankee Alpha6!. Wesh wesh Sanders, Belle tete d'oeuf man !
    Ca va bien sinon ? Pas trop crever dans les jambes ? T'as perdu ton gros ventre ? huhu Les gens sont cool j'éspere. De notre coté on s'amuse pas mal, je te souhaite deja un bon anniversaire, deja 20 ans t'es un vieux maintenant! On se revoit bientot ! Have fun peacou et la bizz

  40. Alpha Yankee 1 Sander ten haven

    Happy birthday mon frere, sa se fete le debut d une seconde decennie, amuse toi bien pr tes derniers jours le retour a la vie normale sera plus difficile :) , Duco

  41. Hoi lieve Sander, moest even goed kijken of jij het was, met je gekortwiekte haren. Leuk je weer te zien, weliswaar op de foto. Hoe bevalt het je? Vlg mij wel goed. Heb je al zin om naar huis te gaan? We willen je heel graag feliciteren met je 20ste verjaardag.
    Nog even en je ziet je ouders en broers weer. Geniet van je laatste weken en bedenk dat ze je deze ervaring nooit meer kunnen afpakken. Je kunt terugkijken op een hele mooie periode van je leven.
    Maak er een mooie verjaardag van en geniet. Hoop je binnenkort weer te zien.
    Heel veel liefs AnneMarie, Marloes, Joost en Sophie xxxxx

  42. Alpha Yankee 1 - Sander ten Haven

    Van harte gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag, wij missen je aanwezigheid wel, maar gelukkig horen we alle verhalen snel. Ik geloof dat jullie nu langs de zee lopen, en neem maar een lekkere duik in het warme pacifische water. Tot volgende week. Papa

  43. Alpha Yankee 1 - de aller liefste neef van de hele wereld: Sander ten Haven!!!

    Hoi lieve grote neef van me, gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag! Wat jammer dat je nu niet in Nederland bent, want nu kan ik je niet kussen voor je verjaardag! Maar dat houd je te goed van me hoor. Hoe is het daar? Geniet je goed? Mis je mij heel erg? Ik jou wel hoor!!
    dikke verjaardags kus floor

  44. Hallo lieve Sander! Gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag!! Maak er een leuke dag van daar in de jungle! kusjes van je nichtje Annabel!

  45. hallo lieve neef , van harte gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag.Ik denk dat je dit jaar wel een hele bijzondere verjaardag zal hebben daar in de jungle...wel zonder familie maar met heel veel vrienden en vriendinnen.....zit er een leuk meisje bij ?
    Ik ben inmiddels aardig op de hoogte van al je avonturen omdat ik een weekje heb doorgebracht met vijf vrouwen in jullie chateau in Mazamet...en daar heeft je moeder lekker uitgebreid zitten vertellen over je ..ik ben benieuwd hoe je kaalgeschoren koppie eruit ziet.
    zodra je weer thuis bent gaan we snel iets afspreken zodat jij alle foto's en spannende verhalen kwijt kan .
    Ik wens je nog heel veel plezier de laatste dagen en een hele goede terugreis.
    hele dikke knuffel van ....ja echt van je allerliefste tante.

  46. Hoi Sander , van harte gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag ! Hoe is het Pura Vida in Costa Rica ? Je spreekt zeker al een aardig mondje Spaans .Ga je komend jaar voor dokter leren ? Of nog een jaartje relaxen in de hangmat .
    Groetjes van TIO Hernando ( oom Herman )

    ook nog de hartelijke gelukswensen van ons zieke mannetje Olivier , hij ligt met koorts en keelpijn in zijn warme bedje.

  47. Sander ten Haven Alpha Yankee 1
    Goh morgen laatste dag.... Het is toch nog snel gegaan maar we zijn heeeeel blij dat we je donderdagavond weer zien. Ik heb nog 2 ideeen voor je wat je kunt gaan doen tot donderdag. Ines Estivariz-Locane, de vrouw van een collega van papa, zegt dat het kustplaatsje Tamarindo heel mooi is; paradisiaque! 250 km van de hoofdstad. Haar zus woont daar. Ze heet Carloina Garros . Ze is pas 30. Je mag haar altijd bellen als er problemen zijn, heeft Ines mij verzekerd. Haar nummer ter plaatse is 26 53 25 97. Ze heeft 2 winkels in Tamarindo. De secretaresse van Benoît zegt dat de vulkaan Al Arenal ook zeer de moeite waard is.
    Nog 6 nachtjes..... Tot dan bisousssss maman



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