Thursday, 7 April 2011

Alpha Yankee 2 Update – by Ed Smart

If you were to be walking over the beautiful hills of Guanacaste winding your way down to Lago Arenal you may come across a group of 14 people. 14 people with aching legs and shoulders but big smile on their faces, both of these due to the awesome challenge and experience they are going through.
A few particular highlights for the group so far have been the 80th birthday party taking place at the church we were staying at on day two in the village of Alto Cebadilla,. The celebrations may have put an end to out plans of a very early night, but we were suitably compensated by vast amount of food, most notably rice pudding and cake.
Another highlight was our honorary 15th member; dog which decided to follow us for 27 kilometres over two days. At first a novelty, the comprehension began down on us that it was not going to return back to the hotel that he had followed us from, so in the true sprit of Costa Rican hospitality we shared our dinner of rice and chickpeas with our new friend and spared some of our rations fund. The following day his owners picked him up from our camp at a school near Viejo Arenal. We like to think that Toby enjoyed his taste of the nomadic lifestyle as much as all of us from Alpha Yankee 2 are doing so!


  1. Message for Ian ter Haar Alpha Yankee 2

    Grote zoon,

    Eindelijk een bericht van Alpha Yankee 2. Wat een tocht en wat een ervaring. Mis je in de photo's. Nog 10 dagen Raleigh en dan even welverdiende rust. Alles hier okay. Derek zit in het filosofie team van Hageveld en gaat met een paar anderen morgen in Amsterdam de competitie aan met andere geselecteerde scholen op de "dag van de filosofie". Is apetrots natuurlijk. Verder alles goed. We missen je wel behoorlijk.
    Lieve zoon, bel als je de kans krijgt. Liefs van ons allen, Omhelsd, Pap

  2. Fiona Illingworth9 April 2011 at 11:06

    Meg Illingworth Alpha Yankee 2
    Hi Meg
    Great to catch up with what you have been up to via the blog. Keep going you can do it !!!
    We're having a mini heat wave here at the mo, everyones wearing t shirts and shorts, and we even had a barbeque last night !!!......... Well thought we should just in case this is the summer !!!
    Lu's off to Spain tomorrow with Uni on Netball tour, I don't know how much netball will be played !!! and Lu doesn't even know where abouts in Spain she is going !!! Lets hope someone in the party does !!!
    Ju has gone to the Masters again (Lucky thing ) Last thing I heard this morning Rory McIroy was in the lead by 3 shots after day 2.
    We're all looking forward to seeing you, in a few weeks time. Hope you've remembered how to play golf as I've got a few comps lined up for us
    Love you loads and loads
    Love Mum Dad and Lu xxx

  3. Robbie Coates Alpha Yankee 2
    Hi, just seen blog of your trek, sounds and looks amazing, and very hot, hope all is going well. Incredible to realise you are now into your last week on Raleigh, how time flies, here and probably for you too. Make the most of your last few days. All well here, enjoying very warm sunshine and clear blue skies but set to disappear come Tuesday. I've broken up for Easter now but busy with census stuff which is quite enjoyable. David is hardly ever in but seems to be happy when not complaining and Uncle Stephen is, well, Uncle Stephen! all send their love. I'll email for your return to fieldbase. lots of love Mum xx

  4. Louise Simpson, Hey darling you are almost there. And only a week to go till I can give you that well deserved hug. I hope you get a chance to swim in the sea when you get there. I would love to see how you are doing. Keep up the good work, i am as always so very proud of what you have acheived. Love you lots.

  5. For Robbie Coates Alpha Yankee 2

    Dear Robbie

    We are having a pleasant weekend here. David and Grandma are round and we have been watching some IPL. Nally called us up for portakabin renovation work on Friday at a site in Croydon where they are stored. Auntie Gill did sterling work cleaning the lavatory block - lots of brownie points there. I was involved in dismantling the kitchen in the other cabin and scraping the lavatory block walls. David cried off with back ache but had done an excellent job power washing our paths and back yard the day before after a long net earlier in the week. People at the Hill are asking how you are going. Hope you are enjoying the trek. Love from Dad, Charlie, Grandma and David xxxx

  6. Message for Christopher Blessley ALPHA YANKEE 2
    Dear Christopher, Will be thinking you on the 15th. Happy Birthday in advance. No doubt it will be one of your most memorable yet. Much love

  7. For Louise J Simpson Alpha 2
    Hi Lou! Its us again! Just can't believe you'll be home next week - we're all SOOO looking forward to your return & hearing more about your amazing time in Costa Rica & Nicaragua. Mum rang this morning - she was thrilled to get your most recent letter & read it to us over the phone. You sound to be having a fantastic time & must be as fit as a butcher's dog after all the challenges of recent weeks. You must be so looking forward to that plunge in the Pacific after your grueling trek - then back to base camp for rafting, a party & packing - - oh how you just love packing - - !!Mum came up to see us for Gran's birthday - we talked about you LOTS - - !How thoughtful of you to remember Gran's birthday card before you left home.Must go now - lots to do in the garden!
    Love you SOOO much!
    G 'n G XXXX



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