Monday, 11 April 2011

Alpha Yankee 3- Braulio Carillo- Photo Update

The New Home
Off to Work
 Bringing up the wood and rocks for the path
 Building the steps


  1. For Camilla O'C - Alpha Yankee 6

    Hi Cam. Loved your birthday piece and loved even more the picture of you wearing your Tevas. Never thought I would see the day. They really suit you.

    Am leaving work at noon to pop home, pick Lou up and drive off to the grim north for tonight's game. Hoping for a Torres hat trick. It has to happen one day. Today would be good.

    Love you xxxx

  2. To Gilles Bouman, delta yankee 1

    WAT HEB JE MET JE HAAR GEDAAN??? Ik kan het niet helemaal goed zien om de fotos maar het ziet er uit als een ginger hanekam!!! Waaaaaarom?!!! Opzich wel goeie tactiek om je meisjes op afstand te houden. Maar je gaat er maar voor zorgen dat het eraf is tegen de tijd dat ik er ben! Jeetje je bent wel echt zoooooo bruin! Dat bevalt met dan wel weer.
    Ik krijg al bijna weer een telefoontje he?:D Kan niet wachten weer even je stem te horen! En over neit zo heel lang meer (12 dagen om precies te zijn) je ook eindelijk weer te zien! Ik heb echt zo'n zin om naar Panama te komen! Ben al helemaal aan het bedenken welke kleren ik meeneem, je weet dat ik van inpakken hou. Moet alleen nog wel even een backpack lenen van eimand want ik ga niet dat enorme ding van Phillip meenemen hoor. Lijkt me een beetje overdreven.
    Ik heb een lekker weekendje gehad, vrijdag had ik dus dat feestje van Willem en Jesse. Pfff was echt een dronken zooi, waren ook echt best wel veel mensen. Wel echt een goed huisfeestje. Zaterdag kwam ik echt pas om 3u mn bed uit en toen lekker in het Vondelpark gechilld. En zondag gewerkt. Sta deze week 3x ingeroosterd en volgende week ook 3x. Alleen als het niet zulk mooi weer is dan hoef ik vaak niet te komen, hopelijk gaan de meeste diensten wel door want dan kan ik snel nog wat geld verdienen. Mijn loon wordt overgemaakt op de 22ste, echt vet chill. Hopelijk heb ik dan genoeg en anders moet ik toch nog maar wat van mijn spaarrekening af gaan halen...
    Ik spreek je vrijdag/zaterdag!!! Moet zaterdag wel vanaf 6u werken dus savonds kan je me niet meer bellen. Lieverd ik hou van je xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Message for Ellie Spicer - Alpha Yankee 5

    Hi Darling
    Lovely to see the latest photos - you seem to be doing some good wheelbarrow work! We are all looking forward to seeing you soon. Counting down the days now. We enjoyed having Vic to stay, she is back in St Andrews. Hats is about to go off on her travels but will be home a week or so after you. We will then be back to full strength.

    Enjoy these last few days.

    All our love

    Mum and Dad xxxxx

  4. To Caroline Murray alpha yankee 3 from mum dad and will

    Hi caro! Finally seen the latest photos. Looks like you need feeding up on your return! Will showed us your facebook page which had some lovely photos of you. It really is countdown time now. Can't wait to see you when Sam brings you back home. Will is still here and is looking forward to catching up too. Weather has been amazing here. I went to Beesands to see Al and Trace. It was beautifully hot and sunny. The magnolia has been spectacular here outside your bedroom window and I have just mown the lawn. Rain tomorrow boo hoo! Oscar missing you loads. he had a big fight with Millie just because he is bored! Anyway, enjoy the last few days and keep all the memories to tell us. Saw Vicks the other day. She's loving Brighton and hopes you will come up in the summer since she might stay over there in her new house. Everyone can't wait to see you. I said goodbye to Max, David and co. They left on Monday (11 April) for Bangkok. Josh and everyone should be back soon too. Sam tells me all the updates and can't wait to see you! Anyway much love as always from us all Mum dad, will and all the animals xxxxxxxx hugs too.

  5. To Chloë Webster. Alpha Yankee 1
    STOP PRESS! Hi my Darls, the plans have changed - if you got my last message that is.We are not now going to France but to Aldeburgh for the weekend instead, borrowing the LS's house there. I will check if there is an internet connection and we will have a laptop with us. The only drawback is that phone signals can be bad there. Anyway, FINGERS CROSSED we will get to speak. So EXCITING. I can hardly believe you are in your last few days now. What a bundle of emotions you must be feeling. I shall be on tenterhooks!
    Here it has been sunny and really quite hot at times. Luckily it was brilliant weather over the weekend when the MBs were here, and Granny Sue, so we had a big Sunday lunch outside with everybody. Jacks is still on her crutches and has to peg leg around poor thing but she is hoping not for much longer. There is so much news of all types - world headlines - that you have missed that I think I will have to stack up the 'Week's for you to catch up! Japan, northern Africa, here and of course, the Royal Wedding. If you decide to carry on travelling I promise to record it all! As for everything that you have been doing, we will need weeks to hear it all, I'm sure. How wonderful.WEll done you. We are so proud of you.
    Chilly and Doggy were looking a little bereft, so they have taken refuge with me until your return! We are thinking hard and sending you so many hugs and LOTS of love. Biggest Mummoolas from me to you. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Brother
    Hope you are well and your trek is going well boy. Not much has happened at home really, mum cost me a fortune with mothers day and her birthday. You'll never guess what i bought her for her birthday, yes thats right i used my ingenuity and bought a cookbook.

    In sport the county championship started last week but i have bad news for you a Sussex went down by a innings and 55 runs to Lancashire so not a great start to your season. The IPL started on friday the Royal Challengers Bangalore i think there your team have won 1 and lost 1 (today to Mumbai). Man united have knocked chelsea out of the champions league they won 2-1 tonight and the first leg 1-0, Torres still hasnt scored for chelsea. Tottenham play tomorrow but lost 4-0 to real madrid in the first leg and had crouch sent off in the first 15 mins. When we go to the cottage next season we will have to go early as Mohamed Al Fayed has had a new statue to Michael Jackson made( it looks awful). Newcastle lost to villa on sunday but then we were missing tiote, nolan, ameobi,best and a number of other players. Arsenal beat blackpool 3-1 but you will never guess who was in goal for you yes thats right Jens Lehmann, all your other goal keepers are injured so jens has come back to help you out. In golf it was the masters last weekend rory mcllroy was leading by 4 shots going into the last round but then on the 10th when leading by 1 shot he hit a tree and landed up next to some house where the commentators had never seen a ball go he then got back to the fairway but then managed miss the green when he chipped back he hit another tree and from then on he went very quickly down hill in the end a south African won.

    Last weekend i went cammel racing at fakenham with jenny which was different but good. I had a interesting incident in my football match on saturday which i will tell you about when you get back but it involves a physio. I have my first game of cricket this weekend its 1st v 2nds i have a new pair of shoes which are really bright. When you get back on monday i referee the following wednesday at Watton so you can come watch and have fish and chips.

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip and see you soon brother.


    Oh i have just remembered some good news Xisco is back playing again and on his first start scored the equaliser as his side won 2-1 and he started there next game as well but they drew 0-0.
    Have a good trip and see you next week, and yet more good news is that you get back for the start of the world snooker championship which starts this weekend now your excited.


  7. For Dawn Tennant, Delta Yankee 2

    Hi lovely,
    ' says...NO....' Using the laptop as the big one up the spout and this one is a pain!
    It looks as if your group has been lots in the jungle...No news, no photos, nada de nada! I keep trying every day and hopefully will get some more news and photos of you and the group before you get back! All looking forward to seeing you next week, although I am sure you will wish it went on for a bit longer...But no, can't do: there is a hen party to go to and a wedding to enjoy and celebrate! Hey hey!!!!
    All good here. Still riding, working, gardening. We stopped at ana's yesterday on our way home from the airport to see them, and can tell you that we noticed a change in little harry: he now has chubby cheeks. Eduardos's wedding was really nice and was great to see everyone again. Macarena is half argentinian, so they have gone to argentina for their honeymoon, so keep an eye out for them in case they get lost or you do! Wont be able to check blog tomorrow but will try again on thurs. Take care and enjoy your last week. Have fun.
    Lots of love, besos y abrazos.
    Mum. xxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Alpha Yankee 3, Caroline Murray.

    What a nice surprise to come home to after work, an update. One that I have been patiently waiting a while for. But so nice to see the pictures, i love the one of you in, standing over two guys having a break and most probably directing and bossing them at work haha brilliant!! Looks like fun, bet the tents have been more comfortable mind, you'll be sleeping the whole time monday and tuesday no doubt. Il keep you up hounding you with questions. I cant wait missing you so much, been boring the last week, trying to stay in and save money. Never mind this will all end in a few days :). I might be going to the beach with daymo and that saturday tho, so that will be something to look forward to, think il brave it and go for a dip as well, you know what im like in cold water- not scared what so ever. One minute and im in there (like a fly around shit! sorry about that just popped in my head and thought i would share that image, im in a weird mood) unlike you you wimp haha. I love this blog I can annoy you and you cant bite back, so much fun. Think il continue to use it when you get back, just keep writing to a random Caroline Murray every night. I might also be going out saturday night for a few, there all out after, but do not worry il take it slow with me heading up sunday at some point, im not risking feeling horrible for the trip. Seriously buzzing for monday. I love you lots and il try and write to you before friday when you get back to field base, after then il be able to speak on the phone woop. Have fun and do some work you little bum haha. I love you so much xxxxxxxxxx mr buca xxxxxxxxxxx

  9. To Cat Ewins - Alpha Yankee 4
    Hey Baby Girl
    Just a quick note to let you know that Cyrus got in touch with Peter to check out when you are arriving. It's on the 18th (leaving there on the 17th)not the 19th. I understand yu thought it was the 19th. There has been a change of plan as he will be at the airport to pick you up not us but if that's a problem let us know as soon as you can. Anyway your adventure is almost over and I'm sure you have some fabulous tales to recount to us when you get home. Even nanny and grandad are exicted that you are finally coming home. Life here will probably seem quite boring really after what you have achieved over there.
    Anyway, see you soon, lots of love
    Mum and Peter

  10. For Camilla O'C Alpha Yankee 6.

    So a six hour drive up to the grim north thanks to the M6 being closed after an accident. A poor game. Bad refereeing. Torres started. Drogba replaced him at half time. Clear penalty not awarded. Ramieres sent off. Disappointment. Good drive home. Plenty of father/daughter bonding with your sister.

    Enjoy the end of your time with Raleigh and the party. Safe journey to Managua.

    Love you xxxx

  11. JESSY BOON COWLER- Delta Yankee 6

    My dearest Jessy,

    Guess what I think your blog has been bringing my computer to a halt since the last two times I trried sending a message it broke before my messages got sent. Longgg. Anyway, fingers crossed it will all be good this time.

    Now that you are coming home so soon I was thinking about how very boring my life without you is and also how strange it is that all our communication is in writing because it feels like I cant kinda remember the jist of everything I have said. It's a bit like if someone sent me a transcript of every phone call we ever had (my dream). Anyway one thing I was thinking was how most times my messages were like 'Hi... no news here... etc.etc.' and then it made me realise that in three months I have had no news!! But then... just on the cusp of you coming home... I got some exciting news!! It's basically that I'm going to be in a magazinw but I dont wanna put the details on here cos I feel kinda lame but this is definitely the kind of time that I need a bezzie to chat to about what to wear. SERIOUSSSLY.

    I can't wait to hear about all the stuff you have been up to Big J. Or should I say 'Big Birthday J'?????????!! LOLOLOL ROFL. I have your bday booked off work so lets have a big celebration!!!!!!!!

    Lots of love,
    Little J. xx

  12. For Si Keirle Delta Yankee 4
    Great photos and comments - you are obviously having such an amazing time what with waterfalls, massage tables and other such luxuries. You really are a resourceful lot.This is the last message to you as you come to the end of your time at Raleigh. I'm hoping to get a call from you on Saturday and you can let me know your plans for the next few weeks. Enjoy the last few days. Lots of love, Mum x

  13. To: Emilie Kielstra - Delta Yankee 1

    Lieve Emilie,
    Nog maar een klein berichtje gepost, hoewel je bijna aan het einde van deze trek bent en dus terug gaat naar fieldbase (en het naburige internet café)!
    De foto's op de blog laten wel zien dat het een zware trek is voor jullie. Nog even afzien en dan heb je het gehaald! Dat moet je toch een enorme voldoening geven! Hier is er weinig nieuws te melden, behalve de gebruikelijke dingen hier om en nabij het huis. Het is vandaag prachtig weer en vrijwel alle bomen hebben ondertussen bloesem en/of bladeren gekregen. Alexa heeft net de eerste echte vergadering met haar commissie voor Madurodam gehad, Pap is zoals altijd druk op kantoor en zelf ben ik weer hard bezig met KZ (selecties en indeling beginnen binnenkort) en het Gilde (morgenavond een lezing in Den Haag organiseren). En uiteraard nog steeds veel oefenen voor de golfcompetitie. Dus "business as usual". Vandaag komen er de hele tijd mensen langs, dus ben ik een beetje thuis aan het werk. Straks even tussendoor Ginger uitlaten en nog naar de sportschool....
    Geniet van je paar daagjes strand en straks bij terugkomst in fieldbase als je iedereen weer zult zien. Bel ajb zodra je tijd hebt en lees je mails over o.a. de opties voor je verdere reistraject, die ik je heb doorgestuurd.
    Lieve schat, zet 'm nog even op, hou je taai!
    Veel liefs van ons allemaal,
    xxx mam

  14. for Freya - Alpha Yankee 3
    Fralalalalaaalalalalaaaaaaaaa (I hope someone has just had to read that out to you!)
    Not long to go now, I don't know where the time has gone. Be glad to have you home anyway and can't wait to hear all about your adventures and see all your pics - I bet you don't you have as many as Mum though haha!
    Hope you have an extra special day on Saturday, I'm sure it'll be a Birthday you'll never forget.
    Love you heaps and heaps, and I'll see you in a few days - YAY :-) x x x x x

  15. Hazel Foley - Alpha Yankee 3

    You're home looks very cosy - luxury Survivor style I reckon :) (which I still have resisted watching!) It looks like tough work getting the stuff for the paths so I'm expecting you to come back so pumped up! I've been organising with your Mum about picking you up :D I can't believe its only a week away now! I really can't wait to see you again! Have a safe journey back to base camp and I'll speak to you soon!
    All my love, Jody xxxx

  16. Adam Chalkley
    Hi Adam, I hope you are all ok (nothing on the blog for ages - so we have been imagining where you are!! probably not very accurately!) I think this will be the last blog before you get back, Dad and I are off to Surrey on Sat for family get together (mine!) in Shackleford apparently about 53 people going so should be lots of catching up to do! We are then staying down for a couple of nights so we can be at Heathrow bright and early on Monday (18th) if any different perhaps you could let us know or send a message to Mark on facebook. Anyway not much happening here weather still dry (not very bright though!) we'll be having a hose pipe ban soon!! Tottenham lost 1 - 0 to Real Madrid last night so 5-0 on aggrigate!! Gomes let in a very soft goal still by then it didn't matter much!
    I will go now and have some b/fast (will miss this morning ritual when you get back!!) Take care and can't wait to see you.
    Loads of love Mum & Dad

  17. Esmie Warne 11c Delta Yankee 2
    Hi Ez
    You must be almost finished by now and heading back to field base - hope it was fun! Cant wait to see some pictures. Moll back from Moscow safe and sound. Had great time. Moaning about revision already! Everyone looking forward to seeing you. Hopefully catch up at the weekend. Love you. Mum x

  18. hi babes me again sorry if i am boring you now but its cause i can.Just been looking at new photos looks like you are earning your keep haha.Make the most of it thats what memories are made of enjoy and becareful no accidents onyour last few days give us a chat when you can see uyou soon love you xxxx mudda
    to hazel foley alpha yankee 3

  19. Freya Lemon - Alpha Yankee 3:
    Miss Lemon,
    We regret to inform you that we are terminating your employment due to 3 separate accounts of inappropriate behaviour on your part. They are as follows:
    Numero uno: The general appalling treatment of domestic animals, in particular puppies.
    Numero dos: Using innocent children to endorse products such as pens and T shirts in order to further your own professional career - which is quite frankly sickening.
    And finally Numero tres: Being generally rubbish at sewing shorts, despite claiming otherwise.
    You are hereby fired. We are sorry to break it to you this way.
    Bond Pierce.

    P.S. I feel that this note is required to ensure that my message isnt outright rejected by the Raleigh screening process on the grounds of being wildly misleading ad rude - so far I don't think any of my other messages have made it through!
    I have seriouslllllly missed chilling with you/bullying you, and cannot believe that I won't be there for your birthday - you can expect an equally friendly facebook message when your big day arrives. I hope you've had as immmense a time as the first 2 phases (although realistically we both know this won't have been the case, and we are both fully aware why ;)
    Look after Debs for me.
    Lots and lots of love from boring old England,
    Your Mountain Goat,
    Benjammmin James Stamp.

  20. Richard Cronheim; Alpha Yankee 3:
    My dearest Ricardo,
    It is I, Claudio, your Nicaraguan brother. In the time since you departed I have developed a comprehensive grasp of the English Language, which is rather remarkable considering I previously could not pronounce words such as "Ant" (or "Owch") and Goodbye (or "Gooosebaye").

    However this is irrelevant.
    My real reason for writing is that I have a rather painful confession to make. . . . . . . Yes, It was I who broke your camera on that fateful night. I knocked it off of your bedside table as I attempted to sneakily steal some of Ben's Orios.
    I am deeply, deeply sorry.
    Claudio. Heir to the throne of the Red Moons.

    P.S. More bad news. We named both the kittens after Ben, as we liked him considerably more. Soz.

    Mate, I hope you've had a sweeeeeet phase without me, and that being with Freya again hasn't been too painful. I've seriously missed chilling with you guys, and hope I can catch you either when interrailing or at a Raleigh reunion.
    Look after yourself bro, and enjoy travelling with Dan.
    Adios Amigo,
    From your Captain and King,
    Benjamin James Stamp.
    "The Shepherd"

    P.S. "Cansado?"
    "Quizas Claudio, Quizas."

  21. For Clemmie Anderson, Alpha Yankee 3, Phase 3. URGENT. Have got you insurance cover from 15 April through 18 April. Insurer is Insure And Go, and policy number is MF/IG/202150/4484793. Lots of love and see you on Monday. M&D XX

  22. Rebecca Eno Delta Yankee 2

    Sorry for being so utterly useless but you should be used to that by now! I hope it's going well and your tan is progressing nicely. We even had the sun here for a few days which was great and I swam in the sea twice which was a little on the chilly side... I have so many things to tell you and I can't believe you'll back so soon!!!My family send their love. Much love from Strang xxxxxxxxxxxxx



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