Friday, 1 April 2011

Alpha Yankee 3- Casita Bonita

As we packed our bags and headed to Volcan Turrialba, we were all excited to discover what the final phase has in store for us. We had all heard great things about ranger stations with chandeliers, of hot water and stunning panoramic volcano views at work.

Fast forward to arrival at our 'home' for the next week....with grass growing out of the shower plug, spiders coming out of the mattresses and cold water barely running out of the taps, ' home' wasn't quite what we had expected.
However, in time Alpha Yankee 3 spirit and after mass clean up and and interior design operation, we are now truly at home in our 'Casita Bonita.' Not even blocked toilets and crazy charging cows can dampen our spirits!
What's more, our project on Volcan Turrialba has never failed to keep our spirits soaring. After being met by our Rangers Sergio and co of our first day a work, we experienced the most bumpy 4x4 rie of our lives to destination Turrialba. Here, we found ourselves standing above the clouds on top of a breathtaking, active volcano!

After days of digging, lifting, paving and cursing at the numerous rocks in our way, we can now see all of our hard work coming together.

So with our first project site nearly complete, the rangers happy, our cameras bursting with photos and our stomachs full of Roberto's legendary energy bombs, we prepare to say 'adios' to Volcan Turrialba and our Casita Bonita. We now look forward to our next Alpha Yankee 3 adventure-in the jungle!

by Freya


  1. Caroline Murray- Alpha Yankee 3.

    Iv only just written to you but as this update has just come up i thought i would write a quick message. sounds quality what you have been doing and for once your in all the pictures, looking amazing and back to your usual happy self. Saying that you look like a right thug in the one with your mask on haha. But very happy iv been updated on your life and with that phone call i was not expecting it has put me over excited for your return. keep at it love you lots speak soon xxxxxx sam xxxxxxxx

  2. Familia Fernandez Herrera1 April 2011 at 18:32

    alpha yankee 2 carol fernandez herrera. le enviamos saludes. esperando que se encuentre bien y disfrutando de estos ultimas semanas en esta caminata por todo guanacaste disfruta al maximo y si te cansas nada importa disfruta el cansancio me inmagino que debe estar con temperaturas muy fuertes pero es la empoca en que el clima es intenso pero debe tener unas tardes preciosas, por aqui estamos todos muy bien en nuestras labores cotidianas pronto nos veremos, te amamos papa.

  3. For Hannah Leach - Alpha Yankee 3

    Hi Darling

    I've just read the first report from Alpha Yankee 3 which sounds fantastic, but I'm wondering if this really is your group because you aren't in any of the photos, not even the group one, nor were you in the picture announcing the new groups. Hope you are OK and not sick or anything.

    Just been to yoga for the first time in months. Bala is as funny as ever, and always pleased to see me back.
    Might do a bit of sunbathing today - don't want to be out-tanned when you arrive!

    Missing you.
    Hugs and kisses

  4. For Hannah Leach - Alpha Yankee 4 (!!)

    Hi Darling

    OK I think I have solved the mystery. You have obviously changed groups.
    I hope this doesn't mean that you haven't been getting my messages. We thought you were up a volcano near base camp, but you are back in Nicaragua all this time.
    Looking forward to getting an up-date of your group on the blog.

    Hugs and kisses

  5. Hannah Leach - Alpha Yankee 4
    Hey Roo - just worked out you are in a different group - some mix up on names and photos at the cross over last week. Have just returned from Romania on the CEO's private jet! I felt like a rock star (vintage of course) when the limos arrived to pick us up as we came down the steps.
    I am in Manchester with Thomas and hearing about his new job which he has now started - I will let him tell you about it but he is chuffed to bits and so are we!
    Can't wait to see your photos and hear the stories plus get a hug of course.
    Besos grandissimos Papi

  6. For Jessica Bridge-Dunk, Delta Yankee 2

    Hey Jess,

    Just another message to say hello. Hope you're enjoying the trekking!

    I had my interview yesterday. The lesson I taught was a DISASTER, so needless to say I didn't get the job. Good experience though. I know what NOT to do in a lesson now! Trying not to get too down about it and think of it as a big positive that I got an interview at all. The other candidates at the interview seemed really good, so it's nice to know I was in a group with them - if you see what I mean! Had to teach Reception children which I've never actually done before...apart form at Steiner which was very very different of course. Everyone else had already done a placement in a Reception class so I guess they had more experience than me. Pateley Bridge was a bit crap anyway - very pretty but a bit dead / old ladyish / lots of shops for summer tourists. Poor old Dan came with me and had to sit in the car for half the day cos the only cafes that there were were horrible and the library didn't open till 11!

    There's loads of jobs coming up at the mo, it's hard to know what to apply for. Jobhunting could be a full-time job in itself! Gonna try and be selective so as to not stress myself out too much.

    Trying to think of other news. Apparently Dad has been banned from using his iphone in the living room! And there was a photo of us in the Goole and Selby Times from the march!!!! Mum is still poorly. The weather is miserable. Our group passed our presentation on Tuesday. Found some lovely jelly sweets that don't have gelatine in. Having some 'skinny' Glorious soup that was on Buy one get one free in Booths for my lunch. Not hungry yet though cos had 3 eggs (scrambled) for breakfast with 1 and a half muffins and a banana & peanut butter smoothie. Bet you'd kill for that! But then you're in Nicaragua so I won't feel too sorry for you. Going on a 'teaching yoga in the primary classroom' course tomorrow. Maybe that'll chill me out a bit!

    Have you decided where you're going to Uni yet?

    Love you loads and loads and loads,

    Your rejected Pateley-Bridge-doesn't-want-me-and-no-wonder-cos-my-lesson-was-rubbish-so-feeling-sorry-for-myself (!) sister,

    Rebecka x x x x x x x x x x x x

  7. Alpha Yankee 5. Lieve Anne, Hoe zou het toch met je zijn. Nog steeds geen foto's of nieuws over jou gezien. Vandaag 2 april, is het waanzinnig mooi weer. Buiten ontbijten, wel 24 graden hebben ze voorspeld. Morgen weer terug naar 13 en met regen.... Vanochtend vroeg met Isabel naar de Hocras geweest. Di. a..s lunch voor Marina, 37 pp. Verder alles z'n gangetje. Noortje ah stressen voor de toetsweek, Huib tegenwoordig ad sigaret..
    Oma heeft het nog wel moeilijk, komt morgen gezellig eten. Papa vandaag weer voor het eerst buiten gefietst. Huib gisteren gehockeyd tegen zuid afrikanen, net zoals jij toen. Kan schrijven wat ik wil, maar vgl. mij krijg je dit pas te lezen als je weer op de fieldbase bent.
    Nou ja hou je taai. Het zal daar denk best pittig voor je zijn. Ik hoop dat je de mensen daar goed kan helpen. Nou lieve schat, hou je taai!!xxx m

  8. For Duaa Al-Uzairy, Alpha Yankee 6

    Hey Du!

    I miss you loads! How are you and how is the project? I bet this one is really tough, but nothing my little Dora can't handle!! I want 2 see more pics, but I guess I'll have to wait for the next installment!

    So just a little update from life back here, the weather has been lovely the past week and a bit, its been warm and sunny...I can't wait 4 us to hang out in mama's garden and have our veg n dip snack and not 2 forget the barbeques! Bring it on I say!

    I need 2 go for a haircut, but the thought of having to sit 4 three hours for a haircut makes me want to slit my wrists..But he is good, so I guess I may have 2 endure the pain :(

    I'm at mama's today, just thought I'd spend me Saturday back home...she also offered to make me lunch which I'm not saying no to!Mirza went to the gym...yes that's right!

    Speaking of 'Wright', Mark proposed to Lauren on Essex and she said yes! lol Where are you when I need you most! That's all really, as you can see lfe back here is very exciting indeed x

    I hope you're still having a fab time, enjoy every minute, we're all proud of you and can't wait for you to come back xxxxxx

    Love you loads, Shizzle xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. larry castillo-rolando-alphayanky3.
    hello man, me alegra por usted que la este pasando super bien, le deseo lo mejor de la suerte y siga adelante no me awuebe que ya falta solo un poco lo felicito por que esta poniendo a nuestro pais en alto y felicidades con lo de la jaña, me cuenta todo con detalles cuando llegue a nic okis....

  10. Jessica Bridge-Dunk Delta yankee 3
    Hi Bunny,

    Writing this all alone in the house as Dad has gone to get some food and a new chair for the study.
    He suggested we went out for something to eat but am not really feeling up to it yet and could not think of anywhere local that would serve it to me while I reclined on some kind of day bed ! If you can think of anywhere please let me know.
    Am so fed up of being ill now and it would really cheer me up to see you. Think that they must be saving the best until last because your latest adventures have not been on yet......
    I have been trying to plan our cycling holiday and am struggling to find places to stay in Denmark that really tickle my fancy.I think when I finish sending you this I will have another look.
    Dinner tonight, Leek and Mushroom Rissoto. Not something you would fancy if you were here I am sure.There seems to be a definate lack of variety in the food described by the folks writing up your adventures.
    Wonder what you would like for your first meal back? We will have to make a plan. Maybe you can take us to Cafe no8.
    Hope that you have a few days to chill out before you go off to Eurocamp as I would imagine you will be absolutely worn out.
    I have not seen Lucy or anyone of your friends here when I have been out and about. Has she made her mind up as to which Uni she fancies ?
    Hope you got the message that the last one you are waiting to hear from said that applications are still being considered and not to worry.
    Autumn seems such a long time away yet thank goodness but it would be good to know where you will be so that we can all look forward to visits. I can really remember my Glasgow trip and our hotel with the Harry Potter film and tasty treats eaten in bed. Do you remember how cold it was ?
    No doubt we have got three years of similar weekends to look forward to !
    Auntie J and Uncle E set of for the lakes today. Auntie J was laughing because their cottage was flooded and the one they are staying in instead had lots of bears on the beds and in various places around the place. She was not too keen on them but I think Alvie liked the look of them and we were saying that about fifteen years ago you would have loved it.
    Have just eaten a home made banana muffin which was lovely as nothing seems to taste the way it should at the moment . Think I must be on the mend and perhaps I should just eat banana muffins until all symptoms have gone.
    I wish that I could fly over to where you are in a hot air balloon and drop supplies of very tasty items down to you all.
    I hope that all is going well for you and that you are fit and well. Saw a message from a Mum who had heard her daughter had been ill and had to miss a day. She was in your group. Hope she is soon well again it must be so hard to be ill and not to be with everyone else.
    Grandma says that she thinks it is a bit complicated to post a message but she is reading the blog and has printed out one of the photos and has put it on the kitchen wall.
    She sent you her love last time I saw her.

    Miss you very much but hope that you are having a really good time and that you are far too busy to miss us.
    Lots of love and kisses your Mummykins x x x

    Dearest Jimmy I posted you a message last week but I can't see that it got through to you so apologies if this is a repeat! Lovely lovely to see photos of you even if without trousers - you look so well and that makes us happy. I'm not quite sure where you are now - I thought you stayed put at your phase 3 spot to the bitter end but the posting seems to say you are off somewhere? Spoke to Lars. Don't worry things can be sorted on your return. Have sent old ones and if they get to your main station for the end of your Raleigh time, great. If they don't so be it. As for the broken nano, that can be replaced here too.......
    It was fabulous to get your email with all your news, especially to hear about your Spanish and the family you were with. Makes life here seems very humdrum! Al is home for the hols and working away. We had an amazing time in Jordan and saw Lizzie for an evening, she is on tip top form and now on Spring Break in Lebanon. G has Daniel over the weekend so she is a happy bunny. Take care of yourself my boy. No more sunburn please. So much love from mumma xx

  12. For Ellie Spicer - Alpha Yankee 5

    Hi Darling

    Just checked the lastest blog and no news from your group so far. I spoke to Claire today and she and Tom are going to blog so I hope that comes through shortly. We are all well; expecting John and Judith shortly and Victoria and Philip back with us tomorrow and then off to Canada. They would love you to stay with them if you can fit it in. Vic arrives on Tuesday for a few days which will be fun.
    Hats has been in Italy this weekend and is in good form but now looking forward to coming home. It will be wonderful to have you both back shortly. Do hope that you have settled in to the village and are getting to know your host family. Thinking of you always!!!!

    All our love
    Mum and Dad xxxxx

  13. For Rebecca Eno 11C Delta Yankee 2. We are all still waiting to read any news of your trek, to be sure that there are none of the wrong type of jungle ferns and that the pulperia stops are making the heat and dust tolerable. Beautiful Spring weather today, T has been at Cockington with Milla and Jess plus Milly-friend etc. maddy had a training run for the marathon which is just before you get back so you wont be able to laugh at her. She reckons it could be her slowest time yet. Going back to London tomorrow night in time for Maddy training and so that I can get to meeting in newbury on monday morning. Also so that we can check waht has been going on since we left. The stairs and landings are currently being sanded so hopefully when you get back they will be a splinter free zone. I have now got some delicious looking beef for your homecoming supper. I told the boys you will have been thinking about it for three months.Saw Peggy yesterday-now 95- who made us laugh telling us she had just met what she described as a very elderly lady in the garden- a mere spring chicken at 93. Mothers Day tomorrow so Tilly has been busy making me and Aunt R meringues for lunch tomorrow. Unfortunately she decided to whisk them by hand which was great for the 45 seconds that she could face doing so muggins had to do the remaining 10 minutes. We ned your muscle power back. We have grave news to report here. So you had better sit down. Maddy had her official measuring done this morning by Uncle J and I am afraid that she is now officially 2mm taller than you. Or possibly more if you have been compressed by your rucksack and too many meals of beans and rice. Lots and lots of love Mrms x

  14. For Jessica Bridge-Dunk (Delta Yankee 2 !)

    Hi little one - here is my weekly blog .. Rebecka is still in the lead but quality always wins over quantity. You wouldn't believe it but I get to hear more about her exploits by reading this blog !! I think she is trying to make sure you get her a really mega present which matches the one she got you in Namibia .. which to be fair on top of a volcano in Nicaragua, may prove to be some challenge !

    Mum still has flu, and I mean real flu (she has had for over a week now and has been to Docs three times which is a story for another day but you can imagine !) and still no real signs of recovery. We even had to miss Noah and the Whale at the Brudenell Social ! So today I did the ironing - whilst watching West Ham. They were beating Man U 2-0 with 25 to go but ended up losing 4-2. Vidic should have seen red twice and they got a dodgy penalty. And to cap it all, all the other teams around us had good results.

    May go to a couple of games at the end of the season before our hols (we will miss the last two games of the season). Maybe Man City away with Abdull and Blackburn at home tout seul ? Cant wait for some nice sunshine. After doing all the ironing (Mum told me to leave your bits for you to do), I also did the hoovering and washing and then went out to get some shopping. Tomorrow is gardening so it will probably pour with rain.

    Got a chair for the study which is quite comfy but Mum finds aesthetically rather disturbing.

    Goole Times and Selby Times printed articles on the March - will send them across as pdfs to you. TBH not that thrilling.

    Well I have to say that was a rather uninspiring blog and perhaps after all Rebecka wins on quality as well as quantity. But at least you know I am thinking of you little one .. and missing you.

    Night night .. love you lots ...

    Dad xxx

  15. Mick Foley alias Mickey3 April 2011 at 04:50

    Hazel Foley Alpha Yankee 3
    Hi Hazel it's your dad here.
    Me & mum are sat down looking at your groups photo's.It looks great where you are; and i am so pleased you are having this experience in your life.
    Everyone says to say hello and to let you know that we are thinking of you.
    We went to the races yesterday and had plenty of falling down water :-).I actually won a race this time; which shocked everyone.
    I am going away tomorrow for the week; to the Peak District with 14 of my students which is part of their Prince's Trust course; don't know if i'm looking forward to it of not.
    Mum say's; not to forget her post card from New York; think she wants to look important.
    Mum and Ellen will probably have a look on your blog during the week.
    Will let you know how my week went when i get back.
    Lots of love:
    Mum Dad Ellen xxx

  16. Freya Lemon - Alpha Yankee 3

    Hi Freya, lovely to read the blog and hear all about your adventures and 'creature comforts' at Volcan Turrialba. You seem to be thriving on all the hard work and fresh air (apart from the toxic volcano fumes - which I assume the masks were for?!) I hope you are now enjoying the final project in the jungle - what an amazing experience!

    Have a great birthday on the 16th. I'm pretty sure it will coincide with lots of end of expedition celebrations - so no doubt you'll have a birthday to remember!

    Can't wait to have you back and hear all about your amazing adventures.

    heaps of love, Mum xxxxx

  17. Sabrina Napthine - Alpha Yankee 4
    Hi Brie
    Was lovely to talk to you before you went to nicaragua cant wait to hear all about your projects definately have to get the hang of the skype thing!

    I had a lovely birthday burlesque show with afternoon tea and champagne on Saturday then met up with Ash and Emma and went for a Thai meal!!! which was lovely. I did airbrush makeup for a hair photo shoot that Trudie did on Monday and a hot stone massage course on Tuesday. A nice relaxing day on my birthday with so many messages on fb and texts I was really touched and felt very loved then dinner at Nags head with Steve and Mina. Thursday i went to Cambridge with Louise and friday London with the girls. Ash and emma are here this weekend and we went to the fountain for dinner last night and Ash is cooking roast today for mothers day.

    Vanessa has booked us a hoilday to crete for a week in May so really looking forward to that a bit of sun and relaxation.

    I missed the last book group but will find out from becs when the next one is and catch up with all your girlies.
    Ben is home for Easter next week so I'm really looking forward to seeing him he might even let me give him a hug!

    I'm missing you so much but know you are having a fantastic time and are happy. I'm very proud of you and send you big hugs and kisses and heaps of love from all of us here.

  18. For Caroline Murray Alpha Yankee 3 from mum dad and will

    Hi Munchkin! Don't you look the dude with your face mask lounging in the sun. Actually Will said you look like your'e slacking and posing in each photo but I said nooooo she wouldn't do that she is all work work work!!! Great photos. They get better and better - you need to stay for at least another 6 months! Naomi is here and there are lots of laughs. Spring is coming along nicely with some of the trees out already. Not long now and Sam is gearing up for the big drive up to the smoke! He will be fine and then we will all be here at home to welcome you back. What a trip eh?! Osk misses you so much he's growing fleas daily just for you! Millie is catching things and leaving them in your bedroom - you see they all miss you! Its Mothers day today and I'm thinking of last year when you took me to the Cowslip studios what a lovely day that was - we must do it again! Anyway till we chat in the next week or so ...lots and lots of love from us all and counting down. Wouldn't it be funny if we were all away... ha ha hugs and kisses mum dad and will xxxxxxx

  19. Kesiah 'Killer' Moss4 April 2011 at 09:44

    For Emma, Sylvie and Chema- Alpha Yankee 3
    Just thought i'd drop you all a little message to say hello and say im missing you lots! Hope you had a great time on the volcano although i see you weren't staying somewhere quite as luxurious as where we were! You'll be in the jungle now, carrying bag after bag of gravel I hope!!!! and I bet you are enjoying the waterfall! I keep waking up at night thinking im in the tent in the jungle looking for Lou and Carol, and it takes me a good ten minutes to realise no, im in England! Enjoy the rest of your time out there and emma, have a fanatastic time in NY. Say hi to Gerry for me! Miss you, speak soon!! Kesiah xxxxx

  20. Hola Chema
    Esperamos que te encuentres bien, disfrutando al máximo de estos lindos días de verano y de la compañía.
    Por acá todos estamos bien, en nuestros deberes cotidianos y gracias a Dios bien. Estoy tratando de inculcarle a Arianna la lectura y vieras que le va super bien, ya lee capítulos de libros infantiles y los disfruta. Todas las noches lee uno o varios capítulos, me tiene muy sorprendida. Te cuento que Scott se volvió loco y mató los dos conejos, fue una masacre terrible, por suerte Arianna no se dió cuenta ni yo tampoco, le tocó a Luis limpiar todo y enterrarlos. Por suerte Ari lo asimiló bastante bien. También te cuento que le conseguimos novio a Chispa, es un perrito de Grecia, y la llevamos para ver si queda embarazada, esperamos que haya quedado para tener chispitas. Está toda chineada la bandida. Han pasado varias ferias de arte, estuvo Transitarte y la Feria de la UCR y también la del CATIE, fuimos a dos de tres y nos acordamos de ti, estuvimos pensando que ahí hubieras andado disfrutando de la feria, pero bueno, estás disfrutando de cosas mejores y experiencias diferentes además de hacer cosas productivas para ti y para otros.
    Te conseguí un recipiente para los almuerzos, a mí me gustó mucho y espero que a ti también te guste.
    Dice Ari que tiene un Puffle blanco que le gusta mucho y que cuando vengas si quieres te lo presta para jugar.

    Esperamos verte pronto. Suerte y muchos éxitos en la expedición. Cuídate mucho.

    Un fuerte abrazo.
    Tïa, Luis y Arianna.

  21. Jody Wiltshire6 April 2011 at 07:20

    Hazel Foley Alpha Yankee 3

    I hope you're doing well in your new 'home' hehe it looks incredible! I've just finished the 48hour film competition with Hannah so I've finally slept! We got a good film out of it eventually so fingers crossed.
    I hope still miss me as much as I miss you! Not many weeks now though :D :D yay!
    Keep your spirits up and have an awesome time!
    Love Jody

  22. Hola Chema alfa yankee 3,espero estes muy bien.Nosotros todos bien,anhelando tu regreso.Un poco aburridos,pues el tiempo está feillo.quiero que sepas que nos sentimos contentos por tu disfrute, pero eso no implica que te extrañemos.Gracias a Dios ya pronto estarás con nosotros.Recibe muchos besos de tus abuelos que te amamos con el alma.Bendiciones. Sandra

  23. For Clemmie Anderson, Alpha Yankee 3, Phase 3. CONGRATULATIONS! You have been offered a place at Southampton for Medicine! Just got back from wonderful week in North East and got your lovely letter when we got home this evening. Can't wait to see you on 18th, and Mumz looking out red velvet cupcake recipe. Lots of love from your proud parents and Florence XXXX



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