Thursday, 7 April 2011

Alpha Yankee 5 Update – by Harry Fellows and ‘Chich’

After an exhausting and ridiculous rave in the ‘party bus’ we arrived in Achuapa. Heads rose and eyes scanned as we entered the village we were to be situated in for the next few weeks – then the community all came out to give us a warm welcome. Living so close with the locals, their chickens pigs and scrawny dogs has been a bizarre but amazing experience. The bare essentials are becoming normality along with their delicious rice & beans and tortillas. Every day we pickaxe and mattock trenches, while the locals dig the spring holes / we pull out buckets of excavated dirt and rock – this will eventually produce a spring to direct fresh and clean water into all of their homes. Our strong headed venture ‘Emily’ has been putting her foot down when the local men try to take over here pick-axing! (They’re only trying to help!)


  1. Mari Huws Jones Alpha Yankee 5

    Newydd ddarllen y neges gan Harry Fellows am yr Alpha Yankee 5 - falch o glywed eich bod yn mwynhau ac yn cael bwyd blasus! Gobeithio dy fod yn iawn. Judith yn holi amdanat - mae hi wedi bod yn Nicaragua. Pawb yn iawn yma. Dwi wedi dechrau mynd i Glwb Ffotograffiaeth Geraint! Fuom ni yn Ninas Dinlle nos Lun yn tynnu lluniau - o wnes i fwynhau jest cael trio bod yn greadigol (ond fod y ffaith mod i ddim yn deall y camera yn fy nal i nol braidd.....!)

    Pryd wyt ti am ddod adra Marsan? Wyt ti dal am aros am dipyn - sgen ti rhywun yn gwmni tybed?

    Meddwl llawer amadanat.

    Cariad mawr, Mam (a Dad a Gwyn)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Harry's proud mum, Lea8 April 2011 at 00:07

    Hey GREAT Blog! And you got your name in print before Tesni- she'll be jealous as she's writing articles for the school mag now.
    At last we can now see what you're getting up to.
    Living with locals and chickens and dogs?? Sounds like home H!
    Well, all I can say, judging by the size of the hole you dug, is, dad is going to have to hide the mattock and pick when you come back. Garden feature and a half, that would be!!
    Found any water yet??
    I'm assuming that you'll be reading this as you get back on the bus to return to base. I googled Achuapa and reckon your road bus will only get to you once during your stay up there. Bet you won't be "raving" your way back to CR. How are the muscles then?? And have you still got 10 digits on your hands and feet and 2 of everything down the outside of your body and 1 of everything down the middle??
    Have you been officially adopted by another fam?? Please say "NO" cos we MISS you Baz soooo much.
    It's official! Dad and I went to the King William for supper last night (now we're on our lonesome) and we both talked about how long the last 5 weeks have been without your friendly face about. Can't wait til you're able to FB pics and messages more often, but this blog really made me smile. :)
    Well done to you and all your teammates for helping to bring a basic human need to a community.
    Keep smiling and singing( sea shanties??) and dancing on that bus as your Raleigh experience comes to an end.
    You all deserve a long and hopefully not too bumpy ride back.
    All my love, Big M.xxxxxxxxx

    PS Tes has cycled thro Central park, walked down 5th avenue (without me), Visited the Empire State at night and toured the UN building. She's off to Ellis and Liberty islands today and the Guggenheim!

    PPS XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX from Grandma and Grandad and Ummer xxxx


  3. Emily!
    Meisje peisje hoe is het met je?? hoe is je project??? suppppper leuk of wat?? bijna 10 weken voorbij kind! nog een week! wat leip! echt please ga mij bellen!!! of ik bel jouw wel!! ik ben ook rete benieuwd naar wat je hierna gaat doen!!!! mis je nog steeds en stuur natuurlijk nog steeedss mails naar je! hier is het verder nu al lekker week 25 graden gemiddeld dus primaa en verder is het het zelfde uit gaan beeetje school niks doen enz. helemaal fijn dus! ik kan niet wachten om je weer te zien!! heeel veeel plezier nog de laatse paar dagies en dan gaan we wel mailen ofzo of BELLEN!! succces ook wel met dag zeggen dat is ook raar hoor! als je niet goed word je weet me te vindne he!?? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. To Ellie Spicer Alpha Yankee 5

    HEY ELLIE!! Don't know if you got my other blog message, or quite how it works (it's slightly different on here to the India one - we're going to have so much fun comparing stories!!) but it's fab seeing the photos of you - it looks incredible! I am really missing India now, but it's also nice being home - I bet it feels weird knowing you've nearly finished! wow your project looks brilliant. Can't wait to hear all about it. love you lots, Lucy xxxxx

  5. Lieve Emily, Laatste weekje al weer! Wat een ervaring. Ik mis je kleine. Bel me zodra je kan. Ik denk aan je dag en nacht.
    Love you honey. X piet

  6. to:- Jonny 'BF' McCarthy:- Nyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!



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