Monday, 11 April 2011

Alpha Yankee 5 Update - By Harry Fellows & Chich

After adjusting to the climate and settling in with our families, a week and a half of back breaking work has been done. One of the holes has finally reached water after getting to a depth of eight metres. No signs of any water on the other hole yet, but it only six metres deep. However, the local magic man and his metal water-detecting pole have assured us we will find water soon. Two more projects s have been found for us involving heavy duty cementing, trench digging and brick carrying. We still aim to put all out efforts into the project for what little time we have left. Teaching is still on the agenda every week day; however despite our best efforts we seem to be learning more Spanish than they are learning English! Last Sunday was a perfect day for bonding with the locals as they took us to an open field to play baseball - then to cool off we headed to a beautiful river. We all feel right at home here, even the chickens sleeping on our beds during the day is the norm, a banging radio at 4 am is accepted and the local pig is now an asset to our lunch time relaxation hours.


  1. Emily van de bunt
    Bijna bijna bijna bijna xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. hey chich hum here, with your papa!! analysing your hard work..... oooooooh whos a big dog these days! still marrying you btw, dont let anyone pinch you off me! hum XX

  3. Harry Fellows-Alpha Yankee 5

    Bazzy!! I'm back from the US OF A. It was amazing, had such a good time. Forgot how crackin New York was and Washington was a definite hit. Although, to be honest, i've seen so many of the tourist sites in it i really don't know what i would go there to see now.. haha!!
    How's everything? Mum said you would be on bus coming back by now so hopefully you will get this before you go go to your new travels. 7 weeks has flown by so quickly but from your pictures and your little additions to the website's blogs, this trip sounds fully worthwhile!! you're so lucky.
    Weather wasn't great in NY cept for one day in Washington where i was able to wear shorts but apart from that, was very cold, wet and windy for America. But went and toured the Empire State at night which was crackin, the UN building, the Supreme court, the House of Representatives and Capitol, the national parks memorial sites in Washington for Vietnam, Korean war, world war 2 and saw lincolns and george washingtons like memorial sites. Wandered around times square, down fifth avenue, Ben's chilli bowl which was served thee best chilli and where obama had visited and everything, was a big deal haha. But yeah, so much more seen, so tired!
    On the plane back is well a man fainted and collapsed and stopped breathing and they had to do cpr and mouth to mouth and everything on him. i slept through most of it like usual and it was literally in the isle right next to me so mum pretty impressed with my deep sleepness ha but yeah that was quite scary to wake up too.
    So cornwall on monday, not quite like Morocco but got told next year we're hitting up Venice or New York so thats quite exciting and something to look forward to already about year 13 haha. But revision it is for me now, got quite a bit done today so cramming some in before i go back to school. Study leave in 2 weeks i believe.. scary!! first exam is on 17th May and last is the 7th june.
    U2, coldplay and beyonce all headlining glastonbury. If beyonce doesn't bring Jay z just to do a all time classic to finish on, i'm gonna be so angry ha. Would link you the headlining thing but doubt you will be able to see it but basics, the list looks pretty top notch this year, literally cannot wait :)
    keep posting those blogs, their reet funny and good to see another fellows writing, submitted all my pieces for the school magazine so should be good to see that published :)
    Well anyways, keep safe, let us know when you're heading off to your first stop to start your travelling with Atbin and Dan.
    Hope you're all well and not burning anymore. missing you lots.
    lots and lots and lots of love baz xxxx

  4. Hey Christopher,





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