Monday, 11 April 2011

Alpha Yankee 6- Birthday Twist by Camilla O'Connell

I had been looking forward to having my birthday while on Raleigh because I knew it would not be a normal birthday at all. How many people can say they have celebrated a birthday in a Costa Rican Indigenous Reserve?
The actual day started bright and early at half past five, apart from everyone wishing me a happy birthday it seemed like any other day Alpha Yankee 6 have had in Alto Cuen as we removed our bags and the tools from the primary school classroon we sleep in, and set up the three bowl system ready for breakfast. Suddenly we all heard screams of 'Ayuda Ayuda' from the football field. Fearing the worst we rushed over to find out what was happening only to find Kitty, who had gone on an early morning run, being chased by a turkey. Luckily an Alto Cuen local came to her rescue and scared the evil turkey away with a piece of cloth.
After breakfast of Gallo Pinto and lots of ridiculously sugary coffee. Everyone set out to work, some people went out to collect wood, others went down to the building site to help the roof beams go up, but Wellard and I stayed at the camp as we were on camp duty that day. An Alpha Yankee 6 responsibility of camp duty is to make improvements to the camp so we decided to make a bar, only serving water and a little bit of tang of course, which would be perfect for the nights festivities.
Everyone was very impressed with the new 'Tayni Bar' when they came back from working for lunch, which was plantain, which most of us love.
Despite the rain we had a prductive afternoon on the bulding site and a wonderfully refreshing evening swim in the river. When it finally came to supper, our cook Apapeta had made a feast of chicken stew and rice. Supper was followed by the real birthday festivities, I was given a group card there was a bonfire and marshmellows lots of face paints and even a lot of dancing.
It was a shame not to be with my family an friends but my birthday in Alto Cuen was a day I hope to remember for the rest of my life!


  1. For Fabienne Ouwehand (alpha yankee 6)

    Eindelijk dan een paar foto's! Ik heb er iedere dag naar uitgekeken (en papa ook). Het duurt echt lang dan hoor als je niets hoort of ziet van je. Zo te zien hebben jullie het heel erg naar je zin. Ik kijk er nu al naar uit dat je ons een dezer dagen gaat bellen. Lieverd, maak er nog iets moois van en we spreken elkaar nu heel gauw! Ik hou van je!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Steve and Diane12 April 2011 at 10:17

    Hi Wellard! Just a quick catch up to say that we safely returned from a short break in Malta. We had an excellent time. Weather was very good. However having just read the blog we clearly did not have as good a time as you seem to have been having - especially on your camp duty day. You made a bar? What can we say ? - only that some things never change ! Continue to enjoy the whole experience. The school structure is looking very good. Well done to you and all in Alpha 6. Lots of love from Mum and Dad.xxxxxx

  3. Shelley had a girl !!! All Well Love mum

  4. Clare & Andy Haigh12 April 2011 at 15:06

    Rebecca Eno c/o 11c Delta Yankee 2
    Hi Becca
    Hope you're having a fantastic time & the trek is going well - you must be almost there now! Just to let you know we're thinking of you. Sun is shining back in Blighty but much colder than where you are! Take care.
    Love A Clare & U Andy xx

  5. To Lara Frankel leader Delta 5

    Hi Lara Shelley had a little girl on 12th April
    5lbs something Her name is Shira she has dark
    hair and Shelley said she looks just like Daniel
    when he was born. Hope all well with you So
    looking forward to seeing you again. Not long now
    Love u lots Mum

  6. For Duaa Al-Uzairy, Alpha Yankee 6

    Hi Du!
    I miss you loads! Its been ages since we last spoke, how is the project? I saw the latest update for your look so pretty with your face paint and luscious locks xx

    Nothing much going on here, I'm getting ready for exams so its crunch time :( Mama and Marwa send you big hugs and kisses and we're all excited to have you back soon! Can you believe its almost over?

    I love and miss you loads!! yalla hurry back, loads of new songs I wanna share with you lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Love from ShuShu xxxxxxxx

  7. To Harriet Marsh - Delta Yankee 4
    Thinking today your trip is nearly over. Hope project enjoyable and you have a nice rest before flying home on day of the Royal Wedding. I have e mailed you today as well as blogging.
    Had nice holiday last week with mum. Chris seems very well.
    Love from Dad

  8. For Kitty Drake,Alpha Yankee 6
    Hi my fellow fishcake disaster chef. I said i would blog you so here you are, sorry its taken me so long. You're probably back at fieldbase by now but i hope you had an amazing time on your community project, and that you ate lots of beans and tortillas. I have to say i'm missing cookie club a lot. Anyway hope you have a great time on the rest of your travels. Say hello to everyone for me. Miss you all! keep in touch. Kesiah xxxx



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