Monday, 11 April 2011

Delta Yankee 1- Trekking for Dummies- A survival guide by Mags Chileav

The Turrimacho Trek is fast heading from Coast to Coast and with only three days of walking left before they can relax on the beach here is their survival guide-
1. Always have compeed- great against monster blisters.
2. Multiply any estimation of time or distance by a factor of 3.
3. When the route card says flat always assume hilly.
4. Pulperias are an oasis- always stock up on biscuits which, for efficiency purposes, must be purchased in a multi-pack.
5. Underwear is a waste of valuable snack space.
6. All clothing garments may be turned inside out and worn with a new lease of life.
7. There is NO hot water in Costa Rica, the sooner you accept this, the easier it will be.
8. During meal times, keep you ear open for chance seconds.
9. Windows, water and shiny silverware are the only mirrors you'll get on trek.
10. Looking hungry and speaking broken Spanish to local well occasionally result in pity pancakes or tortillas.
11.Footsteps in the sand well last forever in you heart heart.


  1. Jessy boon cowler delta Yankee 6

    2 bits of news: dfa tickets due to be delivered tomorrow, woop!
    Think have sorted glist for off sonar party at secret rooftop location! Will get sent comprehensive list closer to the time of all parties on offer. I wonder who my plus one is this year!!!???!! Almost sorted accreditation out for us too, team b!!!

    Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (alex)

  2. jade pearson delta yankee 1 hi jade great photo looking tan just a week to go just think rest when you see the beach soak up the sun cold here dream of a soft bed hot water only kiding not ha ha very proud of you cant wait to hear you storys see all your photos dads going to start you room tonight all sends you love missing you love you mum xxxxxx

  3. The LEGEND that is Mags Chilaev, all hail the master DELTA YANKEE 1

    HOLY ****!!! you look like a segment of my imagination when I try to envisage God pressing the rewind button on a dysfunctional remote control - a tonk piece of humanity in red shorts lost in reverse evolution somewhere in the amazon
    so jealous of the tan though, what a superb shin colour, they're like bronze!
    i can't possibly comment on the mohawk. is it alive?

    oh Mags I can't say your photos make me happy anymore, I smile and am unable to suppress nervous excited giggles when I read your writing but it makes me very sad. I am reading this book about Joseph Banks and almost cried when I read a reference to his best friend, his sister (yes how lame I know!!)
    so proud of you for doing the blog updates, thank you, and it's really very funny. revision is so dull, wish i could take a break by wandering outside with you, without any plans, ready for another two hour adventure with laughter, jelly snakes, Sabila's bus pass and a camera. miss you so much xxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Delta Yankee 1 MAGS

    p.s. the advocacy of using underwear space for snack storage is absolutely mingin' (REZZZPECT)
    haha if mum ever thought mismatched socks were an outrage...


    so you have finally tapped into dutch technological talent...? sorry, i know the eagle flew about a week ago but i forgot my phone in halls and only just received it.
    and a man called back about an hour after i tried to contact you, from a french restaurant to confirm a booking, i thought he sounded foreign and started shouting GILLES?! GILLES?!! down the line (only because this is the only person dutch person i've heard of)
    a bit gutting, but this will probably be my reaction for every text/call from now on. it's like facebook updates (LOL)
    but so thrilled to receive a personalised my very own esemesku
    oh yeah also good news: I have received complete insurance for the phone!!!!!!! also Lali declared to the whole of Tesco's 'maggie is in costa rica!' yesterday, she keeps asking when you are back and says hello, love you xxxxxxxxxx

    Mags ChilAEv

    in the spirit of earlier recollections I've copied and pasted my exchange with Asama:
    M:С днем рождения старичок!
    A:рано меня в старики записывать))) хотя седые волосы уже есть))
    M:что?!! Это шокирующая новость! я надеюсь, что ты шутишь
    (Если нет, я могу летом прихватить с собой мою супер краску для волос - надеюсь рыжеватый цвет тебя устраивает!)
    Mags был на острове в феврале, но сейчас пешком пересекает Коста-Рику (200 км, from Carribean to the Pacific coast)
    могу передать сообщение! (у него нет телефона but he is able to check his email once every 3 weeks) please say hello to gera!
    A:да есть несколько)) но я их не ликвидирую специально))) Прихвати ярко красный и зелёный) вместе с моими седыми сделаем флаг Чечни как раньше эксперименты делали с моими волосами))) передай ему чтоб не останавливался и шёл до Слепцовска я его встречу))) Салам маршал ему и Амишке с Лайлашкой поцелуй)

  7. to Mags Chilaev, Delta Yankee 1

    Hi Mags; greetings from Balham. I'm sorry if my previous message didn't get through - can't find it anywhere on this blog.

    We're enjoying seeing your tribe again, and just had a very tasty lunch involving chaipolgash wedges and ice-cream.

    I've heard about your turtle-surfing exploits from Maya, and look forward to hearing much, much more about your adventures after you get back. Maybe you'll pop over to the far East some time? We admire your shorts and haircut.

    Gabe gets married in May - did I mention that already? He's in Bulgaria for a meeting today, but I know they'd love to see you in the London area if you have a chance.

    lots of love from
    Adam, Jo, Naima and Finn

  8. Mags chileav
    delta yankee 1

    hey dude, pretty cool meeting you on the beach the other day, found your website in the end haha
    the trek sounds gnarly mate! but really stoked you'll be joining us soon, surf up here is pumping, heads up to the turtle crowd

  9. Alpha Yankee 1 to Sander ten Haven

    Lieve Sander,
    Van harte proficiat met je verjaardag daar in de jungle!Wat zul jij veel meegemaakt hebben daar.
    Ik heb met jouw moeder en andere vriendinnen heerijk genoten in Mazamet. Geniet er nog even van, groetjes, Caroline Toonders

  10. Donaldina Brookbek15 April 2011 at 03:06

    Mags Chilaev
    Delta Yankee 1

    Dear Mags, I feel a bit guilty clogging this blog page up with messages (so far there are 5 in a row for you!) but I haven't written to you in a while and it's only fair that I have a say too!
    I do miss our coffee dates very much, it seems now that we cannot order a whole milk hazelnut hot chocolate with whipped cream and a chocolate flake for you, there is no real reason to go to Starbucks (i have only been twice since I last saw you)
    I bumped into your sister while shopping on monday, outside Davidoff in St James, she looked a bit nervous, I expect it's the upcoming exams, which you are so lucky to not have to worry about (!!) Izzy, though she won't admit it, misses you incredibly and has hung the school photo of the two of you up on her wall (she will be deeply embarrassed by this comment i am sure but it will be nice for you to know how much she misses you - we all do)
    must dash now as I have work in half an hour but much love and kisses, and do say hello to Max, Donaldina

  11. Hello Niki, I hope your doing well and have a great time. Maintenant en français. Comment vas-tu? Nous sommes un peu sans nouvelles de ta part. Seras-tu présent au bâptème de Abiogaëlle? Si oui, tu arrives quand ? Si non, tu vas nous manquer enormement. Nous pensons beaucoup à toi. Bonne continuation.Guido

  12. Harriet Marsh Delta Yankee 4
    Look forward to seeing you later this month. Hope the scheme went well and you enjoy the beach break before flying home.
    Lots of love Dad



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