Thursday, 7 April 2011

Delta Yankee 2 Update – by Jessica Bridge-Dunk

After a final feast at McDonalds, we crossed the border into Nicaragua and the imminent Raleigh diet started with noodles and sauce in the Jinotepe School, our home for the night.

We parted ways with Delta Yankee 6 in Estelí and boarded the bus over to our starting point. A nice surprise awaited for us as we had an unexpectedly short walk to out first overnight stop at a Raleigh built community centre. Apart from a lively dog and freezing temperature we all managed to get a good night’s sleep. And so begun the trek proper!

The 23km walk on day 3 was inevitably difficult yet we were met at the end by a pulperia where we all enjoyed Pepsi and sweet tortillas and cream. The next two days consisted of massively steep hills in exposed hot and dry areas – tough stuff! However, the view from Cerro La Fila and the incredible sunset made it worthwhile.

So a tough first week for Delta Yankee 2 but all still enjoying it despite the endless hills and blazing sun!


  1. Para Dawn Tennant, Delta 2?
    Hi Dawn,
    I think I have just read the blog from your group....I think i have got the right group! But no pictures which is a pity. We got to valencia ok. Nice and warm. 26C! Everyone here alright.
    Will keep checking and writing. Besos. Mama. xxxx

  2. For Jessica Bridge-Dunk Delta Yankee 2

    Hi Bunny,
    Shouted Daddy as just saw your report on the blog.I must have sounded excited as he came running from the bathroom with his toothbrush in hand. He thought we had a masked intruder or two !
    Am alarmed to read of the "lively dog" . I hope you did the thing we have always discussed and got everyone else to do the same.....
    It sounds very hard going and another alarming thing was to hear how cold it was when you told me before leaving base camp that you did not need to pack your sleeping bag.
    Hope that you are winding me up and there was no lively dog and the nights are warm and comfortable.
    Rebecka came for the day today and we had a lovely time.She made lunch and we had a nice long chat.We had one or two snacks too!
    It was so good to feel that we have had some kind of contact from you.
    Before I go to sleep tonight I will wish that your nights will be warm, that there will be no LIVELY DOGS and that you will be safe and happy.
    Love you so much you would not believe it. Your Mummykins x x

  3. para nacho camacho delta yankee2
    Mae diay nacho? haga aun que sea señales de humo haber si acaso sabemos de ud.
    Vamos para cabuya en semana santa espero que pueda en el face esta el evento, sepalo. lo doy por informado, vuelve, a casa...cafecito espera-pronto.

  4. para : yendry castro/delta yankee 2
    de: mamá :#
    holaaaaaaami princesa, todos te queremos-jaja!! te amo!!!
    Les hemos seguido x medio del blog estas semanas, ayer x fin leímos algo y su papá era como: "haber haber , xinia , busque del grupo de yen y veamos las fotos".
    Muy bonito el MINI comentario q subieron al blog sobre uds,y las fotos... por cierto también bastante racionaditas, son tres (una, de la espalda de alguien; otra de un sendero con alguien caminando , q no se distingue bien y la ultima de una montaña).
    Asi q edgar inmediatamente reclamó y llamó al hijo de pucha (jijij) y dijo: “ hijo de Pucha; no ve, de otros grupos hasta hay 6 fotos y se ven los muchachos, en cambio yo no puedo ver a mi nenita y además casi no dicen nada!!!)
    Asi q mija vea a ver si pueden hacer algo, edgar quiere ver al grupo en las fotos y sobre todo a UD!!! OBVIO!!.Porque como diría una querida amiga -"el hombre está, q ya se descompensa y va a requerir atención en crisis!!!!" jajajaaa…
    ….Y por su puesto el niño q llora y la mama q lo pellizca…YO me ofrecí gustosa a escribirle conrriendito a ud. Asi q si puede digale ahí al guía "fotos, fotos, fotos y mas comentarios, " si no se puede, sabremos entender xk yo se q teus ta en todas!!!jajajajaja/q pola!!!jajajajaja

    Hoy en la mañana edgar me preguntó –“bueno, xinia, pero cuando es q viene yen x fin???”o sea su papá está quemando los últimos cartuchos-dice q la extraña demasiado pero q está feliz de esa superadventure!!!!! Ya quiere oir de sus experiencias…. Pero tranqui, q todo sigue super bien x aqui, solo le cuento todo esto para q sepa que aquí se le super extraña y se le quiere; o sea mae, o sea..; q te diré!!! (jajajajajaja-q super recontra , hiper pola , jajaja- cacta, cacta??? jajajajaa )
    Con cariño de: tu mama es tu madre.♥♥♥♥

  5. Message for Maria Bedford Delta Yankee 2

    Hello! Had a lovely quiet birthday. Got cards from the A, K & L and from Chris & Barnie - they wrote that 'I must be missing you' - yes! I even managed to send cards to Amelia and Alice too. They've been away on their trip to Disneyland Paris. Suppose Kat etc. off soon too. I'm off work for the next 2 weeks (except Sats/Tues Highcliffe/Xch libraries) and plan to get my Chartership portfolio done, and maybe some outstanding domestic chores too (yeah right). Spring has arrived! Daffodils and sunshine etc. Might even get the bike out! Went to Portsmouth Uni last week for librarian meetings & talks. Back at work 27th April.

    Here's an excerpt from Chalie Brooker's Guardian column on Monday that made me think of you "I did spend several years working as a shop assistant – and during that time I learned, as anyone who spends their week standing behind a counter quickly learns, that the worst kind of customers are the ones who think they're automatically superior to you just because you're serving them. ... You can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat waiters and shop assistants, especially when you are one. ... I vividly recall one guy who sloped in wearing a loose pair of tracksuit trousers, absentmindedly playing with his own b*ll*cks as he entered. He stood at the counter, scanning the display behind me and obliviously juggling his g**lies – at one point literally reaching inside to re-arrange his collection – and then wiped his nose with the back of his hand, sucked the slime off it, pointed at an item he was interested in and said: "Show me that." Moments later he started an argument about how much it cost, demanded a discount, and, when I refused, called me an *rs*h*le and knocked a load of boxes off a shelf by the door as he left. Based on that one five-minute encounter, more than 17 years ago, I'd be prepared to bet that man is today either dead or in jail. And probably still playing with his n*ts."

    Did you get my last messages in time to rearrange your flight? Hope so, if not see you soon! There's voting in local elections and in AV voting referendum on 5th May. Exciting. Well hope your trek is not too arduous and hot (as it says on the blog) - bet you're thin again?
    Love Mum xxx, Mr B xxx, Mr W xxx

  6. salam sa voy mags chilaev
    I AM SO USE TO here the new from u sinok personaly encoraging always happy i almost wouldnt look for blog but look for u name but this time i suppose u dont want to spoil the rest of the group
    I am very much looking forward to 18 april
    THE school holidays are now started will keep us beasy i now it is hard to go throu those hard times but u should proud of uself i rmember when maya was back and talking thou the hard bits of her trip i exclaime ,mags should experience that u went a bit apset by it.i am very proud of u cinok vozvrashaicy domoy me zdem teby inshalax

  7. Para Dawn Tennant, Delta yankee 2
    Dearest Alba,
    Keep on trecking! Photos look amasing. Everyone here alright. Very hot. Today is expected to reach the 30degree, which is a bit of a shock to the system! Wed today at 6.30pm so will write tomorrow with gos. I dont know if they are writing to you from home, but everyone is fine. Little harry a bit unsettled, but it is really warm there too, 23 degrees, so may be he is feeling the heat too. No too long now for your return. May be you dont want it to finish but we are missing you lots! Enjoy your last few days. Lots of besos y abrazos. M. xxxx

  8. For Dawn Tennant Delta 2
    Hola Alba, que tal? Tu madre y yo estamos en Espana por la boda de Edu y practico my espanol, espero que tu puede hablar mejor ahora. Phew back to Ingles. Good to hear where you are and that all is well. Hope you are surviving the backpacking and your body is standing up to it. You should be tough as nails by the time you get back with muscles bursting out of your bridesmaids dress! See you quite soon now. Love Dadx

  9. Delta yankee 2
    Yendry (wendry) y Nacho (nachin)

    Pero es que esto es un abuso no ponen fotos de uds los quiero ver caminantes y pinches 3 fotos, ni x broma salen, ni x broma, ya ni me acuerdo de que color tenian las cejas, que confusion mas grande :S pero bueno al menos hay un mini comentario de como los esta tratando la vida porai, suena preciosisimisimo-sisimo, que lindo q estan disfrutando las pulperias, la vista del cerro la fila ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh que jeta verdad, de las mejores vistas de la vida y de los mejores sentimientos de completituuud que se pueden sentir sintiendo te entiendo..todo es una que locura, la gente de las comunidades es otra familia, y el sol es una incoherencia pero de veritas que es de los sentimientos mas increibles que se guardan en el corazon y solo recordandolos se puede devolver al momento y al lugar y sentirse igual de feliz, espero que sean muy campeones cada dia, ya les falta poquitillo, sigan enamorandoses mucho de las mañanitas y de las tardecitas y de las nochecitas que les quedan. Que emocion ya casi los veo de nuevito! les mando muchos pensamientos positivos! y abrazos! los quiero mis queridos y los vidrios prontico

  10. For Jessica Bridge-Dunk Delta Yankee 2

    Hi Bunny,
    We are having so much sunshine here it is incredible. Sat out in the garden yesterday with Dad and read.
    Am thinking that you must be coming towards the end of your little stroll by now. Hope that you all make it and that you are looking forward to relaxing at the end.
    Rebecka and Dan set off to Scotland this morning for three nights. Bet they have a brilliant time. they are heading for the Isle of Arran.
    Grandma said she saw your write up on the blog and enjoyed reading it. She sends her love.
    Hope that you are having enough to eat and drink. Also just think of all the other things I always worry about and I will not bother to write them down.
    Still worried about dangerous dogs which is a worry I had not really had until you opened my eyes to the fact that you are surrounded by them!
    Hope we get to chat to you when you get back to base camp.
    Love and kisses for you, Mummykins x

  11. message for sabina bridge, alpha yankee 6

    Hi binko, another week passes by, no new message on the blog, I did sent one just after mother's day, last sunday the 3rd, probably have gone astray as I didnt see it among messages. Guess work is progressing well on school.

    This will be our final message. Not long now, look forward to seeing you soon.
    Take care, miss you lots, love from daddio & mammio xxx

  12. Sophie Kretowicz11 April 2011 at 13:50

    For Alex Delta Yankee 2.

    Hi bro,

    Hope you are still having an amazing time and are not finding the trek to tiring, rather you than me! The mother was reading other people's comments the other day and was delighted to see that a sister had written "Mum cannot bear to tear herself away from the blog"- obviously because she is exactly the same! Very odd, worrying times.

    Emily is now in Bali, I still don't think she has quite adapted to the traveller lifestyle, you know what she is like. But she is very pleased, as I am going out to meet her in Bangkok in 2 and a half weeks time wooo. I am not sure whether to be very excited or very scared- 2 weeks with Emily is enough to drive anyone insane.

    I have now fully stolen your room and am really enjoying the massive bed and plasma screen. Maybe you would consider a swap?

    Love you loads and miss you lots, looking forward to a long phone call when you have finished the treking. Take care pooey xxx

  13. To Scott Baxter Delta Romeo 5 -
    Hi - Glad you got the message about the flights. Sorry they can't be changed and sorry to hear that Brendan may not be able to meet you in NYC.
    Got your email from the internet cafe. Sounds like you're keeping well as things start to draw to a close.
    We are all well. We miss you and look forward to seeing you on the 25th!
    BE GOOD.
    Love Mom and Dad xxoo

  14. Para : Yendry Castro/Delta Yankee 2
    De: No, no soy su mamá (jajaja...)
    Hola Yen, por lo menos ya me dí cuenta de que si le llegó el mensaje que le escribí la vez pasada.
    Hey, su madre tiene razón, que son esas fotos tan artísticas que no muestran a nadie del grupo, que se supone que están haciendo, un concurso de fotografía o que... Manda huevo!!! (fueee.... ha chito más tico el muchacho)
    Tons que, cuando piensa regresar? O que, no extraña el terruño? Ya no le hace falta el pinto con huevo? Hágame el favor y se va alistando para regresar porque ya este asunto de que ande tan lejos me tiene estresado, ya se le extraña más de lo permitido por la ley...
    Bueno, advertida quedó, no la quiero tener que regañar de nuevo. Se cuida, un abrazo a la distancia y ojalá que se haya reído un rato...



  16. Message for Jessica Bridge-Dunk. Hi Jess - was thrilled to see that the latest blog was written by you. Were they your photos too? Very good if so. Sounds as tough as all your other projects ... 23kms walk - your feet must have been either very sore or tough as leather. What enormous contrasts you have seen .. how extraordinary it will seem being back in England after all that. What memories you have stored. Take care and watch those dogs as your Mum says.
    All love Grandma B xx

  17. For Jessica Bridge-Dunk Delta Yankee 2
    Just read your recent blog ... we too have been having amazingly warm weather, although not, I think, as hot as yours!! Love your photos and descriptions. We're just coming up for Easter and I am hoping that all of you will have the most tremendous get together and exchange of experiences before heading home. Happy Easter and lots of love - well done! LoL Grandma B



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