Friday, 1 April 2011

Delta Yankee 6: Having a Bri-Bri Brilliant Time

Delta 6 arrived in Coroma in the south east of Costa Rica after 6 hours in a coach and 1 hour up a river in long boats. We immediately felt welcomed by the Bri-Bri indigenous people and are looking forward to our time here in our exotic surroundings by the river. We have had a varied itinerary - revamping the school plant nursery, teaching, varnishing the school and soon we will begin a project to connect water to the school. We have learned phrases in the local Bri-Bri language, which sounds a bit like Russian! After a hard day working there is nothing like cooling down and washing in the river. As for the food we have been enjoying fresh guayaba, coconut and even cacao seeds. Our lovely cook Maria keeps us going with enough rice, beans and coffee to feed the non-existent Costa Rican army! As for what's to come, we are planning a game of football against the locals, as well as teaching English / getting to know more about the Bri-Bri culture. 


  1. To Camilla O'Connell Alpha Yankee 6:

    HI Cami, I hope you're still having fun with your building. is the place you're staying in nice? i'm going skiing tonight, getting a coach at 11 which is going to be so long. apparently there is no snow so maybe i should have just gone somewhere hot instead so i could get a better tan than you. i've been back in london for nearly a week now, we had the most ridiculous journey back- the train got delayed for 6 hours at newcastle before turning back to edinburgh which wasn't fun. london is nice, a bit quiet at home though but im getting lots of attention and i'm sleeping loooads. i have become a domestic goddess as well, i baked a carrot cake and did a roast chicken and yesterday me and ines made a feta and spinach filo tart. i'm going to be away on the 5th so won't be able to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAVE AN AMAAAZING DAY! hope you're being good and you are well... missing you lots xxxxx

  2. For Hazel Foley Alpha Romeo 6.
    Hey Newcastle!
    The blog and the pics are awesome, makes us very jealous. It all looks amazing. Hope you are having a fantastic time.
    Looking forward to stories and catch up when you are back.
    Love Ellie and Charlotte!

  3. For Caroline Murray Alpha Yankee 3.

    Hey Caro,

    Great to hear from you. Hope you have a great time in the jungle for the last part of the phase. Sounds like you're having an incredible time. Very jealous. Get ready for the Raleigh Blues when you get back as you realise that nothing has changed while you've been away and even Cham's is very dull in comparison to living and working on a volcano. Apparently they're charging £3 to get into Cham's now too! Outrageous.

    Your car's fine so far, haven't even scratched it. Don't worry I won't be stealing it from you, won't have any need for it in Maidenhead or Reading (where I'm probably going to live next year).

    Naomi arrives tomorrow so I'll be able to give her your design-a-beaver present at long last!

    Look forward to seeing you when you get back.
    Lots of love,
    Will xxx

  4. Delta Yankee 6, 11C, Holly Elizabeth Edwards

    Dear Hollyy aka my Head Girl chum!

    I am sure you are fab and having a great time! I bet you have a really good tan, very jealous!

    I have been very busy here with revision. I have had five offers and I have put Swansea down as my top choice to study History and have a year abroad!

    When you get back we are going to meet up, you can not avoid me forever! hehe


  5. For Rebecca Eno 11C Delta Yankee 2,
    Hi Becca,
    How's the trek?! Unfortunately your group have not posted any news so I don't know what you're even doing at the moment but i'm sure its really fun!

    This morning was measuring morning... so we were all up (well as in I was up before midday) early to get the optimum measurement :) And guess what?! I have grown 3 1/4 inches since exactly last year, making me now 5 FOOT 6!! So I am now feeling very tall and called Daddy straight away to tell him! And unfortunately Maddy has some news to break to you about her height... I am very sorry! But yes she has very proudly overtaken you on the wall and has been parading round Mertoun reminding everyone!!! Sorry Woozle but you're just the perfect height :)

    So yesterday Maddy and I went to Ab-Dab's house supposed to be looking after the girls during the adults pampering thing. but, two adults were missing so Maddy and I were fill-ins and spent an evening trying on random moisturisers and facial masks that were anti-ageing!! Strange but rather amusing :P

    Is there any time on your trek that we can call you? Because I'd love to speak to you again soon!

    Sorry again to blab on about what I've done!

    Lots and Lots of love,
    The most amazing blogger sister ever,
    Tilly xxxxxxxxxx :)

  6. Holly Edwards 11c Delta Yankee 6

    Hi Hol, second time i've typed this i rested my thumb on your touch pad and managed to wipe it completely once already:(

    Everything here is fine, your new expedition looks truly amazing, i'm sure you are making the most of your experiences it will definately be hard to repeat, althougth the teaching English may come in very handy in India. Dave G has said that Ella can go with you too, she is asking for time off work as she is really keen to help.

    Grandand is busy rolling and fertilising the fields, he has used so much fertiliser you may have your very own jungle to come home to, that said cleo and marbs are doing their best to eat their way through. Cleo is determined to look as least as pregnant as marbles even if she isnt!!

    Liz is taking me to pick up Willow on Thursday which will be nice, i am looking forward to having her home although disappointed i'm not going to be fit enough to ride her - its a good job you are looking forward to riding you are going to be busy!!

    As i said everything and everyone is fine, Dad is really busy in his new job but emails daily which is really good. no more news for now i hope you are having a fabulous time and really cant wait to see you. take care and keep safe

    love mummyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. To Sem veeger Delta Yankee 6
    From: kiki veeger

    hier dan mijjn langverwachte bericht waar je al dagen op zat te wachten; het is eindelijk zover..(ik wist wel dat je hier vrolijk van zou worden!!)
    ik ben benieuwd hoe het daar is, nog niet opgegeten door al die bosjesmannen mag ik hopen... maar genoeg over jou, nu even over mij, ik heb met ingeschreven voor tandheelkunde a'dam, haha.. want k weet nog allemaal niet hoe en wat. oja, k ga mn theorie doen de 18de(spannennd!!!) en ben nu heel heeel erg gestresd voor mn laatste pww.. dus wees blij dat je niet thuis bent, want zelfs beer krijgt het ervan langs,(niet overdreven) maar ik merk toch dat je je ticket niet nog moet gaan verlengen, beer mist je te erg(en ik ook wel een beetje hoor..) nou snel weer even pingen als je het levend uit die rimboe redt!! als je nog zo'n ontzettend leuk berichtje wil, dan geef je het wel aan he? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx kiek

  8. To Sem Veeger Delta Yankee 6
    From Pim

    Hey liefie, en er is al weer een week voorbij sinds we contact hebben gehad. Wat gaat dat toch snel. Nog 2 weken en je bent vrij!! Zo te horen hebben jullie het goed daar in de busch. Wet je of ze ook zo'n gaaf programma voor volwassenen hebben? We zitten thuis plannetjes te maken voor het najaar. Leuk!! Kiki tandheelkunde of Borneo, ik werk en Tibet/Mongolie met Jet en jij waarschijnlijk Adam of verandert het al? Ga nog even lekker in de tuin werken anders denk je als je thuiskomt dat je nog steeds Costa Rica bent :-)). Houd van je!!! Big Hugs, mam

  9. Message for Alan Gwilt
    Hi this sounds an interesting part of the trip.Hope you are enjoying the new foods and all the new people you have met. Sounds really great look forward to hearing about it all
    AKJ xxx

  10. To Sem Veeger Delta Yankee 6
    from nicolaas,

    heeeeeeeeee!!! hoe gaat het met je lieve schatje?? ik mis jou echt super erg en ik wil niet meer dat je weg bent!! ik ben nu in amsterdam en ben net terug van het uitgaan en wilde nog graag even wat naar je sturen. het is alweer een week geleden dat ik je voor het laatst gesproken heb en ik heb het gevoel dat dat de komende twee weken zo blijft. ik hoop dus dat je dit bericht wel krijgt in de tijd je daar zit!! ik ga echt heel hard mijn best doen om naar je toe te komen!!! het aller liefst zeg ik nu mijn studie op en kom ik naar zuid-amerika om lekker met jou te gaan reizen!
    ik hoop de je laatste weken raleigh nog leuk zijn en dat je het allemaal de moeite waard hebt gevonden lieve schatje:) doe alsjeblieft voorzichtig als je straks in je eentje door gaat reizen! hopelijk ben ik op tijd met mijn berichtje!!! ik houd echt super mega veel van jou lieve semmie en ik wil je noooooooooit meer kwijt<3!! dag lieve schatje xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. Jessy BC Delta Yankee 6
    Morning Beegirl, great to know we can communicate enough to let you know about flights, thank the Raleigh peeps for us as it's very good of them to help. I'm at Raine's this weekend, we have a car boot sale, market and rare plant sale to see today - hope I can carry my spoils home on the train. I've taken tomorrow off work so will have another night here, we had a huge bonfire last night before a cider tasting - three varieties, Koppaberg won despite being non alcoholic, a mistake I don't intend to make again. The fire was very satisfying but Raine's garden is denuded as we went to far and overenthusiastically started hacking at the bushes at the end of her garden. Terry is feeding the cats and had a days PAID work last week! Well its a start... Your last task looks amazing, its going to be a culture shock going from that to the West End of London. Am looking forward to seeing you and hope that by tomorrow we'll know when that will be. Love you Jess, Mum xxx

  12. Samantha Tate
    Delta Yankee 6

    Hey Sam,
    Im back in Jersey now. Me and mum thought we would write you a message on Mother's Day. Weather is starting to improve over here, much warmer.

    Tim won his Siam cup yesterday (rugby if you forget) and also his team won the Hampshire youth cup last weekend. Nick is up to his eyes in studying, and is back in a couple of weeks. Frankie was back for the weekend, so went out with her and Tori last night. Tori is still in her cast after breaking her leg at uni. No surprises there.

    Dont forget my birthday on Tuesday cousin, I expect a present from your travels when you are back. I wonder what you will be doing on your birthday, probably something much more interesting than me. Hope the food is improving, I'll think of you when i'm eating my CHOCOLATE easter egg!! HAHA. Hope your still enjoying yourself, look forward to hearing from you soon. Hope my letter gets to you.

    Lots of love
    Helen and Aunty Anne

  13. Message for Sam Tate Delta Yankee 6. Photos and write up gone up on blog site but I don't see you in any photo's and don't recognise anyone from you group either - is there another Delta 6? It's a bit like the Spanish blog from Delta 2 - I'm left thinking "Who are these People", ha ha. Well hopefully all is going well and I will just have to wait until the end to hear all. Sarah saw Helen yesterday, she got back Friday night and had to go straight into the market as Tim was in the Sian Cup, I'm sure she was delighted. Christopher and Sarah coming over in August (Battle of Flowers weekend - thought I would give them your room, thanks. Sarah had her Highlands interview, so she will hear from them in May. She is going in to do a week's placement at FCJ in June so that should be interesting, her and Olivia going into school together. It's Mother's Day today so we went to the Pomme D'Or for breakfast, just like the old days and Nana and Papa are coming for dinner. Take care, will try to up date you next week. Lots of love, Mum xx

  14. Holly Edwards 11c Delta yankee 6
    Hi Hol, hope you are well and are learning Bri bri! It was mothersday yesterday which was a little strange not having you at home eating my mothersday chocolates. I ended up being the child which was a little scary, Granny had a nice day and so did i but we both missed you. i was adopted by Charlie and Sam last night and has mothersday supper with them which was lovely, Tom made yorkshire puddings for the first time and they were spectacular!! Apparently Sams contribution to the whole meal was cracking the eggs- end! I think Charlie may throttle him if he lives there much longer ha ha.

    Eddie has been superb not only did he go clear in his first SJ last week but then went clear at rogate 2.6" on Saturday, Charlie and liz are thrilled. Charlie has given me two photos of him for the fridge, you will laugh when you see them he is jumping So HUGE over his first wall.

    Tim is arriving from America sometime today, Grandand has plans to get him to hang the new shed doors - i hope Tim wasn't planning to sleep off his jet lag - No Chance!

    Alice has been ill the last few weeks but is now back on form and yesterday came to ride Cleo, she said that when she asked for medium trot instead of getting Cleo's grumpy rushed response she actually did it!!!! Alice was shocked at teh difference MY new saddle has made on her, apparently lateral work on teh left rein has improved considerably too!! No miracles but short steps forward at least.

    i cant believe you will be home two weeks today i am soooo excited, i hope you are having a super super time and are filling in your travel log! lots of love darling, keep safe and happy, love Mummy xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  15. Abigail Tyer-Delta Yanke 6

    Hey Abi!
    How are you?
    finishing school on friday YES!
    need a to work tho got exams in may..!
    had sport prizes today got most improved for netball and player of players for lacrosse(most voted)
    got lacrosee training over easter..!
    can't wait to go to Devon!
    need to speak to you!
    are you tanneed?..or burnt?
    milton cut his foot today now hes all sopy and sad..going to vet tommorow!
    starting athletics this week..eurghhh..
    send you another blog soon!
    Lots of love

  16. Cazz,
    JUST BOOKED OUR GLASTONBURY TICKETS WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! There was a £5 booking fee but i called your mum to check i had the right post code and so she knows :) In other news I failed my driving test last monday which was really annoying because I cant re book it until I get back from Germany grrrrr! Also I got sunburnt the other when it was sunny and was wearing the cazz sunglass tan with pride all last week hahaha! I booked my flight and leave for Germany on the 3rd of May then will be back on the 21st of june ready to head straight to Glasto on the 22nd :D wahooooo!!! And in case you were wondering if the rumors are true they are charging entry into Chams, £3, but only after 11 on a friday and saturday so its not the worst, and apparently they've done the ordulf up now with a 3D tv! Tavy's all change, making its move into the 21st century! Coldplay and Jamie T have just come on my shuffle, its fate! Anyway best be off as I have to work tonight...6 SHIFTS LEFT AHHHHHHHHHHH YEAH!!!! See you so so soon, call me when you get back and have slept as I think i'll be in Derby gagging whilst trying to force down an eggy bakewell slice(bet you're not jealous)love love loveeeeee xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  17. Holly Edwards 11c delta yankee6

    Hi hol how are you doing?? Everyone is okay here, Dad is fine but frustrated as he can't get access to the raleigh site so i have to tell him any updates from your group - there are not so many coming through from your group, i imagine it is because you are so remote. We families back home like photos of you all you know soo pleeease try to get a group shot on the blog soon!!

    liz is taking me to get willow tomorrow i am so excited i cant wait for you to come home and get on her, i think you will be delighted and having done all your intrepid travelling hopefully she wont be too scary tee hee.
    Cleo is looking well and i think Alice is going to ride her again today, she is quite commical even alice teases her about how miserable and bored she looks when doing flat work - or should i say when she has done it. She still hasn't jumped her, thats probably what Cleo needs to refresh her.

    Tim came over from America to see us, he is well and Grandad was really pleased to see him, i have invited him back for grannies birthday next year . . . . i'm sure he's tempted! :))

    i am going to potter in the tack room now for half an hour, i will probably walk in and walk out again but will do my best to make a little impact on it.

    i will blog again soon. lots of love darling, have a super time and keep safe, miss you, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  18. Jane Hedges, Elizabeth's Mum6 April 2011 at 13:39

    For Elizabeth HedgesDelta Yankee 6
    I love the look of where you are. Dad and I are joining Clare and Sandy in Spain for a few days, near Seville, and will be back on Sat 16th April, in time for lambing, I hope!
    Just had a glorious sunny day here and wonder why we are going away right now. Phoebe will stay with Chrissie while we are gone.
    Let me know if you want to go to Sophie's hen do and I will pay her your £40.
    Lots and lots of love, Mum xxxx

  19. Elizabeth Hedges. Delta Yankee 6. Dear Lizzie. Warm evening and just helped Mum to get the sheep in and deal with a foot rot. Milo a great help and watched from the fence whilst showing off how well he can balance and just not fall into the pen and get trodden under foot. Hiking route in La Reunion all planned. Hope you do not mind, but we decided on the "demanding" 6 day route which includes getting up before dawn so as to be at the top of the old volcano as the sun rises. I guess you must be used to all this hard core by now and will be carrying Mum and I up the hills. Lonely Planet makes it sound quite awsome as there are no roads in or out but lots of little villages as we go along. Loz will have to sort out what we do on Mauritius. Mum and I slightly suffereing from colds/feeling a bit shivery which does not look good for us being with Sandy and Clare in Spain. I am sure it will be fine! Lovely to read about your trip and all seem to be very happy! LOL Dad

  20. Elizabeth S Hedges (Aka Skiddie!)

    Love seeing pics of you, we are so jealous! Very excited about you coming home, not long to go now! We think of you a lot. Lovely sunny day today, almost felt like summer, so we went for walk along the Thames (we have to celebrate every ray of sunshine we get over here- make the most of that Costa Rican sunshine!!)

    We are going to Brittany over Easter for mini road trip for good food and wine, then Putsborough to escape London and enjoy long weekend for the Royal Wedding!

    Love you lots Skiddie, see you very soon!!!

    Kate and Alex


    ps I ordered my wedding dress...!! Went with mum at the weekend and the dress designer was there - was so much fun and can't wait to show you! So now we have to chat bridesmaid colours when you get home...xxxxx

  21. To: Ellie Spicer, Alpha Yankee 5

    Hey Ellie!! Thank you so much for your facebook message, sorry I didn't have a chance to reply until now! I can't believe I'm home... it's so strange. And you're nearly done with your third phase too... it's crazy. I bet you're having a wonderful time! India was INCREDIBLE. I absolutely loved loved loved it and can't wait to tell you about it - of course, you will want to do the same i'm sure! Can't wait to catch up - savour those last days abroad because I'm missing it already and know you will too! lots of love, Lucy xxxxxx

  22. Message for Sam Tate Delta Yankee 6
    Hi Sam, Not too much to report, weather here gone fab 21 degrees - don't get jealous. Had a good night at Kearns' for Helen's birthday, Aunty Anne made a wonderful cake - sorry am I making you hungry, just remember suffering is good for the soul. Helen was looking well and seems pretty calm about her studies which is good but was furious as Flybe made her pay £66 excess baggage for going just 4 kilo's over. They wouldn't let her carry her laptop on separately with her hand luggage so she had to put her books in her case - they are such a mean money grabbing airline, apparently one girl had no money to pay the excess so had to empty her clothes and just leave them at the airport as she had to have her books. If you think about how much some people weigh compared to someone like Helen and they aren't charged anything extra, just not fair, it looks like students are fair game to them, so better watch out in the future.

    Well Olivia and Sarah break up tomorrow for Easter hols and don't go back until 3 May. So Sarah has very little time left at Beaulieu which as you know she is very excited about.
    Dad is fine still strumming away at his guitar, and I'm fine working for the next two days which is good.
    Hope you are still enjoying the whole thing and not being too bitten by to many jungle bugs. Will blog you next week. Lots of Love and Kisses.
    Mummy Dearest.

  23. Julian Krantz, Delta Yankee 6

    Hey there juli,
    I hope you got my first post,
    I just got back from my grandma's place where I was for 2 days, it was nice to spend some time with her again because I've barely seen her this year, being in England and all. Mais là je recommence à bosser sur ma finance pour mes exams de may/juin, not as fun.
    I haven't seen any photos of you on your new trip yet, I hope there will be a few. The program sounds really nice though. Je te vois bien avec les petits bouts de chou à leur donner des cours d'anglais :)
    Can't wait to skype again when you come back so you can tell me EVERYTHING about your trips (no details are allowed to be left out ;p)
    Pour l'Allemagne j'avais regardé les billets de train et avion pour la semaine ou tu rentres et c'était trop cher (et avec la situation de mon père il ne voulait pas) mais on en parlera quand tu rentreras chez toi.
    Profites bien de ta dernière petite semaine et stay safe and healthy!
    Gros bisous Juliii
    Miss you
    Chloe xxx

  24. For Abigail Tyer Delta yankee 6
    Hi Abi how are you and your building works! Hope all going well - cant believe you only have a week to go - and then where too!!
    All good here - last day of term for Immy - of to a party tonight half hour away so we on late pick up - alright for some! But wont be going if she does not finish her breakfast.......
    Larry back working on jet washing and grass,I've done loads of planting, its been great weather.....hope this is not 'summer'
    Have Jess here on Sunday for 4 days and the girls have lacraosse camp.
    Look forward to hearing from u soon lots of love Mum xxxxxxxxxxx

  25. Holly Edwards Delta Yankee 6 11C

    HI Holly
    Willow is home! She was very cross with me and didn’t ‘speak’ to me for 24 hours I think she was disgusted that not only had I turned up and watched them work her but then left, I then left it another 4 weeks before going to ‘rescue’ her. She is over it now I managed to lunge her tonight and then Rhia and Alice arrived and Alice rode her in walk and trot for me. She was really good if not a little tense, she still is stopping and refusing to budge until you make her, they flex her left and right and then tell her to move on which she seems to accept. Did I tell you she has had mud fever, it made her lame and still hasn’t gone, she was a little sore on it today but hopefully I will get rid of it soon.

    Cleo was glad to see her but I think got fed up pretty quickly as willow has been like her shadow ever since tee heee. Everyone else is really well, Dad has emailed you on facebook but still cant access the Blog. He is really busy but time is ticking on by.

    The new sofa’s have arrived - I can’t believe it took four months to make them - they are large but NOT that large!! I need to get a curtain pole made now I am going to ask Daisy when he comes to do Cleo next week, on that point, Willow has had her feet done by the NZ eventing farrier and has now beautiful shaped feet. Hopefully Daisy will keep them going in the right direction.

    Wolfie and Marlow came to see us today, Marlow has just had her first birhday, she saw the horses in the field and started doing a rising trot!! I told Wolfie to tell grandad that they needed a pony - I am anticipating a visit from Arthur tomorrow he will be hopping tee hee. I did offer to loan them Charlie’s old saddle to put on the arm of their sofa - Rachael declined for some reason. J

    Got to go darling as I need to get off to bed, love you and cant wait to see you a week on Monday - I assume terminal 4??

    Have a great time darling, love you

  26. To: Sem Veeger Delta Yankee 6
    From: PIm
    Hey liefie, ben hier bij opa en oma in het zonnetje in Broekhuizen. Wat is het daar toch elke keer een feest. Het water en de tuin en lekker verwend worden. Wilde je nog even vertellen dat ik gsiteren de laatste sigartetten sporen heb gewist (de gieter leeggegoten... blehhh wat een smerigheid :-)). Ben lekker bezig met het maken van een loungebank voor binnen. De rode gaat voorlopig naar zolder. Er moet meer gechilled en gehangen worden vind ik. Van Oma: het fijne weer kan ons gemis van jou niet goedmaken. Kijken nu alk uit naar een bezoekje van je in augustus. geniet nog elkker en .... doe voorzchtig. Kijk uit voor vieze mannen ha ha.
    Big hugs van opa, oma en mij

  27. Phyllis Chunnoo10 April 2011 at 15:56

    Holly Edwards 11c. delta Yankee6

    Hi Holly,hope you are still enjoying your trip,Im with mum now enjoying her company,looking forward to seeing you soon and even tho you may be exhausted we will have to try and fit in a trip to town,you enjoy the rest of the trip and I will see you when you get home,I groomed marbles today,scared stiff but tried not to show it,the dogs have been ok with Bobby so far but we are still being cautious,lots of love,nanan,xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    PS Hi Hol,I don't know if my message will come through from the 8th - i'll blog again tomorrow to give it a chance - if it doesnt appear i will blog with news of Willow - all is well, missing you and cant believe that you will finally be home a week tomorrow - yipeeeeee.

    love you babe

  28. to Sem Veeger, Delta Yankee 6
    Hi there Semmie, Eindelijk komt deze spuit elf ook weer eens een keer met een berichtje door. Ik heb net een training van een week gegeven voor de trainees van ING. Pittig weekje. Naast de deelnemers heb ook ik weer van alles geleerd. Kiki heeft een 8,8 voor haar mondeling Engels gehaald hoorde ik net. Waanzinnig he? Ik ben zo razend benieuwd naar jouw verhalen. Hier loopt het wel. Heren 1 is nog volop in de race om het kampioenschap, net als dames 1 en Kiki's team en mijn eigen team. Worden nog spannende weken tot eind mei.
    Gek om me te realiseren dat het leven hier gewoon doorloopt terwijl jij zo geweldig veel mooie en nieuwe ervaringen opdoet. Fantastisch voor je! Ik kijk nu al uit naar het weerzien met je en alle persoonlijke wederwaardigheden van je.
    Nou meissie, heb het geweldig daar en hoop je snel even te horen. Big bearhug, pap



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