Thursday, 21 April 2011

Goodbye, farewell, adios.....

And so the time has come to say adios to all of our 11C blog readers who’ve followed us daily through the most amazingly intense ten weeks of our lives. A big shout-out from me, Gerry your blogger, to all our venturers who were project communications officers and photographers for consistently bringing the blog to life from far-flung projects.

Our 11C Alpha and Delta groups successfully completed 21 projects including 7km of trail in La Cangreja Absolute Reserve in Costa Rica, rebuilt five houses damaged by hurricanes in El Rodeo, Nicaragua, and supplied 30 families with clean water to their homes in Achuapa, Nicaragua.

Now only the volunteer managers and Ross our country programme manager remain at fieldbase. The place is eerily quiet save for the occasional bark from our newly adopted dog Daz. And soon no one will be there to hear Daz’s barks.

So, this is Zero , signing off with our final sitrep for expedition 11C:

Serial Alpha: 10.00 hrs 20/04/11, over.

Serial Bravo: Fieldbase, Turrialba, Costa Rica, over.

Serial Charlie: Sunny and dry, over.

Serial Delta: On both the Alphas’ and Deltas’ last night we held The Golden Mess Tin Awards which recognise the crème de la crème of our venturers, though of course we’d have given them all an award if we could because we’ve never come across a more lively, creative and continuously surprising group.

So, final drumroll for our golden winners:

Hard Core Trekker

Alpha: Chris Hibberd

Delta:Stephan Moehrke


Alpha: Andres Cambronero Rodriguez

Delta:Andres Chavarria Navarro

Most improved language
Alpha:Josseling Zeledon Bravo

Delta:Kike Lira


Alpha: Richard Cronheim & Ellie Spicer

Delta: Jay Lancaster & Rose Ashbourn

Spirit of Raleigh

Alpha:Louise Simpson

Delta: Richard Mandell

Outstanding male

Alpha:Daniel Saborio Romano

Delta:Benny Gamsu

Outstanding female

Alpha: Emily van de Bunt

Delta: Mary McCann & Karla Arroyo Chaves

Our final changeover is finished. Our venturers have flown the nest. Deep clean of fieldbase is done and dusted, over.

Serial Echo: Get on the party bus to Cahuita beach. Carnage guaranteed, over.

Serial Foxtrot: None. All admin completed, over.

Serial Golf: Risk assessment update – now very high. 36 volunteer managers about to be unleashed on an unsuspecting Caribbean coast, over.

Serial Hotel: There won’t be a next time. This is it. Pura Vida! 11C Zero, listening out...


  1. Thanks for everything and for returning a toned, tanned, lovely young woman busting with confidence back to us. All the very best to you.
    I'll miss the blog! xxx

  2. The Whole Team
    thank you for such entertaining accounts of these projects: it's pretty clear everyone had a great time as well as achieving a lot of fantastic work. well done one and all! Cathy Henderson

  3. Thankyou Zero and all TeamRaleigh and Well Done for all your comms and support. THis blog was a lifeline from one family to a venturer and I can only say, enjoy your well earned rest on that beach. Lea Fellows

  4. To all the people at Raleigh who made this wonderful adventure so enjoyable to my son Stephan Moehrke, as well as those from Costa Rica and the families in Nicaragua, thank you very much. We hope and pray that you will always be able to find people to support you in this amazing calling that you are fulfilling in these countries. We will certainly promote you as far and as often as possible as we can.
    Good luck with your future projects. Thank you very much for keeping the blogs up to date and informing us about what our kids were doing.
    All the best
    Carine Moehrke & family

  5. The Whole Team

    Thank you for making my daughter's life such fun and full of adventure. She has returned bubbling with life and laughter, full of ideas for the future and working with Raleigh! Who knows what the next adventure will be! Thank you all and we will miss the blogs. Judith Murray (Caroline's mum)



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