Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Just a little taster of what's to come...

For all of you venturers-to-be out there who might be wondering (anticipating/worrying!) about what you’ll be doing and where you’ll be heading in the next few months, here is just a little introduction to some of the adventures you’ll be setting off on…

11G Adventure: Miratombo Volcanoes Trek
In the far north of Nicaragua, close to the border with Honduras, this Raleigh group will walk along a mountain ridge through the pine forests above Esteli. From here you will head along a ridge that passes by the Estanzuela waterfall and protected area going through remote communities. This route has never been attempted before on a Raleigh expedition. The trek heads towards the Momotombo Volcano from which the trek takes its name before climbing up Volcan El Hoyo with fabulous views over Lake Managua. The trek finishes at the crater lake of Asososca – a beautiful crystal clear lake that was once a volcanic crater. This trek as well as others that will be running throughout expedition is truly an incredible experience; challenging you physically and mentally, taking you to places that you never thought you go and showing you sights that you never thought you would see. Combine this with new cultures, new friends and a whole lot of fun and you will bursting with stunning memories that really will last a lifetime.

11G Community: Potosi, Volcan Cosiguina, Nicaragua
Around the Cosiguina Volcano there are a number of communities living in extreme poverty. At present, the local communities have few amenities and one of the biggest challenges facing them is access to clean water and safe sanitation. The Raleigh group will be working together with the local population to build a gravity-fed water project for the communities of Potosi and El Capulin. As well as benefiting hundreds of families, the benefits of improved sanitation services will be felt by many generations to come. The venturers will be living in the village alongside the families and will help out with their day to day tasks. This is an experience that you really will never forget. You will be taken well out of your comfort zone but these compassionate locals will do all they can to welcome you into their homes and take you under their wing. You will be living with local families, cooking with them, working alongside them and most of all you will be shown how to celebrate life (and party) like the locals do! A truly unique and humbling experience.

11H Environmental: Camaronal – Tree planting and turtle conservation
Camaronal is a stunning protected area famous for its nesting turtles that lay eggs on the beach all through the year. In 2008 they reported over 5,000 turtle nests during the period of June to November on this 3km long beach found in the Nicoya Peninsula. Raleigh has been invited to help with the turtle egg collection and hatchery, construct a trail that runs behind the beach and plant trees to reforest the area behind the beach. Living on this stunning beach and interacting with these stunning creatures will be a once in a lifetime experience.

Excited yet? You should be. But like I said this just a taster. Our expedition operations are fully up and running and there are many more exciting projects planned for you guys, you’ll just have to wait a little longer to find out more. Hasta luego!

*Blog written by Dawn Tennant, unless otherwise stated.


  1. Hi Dawn, Great to see you back out there!
    Bit worried about the Momotombo trek not having been done before - I vaguely seem to remember doing it three times, or was the memory that traumatic that you've blanked it out completely. Have fun out there. Ivan x

  2. For Claire Davis

    Looks fantastic! Hope you had a good trip to recce your project. Look forward to hearing all about it. Looks like a great crowd.


  3. For Claire Davis,

    Clara del Carmen del Ninhito Jesus y Todos los Santos.

    Yo hope tu are well. He saw algunas photos. Tu look guapisima as siempre!

    Espero your spaniglish es better, mi english ha improved mucho more desde q te "juites" y me "dejates" aca en los Londres.

    Sending you and your team lots of "buena vibra". Estoy segura q esta experiencia es super especial para todos los q estan involucrados en el proyecto.

    TQM Enana!!!! (jajaja Froda hablando jajaja)

    Saludos from Mike (si no luego se siente jaja)

    Animo, can't wait to catch up with you!

    Lots of love and hugs and all those cheesy stuff that should be at the end of the letter, jaja te miss tu a lot,

    Tu siempre amiga que t quiere mucho y q es looking fwd para darte un abrazo enorme,

    Maru "champisolis" aka Froda

  4. HI! I miss you a lot. I could not say good bye :( but anyways I hope you are ok there and I wish you the best Noe. I hope to see you back here soon .

    Un abrazo y besos.... atte: Dieguex



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