Thursday, 23 June 2011

Project Allocations!

The tension was sky high and the PM’s were buzzing in anticipation at fieldbase last night as the team gathered on the terrace to receive their phase one project allocations and partners… dum dum duuuuuum! (Phase one is the first of three (or two if you’re a venturer on our 5 week expedition) 19 day projects that will be running throughout expedition 11G&H)).

Let's meet the teams! On the 11G 10 week expedition we have...

Alpha 1: Off on the Turrimacho trek… Carwyn Thomas and Jenny!
Carwyn and Jen - ready for some serious trekking.
Hot, humid and challenging, this trek will push you to your limits. The journey starts with a climb between two volcanoes taking you over 3000 metres high where, on a good day, you can catch some stunning views of the Caribbean. It then continues deep into the jungle, before finishing up by the Pacific Ocean at Playa Palo Seco for a well earned break.

Alpha 2: The Guanacaste trek… Andres Chavalazo and Tom Blindell!
Keiner, Tom and Chava (Andres). Ready and raring to go, these boys have big plans for Guanacaste!
The setting for this trek covers a huge variety of different ecosystems from cloud forest above 3000 metres down to one of the last remaining stands of primary dry tropical forest left in the Americas. Trek highlights include some close encounters with the Arenal Volcano and Volcan Tenorio via the Caribbean slopes where the group will get the chance to visit turquoise waterfalls and moist rainforest. They will also be witnessing steaming mud pots and hot sulpher springs before they reach their final destination; the beautiful calm waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Alpha 3: The Miratombo trek… John Rush and Ruth Jahn!
Ruth and Jon looking cool, calm and ready to trek their way through beautiful Nicaragua
In the far north of Nicaragua, close to the border with Honduras, this Raleigh group will walk along a mountain ridge through the pine forests above Esteli. From here they will head along a ridge that passes by the Estanzuela waterfall and protected area going through a variety of remote communities. The trek finishes at the crater lake of Asososca – a beautiful crystal clear lake that was once a volcanic crater. This trek is a real adventure; a unique and wonderful way to see a beautiful country at its very best.

Alpha 4: Volcan Turrialba / Braulio... Carmen Gaskell and Niall McElroy!
Carmen and Niall - looking chuffed with their new project
This phase will start working up at over 3,300m on the smoke-bellowing Turrialba Volcano working to develop the facilities for tourists ready for when the park reopens. The second half of the phase the group will work at Braulio Carillo National Park – a stunning area of primary rainforest situated in the heart of the Caribbean slope of Costa Rica. Braulio Carillo National Park abounds with animals, birds, insects and plants. The reserve acts as a biological corridoor between many neighbouring protected areas. The plans for this reserve include building trails in the forest that will be used by tourists and school groups to learn more about this impressive area and the wildlife that it contains.

Alpha 5: La Cangreja – Building a trail for wheelchair users... Veronica Flores and Connor Gracey!
Connor and Ronnie!
La Cangreja is Costa Rica’s newest National Park which owes its name to the striking 1,305 metre peak Cerro Cangreja. The park has a mixture of Tropical Humid forest and Pre-Montane forest with a number of species of plant found nowhere else in the world which makes the area important for research purposes and for conservation. The park is also blessed with amazing waterfalls only to be found through exploring the forest. At present the government is developing the facilities in the park and during the expedition Raleigh venturers will be building a trail for wheel-chair users to be able to access the park.

Alpha 6: Apantes – Miraflor Preschools project… Claire Davies and Cameron Bower!
Kiwi Cameron and Claire
The Miraflor reserve is 206sqkm of beautiful mountainous terrain with various different ecosystems such as tropical savannah, dry tropical forest and mountain cloud forest. On this project the volunteers will be building a community centre in the community of Apantes which will be used for meetings, adult education, pre-school education and recreational activities.

Alpha 7: Quebrada Honda… Margarita Pordo, Catherine Crowther and Laura Salmon!
Marga, CC and Medic Laura
Close to the town of Achuapa, in one of the poorest most remote areas of Nicaragua, this team will be heading to work on a gravity-fed water project, bringing clean and safe drinking water to 50 families. The group will be working with the local population to dam small streams, build tanks to collect the water from where it can run through pipes to all the local houses. The benefits of clean water will be felt by many generations to come. The participants will be living directly with families in the village and will help out with their day to day tasks.

On the 11H 5 week expedition, 6th July to 24th July, we have....

Delta 1: Playa Hermosa – Tree planting and turtle conservation... Megan Bowe and Andy Brown!
Megan and diamond on the dance floor, Andy B
Playa Hermosa literally means beautiful beach – where thousands of turtles each year come to lay their eggs. Behind the beach there is a 4km section that has become totally deforested and the aim of this project is plant 3,000 trees in this area to build a biological corridor that runs behind the beach. This unique project will also get to take part in nightly turtle patrols to collect the eggs of the turtles and put in them in a hatchery.

Delta 2: Camaronal – turtle conservation… Siew-Ling Harrison, Wendy Miller and Yali Gonzales!
Siew, Yali and Wendy
Camaronal is a stunning protected area famous for its nesting turtles that lay eggs on the beach all through the year. Raleigh has been invited to help with the turtle egg collection and hatchery, construct a trail that runs behind the beach and plant trees to reforest the area behind. Living on this stunning beach and interacting with these stunning creatures will be a once in a lifetime experience!

Delta 3: Bajo Chirripo Indigenous Reserve – Primary School, Costa Rica...Natasha Perez, Nick Healey and Catherine Titterton!
Kat, Natty, Catherine and Waheeda - demonstrating their enthusiasm with a celebratory can-can... Porque no?!
This Raleigh group will be working for the first time in the Bajo Chirripo Indigenous Reserve to build a community centre in Pozo Azul. This remote community, 2 hours to get to on foot, is found in the foothills of the Caribbean slope of Central Costa Rica and is inhabited by the Cabecar indigenous people who maintain their own language and culture.

Delta 4: Chirripo… Helena Alvaroz, Hayley Rust and Reggie Lang!
Reggie, Hayley and Birthday Girl Helena... full of beans!

This is the second time that Raleigh will be working in the Chirripo Indigenous Reserve. The Cabeca Association have invited us back, this time to a different community located much deeper into the reserve. With a five hour trek to the community, this is a very remote project. The team will be collecting their own wood from the area and using it to build a school on stilts for the local children. The group will endeavor to complete this build within the 19 day phase; doing everything from collecting and carrying the wood, to building the foundations and the roof, and finishing off with a dab of paint to decorate!

So, that's it! Next stop - project planning visits! The PM's are now all busy packing and preparing for their project visits where they'll be getting their first taste of life on expedition. I'll leave you with a few snapshots of recents events and celebrations for now and we'll be back soon with more updates and gossip soon... until then, as always, Pura Vida, mai!
Bob the Buil... I mean Ross - tools training

It's all hands on deck for a mass clean up after jungle camp!
Limbo Competition!

Limbo champion!

Quick morning energizer to get our blood pumping and our heads into gear for the day - run down the lane and shout as loud as you can until you run out of breath. It's the simple things in life...

*Blog written by Dawn Tennant and photo’s by Kat Mammone, unless otherwise stated.


  1. Jessica V Naranjo23 June 2011 at 21:23

    Yali!!! Que bueno que le toco Camaronal!! =) Disfrute mucho!!! Puede vivir en la burbujita buanza de nuevo!!! =) Un ABRAZO!!! La quiero xx

  2. Hola Ronnie! (Tita) jajajaja
    Hey ahi la vimos en las fotos que dichosa. Somos Lucìa, Chevi, Cinthya, Emilia y Matìas!! Suerte en La Cangreja, cuidado se la come un cangrejo!!!
    Para/For: Veronica Flores

  3. For Megan Bowe, Delta 1
    Excellent to receive your email and see you on the blog. You like more awake now! Very impressed that you're going to plant 3,000 trees!! Villas Boas appointed at Chelsea - apparently, Hiddink wanted Wilkins back. Ricardo Alvarez move to Emirates might unlock Cesc for Pep. Dan asks if our pond big enough for a turtle? Hope the planning visit went well...lots of love from The Prague Badgers oxo

  4. Hello, Thanks for introducing the teams!! All the projects are interesting!

    My message to Claire:

    Aunque no vayas a llenar las pancitas de esos niños con comida hecha por ti (Y dale con lo mismo!! -Ay! que Diana!!!), por lo menos piensa (cuando Kiwi y tu construyan ese centro), que tenga un área para comer ya que it is fundamental to be alive! ¿¡A poco no!?
    Bueno, me fui al extremo pero, de verdad, piensa que tenga un comedor para cuando haya actividades largas que se requiera un espacio para tomar el lunch. ¿Va!? Jejejeje!
    Ok. Nos vemos luego, have a nice week!!!
    Good luck! and overall, a good start!!! Si tienes algun problema para la planeacion del centro, acuérdate de este anuncio de facebook: Anything is possible, keep thinking... Ya! That´s it! Nos vemos la siguiente week! Chau!

  5. Hi! I just want to send another kiss to Tom from the mysterious girl!! xD

  6. Delta 4: Chirripo, for REGGIE LANG!!! :)

    Howdy brother!!! how the devil are you ?! hope you're having a lovely time!...a 5 day trek, that sounds insane! hope all is going well and they're feeding you enough!! building a school? thats brilliant, sounds like you got allocated a project right up your street!! liams in Oz now, havn't heard from him though. (shocker) Hope this reaches you well, and you and your group are having an awesome time!! much love, mum, dad and sisterrrr! XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxX

  7. looks amazing you should all be so proud of you all xx claire bell (alpha 6) love you xx hi from zach and aimee too xxx

  8. Chava, alpha 2:
    Hi andres!! Whoever gets alpha 2 are the luckiest group ever- you are the best person in the world to go on trek with. I miss you loads, good luck this time! Lucy (Delta 2 dream team) <3

    Dawny D, office bitch:
    Hello!! The blog is looking ace so far! Can't believe that multi coloured crab!! So jealous you're out there, looking VERY brown now! Miss you, good luck with it all <3 Lucy xxxxx

  9. Hello Carmen, I hope you are enjoying your project. Drinking extra tea for you back in Tats. How is your project going? Hope you are really enjoying things. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Can you send/facebook your address so L can write to you? Lots of love Jess xx

  10. Mensaje para veronica flores de alpha 5, me haces dms falta amiga! ya quiero verte, tqm

  11. To: Chava
    XRay 1

    Hola mi flaco lindo!!!!!!
    Hace muuuchos días que no te escribo, el blog está muy raro ahora, a veces aparece y a veces no....y para colmo de males estamos sin compu en la casa y en el trabajo está prohibido entrar aq páginas no autorizadas.

    Te extrañamos mucho en la casa, haces mucha falta, pensamos en tí tooooooodos los días.....y ahora sí ya estamos contando los días, los cuáles se hacen laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargos sin tí.

    Ya casi no suben fotos de los grupos ni nada, antes siempre estaba pendiente de los avances, las noticias y las fotos.
    Te extraño mucho.
    Quiero que me prometa que cuando venga a casa.....en Octubre vayamos de paseo los 4 para volver a tener tiempo juntos los 4 y poner el cuaderno al día. La vez anterior, verte, fue como ver una estrella fugaz.....pero recuerdo fresquita como si fuera ayer....tu sonrisa y su carita linda haciendo feo como siempre.

    Te quiero con todo mi corazón y deseo con todas mis fuerzas que estés feliz....que disfrutes al máximo y que te diviertas mucho....que hagas el cambio dondequiera que estés. Se que muchas bendiciones vienen en camino para tí de ahora en adelante, estoy orgullosa de tí, de lo que eres y de lo que estás logrando.
    Te amo con todo mi corazón y te espero con ansias!!!!!!!



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