Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Rumble in the Jungle

We’re back from the jungle and we are alive! The teams arrived back this morning after two nights of roughing it in the wilderness; muddy, smelly, but all with a smile on their face - Phew!

The groups set out for trek at 1pm on Monday feeling fuelled and ready after a top-notch lunch from Sandra our culinary goddess. After a few hours trekking the groups made it to their first destination where they spent the night camping out in tents. Step one of jungle camp training - putting up a tent, tricky. Thankfully, all our groups managed this just fine and were able to rest peacefully in the security of their homemade luxury accommodation. The next morning the groups woke up bright-eyed and bushey tailed at 3.30am, ready to trek on to destination number two, the river, to try their hand at some river crossing!

I won't lie there were a few knock downs and tumbles and for some the water was perhaps a little too deep than anticipated (they got very wet), but for most the trip across was a huge success and everybody came out feeling very chuffed with themselves; a sterling effort from everybody.

The huddle technique - a winner everytime
Ross giving us a few pointers
It wasn’t long after that before the teams pushed on trekking, soggy shorts and all, and reached their final destination – the jungle! Unfortunately for our trekkers, their cheers of jubilation were drowned out by the sounds of the pouring rain and roaring thunder. But that didn’t stop our troops from ploughing on. After a few more demonstrations from Ross, including his ‘cutting rope with rope’ number that he failed to succeed in (apparently because the string was wet... we aren’t buying this excuse) each group cracked on and began setting up, I mean, pimping out their jungle camps, and all in the pouring rain. There were basher beds, hammocks and even some home-made tables and a couple of bars being made from spare parts of bamboo! The jungle was looking first class last night, even if we do say so ourselves.

Some of the guys went all out on their designs - check out Logistics team member Catherine's Four poster basher hammock!
Medic Laura looking snug in her mozzy net
After all this hard work and jungle mayhem the groups finally settled down at about 5 o’clock at their camps. They cooked up some tasty rice and vegetables, and I believe that a couple of Energy Bombs were whipped up too (An Energy Bomb is Raleigh’s favorite pudding/energizer/moral booster; a combination of porridge oats, condensed milk, chocolate powder, nuts and raisins – yum).

The next day began with another early start with the groups surfacing at 3.30am to take down their camps, waffle down some porridge and make their way back to fieldbase. The trek back was not quite as smooth as the first however. Amazingly, one member from every group managed to injure themselves on the trek home, all in different parts of the body - can you believe it!? There were knee injuries, ankle breaks and even a snake bite! This can only mean one thing…CASEVAC! This was all of course just a cunning plan to get some more training in for the teams, not surprising considering that every man down happened to be medic. However, the teams stood up to the challenge and managed and controlled each situation perfectly.

Casevac training
I can’t sign off this blog without giving credit where credits due, to the stunning performances from our medics. Medic Hayley in particular had the whole of the 'Whiskey Delta Four' team convinced with her cries of agony and full body shakes… bravo Hayley, bravo.

Extreme wildlife

And the blisters have arrived...
Logistics Emily!
Next blog - PM project allocations! Exciting times ahead. See you then for more fun and games.

Pura Vida

*Blog written by Dawn Tennant and photo’s by Kat Mammone, unless otherwise stated.


  1. Hi Siew -Ling,
    Been reading the about the Trek. Sounds tough but challenging. Hope the Mossis don't bite. Hope it wasn't you who had the snake bite!!!. You are all amazing.
    You are after all not that WET!!! You know what we mean. Ha! Ha!
    Love & hugs, Mumsie, Dadsie & Monty

  2. Hi Auntie Em (Logistic Emily Paxton)
    Loved seeing your pic & reading the plog...very exciting & the country looks beautiful..miss you but am so happy you are getting this opportunity..can't wait to hear all about it while we split a beer or two!! LOVE YOU...Kay J

  3. Familia Chavalazo23 June 2011 at 22:48

    To: Chavalazo
    Alfa 2
    From: Familia Chavalazo
    Hola hijo, quefeliz te ves hijo.
    Te deseamos lo mejor en esta nueva aventura, esperamos que disfrutes mucho este nuevo reto. Te deseamos lo mejor y oramos por tí cada día para que te conserve con salud y con buen ánimo para liderar a los expedicionarios y ayudarles a lograr sus objetivos.

    Te amamos mucho y te pensamos todos los días.

    Vamos flaco, dale duro y fuerte!!!!!!
    .....todos los días...te extrañamos mássss!!!!

  4. Andres Chavalazo Alpha 2.

    I have just been looking through the blogs and fell very proud to see you back and this time as a PM. I hope that you will have as much fun as I had and I believe that you will be a great PM. Pura Vida Mae - Boris

  5. Siew-Ling, you are officially MCEM part one POSITIVE!! Congrats my clever girl. Moth xxx

  6. Andres Chavarria Alpha 2
    mamoi hola otra vez los mensajitos hasta ahorita veo los grupos y todas las fotos esq estaba haciendo una ñoñada de las mias jeje!!! mamoi que dicha que se cumplio su sueño de ir a guana que chiva no hay como conocer el propio pais de uno!! aprovechelo al maximo y de todo lo que pueda siempre estare apoyando y sere tu fan enamorada number one derramando feeling jejeje!!!Ahora que se todo ahora si le voy a escribir demasiado!!muuuuuuah eso mi chava exitos cuidece mucho mi mamoi te adoro <3

  7. Andres Chavarria Alpha 2
    Hello wuapo como va todo?? mamoi vieras que matiz los grupos de ayer pero sabe algo no se porq sentia una energia tan chiva mamoi yo cerreba los ojos y lo podia sentir al lado mio fue algo incrible yo nada mas sonreia y no me sentia triste.Mamoi estos dias gracias a Dios se me han pasado muy rapido espero que asi se me pasen todos :D .Mi amor me hacen mucha falta tus abrazos y tus besos aawwww deseo verlo demasiado.Nada nos podra separar nunca jamas sepalo la fuerza de este amor cruza los limites Te amo mi amor ud llena mi espacio y todos mis dias de mucha felicidad y amor te amo te amo cuidese EXitos en todo mamoi<3

  8. Andrea La Mielosa25 June 2011 at 14:10

    Para Andres Chavarria Navarro, Alpha 2
    Hoooolaaaaaa chavalaaazoo!!! Por aqui no hay nada nuevo, bueno, ya pase los cursos de la u por dicha, y ayer viernes me fui a tirar en bungee!!! fue lo mejor, pero me asusté demasiado, toda una fuerte nenita. Me tiré tan mal que ahora poseo el dolor de cuello y espalda. Ni me puedo mover, jajajaa, pero lo haria otra vez.. fue lo mejor!!!!
    Espero que le esté yendo demasiado bien y que no se le haya hecho otra vez esa cosa fea del ojo :)
    aaaayyyyyayayayyyyy!!! andres vuelva prontooo!!!
    Atte: Andrea la mielooosa!!! miiiaaauuu! muah muuuuuaaahhhh



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