Thursday, 30 June 2011

"Up Your Kilt!"

The "dance floor" at Raleigh HQ was feeling a little worse for wear on Thursday morning after Wednesday's Scottish cèilidh, curtsey of CPM Ross – what a fun night! As always, with any themed party (but mainly just because we wanted to) fancy dress was compulsory, and I have to say we all looked very becoming.

Kilts were a plenty, as were sovereign rings, patriotic face painting and sweat patches. After a gentle warm up with a few ‘normal’ songs to get the party started, it wasn’t long before the fruitful sounds the great north were bursting out of the speakers and Ross was demonstrating the moves for our first dance together as managers. Quotes for the night... “Up your kilt!” and “spin!!!!” (there was a lot of spinning). In a nutshell, it was a cracking evening and we all now want to be Scottish and Cèilidh every night forevermore! Pictures below. Enjoy.

Andy B and Natty

Chava - putting his own twist on the Scottish theme

Jimmy Cruz looking gorgeous

Waheeda and Chava!

Carmen and Cameron!

Tom, Reggie 'I love glitter' Lang, and Connor

Beautiful lasses - Photographer Kat and Admin Amy

Amy and Niall!

Carwyn, Nick, Jen and Megan!

Wee Scottish Lasses


Nessy! Laura, Claire and sarah - a cracking effort from the girls

A very tartan Brie!

Stripping the willow




Spanish chicas Helena and Marga, and US representative Ruth!

Jon and Cam!

Megan, Waheeda, Carwyn and Helena!

Reggie, Emily, Cam and Siew-Ling!
Tom and Reggie... Grrr.

Cam, Siew and Dawn

CC and Carwyn - yet more spinning!
So a good night all round then! As well as Cèilidh's however, we've also been putting our PM skills into good practice with more fun and games and lots more training, training, training. So just to keep you entertained, here are a few more snaps of recent events.

Helena, Waheeda and Wendy - yogatastic
Ross and Megan - more training and challenges for the 11H Project Managers

The team... formulising a plan

Medics Hayley and Nick!

New challenge - the group with the least body parts on the floor wins! A fine effort here from Amy, Nick, Connor and Niall.

Sarah, Jon, Chava and Carmen - going for gold!

Tom, reggie, Ruth and Siew-Ling... a brave effort.

Carwyn, Claire, Dawn and Helena!

Team leader skills

Nothing wrong with a healthy debate.

So that's it for now. Hopefully this has amused you for the last 15 minutes. Back soon with more of course. In the meantime the Raleigh team are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our first lot of venturers - the Host Country Venturers.
We can't wait.

Pura Vida

*Blog written by Dawn Tennant and photo’s by Kat Mammone, unless stated otherwise.


  1. Delta 4 Reggie Lang
    Dear Reggie it's lovely to see you all having a great time before the hard work begins. I expect you're all looking forward to the next wave of workers arriving. I hope you're not getting bitten too much. It's brilliant being able to see what you've been up to. As you can imagine I check frequently to see how you're getting on. I did try and post a comment a while ago but did it wrong so you wouldn't have got it. Enjoy yourself and I hope all the projects go really well. Keep safe love Mum, Dad and Kathleen xxx ps....glad it didnt take you long to get your glitter out,you silly monkey!

  2. - Fofi for Marga -
    I'm sure you're loving it!!!
    You (and all the others) seem absolutely happy to be there. Make the best out of it!!!
    Take care and beware of mosquito bites (and other stuff...) :)
    Love, Filipe

  3. To: Chavalazo
    Alfa 2
    From: Má
    It the final countdown!!!!
    All is ready to go, the new adventure is coming.
    I wish you a lot of success. Be glad, be happy,be yourself. You have all that you need to do the best work,to do the best for the people around you.Just do it.
    I love you my dear son. God bless you every day.

  4. Delta 4 Reggie Lang
    Hi Reggie - Just thought I'd let you know that Kathleen has received her results and has a 2.1 so we now have two BScs in the family. The pictures that have been put up are brilliant. Liam's seen them and says they look awesome. Look forward to seeing more pictures on the blog. Look after yourself - keep safe and have a wonderful time. Love Mum Dad and Kathleen xxx

  5. Message for Bella Pringle on the 11H expedition.

    Hey you! James here.

    You're there!! I hope it's all going well and the second flight was okay. Got a little clock set up on the computer that tells me what time it is where you are :). The job yesterday was fun, saw Janet Jackson and Graham Norton at the end!! I was just pouring pints all evening haha, messed so many up.

    Thinking about you all the time. I hope last nights sleep was okay.
    Keep smiling please smelly, I love you so much xxxxx

  6. to: andrés chavalazo
    anrressss!! que chiva está todo! que le vaya demasiado bien, éxitos en todo!!!!
    pd: el sábado ante pasado los iba a invitar a ud, a su mamoi y a nachemix a una fiestilla ahi en un bar en belén que se llama "la playa" vieras q cool...pero di no estás :(
    un abrazoteee!! nana!!

  7. Lydia Woodward, Expedition 11G&H
    Hey kiddo, hope you had a good journey, its just brilliant to see you on the blog, we're looking forward to following all your adventures. Hope you have a terrific time and can't wait for all the travellers' tales when you get home, just don't bring any spiders with you! Take care, lots of love, Jen, George & Frankie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Henry B - Expedition 11G&H

    Hi - hoping you managed to get there safely and didn't get waylaid in NY. Make sure you appear in the photos next time for proof! Missing you already - Mum,Sophie,Wilma&Footsiexxx

  9. for Jenny Clements 11G great to see you on 2 pictures big hugs from Mum and Dad and the kitties Enjoy

  10. Sam Berry, Costa Rica Expedition
    Hi Sam, we assume you got there ok. Have not yet seen you in any photos. Hope the travel went well. How is the bag? Thinkin of you -enjoy!
    Lots of love xxxxx

  11. Hello Henry

    I hope you disregard the wet meessage from your Mother,Sophie the dog and the cat haven't given you a second thought!!I personally would want to be adopted if my mother sent me such drivel!!!Gald you are where you are and hope that not only are you enjoying it but you can order in Pizza's!!Best Philip

  12. To: Joyce Hiu Tung Law(Group: Alpha 1)
    From: Charles Wong
    Glad to see your photos
    Miss you so much ^3^
    Hope you will enjoy every moment in the exped and I'm sure that it will be great to u
    Btw, I will go to Africa very soon.
    Share with u when you come back~~~

  13. For Bea Lee
    Hi Bea,
    Hope you are having a great time and happy birthday for Friday

    Love mum x

  14. Bea Lee Delta 2

    hi Beabo,

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday and you are having a great time.

    Lot of love

    tub of Lard (Andy)

  15. Jen and George and Frankie26 July 2011 at 05:40

    lydia woodward/11G
    hey hey hey, your ma passed on news Lydi, sounds like you're having a whopper of a time, sunburn and unfriendly creatures aside. Hope you're managing to take some pics of your crew and your host fam and your project, it all sounds like a cool few weeks and I know you'll be making the most of every minute. We're looking forward to some good travel tips when you get back! G and I are hoping to take our boat up to the lakes on Saturday and see if we can work the damn thing on some proper water. We can't get a lifejacket small enough for Frankie but I don't think he's rising to the suggestion of ship's cat with any amount of enthusiasm anyway. Think he anticipates being in the water a bit more than he would like... George banged his knee on the deck on Sunday, it's come uplike a balloon. gotta go honey, I'm supposed to be working but we're determined to keep you on your winning streak with messages from home. Take care, see you soon. Loadsa xxxxxxxxx Jen & George & Frankie xxxxxxxxxx



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