Monday, 4 July 2011

11G&H Project Groups Announced this Morning!

The phase one project groups have finally been announced! Woohoo – exciting times ahead! Here are the groups;

Here for 10 weeks – the 11G Alpha groups! First up, let’s hear it for our Phase one Trekkers;

Alpha 1 – off on the Turrimacho trek we have…

Abi Rabaman
Claire Smye
Corrie Moxon
Francis Lanuza
Joyce Hiu Tung Law
Jonathan White
Katie Neal
Cebolla Gamboa
Luke Smalley
Mitch Tulloch
Vejuna Zalalyte

Alpha 2 – off on the Guanacaste trek we have…

Charlie Page
Pinki Tse
Daniel O’Brien
Elliot Bartholomew
Esther Lusty
Hannah Bottomley
Fernando Castillo
Jennifer Miller
Joss Tringham
Karen Rocha
Maykol Meneses
Tim hales

Alpha 3 – off on the Miratombo trek in Nicaragua we have…
Catherine Chatfield-Ball
Catriona McIntosh
Daniel Renshaw
Emma Black
Jordan Carter
Kulbir Rai
Lloyd Thomas
Otto Mena Kikat
Ryan Austin
Cindy Fung
Yandry Benavides

Hats off to the trekkers – it’s going to be an adventure that’s for sure.

Next up, the Environmental Projects:

Alpha 4 – off to Volcan Turrialba and Braulio to help develop the facilities for tourist for when the park re-opens we have…

Alex Newman
Bibi Barstra
Catherine White
Dave Winterflood
Evelyn Calderon
Jodie Hastie
Keith Lau Sui Pang
Noe Corrales
Rich Johnson
Ryan Baker
Sarah Canty
Yasim Begum

Alpha 5 – off to La Cangreja National Park to build a trail for wheelchair users we have…
Caesar Schinas
Carla Dunphy
Christopher Tullo
Claire Barnsley
Isaac Hassard
Joanna Bartlett
Lucy Xu
Sara Wilkes
Daran Sarma
Angelina Cheung
Werner Calderon
Yisbel Centeno

And last in the Alpha’s but by no means least…our Community Projects!

Alpha 6 – off to Apantes, Miraflor in Nicaragua to build a preschool we have…

Alfie Carapiet
Francesca Payne
Hugh Packer
Imi Morgan
Jen Clements
Harvey Ka Hung Tse
Kelly Robinson
Lydia Woodward
Maricruz Esquivel Lopez
Saran Kular

 Alpha 7 – off to Quebrada Honda in Nicaragua to take part in a gravity-fed water project and supply water for over 50 families in the community we have...
Christina Clare
Chris Vos
Emma Sheehy
Grace Minns
Jasmine Furbert
Jennifer Rodriquez
Justin Shenolikar
Kay Chow
Tricia Ofuono
Sacha Lapins
Jack Smylie Wild

The 5 week Delta’s!

Our Delta Community Projects:

Delta 1 – Off to the beautiful Playa Hermosa for turtle conservation and tree planting we have…

Ben Moye
Cata Aguilar
Charlie Mann
Daniel Fernandez
Deenal Patel
Hannah Laeverenz Schlogelhofer
Harry Touche
Henry Bullard
Kate Richardson
Nella Anderton
Tom Harley
Trino Chan
Zoe Bellamy

Delta 2 – off to the stunning Camaronal to take part in a turtle conservation project we have…

Bea Lee
Becky Talbot
Erick Cardenal
Gabriel de la Esperanza
Georgie Ward
Jade Porter
Kevin Tan
Louis de Dumast
Lucy Williams
Ross Lester
Sophie Flanagan
Will Harbourne

The Environmental Projects:

Delta 3 – Off to Bajo Chirripo Indigenous Reserve to help build a school we have…

Ava Mayer
Belle Tellier
Celia Underhill
Fede Lang
Fer Zuniga
Lucy Firmin
Luke Saunders
Micheal Sanni
Naveen Yarlagadda
Nick Burden
Rachel Neustadt
Rianna Kelly
Sophie Jenkins
Venexia Walker

Delta 4 – off to Chirripo Indigenous Reserve for a one-off project to build a new classroom we have…

Cyrus Afkhami
Bella Pringle
Cat Alabaster
Cristina Bolanos
Doug Ramsey
Eleanor Pike
Felipe Coto
Jasmine Chopra
Jodie Wall
Kayleigh Carr
Laura Hoddell
Maddie Hosker
Sam Berry
Susannah Packer
Wilson Woo

Already our Delta groups are off on their first adventure - Jungle Camp. They left fieldbase after lunch today to trek to various locations in and around the jungle ot far from fieldbase, where they will be putting their new found Raleigh survival skills into good practice; making basher beds, putting up tents, cooking on the trangia’s (small cooking pots that we use on phase… there is definitely a knack to using these!), getting friendly with their new team mates and getting their first taste of trek! So… walking boots on, bags packed, camelbacks full, maps at the ready, bandana’s on, trek song sorted - pretty much just about ready to go then!

Tomorrow afternoon the Delta’s will be returning and the Alpha groups will be off on their own Jungle and Trek Camp adventures. In the meantime, the Alpha’s will spend the night here at fieldbase and continue to settle in after two days of madness, with dinner and a little salsa dancing later on tonight!

As for our late arrivals (Luke, Kelly, Yasmin and Bert (Carla)) we’re happy to say that they all arrived safely at fieldbase this morning, were greeted with some traditional Raleigh breakfast cuisine (…porridge) and were able to join the rest of the venturers just in time for the project allocations.

Just a quick heads up for you keen bloggers at home - when you leave messages on the blog from now on please remember to put the name of who it is to, their Alpha or Delta group and who it’s from. For the 10 weekers these groups will change for every phase so remember to keep an eye out for when they do! Big thanks – happy blogging.

So all our venturers are here, the PM’s are geared up, all project kit is ready and waiting…not much left to do now except to ‘GET OUT THERE!’

Here’s to expedition 11G&H! Bring it on.

Pura Vida! (and Happy 4th July to our American viewers!)

*Blog written by Dawn Tennant and photo’s by Kat Mammone, unless otherwise stated.


  1. HELLOOOOO Claire!!

    How are youuuu? Ya vi la foto de tu grupo para alpha 6, que chido que ya está el grupo para la escuela, me da mucho gusto por ti. Espero que te la estes pasando bien, ya se que estas cansada pero vale mucho la pena lo que estás, bueno están (tú y tu equipo)haciendo. Me da mucho gusto!! xD
    Te cuento que especialmente HOOY! ando muy animada, muy contenta...Te cuento que hoy Mexico y Chile se enfrentan en un rato más y acabo de hacer una apuesta con mi nueva amiga chilena Lazahn. Ella tiene un programa de radio por internet, así que si ella pierda, cantará en su programa la canción mexicana de "México lindo y querido" jejeje y si México pierde, yo cantaría su canción típica "si vas para Chile".
    Ahora, si empatamos, las dos cantaremos a dúo! pero sería una canción que no fuera típica ni de México, ni de Chile. Así que ahora ando bien emocionada y pendiente del partido. Ya te diré el viernes quién ganó y como nos fue en Cachay o no, el programa de ella. Hay muchos latinos oyendolo así que, si hago un oso, sería a nivel internaciona!! AAAAHH!! Deseame suerte!!!
    Por cierto, mis condolencia porque en el partido entre Alemania e Inglaterra, England perdió frente Alemania, 3-2. So, sorry! :(
    Ok. Cuídate mucho y estamos in touch!! ciao
    y Pura Vida!!!!

    From: Diana

  2. For: Corrie Moxon - Alpha 1
    From: Daniel McAvoy

    Glad to see you got there safe and sound! I hope you're already having an amazing time, can't wait to hear about it already.
    Good luck on your first trek!
    Love you lots, Daniel xxxx

  3. Para Fede Lang - Delta 3
    No sé si se supone que te empiece a escribir ya, pero ME LA DIERON!!! Sentimientos encontradísimos al respecto, pero bueno, ahí las cosas irán saliendo. Espero que estés disfrutando mucho, qué dicha que te tocó en ese proyecto! Mucha suerte. Beso, Adri

  4. Charlie Page- Alpha 2. Im missing all those cups of tea you used to make!!!! I am very jealous looking at all the blog photos....i remember my trek and how great it feels to get to the will be so proud of yourself. James has just started his exams so fingers crossed they go ok. Feels lonely upstairs not having you next door. Lots of love, have fun on trek, hugssss, Georgie xxxxxx

  5. To Ryan Austin - Alpha 3

    Have a great adventure! You might want to borrow or buy a rain cover for your backpack before you leave on your expedition!
    We look forward to seeing pictures of your group.
    Stay Safe xo

  6. Nicholas Burden 11 H Delta 3
    Hi Nick love all the photos... rock on!

    Love mum x

  7. To Nicholas Burden Delta 3 .

    Hi can see see you made it as spotted you in a few photos. Hope you are enjoying you time in the Jungle !.

  8. HI Maddie - DELTA 4
    Lola is misbehaving dreadfully - think she is missing you.Elle is spending today at work with me..lord help us! Hope you're having fun, blog pictures look great ! Take care Mig

  9. Andrew Carapiet5 July 2011 at 08:56

    Hi Alfie/Chris Carapiet Alpha 6

    Nice to see the mugshot of your grizzly face just as proof you got there and didn't get stuck on South Beach in Miami. It looks like a long way to your project site in Nicaragua so the journey should be fun.

    Not much news from home. Hut 2 has been delayed a week. Hut 1 still unfinished and my first choice helper is on his hols. Not missing you at all.

    Love dad.

  10. For Bella Pringle, Delta 4. From James Barrie.

    Yayy another update and picture of you :). You're off to build a classroom! That's so cool and exciting! The group looks really fun as well! Great result all round. SO proud of you. Keep smiling.

    I love you xxxx

  11. Para: Otto Mena, Alpha 3.

    Hola Otto, esperamos que estés muy bien y distrutando de esta experiencia tan bonita. Te deseamos lo mejor y esperamos que este reto te deje muchas buenas enseñanzas para tu futuro. Un saludo super cariñoso de parte de todos nosotros. Que Dios te acompañe! Nos encantaría saber adónde estás, qué estás haciendo y cómo te ha ido, a lo largo de esta aventura. Te queremos!

  12. Heather Alabaster5 July 2011 at 10:09

    For Cat Alabaster, from Heather

    Good to hear it's all going well, sounds fantastic - and I'm sure you'll be making the most of it in your usual style!
    Vodafone say if it says SIM blocked you definitely need another SIM card. They say all you have to do to activate the new one is to make a chargeable call.
    You don't need PIN number to do this, which might be why you didn't set it before. They said as you're in another country it might take a few goes to get a call to go through.
    So hope this works - I had mixed information about PIN numbers, but hopefully this is correct.
    If we don't hear till London - we'll assume it's all fine, and just hope you're getting some great experiences as proof!
    Love Mum

    (Hello, its George. BORED. just a bit of love, not a lot. me.)

  13. HI Alfie/Chris Carapiet - Alpha 6.

    There's a message from Livi on your email. Sooooooo quiet around the place!! Miss you lots.

    Love SueXX

  14. Hello jodie :D delta 4!!!

    gotta say you still look beautiful in the pics :) looks like our having a great deal of fun!!
    Remember i'm so so proud of you for doing this baby! You can do it!!!! Just dont give up and remember why our doing this.

    I love you sooooooooooo much!! Have the best time.

    Yours Faithfully, Dougie xxxxxxxxx

  15. Joss Tringham Alpha 2 Guanacaste trek
    Glad you got through Newark. Looks tremendous fun and you look well. I hope the treck is good.
    Big golf competition tomorrow.
    Lots of love Dadxx

  16. Hi Bella Pringle - Delta 4,

    Mum told me about this blog. She said that there's a load of people coming on here posting messages about stuff.

    So, I thought if I wrote a message here it might be a good way to get some traffic to my informative - yet understated and witty - website


    Hope you're having an awesome time. Give them hell out there.

    Bee xxxxx

  17. For Daniel Renshaw 11G Alpha 3

    Hi Daniel,

    Had fun spotting you in the photos. Looks as if it's all great fun and a fantastic experience. Hope your bed is comfy for the few short hours you get in it! Thanks very much for the emails. Posted off your ID card form to Edinburgh.

    Lots of love, M, D, J & B

  18. For Jonathan White. 11GH. Alpha 1.
    Great to see the photos. Enjoy your trek with the small back pack. Everything looks great. Quite envious. Aunties June and Lynne are following the trip!. Both said you will have nests in the hair.
    All our love. Mum, Dad and Jo.XXX

  19. To Vejuna Zalalyte
    Alpha 1

    Glad to hear all going well and you are safe.
    Lots of love
    Nieko nebijok

    Sava Chebra

  20. Para Maricruz Equivel - ALPHA 6

    Regresando de Guanacaste he visto la pagina y toda la buena vibra con la construcción de la escuela en Miraflor, no entendi muy bien si Ker al final fue o no fue, con ella te mande la linterna. Bueno desde la lejana Zona de Los Santos, te mando todas las buenas vibras y espero que todo te salga bien. Pura emoción al ver las fotos, espero con ansias OCTUBRE!!
    Te seguire escribiendo el juevges juega CR-BOLIVIA! jajaja un abrazo y te quiero bastante!

    Jesus Jimenez
    Un amigo lejano que esta pendiente de ti!!

  21. Hi Jodie Wall looks like you have a good group at 11h on alpha 4 project.
    enjoy yourself love you lots from Nan & Grandad.

  22. Ryan Austin (ALPHA 3):

    So glad to see that you arrived safely!
    We were away camping last weekend in Algonquin...which, when compared to what you guys are doing, must sound more like a four star
    hotel! (lol)
    I'm looking forward to following your adventures, so make sure you get your face in that camera so we can see you haven't been dragged off by giant mosquitoes. :)
    Stay safe, but most of all-HAVE FUN!

    Tracey, Shawn and Booker

  23. from: Werner Calderon ALPHA 5

    hey!!! q onda muchachos!!! siganle hechando todas las ganas!!! vuelenle verga, aprovechen al maximo esta experiencia, recuerden q los apollamos!!! suerte en todo estamos en contacto!!! pasenla de lo mejor!!!! deacachimba!!! Josi Larios

  24. Francis Lanuza!!! ALPHA 1
    Hey!!! espero q todo este exelente trek jummm!!! hechale todas las ganas del mundo a esta etapa, es genial esta experincia!!! saludos y espero q todo salga bien!!! muchos besos cuidate!!! nicaragua los quiere y los espera!!!

  25. Karen Rocha ALPHA 2
    Hey!!! espero q todo este exelente trek jummm!!! hechenle todas las ganas del mundo a esta etapa, es genial esta experincia!!! saludos y espero q todo salga bien!!! muchos besos cuidense!!! buenas vibras!! nicaragua los quiere y los espera!!!

  26. Evelyng Calderon ALPHA 4
    por fin!!! q tuani q ya esten alla lastima q n me pude despedir!!! pero de corazon deseo q te vaya y les vaya bien!!! muchos saludos por aca!!! haechale ganas!!! y disfruta kda momento!!! n dejes pasar nada!! y si se te ocurre algo volale verga!!! muchos beso!!! cuidate!!!

  27. To Nick Burden Delta 3

    Glad u made it safely, missing u heaps have fun in the jungle let me know if u see any cool wildlife.

    love jess xoxoxox

  28. hello kelly gawjuss its daren hope ur enjoying it everyone is finking of ya askin about ya am really proud of ya bbe let me no how u r bbe ilu xxxxxxxxx

  29. To Carmen (VM with Alpha 4)

    I am very glad to see you put your ceilidh-ing skills into action, and hope a little of my dwindling Sottish-ness rubbed off on you.

    Hope you are having a fab time; you are certainly not missing anything here and will be having way more fun over there. I hope you've got a nice little team and are getting on well with you co-leader.

    I saw Vikki on Friday and she says hi too. Looking forward to searching out more photos of you looking lovely on here.

    Rona xx

    P.S I am coming to Guatemala/Belize next weekend, if you could stop the awful rain and thunder in C America, that would be fab. Thanks! x

  30. To : Jaz Chopra (Delta 4)

    Hey sweetie ... just gone through the blog and pictures and spotted you! You look as though you are having a super time after the initial 'shock'! Those shorts really suit you :0) We are all missing you here but wouldn't stop you having this experience for anything in the world. So, building classrooms - yet another skill to add to your CV lol.

    Everyone is OK here - the weather not particularly good but garden loves it! We had our first BBQ last weekend (Sunday) and probably last knowing UK weather.

    Anyway sweetie, hope all is well and that you are having a super time. Take care and love you loads.

    Mum & Tony xx

  31. To: Eleanor Pike DELTA 4
    From: Cloudy and Anna!

    Anna had a mini meltdown when we found your picture, hope you're having an amazing time! Oxford is boring without you and we miss you loads but it seems that you're having a great time and your project looks exciting.

    Me and Cloudy are really keen to go on holiday from the 20th to the 24th of august on a relaxed but active holiday in an amazing hostel in cornwall, three mins from the beach and close to a railstation. We're thinking just us three cos we really wanna hike and maybe surf and keep it chilled!

    The total cost would be aprox 120 quuid per peron including trains (and breafast is included). We're gonna book it but obviously no pressure and if you don't feel like coming (understandable considering your amazing expedition!) then we'll ask someone else.

    Sorry this message is all about a random holiday, but we're missing you lots and can't wait to hear all your stories when you return!

    We love you so so much- keep having an incredible time,


  32. Jenny & Bruce Ramsay10 July 2011 at 01:26

    Hi Doug, All missing you loads. Cricket team is missing your batting average and all at the Victoria say hello. Hope building going well - no digger to drive this time! Lots of love Mum and Dad X

  33. Hi Doug Looks like you are having a wicked time. Very jealous! I'm enjoying drinking your beer and driving your car and using your stuff!:) Come home soon. James

  34. Jenny & Bruce Ramsay10 July 2011 at 01:33

    For Doug Ramsay 11H Delta 4
    Hi Doug All missing you loads. Cricket team missing your batting averages and all at the Victoria say hello. Hope you are enjoying the building - no digger to drive this time. Lots of love Mum and Dad X

  35. For Doug Ramsay 11H Delta 4

    Hi Doug Looks like you are having a wicked time. Very jealous! I'm enjoying drinking your beer, driving your car and using your stuff!:) Come home soon. James

  36. For Sarah Canty, Alpha 4

    Hey Smurf!

    I miss you so much! I hope you’re having an awesome time in the national park doing lots of manual labour and getting all hot and sweaty. I’m actually pretty jealous. It’s been rather rainy here in England. Not much to report – no disasters or scandals. I went to the zoo yesterday and discovered that all the butterflies in the butterfly house were from Costa Rica. I also saw the sloth. This made me more jealous and prompted me to write on this blog!

    Also, you need to come back and be my cinema buddy! There is no one to go and see goony films with me (green lantern and transformers). And I don’t care what you say about Green Lantern, Ryan Reynolds is hot and therefore the film will rock.

    ANYWAY! I’m sure you’re having the time of your life, but if you’re feeling down or a bit hot and bothered then know that I’m thinking of you and think that you should man-up . Also, try to be tolerant of any irritating people (no offense alpha 4!)

    Loads of love, Clo xxx

  37. Heather Alabaster10 July 2011 at 11:49

    For Cat Alabaster, Delta 4
    You've been away a week now and we're assuming tan is getting better along with extra fantastic diy us a small outbuilding when you get you know we've a project in mind! In case you didn't hear, Wimbledon results were - Djokovic beat Nadal in the men's, 4 sets, and Kvitova beat Sharapova in the women's, 2 sets. British Grand Prix was today and winner was Alonso, with Vettel 2nd, Webber 3rd and Hamilton 4th. Button retired with car trouble.

    Tuesday will be George's graduation - hoping it goes smoothly, even though he wants to wear red trousers and Doc Martins - great for the photos I suppose! Missing you for Sunday teatime - fillet steak and chips just not the same without you. Love your pic with the chicken leg though, BBQ Uncle Clive style! Hope all is going really well, lots of love, Mum xx

    HOLA Gabiii !!!! Ya te vimos en la foto del grupo. Qué fenomenal !! Yo llegué hoy de El Salvador. Allí dejé a toda la familia deseando verte otra vez. Todo por aquí está genial, cada uno de tus hermanos en su "ocupación", ja, ja. A ver si te veo en otras fotos, buscaré mas. Me encanta verte. Un beso muy fuerte de Papá, Anita y mio. Cuídate y pásalo estupendamente. Love you !!

  39. para alpha 3... yandry benavides.
    eeiii... yannn soy pau...!vieras lo exageraaaado que se le extraña por aquí... me hace una falta... este fin no salí porque usted no estaba!
    le cuento que no pasé humanidades, el viernes voy para ampliación(presentar), deséame suerte desde allaaaaá porque la voy a necesitar!! y mañana le enseño a jenny para que ella también le escriba!! tonta la quiero! se cuida se hecha bloqueador y todo... ahhh y cuidadito se le olvida traerme un muchacho bien guapo!!


    Bro!! Qué tal?? Ya veo que te los estás pasando bien. Tiene todo un pintón y parece que estáis haciendo una grandísima labor! Yo me he ido este finde a Pamplona a los San Fermines y la verdad es que hemos hecho una buena labor lúdica!! jaja
    A ver si puedes mandar algún mensaje o llamar algún día.
    Un abrazo

  41. De: Cecy Ruiz!
    Para: Karen, mycol, Fernando (alpha 2)

    Todo diacachimba?????? ;D eso espero! saben yo empece mi expedicion en alfa 2 tambien!! queria saludarlos y animarlos, recuerden que aki pasamos pendientes de los movimientos que hacen espero esten conociendo mucha gente no se me desanimen y metanle candela que esto esta que empieza y tienen mucho por aprender y disfrutar! ye dentro de poco los veo :P cuidenc mucho y portenc bien!! todo tuani aki en esteli! karen ahi te stamos cuidando a tu ma! fernando me encantan las chinelas con las calctas! si se pone calcetines con chinelas!! hay dejaloooo!!!! XD mycol cuidate los dientitos!! bueno cuidenc mucho!!! nos vemos pronto! se les esxtrana.

  42. Hya Jos Tringham - Alpha 2
    Looks like you are having fun! It is hot and sticky here in England but I expect it is hotter where you are. We are all well. Your Dad sounded quite chipper when I talked to him. He is about to come back from Rome so I will ring him. We are off to Germany to see Bimi's exhibition of his final project next week. Anna will be there as well. I send you lots of love from both of us but especially from your old Godmother, Sarah XX

  43. Heather Alabaster13 July 2011 at 12:21

    For Catherine Alabaster, Delta 4
    Back from Manchester graduation - all went well - George looking smart in red trousers with his cap and gown. Afterwards off to June's for champagne followed by dinner out. She had been to Clive's T.U.C. event which also went well. She's going to take herself on holiday to Dubrovnik later in the summer - got to admire her spirit. Lots of speculation as to how you're getting on and what it's like. The weather for Costa Rica looks very wet - so hope you're not drowning in mud! Bet your hair is going curly by now though - probably looks great. Lots of love - Mum and all of usxx


    Yan... vieraaas... hoy estaba explicandole a jenny como escribirle... y no entendía... duró como una hora para entender, y luego dicen que soy yo la cerrada!! ¬¬
    eeii vieras q feo star aki sin ut, hace falta que me llame, que me escriba, que me pegue, que me regañe, etc...
    vió que si nos acordamos de ut? y aquí tamos pensando que escribirle porque es mejor hablar d frente... y durar horas hablando como siempre... no dormiremos como en 2 meses para hablar todo lo de estos días!! salidas todos los días FIJO cuando ut vuelva!!
    eii... no me gusta escribirle y no saber q piensa ut... U.U
    vieras q ya la ví en su foto grupal... la copié y la agregué a mi FB y la etiqueté pa que sus amigos la vea... y tranki sale lo más linda, toa negra, y dany dijo q hasta cuerpo se le veía... bno chauu!! se le extraña muxoooooooooo!! apureseeeee a veniiiiir... :*
    la kiero tonta!! =*

  45. Para alfa3... Yandry Benavides...
    Yaaan... :(
    Fea usted si hace falta de verdad... Porqué te fuiste!!?? :(
    Disfrute bastante, ojala aprenda muchas cosas :)
    Esteban le manda saludos...
    La queremos montones y la extrañamos demasiado...
    Tráigame algo! jaja...
    Cuidese... Y pórtese bien!!
    Le seguiremos escribiendo para que vea que no la olvidamos... :D
    Att: Jenny C Fdez

  46. TO: alpha 3. Yandry Benavides.
    FROM: Dany Rodríguez

    Hey!!! Loquilla, espero que esté disfrutando así como que si fuera una explosión de diversión!! ... que envidia que anda en Nicaragua viendo nicas guapas!! ... bueno para ut nicas guapos. Siento que se fue desde hace uuuuuuuh de años; la extrañoooo, y por cierto, ya empezé a ir al gym otra vez, pero me da dem pereza ir soloooo =( Véngase rapidito mamita... que aquí TODOS la extrañamos muchísimo. Hey once again, enjoy your trip. Hope you´re having an awesome time. Te quierooooo!!

    cuídese de la chusma!! y de los nicas que tienen enfermedades... para que no venga con alguna extraña enfermedad.

    Me trae algoooooo!! =D

  47. Maddie, Delta 4
    Hi is Thursday 14th, you've been away ten days now and we miss you loads..Lola is still peeing everywhere and Murph pulled down all the bags in the garage in a desparate attempt to find his food..which he did, the bugger..As for the humans, all fine, spoke to Jo yesterday and she's having a great time with the elephants..Elle is in UK and enjoying it a bit less than she thought she would..everyone's moved on..and the oldies are good. Missing you lots and lots, assume your tan is looking good, spotted you in the blog pictures !! Know its not always easy, hope you're doing ok, will write again soon and see you before long
    lol ton pere xx

  48. JENIFERrodriguex de Alpha 7
    amiga que paso con esos colores tuyos espero que vengas un poco mas negrita y fuerte y mas gordita jajajajaj pero en fin asi te queremos jijijij. atte marco garro potoy

  49. Rachel Neustadt - Delta 3

    Hi Rachel,

    Reading the blog it it looks as if you are all making good progress. The cool down dip must be very welcome at the end of the day.

    The guitar playing host sounds interesting - have you recorded anything that Pelham might find useful ?

    I hope you having a good time

    Take care
    Tim xx

  50. Para Maricruz Equivel - ALPHA 6

    Mi estimada Martinaaa....he visto 2 fotos suyass !!! que emoción cuando las vi jeje se ve toda contenta que dicha que la está pasando bien. Por aquí le informo que desde que se fue las chicas no han querido ni salir de fiesta jajaja enserio estan muyy calmadaas ud era la mala influencia jajaja bueno mari luego le escribo ya que estoy muy ocupadilla con la u pero obvio saqué un ratito para ud !! cuidese bastante !

    JImeee .... =)

  51. Heather Alabaster16 July 2011 at 10:03

    For Cat Alabaster, Delta 4
    Hello chuck, Hope you are dry, well-fed and enjoying your task. Here it's raining but warmish. Today we've been to Hexham to collect a Matt Forster painting I won in a competition - you'll see it when you get back, I picked up your ring - nice and shiny now, and we're out to Carrie's party tonight, whilst G off with Haydn and co. The Fiesta still going strong and the tennis court gathering a fine layer of moss - no pressure of course! Aunty June and Aunty Barb say hello and hope you're well _ I think the boys are out in Cannes this week, alright for some! Looking forward to more pics on the blog hopefully - lots of love Mumxx

  52. Esteban García17 July 2011 at 23:29

    to: Yandry Benavides alpha 3
    francisca feaaaaa !!! eii .... a pesar de todo .., creo q si me hace falta un poquito .., aunq sea pa molestarla jaja xP .. pero si ... vengase ya eii :(
    soq soq !! le tuve casi q llorar a jenny para q me enseñara a escribirle aqui ! y lo logré .. para q vea q sii me acuerdo :D
    no le diré muucho .. mejor le pido a Dios ..
    q le vaya de lo mas bien .. pasela tuanis eii .. se cuida montones eso si ..
    como todos., traigame algo xP jaja
    exitos y bendiciones !! chaiito .. uin abrazo ;D

  53. Para alfa3... Yandry Benavides...
    Otra vez yo por aquí...
    Le estaba explicando a primiux como escribirle, entonces aprovechando que entré a la pagina y di me dieron ganas de escribirle... Jeje!
    Yan hace como 15 días que se fue y siento como si han sido 8 meses o una cosa así... Jaja...
    Ahora si trabajo de verdad, y que cansado hey... :P
    Ojala la estén cuidando mucho por esos rumbos en los que desconozco...
    Y que esté disfrutando al máximo... Que chiva, una experiencia que va a recordar y contar...
    Dios la acompañe en todo momento...
    Fea la queremos montones y la extrañamos demasiado...
    Hace falta en las salidas, todo el tiempo y sin usted... :(
    Pero igual cuando venga, bueno ni nos va a alcanzar el tiempo... :D
    Ah se me olvidaba... Acuérdese portarse maso menos bien... Jajaja..
    Bueno Yan me despido, le seguiré escribiendo..
    Saludos... Y no nos olvide, que nosotr@s la recordamos siempre...

  54. Heather Alabaster19 July 2011 at 06:49

    For Cat Alabaster Delta 4
    Hello again,
    Have realised that you'll be back in two weeks, time seems to be getting along faster now! On Sue's request I've just done the booking for the Newcastle v Sunderland match - she and James are going too, so hope that's OK - terrible trying to get the tickets - but not bad seats. Jane's back from Bulgaria though ended up in hospital whilst there - which made me think of you, so hope all is quiet on the bites, stings, and scratches front. Last Badminton at Fram last night - packed, Alex came. Peterlee tonight - also busy last week - we'll have to start another group. Otherwise, George is bored-ish, Dad is fine - gas fitter coming tomorrow to get another pigeon out of chimney - so all as normal really! Looking forward to hearing your tales, lots of love for now, Mumxx

  55. para: alpha 3, Yandry Benavides.
    sii yan seguimos de necias! imagínese kuanto la extrañamos q le pasamos scribiendo... y publicando en su muro! y ut allá y nosotros aki saliendo y gozandola x ut... hasta a stban lo soltó la U imagínese y nada d ut... u.u
    ... stas 5 décadas q ut no ha stado son todas raras... dan ganas como de llamarla, hablarle por el msn o por el chat... Bno fea aki stá mi 3er reporte d vida y estoy bien...busque un telefono y me llama pa saber de ut... vea q YO le regalé 1 tarjeta telefónica pa q me llamara...hummm ... bno feaaa cuidese y vea q no nos olvidamos de ut... la extrañamos exageradooo!! :* la kiero

  56. Heather Alabaster21 July 2011 at 12:41

    For Cat Alabaster, Delta 4
    Just a quickie to say that next week - Thursday 28th Dad and I off to Scotland until Sunday 31st.Don't know when your messages get through, but it will be quiet from us over that weekend. Not sure if that's when you're getting ready for your big trek, but if so - hope it will be good fun after all the work you've been doing. I'll be sending a message before then anyway. In the meantime, the rescued pigeon - now named Barry - was live and kicking and now having fun pottering round the yard, sitting on the doorstep and won't leave! Why! Lots of love, Mumxx

  57. Hola Gabi, como estás? Yo creo que dentro de poco le tocará a tu grupo salir en las fotos. Bieen!!!! Ojalá que te vea mucho. Hoy nos vamos otra vez Papá y yo a Galicia hasta el lunes. Todo por aquí muy bien. Tus hermanos fenomenal. Este finde ya van los abus a quedarse en Cabañas. El abu se viene con nosotros en avión y mami Olga con Tití en coche. Te echamos mucho de menos. Disfruta, que te queda poco. Qué ilu !! Ya le di a Ana el encarguito de tus libros que espero encuentre. Qué experiencia más bonita estás teniendo, creo que no la olvidarás nunca. Me alegro que lo hayas elegido este año. Gabi, te queremos mucho. Cuídate !!! Besos. MAMA

  58. Para: alpha 3, Yandry Benavides...
    yan... ahora no le escribo para reportarme, le tengo que dar una noticia, no me gusta que por estar lejos no se entere de las cosas... peroo en la madrugada del miércoles la sección de Liria estaban esperando a que les abrieran un rancho para terminar de celebrar las serenatas, y un loco pasó y atropelló a varia gente, =( ... murieron 5 =/, Liria está en el hospi, pero ayer la fuí a visitar y está bien gracias a Dios, tiene un enorme golpe en la cabeza y la pierna se le quebró en 2 partes =( , pero está fuera de peligro, aunque llena de moretes la pobre!! quisiera que me pudieras llamar para contarte todo bien y no te quedes con dudas... pero no se preocupe, de verdad ella está bien, yo la visité por ambas... bueno yan esa era la noticia que te tenía que dar... **y Yan, quiero saber de usted y quiero saber si le ha pasado algo, para qué le dí la tarjeta? ummm? bueno fea!! siga disfrutando, que aquí estamos esperándola!!
    la extraño negrilla (quemada fijooo) !!
    me trae algo!! =*

  59. Joss Tringham Alpha 2
    Phew - you have been treking for ever! You must be exhausted after the final 30kms in one day. Hope you are Craic 90 though and get an easier assignment next. We are doing well. Freya's birthday next w/e. Am staying with Foxes and then going with Cally and Glen to see Simon. I hope you got my letter. Lots of love Dadxx

  60. Eleanor Pike: Delta 4.
    Hey eleanor!! it's rosanna here :-) hope you are doing well and enjoying yourself.. can't believe you've been away for more than 3 weeks now! I'm in west wittering with the family this weekend and it feels very weird that you're not here -( just went rowing with iain to east head but the tide was too strong so we didn't quite make it! anyways hope you're loving it, and learning lots, and having fun! can't wait to hear all about it very soon, lots of love rosanna xxxx

  61. Heather Alabaster24 July 2011 at 12:51

    For Cat Alabaster Delta 4
    Hello again m'dear,
    Sunny weekend at last here, sitting in the garden for Vintage Sunday - thinking of you and your tropical climate - hope the tan's coming on well. Friday night was ladies' night at Di Bolton's and Saturday was Caroline Moyes'30th birthday party - which was different, we felt a bit old! Busy few days before going to Scotland - need to finish spring-cleaning your room - been doing it in bursts, so much clutter! George will be even more bored, but looking forward to you coming back -seems not too long now. Not much news, all quiet - need you to come back and liven things up again! Dad says to tell you Hamilton won the German grand prix. Hope all is well and you're looking forward to your big walk - maybe it will be light relief after all the building work. Any sport yet for the CV? Anyway, lots of love for now, see you soon, Mumxx

  62. Heather Alabaster27 July 2011 at 11:21

    For Cat Alabaster Delta 4
    Off to Scotland in the morning - taking jumpers and waterproofs just in case! George will be at home, hopefully hangover free, and we'll be back sometime on Sunday afternoon/evening, so will post a message again then, but not sure how long it takes to get through to you. So here's the info for coming home.

    I will be getting early plane from Newcastle down to Heathrow, which lands about 8.30am into Terminal 5. The flight no. is BA1321. I think you're in at 10.00am into Terminal 5 also. If for any reason I'm not there, find a public call box, or an internet place and ring or email me on mobile - or else try at home - George will be on standby (well maybe asleep, but phone will wake him!.

    If there's any delay with your flight, I will be able to find out at the airport and there is a later flight home we can go for if need be.

    Or if there's any other problem with your journey - maybe try to find an internet place if possible and email me.

    I thought I might bring clean clothes for you, as there's a few hours to wait, and you can sleep, or if you're up to it maybe we can visit the Gordon Ramsay place. I'll not forget your phone, fully charged. Doesn't seem too long now, hope trek is excellent and you have a good send-off - so much looking forward to getting you back and all your stories! Lots of love, see you soon - lemon squares perhaps...? Mumxxxxxx

  63. Eleanor Pike: Delta 4

    Heyy babe :)
    Sorry about the lack of communication from yours truly! :S I wrote you a masssive essay, then forgot to post the comment. sozz.
    Ssoooo excited for your return on Wednesday!!!eeeeee cannot WAIT to hear all about your gap summah! :D
    hope you've been having an EPIC time, and that you're learning lots about yourself. We all miss you loads, esp. at aura! (Betty came up in conversation...again..hahahahahahaaa)
    Soo since you left I've been to Italy, Switzerland, Germany and aura!ee, can't wait to tell you all about my travels!
    now just waitressing loads, awaiting your return :)
    Remember that I love you an unbelievably humongous amount, and am super (ehee) proud of you. Make the most of your last days in paradise,

    Ps. can't wait to go out dancing with you!

  64. Eleanor Pike, Delta 4

    Hey sorry, me again!aha just seen that comment from anna and cloudy - GO!!!!i'm going to Devon anyways from 21-24th, so let's gooo!!

    Again, cannot wait to see you, Gracie xxxx

  65. Heather Alabaster31 July 2011 at 12:08

    For Catherine Alabaster Delta 4
    Back home now - had a great few days in unexpectedly hot Scottish sunshine. Just a quick note to add that I should be able to do the online check-in for our flights back to Newcastle. I'll do them on Tuesday so we are seated together - I have your flight details here, so it should work OK and you don't need to worry about it.

    Abi had tried to post a message but had trouble with it, so no doubt she'll be in touch soon. Otherwise we're all fine and excited about you coming home - lots of love for now Mumxxx

  66. para: alpha 3, Yandry Benavides.
    eiii... feaaa!!! siglos sin hablar cn ut!! no sabe d too lo q se pierde x star ahi... y d lo q nosotros nos perdemos x no star ahi!! eii la kiero... solo keria dcirle eso... xq la pura vdd m hac demasiaaada falta...
    **ya sabe me trae algun muxaxo bn wapo... otro pa jenny y 1 nena pa stba... y ut se qda sin naa... hahahahaha... eii mongolaaa!! la kierooo!! x lo mnos ya stoy feliz d q el otro mes ya se viene!! =D...
    chauuu!! se cuida muxo!! :*

  67. Para Maricruz Esquivel López-Romeo 3
    Maricruz si todo esta bién en Raleigh mejor SSII venga a hacer el examen del TEC para que no pierda la oportunidad!!!!!!.SSII puede por favor comuniquese a la casa¡!¡!¡!MMMUUUCCCHHHAAA SSSUU

    Luis Esquivel Godinez¡! (^.*)

  68. TO: alpha 3, Yandry Benavides
    ......... maeeeeeeeeeeeeee diiii queeeee??
    no piensa comunicarse aki?? tnemos demasiadooooos chismeees hahahahahaha.. vieeeras... !!
    ya falta poko... pero de vdd yan.. s increible la falta q me hace.. en realidad a todos... ah... y stban ya le compró la pulsera d "pa' las que sea".. xq ut m dijo q la prdió!! .... ahhh y se acuerda d hanna?? (el brazo) ... pueeees... murió!! =C .. eii d vdd... escapese y me llama!! me hace demasiadiiiiiiiiiisima falta!! cuidese oyó?! y aproveche q ya le queda menos de 1 mes!! YUPIII para mi! ;D... la kiero mongala q me abandonó!! se cuidaaa... y... APROVECHEEE!! ;D

  69. Para Valeria Vásquez: Vamos Vale! Esfuérzate y se Valiente, sé que puedes lograrlo confió en que lo harás con esfuerzo y ganas. Mi hermanita preciosa te extraño montones y la amo muchísimo, siempre le pido a Dios que te guie y te de muchas bendiciones. Todo esfuerzo tiene recompensas aquí va una frase de motivación para compartir “Cuesta mucho subir una montaña pero la vista es más bonita desde arriba” te mando muchos besos desde Barcelona tu hermanita Pame

  70. Para Vale Vásquez:
    Hola! hermanita preciosa, ya falta poco espero que todo este saliendo super bien, lo más importante son todas las experiencias que te llevas y la amistad. Me haces muchísima falta pero pronto nos veremos, para delante vale "No hay mejor reconocimiento o triunfo que saber que diste lo mejor di tí" te amooo montones

  71. Hola vale Vasquez: Sabes ahora que la felicidad esta en el camino. Lo estas haciendo bien, lo estas logrando y me siento orgullosa de vos. Aunque nos haces muchisiiiimaaaa falta deseamos que termines el proyecto y llegues hasta el final. Abuelito, Tio Culli y Mary sus primos, Andrei, Dogui, Roberto y yo te enviamos un abrazo de oso.
    Te amo princesa y dios también te ama.
    Dogui te manda besos de naricita!!!!
    Tu mama



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