Saturday, 16 July 2011

Alpha 1 in pictures

Kat our expedition phototgrapher went out on a visit to Alpha 1 and this is what she found...

Vejuna hangs out with the local kids

Welly unloads the food drop!
Sorting out the rations
Porridge, the ultimate trek food

Some light relief with a game of Deal

Katie calls in the Sitrep

The PM's study the map

Time to get going again

Halfway there and these trekkers are doing well, but this is no simple feat. 
As Joyce from Alpha 1 says "Trekking is not just a challenge of physical ability, but also of mind and soul. We can do it!
Alpha 1, always remember our slogan, “Pura Vida!!! De a Cachimba!!! 加油(Ga Yau)!!! “

*Blog by Waheeda Athaullah


  1. Jonathan White 11GH Alpha 1.
    Hi Jon, Following your exploits on a daily basis and good to see your smiley face. Everyone seems to be having a great time. Hope you are taking plenty of pictures and the cameras do not have wet rot. We are all fine here. Enjoy it all. Love Mum, Dad and Jo.

  2. To Catherine White Alpha 1
    Hi how are you doing? Looking good on the photos, hope you can see without your specs on! I guess your Spanish is improving. Grandpa loved your picture with James and had a good birthday meal out with us, Judith and Richard. Does your T shirt smell yet? Bedroom painting starts tomorrow.
    Love you lots. Mum xxx

  3. Mitchell Tulloch Alpha1
    Hi Mitch I am still following you all with great interest. I have seen lots of pics of you and Alpha1, you all look great. I hope the weather has improved and you are all a bit drier. Take care of yourselves. lots of love mum&dad.

  4. francis lanuza alpha 1
    linda en todas las fotos ya falta poco la quiero disfrute

    Hi kates! Looking very glamourous in the photos despite the mud ha! Hope you're having fun. Harry Potter was amazing (went to see it at midnight last week!)we'll have to find a cinema where it's still on when you're back. Going to Berlin on Monday to start my travels, staying at the heart of gold so hope it lives up to your reviews! Have you seen any toucans yet?!
    Lots of love,
    Holly xxx

  6. Delta 4. Reggie Lang

    Hello Reggie
    Hope everything is going well and your enjoying the experience. We're checking everyday for updates as to how your team is getting on so hope to hear soon. Hope you're taking loads of photos and growing the beard in an elaborate way - would glitter beard go down well do you think? Had an email from Liam on Saturday. We're missing you and look forward to checking the blog.
    Mum, Dad and Kathleen

  7. Para Fer Zuniga; Delta 3, Grupo 11H:
    Hola amor! Por aquí todo bien, pensamos en tí todo el tiempo, el clima esta bastante bonito, mamá con el "quilting", "Chachú" estudiando, Marcos jugando como siempre y yo divirtiendome en el trabajo. Esperamos saber de tí, pronto ojalá podamos ver algunas fotos. Todo marcha perfecto y espero que por allá tambien.
    Cuídate mucho!! Te quiere, tu papá.

  8. Alpha 1 Claire Syme

    Hey Clairebear!
    Hope you are having an amazing time, it looks like it!! Missing you a LOT here, nights out arent the same without you and your awesome banter!!
    I dont know how you do it but you seem to avoid the camera like mad! so you better have LOADS of photos on your camera mrs!!
    LOOOOOOVVVEEEE Carrie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. luke smalley alpha 1

    hi luke , hows it going ? really missing u and thinking of u loads .... how u doing in the beard competion ? bet ur hair getting long 2 , hahaha ,not much exciting going on in my world , if u can send a message at ne time , send it to grays facebook .... i cant get on 2 mine at the min , much love to u , hugs and kisses , mum and tyson xxxxx ps hope ur shoulders are better , bet ur muscles are huge now !!!!!

  10. Joyce Law, Alpha 1
    Are you ok? Fully recovered from the fever yet?? We will keep following to visit this blog. Hope can see more pictures of you. I guess your English and Spanish are improving. Enjoy your trip and take care! We are all ok here. Miss you a lot!
    Love from Mum, Dad and Cathy

  11. Hi Katie,

    Hope your feet are surviving and the gaffa tape hasnt run out.Milly is looking scared as the puppy next door has been barking ferociously having got caught up in an upside down hanging basket which she thought was a giant tortoise! I have started your Uni shopping with a bright orange knobbly bathmat! I couldnt resist!!
    Off to Arran for the weekend on Friday with a sea kayak and lots of insect repellent.:Looking forward to seeing you soon. Lots of love Mum xxxx

  12. Para: mi Bruce :) de Alpha 1

    Espero no sea muy tarde, te acabo de encontrar en el blog! sé que la estás pasando regenial, se ve excelente está fase. Cómo va todo? qué tal esas caminadas? estoy segura que disfrutando montones. Acá estoy pensando en el trek y en Raleigh a más no poder.

    Ya sabes que te debo un mensaje de alegría! ese me hizo el día, cuando estuve en la base del cerro Dragón! por lo que te perseguiré hasta el cansancio. Se te quiere Bruce!!!!

  13. Mitch Alpha1 Hi mate glad to hear the Alpha groups have finished phase 1. I hope you enjoyed the celebrations. Good luck for the next phase. Take care love mum&dad. Pura Vida

  14. Corrie Moxon, Alpha 1

    Miss you soooooo much!!!, I keep on thinking about you and worrying a lot - deary me, that makes me sound really old doesn't it? It looks like your having a great time and the guys in your group look very nice indeed :) Can't wait to see you again and hear all about your venture, it looks sooo amazing, PS I went to a fete the other day and brought Count Down the game for £1 - cannot wait to challenge you when you get back - it looks really good

    Take care, lots of love xxxxxxxxxx Laura W xxxx



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