Monday, 18 July 2011

Alpha Groups 6,7, 2 and 3!

The Raleigh road trip is well underway and so far we have been able to catch up with Alpha 2, Alpha 3, Alpha 7 and earlier today we left a hard working Alpha 6 in their community in Apantes, Miraflor.

Here is a little update from the Alpha 6 team...

The guys have been spending their time in the community of Apantes in Miraflor, Nicaragua, living with families and spending their days getting stuck into the local culture, teaching English to the local school children and building a community centre. The work so far has involved a whole lot of elbow grease and I have to say that the ´gun show´ will most definately be hitting fieldbase when they arrive back next Sunday!

The group started out by digging numerous trenches and building metal frames. The work was then left to what was described by the team as a confused looking pair of oxen to move several tonnes of gravel, sand and brick to the worksite. As of a couple of days ago, the group have finally finished laying the foundations to the build - hoorah they cry! We left them earlier this morning bringing bags of sand over from one hill to the worksite to be mixed later for cement, which they will then use to start building up the walls to the centre.

Reports from designated communications officer, Lydia, tell us that the first few days proved a bit of a culture shock for the venturers as they adjusted to a diet of beans and tortillas, living in Spanish speaking homes, and sharing their space with many inquisitive children and countless pets... such as dogs, kittens, pigs, cows, chickens etc - the usual. After the hard days work the team are generally in bed early doors, 8pm bedtimes feel rebellious apparently. Although challenging, a few unique and significant moments have more than made up for the trickier times. The team have been swimming in waterfalls on their days off, they have drank coffee in a cloud forest, bonded over shared paranoia introduced by a game of ´human cluedo´and become closer to their Nicaraguan families than they ever would have thought.

The local children are really really enjoying the venturers company. Great relationships have formed between the locals and the venturers and it is clear to see that they have been making a big impact on their lives already, even in such a short space of time. We´ll be back with more updates from this group as soon as possible but for now i´ll leave you with a few snaps of the guys hard at work from 7am this morning!

The unique and stunning Alpha 6 view point - where they give their English lessons to the local children!
Alpha 6 on the worksite!
Working hard moving the bags of sand... and still smiling!

New forms of transport

A little help from the local's goes a long way.

Alpha 7 update... written by Justin.

After two days on Francisco´s party bus listening to classics by Michael Jackson and Bob Marley, Alpha 7 are pleased to have began work on providing a whole community with fresh water! We are working on our buns ´n´ guns of steel (team motto!) by shifting heavy rocks and digging trenches. We are loving our days off lounging by the river and soaking up the sun, as well as an intense game of Mafia or two to keep up on our toes. the whole team are missing everyone heaps but enjoying it here, especially the tortillas for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Alpha seven out.

Short, sweet and straight to the point. Alpha seven are doing well in their new community. After the first few days feeling a bit culture shocked, the guys are now happy, healthy and getting on well with their families. Clear relatioships have formed between the local children and the venturers, which was especially evident in their daily English lesson that we were lucky enough to witness on our visit. With songs like the Hoki-Koki and 'Head, shoulders, knees and toes' featuring in the class, learning really is fun! The lesson continued on into the afternoon and so too did the sounds of the children´s laughter throughout the forest, as more and more children kept turning up to join in! The Alpha 7 troopers have a challenge on their hands in this community; the rain pours daily (and when it pours it really pours) making not only the work harder, but it also becomes much more difficult for them to make their way around the site as the rivers from one end of the community to the other become faster and deeper. Despite all this however the team are happy and smiling and doing incredibly well. The tem are bonding well and big efforts on the work site are really starting to show. Thumbs up from all at Alpha 7.

English lessons!

"Oohhhh the Hoki Koki..."

Alpha 2
Check our a few pictures form the guys as they settle down to relax for the evening after a hard day of Guanacaste trekking!

On the menu for this evening... noodles!

Latinos locos

Alpha 3 Trekkers
Here are just a few snaps of Alpha 3 when we met them the other day as they were nearing the end of their days trek... and just as the rain began to pour!

Let it rain!

Despite all the rain and tough terrain this group are doing fantastically well. Morale is high and the team have a ´no shortcuts´policy. Pretty hard core. We´re off to see them again this evening where we will spend the night and leave fieldbase admin officer, Amy, to trek with them for the next few days... whether she agrees with their new policy or not.

Still to visit on the Raleigh road trip we have Delta 2, Alpha 5 and Alpha 1. Wish us luck!

Pura vida

*Blog and photos by Dawn Tennant.


  1. Alpha 3 11G&H, Jordan Carter: Hi, Jordan...We have been thinking about you everyday wondering how you are doing....I was glad to see a picture of you. You look good. We love you...Uncle Joe and Aunt Sharyn...

  2. Jordan, Alpha 3, 11G&H: We miss you so much. Can't wait to see some pictures of you. Haven't heard much and we are waiting on pins and needles. Hope you're having fun! We love you so much! Love, Mom and Dad.

  3. Lydia Woodward Alpha 6

    Hi Lydia, we love seeing the blog reports and photos. Hope you're good and enjoying your trip. Tom and Harry want to know if you've found giant spiders or snakes or anything vaguely dangerous. They also want to know if you have a laser cannon to blow up any vampire bugs! Tom is worried about the food - he's very concerned we won't be able to buy pizza in France so goodness knows what he thinks you're eating (stewed vampire bugs :) Hope you're taking loads of photos. Keep safe and well, lots of love Celia, Adrian, Harry and Tom xxxx

  4. For Andres Chavalazo, Alpha 2

    Andres!!!!! I can't believe you're trekking without me Tuti and Jessy. Hope you're having an amazing time, the views are good and your feet don't hurt too much. Im jealous! Send me a message sometime to let me know how it all went, and go crazy at the changeover party for me!!! (although i know you will anyway..) good luck reaching the beach..!! Lizzie xxxxxxxx

  5. Bella Pringle Delta 4

    Hi Bella We have just returned from a lovely weekend in Wittering celebrating dad's big birthday. We had 14 people for lunch - inevitably the weather wasn't great but we had a fun lunch all huddled inside - we did manage a very blustery beach walk as well. Tonight we have just returned from an IPA Directors leaving dinner at the RAC Club which was fun. We all hope everything is going well and are looking forward to hearing all your news. I saw Beth at the weekend and they are looking forward to meeting up with you in Miami. Lots of love Mum xxxxx

  6. Hi Jodie Wall of Delta 4 Group. Hope you are enjoying yourself and coping with the challenging lifestyle! Just waiting for you to come back and tell me you've decided to be that school teacher after all! Havent seen any pictures of you since your minibus departure so am missing your smiling face.Cant believe 2 weeks have gone already, bumble tried to chase a scooter rider the other day,i'm sure he thought it was you riding up the road! Take care, lots of love mum xxx

  7. chico es incrfeible saludos desde nicaragua att Enma

  8. for bella pringle, delta 4

    hey you! got back from corsica yesterday sorry i havent been able to leave a message. corsica was okay, pretty boring and depressing at times because i had nothing to do but think about you :( haha. pretty brown now though. got one of those friendship bracelets for you that i always wanted too because youre my best friend.

    thinking about you so so so much. going to napa tomorrow, looking forward to being with the guys. (ifes going out with jess owrid now by the way!!!) we all got wife beaters (kill me) and on the back of mine it says 'whipped' haha heee :). im going to wear it every day so everyone knows i love my girlfriend.

    im hoping for some more updates on your group so i know how you are doing. i hope you are okay. really not too long until i get to speak to you now - about two weeks :D. im sure its really hard what you are doing and im so proud of you. keep smiling for you please.

    one thing that i want to tell you about that you might not be tooo pleased with haha is that i went to a casino today with andy. but it was only out of sheer boredom because we didnt want to stay at mahiki. i made £30 being sensible. im not going back dont worry. the harrow boys were in there too haha at like 2 in the morning.

    anyways, i love you so much. you are the only thing on my mind. looking forward to more updates and being able to speak to you sooon!!! wooo :D. ill send you daily texts from napa that you can read on the second. also (sorry about the absolute E grade essay) ignore all my bbms because ive sent a ridiculous amount and theyll send in a weird order.

    so ill be gone for a week again unfortunately because this doesnt work on my phone. here at home everyone is missing you. ive seen messages from shazia and grace saying they miss you on facebook and i showed ife some of the pictures of you and he said he misses you a lot. andy is here now and he says hi and how he wishes you were around because youre such a legend.

    i love you smelly, will send loads of texts. and speak very soon :). keep smiling. i genuinely have not stopped thinking about you since you left. deals a deal xxxxx

  9. Ryan Austin Alpha 3

    Just checking in as 3 of your travellers cheques have been cashed which seems very strange as you are on a trek. Please email me when you can to make sure this was indeed you.


  10. Jordan Carter Alpha 3

    Jordan i miss you so much obviously! But take more pictures i want to see your smiling face alright!! Can't wait to here from you! Miss you alot!

  11. Maricruz Esquivel L, from alpha 6
    Hermanita mia!! :( :) vieras q feliz me senti hoy entrar aki y ver fotos y novedades d tu equipo, ya estabamos pensando que como estarias! es bueno saberlo, llore y me rei al mismo tiempo de verla ahi, toda trabajadora, pero me haces muchiisima falta! Ya vi Harry!! esta excelente!! Vieras q buena la muerte de Snape!! haha!
    Hermanita te amo mucho!! Ya sabes, para vr para atras ni para tomar impulso, y si vuelves a ver recuerda q es para saber de donde vienes ok?? jajaja!! te amooooooooooo mi negra rica preciosa!! besos y abrazos!!! Y saludos a los hermanitos nicaraguences!!

  12. Jordam Carter Alpha 3 11 G - how are you? You are obviosly getting alot of exeise - Try to have fuj - I love you muche@@@ Diane Hall.......

  13. Jenny and Bruce Ramsay19 July 2011 at 00:23

    For Douglas Ramsay in Delta 4
    Hi Doug! Missing you loads. Have sent you a letter so look out for that when you get back to field base. Just booked a Xmas skiing holiday for us all with Alistair's family! James is at home now and has got his degree - but no one to play FIFA with, now you are away :( Hope your building work is going well and that the trekking stage is fun. Lots of people are following the blog to catch up on your news.

    Mum, Dad, James and Nel xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. To Alfie Carapiet Alpha 6. So happy to see the photos - where did you get the wellies!!! Looking forward to hearing from you when you return to base next weekend. Just leaving for France will send you another message tomorrow when we arrive.

    Much love Dad and SueXXX

  15. FAO Lloyd Thomas Alpha 3
    Just a quick message to say welldone for what you've done and what your about to do. hope your having fun. speak to you soon
    Huw Jass

  16. for TRICIA ALPHA 7
    Oi ! I am seeing pictures of you finally, keep it up your're the best !!! I miss and love you loads !

  17. Hey Imi! Alpha 6
    Been missing you loads! But I can see just how much fun your having! I'll try to contact you when I can (:
    Miss you loads and hope to talk very soon. Homes weird without you x
    And lets say your room isnt the cleanest.. :/

    Your loving sister.
    Shay xxxxxx

  18. Ryan Austin, Alpha 7
    Looks like you are getting the "experience of a life time"! David, Maegan, Nicole, Matt, & I look forward to hearing all about your summer. Enjoy, Laurie

    18 July 2011 20:25

  19. Jordan Carter Alpha 3
    I realized that i forgot to write my name when I said I missed you obviously. Ha Cause you know i would do that. But i miss you a million.
    Love ya Katie. haha.

  20. For Sam Berry Delta 4
    Hello! Hope you're having an amazing time, I'm sure you are! It's been really nice to be home but I haven't done much. Seen Harry Potter twice) and had a coffee with Grace with today which was lovely! Much centre parcs talk happening and also nice to catch up! Other than that nothing's really been going on here, which isn't surprising! Missing you and love you, Abi

  21. Message for Catherine Crowther, PM, Alpha 7

    Hey CC! Looks like you're having an amazing time all over again; VERY jealous being stuck here where it seems to have been raining non stop for the last week! Hope you're enjoying it still and having an awesome time!
    Loads of love
    Jess (Henderson!)

  22. For Alpha 7 Jasmine Furbert

    Hi honey! Looks like you've made new friends. I am so excited to get an update on your activities and to see pictures of your group. Looks like a great bunch of young adults. Hope you all are having the time of your lives!

    Love Dad

  23. alpha 2: KAREN-MAYCOL-FERNANDO hello mi hermanos, se que se lo estan poasando de lo emjhor y pero con el que estan, ese man de chava es lo mejor, me lo saluidan muxo, espero que le sigan montando gana, ya le peor paso que es el inicio ahora solo falta terminar y seguior adelante siempre, fransi tambien esta de lo mejor y echandole muxas ganas y bueno ya aqui estamos muy contento por su progreso, falta poco para que sean los primeros finalistas del treck 11 h&g.
    los quiero un monton a todos y se cuidan muxo okis....
    att larry castillo

  24. Elliot Bartholomew Alpha 2

    Hello Elliot!

    Looking good eating out of your mess tins!

    Today weather broke with massive storms, bit like you really...but we are not living outdoors! Ha ha.

    Carry on enjoying yourself, and look forward to more updates.

    Miss you

    Mum & Dad xx

  25. nick burden - delta 3
    there haven't been many updates on you recently but i hope its still all good over there, im leaving again tomorrow so we'll be in a similar time zone which would be useful if you actually had internet or a phone haha. You've been getting a lot of wall love recently from your friends, popular. Anyway happy 16 for yesterday. not too long now xxx

  26. To: Alfie Carapiet Alpha 6,
    Don't know if you are getting my messages - because I can't see them on the blog - but hopefully they are getting through to you. All is well here - we made it to France OK - and, ggod news!!! Dad likes the new terrace!!! Alex has his last exams tomorrow and is then flying over here. Hoping that you will be able to email when you return to base at the weekend or put some pictures up for us to see. Missing you lots.
    Much love Dad and SueXX

  27. Alfie Carapiet Alpha 6. PS Notice that you may be sharing your accommodation with a cow or two - Milo suddenly seems much more acceptable!!!! XXXX

  28. For Maddie Hosker, Alpha 4
    Hi're over half way through the trip now - difficult to believe, its now going so quickly !! I'm in Qubec, the GIngers have all arrived and at the weekend are all off to charlevoix where I will join them with bella on Sunday (who by the way is now having a ball in England after all that..)Just wondering how you are...really hope you're having a fab time now, its such a great project, making a difference to people's lives as well as being a fantastic adventure...we still miss you lots but as you (hopefully) sit there reading this you'll be back so very soon now, make sure you enjoy every bit you proud of you Migs, you know that..saw Andrew and mary last weekend to go over holiday details, they're now qualified scuba divers !! so we should have fun, all good with Mathew but he's obviously missing you..(dont know why..!!)
    take care da Mog,
    Dad xxx

  29. Catriona Mcintosh alpha 3 

    Hey babez , 
    we are missing you. 
    Missing all the biscuits you feed us. And the cuddles. The excitement in your voice when you came
    Round ! Hope your okay and safe. 
    Well done in everything you've accomplished so far ! Good luck.

    Lots of love 
    Murphy n max ! 

    P.s Jordan is playing against falkirks first team amongsts others in a tournament ! Pre season is hard. Ran 18 miles in one session. Also  I Bet that poncho came in handy ! Still can't believe you wore one to school. Take care, be safe and have an amazing time for rest of holiday ! Hope your smiling everyday and are happy, hope you've seen enough wild animals to make me jealous. BFF babes. 
    With love always 

  30. Yandry, Alpha 3.

    heeey feaaaa.. this is Dany, I hope you´r having a great time. Todos en Costa Rica te hechamos de menos :( estamos contando los días para tu llegada. Tengo un montón de cosas que contarle porq tenemos un montón de años de no vernos... vieras que ganas tengo de salir como antes...!
    y vieras que pasó una tragedia horrible con unos quintos del insti ... se murieron varios y creo q 2 están graves en el hospi... pero bueno, ya muchas cosas malas, no quiero arruinar su felicidad allá con toda tu familia del otro lado del san juan....Hey y todavía estoy esperando que me traiga alguna nica bien guapa!! ;) :)
    y vieras que en una foto ya ust se ve toa charral, como una paisana! .. ya se está convirtiendo en una de ellas! aaaahahaha
    weno chao, ya mucha hablada, la dejo para que pueda seguir leyendo las cartas que te mandan todos tus admiradores (as) hahah

    disfruteee por todos nosotrooos!! =)

  31. Jordan Carter Alpha 3
    I hope you are having a good time. I know this isn't how you imagined spending your summer but I hope you are making the best of this experience and having fun and letting loose. This is an amazing opportunity so enjoy! If you don't trust anyone, trust me. JUST HAVE FUN!!!
    I miss you so much Jordan (know that your in my thoughts always) and when you get back home me and you will go somewhere for a mini vacation! Amusement Park, maybe?!?! I really do love you. Please make sure you stay safe and enjoy your time! Everyone here is thinking about you and we all love you!

    Miss you little bro!

    PS. Anna texted me and said she really missed you and couldn't wait for you to come home! =) you gotta keeper! (hope that makes you smile)

  32. Jordan Carter, Alpha 3

    Its Stevie again! =) I just wanted to say that I am so proud of you! You are an amazing person with so much to offer! This trip is to help you grow! Realize that what you are doing is a good and positive thing so really make the best of it! Your getting over fears, trying new things, experiencing so much in such a short period! I know you miss us but your friends and family will be here waiting for you when you come home with big hugs and kisses! You are wonderful, buddy! We all love you so very much!

  33. Lloyd Thomas alpha 3, hey Lloyd Dan and Lisa here hope you are doing well. nothing has changed here still working in Hudsons :( but we are planing a holiday, dunno were to yet but have the dates booked off work. my birthday was good had a curry took minnie for a walk and the cinema. o yeh thanks for the card it was funny as ....

    !!! STUMP !!!

    Lisa has pre ordered the new COD so I will have it as soon as it comes out :D

    any ways enough about us, you are looking good out there keep up the good work and give us all some good photos :D will blog soon so chow for now.... your one and only jeffy.

  34. Customer Service Ladies23 July 2011 at 04:20

    For Emma B in Alpha 3

    Hiya Emma!
    It's the ladies at the desk! We're keeping track of you and everyone is up asking how you are getting on inluding all the wee regulars! Good to see a picture of you in this post! Hope everything is as great as you thought it would be, we see you're hard at work! We can't wait to hear all the stories when you get back!

    Cat, Tracy, Julie, Karen and everyone from EK Town Centre!


  35. Jordan Carter Alpha 3 11g&h - How are you? It is so hot here so you are not missing much!! Sorry! I love you and think about you all of the time!! Diane

  36. Jordan Carter Alpha 3 11GH,

    Hey! It's Anna :) I miss you so much and can't wait for you to get back. I"m in Miami right now with my family but ill be back in savannah soon. I'm sending you a letter tomorrow (i told you i would send you letters ;] ) i miss you! It really sucks that i can't hear from you more often but oh well. i hope you're having a great time! You're amazing and such a wonderful person. i bet everyone is benefiting from you being there. Talk to you soon! <3

  37. Minty Boothman25 July 2011 at 04:21

    To Chris/Alfie Carapiet Alpha 6

    Hi Chris

    Loved seeing pics of you, blog says the building is nearly finished now, well done. Missing you, look forward to hearing all your news when you return to base. At home we're busy dodging the rain and having b-b-q when poss. Lots of Love to you darling, Mum xxx (Minty Boothman)

  38. To Kelly robinson alpha 6
    Is jay hope your having good time me and reno went camping in north Wales with peter Jake are mike and James. Me and reno went fishing with peter and Jake this weekend we didnt catch anything. I seen a couple of your photos and sent them to darren he was made up. Keep up the hard work. All missing you love xxxxxx

  39. Lydia Woodward 11G

    Hola mi hermana! I hope all the nicaraguans are speaking perfect english now :) Kobie is building up the courage to talk to you, what with the whole abandonment issues thing. She wants her people back, lol jk, she's mine now. But if you bring her back a nice male panther, I'm sure she wont mind too much.
    How are you coping with the 'naychah'? Kittens can be dangerous...
    Sally xxx

  40. Lydia Woodward 11G

    Hola mi hermana! I hope all the nicaraguans are speaking perfect english :) Kobie is building up the courage to talk to you, what with the abandonment issues an' all. She misses her people, lol jk, she's all mine now. But I'm sure she'll love you again if you bring her back a nice male panther...
    How are you coping with the 'naychah'? Kittens are dangerous ya know, crocodiles not so much.

    From Sally xxxx

  41. For Imriel Morgan, Alpha 6
    Ive enjoyed following the escapades so far; hope that the creepy crawlies aren't too much. Well done for the building work that you and the rest of Alpha 6 has completed; seems like alotta work! You look like you've had fun with the early starts and filling sand bags! Hope your equipment has been serving you well!!Looking forward to hearing from you soon! Miss you Loads!Love Ze.

  42. To Kelly Robinson alpha 6
    Hi Kelly its jay hope your having a good time me and reno went camping in north Wales with peter and Jake and are mike and James me and reno went fishing with peter and Jake and we didnt catch anything I seen a couple of your photos and sent them to darren he was made up keep up the hard work all missing you love jay mum Ryan chloe charley reno xxxxxxx

  43. To Kelly Robinson alpha 6
    Hi Kelly its jay hope your having a good time me and reno went camping in north Wales with peter and Jake and are mike and James me and reno went fishing with peter and Jake and we didnt catch anything I seen a couple of your photos and sent them to darren he was made up keep up the hard work all missing you love jay mum Ryan chloe charley reno xxxxxxx

  44. To Kelly Robinson alpha 6
    Hi Kelly its jay hope your having a good time me and reno went camping in north Wales with peter and Jake and are mike and James me and reno went fishing with peter and Jake and we didnt catch anything I seen a couple of your photos and sent them to darren he was made up keep up the hard work all missing you love jay mum Ryan chloe charley reno xxxxxxx

  45. Jordan-Alpha 3 (11G&H),

    We're missing you so much! Can't wait to see more pictures of you--the last one we saw was on July 18th and that was only of the back of you. And an update on what you're doing and when you'll be back at Field Base would be nice too.

    When you get back, we'll have to plan something special. I know school will have started, but we'll figure out something. You will have so deserved it!

    Know that we love and miss you so much! We can't wait for you to be back home with us. I do have to say that the house is staying so clean though. :)

    Love you bunches!
    Mom and Dad

  46. For Grace Minns -Alpha 7
    Hi Grace -thanks for your news, what an amazing trip I Hope you are feeling better.
    All ok at home . Abi starts work next week. Hopefully she will knuckle down.
    Will is golfing most days and his handicap continues to drop. I came 2nd in Saturdays comp so it must be infectious.
    All grandparents and the wider population around home are keen to hear any news from you.
    Lots of Air Miles this year!
    No news from Uni so I will ring them and check.
    Driff show very busy but wet over lunch (not by Costa Rica standards)!
    Cassie Rooney ollie ok (Ollie eating more than he has ever done).
    Starting to get busy at work but weather cloudy this week.
    Mums new greenhouse looks good -she is turning into a bit of a "Charlie Dimmock" (former female tv gardening presenter),
    Countdown to Abi driving, needless to say I wont be teaching her.
    Sounds like you may be pleased of potatoes when you get back.
    Enjoy the trek,think of the memories you will take from this once in a lifetime trip.
    Love from us all SJAW C&O XXXXXXXX

  47. Grace Minns. Alpha 7
    Hi Grace, Lovely to hear from you, although sorry to hear you have had the runs!! are you looking forward to your trek? should be fun. I bet you were popular with the children and will miss them. Dad informing grandparents we have heard from you. Take care love you lots x x Oli very well x x

  48. Hey Imi Morgan...ALPHA 6

    Hope you're having a FAB Time & Learning lots. I'm expecting you to have gained lots of buildings skills & fluent ESPANOL Looks like Hard Work but FUN & REWARDING, wish I was there!

    Things are pretty much the same here, I'm still in my tower with my Beloved Bernard & Shay is camping at the bottom of the bed, sleeping bag and all.(she's doing this in case I need any help during the night - A good EXCUSE?)
    I must grass & tell that Shay looked stunning in your grey dress for her leavers do..."WHAT" I hear you Protest, in
    Az & Laz turned TWENTY & I suddenly feel OLD;-S
    Grandma & others have inquired about you...

    Some sad news...The 'News of the World'DIED. The 'world' will never be the same again.HA!

    Missing you loads but its fun raiding your Love Yo Mama.xOxO

  49. Jordan Carter Alpha 3 11G&H - Hey buddy!! I miss you! Hope you are managing to enjoy something down there - chin up & all that good stuff - hehehehe!! Love you muches, Diane!!

  50. To Kelly robinson romeo 4
    Hello it reno are u ok hope u having a good time there and hope it ok see u in a couple off weeks See u soon xxxxx

  51. To Kelly robinson romeo 4
    Hi its jay me and reno just going to reilys to watch man utd v man city. I have been rideing my bike a lot more. I am buying a new raceing bike and giving reno my mountian bike and reno will start coming on rides with me. Hope your having a good time there. Keep up the hard work your doing so well. So proud of you see you when you get home miss you xxxxxx

  52. To Kelly robinson romeo 4
    Its mum. Hi kel u ok u say u got it hair cut l been to kodys after l went shopping yes l got u some blts am just doning chloes room hope u enjoying itself speak soon love u mumxxx

  53. Hi Cesca Payne, Alpha 6
    Following your excitement. Hope your enjoying the team spirit and your muscles don't ache too much!! You have a 'room' and its en suite!! short walk from university site (a dodle after your trek!!) Can't wait to see you, missing you loads. Monty woke me having a fight 3am last night, screaming cats!!! Hug for you, love Mum xxx

  54. To Kelly robinson romeo 4
    Hiya Kelly its darren hope u r avin a good gym cant find how to send u a message on my phone be careful I love you xx

  55. To Kelly robinson romeo 4
    Hiya Kelly its darren hope u r avin a good gym cant find how to send u a message on my phone be careful I love you xx

  56. To Kelly robinson romeo 4
    Hiya Kelly its darren hope u r avin a good time cant find how to send u a message on my phone be careful I love you xx

  57. To Kelly robinson romeo 4
    Hi its jay just getting ready to go darts . I have been on two 40 mile bike rides this week I will pay some more money of my new bike tommrow. All the football starts tommrow me and reno will go and watch Liverpool in reilys the everton vs spurs game has be called of because of all the trouble. Hope your having a good time see you in a few weeks xxx

  58. To Kelly robinson romeo 4
    Hi luv u ok l pulled me back out am in pain ha l gt toput
    rub heat on u love that and a by well as well l was reading some of your comments and charley sizes is eight, the girls at lisas house Ryan came home tonight only got work are reno is help me nan and grandad all ways asking about u just going for a hot bath now loves u thanks for the letters
    Love mum xxxxgt to let me now u wont the bus ok xxxx

  59. Josue Gomez alpha 2.'
    Te amo demasiado , me hace demasiada falta, acaba de ver una foto suya aca, casi lloro :(



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