Saturday, 23 July 2011

Blogtastic - Delta 3, Alpha 5 and Charlie 1

So apparently the field base team can't get enough of these ruddy muddy road trips and early this morning some of the guys went out on another day visit, this time to Delta 3 to see what the group has been getting up to over the last few weeks. Let's get up to date with their news.

We can't quite believe that tomorrow we'll down our tools for the last time and on Sunday morning we’ll say goodbye to the community who have welcomed us so warmly. We’ve been working so hard on the community centre – shoveling bucket after bucket of soil to level the floor, trying our hand at bricklaying, mixing cement and digging a sanitation trench. On arrival the maestro de obra (who mysteriously only allows us to call him Pollo, Spanish for chicken) confidently told us we would easily be done a week early but the torrential Costa Rican rain prevented this from becoming the reality, although its done little to dampen our spirits. The rain caused the wood for the roof to bow slowing progress considerably. However the bulk of the work is done but we’re all disappointed we won’t see the finished product! It hasn’t been all work and no play of course. We held a party with the community to celebrate Nati’s birthday that was an amazing success – the perfect opportunity for us to get to know the locals and gorge on sweets. We taught the children how to play British bulldog. The game did take quite a while due to the fact that they didn’t really understand the concept of being ‘out’. This Sunday was our first day off since we arrived so after a welcome lie in (until 6am!) we set off into the jungle on a walk lead by Nemesio, one of our hosts. The first part of our walk was up what can only be described as a vertical mudslide but we continued on into the jungle with Nemesio leading, creating a path for us. After slipping and sliding some more we came to a beautiful waterfall only when we were back in the village did Nemesio tell us that he almost didn’t take us due to the snakes in the jungle! Probably best for the more snake shy among us. Last night we were invited to celebrate the birthday of Brandonly, one of Nemesio’s sons. We were given Tamales – a traditional Costa Rican dish of vegetables, maize, meat and rice wrapped in banana leaves and boiled. It was a perfect opportunity to get to know more of the local people.

Delta 3, it’s been emotional. But fear not, more adventures coming up imminently in phase two so hold on to your hats. We'll be seeing Delta 3 as they arrive back to FB tomorrow with the rest of the groups. Next up we have some more news from Alpha 5 over in La Cangreja National Park where they have been spending their days deep in the jungle, working on the trails.

Alpha 5 have survived their first week of living in the jungle. It’s been very wet, muddy and itchy. The camp now has a “shower” (bucket and cover area) and an organized kitchen. We have dug up 2km of piping which is going to be reused. Unfortunately the project to start the wheelchair trail has been abandoned due to lack of permission. Instead we are repairing and improving the existing trails in La Cangreja. So we head off into the jungle in the mornings with our shovels and rakes. On our nature walk on our day off we saw a Fer de Lance (enormous snake!). We also ate masses of fried plantain, which made a nice change to the tradition Raleigh rations of Pork & Beans!

Alpha 5

Blog messages!

PM's Ronnie and Conner - nice effort on the beard front from Connor

Digging the trenches for the pipes

We visited Alpha 5 towards the end of our road trip and were able to relax with the group as they chilled out after a hard morning's work, and tucked into some Guanabana fruit! Now for a little catch up with our Bespoke expedition. Charlie 1 give us the latest as they settle into project life in Cuchey in the indigenous community of Tayni. Written by Elise.

Hello to everyone! We’re all well and having a great time. Our building is going well and we will be putting the roof on soon. The locals are very welcoming. Today they brought us Coca Cola from the shop. Hopefully we will be having a sports day with them next week. It’s sunny and it rains during the night. The highlight of our day is going to the beautiful river to wash and bathe. Our spare time is spent playing our new favorite games: Mafia and Cups! Hope all is well, you’ll be hearing more from us soon!

Pura vida!

*Blog written by Dawn Tennant and photo’s by Kat Mammone, unless otherwise stated.


  1. Message for PM Marga Pardo, Alpha 7
    Hi Fofa! Happy anniversary!!!!!!!!!
    Love you, have fun!

  2. Elise Akerman, Gordano School, Charlie 1

    Hi Elise! Great to read your little report. Sounds like it's all going very well and you're settling in to your new surroundings. Loving that you can get coca cola even in the jungle - I should go!!! All quiet here, summer holidays have begun woohoo! Hope everything continues to go well and that you continue to enjoy it. Lots of love, Jo xxxxxx

  3. Hi Chris T in Alpha 5

    Greetings from all in Glasgow. We love reading the Alpha 5 blogs and seeing the photos. You've been wielding a shovel, eh? Hope you can see some good results on the trail. Take care and love from us all.

  4. For PM Miriam Bord (Charlie 1)

    Hey dude

    Think I've tracked down your group now but still not seen a picture of you, get yourself in front of the camera, there isn't enough ginger on this blog!!! Hope things are going well, you're having a great time and looking forward to the trek. Things are good here, volunteered with Eddie on a PETE yesterday, one of the soon to be venturers asked him if anyone had ever told him he looks like Vinnie Jones, which prompted a mini discussion on which celebrity Eddie most looks like, very funny!! Went to a random food thing the other night where you have to sit next to people you've never met before: what's the only thing worse than sitting next to a phsychologist at dinner? Sitting next to two!! Was so random it was just really funny, wish you'd been there, I think you'd have loved it!! Oh, I've had an idea about our next challenge: the Lyke Wake walk-40 miles, 24 hours over the North Yorks Moors, we can stay with my mum. Frankie and Dave are in what do you reckon?!

    Looking forward to seeing you soon, much love


  5. Adam Grey, Gordano School, Charlie 1

    Hope you're all having an amazing time and not struggling with the humidity too much. What were you talking about saying you'd miss the food/drink etc?! Coca Cola sounds OK to me!! Good luck with the sports day and the roof!! You'll have to teach us the games when you join us camping. Missing you, can't wait to see you when you get back!
    Lots of love Lizzie Xxx

  6. To Catherine White Alpha 1.From Mum
    Hi Cat, how are your feet? Nice to see you on the pics. hope you had an amazing time on the trek. Have you seen a sloth yet?
    Everyone at home sends their love. Alena asked us to send her greetings. Grandpa has a brain, it's official. Pics of Amy and Dave on Russell Lewis web site if you have access.
    Animals well. stig doing his best to move a wheelie bin single shelledly! Rosie still an individual old lady.She's missing you a lot, as we all are.
    Have fun with your next challenge, seems like now the hard work begins.
    Mucho love.
    Mum xxx

  7. Hey Ven!

    Hope you are having a great time in Costa! It just occurred to me whether it was the name of the country that attracted you to going there ahha!

    Anyway, I hope you are having a great time and lovely the hot weather, as it is not so good here! Stay safe, we're all missing you!


  8. For Corrie Moxon - Alpha 1

    Hey you! Hope everythings going well. Looks like you've been up to some amazing stuff! It's good to see you're still smiling even after such a massive trek.
    Feels like you've been away forever, but it's only been 3 weeks! I can't wait to see what you get up to for the rest of the trip.
    Everyone's missing you lots (especially me).

    Love you
    Daniel xxxx

  9. To... Aadam Sarkar, Charlie 1.

    I can't believe I didn't know about this blog thing! SOMEONE should have mentioned it to me! But luckily through facebook I realised there was a way I could see what you're up to. Sure Mama Brown will be interested in seeing this! I hope you're having an amazing time, it all sounds amazing! I watched Bridesmaids by the way! It's not as funny as people said. I think it's because the main characters personality is basically me, and I was like 'She's being normal!? Oh wait, no she's not. It's just normal to me!'

    Also I kind of broke my macbook, I cracked the hinges because it fell off my bed. I stayed awake to kill a mosquito, and watched The Inbetweeners...but I kind of fell asleep.

    I'll try not to stalk this blog too much! Sorry for the essay! I doubt whoever passes on these messages will be bothered to do this one! Keep having a lovely time babe! I miss you LOADS!

    Love, Helena xxx

  10. Oliver Johnston, Gordano school, Charlie 1.

    Sounds like you are all having a fab time!
    And glad to know you all got there safely! hope the building is all going well!

    Ollieeee! I miss you loads and can't wait to see you! But sounds like you're very busy and enjoying yourself!
    Happy Birthday for the 28th! and Happy 26th! :)
    hope you like my cards!
    I haven't really been up to a lot, watched bridesmaids again with Kennedy :L and basically I have been to costa coffee every day!.. Alfie has been asking where you are too when we have been in Oxford! :P Ahhh it's so tempting to watch Harry Potter! so hurry up and finish the building and come back so I can watch it ;)
    love you loads! xxxxxxx

  11. Ryan Austin Alpha 7

    I hope you are managing to settle in and try to make the best of your few weeks left. Remember how good this will look on your resume!
    We'll go out and pick out your Mac when you get home. I took the last two weeks of August off work so maybe we could do a few fun things before you start school. Don't forget to buy yourself a few souvenirs and maybe some extra Raleigh shirts.
    Love, Mom

  12. Hey Chris T in Alpha 5

    Great to see more photos! Helping out in the garden is going to be pretty tame after your adventures and the newts maybe a bit of a comedown!

    Saw HP with Rachel last night and hope it features on your flight home. Have sent some texts to your mobile which I hope you can access at some point. Off to see Granny B today and give her an update on your expedtion.

    Much love
    Mum xx

  13. Hello Carla its Anthony your cuz still rocking in liverpool ha ha .. just been looking at some of your photos on here looks like you are having a great time over there,,,am made up you are enjoying your self keep smiling and i will see you soon x x x

  14. hiiii carla :) its natalie ur amazing!!!!!!!!!! miss you lots an lots an lots when u get back i will vist with my two boys reese an kayden u havnt seen him yet but hes fab! i sooo wanna be out there with u it looks beautiful!!! love you lots x x x x x

  15. To Grace minns! Hey grace hope your okay and having lots of fun. p.s come home now pleasssse! xxx

  16. werner calderon jajajaj sexy cola buemas fotos en la cangreja lo extraño loco saludos a yisbel ya tienen nuevos amigos
    les escribi antes pero no le puse quen era jjejejej att enma nos vemos pronto

  17. Neil and Lesley27 July 2011 at 14:45

    Hi Ellie,Charlie 1
    hope its all going well and they are working you hard. its very quiet here without you, even the waiters in Ashyanas were asking where you are!Hows the singing going?
    So nothing really to tell. all quiet, no goss or banter. Love you lots, missing you loads.
    Mum, Dad and Willy

  18. Celia Underhill Delta 3

    Really impressed! Missing you here so come back soon.

    Love Uncle Chris

  19. To... Aadam Sarkar, Charlie 1.

    Hey hermano, it's Joe. Missing you loads man, I have to tell Sarah at least once a day that I'm missing you. No one told me about this blog thing (Helena). The other brothers are missing you too. I'll keep it short to save you effort. Love you bro, from me and Ethan. Have a tremendous time.

    Love from Joe Paul xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    P.S. We're going to watch Captain America when you get back.

  20. Chavalazo Romero 5 - ayayayayayy!! adivinas aquellas para que te contabas de escribirte un verso sin senso... WEJEPA FELIZ CUMPLE HERMANITO!! yo como un orate le escribi en el FB, asi o mas animal. quiero que sepa que me hace muchisisisima falta, estoy muy orgulloso de usted y linda el bigotazo, pelo de cavernicola! asi se hace papillo, porque usted es una persona con un pichazo de pelo, pero un pichazo... ah otra cosa: ✄, ✄✄, ✄.... ✄✄!! cual es esta cancion?? jajajajajaja

  21. To Dawn (the blogger) :) hey!! i can't believe you're in fieldbase and you haven't even told me... had to find out on my own! hmm... i really miss u! hope everything's fine, enjoying your time here in CR... won't even ask about the hole Raleigh experience 'cause i already know the answer hehe! :) huge hug, huge kiss and a huge wejepa to my beautiful Dawn :) :) :)

  22. CARLY WARLY!! Its all just fab! Great to see you spreading your goodness. Love you loads Aunty Zee n Amber. Mwah! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Speak soon oh fabulous niece.



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