Monday, 25 July 2011

The Challoners Have Arrived!

The Challoners arrived at field base this morning! There was just enough time for the groups to get organised and grab a quick spot of lunch before they rushed off again to start their adventure! Here are the groups...

Charlie Two
Zahra Akbar
Jasmin Bhamra
Eleanor Dimmock
Victoria Foden
Katherine Grundy
Eleanor Kershaw-Green
Emma Leane
Eloise Loach
Rachel Lord
Sarah McCann
Claire Richardson
Sophie Russell
Ellen Victor
Catherine Scutt
Clint Stevens

Charlie Three
Serina Allen
Charlotte Allen
Helena Bunney
Hayley Cherkas
Philippa Johnson
Eleanor Kendrick-Jones
Christina Lane
Sarah McKay
Sophie Orlans
Claudia Rouse
Hannah Watts
Ella Wills
Zorica Bowie
Mary Dunabar

If you're leaving messages for any of the challoners please make sure to put their Charlie group down and their name. Many thanks - Pura Vida!

*Blog written by Dawn Tennant and photos by Kat Mammone, unless otherwise stated.


  1. To: Alfie Carapiet, Alpha 6. Hope to hear soon that you are back safe and sound - and you never know, if we are very lucky we may get an email???? We collect Alex tomorrow from the airport so he may have some news when he arrives. Hopefully you will be at the base for a day or two so that we can get some correspondence going!!! Any idea yet how is going to be the best way to send you your results???? They are out in just over three weeks time. Thursday 18th.

    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Much love

  2. To Claire Davis (Alpha 6)
    From: Diana

    Hola Claire! ¿Cómo estás? Me da mucho ver tus mensajes que publicas en el muro del facebuk, lol!
    Qué bueno que estás contenta, ahora si suenas a que te la estás pasando bien y no solo que estás trabajando como burro.
    Nunca voy a dejar de decirte que te admiro por hacer tan buenas obras. Me caes bien por eso!
    Ya no me acuerdo que fue lo último que te platiqué y no sé si te han llegado todos mis mensajes. Más o menos te estoy enviando uno por semana. Me encantaría escribir más seguido pero apenas puedo con mi alma. He andado super ocupada ultimamente!!! De mi trabajo en la prepa, mi jefe se anda colgando de mi para que le saque trabajitos extras, con mi proyecto de la web, he estado esta semana avanzando con paso de tortuga, y en cuanto al nuevo proyecto...¿Si te dije del nuevo proyecto?? Pues, no lo iba a aceptar pero, siempre sí quise decir que si a Lazahn y a Rosy porque la verdad me latió mucho!! Claro que ahora no se cómo le voy a hacer para tener tiempo para todo. Ya me estoy pareciendo a ti en ese sentido, Claire, ¿cómo le haces para hacer 20 mil cosas en 24 horas? (descontando las de la dormida, claro!) lol!
    Give me some tips, please!! Me urgen!!! jajajaja xD
    Bueno, ya te contaré más la siguiente semana, mientras cuidate mucho!!
    Saludos de dyahnat xx

  3. Ryan Baker Alpha 4
    Noticed on the blog that you were due back today. I have been reading the blogs daily and the things that you are all doing look such fun but quite hard work in testing conditions, and looking at some of the pictures of team Alpha 4 you have done some great work so far. All the things so far the trekking, exploring, discovering and adventure all look to be so you. I noticed on one teams blog that they were getting used to the 6am starts !!! Ryan and 6am ? We have sent our second letter today, hopefully the other one has arrived. Keeping having fun - Dad Mum Kris Becs

  4. To Alfie Carapiet, Alpha 6.
    Alex arrived here safe and sound - had a very quick flight from Stansted with no excitement.
    We understand that you should be back at base soon and are really looking forward to hearing from you. Hope you are enjoying it!!

    Love SueXX

  5. To Sophie Orlans, Charlie Three. Great to see you have all arrived safely and are big smiles. At this end we are so excited to be able to follow your adventure via the blog and can't wait for the next update. Very quiet here without you. All well (incl Snakey) Ln XXX

  6. To Corrie Moxon, Alpha One. Glad to see you are having a great time! It's very quiet without you!!! The whole gang hopes you have loads of fun! Vicki xx

  7. Oliver Johnston, Gordano School, Charlie 1

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! (for thurs 28th) i'm posting this a few days early b'coz I'm not sure how long it takes you to get the blog.

    Where is our news and photos Charlie 1??? Victoria thinks you have all been eaten by giant tarantulas! Lol :)
    Have an 'awesome' birthday Ollie. it will certainly be one you will remember.
    Loads of love Mum, Dad, Hamish,Victoria and D dog. Xxx

  8. Private/Lydia Woodward/11G

    Hola hola holaaaaaaa cada vez mas mi amiga, es James

    I know I spoke to you like an hour or two ago, but I don't really care. Skype woke up, it's freakin' crazy. Me and jw accidentally mentioned epicmealtime near Craig and it set him off once again, I almost started chopping cucumber (badly) with a freespirit card to make it resemble when we first unleashed the monster. Also decided to buy an Obamao (yes, Obama mixed with Mao) t-shirt while in the USA. Just for the fun of it, and because one of my friends has made a communist-themed party to be held on the 16th. I'm feeling making some kind of cape out of a flag...

    Will make sure to find out your new "number" group whenever it got posted, I've gone with the address-thing you told me to use so hopefully this will work. Looking at the vocab on the right hand side; intrigued by the ingredients for "energy bombs", they sound awesome. Another level of awesomeness. Lucky girl eh.

    Much love and keep enjoying yourself. Remember not to mind. ;) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. To Ellen Victor, Charlie Two:
    Hello Smell!
    Hope you are having a fantastic time, it's quiet here without you.
    Would LOVE to hear from you soon,
    Lots of love,
    Mum, Dad and Lucy xxxxx
    P.S. if you can, check your facebook!

  10. Stan & Bec O31 July 2011 at 00:34

    Hi Sophie Orlans,
    now that you've been there a week and got over the initial excitment, we hope you you are still enjoying the challenge and the hard work ??? We miss you on Sat.mornings but at least your Dad can have a lie-in.Keep fit and healthy and don't get too much of a tan.
    Love Nanna & Grandad

  11. To Zorica Bowie, Charlie 3 group.

    Hi Zed, just with your folks in the garden on a glorious summer's day. Brought them some produce from your allotment - a courgette and a lettuce - hope you're enjoying your pasta and beans staples! All is well in the Chalfonts and in Chesham. See you soon, Sam xxx

  12. Zorica Bowie Charlie 3
    Hi Zed,
    Missing you, hope you are building muscles and sleeping well.We are jogging along OK, lots of visitors and neighbours doing shopping. Look forward to seeing you , enjoy your time.
    Lots of love Ma and PA. XXXX

  13. Hello Charlie 3 and Charlie Allen!

    Wow! Couldn't believe it when your photo popped up. So proud of you all and hope you are having an amazing time. Miss you and can't wait to hear all about your adventures.

    Camp great but tame by comparison to your routine. Holly qualified for open sj champs - too many people asking how you are getting on to name but they all send their love. Tads an absolute star for Ella but missing you.

    Enjoy every minute. We love you - ahhhh!
    Mum, dad, James xx t
    T, G, M, E and bird xx

    Be safe
    Love you

  14. Hello Claudia Rouse, Charlie 3 and hello to Helena Bunney also Charlie 3
    Missing you loads, hope you are having an amazing time! Have been following your weather forecast and see you have had quite a lot of rain-hope the sun has been shining too.
    Nothing exiting to report from here,can't wait till you get back
    Loadss of love the whole fam xxxxxx
    PS Maddy is safely back from Borneo and had amazing time xxx

  15. Sez, Cheese, Katie and Sophie4 August 2011 at 04:55

    For Claire Richardson (Charlie Two): Hi Claire, Sez here - seeing you in your op raleigh gear brings back great memories for me of Guyana- really, really proud (and envious!)of you - keep smiling through all the 'not so glamourous times' (eg smelly laundry and pesky mozzies) but most of all have loads of fun...before you know it you'll soon be back in your high heels strutting off to the next Challoners party wishing you were back in Costa Rica with all the wonderful people and the amazing scenery.XXX.... Katie here: Hi Claire hope you're having an amazing time in Costa Rica! we're all thinking of you loads and i know that everyone is so proud of you! I am so happy to call you my cousin :) Keep plodding on! You're almost there! :D Love you so much! K x Hi Claire, Sophie here - love you and miss you loads XX Hi Claire, Cheese here(kind of I'm in Russia really) but am thinking of you and know you'll do the Richardsons proud! Love from us all xxxx

  16. For Claire Richardson (Charlie two). Hello Claire - saw your blog and photo of the progress well done!! Josh is having a great time with scouts, last weekend had the family around for a meal. very much looking forward to seeing you on your return to hear all the news. Lots of love from Beege and Gran xxx

  17. Zorica Bowie Charlie3
    Hi Zed,Have been following the site ,amazing what you are doing.So proud of you and the girls.Well done, such hard work, but great fun,it will be hard to leave.Miss you lots.Safe travels. Tamsin not coming 24th,think about who you would like in place enjoy the last week.
    Much love big hugs Ma and Pa xx

  18. Emma Leane - Charlie Two - Costa Rica
    We have just caught up with your blog and can't believe what you have achieved - it's amazing!! We are so looking forward to Sunday and seeing you and hearing all about EVERYTHING! We had a good holiday in Cornwall but weather not great - 2 days of sun - boys busy seeing friends and you'll be pleased to hear that we even have some pictures on the walls now! Drive going down today and new hedge at front so a bit has changed here. After all the skills you have learnt in CR you'll be able to finish it off for us!
    We love you loads and will all be there on Sunday morning to welcome you back. Hope the climb is going ok?
    All our love and big hugs from us all - Mum, Dad, Ed, Max and Alfie xxxxxxxxxxxxx



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