Wednesday, 13 July 2011

A day in the life of Delta 3

Woohoo Delta 3 radioed in this morning with a cheery blog update! What have they been up to?

Well Delta 3 have made amazing progress - after days of shovelling they are starting to set the foundations of the community centre they are building. After a long day of hard work in the immense heat, the group like to head to the river for a cool down dip, unless of course torrential Costa Rican rain prevents this!
Meanwhile they have been experiencing the local culture, eating tasty Costa Rican meals with their Cabecan host families. One host is a man who plays traditional Costa Rican music on guitar and his tunes have caught on with the group who are often found singing along on the project site.
They have also been playing football with the community but unfortunately Delta 3 lost the latest game 5-7. This obviously is because the locals are more accustomed to the humid climate, nothing to do with Delta 3's ball skills!
Tonight they are looking forward to having a talk on Cabecan culture and celebrating Project Manager Nati's birthday :-)

Sounds like they are having great fun! Looking forward for more updates...

*Blog by Waheeda Athaullah


  1. What about Alpha 3????

  2. Chris Vos - Alpha 7, Hi Chris, We're looking forward to a blog update from Alpha 7, can't wait to see how the water supply is progressing. Weather forecast for Nicaragua shows that you're getting your fair share of rain & you ever get chance to dry out?
    Ben has arrived safely in Oz for the start of his adventure. take care, loads of love M&D

  3. To Ryan Austin Alpha 3 (wherever you are)

    Never stick your head where you wouldn't stick your hand.
    Steve Duga

  4. Venexia Walker/Delta 3: We've moved! Hamish travelled down with Jock in the truck and Horatio Mac is safely in place in your bedroom. Alex is commuting back to Reading on the train, Mum is still sorting boxes and I'm between Newcastle & Istanbul. Lynne is looking forward to seeing you. Love the blog updates and pictures, you'll have to read them when you get back! Loving you & missing you - Dad, Mum & Alex

  5. Familie Tellier13 July 2011 at 15:47

    To Belle Tellier:

    Ha bellie, hoe is het leven in het groen? Al veel spinnevriendjes gemaakt? We missen je hier thuis! Maar we weten dat je waarschijnlijk een toptijd hebt daar. We blijven op de hoogte via de blogs.

    Geniet ervan lief! Kus van de hele fam!

  6. Hello Raleigh Bermuda Venturer,

    Kristin has been keeping us board members updated with your progress. Keep up the good work and we're all very excited for you to be there!

    -Tasha Jones

  7. Anyone seen Alpha 6 recently!!!!!

  8. sophie jenkins delta 3 missing you loads and read the blog every day, rocky is wondering where you are and everyone sends their love B.I.A.T.W Mum xxxxxx

  9. Elliot Bartholomew Alpha 2.


    Happy Birthday for tomorrow July 15!

    Still on holiday, but following your progress. Hope all is still good and photographs look like you are having a good time.

    Enjoy the day!

    Love you

    Mum and Dad xx

  10. to Delta 4

    Come on guys - write a blog for us news-thirsty followers!

  11. luke saunders delta 3 hi luke it looks like you're all working really hard. The blogs and photos are great - all the family's following your progress!! The river dip at the end of the day sounds fun! Have you been playing guitar at all? Keep up the good work.
    all mising you
    mum and dad xxx

  12. To Claire (Alpha 6)
    From: Diana

    Hola Claire! ¿Cómo estás? Ya veo que trabajando
    muy duro en la construcción. Me da mucho gusto como siempre la labor tan bonita que has emprendido.
    Y para qué te digo que descanses si fuiste a trabajar, jajajaja! Pero, eso sí, diviértete mucho, disfruta de tu trabajo, de la naturaleza, de Nicaragua.
    Te cuento que esta semana estoy de vacaciones o "vagaciones" como algunos les dicen jejeje. Para mi es un "work-liday" porque no he parado de trabajar en mi proyecto para acabarlo pero ahora con la novedad de que Beto, ya se rajó y no me quiere ayudar así que se me amontonó la chamba. En fin... Por ahí tengo un pretendiente del cual ya te contaré cuando vengas acá virtual, jejeje!
    Bueno, te dejo para que sigas trabajando y yo tambien. Este break ya se me acabó. Saludos
    de Diana.

  13. JENIFER rodriguex de Alpha 7
    disfrute bastante amiga alla es una gran oportunidad eres super amiga te queres muchooooo te mando un abrazo super grande. cuidate y sonrie siempre.atte marco garro potoy

  14. for vejuna zalalyte
    alpha 1

    Hope, everything is going well with you
    We are ok too. You received a letter from your UNI, telling that you passed all your modules. Congratulation! Love, warm hugs , snugs etc.
    Take care. Have a wanderfull time.

  15. Maricruz Esquivel L/Alpha 6
    Hiiii sistilla!!!
    mi amorcita me hace una falta que no tenes idea!! Quiero tenerla pronto conmigo y darle un abrazo, y un beso y reirnos de tonteras cm siempre!! Voy a ir a recoger a Gustavo en este momento! Vamos a ver Harry! ya tenemos las entradas!!! :D Espero todo este super bien mi monita! La amo mucho, mucha gente te manda saludos y me preguntan por vos!!! It means people luv you! jajajajjaa!! Te quieroooooo negra!! Cuidate mucho! un beso!!
    Su hermanita mujer favorita!!!--

  16. Joanna Bartlett - Alpha 5. This is my third attempt to post a message this week- don't know what happened to the others. How are you??.Japan Vs USA tomorrow in the Women's world cup final. I think the US will probably win. Are you picking up any Spanish?? weather is good here-and Im doing the usual stuff. Love mumXX

  17. Para Maria Fernanda Delta 3..

    Hola se te extraña un monton, espero te estes disfrutando de la experiencia...
    Te quiero. Cuidate!!!


  18. sophie jenkins delta 3 morning baby , i got your letter !!it was the beatest present , thank youso much . its wonderful to see all the photos on the blog site but actual letter was fabby . All sounds amazing . Missing you but thrilled you're having the most amazing time . Mum xxxxxxx

  19. For Lucy, Delta 3
    Haven't seen any photos recently but sounds as if the community centre is taking shape. Keep up the good work! Hope you enjoyed the jungle visit on Sunday and didn't see too many snakes!!! Not long to go now. Miss you loads. Lots of love from Mum xx

  20. Would like to know how Delta 1 are doing with their turtle project?



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