Saturday, 9 July 2011

Delta 1 Playa Hermosa

We've recieved Delta one’s first blog report! Written by Harry Touche, let’s see what they've been up to...

Delta one consisting of Megan, Andy, Zoe, Kate, Daniel, Deenal, Henry, Tom, Ben, Charlie, Cata, Hannah, Henry, Nella and Trino set off for Playa Hermosa on the morning of the 6th July. Eager for the beach, about half of the group fell straight to sleep while the other half listened to their ipods for the duration of the journey. Beautiful scenes outside the windows flew by; Turrialba, Cartago and finally the Pacific! Immediately as we stepped off the bus we all felt the searing heat and serious humidity. We were all thrown into a serious sweaty hell! Unloading the tools and rucksacks went smoothly.  We spent the afternoon clearing the area, drinking coconut juice and setting up the basher beds. We also set up our amazing long-drop toilet and our group tarps… 3rd time lucky! After a well earned dinner of pasta and Ranchero sauce we all hit the sack to be rested for the new day of hard labour ahead…
Wake up call at around 06.00 hours! We set to work on our inventive toilet cubicle filled with fallen palm trees and bamboo. After this we headed to the beach to learn about water safety, how to spot the turtle trails and of course, a cheeky swim! A couple of hours off before heading back to work for a night patrol; the first of many to come, with hopefully a lot of eggs! The group was split into two working shifts, night and day. The night group was abandoned by Ricardo the ranger as there was some strong lightening. The other braved the storm early in the morning and found 68 eggs! Hannah rescued them and put them in a newly dug hole in the hatchery. Everybody seemed to have had a watery night so some basher bed tweaking was in order! This was left to the night crew, as the day team went to work. Hannah (our Day Leader) and Nella (our Assistant Day Leader) put us to work raking behind the ranger station and clearing the old coconuts. Hot work!
We got back to camp at around 1200 hours for some tuna and crackers (lunch) and headed to the beach. A quick dip and sunbathe before some casevac rescue practice (which we aced!), and a dinner of Mac and Cheese. A game of Wild West Mafia with the Ranchero brothers and Mr Eastwood topped off a refreshingly cool night!

Turtle eggs!

Coconuts fresh from the tree!

The Longdrop!

Pura Vida amigos!

*Blog written by Dawn Tennant and photo’s by Kat Mammone, unless otherwise stated.


  1. To Megan and Delta 1 - on the beach
    Good to see that you are all hard at work and hope the beds are now dry. Hope you have time to celebrate Megan's birthday on Wednesday 13 July with a coconut water toast!
    Look forward to hearing more news soon.

  2. Corrie Moxon / Alpha 1
    Hi - great to see your pictures on the blog and see how you're doing. Looks like your having a fantastic time. Latitude will miss you this year. Jamie's off to The Open next week with Trimble.
    Lots of love Mum and Dad(& Jamie too) XXXX

  3. luke smally alpha?
    hows it going mate, how are you doing ok tell ross and pms 2 have a great expedition. Have a good time mate, rainig bad down in seacombe booo, take it easy and keep your eyes peeled for snakes ha ha.

  4. Hi Megan,
    It sounds as if you are having a great time. Happy Birthday for Wednesday with love from Sheila, Gordon, Hannah, Josh, Rosie & Mat xxxx

  5. Alpha 3 - Daniel Renshaw

    Heya churro! Hope Nicaragua is treating you well :) I've been posting letters. They'll probably take ages to reach you, but better late than never. I start work tomorrow so I'm a bit nervous haha. Argh I had problems with the visa & will probs get refused. no joke. I also met 2 other peruvians in London & we drank a lot of Pisco Sour yesterday hehe :P. Well you'll get the details later... hopefully. This is just a quick message to say: daaan... i love you. & I've been missing you everytime a song reminds me of you, or I play piano, or I walk around places in London were we've been together.

    'And if we could float away
    Fly up to the surface and just start again
    And lift off before trouble
    Just erodes us in the rain...
    Through chaos as it swirls
    It’s just us against the world'

    (They were showing Coldplay at T in the Park yesterday in BBC3. I got a bit frustated I couldn't be there, so please promise me we will see them together at some point!)

    mwah :)

  6. To Hannah Laeverenz S (Delta1)
    Dear Hannah, was so exciting to read the blog and see new photos. 68 eggs?! That's amazing! How many of those will make it into the sea?
    Was surprised to read that you were abandoned by Ricardo because of a thunderstorm? What kind of ranger is he?
    Your accommodation looks very basic but quite cosy. Wonder what the food is like?
    Dad and Lara got back from LA today - they had an awesome time. Lara was straight off to a party - to help her with the jet lag :-)
    I hope you are taking some photos! Do you get time at all to read your book?
    We all miss you! I hope you are having a great time and learning lots of new skills!
    Much love Eva xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. luke smalley alpha 1 hi luke how ru doing, been looking at the blogs , were are u on the photos , cant believe ur camera shy ,or have u escaped in to the jungle , lol ,the things u are doing look brillliant and i hope u really enjoying it ... missing u so much .... lots of love mum , gray, and tyson, he a bit lost and missing his walks with u , take care sweetheart and love u lots xxx

  8. Alpha 6- Imriel Morgan

    Hi Imz, thought I'd send you a message coz I'm a bit bored hehe! :P How's it going out there? I bet the weather is quite nice, shockingly it's not bad in London either. Have you got like mega muscles now? I got myself a job finally but it's nothing special. Everyone is fine as far as I know, no major gossip to tell ya! Just reminding you that it is mine and Laz's birthday 2weeks today :D Send me something, thanks lols. Enjoy the rest of the expedition, see ya later xxx

  9. Ava Mayer Delta 3
    The Cuba plans are coming together. Nia has already booked for the same coach as you and Bekah has offered to sort out accommodation for most of your stopping places. I'll let you know when that's finalised but I'm sure it will work out fine. No news on halls and so I've emailed them for a timescale at least. Thinking of you all the time. Loads of love Mum xxxxx

  10. Para FER ZUNIGA DELTA 3 GRUPO 11H: Hola Nan, espero todo marche bien, esta tarde ha llovido mucho por aqui, tu mama te extrana bastante,yo tambien,pero no importa ya luego nos vemos. Espero que disfrutes y que el proyecto este avanzando conforme a su plan. Hoy lunes 11 tome el dia libre, el fin de semana acampamos en la zona de Salitral de San Luis de Acosta, a una hora de casa, donde hay aguas termales, el camino un poco dificil, espero que podamos ir despues, tambien hoy fuimos al cine y lleve a los chicos (tambien tus primos) a ver la pelicula de Transformers, luego hamburguesas y para la casa, todos te queremos, tu papa.(Manuel)

  11. Henry - Delta 1. Hi Hen, We are all following your progress with lots of interest! I'm glad I have seen you in at least one photo, you must be out working hard :) It looks amazing, enjoy! Love Dad xx

  12. Henry Bullard - Delta 1. I should have said Henry B I have just noticed there are two of you! Love Dad xx

  13. Tom Harley Delta 1 Hi Tomba Happy Birthday on Friday - coconut juice for you I hope! You look happ in the pics, and having fun it looks like Much love Dad x

  14. TOM HARLEY Delta 1:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Friday Darling - Hope you have an apple crumble cake although you probably won't...! We will sing Happy Birthday to you even if you can't hear us! Lots of love Darling, Mum xx

  15. To Tom Harley Delta 1.
    Hi stinky, how are youi doing with all the camping? Happy Birthday and i hope that you are saving alot of turtles.
    From Cracker

  16. Tom Harley Delta 1.
    Hi Tommy,
    Hope you have a happy birthday..... and Costa Rica is fun(not too hot!)
    Lots of Love
    Lucy xxxxx

  17. Henry dear boy...any snakes..I actually saw one today here at home..spiders?Hope you are dry and learning that food doesn't always start with a P and end in A...Sophie off to Oman next week and already missing Boyfriend whom both you and I have missed for the moment.....Ben and Libby say hello and Ben hopes that Jones Minor isn't out there!!Bets P

  18. deenal patel Delta 1
    hi deenal! ive sent you like 3 messages so far but i dnt see them on the blog wall :( how are you? i hope you get my post tomorrow! i'm sending another one today for you to read at the end. aarav crawled today... he gets onto all fours then shuffles his bum back and forth a million times before he puts one hand forward and collapses! it's so funny to watch! he is so cute you will be amazed when you get back! not long before you come home now! can't wait! dad and baa are at the wedding and are doing well, harita is also OK. no other gossip to tell you... missing you lots and waiting for you to get home! take care xxxx

  19. Charlie Mann - Hope you are having a nice time, not missing very much this end. I can't get any sense from mum when I speak to her now, all I get is lots of hysterical crying and she keeps on about how all her children are leaving her alone, shes a blubbering wreck!!!!!!!!!!!
    (If you believe that you'll believe anything!)
    Have fun and see you when we see you
    Matt, Kate and the bump. xx

  20. Henry Delta One
    Hallo again dear boy...Mum said you wouldn't recognise previous mess age even though it mentiones Sophie;Pizza's and Jones Minor!!All well here....amnd hope it is there as well.Lots of questions but happy if you want to stay until Christmas and answer them then!!Cannot imagine you eating refried beans for will want to join the army when you get home!

    Keep going forward.

    Best P

  21. Megan Bowe (don't know expeditition name but she is somewhere in Costa Rica!)
    Hey Tron,
    Hope this gets to you, we are missing you lots but looks and sounds like you are having lots of fun...more photos needed however! We had our annual summer bbq this weekend, was a bit messy, beer pong and cups games started way too early and Nikkis bf was sick in our flower/weed beds!! Finsih school on Thurs, thank goodness then we are off to Devon and Cornwall. Not much happening here, your life is much more exciting! Keep us posted with your news, look forward to catching up when you get home. Lots of love, S, J and Marlsefer-Bazil.xx

  22. Henry B - Delta 1

    hello - just realised too late to send any more letters...Hope all fine. Just to make you feel better its raining here lots and cold too. Half way through now - and v.much looking forward to hearing your stories. Mum xxx



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