Sunday, 24 July 2011

The Deltas are Back in Town

The Deltas are back! After three challenging weeks working hard out in Costa Rica’s finest jungles, beaches and indigenous communities, the Deltas are back at base, albeit for less than 24 hours. They just about have time to wash a few clothes, head to Maxis for a top up of deodorant, toothpaste and Tang before they head off again to their mystery location for part two – the adventure challenge! And just as you thought that the blog was running dry we hit back with something as exciting as this. This blog is invincible.

Tomorrow morning just before they depart for phase two the venturers will be told where they are going and what they will be up to in the next couple of weeks. We will give them a couple of hours to adjust to the idea, mentally and physically prepare themselves and then we’ll be whisking them off again to said mystery location. Pretty - exciting - stuff!

In the meantime, the groups are getting organized before the traditional Raleigh BBQ and party tonight! Let the good times roll. Here are the final blog updates from our loyal project Comms’ Officers - putting their experience into words, and bringing it home. Take it away Deltas…

Delta 1
So after the road trip left us it was back to normal hard work! The weather brightened up which was a bit of a double-edged sword. More of a tan but hot work! We were digging trenches to stop animals from getting at our precious eggs - alleviated somewhat by a great swim in some surprisingly strong waves. Don’t worry – two lifeguards at all times!

Our precious Manual left on the 19th which left us in something of a limbo situation… we had nobody to direct our outstanding work efforts. Luckily, Ricardo stepped in and showed us his beloved trails. We set about clearing the pathways and the clearing where apparently some crocs came and laid their eggs. That night the night patrol team found an elusive black turtle. A meter long and some big-ass eggs! Our PM’s left us! We were abandoned to self organize while Megan and Andy had ice-cream in Jaco! I’m not going to lie, turns out they’re not really necessary. We basically continued as normal, clearing trails. Ricardo found a baby croc and brought it to camp. It was tiny and completely docile. Who would think it would grow to 3 times a man’s height!

The 22nd hosted the final of the ‘Come Dine With Me’ series. A Philadelphia and bacon carbonara sauce and noodles was made by Trino, Hannah, Nella and Harry. This was followed by some Mango and Lemon. This went down a treat and eventually won!

Our final day at Playa Hermosa – no work, just fun and games with Ricardo, beach Olympics, swimming and of course a BBQ. Some actual burgers and hot dogs with proper ketchup… couldn’t have been better. It was quite sad taking down the camp but I think everyone is getting ready to have a shower and get rid of the week old sand in various crevices!

Delta 2
Beach Olympics: such fun for Delta two; cheerleading, spectacles, star athletic performances and an indulgent peanut eating competition. Our trench was completed with a 4.30am start from some of the Delta two members. Trench digging, passion and dedication. Final turtle shift saw some wonderful and weird events; Siew seeing her first turtle – wahaay! Will and I seeing the groups first Hawksbill, and Em and Kevin had a bizarre poaching encounter. On our final day as a group in the sun we were able to set free 50+ baby turtles! Thanks for the visit from field base, lots of fun was had with Siew’s amazing treasure hunt and thank you from all of us to those friends and family for our lovely blog messages. Our final night finished on a high with an awards ceremony for Delta Dos’ very own turtles and seafood feast, and salsa dancing! Thanks for the teaching from Yali’s snake moving hips. Delta Dos are now in field base making our final preparations for tonight skit! We filmed a ‘Mockumentary’ skit, taking a Big Brother theme. Each clip goes through the jobs Delta 2 worked on and explain the turtle patrols!

Photo by Dawn Tennant
Delta 3
Delta three are happily back in civilization (field base) after an amazing 19 days in Pozo Azul. Saying goodbye to our Cabecan hosts was sad but we were so pleased with the progress we made with them. On the first day they barely made eye contact with us but by the end they had really opened up and one of last evenings was spent at one of their birthday parties being thanked for all our help and being described as their family. We’ve returned from project tanned, happy and keen Monopoly Deal players (or some may describe themselves as experts). We left the community centre almost complete and we’ve been promised photos of the finished product. We’d like to say a big thank you for all the messages from the blog that cheered us all up no end on a rainy afternoon.

Delta 4
The preparation of the site took far longer than anticipated and when we finally started building three days before we were due to leave – we felt we wouldn’t finish it! However, we put in longer hours, worked harder and got the school finished last minute! Hammering the last few nails in was such a satisfying experience! Looking at the complete project it was really overwhelming yet an extremely proud moment for us all. It was hard leaving the community behind as some of us got quite close to the locals. The community had become our home for nearly three weeks. It was an emotional day for all of us!

Delta's - out! All that's left to do now is enjoy a night of fieldbase festivities and skit performances before tomorrow's big, mystery adventure, ooooh! Pura vida todos.

*Blog written by Dawn Tennant and photos by Kat Mammone, unless otherwise stated.


  1. Delta 3 Nicholas Burden

    Hey Nick - have loved all the blog news and photos although a bit sparse lately so that was hard for a mum who goes on to follow daily! You look so tanned. You must be feeling so satisfied with the progress on the school house and it must have been so hard to say goodbye to your new friends. Life changing no doubt. The house is way too empty and way too quiet without you and Matthew and all your friends - it will be great to have you all back! In the meantime, Dad and I have planned the route for our UK university trip and I look forward to feeding you up with a large juicy steak on the 3rd when I pick you up from Heathrow! As you embark on your next adventure wishing you a safe and fun next 2 weeks. Miss you and cant wait to see you. Love Mum xxxx

  2. Siew-delta-2,Hey ! Where did you get the treasure hunt idea? Looks like it was all hard work there on the beach and I thought you were supposed to be rescuing turtles not eating them!
    looking forward to seeing you back in Blighty .
    love mums ,dads and Hooi-ling

  3. Delta 3. Rachel Neustadt

    Hi Rachel. Good to see you back and well done on what has been achieved. The feed back from the community must have been very rewarding. You look great on the photo and well equiped to finish off the building work at VS when you get back ! How did you get on at Monopoly Deal ?

    I hope the rest of your stay goes well and look forward to hearing all about it when you get back
    Tim xx


  4. nick burden delta 3
    so im rewriting this message because i deleted the whole thing just now. and ooppsss i realised on my last message i forgot to put your delta but hopefully it still got through to you.. ahhh i was so mad when i didnt catch you online last night nick! if you had waited literally 30 minutes i would have been home, cyrus was still posting to people cbbsjsbj. so i left and watched matilda in spanish instead. anyway its alright theres only about one week left :D im so excited for you to get bbm! hopefully you get converted this time so we can finally speak for so jetlagged i keep waking up at like 6 am here and finding nothing to do. i start working in 3 days though so that should keep me busy but ahhh im so nervous about it, i have no idea what ill be asked to do and who ill be working with! but anyway youll hear all my freak outs soon hopefully, te quiero mucho pololo and im so happy youre having such an amazing summer and making lots of freinds. chilllll, todavia pienso que te ves bien jajaa,I miss you more than ever x

  5. Jade Porter DELTA 2,

    Hello, finally we get some news on Delta 2 ;-)!!

    Great to hear you're having fun and enjoying it. Only a week until Washington wohoooo, can't wait to see you.

    Chris xx

  6. To Hannah Laeverenz S. Delta1
    Dear Hannah - what a lovely surprise to get your text. We are so so pleased that you are enjoying your time in Costa Rica- can't wait to hear what kind of adventures they have planned for you! Will keep checking the blog for more updates. In the meantime we are all sending you lots of love and hugs!!
    Eva xxxxxxxx

  7. Kevin Delta 2 - sounds like it was an interesting stay at the beach. Get a good rest and have a good adventure trip. Take care! Dad.

  8. Kevin Delta Two

    Hi brother you're looking good! Feel good after setting the turtles free? Just met keane's baby turtle, really looks like Turtle but it has rather weird proportions. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures, come home soon we miss you v much and keane wants more beatings.

    Kel xxx

  9. Celine Harborne25 July 2011 at 10:39

    Will Harborne Delta 2. We are in France. Been to beach, Bruges and Bagatelle. Lots of rain here too. Gemma has gone back to NYC with Bishops. You look like you are having fun. Enjoy the trek. Love Celine

  10. To: Chavalazo
    Alpha 2
    From: Má y Pá

    Hola flaco, estamos aquí en casa ya muy ansiosos de verte. Ojalá que puedas venir a la cita con el dentista. Te queremos mucho y estamos espectantes por verte y abrazarte de nuevo.
    Cariños y abrazos!!!

    Pá y má!

  11. Para Gabriel De La Esperanza. Delta 2.
    Qué alegría verte en las fotos !! Se te ve tan feliz que me encanta. Mucha suerte para la nueva etapa, con nuevo grupo. A papá le va a encantar que estés en el Zuluuuuuuu 2!! ja ja. Estoy deseando que me cuentes las aventuras. Disfruta mucho y cuídate. Por aquí todo fenomenal. Muchos besos de todos los de casa. Te quiero. MAMA

  12. Zulu 1 Wilson Woo Siu Sing

    WILSON!! we all miss you and finally can reach you through this blog!
    you are probably having so much fun in Costa Rica! gotta tell us everything when we meet soon!!
    ngo dei gor gor dou ho gwa chu nei ah wilson!!!!!!!
    Take careee!!!

    Catherine :)

  13. luke smalley alpha 1

    weh hey , ur back at basecamp ,cant believe u walked as far as u have ! that is amazing ! so a walk to college and back is nothing in comparison ... ha ha .. we took tyson on a bike ride last night ,he clocked up bouit 13 miles and still had loads of bark in him .... ibet those burgers were the just shere heaven.... wot is next then ? cant wait to see myself , am so excited for u , did send u a freind request on fb , dot mind if u cba , just message graham .... i like bloging u soooo glad u b bin getting them .... love u lots darlin , take care and PURA VIDA !!!! xxxxxx

  14. To Nick Burden Delta 4 How are you coping, Nick? Still making more friends? Feeling satisfied with what you have already achieved? Missing Dubai?
    Looking forward to a new adventure? Have fun, Via con dias. Gran.( hope the Spanish isn't all wrong) Love xxxx

  15. Tom Harley Zulu 4
    Hi Darling
    Lovely to see lots of photos of you today! Love the shorts - are they new? Anyway you look really well and I hope the trek is amazing. Have fun and lots of love from Mum xx

  16. Henry B - Zula One

    Great to see your face in so many photos - and you look like you are really enjoying yourself and seems like you've done a lot of hard work. Have a great few days. Looking forward to hearing all about it - Mum xxxx

  17. Charlie 2 Rachel Lord
    Hi Rachel glad to see you arrived safely. Love your photo and it's good that we can keep an eye on what you're up to. Nice Vicky is with you to keep you company. Love you and miss you loads. Mom, Dad and Dan xx

  18. Message for Cas Wright
    Hi Darling looking forward to seeing you on Friday. I can't believe it has been 5 weeks!! Looking forward to hearing your stories.

    Lots of love Mum XXXXXXXXXXXX



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